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Episode 4: The Cross of St. Antoine

Written by Morrie Ruvinsky
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: October 22, 1994
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher



Amanda - Elizabeth Gracen
              an Immortal thief

Father Peter - David Longworth
              priest, in FB

John Durgan - Brion James
              Armand Thorne, an Immortal


Martin Blinder - David Hauka
              Thorne's museum curator

George - J.B. Bivens
              Thorne's security guard

Jonah - Jason Gray-Stanford
              priest's acolyte, in FB

Herbert Billows - Lloyd Berry
              store owner, in FB

Rafe - Gerry Rousseau
Bellam - Charles Andre
              trappers/robbers, in FB

Miss Jane Welsley - Willow Johnson
              school teacher, in FB

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Lauren's house (establishing) - 3490 Cypress St, Shaughnessy [49.254896,-123.148249]
2. Lauren's house (curb) - 1729 Trafalgar St, Kitsilano [49.270485,-123.164737]
3. Thorne's estate - Hycroft Mansion, 1489 McRae Ave [49.257308,-123.136628]
4. Snake River - Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, Spur 7 beach [49.423611,-122.972139]
5. Ft Wolfe - Fort Langley National Historic Site, 23433 Mavis Ave, Ft Langley [49.167989,-122.571812]
6. Miss Welsley's house (establishing) - 'MacGyver cabin', Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve [49.397066,-122.989197] (cabin no longer there)
7. Church - St. Andrews-Wesley United Church, 1022 Nelson Street [49.281353,-123.127242]
8. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
9. Museum exterior, night - Musée Jacquemart André, 158 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris, France [48.875621,2.310525]
10. Warehouse(s) - unknown location(s)
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos & screencaps

Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on USA Network* (1998) matches the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with two exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

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[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Joe's bar 0

Joe's Bar 0

Amanda - So now I know why it's been three hundred years between day jobs.

DM - I thought you being the head of security for a rock star would be right up your alley.

Amanda - She makes me want to gag.

<Joe - CUT Well, maybe some Chicago blues would be more to your liking.>

DM - Hey, Joe.

Joe - Hey, Mac. Great to see you. Great to see you.

DM - You seem in a good mood.

Joe - Well, what's to be unhappy about? [They walk toward the bar.] And who is this lovely lady? [takes white rose from bar, hands it to Amanda]

DM - Uh, Joe, I want you to meet Amanda. Amanda, Joe Dawson.

Joe - THE Amanda? [to Amanda] You know, I've heard an awful lot about you.

Amanda - I'll bet you have. I hear you're one of those guys who likes to watch.

Joe - [with a glance at DM] It's, uh... clinical. For history. We don't get involved.

Amanda - [teasing] Hm. Well, tell me, um... Do you watch us do... everything?

Joe - [playing along] Only the things I can't get arrested for.

Amanda - [laughs] I like this guy.

Joe - [greets another patron] Hey, nice to see you.

Patron - Nice to see you.

DM - [to Joe] So when you come back down to earth, you wanna tell me what's going on?

Amanda - Can't you tell? The man's obviously in love.

DM - Really?

Joe - With an art historian. Her name is Lauren. I met her at the library. You know, it's funny -- you get to a point in your life where you feel that you missed the train, and then 'boom' -- the lightning strikes. Look, I've got to go. I've got a date.

DM - What a minute. Wait a minute. When are we gonna meet her?

Joe - Well, not tonight. She's working late. She's doing some research at the Thorne Estate. So I'm going to meet her at her place. Look, anything you guys want, it's on the house.

Amanda - [as Joe leaves] So that's a Watcher.

DM - What do you think?

Amanda - I think he's kinda cute.

DM - Really? [She laughs.]


Establishing shot: Lauren's house, night 1

Lauren's house, night 0

[Joe parks by curb. 2 He knocks on her door.]

Joe - Lauren. Lauren. Lauren? [rattles doorknob, looks through window & sees Lauren being attacked/strangled by a man] Lauren! Lauren! No! [beats on window with his cane, trying to break it] Lauren! Lauren! [Attacker drops Lauren's body & flees as Joe breaks through the window.]


