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Episode 2: Line of Fire

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Clay Borris
Aired: October 8, 1994
Transcript revised: 4-23-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher

Charlie DeSalvo - Philip Akin
              Dojo manager


Donna - Chandra West
              old friend of Richie's

Kern - Randall 'Tex' Cobb

Little Deer - Michelle Thrush
              Indian woman, in FB


Jamal - Richard Leacock
              RR's basketball friend

Jeremy - James & Mathew Harrington
              Donna's son

Clerk - Rick Poltaruk
              at Kern's motel

Father Matthew - Andrew Wheeler
              at the church

Kahani - Peter Bob
              Litte Deer's son, in FB


Animal - ??
              bouncer at dockside bar

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Trainyard - near 407 Front St, New Westminster [49.203480,-122.905137]
2. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
3. Richie's apartment - Woodward's development, 128 W Cordova St [49.282867,-123.107170] (torn down in 2006)
4. Bar - 535 Front St, New Westminster [49.203059,-122.907073]
5. Lakota Sioux lake - Seymour Lake at Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve [49.440593,-122.970735]
6. Lakota Sioux camp - Spur 7 beach, LSCR [49.423611,-122.972139]
7. Church - St. Paul's Anglican Church, 1130 Jervis St [49.283244,-123.133758]
8. Dock - unknown location (in New Westminster?)
9. Street near apartment - Abbott & Cordova intersection [49.283218,-123.106763]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
= link to episode screencaps

Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on USA Network* (1998) matches the official cut.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



<Old trainyard by the water 1


Jamal - You want to go again? Where you going with that, man, huh? Where you going? One more time. Come on. You ain't goin' nowhere.

RR - [dribbling basketball] I got it. Let's go. Let's go.

Jamal - You think you're bad with that? Bring it over this way. Yeah, that's right. I'm waiting for you, chump. [gets ball away from RR] See? Now, there it is, right there.

RR - Oh. Oh, you're good. You are good.

Jamal - Face it, man, you're too short, you're too slow, and too damn ugly to guard the king.

RR - I don't think so! [regains control of the ball]

Jamal - Just playing it up. You ain't go nothing.

RR - Let's go. You want to go again? {Move back here, move back here.} How bad do you want it, Jamal? Let's go. Let's go.

Jamal - Don't talk to me. Come on, fool. You know, you're gonna make this too easy for me now, you know what I'm saying? [RR stops, staring across the tracks.] Break there. That's right. You ain't got nothing. Figure it out. There it is, right there. See, that's what I'm all tryin' to say. You ain't got nothin'.

RR - Donna? [walks away from Jamal]

Jamal - [calls after him] Yo, Rich... What's up, man?

RR - Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll, uh, catch you later, Jamal.

Jamal - Yo, man, we playin' ba-- [realizes he's lost RR's attention] Dang. [walks off] Women.

RR - Donna.>

Donna - Hi, Richie... How're you doing?

RR - Good. I hardly recognized you. You look great.

Donna - Yeah, I cleaned up my act a little. [runs her hand over her hair] It took six months to get the purple out. It's, uh, been a while.

RR - Yeah, two years. One minute you were there and the next... Where'd you disappear to?

Donna - I, uh, stayed with my aunt in Philly.

RR - Well, it's good to see you.

Donna - Yeah. CUT

RR - You... gonna stick around this time?

Donna - Yeah. There's, uh, someone I want you to meet.

RR - New boyfriend? [off Donna's shrug] No more Joey?

Donna - No, he's gone. But this guy's a real hunk -- I think you'll like him.

RR - I can't wait.

Donna - [leans around side of building, out of RR's sight] Come on, Jeremy, I want you to meet Richie. Richie... say hello to Jeremy.


RR - He's yours?

Donna - [ironic] I'm pretty sure.

RR - You had a baby?

Donna - It's kind of hard not to notice these things.

RR - Well, yeah, I just... You know what I meant. Come here, little guy... [takes Jeremy from her] So, you and Joey had a kid.

Donna - Joey's not the father, Richie.

RR - Oh, yeah? Who's the lucky guy?

Donna - [sighs] You are.


