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Episode 20: Prodigal Son

Written by Christian Bouveron & Lawrence Shore
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: May 14, 1994
Transcript revised: 10-11-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student

Maurice Lalonde - Michel Modo
              MacLeod's neighbor


Martin Hyde - Michael Siberry

Inspector Veronique Bardau - Valérie Steffen
              investigating Hyde's murders


Pierre Segur - Nicolas Chagrin
              Immortal, MacLeod's friend

Jacques - Xavier Jaillard/Gaillard
              Attendant at petrol station

Cashier - Michèle Seeberger
              Jacques' wife

Forensic Scientist - Clément Harari
              at police lab

Clerk - Blake Dawson
              at Gun & Hunt Club

Locations List:*
1. N3 to Paris - D129 at N3, Chauconin-Neufmontiers [48.957852,2.849655]
2. Petrol station - intersection of N3 & D1005, Chauconin-Neufmontiers [48.956261,2.856631]
3. Quay by barge #1 - quay next to Pont de l'Archevêché bridge [48.851307,2.351766]
4. Pensione & police station - unknown location
5. Scotland woods/field - unknown location, possibly in Chantilly?
6. Quay by barge #2 - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
7. Gun & Hunt Club - unknown location
8. Police lab - unknown location
9. Château de Chantilly - church [49.193655,2.485599], bridge [49.193731,2.487288] (looking S), steps [49.193976,2.486747]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Reruns on USA Network* (1998) & SciFi channel (2000) match the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with two exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Road outside Paris 1

[Motorcyclist drives down road, heading toward Paris.]


Petrol station outside Paris 2

[Motorcyclist (RR) pulls up to pump, removes helmet. He is dusty and tired.]

Jacques - Can I help you?

RR - [gets off motorcycle] Fill it up. [goes into store] Coffee, please.

Cashier - [starts espresso machine] You look like you could use something stronger.

RR - No, thanks -- just coffee.

Cashier - [turns off machine, hands RR small cup of espresso] Been riding awhile?

RR - Spain.

Cashier - On a bike? This time of year?

RR - Tell me about it. [drinks his espresso] How much longer to Paris?

Cashier - Three hours? The way you ride, maybe two. We have rooms. You could stay the night and leave in the morning.

RR - [shakes his head] I don't think so. [senses 'buzz', goes out to bike and gets his sword] All right, you son of a bitch, where are you? I know you're out here, coward. Come on, you bastard. Show me your face. [finds Jacques lying on ground with a slash across his chest] Oh, no! [kneels next to body] Not again!

Cashier - [runs to body] Jacques!

RR - Lady, it wasn't me. I found him like this.

Cashier - He's dead. [notices RR's sword] You killed him!

RR - No, no, no, lady, I never touched him. I never touched him, I swear.

Cashier - [runs back into store] Police! Somebody call the police!

[RR runs back to his bike and rides away. A small black car idling beside the road follows him.]


Barge - on deck 3

Maurice - It's good to be back by Notre Dame. I hate the summers. I think you missed a spot.

DM - [tarring a leak in the deck] Thanks, Maurice. I don't know what I would have done without your help.

Maurice - I was supervising. Some people are born sailors. Some are captains.

DM - Really?

Maurice - Really.

DM - [senses 'buzz' as RR rides up] Hello, Richie.

RR - Mac.

DM - You look like hell. Trouble? [RR nods, walks onto barge.] This is Maurice. He lives on the barge next door. Richie's an old friend. Getting older fast.

RR - [shakes Maurice's hand] How're you doing?

Maurice - Vitamins. The boy needs iron. CUT

RR - I'll keep it in mind.

DM - Maurice, uh, Richie and I have some catching up to do.

Maurice - I understand. You don't have to ask Maurice twice. [to RR as he leaves] Red meat and red wine is also good.

DM - Maurice, thanks.

Maurice - Any friend of yours...

DM - I know.

Maurice - Fine. [leaves]


Inside barge

RR - After I left you, I hit the road. I must have done, I don't know, twenty, maybe thirty states. But I was good. Everything was cool. I, uh, I went down to New Orleans. I met this really wild girl named Monica. We rode down to Rio together for the Carnival.

DM - Don't tell me this is about another woman, Richie.

RR - No, no, no. It's not about a woman. I, uh-- In fact, she turned out to be not quite as wild as I thought she was. CUT

DM - Then what?