<Joe's Bar 0 CUT

[Close on Joe's hand plucking opening notes of song on guitar strings.] A

Joe - [playing guitar & singing "Love is Just a Gamble"]

"Love is just a gamble.
It's best you know that 'fore you start.
[Flash of Joe standing outside Lauren's window.] You think you gonna beat the dealer,
Poor boy, but ain't nobody can.
[Flash of Lauren being strangled.] You can fret and you can worry.
You can sit right down and cry.
[Flash of Joe yelling Lauren's name.] You can sit right down and cry. [Flash of attacker dropping Lauren's body.] You can search the round world over 1
Never know the reason why."
[Flash of window pane breaking.]>


Loft above dojo 0

Amanda - I can't imagine what it's like for him. We can be in love a hundred times.

DM - Maybe.

Amanda - At least we have the chance.

DM - [walks over to Joe, hands him a glass] Here you go.

Joe - Why, MacLeod? I don't get it.

DM - Sometimes there's no sense, Joe. Things happen... no reason.

Amanda - The police said she probably surprised a burglar.

Joe - That's a load of crap. He was wearing a two thousand dollar suit. CUT I didn't even get a look at the bastard's face.

DM - You did what you could.

Joe - Yeah? Well, that was not enough! Do you know what that feels like?

DM - Yes.

Joe - Do you?

DM - Yes, I do.

Joe - Well, then do something for me.

DM - Whatever you need.

Joe - You help me find this son-of-a-bitch.


Establishing shot: Thorne Estate / Museum 3

Thorne Estate / Museum - foyer 3

DM - You saw her?

George - Well, it's like I told the police. She was here all day, and uh, she was practically the last one to leave.

DM - And there was nobody with her?

George - She seemed to be alone.

Joe - She seemed to be? What the hell is that supposed to mean? CUT

DM - You're sure there was nobody around her, maybe somebody following her?

George - Sir, Mr. Thorne's security system is state of the art. Monitors cover every inch of the display area. [Amanda exchanges glances with DM as she slips away from the group.] If there was something going on, we would have picked it up. [to Joe] I'm sorry, mister.

DM - Thanks for your help.

George - Sure.

DM - [to Joe] I'll get Amanda. We'll get out of here. [enters adjoining room] Amanda...

Amanda - [whispers] Come here. [motions to gold urn as DM joins her] Do you have any idea what this is worth?

DM - You've gone straight, remember?

Amanda - I was just looking. Besides, did you see these wall lasers? [points] This guy Thorne wants to keep his stuff right where it is.

DM - Yeah, but that doesn't concern you, does it? Let's get Joe and get out of here. [starts to pull her away, then stops and turns back, staring at something in the room]

Amanda - MacLeod. MacLeod?

[DM stares at a large jewel-encrusted gold cross in a display case.] CUT


Flashback - Montana, 1817 - Snake River near Fort Wolfe 4

[Super: Snake River, Montana 1817]

Father Peter - ...the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, I baptize you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord... [sprinkles water on baby's head] Amen.

<Jonah - [holding the gold cross] Amen. CUT

Father Peter - [wades out of river, presents baby to his parents] My dear, Timothy James Rayfield.

Wife - [takes baby] Thank you.

Husband - Father. Now he's blessed.

Father Peter - Thank you.

Husband - A beautiful day on the river.

Father Peter - [to townspeople attending the baptism] Come, gather around. This is a holy occasion. It is also a joyous one, to be shared by all, out here with God's beautiful bounty all around us.

Bellam - [approaches with fellow trapper, Rafe] Afternoon, folks.

Rafe - What's the occasion?

Woman - Why, a baptism.

Bellam - Thought you was washin' him.>

[A short distance away, DM watches the gathering from his horse.]

Rafe - [suddenly points his rifle at Father Peter] Gimme the cross, old man, or I'm gonna put one right between your eyes!

<Bellam - [pointing his rifle at the townspeople] Get back! CUT

Man - Stand back.

Jonah - It's sacrilege!>

Rafe - You got to "three" before you meet Saint Peter. One!

Man - Heaven help us.

Rafe - Two! <[DM rides quickly toward the group.] CUT Three! [He fires his gun, but Jonah moves at the same time, knocking Father Peter to the ground. Rafe swings his gun, knocking Jonah down, then sees DM riding toward them.]> Grab the cross!