Establishing shot: Dojo 2

Dojo 0

[Charlie's bench pressing weights. Camera pans from him over to DM working out with a jumprope nearby.] 1

RR - [enters dojo] Mac, I gotta talk to you.

DM - [skipping rope] Let me know when you've found the formula.

RR - Formula?

DM - For getting in shape without training.

RR - Aw, I'm sorry, Mac, I know I'm late, but, uh, something came up. [DM stops skipping. RR moves in closer.] It's not one of us. Donna -- remember Donna?

DM - No.

RR - Well, anyway, she's back in town.

DM - That's nice. [resumes skipping]

RR - She brought someone with her.

DM - Grab a rope.

RR - Mac, she brought my son.

DM - Your what?


Charlie - [joins them] Richie, man, did I hear you right? You saying you got a kid?

RR - Yeah, a son, actually.

Charlie - Hey, well, congratulations, man. [looks over at DM, who is still skipping rope] That IS good news, right?

RR - Yeah... yeah, it's fantastic.

Charlie - No, man, that's great! Isn't that great, MacLeod?

DM - It's unbelievable.

Charlie - [to RR] Yeah, well, look. When you're passing out the cigars, you save one for me, all right?

RR - You got it, Charlie.

Charlie - A son! All right.

RR - Thanks, man. [Charlie walks away.] Mac? [grabs the rope as it swings by] Aren't you going to say something?

[DM gives him a look & walks off.]


Loft above dojo - kitchen area 0

DM - Donna's made a mistake. Whoever the father is, it's not you. Here. [tosses RR an apple] Immortals can't have children.

RR - Exactly, Mac. This happened before I became an Immortal!

DM - That's not the way it works.

RR - Maybe I'm the first.

DM - I wish it could happen, but it's not in the cards. We don't get to live happily ever after. Children aren't part of our lives. It can't happen.

RR - It just did. [sets apple down] I'll see you later. [leaves]


Establishing shot: apartment fire escape 3

Richie's apartment 3

[Jeremy lies in a crib, playing with a stuffed animal.]

RR - Donna... how come you didn't tell me? 2


Donna - I was confused... and afraid.

RR - Of Joey?

Donna - Of you. I was afraid you wouldn't want us. Maybe you wouldn't believe me.

RR - Donna, we're gonna work something out. It'll be okay... for all of us.

Donna - You mean that?

RR - I promise. [kisses her] CUT


Outside bar 4

Animal - [tosses biker out onto street] And don't come back!

Kern - [steps up next to biker] I'd like a beer, please.

Animal - Take off! We're closed.

Kern - Too bad. I'm real thirsty.



Inside bar 4

Animal - Time to get outta here.

[Kern drives his motorcycle through a floor-to-ceiling window into the bar and brakes to a stop.]

Kern - I said please.

Female bartender - Get him, Animal.

Animal - You crazy bastard! [runs at Kern. Kern knocks him down.]

Bartender - Get up!

[Animal tries to fight Kern but doesn't accomplish much. Bartender tosses him a bat.]

Kern - Louisville Slugger... [Animal swings, Kern ducks and grabs the bat from him. He looks at it.] Ken Griffey autograph.

[Kern snaps the bat in half over his knee. He grabs Animal and slides him down the length of the bar until he hits the cash register. It 'chings' and opens. Kern grabs money from the till.]

Bartender - Hey!

[Kern grabs a beer, smashes the top off on the counter and pours some into his mouth. CUT Then he drives his motorcycle back out of the bar.]


Richie's apartment 3

[RR senses 'buzz', opens front door. DM enters.]

DM - Expecting someone?

RR - Not you. [closes door] Have a seat.

DM - We never finished that talk. I thought now would be a good time.

RR - Sure. Actually, uh, Mac, there's somebody I want you to meet. Come here. [walks over to crib. DM follows.] Meet Jeremy. He's a good-looking kid, huh?


Flashback - Lakota Sioux Camp, 1872 - lake 5

Kahani - [paddling canoe] Faster, MacLeod!

DM - [also paddling] Kahani, you're trying too hard. This is half the battle. See? Slow and steady like the wings of an eagle.

Kahani - Like this?

DM - That's still too hard. [Both continue paddling.] Ah, now you're an eagle. [Kahani imitates eagle squawking. DM chuckles.] Very noisy.