RR - Then I hopped a freighter for Spain, and everything was good. Everything was good... until I got to Madrid. I was staying at a pensione with a couple of guys I met. We were planning on riding together the next day.


Flashback - pensione 4

[RR wakes up, sensing 'buzz'. CUT He grabs a flashlight from bedside table and then his sword, and leaves the room to investigate. CUT He enters a bedroom downstairs, finds Carlos slumped against a wall, seemingly asleep.]

RR - Carlos. Carlos. Carlos, man, you scared the hell out of me. [taps him on the shoulder to wake him and realizes he is dead. He continues searching the pension, looks out a window. 1 He shines his flashllight around the room, finds Robert dead on the floor with a slash across his chest.] My God.


Inside barge

(resume previous scene)

DM - You're sure he was an Immortal?

RR - Mac, I'm positive. He just killed that guy for no reason.

DM - There's always a reason, Richie. You never saw what he looked like?

RR - Nope. He just took off.

DM - What about the police?

RR - I -- I don't know. I didn't stick around to find out.

DM - That's not good, Richie.

RR - Well, Mac, it gets worse. He killed a hotel clerk in Marseille right after I checked in. Oh, man, I didn't... I didn't know what to do. All I could think of was to come here.

DM - And he followed you and killed again?

RR - Yeah -- this morning at a gas station a couple hours south of here. Mac, do you know what's going on here? I mean, why doesn't he just come out and fight me?

DM - Maybe it's not you he wants.


Flashback - Scotland, 1630 - woods / fields 5

[DM riding through woods, dressed in Highland outfit, comes to edge of lake. A dead man lies across a log by the shore, a piece of black cloth in his hand.]

DM - [sees the piece of cloth] No. Not again. [loudly] Who are you?



DM - [rides past farmer & his wife] Have you seen Connor MacLeod?

Farmer & wife - No.

[DM keeps riding.]



[DM senses 'buzz'.]

Hyde - Have you found him yet?

DM - Who are you?

Hyde - Martin Hyde.

DM - What do you want?

Hyde - I want MacLeod.

DM - [draws his claymore] Then you have found him. Hyah! [rides at Hyde]

Hyde - [parries his attack] Don't lie to me, boy.

DM - I am Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod! [They exchange a few more blows and Hyde knocks DM from his saddle.]

Hyde - You're nobody. [dismounts] Where's Connor MacLeod?

DM - First you have to face me.

Hyde - [disarms him easily] You're not worth the time.

DM - Let me get my sword and I'll show you what I'm worth.

Hyde - I've hunted and killed worse than you for exercise. I don't want the cub. I want the wolf. Run away. [turns away]

DM - Fight me. Unless you're a coward! [charges at him]

Hyde - [knocks him down again] Maybe I will take your head -- after I've taken your arms and your legs, unless you tell me where he is.

DM - Do it. I'll die before I give Connor up to the like of you.

Hyde - Too bad. [punches him] In a century or two, if you're still alive.

DM - I will be alive! [Hyde laughs as he rides away.] Just make sure you are!


Street above barge 3

[Hyde watches Maurice leave his boat, intercepts him as he comes up the steps from the quay.]

Hyde - You!

Maurice - Me?

Hyde - Come here.

Maurice - It-It's not my fault the horse lost. Tell Jean I pay him tomorrow.

Hyde - Who owns that barge?

Maurice - You are not from Jean the bookmaker?

Hyde - No. I'm in the market for a barge.

Maurice - That one is not for sale. But my boat...

Hyde - Everything has a price.

Maurice - Not for MacLeod. He doesn't seem to care about money.

Hyde - Is that Duncan MacLeod?

Maurice - That's right. You know him, too?

Hyde - Oh, we met a long time ago.

Maurice - What a coincidence. Another old friend of his just arrived. I'll take you to them.

Hyde - Not yet. We're close enough right here. But you could give him something from me. [hands paper to Maurice, along with some money]

Maurice - Since you put it that way... CUT [as Hyde walks away] Mister... Mr. Hyde? How long will you be in Paris? [looks at paper, to himself] Mr. Hyde?

Hyde - [goes to his car, pulls cell phone out and dials] Hello, police? I have some information for you. CUT


Inside barge 3


DM - Right now he wants you running and scared.

RR - What good does that do him?

DM - He finds out where you're going.

RR - But, Mac, all I did was come straight...

DM - To me.

RR - So this is all a setup to find you? CUT Oh, man. And like a genius, I led him right to you. Mac... I'm really sorry.