[Bellam grabs the cross from Father Peter as DM jumps on Rafe and knocks him down. DM runs after Bellam, who shoots at him, hitting him in the shoulder.]

Bellam - [reaches his horse] Easy, boy! Easy now!

Man - {We can} get help at Fort Wolfe.

[DM reaches Bellam before he can mount, fights with him.]

DM - [pulls out a knife] Is it worth your dying? [Bellam runs for his horse, leaving the cross behind.]

Father Peter - The cross. Get the cross. [DM picks up the cross, hands it to Father Peter.] God bless you. You don't know what this means to these people. I carried this all the way from the Vatican, and to lose it now...

DM - But you did not.

Father Peter - You've been shot.

DM - It is nothing.

Father Peter - I've seen men die of infection from less.

DM - No, it's okay.

Father Peter - [tears open DM's shirt] There's no wound. It's a miracle. A miracle.

DM - A miracle.

Father Peter - The cross. The power of our Lord has healed him. Is there anything... anything at all we can do to repay you?

DM - You could get some whiskey. [off his look] I don't want to drink it. You should pour some on those cuts. [points to cut on Father Peter's cheek.] Stop them from festering. I was headed for Fort Wolfe. Perhaps you could point me in the direction of a hot bath. 2 CUT


Flashback - Montana, 1817 - Fort Wolfe 5

[The townspeople go about their daily lives.]

<Barber - A little extra water there? [pours hot water from kettle for man in tub]

Man in Tub - Ah, yes.

DM - [as Barber holds hand mirror up for him] Thank you. [pays Barber]

Barber - Thank you.> CUT

[DM leaves bath tent, senses 'buzz' as John Durgan rides into the fort.]

Man - [in background] Nell, this pack is from Georgia.

Nell - [in background] {Oh, it's nice, but} it seems rough on the edge.

Durgan - [approaches DM] You here for me?

DM - Just passing through. Name's Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Durgan - John Durgan. No Clan. I like it alone.

DM - Are you hunting?

Durgan - Just for beaver. CUT I'm a trader, MacLeod. Pure and simple.

DM - Good. Then we have no argument. [Both watch as Father Peter leads Jonah & the baptised baby's parents past them. Father Peter is holding the gold cross against his chest.]

Durgan - I'll be damned.

DM - You never seen a cross before?

Durgan - I've never seen one like that. All that gold... wasted on a priest. Enough to make a man take up religion.


Thorne Estate / Museum - Thorne's office 3

[Durgan/Thorne watches computer monitor showing camera feed of Joe & DM. He types on the keyboard and the camera zooms in on the two men.]

Thorne - Who's your friend, MacLeod?


Loft above dojo 0

[DM whisks ingredients in bowl, reaches for crepe pan on cooktop at kitchen island.] B

Amanda - [enters from elevator] I'm telling you, MacLeod, I'm just not cut out to work for a living.

DM - You hungry?

Amanda - Especially for some dancing brassiere with an ego the size of Detroit. And I thought Elizabeth the First was a bitch.

DM - You ever heard of an Immortal named Durgan?

Amanda - No. Why?

DM - A long time ago, we argued over that piece we saw in the museum today.

Amanda - The cross. Why, do you think it has something to do with the murder?

DM - I don't know. But I haven't heard of him in over a hundred years. CUT


Flashback - Fort Wolfe, Montana, 1817 - outside a small store 5

Durgan - Twenty dollars? It took me two months to trap those.

Billows - How long it took isn't my problem, mister.

Durgan - How about I make it your problem?

DM - [calls from nearby] How much for these?

<Billows - CUT The pants are three dollars and those shirts are two dollars.>

Durgan - [to Billows] Say, what about my money?

DM - I can wait.

Billows - [to Durgan] You have to sign a bill of sale.

Durgan - Uh, you write it. I'll make my mark.

Billows - [writing bill of sale] Oh, afternoon, Miss Welsley.

Miss Welsley - Good afternoon, Mr. Billows. [He hands her a coin.] The children and I both thank you.

Billows - [to DM & Durgan] Miss Welsley is our teacher. She's collecting for the new school.

Miss Welsley - [as DM adds his coin to her bag] Thank you, sir.

DM - It's you who should be thanked. [She leaves as Durgan marks the bill of sale.]

Durgan - [to DM] You know how to read and write, don't you?

