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Episode 6: Courage

Written by Nancy Heiken
Directed by Charles Wilkinson
Aired: November 5, 1994
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student

Dr. Anne Lindsey - Lisa Howard
              ER doctor



Brian Cullen - John Pyper-Ferguson
              Immortal, MacLeod's friend

Harry - Stefan Arngrim
              drug dealer


Mike Barrett - Marc Baur
              Bartender at Joe's, Watcher

Marcia Faulkner - Catherine Lough
              ER nurse, Anne's friend

Orderly - Peter Bryant
              pushing Cullen's gurney

Robin - Colleen Rennison
              girl hurt in wreck

Alan Kelley/Kelly - Jonathan Scarfe
              young fool, in 1810 FB

Katherine Selden - Jennifer Copping
              woman, in 1854 FB

Zoltan Laszlo - Mark Acheson
              K'immie, in 1854 FB

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Park bike path - unknown location
2. Mountain road - Cypress Mountain [49.381773,-123.191277]
3. Hospital interior - BC Children's Hospital, 4480 Oak St [49.244453,-123.126293]
4. Switzerland - Cypress Mountain [49.377855,-123.191400]
5. San Francisco - Celtic Shipyards, 7520 Balaclava St, Southlands [49.217101,-123.177132]
6. Waterside cafe, hospital exterior - Edgewater Casino, 750 Pacific Blvd (Plaza of Nations) [49.274532,-123.109]
7. Drug deal warehouse - unknown location (Celtic Shipyards?)
8. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
9. Empty warehouse - unknown location
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
= link to episode screencaps

Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Reruns on SciFi channel (1999* & 2000) match the official cut, with multiple exceptions (bolded and bolded).
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with one exception (bolded and bolded).

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the SciFi channel (1999) tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Joe's Bar, night 0

Joe's Bar, night 0

Cullen - [downs a shot of whiskey & drops the empty glass onto the counter next to 5-6 others] Gimme another.

Mike - I think you've had enough.

Cullen - [grabs Mike by the collar & pulls him forward] I don't think so. [senses 'buzz', lets Mike go, looks around as RR enters the bar] You looking for me, kid?

RR - Not tonight.

Mike - Hey, Richie.

RR - What's up? Joe been around?

Mike - Nah. He left about an hour ago.

Cullen - [gets in RR's face] Right here, right now.

RR - Look, mister, I'm just looking for a friend. And besides, we're in public. [tries to move away]

Cullen - [grabs his arm, pulling him back] You're lucky there's people around. You'd be begging my ass for mercy.

RR - Some other time. [As he tries to leave, Cullen swings at him. RR ducks & Cullen loses his balance and falls down, knocking himself unconscious.] Uh, call him a cab. [holds out some money to Mike] Okay, Mike?

Mike - [takes the bills] You've got it, Richie.

RR - All right. See ya, man. [leaves]


Park - bike path 1

<[DM is jogging down bike path. Anne rides toward him on the crowded path.] CUT

Anne - On your left. On your left! Look out! Look out! [crashes into him] Oh! Damn!>

DM - Oh, sorry. You all right?

Anne - Yeah, I'm fine.

Cyclist - Watch your back! [rides past them]

DM - [recognizes her] Oh, Dr. Lindsey.

Anne - Oh, hi. Yeah, it's, uh, it's Anne. I'm off duty.

DM - Duncan. So am I.

<Anne - Yeah, I remember. CUT You know what? This is, uh... This is a bike path.>

DM - Yeah, I'm sorry. Funny how we keep running into each other.

<Anne - Maybe you should get collision insurance. CUT

DM - [joking] What, are you going to sue me?

Anne - Well, I'm thinking about it.>

DM - How about we settle out of court?

Anne - Depends on what you have in mind.

DM - Dinner?

Anne - Sounds good.

DM - Tomorrow night?

Anne - Great. Pick me up at the hospital?

DM - Sure.

Anne - Okay. See you later. [rides off]

DM - Bye. [watches her leave, then notices her pager on the ground & picks it up]


Mountain road 2

<Cullen - CUT [driving, singing off key] "But come ye back, when summer's in the meadow. Or when the valley's soft and white with snow." [His car drifts over the center lane several times.] "It's I'll be here, in sunshine or in shadow. Oh, Danny boy. Oh, Danny boy. I love you so.">


[later] 1

[RR rides his motorcyle along the road. Some distance away, Cullen has parked his car and is leaning against the hood. Through a pair of binoculars, he watches RR's motorcycle. RR pulls over as he senses Cullen's 'buzz', takes off his helmet, & looks around. Cullen puts down binoculars, pulls vial from his pocket & uncaps it, takes a snort of meth. A RR rides off again & Cullen peels out in pursuit.]

Cullen - [speeding after RR, singing off key] Oh, Danny boy. The pipes, the pipes are calling. From glen to glen, and down the mountainside. The summer's gone, and all the leaves are fallin'. It's you, it's you must go and I must bide. [Cullen drives across the median onto RR's section of road, spins his car around, and starts driving straight at RR. RR swerves, missing him. Cullen looks behind him at RR's retreating bike and drifts into the path of an oncoming bus. There's a bang, a sixties-inspired rainbow starburst, then blackness.]


Hospital - ER corridor 3

Anne - Hey! What's up?

Marcia - It's a mess in there. Four critical, six serious, seventeen minor and one already gone.

Anne - I would have been here sooner, but I can't find my pager. [walks past DM] Hey!

DM - [holds out her pager] I thought you might need this.

