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Episode 19: Legacy

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Aired: May 7, 1994
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Maurice Lalonde - Michel Modo
              MacLeod's neighbor


Amanda - Elizabeth Gracen
              an Immortal thief

Luther - Emile Abossolo M'Bo
              Immortal, Rebecca's student

Rebecca Horne - Nadia Cameron-Blakey
              Immortal, Amanda's teacher


Leon - ??
              Luther's goon


John Bowers - James Smillie/Smilie
              Rebecca's husband

Alice Millet - Louise Vincent
              Henri Valjean's secretary

Paul Millet - Joseph Rezwin
              Alice's son

Raynaud - Pierre Martot
              Luther's goon

Retailer - Alan Brandon
              at jewelry show

Food Vendor - Roger Bret
              in flashback

Hooded Leader - Bernard Hervé
              in flashback

Hooded man - Guy Dhers
              in flashback

Locations List:*
1. Abbey ruins - Abbaye Royale de Chaalis, Fontaine-Chaalis [49.147531,2.686468]
2. Luther's quarters, Abbey interior - La Grange aux Dîmes, 2 Rue Saint-Jean, Provins [48.562678,3.286693]
3. Canal - Bassin de la Villette [48.886148,2.374098]
4. Medieval village - Rue Pierre Ythier, Provins [48.561019,3.291507]
5. Medieval square - Place Saint-Quiriace, Provins [48.560973,3.290954]
6. Cemetery - Cimetière Ville Basse, Provins [48.563497,3.306025]
7. Verona market - 4 Rue du Palais, Provins [48.561472,3.291616]
8. Verona alley - Église Sainte-Croix church, Provins (south side) [48.561117,3.298414]
9. Jewelry show (estab) - Musée Jacquemart André, 158 Boulevard Haussmann (inner courtyard) [48.875621,2.310525]
10. Jewelry show interior - Abbaye Royale de Chaalis, Fontaine-Chaalis [49.148135,2.685307]
11. Valjean's estate - unknown location, possibly at Abbey Royale de Chaalis?
12. Antique store - 32 Place St Georges [48.878570,2.337397]
13. Abbey - Tour César, Provins (north side, looking SE) [48.561581,3.290140]
14. Country lane - path along S side of Fausse Riviere, east of Rue Rebais, Provins [48.563756,3.303367]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on SciFi channel (2000) matches the official cut, with one exception.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with two exceptions.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Abbey ruins 1


John - Promise me something. You'll leave me before I get too old, huh?

<Rebecca - CUT You are in a good mood today.>

John - Well, I'm serious. CUT Listen, Rebecca, you deserve a younger man.

Rebecca - I have a younger man.

John - Mm?

<Rebecca - CUT I have what I want.>

John - [chuckles] Rebecca, there's two things that I--

Rebecca - Look, John... you are the love of my life.

John - Oh?

Rebecca - You're the love of a dozen lifetimes, and I don't care if you're twenty-three or fifty-three or a hundred and three. I am never going to leave you... ever. [kisses him, then pulls away, sensing 'buzz']

John - What is it?

Rebecca - Get into the cloister.

John - Oh, come on. Dammit, Rebecca.

Rebecca - Now! [pulls her sword]

Luther - It's a little late for that, Rebecca.

Rebecca - Luther.

Luther - Surprised to see me?

Rebecca - Surprised nobody's killed you yet.

Luther - They've tried... and failed.

Rebecca - They didn't teach you to fight. I did. John, go!

John - Rebecca, listen to me.

Rebecca - [to Luther] Anytime you're ready.

Luther - You think so? [jumps down next to John]

Rebecca - John! He's not part of this, Luther.

Luther - He is now.

Rebecca - You let him live.

Luther - I will... after you give me your sword. If you even breathe, he dies.

John - No. No, Rebecca, please.


Luther - What will it be, Rebecca -- your sword or his head?

Rebecca - Your word he lives.

Luther - I always keep a promise. [Rebecca lowers her sword.] Mm-hm.

Rebecca - [kneels and places her sword on the ground] Good-bye, John.

[Luther knocks John out, then beheads Rebecca. Her necklace falls to the grass.]


Luther's quarters - ancient stone sauna 2

[Raynaud and Leon, Luther's henchmen, enter.] A

Raynaud - Luther? [continues down steps] Where the hell is he? Luther?

Luther - Report.

Raynaud - We followed the husband.