DM - I learned.

Durgan - Personally, I never saw no need. Reading never killed no beaver.

DM - Probably right about that. [pays for the clothes] Thank you.

Durgan - [as DM walks away] MacLeod... [follows him] You learn when you were a boy?

DM - I learned when I was about fifty.

Durgan - Was it hard?

DM - At first. Then it got easier. Be worth your while. [leaves, passing Father Peter & Jonah] Hello, Father.

Father Peter - Hello, my friend.

DM - Jonah.

[Durgan watches them walk off, then starts to leave, himself.]


Flashback - Fort Wolfe, Montana, 1817 - school room 5


Miss Welsley - [walks to front of classroom, claps twice] 3 You've all done very well today, so class is dismissed. See you all tomorrow. [She leaves the school building, nods at Durgan, who is standing nearby, and walks away.]

Child - Bye, Miss Welsley.

[Durgan watches her leave.]


Establishing shot: Miss Welsley's house, night 6

Flashback - Forte Wolfe, Montana, 1817 - Miss Welsley's house, night 5

[Miss Welsley answers knock at door. Durgan enters.]

Durgan - Hello, teacher. Name's John Durgan. Can I come in?

Miss Welsley - It IS late, Mr. Durgan.

Durgan - I'm forty years old and I can't read a lick. I can't even sign my name.

Miss Welsley - <Come. [leads him inside] I've planned classes for the men in the fort, but I've been so busy collecting money for the new school...> CUT [selects primer from shelf] I think we can start with this one.

Durgan - I think we'll start with this. [grabs her by the throat, choking her, breaks her neck] CUT <Your school's gonna have to wait. [grabs the bag of donated money]>


Joe's Bar, early morning 0

Amanda - [enters, approaches Joe, who is sitting at a table with an open bottle of whiskey] Joe? Morning. [sits across from him]

Joe - [re the whiskey] You want some?

Amanda - Ah, it's -- it's a little early, even for someone with my constitution. How about I buy you some breakfast?

Joe - [raises glass] I've, uh, already eaten. [finishes off glass]

Amanda - Yeah, I've been there. It doesn't work for long, you know.

Joe - Funny. You know, I could tell you what an Immortal in Spain had for lunch three hundred years ago next Tuesday, but I can't find out who killed Lauren.

Amanda - There's always the police.

Joe - Nah. The cops'll never find him. They need things like motive, witnesses. She wasn't robbed. She wasn't raped. Someone just opened her door and killed her. [pours himself another drink. Amanda sadly shakes her head.]

Amanda - I've lived a long time, Joe. What goes around comes around.

Joe - You really believe that's true?

Amanda - I believe it should be. You know those records you keep on us... How accurate are they really? 4


Thorne Estate / Museum 3

Blinder - I'm sorry, but Mr. Thorne doesn't see anyone -- with or without an appointment. As his curator, I know as much about the Cross of St. Antoine as anyone. For example, did you know that it was commissioned in--

DM - In Byzantium in 1091 by Emperor Alexius the First to commemorate the defeat of the Normans.

Blinder - Are you in the trade, Mr. MacLeod?

DM - I was wondering if it was for sale.

Blinder - It's not.

DM - Perhaps Mr. Thorne should tell me that.

Blinder - As I told you, Mr. Thorne doesn't see anyone. Besides, that cross is of tremendous personal value to him.

DM - Old family heirloom?

Blinder - I couldn't say.

DM - I'm willing to make a generous offer.

Blinder - Mr. Thorne is not a tradesman. He's a collector. He never sells. He only buys.

DM - That's clear enough. Thank you. [as Blinder starts to walk away] Send my regards to John Durgan.

Blinder - Who?

DM - John Durgan. He's another collector. I thought you and Mr. Thorne might know of him.

Blinder - Never heard of him.


Flashback - Fort Wolfe, Montana, 1817 - dawn 5

Jonah - [ladling breakfast from pot hanging over outdoor fire] Would you like some breakfast, Mr. MacLeod?

DM - Good morning, Jonah. No, thank you. I have a long way to ride. Where's Father Peter? I was hoping to say goodbye.

Jonah - He's at the river doing a baptism.

DM - A little early, is it not?

Jonah - Your friend said he couldn't bear to face another sunrise as a heathen.