DM - There's no way you could have known.

[Outside, two policemen examine RR's bike. CUT]

RR - You know this guy, don't you?

DM - If it's who I think it is, we met a long time ago.

RR - So what should we do?

DM - Well, what you do is get some rest.

RR - Mac, I got guys dropping all around me. I can barely close my eyes.

DM - I'll keep watch. [takes RR's jacket] Go on, Rich. Even Immortals need rest.

RR - Mac, uh, after I left you the last time, I just didn't know if I'd be welcome.

DM - Just because a relationship changes, Richie, doesn't mean it ends. Even the best of friends don't always have to agree on everything. When you're in Paris, you can stay with me... on the couch.

RR - Thanks, Mac. That means a lot to me. I, uh... Well, I -- I--

DM - I know. I missed you, too, tough guy. [They share a laugh.] Take it easy.

RR - I will, Mac. [They hug.] Sleep, finally. For the first time in weeks, I feel safe. [lies down on couch]

DM - [looking out porthole] I wouldn't talk too soon.

RR - [gets back up, looks out window] Cops! CUT [grabs his helmet and jacket and leaves]


Quay by barge 3

[As the cops approach the barge at one end, RR sneaks away at the other. He jumps on his bike and tries to make a run for it but is cut off by police cars at both ends of the quay.]

Bardau - [in car] Watch out for {him, Niles}. Here he comes.

[RR dumps his bike and slides to a stop at the feet of the policemen. Soon he is surrounded by a ring of police pointing guns at him. One of them uses a cloth to remove the sword from the motorcycle's scabbard while two others lift RR to his feet.]

Police - Get in the car.

Bardau - Let's go.

[They drive away, leaving DM behind on the barge.]


<Outside police station 4 CUT

[Police car drives up, A parks next to police van.]

Policeman - Out of there. [escorts handcuffed RR out of car and into building] This way.


Inside police station - lineup room / viewing room 4

Bardau - Bring in the suspects, line them up.

[A line up of men holding numbered placards. #1 wearing a blue jacket, #2 in leather jacket and green scarf, #3 is RR, #4 in tan jacket and black turtleneck.

Bardau - [to Cashier] Look at them very carefully. Take your time. [leans forward to microphone] Number one, step forward. [Man in blue jacket steps forward.] Turn right. [He turns.] Turn left. [He turns again.] Step back. [He resumes his place in line.] Number two, step forward. Turn right. [He turns.] Turn left. Step back. Number three, step forward. [RR blinks as the spotlight hits him.]

Cashier - That's him. Number three.>

Bardau - Are you sure? Take all the time you need, okay?

Cashier - I don't need time. He's the man who killed my husband.

Bardau - [into microphone] Everybody can leave... except number three.

RR - [as two policemen step forward to restrain him] Do I get to see a lawyer?

<Policeman - CUT Come on, let's move it.>


Inside police station - bullpen 4

Bardau - [to Cashier] Are you okay? [Cashier nods.] Thank you. And don't worry. We'll put him away for a long time, believe me.

Cashier - But it won't bring my husband back.

Bardau - I'm sorry. 2 [as Cashier leaves, to detective at desk] I think we've got our guy.

DM - Inspector Bardau?

Bardau - Yes?

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod.

Bardau - Oh, the one at the barge.

DM - Where's Richie Ryan?

<Bardau - CUT Your friend's in serious trouble.> And so will you be if I can prove you were hiding him.

DM - How long are you going to hold him?

Bardau - Until the judge sees him, and then he will be taken to the men's prison in Fleury, where he belongs.

DM - You're making a mistake, Inspector. Richie Ryan isn't a killer.

Bardau - No? We just got a very positive I.D. Or maybe you think that woman who just left was lying?

DM - No, but even if he was there, it doesn't mean he did it.

Bardau - He ran. He had a sword when we arrested him. He's wanted for murders in Madrid and Marseille. It looks like a hell of a case.

DM - That is all circumstantial evidence. Was there any blood on the sword?

Bardau - We're testing it now.

DM - And what about a motive?

Bardau - Free gas? Money? Sometimes people kill for nothing.

DM - Not Richie.

Bardau - You want to help your friend? Tell him to confess. CUT Excuse me.


Inside police station - visiting room 4

Prisoner - Just get some money and get me out. That's all I want.

Man - And then what?

RR - [as policeman escorts him in] Mac!

DM - Are you all right?