Luther - And?

Raynaud - Nothing. Nothing happened. No one's come.

Luther - They will. What about the funeral?

Raynaud - Tomorrow... at noon.

Luther - Arrange to be there.

Raynaud - Why?

Luther - To mourn. [picks up hot rock from sauna pile, places it in Raynaud's hand]

Raynaud - Aaah! [Luther removes the rock.] What was that for?

Luther - So you know you're alive, Raynaud. CUT


Inside barge 3

DM - [as Maurice reaches for a pastry] Help yourself, Maurice. There are plenty more.

Maurice - It was just a taste. [bends over DM's shoulder, looking at laptop screen] Is that money you're busy with?

DM - They're called financial statements. And yes, I'm busy.

Maurice - But it's perfect.

DM - Why?

Maurice - Because I have an investment for you.

DM - I don't think so.

Maurice - But you can't lose. My brother -- you know the one in Gasconne?

DM - What's he selling now?

Maurice - His pig.

DM - You want me to buy a pig?

Maurice - Not just any pig. This one digs for truffles -- nearly priceless mushrooms worth five hundred dollars a pound.

DM - I know what truffles are, Maurice.


[Outside, a woman in a dark coat approaches the barge.]


Maurice - But I know this pig. He's got the best nose in all of France. He will make us a fortune.

DM - No, Maurice.

Maurice - But it's a chance of a lifetime.

DM - Maurice, no pigs. [senses 'buzz' as woman climbs gangway onto barge]

Maurice - MacLeod? [as Amanda enters barge] Mademoiselle.

Amanda - Hello, MacLeod.

DM - Amanda. What are you doing here?

Amanda - That's what I love about you. You're always so warm and welcoming.

Maurice - [to DM] How do you do it?

DM - Good-bye, Maurice.

Maurice - Ah. [leaves]

DM - You didn't answer my question.

Amanda - Ah. Well, can't a friend just stop by? Maybe we can spend some quality time together.

DM - Maybe later, once I know what you're doing here.

Amanda - I was thinking about now.

DM - Think about later. What is it, Amanda? A bank? A museum?

Amanda - Why does it have to be about anything? Why can't it just be about us this time?

DM - Right.

Amanda - Okay, you win. It's, uh, it's about the seventeenth-century jewel collection at the museum.

DM - That was too easy. The truth.

Amanda - Ask me to stay. Come on.

DM - Stay.

Amanda - Would you just hold me? [DM pulls her into an embrace.] It's about Rebecca.

DM - What about Rebecca?

Amanda - She's dead.

DM - Who?

Amanda - I don't know.


Flashback - Village, 850 AD 4 CUT

[Super: 850 A.D.]

Bell ringer - [ringing bell] Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

[Amanda, a street waif, enters a house just before two hooded men arrive to remove the body sprawled by the stoop. A third man paints a white 'X' on the door. Amanda exits the house with a loaf of bread and tries to sneak away.]

Hooded Man - Hey, Thief! [Amanda runs.] Stop! Stop, there!

Hooded Men - [chasing her] Go get her! She's run away! She stole a loaf of bread! [Amanda falls and the men catch up. One of them hits her with a stick, knocking her out.]

Hooded Leader - Is she dead?

Hooded Man - [examines her] She will be soon. Burn her with the rest.

Hooded Man - Get rid of her.

[The men throw her into their cart.]

Rebecca - [riding past, sees Amanda in the cart] Leave her!5


Flashback - Rebecca's abbey - bedroom 2

Amanda - ["wakes up" in a bed with Rebecca leaning over her] Are you an angel?

Rebecca - Not quite. I'm Rebecca Horne. [as Amanda tries to get up] No, no, no. Rest now. You're safe with me.

Amanda - I thought I was dead.

Rebecca - We'll talk about that later. What do they call you? [offers hunk of bread]

Amanda - Amanda. [snatches bread away and starts eating ravenously]

Rebecca - You have much to learn, Amanda.

Amanda - What about?

Rebecca - About what happened to you. About who we are, about books and swords and... [as Amanda flips randomly through pages of a book on a stand] They're words written by people.

Amanda - I knew that. [moves on to examine a sword leaning against the wall] Can you use a sword?

Rebecca - And read. Just as you will.

Amanda - What for? Books are for monks and women don't fight with swords.

Rebecca - You seem to know everything about everything.