DM - What friend?

Jonah - The trapper, Mr. Durgan.

DM - [sharply] Where on the river? [quickly mounts his horse]

Jonah - I don't know. [calls after him] If you don't like oatmeal, I've got some biscuits.

[DM races off.]


Flashback - Montana, 1817 - Snake River near Fort Wolfe 4

Father Peter - Is this more to your liking, my son?

Durgan - Just a little further up by the point.

Father Peter - As you wish, but all of this is God's kingdom. [leads Durgan to water's edge] Come. Don't be nervous. Kneel, my son. [Durgan kneels.] Do you believe in God, the Father Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth?

Durgan - Sure. [looks at plain wooden cross that Father Peter is holding] Uh, where's the other cross?

Father Peter - This one will do perfectly well. Do you reject Satan?

Durgan - Do you have it with ya?

Father Peter - Always.

Durgan - I kind of had my heart set on the other one, Father. Please.

Father Peter - Very well. [reaches into pocket, removes the Cross of St. Antoine] In the eyes of God, my son, it is the symbol, not the substance that makes it priceless.

Durgan - Do you think I could hold it? For inspiration. [Father Peter hands him the cross.] It's more than beautiful.

Father Peter - It has been touched by the Lord. <It is his grace you feel. All wonders come from heaven. CUT

Durgan - [stands up] I don't think heaven will be helping you today, Father. [stabs Father Peter in the gut with a knife]

DM - [rides up] Durgan! [fires gun at him]

[Durgan shoots DM, who falls off his horse. Durgan opens his mouth and emits an unhuman roar, then turns and runs off. DM goes to Father Peter.]>

Father Peter - The cross...

DM - Don't try to speak.

Father Peter - It belongs to the church. Please...

DM - One day, I will return it.

Father Peter - Swear.

DM - I swear.

[Father Peter dies in his arms.]


Loft above dojo 0

DM - I thought Durgan might be Thorne's supplier. But when I threw his name out, the only thing I caught was air.

Amanda - Well, the last time anyone saw Durgan was over a hundred and twenty years ago.

DM - Really? And how do you know that?

Amanda - I went to see Dawson.

DM - I thought I told you to keep him out of this.

Amanda - [smiles] Well, since when do I do everything you tell me to do? Come on, MacLeod. Somebody he loved has been killed. He wants to do something about it. You know how that feels.

[The telephone rings. DM answers it.]

DM - [into phone] MacLeod...

Blinder - [on phone] Mr. MacLeod, I presume you're still interested in the Cross of St. Antoine. 5 (this is NOT in the DVD version!)

DM - [into phone] Yes, I'm still interested. ...That's fine. [lowers phone, turns to Amanda] That was the curator from the museum. Thorne wants to meet me, and he's sending a car.


Outside church 7

[Car pulls up, driver gets out, opens rear passenger door on driver's side. DM gets out the opposite passenger door by himself and walks toward the church, sensing a 'buzz'.]

Driver - Mr. Thorne is waiting for you inside.

DM - Really.


Inside church 7

[Thorne stands inside church, waiting. 6 DM enters, walks to front where Thorne is looking up at a stained glass window.]

<DM - CUT It's a depiction of the Sermon on the Mount. Hopefully you appreciate that, Thorne.> [Thorne turns to face him. Flash of Durgan emitting unhuman roar.] Durgan.

Thorne - There is no John Durgan. Hasn't been for years. He died right after he found that cross. CUT

DM - Murdering a priest is an interesting way to find religion.

Thorne - I didn't find religion, MacLeod. I found art. I found beauty. It changed my life, made me what I am.

DM - And what exactly are you?

Thorne - Wealthy... Powerful... Intellectual... I deal with the finest scholars and artists of the age. I studied for decades. I speak nine languages, including Latin and Greek. This suit is crushed linen. I import it myself. America is truly the land of opportunity, and nothing stands in my way.

DM - Especially Lauren Gale.

Thorne - Ah. The art historian. She was very good. She actually knew the history of some of the pieces that were procured through... more unusual channels.

DM - You mean stolen.

Thorne - Really, MacLeod. The Metropolitan in New York, the Louvre in Paris. Do you really think they purchased those Roman and Egyptian pieces from the original owners, or from grave robbers? What makes them any different than me?