RR - You got to get me out of here, Mac.

DM - I will. I will, soon.

RR - I mean, these guys, they act like I'm already convicted. I can't even tell them what the hell's going on here. They don't still use the guillotine in France, do they?

DM - [smiles] No.

RR - So I'll just do life. I mean, that's a happy thought. At least they can't pin any more murders on me that way.

DM - There won't be any more, Rich. He's already found what he wants. It's just a matter of time until he shows up.

RR - You can take this guy, right?

DM - Hope so.

RR - Gee, your confidence is overwhelming.


Quay by barges 3

Maurice - How is your friend?

DM - How do you expect, under the circumstances?

Maurice - So many police. What did he do?

DM - He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Maurice - Ah. That happened to me once. They claimed I stole a chicken.

DM - But you'd never do that.

Maurice - Of course not. It was a duck. [follows DM onto the barge]

DM - [loudly, turning around] Oh, Maurice, did it-- [finds Maurice directly behind him] Was anyone around the barge while I was gone?

Maurice - Oh, mon Dieu, I forgot. [pulls paper from his pocket] He even gave me his card. [hands it to DM] But how did you know?

DM - [looks at card] Did he say anything?

Maurice - He wanted to buy your barge, but I told him you wouldn't sell. Was I right? About your barge?

DM - Don't worry, Maurice. Mr. Hyde doesn't want my barge.

Maurice - I knew it. Lucky for him he said he was a friend of yours.

DM - He's no friend of mine.

Maurice - A liar, too! Next time I see him, I'll tell him what he can do with his money.

DM - [senses 'buzz' but doesn't see Hyde anywhere] Maurice, uh, can you take my bags inside for me?

Maurice - Sure. [picks up bags as DM walks back to quay. Hyde appears in the mist and leads DM underneath bridge.] 6


Quay by bridge 6

(scene continues)

Hyde - Good to see you, MacLeod.

DM - Can't say the same about you, Hyde.

Hyde - I didn't think you would. You got yourself a hell of a reputation over the years.

DM - I've kept busy.

Hyde - Mm, so have I.

DM - Tormenting young Immortals and killing their teachers?

Hyde - It works. He led me right to you. It's amazing how the young ones always run back to their teachers. I've taken a lot of trouble finding you. You ought to be flattered.

DM - You ought to be dead.

Hyde - I've hunted and killed just about every creature that has walked the earth...

DM - Sure you have.

Hyde - ...but it's nothing compared to the kill of a seasoned Immortal. Let's get on with it, shall we? [draws his sword]

DM - You want a shot at my head? You help me get my friend out of jail.

Hyde - Sorry, I can't wait. [attacks DM, they fight, DM escapes to upper level of bridge] It's only a matter of time, MacLeod! You can't run forever. [swishes his sword, walks off under bridge, laughing, swishes his sword again B]


Establishing shot: Police station 4

Inside police station - visiting room 4

DM - [as RR is brought over] How are you holding up?

<RR - I'm okay. CUT

DM - Hyde came by.>

RR - So what happened?

DM - We fought.

RR - So he's dead, right?

DM - Wrong.

RR - But, Mac, you're still here.

DM - I ran.

RR - This is a joke, right? What's the matter, Mac? You didn't think you could take this guy?

DM - It's not about that, Richie. Hyde's your only alibi. If I kill him, they nail you for the murders.

RR - Great. [laughs] That's just great. If you win, I'm convicted. If he takes your head, I'm still here. Either way, Mac, we're both screwed.


Inside police station - waiting area 4

Bardau - [as DM enters room] Something I can do for you?

DM - How about finding the real killer?

Bardau - We did.

DM - No, you didn't, and you already know that. The sword was clean, wasn't it?

Bardau - Well, maybe he used something else.

DM - Or maybe he's innocent.

<Bardau - Oh, we'd all like to prove our friends' innocence. CUT

DM - [as she walks away] Inspector! [She turns back.] I'll be in touch.>

Bardau - MacLeod, leave the police work to us.


Establishing shot: Gun & Hunt Club 7

Gun & Hunt Club - lobby 7

DM - Excuse me, I'm looking for a Mr. Martin Hyde.

Clerk - Martin Hyde? I'm afraid we don't have anyone here by that name.

DM - And even if there was, you wouldn't tell me? CUT If he does arrive, would you mind giving him this for me, please? [sets Hyde's card on the counter, followed by some money] CUT

Clerk - If I see him, I'll be sure that he gets it.