Amanda - I know all I need to know. Tell me, who's a better thief?

Rebecca - That isn't going to be enough anymore. Your life is about to change.

Amanda - How?

Rebecca - More than you can imagine. But to start... a bath.

Amanda - You mean, with water?


Cemetery 6

Amanda - MacLeod, do you ever wonder what it's like to die?

DM - Every time.

Amanda - That's not what I meant.

DM - I know. You mean really die -- be gone forever.

Amanda - So you do think about it.

DM - Well, not for myself. Not anymore. Whatever happens, happens.

Amanda - I don't know. The longer I live, the more I get attached to myself.

DM - Sooner or later, everyone dies. Even us.

Amanda - I don't mind the later. It's the sooner part I don't like. [moves forward to greet John] John.

John - Amanda. [They hug.]

Amanda - This is Duncan MacLeod.

John - [shaking DM's hand] Glad you could come. Rebecca spoke of you... often.

DM - And of you. I'm sorry for your loss -- for all of us.

John - Rebecca was the Immortal. You know, I -- I never thought she'd die before me. [looks at grave marker: Rebecca HORNE, 1959-1994]

Amanda - I never thought she'd die.


Flashback - Verona, Italy, 1635 A.D. - streets 8

[Super: 1635 A.D.]

Shoe vendor - Get your shoes here!

DM - [greeting woman he passes] Mademoiselle.

Food vendor - Food from the new world! Food from the new world!

Shoe vendor - Get your shoes here!

DM - [to food vendor] What are they?

Food vendor - [holding up some tomatoes] Potatoes, I think.

DM - Don't you know?

Food vendor - What do you think they are?

DM - Potatoes, of course. [moves on]

Food vendor - Food from the new world! Food from the new world! Food from the new world!

[DM senses 'buzz' and looks around but doesn't see another Immortal.7 He draws his sword and makes his way down a narrow alley, finds two women there.]

DM - Uh, I beg your ladies' pardon, but I thought...

Rebecca - [holding a sword] You thought right.

Amanda - [draws her own sword] 'Twas I saw him first.

Rebecca - Not so fast. There's been no challenge yet.

Amanda - Then who will take his head?

DM - Ladies! Let's not be hasty.

Amanda - I think he's afraid to fight us. Are you afraid?

DM - No! But ye are women! <And you're English.> CUT

Amanda - [laughs] He has a wit, this one. [to DM] Have you never been with a woman?

DM - Not in battle.

Rebecca - There's always a first time. Which one of us shall it be?

Amanda - Mm... [sheaths her sword] Neither. After all... 'twould be a pity to spoil such a manly creature. There is only one thing to do with a head like this.

DM - What? [Amanda pulls him to her and kisses him firmly, then leaves with Rebecca, giggling.] I'll be damned.

Rebecca - [as Amanda catches up to her] He might have taken YOUR head.

Amanda - Not that one. He's a green boy. Besides, I've found better weapons than a sword.

Rebecca - Hm, so I noticed.

Amanda - And why take a man's head, when you can have his gold? [holds up DM's coin purse]

Rebecca - Amanda!

Amanda - What? You taught me to be clever.

Rebecca - I also taught you to be honest.

Amanda - Ah, yes. I forget that part. Did you see the look on his face? [They laugh, turn the corner, and find DM leaning against a wall, waiting for them.] What do you want?

DM - We should have a drink together.

Amanda - You should save your gold. Another time, good sir.

DM - The name's Duncan... Duncan MacLeod. Don't look so worried. [pulls his coin purse from her belt] I'll pay. [laughs, escorts them down the street]


Cemetery 6

(resume previous scene)

Luther - [looking through binoculars at the trio] There you are. Interesting. She's brought a friend, mon.

[DM turns away from grave and looks around uneasily.]

Amanda - MacLeod? I don't think John should be alone.

DM - He's not alone, Amanda. He's with Rebecca.

[Luther looks over at henchman, then back through binoculars.]

Amanda - [kisses John's cheek] Bye, John.

John - Bye. [as they walk away] Bye.

DM - [walking with Amanda] Did you feel it?

Amanda - What?

<DM - One of us. CUT It's probably connected to Rebecca.>

Amanda - You're imagining things.

DM - I doubt it.

Amanda - I keep thinking I can hear her. [sighs] I'm really going to miss her.

DM - We all will. 1


Establishing shot: Jewelry show, night 9

Jewelry show 10

DM - I just thought you needed something to cheer you up.