DM - You kill people.

Thorne - I hardly kill anymore, only the Gale woman asked too many questions. Everything I own is a part of me, especially the cross. I sell nothing, and nothing is ever taken from me.

DM - How about your head?

Thorne - I'm no longer in the game. At least until there's only one other left.

DM - That's easier said than done.

Thorne - Not really. You'd be surprised how much protection money can buy. Now, we can live and let live, or you can come for me and you can be dead when you hit my doorstep. Then I'd be happy to make it permanent. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm expecting a call from the governor. He wants me to be on his arts council. [starts to leave]

DM - You know, there's one thing you're forgetting, Thorne, or Durgan. You put a pig in crushed linen -- even an educated one -- he's still a pig.

Thorne - Don't even try, MacLeod. You'll never even get close.


Establishing shot: Dojo, evening 8

Loft above dojo, evening 0

DM - I need you to help me break into the museum.

Amanda - You want me to what? I knew you were up to something. For three hundred years you've been telling me to go legit. Now that I'm straight, you want me to steal.

DM - You hate your job.

Amanda - That's not the point.

DM - In a good cause.

Amanda - Don't you look at me like that. No. I'm retired. You wouldn't ask an alcoholic to take a drink for a good cause. [opens gift box] Oh, my God. [lifts out gold necklace]

DM - Thorne's built a wall around himself. I can't get near him. But if we take the cross, then he'll come to me.

Amanda - And maybe he'll take your head.

DM - I can't do it without you.

Amanda - Okay. On one condition.

DM - Name it.

Amanda - It's my show. I'm in control -- completely in charge.

DM - Uh--

Amanda - No negotiations. Take it or leave it.

DM - I am your obedient servant. [kneels, kisses the back of her hand]

Amanda - Damn, I like the sound of that. [She kisses him.]


Establishing shot: Joe's Bar 0

Joe's Bar 0

DM - [enters darkened bar] Joe?

Joe - [sitting at bar doing paperwork] So, what can I do for you?

DM - You all right?

Joe - Yeah. Don't worry, about me. 'Sympathy for Joe' day is over. I'm fine. [sets papers aside] What, you think I'm the only person who ever lost someone? Come on, it happens all the time.

DM - If that's how you see it. CUT If it's any consolation, I found the guy. He's one of us. Name's Durgan.

Joe - [shakes his head] John Durgan died over a hundred years ago.

DM - He didn't die. He reinvented himself. Calls himself Thorne.

Joe - Armand Thorne? An Immortal? Why did he kill Lauren?

DM - Because she found something in his collection... something she shouldn't have. [Joe grabs a revolver from behind the bar.] You can't kill him with that, Joe.

Joe - I know, but I can sure as hell slow him down until I can.

DM - You won't get close enough to use it. Let me do this... for both of us.


Dojo 0

Amanda - [as DM carries her duffle bag across the room] Oh. Thank you.

DM - Do we really need all this stuff?

Amanda - Yeah. Tools of the trade.

DM - [digging through bag's contents] I remember when all you had were two lock picks and a crow bar.

Amanda - Well, you've got a lot to learn. The surveillance cameras and the alarms are activated by a laser beam.

DM - So, where do we start?

Amanda - [takes rapelling harness from him] Well, let's see. With this. [hands him length of rope] <Time to tie me up.

DM - Don't tempt me.> 7 CUT


Establishing shot: Dojo 8

Dojo, later 0

Amanda - Practice makes perfect. Do it again.

DM - [holding rope suspending Amanda from the ceiling] Again? My arms are getting tired. [joking] Maybe you should lose some weight.

Amanda - [joking back] Maybe you should start working out more, MacLeod. You're getting absolutely puny.

DM - [grumbling] You know what you can do with this stuff?

Amanda - Hey, who's the boss?

DM - [muttering] I know what I'd like to do to you, too.

Amanda - What did you say?

DM - Nothing.

Amanda - Easy does it.

DM - I think I've got it.

Amanda - I'll let you know.

DM - Mm. [lets go of rope, dropping Amanda the last few feet to the floor] Oh. Sorry. [pretends innocence] Again? [Amanda scowls at him.]