DM - Thank you.


<Gun & Hunt Club - shooting room 7 CUT

[Assistant carries red pillow to Hyde, who takes gun from pillow. Assistant bows and steps back as 3 Hyde aims at target at opposite end of room and shoots the ceramic head off the target.]

Clerk - [knocks on door, hands paper to assistant] A message for Mr. Hyde.

Assistant - Thank you. [shuts door, carries paper to Hyde]

[Hyde looks at the business card he gave to Maurice. DM has written on it "The Rooftop 1:30" and signed it "MaCleod" (sic).]


Gun & Hunt Club - roof 7

[DM dials phone.]


Inside police station 4

Bardau - [answers phone] Yes. [pause] What do you want, MacLeod?>


Gun & Hunt Club - roof 7

Hyde - [as DM approaches him on the roof] Nobody keeps me waiting.

DM - Sorry. I had a phone call to make.

Hyde - Drawing up your will?

DM - Something like that.

Hyde - [pulls out his sword] Let's go. This time, there's no place to run to! [DM ducks instead of drawing his own sword.] Where's your sword?

DM - Can't we just talk about this like gentlemen?

Hyde - What?

DM - Have you always been this antisocial? [ducks another swing] Look, I've got a pack of playing cards here. Maybe we could play some gin rummy or something.

Hyde - What's this -- a joke?

DM - [continuing to dodge] Just trying to be friendly, open up a line of communication or something.

Hyde - If you think I won't kill you just because you won't fight, you're wrong! Given your reputation, I expected more.

DM - Sorry to disappoint you.


Bardau - [calling from below] Drop the sword!

Hyde - [pauses, sees Bardau and three detectives pointing guns at him from below] What the hell is this?

DM - All part of the game, Hyde. Here's your murderer, Inspector, with the murder weapon.

Hyde - You son of a bitch.

Bardau - Put it down.

[Hyde looks at the detectives, looks at DM, then raises his sword. The detectives shoot him and he drops his sword and falls off the roof. DM comes down beside Bardau.]

Bardau - Are you okay?

DM - I'm just glad you weren't stuck in traffic. [lifts Hyde's sword, hands it to a detective] Here's your real murder weapon.

Bardau - We'll see. [to detectives] Let's go.


Police lab 8

Forensic scientist - It's really remarkable. At least four hundred years old.

DM - Tomás de Ayala made only six like it around 1600.

Bardau - How do you know so much?

DM - Because I'm in the antique business. What about the blood?

Bardau - It was well cleaned, but we found traces from the gas station attendant and the man at Marseille.

DM - Then Richie's free to go.

Bardau - He's free. How did you know about Hyde?

DM - You have my statement, Inspector.

Bardau - Which left out as much as it told.

DM - Such as?

Bardau - Why two men would be carrying swords around.

DM - Martin Hyde was a collector. He wanted what Richie had.

Bardau - But collectors don't normally murder people.

DM - Martin Hyde wasn't a regular collector.

Bardau - The victims had no swords -- what's his motive?

DM - Who knows? Sometimes people kill for nothing. CUT


Inside police station - waiting area 4

RR - [brought out of holding by policeman] Mac.

DM - Ready to go?

RR - About time. I think the guy in the next cell was looking to go steady.

Bardau - Please, sign for your sword.

RR - Sure.

Bardau - No offense, Mr. Ryan, but I hope I don't see you again.

RR - No offense to you, Inspector, but same here.

DM - Let's go.

Bardau - Do me a favor? Make sure he keeps it in a safe place.

DM - I'll try. 4

[Bardau watches them leave.]


Police lab, later 8

[Scientist is examining Hyde's sword under a microscope. Hyde comes down the stairs silently, barefoot, wearing a white lab coat. Scientist steps away from the microscope and walks across the room to another table. Hyde picks up his sword and approaches. Scientist looks up and sees him with the sword.]

Scientist - That's police evidence.

Hyde - So what? This can't be happening, can it? Must be a dream.

Scientist - Oh, my God.

[Hyde knocks him unconscious, grabs some clothes from nearby stool and leaves 5.]


Deck of barge, night 3

[DM walks toward prow as boat with bright lights passes behind him.]

RR - [turns to face him] Mac, this is my fight. I owe this guy.

DM - Richie, he's not going to fight you. Besides, I owe him a lot more.