Amanda - Nothing's going to take my mind off Rebecca. [Her eyes light up as she enters the room.] What if I'm tempted?

DM - I'll keep an eye on you.

<Amanda - CUT Promises, promises.>

Retailer - [re necklace Amanda is admiring] Would madame like to take a closer look?

<Amanda - CUT It's the most exquisite of Jean Paul {Sertana's} new creations.>

Man - Perhaps madame would like to try it on.

DM - No, I think madame's trying to give it up. Thank you. [leads her away]

Amanda - I'll keep my hands in my pocket if that makes you feel better.

DM - Why'd you lie to me about feeling that Immortal today?

Amanda - Why can't we just try to enjoy ourselves, hmm?

[A woman screams as Raynaud and Leon, with stocking hose over their heads, burst into the room.]

Raynaud - Out of the way! Nobody move! Freeze! Out of the way! [fires a gun into the air] Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt! [shoves security guard to the floor, tears necklace off of model] Keep your hands up. Don't move! [singles out Amanda] You! I'll take that.

Amanda - It's disgusting.

DM - After everything you've stolen?

Amanda - No, it's a gun. No class at all.

Raynaud - I am losing my patience, lady.

Amanda - That's not all you're gonna lose. [DM grabs her arm.] Let go of me.

DM - We're not alone here. [pulls the crystal from Amanda's neck and hands it to Raynaud]

Amanda - Choke on it.

Raynaud - [to Leon] Come on! Let's get out of here!

DM - [as Amanda starts to follow] Amanda!

Amanda - That bastard's getting away.

<DM - CUT There's never a cop around when you need one.>

Amanda - It's not funny.

DM - No, it's not. They left jewelry worth a fortune and took that old crystal Rebecca gave you. Why?

Amanda - [sighs] I--

DM - Why?

Amanda - I don't know! It can't be worth anything to them.

DM - It's not them I'm worried about.


Abbey ruins 1

[Camera pans down from top of ruins to B DM & Amanda walking toward John.]

Amanda - John?

John - [bent down, looking in the grass, but stands as they approach] Huh? Oh, Amanda. Duncan. It's good to see you.

Amanda - Your housekeeper said you might be here.

DM - Did you lose something?

John - Oh, it's just, uh, just something of Rebecca's. I thought it might have fallen or dropped before she was killed.

Amanda - The crystal?

John - She wore it all the time. How did you know?

Amanda - Mine was stolen last night.

John - You don't think that Luther killed her over a piece of glass?

DM - You know who killed her?

John - Well, of course. I WAS here. I thought I told you that, Amanda.

DM - [off Amanda's silence] Probably just slipped her mind.

Amanda - Luther was one of Rebecca's students.

John - She told me he was the only one she never really trusted. Now I know why.

DM - What about the other students?

John - Most of them are dead. Oh, except for Amanda. Wait a minute. There was one other. He lived in Paris. Name of Henri Valjean.

DM - Okay. Thanks, John. Good seeing you.

John - Good-bye.

Amanda - Good-bye.

DM - [as they leave] What else have you forgotten to tell me?

Amanda - Nothing, I swear.

DM - He's killing because of the crystals. Why?

Amanda - He wants to put the pieces together.

DM - That's crazy.

Amanda - Not if you believe the stories. I mean, can you imagine something that increases an Immortal's power tenfold?

DM - That's a fairy tale, Amanda. It's like Arthur's sword and dragons. No one believes it.

Amanda - Nobody but Luther.

DM - What about you?

Amanda - Oh, please.


Valjean's estate 11

DM - Now you just leave this to me, okay? [as Alice opens door] Oh, Madame Valjean?

Alice - No, I'm Alice Millet, Mr. Valjean's private secretary. [confused] Well, the detectives were already here.

DM - We're not from the police.

Amanda - We're insurance investigators.

Alice - I haven't even called them yet.

Amanda - Well, we followed up on the police report.

Alice - Well, they turned everything upside down, and they smashed a jewelry case. They stole nothing. The detectives said they were probably vandals.

DM - Oh. Could we talk to Henri Valjean?

Alice - Mr. Valjean left Tuesday afternoon. We had two business meetings. He had me cancel them both. He did something very strange before he left.

DM - What was that?

Alice - Well, he, uh... kissed me. He told me to see his lawyer if he didn't come back and... he gave me this house.