Establishing shot: Museum, night 9

Thorne Estate / Museum, night 3

<Amanda - [as DM rapels onto interior staircase] Come on. [He lands next to her.] What is taking you so long?

DM - I couldn't get into the damn harness.

Amanda - Why not? I taught you exactly how to do it earlier.

DM - What do you mean, you taught me exactly how to do it? I spent most of my time swinging you from the dojo ceiling.

Amanda - Shut up, okay?

DM - What do you mean, shut up? Don't tell me to shut up.

Amanda - We've got exactly five minutes.

DM - Here. [holds rapelling harness out to her] Come on!

Amanda - [takes harness] Don't yell at me. Come on. What's wrong with you?

DM - What do you mean, what's wrong with me?

Amanda - Where's the rope?

DM - The rope's in my hand. Where do you think it is?

Amanda - Shut up.

[DM coils rope and hands it to her. They pack everything away in their bags and walk down the stairs.]

Amanda - [as they reach the bottom step] Stop. [sprays aerosol can to illuminate red laser beam] See that? That's a source beam. You step on that, the game's over.> CUT

DM - I'm not an idiot.

Amanda - [steps over beam] No, but you're an amateur. <Four and a half minutes before the guard checks this wing. [sprays aerosol can across doorway and steps over laser beam. DM follows her.] Let's take this. [points to another item in a display case] CUT

DM - No.

Amanda - I'm in charge, and I say we take this first.>

DM - No. We came for the cross. <Now, we've got... four minutes left. CUT

Amanda - [sprays aerosol can again, revealing third laser beam spanning the room] Last one.

DM - [crawling under the beam] I haven't done the limbo in years.

Amanda - That's very funny. Hurry up.> [DM removes items from bag. They each take a suction grip, attach them to opposites sides of the glass surrounding the cross.] You ready? [Together they lift the glass case up and away. Amanda takes collection of weighted discs from bag as DM prepares to remove the cross from its stand.] On the count of three. One, two... [DM grabs the cross as Amanda slides the weights into place, Indiana Jones-style. They pause for a moment, but no alarm is triggered by their switch.] CUT


Loft above dojo, night 0

DM - [enters from stairs] You were...

Amanda - [following him] Magnificent?

DM - Magnificent.

Amanda - Yes, I was. Thank you.

DM - Yes, you were.

Amanda - Oh, and you were wonderful, yourself.

DM - For an amateur.

Amanda - Oh, no, no. No, no, no. I could make a decent thief out of you yet.

DM - I don't think so. <[turns, see gold plate in her hand] I thought I told you to leave that other stuff behind.

Amanda - But we had to make it look authentic.

DM - "Authentic."> CUT

Amanda - Come on, MacLeod. You loved it. Tell me you loved it. Fine champagne, a beautiful evening, a bag full of priceless treasures... Oh! Oh, doesn't it make your heart just pound?

<DM - Yes. "Just pound." [They laugh. He pops champagne cork, pours her a glass.] Here.

Amanda - [examines loot] Look at these. Ah!> CUT [takes glass] To partners in crime. [off his look] How about just "partners", then?

DM - Just partners. [They clink glasses & drink. DM picks up the cross and looks at it.]

Amanda - Guess the game's over now, huh?

DM - It was never a game.

Amanda - It was fun while it lasted. And now you face him.

DM - Yeah... tomorrow. [pulls her into his lap]

Amanda - Mmm. [They kiss.]


Loft above dojo, next morning 0

DM - [asleep, fumbles for ringing phone, answers it] Yeah.

Thorne - [on phone] I'm impressed, MacLeod. I didn't know you had it in you. [into phone] I think you know you've made me very, very angry. 10

DM - [into phone] You want the cross, come and get it.

Thorne - [on phone] I don't think so. [into phone] Every man has a weak point in his defenses, MacLeod. [on phone] Beautiful things are mine. [into phone] Yours are even more fragile. [moves slightly, revealing Joe being held in a chair by Thorne's bodyguard] Say hello to your friend. [holds phone down to Joe] 10

Joe - [on phone] Kill him for me, Mac.

[DM sits up in bed.]

Thorne - [into phone] What do you say, MacLeod, a fair exchange? The cross for the mortal? How much do you really want it?

Joe - [shouts toward phone] Don't do it, MacLeod! Fight this bastard!