Flashback - Lakota Sioux Camp, 1872 - camp by lake 6

Indian child #1 - [throwing stones with other children] Let's see if you can hit that {rock}.

Indian child #2 - Hey, look at that.

Indian girl - Where's my doll?

[Nearby a man teaches two older boys with spears. Another man plays a recorder-type instrument. Women tend fires and gather kindling. 3 DM & Kahani pull the canoe up on shore.]

DM - Your father would have been proud of you today, Kahani.

Kahani - MacLeod? Will you go away?

DM - Why do you ask?

Kahani - Because my father did.

DM - [kneels in front of him] And you're angry with him? [Kahani nods.] Kahani, your father didn't choose to leave you. He was taken. [removes beaded amulet from around his neck] I promise you, Kahani... [places amulet around Kahani's neck] I will never leave you.

Kahani - [looks at amulet] Is this medicine?

DM - It's great medicine.

Kahani - Then I will never take it off. [giggles & runs ahead of DM into the camp]

Indian girl - [offscreen] {You want to} pick some berries, too?

Kahani - [runs up to Little Deer holding out row of trout strung on a willow stick] Mama, look what we caught!

Little Deer - Oh! It looks like MacLeod taught you well today, huh?

DM - But MacLeod almost went swimming.

Kahani - And then we saw a moose! And an eagle! [turns to DM] Tomorrow we hunt the bear. Please?

DM - Uh...

Little Deer - I think you'd better just stick with the fish.

Kahani - I'm not afraid of the bear! See what MacLeod gave me? [holds out amulet, then pulls it away as Little Deer reaches for it] It's very strong medicine. Only for warriors. [to DM] What about the bear?

DM - Well, first the deer... then we'll hunt the bear. Go on. Go practice your bow. [gives Kahani a playful slap on the rump & the boy runs off]

Little Deer - You love Kahani, don't you?

DM - As if he were my own. But already I see him growing headstrong, like his father.

Little Deer - Since Makina was killed, you've been good to us... to me.

DM - Makina was my friend. Do you think his spirit minds me taking his family as my own?

Little Deer - It was his wish. I think his spirit would be glad you're such a good father.

DM - And what does his wife think?

Little Deer - Hm. That she's still young... and that a warrior should have many children.

DM - The three of us are enough. [kisses her]

Little Deer - But why?

DM - Because... because I'm at peace for the first time since I can remember. This is my life, my home... You and Kahani are all I'll ever need. [They kiss again.]

Little Deer - You're so handsome... sometimes I forget that you're really a white man.

DM - Like the bluecoats?

Little Deer - I watch you when you can't sleep at night. I know that you're thinking about them.

DM - They're getting closer every day.

Little Deer - This is a wide land. If the soldiers come, we'll just move. How much room do they want?

DM - As much as they can take.

Little Deer - I think that you are too serious.

[As they kiss again, Kahani jumps on DM, roaring like a bear.]

DM - Oh, Kahani! I thought I told you to go play with your bow. [wrestles with him]


Richie's apartment 3

Donna - What do you think?

DM - I think he's a beautiful boy. You should be proud.

Donna - I know. And he looks just like Richie. [leans over, puts stuffed animal in crib with Jeremy] Here you go. There.


Outside church near Richie's apartment 7

RR - [walking down the street with DM] He's really a great kid. I'm just trying to do the right thing here.

Father Matthew - MacLeod, Richie...

DM & RR - [together] Hi, Father.

Father Matthew - Where have you been?

DM - Uh, we were in Paris for a while.

Father Matthew - I see. Oh, Paris! The city of my youth. I was there in '72. Oh, what a summer! All those women, all that wine... [starts to walk away, turns back] Of course, that was before I entered the priesthood.

DM & RR - [together] Of course.

Father Matthew - CUT Show time. I'll see you guys in church, yes? [leaves]

DM - Yes, Father.

RR - I gotta go, too, Mac. I promised Jeremy I'd take him to the park.

DM - Uh, Richie... I know this is your life, but being a father isn't a part-time job. It's a lifetime commitment.

RR - I know, but, Mac, every man's got to face that.

DM - Yeah, but you're not every man, Richie. You're an Immortal. What happens when she gets old and you don't? Or when the kid's as old as you are? What're you going to tell them?