Amanda - Did you ever see him with a small crystal?

Alice - Yes. He always wore it. Except for that last night. He told me to hide it.

Amanda - Do you have it?

Alice - No. I gave it to my son, Paul. CUT

DM - Where can we find Paul?

Alice - Where he always is -- at his antique store. Funny. They asked about the crystal, too.

DM - Who did?

Alice - Those two detectives.


Antique store 12

Paul - [removes crystal from desk drawer] Poor Valjean. He was a good guy. But I don't know why he asked my mother to hide this.

Amanda - Has anyone else asked you about it?

Paul - Why would they? As far as I can tell, it has no real value. CUT

<DM - As far as we know. [DM & Amanda sense 'buzz'.] Um... you have some nice things here.

Paul - Thanks.

Amanda - [as DM moves toward the exit] MacLeod...

DM - Stay. [exits store. After a brief moment, Amanda follows.]

Paul - [as she leaves] Hey, I thought--> 2


Street outside antique store 12

[Raynaud and Leon slip into the antique store.]

DM - [as Amanda catches up with him] I thought I told you to stay put.

Amanda - I want Luther. [pauses] I don't feel him.

DM - He's gone. [with dawning realization] The crystal.

[They turn and 3 hurry back toward the antique store.]


<Antique store 12 CUT

Raynaud - [holding Paul at gunpoint] Now give me the crystal. [grabs crystal, joins Leon at the door] Okay, I got it. Let's go.

Paul - [as men leave] You bastards!> C


Outside antique store 12

[DM watches men leave store, chases them. The men split and DM follows Raynaud, tackling him. Amanda lies in wait and takes Leon out with a frying pan.]

DM - [to Raynaud] I want to see your boss.



Amanda - Nothing like cast-iron. [searches through Leon's jacket pockets] 4

DM - [approaches Amanda, who is now looking inside Leon's jacket] You get him?

Amanda - He doesn't have the crystal. Looks like they got it.

DM - [holds up the crystal, taken from Raynaud] Never seen you use a frying pan before.


Inside barge

DM - Let me have it. Luther won't stop until he gets this crystal.

Amanda - Good, because I want him. What are you doing?

DM - Putting this away until we decide what to do.

Amanda - There's nothing to decide.

DM - Amanda, we both know who's better with a sword.

Amanda - This has nothing to do with who's better. It's about me and Rebecca.

DM - Look, you're the last one of Rebecca's students left alive. If Luther took her head, then he's good.

Amanda - It doesn't matter. I came for him, and I'm going to get him.

DM - Then if you didn't want me to interfere, why did you come waltzing in here? What do you expect me to do, pat you on the head and send you out to die?

Amanda - I thought you would understand.

DM - Understand what?

Amanda - I know I might die, MacLeod. I just wanted to be with you.

DM - Let me do this. I have a better chance.

Amanda - But not a better reason. A thousand years, MacLeod. I've had a great time.

DM - That's no reason to die.

Amanda - You really want to do something for me? Hm? [kisses him]


Establishing shot: Canal 3

Inside barge, next morning

Amanda - [waking up at sound of person carrying tray of food over] Hm, breakfast in bed? You better watch it, MacLeod. They say this is how love starts.

Maurice - Is that what they say?

Amanda - [startled, rolls over and clutches the sheets to her chest] What are you doing here?

Maurice - I'm Maurice. We met the other day, but you were wearing more clothes. [sets tray on her lap] Aren't you cold?

Amanda - Where the hell is MacLeod?

Maurice - He came early this morning and asked me to give you breakfast.

Amanda - I'll bet he said I'd be surprised.

Maurice - Oh, yes. And very hungry. [pours coffee, hands cup to her] Sugar? [She nods tentatively and drops a sugar cube in the cup.] 5


Barge - on deck, later 3

Maurice - He's not going to get here faster because you're worried about him.

Amanda - I'm not worried about him. I'm going to kill him.

Maurice - You had a fight?

Amanda - Not yet, but we will.

Maurice - My first wife, Marchele, and I -- God rest her soul -- used to fight all the time. It's my fondest memory.

Amanda - The fighting?

Maurice - Huh. The making up. The greater the fight, the greater the passion. CUT I see some of her in you.

Amanda - What are you saying, that I'm in love with MacLeod?

Maurice - No offense, Amanda, but a blind man could see it.

Amanda - Really?