Bodyguard - Shut it! Shut it!

Thorne - [into phone] No, I think we'll meet where I say. 10 [on phone] Tonight.

DM - [lowers phone receiver] He's got Joe.


Warehouse, evening 10

Thorne - Time to go, Mr. Dawson.

Joe - Drop dead. You know you'll never get away with this.

Thorne - You think not? I'm a well-known man in this town, Mr. Dawson. I doubt you'll be believed.

Joe - It's not the police you'll have to worry about.

Thorne - You mean MacLeod. He'll try. Combat is for barbarians. A civilized man protects himself.

Joe - You're not civilized, Thorne. You ARE a barbarian -- in a better suit.

Thorne - Let's go.

Bodyguard - Move.


Loft above dojo, evening 0

Amanda - Do you think Thorne will do what he said and trade Dawson for the stuff?

DM - He doesn't want my head or anyone else's. He just wants his things back.

Amanda - So I guess the son-of-a-bitch wins this round, huh? We just give it back and walk away, right? [DM doesn't respond.] I said, we just give it back and walk away. MacLeod? What are you thinking?


Outside church 7

[Car pulls up, Bodyguard gets out, opens passenger door on driver's side for Thorne. Thorne gets out, senses 'buzz'.]

Thorne - Good. [to Bodyguard] Wait outside. It's perfectly safe. [motions to Joe] After you.


Inside church 7

[Close-up on the cross. 8 Thorne & Joe walk down aisle from rear of church.]

Thorne - [sees stolen items on table at front of room] Very good.

[Joe sees white rose on table. Flash of Amanda playing with the rose he gave her at his bar. Shot of Amanda hiding nearby.]

Thorne - What are you hiding from? We're on holy ground. Where are you, MacLeod? I can feel you.


Parking garage by church 7

[DM sneaks up behind Bodyguard, takes him out after a brief fight.]


Inside church 7

(resume previous scene) 9

Joe - [trying to distract Thorne from looking for DM] Thorne. [motions to stolen items] Is this what this is about? Tell me, is this what you killed Lauren for? For these -- these -- these things? [raises his cane to strike the table]

Thorne - No! [He runs at Joe, knocks him down, emits a short unhuman roar, and grabs the cross and bowl from the table. He looks around the church once more.] Don't bother me again, MacLeod!


Parking garage by church 7

[Thorne exits church & pauses as he senses another 'buzz'.]

DM - [steps out into view] Not this time.

Thorne - MacLeod. Then who the hell's in there?

DM - A friend. Something you can't buy or steal.

Thorne - You're overreacting, MacLeod. It's not worth dying for.

DM - I don't intend to.

[They begin to fight. Amanda & Joe exit church as DM & Thorne enter nearby warehouse containing some train cars. They fight along the tops of the cars, then inside one. Thorne emits a long inhuman growl and exits the car. After a brief fight beside the cars, DM beheads Thorne & takes his Quickening, accompanied by several more inhuman cries. 10]


Inside church 7

DM - It's finished.

Joe - Thank you.

DM - Joseph...

Joe - No. You did what could be done. There's nothing more.

Amanda - See you, Joe. [She kisses his cheek. He leaves. She joins DM.] Time to go.

DM - Amanda...

[She reaches into her bag, pulls out the cross, hands it to him. He places it on the altar & they leave.]


Joe's Bar 0

Joe - [playing guitar & singing "Love is Just a Gamble"] CUT

"You think you feelin' lucky,
Then you draw a losing hand."

Amanda - [to DM] Did you know he could do that?

DM - No.

Joe - [singing in background]

"You think you flush and lucky."

DM - You know, it's funny. The man knows more about me than anyone else alive...

Joe - [singing in background]

"Then you draw a losing hand."

DM - ...yet I hardly know anything about him.

Joe - [singing]

"You think you gonna beat the dealer.
Poor boy, but ain't nobody can."

Amanda - God, to sing like that, he must've had a hell of a life.

DM - Probably.

Amanda - Want to ask him about it?

Joe - [singing in background]

"You can fret and you can worry."

DM - No. When he's ready, he'll tell me.

Joe - [singing]

"You can sit right down and cry.
You can sit right down and cry.
You can search the round world over
Never know the reason why."


End of "The Cross of St. Antoine"

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