RR - I don't know. What I do know is they need me.

DM - Is this about their needs or yours?

[Both sense 'buzz' and see Kern on motorcycle further down the street.]

DM - It's Kern.

RR - What's going on? [moves forward]

DM - [flings out an arm and blocks him] My fight!

RR - Who is he?

DM - A dead man.

[DM takes out his katana and moves toward Kern. CUT Kern pulls out his own sword and rides his motorcycle toward DM. They exchange blows as Kern rides past. He stops, parks, and walks back to DM. They fight their way up the steps of the church.]


<Inside church 7 CUT

Father Matthew - [officiating a wedding] By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife.

[DM & Kern smash through a stained glass window into the sanctuary.]

Bride - Do something, Father.

Groom - Get him out of here.

Father Matthew - MacLeod, what is going on here?

Kern - Oh, congratulations! [grabs the bride's head and roughly licks her face]

Father Matthew - MacLeod, this is not a battlefield.

Kern - Right time, wrong place. [leaves]

Father Matthew - This is God's house. I think you owe these people here an explanation.

DM - I'm sorry.

Father Matthew - MacLeod, {??}--

DM - I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Have a nice day. I'm sorry, Father. I'll -- I'll be right back. [runs after Kern]>


Outside church 7

DM - Kern!

[Kern rides away.] 4


Dojo 0

[DM is practicing with a quarterstaff.]

Charlie - I don't suppose you could take five, huh? [DM ignores him.] Right. Well, don't mind if I do.... You know, MacLeod, I think you're handling this all wrong.

DM - [continues practicing] What am I not handling, Charlie?

Charlie - Richie being a father! You got a wrong attitude on this.

DM - Do I?

Charlie - Damn right. The kid looks up to you. He needs your support.

DM - What kind of support should I give him?

Charlie - Encourage him! Richie's doing good. I mean, he's... he could've taken a walk, but he took on his responsibilities, man. I wish more guys would do that.

DM - What if it's a responsibility he shouldn't have.

Charlie - I don't get it. I thought you'd be the first to be rooting for him.

RR - [enters dojo] Rooting for who?

Charlie - Uh, the Knicks. You know, helluva team. Ewing, Starks... Hey, look at you. Hey, how's the little guy? He keeping you up?

RR - Ah... yeah, I guess I'm not getting too much sleep, Charlie.

Charlie - Yeah, well, you hang in there, man. It'll get easier.

RR - Thanks, man.

Charlie - [raises his voice] And no matter what anybody says... [DM fumbles his quarterstaff and drops it. Charlie picks it up & hands it back to him.] It'll be worth it. [goes into office]

RR - Didn't know if I'd find you alive. What the hell happened?

DM - I lived.

RR - Very funny. And the other guy?

DM - He lived, too.

RR - So what is it between you and this biker from hell? I've never seen you like that, Mac.

DM - His name's Kern... and I'm gonna kill him.

RR - That's it? That's all you have to tell me?

DM - Richie, he's my problem. That's all you need to know. You're dealing with enough right now.

RR - Okay. Listen, I was, uh, up half the night, thinking about what you said. About how we're not cut out for the two-kids-and-a-garage kind of thing.

DM - [sighs] And you're still gonna try and give it a shot even though he's not yours.

RR - Mac, I can't turn Jeremy away. That's what my father did to me. This is my chance to have a normal life.

DM - Good luck.


Flashback - American Wilderness, 1872 6

DM - [by fire, eating rabbit, senses 'buzz'] Connor?

Kern - [approaches, leading his horse] Hello 'round the fire.

DM - Come in slowly.

Kern - [comes closer] Rest easy, mister. I ain't huntin' today. Smelled your coffee.

DM - Help yourself.

Kern - Not many of our kind around these parts. [grabs cup from his saddlepack, holds out his hand] Name's Kern.

DM - [shakes his hand, still wary] Duncan MacLeod.

Kern - Much obliged. Been drinking old grinds and chicory for about a week. [sits by fire & reaches for coffee pot] Ain't had time to get any decent supplies. [re meat cooking over fire] You gonna eat all that?

DM - Be my guest.