Maurice - Hm. There are two things that Maurice knows about -- food and love. CUT


Luther's quarters - ancient stone sauna 2

Luther - [as DM enters behind him] I got your message. I've decided to make this simple -- your life in exchange for the crystal.

DM - Is that what you told Rebecca?

Luther - [turns around, startled] I was expecting Amanda.

DM - Well, I'm Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod.

Luther - Ah, yes.

DM - Well, whatever you have to say, you can say it to me.

Luther - I believe you have something I want.

DM - Was the crystal really worth Rebecca's life?

Luther - It's worth any amount of lives.

DM - Whoever has the crystal becomes invincible. Is that it?

Luther - So you know.

DM - It's a myth, Luther, a story told by bored people around campfires.

Luther - You're Immortal, MacLeod, the only being in existence who could breathe forever, last for all time. How can you deny that sort of power exists? And how could you not want it if it did?

DM - There's only one thing I want. [draws his sword]

Luther - Do you have the crystal?

DM - No.

Luther - Come back when you do. [disappears into the steam]


Establishing shot: Canal 3

Inside barge

Maurice - Can you believe they fired a chef like me over a few bottles of wine?

Amanda - That you had stolen.

Maurice - That I had tasted to see if they'd go with my new Boeuf a la Maurice. But the sous-chef was a swine who informed on me. He was always jealous. [as DM enters] Ah, MacLeod. I was just telling her the story of my life.

Translations: Boeuf - beef; sous-chef - second-in-command

DM - Which one?

Maurice - Are you suggesting I change the facts?

DM - No. You manufacture them, Maurice.

Amanda - He's so good at it.

Maurice - It's nice to know that someone appreciates me. [kisses Amanda's hand] It was a joy spending the morning with you.

Amanda - Same here.

<DM - Maurice... [offers him some money] CUT

Maurice - [shakes his head] It was my pleasure. [leaves]> 6

Amanda - So where the hell were you?

DM - I saw Luther.

Amanda - He's mine, MacLeod. You just tell me where he is and I'll be going.

DM - Amanda--

Amanda - What? What? You know, because I'm a woman, you want to be the hero or something? Is that what this is all about?

DM - I'm trying to save your life.

Amanda - You know, damn it, I don't want to be saved. I want revenge.


Flashback - Rebecca's abbey, 853 A.D. 13

[Super: 853 A.D.]

[Amanda and Rebecca practicing with swords. Rebecca traps Amanda's blade and pulls her in close.]

Rebecca - Enough? [Amanda nods, smiling.] Put up your blade.

Amanda - I think you could have won.

Rebecca - Maybe.

Amanda - What now? More books?

Rebecca - No. No more books. No more lessons. I've done as much as I can.

Amanda - What are you saying?

Rebecca - That I have no more to teach you, Amanda. It's time you were on your own.

Amanda - No. There's more to learn. I'm not ready.

Rebecca - Yes, there is more to learn and places you must go, but... but I can't take you there.

Amanda - But... you've been like a sister to me. If it were not for you--

Rebecca - It would have been someone else.

Amanda - How can I leave you?

Rebecca - Because you must.


[later, inside] 2

Rebecca - [lifts shard of crystal from jewelry box] This is older than Immortals. Older than time itself. There are things of this world older and greater than us. [gives crystal to Amanda] Keep it always, and remember.


Inside barge 3

(resume previous scene)

Amanda - I have to do this.

DM - You'll die.

Amanda - Like you said: if it happens, it happens.

DM - We'll talk about it tomorrow. [places crystal in jewelry bag and locks it in a trunk]

Amanda - Tomorrow. What about tonight?

[DM waltzes her slowly around the room, then stops, embracing her gently. She looks over his shoulder, out a porthole, and sees Raynaud lurking by a parked car on the quay.] 7


Establishing shot: Canal, next morning 3

Inside barge

[As a rooster crows outside, Amanda is quietly getting dressed. She tiptoes to DM's discarded pants, takes out a key, unlocks the trunk, and removes the jewelry bag. DM raises his head from the pillow to watch her, then quickly lowers it again, feigning sleep.]


Quay near barge 3

[Amanda walks to car where Raynaud and Leon wait.]

Amanda - Call Luther. If he wants the crystal, he'd better talk to me now.

Raynaud - You saved us a lot of trouble. [grabs the lapels of her coat]

Amanda - Don't tempt me.