Flashback - Paris, France, 1700 - church 9

[Camera pans down from inside of church window, past 2 bronze statues, the second holding a plaque that reads "HENRICO BORBONIO / C O N D Æ O / PRIMO REGII SANGVINIS / PRINCIPI, / CVIVS COR HIC CONDITVM / IOANNES PERRAVLT", and over to DM standing nearby. DM walks toward front of church to meet Segur.]

Segur - I am sorry about your friend, Duncan. But it had to happen.

DM - I know. I thought I was prepared.

Segur - Alain was a friend... 6 A friend's death is never easy.

DM - I was there when he was born. I held him in my arms. I watched him become a man and then a father. Today -- today I... buried a man that was old and gray.

Segur - And it'll happen again.

DM - Is that why we exist? All our friends, our lovers -- they all die and we remain.

Segur - We are Immortal. And their loss is the price we pay.

DM - But is it worth it? [exits church]

Segur - [follows him out] It is. We gain wisdom, knowledge... We have lives they can only dream about. And you'll have a long time to get used to it, my friend.

DM - Will I, Segur? Will I get used to it?

Segur - I have a remedy for what you're feeling. [holds up an old glass bottle] Cognac de Capucins.

DM - Segur, you and your wines.

Segur - Tsk, tsk. This is the finest cognac in all of France. [stops as they sense 'buzz']

Hyde - It's wasted on him. He doesn't know the difference between cognac and urine. MacLeod, I see no one's bothered to take your miserable head yet.

DM - Or yours, but I can remedy that.

Segur - No, Ducan. We're on holy ground.

DM - Then I'll move from it.

Hyde - Did you really think I'd come for you, MacLeod? Have you ever gutted a bear with a knife or taken a lion with a spear? Even in death, they continue to fight. But it's nothing compared to the kill of a seasoned Immortal.

Segur - Ah, 'tis me he's come for.

<DM - No, Segur. [steps forward, but Segur pulls him back] Why? CUT When you know I must face him?>

Segur - Because you have much to learn yet, Duncan.

DM - But if he wins...

Segur - I've lived this long, haven't I? [hands bottle to DM] Keep that for me. I'll meet you in one hour on the steps by the bridge. We'll drink it together. [to Hyde] After you.

DM - By the bridge in one hour.


<Flashback - steps near bridge - next morning 9 CUT

[DM walks across the bridge. A man gets out of a coach stopped at the top of the steps as DM approaches. DM passes the coach as it is driven away. 7 He walks to the edge of the steps and along the edge, then down the steps, looking for Segur.]

[some time later]

[DM is now sitting on the steps, still waiting. He looks up briefly, goes back to staring at the Cognac bottle at his feet. 8 He picks the bottle up.]

DM - [resigned] It may be the best, Segur... but I hate drinking alone.>


Barge - on deck, night 3

(resume previous scene)

<DM - [hands RR the same bottle] This is the best cognac in all France. CUT Meet me by the bridge in an hour, and we'll drink it together.>

RR - Mac, what if you don't come back?

DM - Then that's up to you if you want to go after him. Make sure you're ready.

RR - [as DM walks away] Mac! I hate drinking alone.

DM - Me, too.


Gun & Hunt Club, night 7

Hyde - Hello, MacLeod. [DM enters room full of taxidermy trophies.] It's been a good hunt, MacLeod. I almost hate to kill you.

DM - Almost. [They fight.]

Hyde - Not strong enough. [Fight continues, now outside. Hyde kicks DM down concrete steps.] So much for your reputation, MacLeod. You're still nothing. This is it, Highlander. The moment of truth. [Fight continues. DM finally stabs Hyde in the gut.]

DM - See you in hell. [beheads Hyde and takes his Quickening]9


Steps near bridge, dawn 9

RR - It's some strong stuff.

DM - Yeah. It takes a little getting used to. Of course, it was a lot younger when Segur gave it to me.

RR - After all that time, seems almost a shame to drink it now. [reaches for the bottle, starts to take a swig but DM grabs it back]

DM - Well, I wanted to drink it with a friend. Didn't want to wait another two hundred and fifty years. [takes a drink]

RR - Thanks, Mac. [takes bottle from him, drinks]

DM - Something bothering you?

RR - Just Hyde. I should have whacked the son of a bitch.

DM - Yeah... but I saw him first. [takes bottle, drinks, hands bottle back]

RR - [drinks, makes a face] Mm. [shares a look with DM and both start laughing]


End of "Prodigal Son"

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