Kern - [tears off a chunk of the rabbit] Damn army's been keeping me busier than spit. Course, the money's good. CUT

DM - You work for the bluecoats?

Kern - Bluecoats... you sound like a damn Injun. You LOOK like a damn Injun. Yeah, I work for the bluecoats. [DM stands up.] Best damn scout in the territory. Found a little village ten, fifteen miles due west of here this morning. It was a pretty little place... at least it used to be.

DM - You're lying. [walks over to his spear standing upright nearby]

Kern - [stands] You better watch your mouth, mister. Look at you in that... Indian getup. You're a Squaw Man, ain't you? Yeah. You got your little woman in the village. Imagine, one of us with one of them. Got a present for you, Squaw Man... [pulls handful of scalps from his saddlebag] Which one do you think is her?

DM - [throws spear at Kern, who ducks] I'll kill you!

Kern - [pulls Bowie knife] Come and get it, Squaw Man.

[DM attacks Kern with a tomahawk. They fight. DM throws Kern to the ground, jumps on his pinto and rides toward the village.]


Flashback - Lakota Sioux Camp, 1872 6

[Queen -- "Who Wants to Live Forever"

There's no time for us.
There's no place for us.
What is this thing that builds our dreams
Yet slips away from us?]

[DM reaches the ruins of the village & dismounts.]

[Who wants to live forever?
Who wants to live forever? Ooooh.]

[DM crosses the shallow river and kneels beside the body of one of the braves.]

[There's no chance for us.
It's all decided for us.]

[DM finds the amulet he'd given Kahani, laying on the ground, & picks it up.]

[This world has only one sweet moment
Set aside for us.]

[DM finds Little Deer and rolls her body onto his lap, cradling her.]

[Who wants to live forever?
Who wants to live forever? Oooh.]


[later, night]

[Little Deer's funeral pyre burns.]

[Who dares to love forever? Ooooh.]


[next morning]

[When love must die.]

DM - [walks to his pinto, looks at amulet in his hand] {??} (says something in Indian language)


Loft above dojo 0

[DM ties the same amulet around his neck, grabs eagle feather from pile on coffee table, leaves 5.]


Establishing shot: Joe's Bar 0

Joe's Bar 0

[DM enters, looks around.]

Joe - Hey, MacLeod. What do you think? Is it me?

DM - The truth? I'd say it's a little out of character.

Joe - You know, I wasn't born in a museum. In fact, I'm kinda tired of hanging around old antiques like you. Look at me, I'm growing mold. [looks around the bar] It's not done yet. I got the bar stocked. Putting a stage in over there.

DM - Stage?

Joe - Yeah. Some blues, I thought -- Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker. [off DM's reaction] Can't know everything about everyone, can you?

DM - [looks down at the amulet around his neck] Guess not. 6

Joe - Who is it?

DM - Kern.

Joe - Never heard of him.

DM - Now's not a good time to start lying to me, Joe. Where is he?

Joe - Forget about it.

DM - Talk to me! [Joe sighs.] Come on, Joe.

Joe - Look, last I heard, he was somewhere around the east docks.

DM - Thanks. [turns to go]

Joe - MacLeod? [DM turns back.] He kills for fun.

DM - I know. [leaves]


Docks 8

[DM talks to two men on break (no dialogue). They point offscreen and he walks that direction.]


Bar 4

[DM exits the bar Kern drove his motorcycle into earlier.] 7


Motel lobby 0

Clerk - Kern? Kern... No, never heard the name.

DM - He's a big guy, drives a hog.

Clerk - Hey... our clientele don't like a lot of questions.

DM - Come on. What room is he in?

Clerk - You a cop?

DM - No, I'm his long-lost aunt.

<Clerk - Take a hike.

DM - I've tried to be polite so far, and -- and charming, but you don't seem to be understanding me. [grabs the side of Clerk's beard & pulls him forward] You're beginning to piss me off! Now get me the key! Get it! CUT

Clerk - Ai! Okay! [reaches behind him blindly for the key rack, hands key to DM] Top of the stairs, next to the fire escape...> but I don't think he's in.

DM - Then let's go find out, shall we? 8


Motel - Kern's room 0

Woman - [yelling offscreen, from another room] Get out of my room, you slob!