Raynaud - [looks down, sees Amanda's sword between his legs] Mm. I understand. [lets go, pulls out phone, dials number, hands it to Amanda as it rings]

Amanda - [into phone] I have what you want, but we meet where I say. And I need you to do something else for me.


[short while later, on barge]

Raynaud - [to Leon] Here he comes.

DM - [as Leon drops from roof of barge in front of him] I wonder whose idea this was.


Establishing shot: Canal 3

Barge - on deck 3

DM - [throws Raynaud down] Now, how do you want to do this -- the hard way or the easy way?

Raynaud - [stands back up wielding a boat hook] My way.

DM - Fine. Have it your way. [ducks Raynaud's swing, fights both men, takes boat hook from Raynaud, jabs him with it, then tosses it at Leon] Catch. [Leon catches the boat hook and DM kicks him in the groin and pushes him overboard, then pins Raynaud with the boat hook] Okay, where's she meeting Luther? You want to go swimming?

Raynaud - No!

DM - Then tell me where she went.

Raynaud - They didn't tell me. All I know is someplace she picked.

DM - Don't make this a habit. [pushes Raynaud into the river, then as an afterthought--] Can you swim? [Raynaud seems okay, so DM leaves him there.]


Abbey ruins 1

Luther - Amanda.

Amanda - So you're the one.

Luther - I will be... when I have the crystal.

Amanda - Did you have to kill her?

Luther - No, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. In fact, she died right about where you're standing... in this crumbling ruin.

Amanda - This ruin was Rebecca's. It's where she taught me, saved me. And it's where you'll die.

Luther - [laughs] Make this simple for yourself. I'll take the crystal and we'll be over this.

Amanda - And you wouldn't take my head?

Luther - Not right away.

Amanda - [takes jewelry bag from coat pocket] You want the crystal, Luther? You come and get it. [tucks bag away again]

Luther - I will. [They both draw their swords and begin fighting. Luther gets Amanda down at his mercy.] I'm going to enjoy this. [takes bag from her] Say hello to Rebecca for me.

DM - Not yet.

Luther - Too late, MacLeod. The battle has begun. You know you can't interfere.

DM - Yeah, but after Amanda, I'm next.

Luther - I'm ready.

DM - But are you sure? Both been around a long time, Luther. Maybe you win, maybe you don't.

Luther - How about this? Drop your sword, and I'll spare her life.

Amanda - Don't do it, MacLeod.

DM - Wasn't about to.

Amanda - You weren't?

DM - Won't have to. [reaches into his pocket, pulls out crystal] You said come back when I had it.

[Luther upends jewelry bag, dumps out fake crystal.]

Amanda - MacLeod.

DM - [swinging crystal tauntingly from its chain] It's the last crystal, Luther. Here, it's yours... if you can go through me. [puts crystal away]

Luther - With pleasure. [knocks Amanda out, attacks DM] Aah! [They fight, ending up on top of a huge stack of hay bales.]

DM - [disarms Luther and slashes him across the abdomen] Wrong move.

Luther - You'll never find the crystals.

DM - I never wanted them. [beheads Luther, takes his Quickening]


Country lane near abbey 14

DM - Be reasonable, Amanda. You were losing.

Amanda - I don't care. It was my right to avenge Rebecca.

DM - He was going to take your head.

Amanda - You stuck your nose in without being asked. The least you could do is say you're sorry.

DM - What, for saving your life?

Amanda - Oh, don't change the subject. Besides, you switched the crystals on me.

DM - Yeah, and you broke into my cabinet, not to mention setting Luther's goons on me.

Amanda - Well, I didn't think I could trust you, and I guess I was right, wasn't I?

DM - Stop. Come here. [Amanda doesn't.] Just do it. [as Amanda moves closer, holds up crystal] I know it's not the one Rebecca gave you, but at least it's something of hers.

Amanda - I just remembered something.

DM - What's that?

Amanda - Why I like you so much. [kisses him] Do you think maybe we could just go by Luther's and check around, and see--?

DM - I knew it! I knew you were going after those.

Amanda - But it's such a great idea.

DM - No.

Amanda - Duncan, I think it's a--

DM - No!

Amanda - I think it's--

DM - No!

Amanda - You really don't think these work, do you?

DM - I don't know, and neither of us will ever find out.

Amanda - It was just a thought.

DM - Keep it that way.


End of "Legacy"

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