Clerk - [leads DM into Kern's room] Maybe he cleared out. A lot of guys skip on the rent here.

DM - I wouldn't worry about that. CUT <[ushers Clerk out, closes door, looks around the room briefly, then starts throwing clothes and bedding around] Come on, Kern! [removes eagle feather from his coat pocket & sets it on corner of dresser] Welcome home.>


Richie's apartment 3


RR - Donna, I'm telling you, this kid is gonna need a track coach!

Donna - I was thinking that it might be a good idea if we had a bigger apartment. Maybe we could rent a small house or something.

RR - Oh, the way this guy's going, we're going to be able to live off his Nike endorsements!

Donna - While you wait for the checks to roll in, I'm going to try to straighten up this mess... IF it's humanly possible. [picks up clothes from chair, goes into bedroom 9 offscreen] Richie?

RR - [watching Jeremy toddle around] Yeah, what's up?

Donna - [comes out of bedroom] You tell me.

RR - [turns around, sees Donna holding his sword] Oh, that. Uh, Donna, that's just something I have. [takes sword from her]

Donna - Richie, people don't "just have" swords like this. What's it for?

RR - Um, it's a rapier, actually... made in Toledo, Spain about four hundred years ago. [She reaches to touch the blade and he quickly moves it away.] And it is also very sharp. [puts sword back in the bedroom]

Donna - I don't like having it around. It's not safe, Richie.

RR - It stays.

Donna - Why?

RR - Look, Donna, can we just forget about this?

Donna - No... No, we can't. What's it doing here?

RR - I can't tell you.

Donna - Richie, families tell each other things. Is it stolen?

RR - No, it's not stolen.

Donna - Then what are you hiding? [Richie doesn't answer.] If you can't trust me to tell me about some knife in your closet, how can I trust you to be his father?!

RR - How do I know I AM his father?

Donna - Is that what this is about? You want me out of here.

RR - Look, Donna, I didn't say that.

Donna - You know why it took me two years to tell you? Because I didn't think you could handle it. You were a kid then and you still are. Take a look, Richie. I'm not a kid anymore.

RR - Look, Donna, I'm sorry. I'm trying.

Donna - Try harder. [goes into bedroom, slamming the door]


Joe's Bar 0

Joe - [working on stage lights as RR enters] Richie. You think we ought to bulb light the band or use the spots?

RR - Whatever.

Joe - "Whatever"? I get all these changes in my life, a new place, and does anybody care?

RR - Sorry.

Joe - It's all right. Don't worry about it. What do you need?

RR - Advice.

Joe - Advice? So, you come to Joe's. Everybody comes to Joe's. Talk to me.

RR - Well, you study Immortals. I figure you know more about us than anybody.

Joe - Except an Immortal. I mean, you see MacLeod every day. You got a question, ask him.

RR - [sighs] In some ways it's easier to talk to you. I mean, he's been around for so long, sometimes I think he forgets what it was like the first time through.

Joe - Okay. What I know, you know.

RR - Well, Immortals aren't supposed to be able to have children, right?

Joe - Yeah, that's the way it works.

RR - But what if, you know... what if it happened before you became an Immortal? You know what I mean?

Joe - It's never happened. I don't think it could.

RR - You're absolutely sure?

Joe - Relax, Richie. We've been keeping records for centuries and it's never happened. The kid isn't yours.

RR - [disappointed] Right... Great. Thanks for your help.

Joe - Sure.

RR - I'll see you later, Dawson. [walks away]

Joe - Okay. [calls after RR] Richie...

RR - [turns back] Yeah?

Joe - I'm sorry.

RR - Yeah. Me, too.

[They wave at each other & RR heads for the door. Joe shakes his head, turning his attention back to his stage lights as RR leaves. 10]


Inside church 7

Father Matthew - Baptizing Jeremy will be a pleasure for me and a blessing for you.

Donna - I'm gonna have to talk to Richie to make sure it's okay. We had a fight, so it may take a little while.

Father Matthew - I'll be here when you're ready. Have you chosen a godfather yet?

Donna - We're thinking of asking Mr. MacLeod.

Father Matthew - [smiles] MacLeod... We had a little episode the other day, but all in all an excellent choice. [sees Kern enter confessional at back of church] I'm sorry, there's someone waiting. I have to take confession. [moves past her]


[inside confessional box]

Father Matthew - [enters priest's side and sits] CUT How long has it been since your last confession?

Kern - What day is today?

Father Matthew - Tuesday.

Kern - That makes it a little over five hundred years.

Father Matthew - [chuckles] I see we have a sense of humor today. Have you sinned?

Kern - A few times.

Father Matthew - Then open your heart and confess your sins, so you may receive absolution.

Kern - You want to know ALL my sins?

Father Matthew - Yes, my son.

Kern - You sure you've got the time?

Father Matthew - I have all the time you need. And don't be afraid. You're safe here.


Kern - Well, I used to like to torture a lot. CUT But it got old after a while, so I branched out -- started to rape, kill. Torched a couple of villages. Burned an abbey or two. Let's see... what else? Uh--

Father Matthew - There's more?

Kern - Uh, one more thing. [smashes his hand through the dividing grate and grabs Father Matthew] Where's MacLeod?

Father Matthew - MacLeod?

Kern - Duncan MacLeod, the guy with the sword -- you know, the guy you said would be a good godfather, Father.

Father Matthew - Dear God, I swear... I don't know where he lives!

[Kern lets Father Matthew go with a snarl & exits the confessional. He breaks open the poor box and takes the money, then opens the door to the priest's side of the confessonal.]

Kern - Forgot stealing. [leaves]


Loft above dojo 0

[DM is working on his Indian spear. RR stands nearby.]

RR - She found my sword, Mac.

DM - Really?

RR - [sits next to him] I don't know what to tell her.

DM - You have two choices. Eventually, you have to tell her everything. Take her into your life completely. At least she'll have a choice about how she lives... about how Jeremy lives.

RR - And what's behind door number two?

DM - You let them go. You send her away. Tell her whatever you have to, but send her away and never look back.

RR - I can't do that, Mac. I told you, I don't care if Jeremy's mine or not.

DM - Richie, this isn't about you being a father. It's about you being an Immortal. I know what this means to you, but you can't protect them. It doesn't matter what you do. It doesn't matter how much you love them or how hard you try. You just can't.

RR - Thanks, Mac. [stands to leave]

DM - I'm sorry.


Street near Richie's apartment 9

Donna - [pushing stroller] How about a nap, Jeremy? What do you say? You gonna give Mommy a break? Huh. [turns corner, almost runs into Kern's motorcycle blocking the sidewalk]

Kern - I'm looking for an old friend. Name's MacLeod. Maybe you know him.

Donna - No.

Kern - Oh, that's too bad.

Donna - I really don't know anyone here.

Kern - Wasn't he coming to the baptism? [looks down at Jeremy] What a nice kid. That-a-boy. Oh. [leans down]

Donna - No, don't! [Kern picks up Jeremy, who starts to cry.] Give me my baby!

Kern - Oh, yeah, yeah. You know, he's a nice kid.

Donna - My baby!

Kern - Oh, now, I like children most of the time. [sees two policemen walking toward them, hands Jeremy back to Donna] Here.

Donna - [taking Jeremy] It's okay. Shh.

Kern - Why don't you run along now.

[Kern watches as Donna hurries across the street and enters RR's apartment building.] 11


Richie's apartment 3

Donna - [as RR enters] Hi.

RR - Hey.

Donna - I'm sorry, Richie. I don't know why I flipped out like that.

RR - It's okay. You were being honest. And, uh, I think it's time we were honest about everything.

Donna - Like what?

RR - Like, uh... [takes a deep breath] I know Jeremy's not mine.

Donna - How can you say that, Richie? The timing... the way he looks...

RR - Donna, I can't have kids. I never could, and I never will.

Donna - I really wanted him to be yours, Richie. You weren't like the other guys we hung with. I always thought you had something special.

RR - But listen, Donna... It doesn't matter to me, though. I love Jeremy, and... I want to be there for you, if you'll let me.

Donna - Let you? Are you kidding? What do you think I've been praying for? [hugs him]

RR - [pulls away from her] Listen, Donna, there's more.

Donna - If you don't want to say it, I don't have to hear it.

RR - Yes, you do. [senses 'buzz']

Donna - Richie, what is it? [follows RR to window. Both look down & see Kern leaning against his motorcycle below.] CUT Richie, what's going on?

RR - Donna, listen. You've got to get out of here. Grab Jeremy. You got to go to the dojo. Go out the back door right now.

Donna - Richie, what the hell is happening!

RR - Donna, please, go! Tell MacLeod right now. Please.

[Donna runs to the bedroom to get Jeremy & leave. Kern kicks in the front door a few minutes later.]

Kern - CUT [re RR's sword] Ooh, that looks sharp. You wouldn't cut me, would you?

RR - That's the idea.

Kern - CUT I really wanted the Squaw Man, but, uh, he's not here. I expect you'll do. [attacks RR. RR quickly loses his sword. He breaks a window, climbs onto the fire escape.] Run to MacLeod! Tell the Squaw Man I'll be here waitin'! [RR jumps off into the back of a passing truck full of tomatoes -- landing face-first, of course.]


Loft above dojo 0

Donna - [enters carrying Jeremy] Duncan, Richie's in trouble.

DM - Come in. Come in. [closes door behind her]

Donna - There's this guy. He's breaking the door down.

DM - Calm down. Take it easy...

Donna - There's some freak on a motorcycle breaking the door down.

DM - Make yourself at home. [enters elevator]

Donna - What's going on?


Dojo 0

[DM grabs the Indian spear from where it's leaning against a wall, senses 'buzz' & turns toward entrance. RR runs in, swordless, covered in tomato juice.]

<RR - Mac. CUT

DM - I think you need some oil and vinegar.

RR - I'm lucky I didn't need a funeral.

DM - Where's Kern?>

RR - He's back at my place, and he's waiting for you.

DM - Donna and Jeremy are upstairs.

RR - Mac, he would have killed them, and I couldn't have stopped him.

DM - He's done it before.

RR - Mac, what did he do to you?

DM - [silent for a moment] Stay with Donna and Jeremy. [leaves, carrying spear]



Richie's apartment building - rooftop 3

Kern - Over here, Squaw Man. Time to die.

DM - You're so right. [They fight. Kern manages to cut DM with his Bowie knife.]

Kern - Like that? Hey, MacLeod, maybe I should take your scalp for old time's sake... and your little friend's. [laughs]

DM - {??} (speaking Indian language)

[DM touches the cut on his chest, then smears the blood in double lines along each cheek like war paint. He lets out a war cry. Kern responds with his own beserker howl and the battle resumes. They exchange blows and DM shoves the point of his spear through Kern. With another ululating cry, he beheads Kern with the spear and takes his Quickening.]

DM - [levitating, sees vision of Little Deer & Kahani] Kahani. [pulls amulet from around his neck & holds it out] See? Little Deer... [Their ghostly forms disappear & the Quickening ends.]


Street outside Richie's apartment building 9

Donna - [walks up, pushing Jeremy's stroller] Richie.

RR - Hey.

Donna - Hi. [kisses him] I've got great news. My cousin Ralph's got a house on Fourth Street. He said if we painted and did a little work around the place, he wouldn't charge us rent.

RR - Donna, it's not gonna work.

Donna - Sure it is. I've seen it. It's got two bedrooms, a big kitchen, a huge yard...

RR - No, no, no, no, no. I mean us. We're not gonna work.

Donna - What? I don't get it, Richie. A couple days ago we were one big happy family.

RR - I know. I'm sorry.

Donna - You're sorry... Just like that. You say a couple of words and it's over? If you didn't want us, why didn't you just tell me? Why did you have to lie to me? To him?

RR - Donna, I didn't lie. Everything I said was true.

Donna - Then why is this happening?

RR - I can't tell you.

Donna - Fine. We have to go.

RR - Donna, listen. You can stay at my place until you get settled. And if you ever need anything -- money, help--

Donna - We need you, Richie. [slaps him] Go to hell. [turns and pushes stroller quickly down the street]

RR - [as DM walks over to him] They won't be back.

DM - I know.

RR - Mac, she hates me.

DM - You did the right thing.

RR - Did I?

DM - Yeah. They're alive. Come on, I'll buy you a drink. [throws an arm over RR's shoulder as they walk off]


End of "Line of Fire"

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