Anne - [takes pager] Thank you.

Marcia - I'll see you inside. [leaves them]

Anne - All right. [to DM] Listen, um, I'd love to stay and talk to you, but I can't. There's a bus accident. It's going to be a very long day, so...

DM - I'll see you tomorrow.

Anne - Okay.

DM - Good luck.

Anne - Thanks. [leaves him]

Woman on PA - Dr. Porter, call emergency. Dr. Porter, please call emergency.


Hospital - ER 3

Anne - [examining patient] Okay, we've got some internal bleeding, multiple contusions and abrasions, probable fractures, but, uh, let's get her into OR. Stop that bleeding. If we don't do that, nothing else is going to matter. [moves to next gurney holding young girl clutching a teddy bear] Here, who's this brave little girl?

Robin - [quietly] Robin.

Anne - Robin, hi. Listen, I'm gonna touch you very gently, and you tell me what hurts so I can fix it, okay? [Robin winces.] Your ribs?

Robin - [nods] Mm-hmm.

Anne - Yeah. How 'bout your toes? [reaches for her foot. Robin gasps.] Ooh! You know what? You are gonna be just fine. And Teddy's gonna keep you company, okay? [raises her voice] Be sure we get some x-rays on her!

Woman on PA - Dr. Wilder, please call ICU.

[Anne enters OR as ER staff continue to triage patients.]

Woman - I need an I.V. down here right away. Great. Thanks.

Man - [in background] We're ready in three.

Female patient - [in background] Please, I need help. Get someone.

Man - [in background] Someone will be with you right away.

Female patient - [in background] Get someone for me!

Male patient - Doctor, I need some help.

Male doctor - [harried] I'm sorry. I must be on my way. 2

[Two orderlies wheel Cullen's gurney down the corridor.]

Older doctor - [to a patient] Yes, well, I'm sure you'll be fine. [as orderlies go past, trying to stop them] Excuse me? Hello? [realizes Cullen is beyond saving] Ah, yes.

Orderly - [parks Cullen's gurney along the wall, bends over him] Parking lot's full, man. I'll let 'em know you're here. 3


Hospital - OR 3

Anne - [checking the bus driver's pupils] He's gone.

Marcia - Put him on a respirator?

Man - [in background] Heartbeat's irregular.

Anne - No. It's too late for him. You should be prepping for those bleeding. Let's go.


Hospital - ER corridor 3

[Cullen revives with a gasp. Nearby, DM senses his 'buzz' as he revives.]

Cullen - [looks around, realizes where he is] I hate that part. [rolls himself off the gurney & crawls through nearby supply room door]

[DM goes in search of the Immortal he sensed.]


Hospital - supply room 3

Cullen - [freezes as he senses DM's buzz, hides behind a shelf as DM enters the room, then recognizes him] Duncan.

DM - Brian?

Cullen - [comes out from behind shelf] I heard you were still around. Give us a hug. [They clasp hands and embrace.]

DM - How are you?

Cullen - Well, great. Never better. Fantastico.

DM - [scoffs] You look like hell.

Cullen - It's funny. Slamming into a bus will do that to you.

DM - You were in the crash?

Cullen - Well, the jerk was on the wrong side of the road. You know these mountain roads. You cheat on the corners and whammo -- scrap metal.

DM - Yeah, I heard a lot of people were hurt.

Cullen - I heard that, too. I'd better get outta here before they start counting bodies.

DM - You're sure you're all right?

Cullen - Yeah. Just a bit shaky after the wreck, I guess.

DM - CUT You're going to attract a lot of attention dressed like that.

Cullen - Don't I always?


Flashback - Switzerland, 1810 - mountain road 4


<[Super: Switzerland 1810]

[Horse-drawn carriage passes signpost for 'Neuchâtel'. Super disappears as carriage continues down road.]

DM - [riding in carriage with Cullen] I spy with my little eye... something beginning with "A".

Cullen - "A." [looks around, thinking] These Alps.

DM - [chuckles] No.

Cullen - They're getting on my nerves, Duncan.> 4 How long till we get to France?

DM - Another day. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Cullen - Scenery? [looks to one side] Trees. [looks out the other side] Trees. Trees. What the hell do the Swiss do for excitement?

DM - They build cuckoo clocks.

Cullen - Aye, they would. But I've got something better. [pulls out silver flask]

<DM - CUT Where did you get that one from?>

Cullen - Any port in a storm, Duncan. 5 [Their carriage continues along the road.] *At least it's cognac.

DM - Barely. (*In the domestic version, this audio is missing while the video footage remains.)

Kelley - [approaches carriage on horseback] Cullen? Brian Cullen?

Cullen - [stands up as carriage stops] The mountains aren't so boring after all.

DM - He's not an Immortal. Do you know him?

Cullen - I don't have to.

Kelley - [approaches carriage on foot] Which of you is Brian Cullen?

DM - [as they climb out of the carriage] We're traveling, lad. We're not looking for a fight.

Kelley - Which of you is Cullen?

DM - Him. [Cullen laughs as both turn their backs to Kelley and start relieving themselves at the edge of the road.]

Cullen - [over his shoulder] Why don't you go home, son. Say you never found me. [drunkenly finds this hilarious & starts giggling]

Kelley - [clears his throat] My name is Alan Kelley. And that is the last time that you will turn your back on me.

Cullen - Tell him to go away, MacLeod.

DM - He's given you fair warning, lad. I'd take it if I were you.

Kelley - The only thing that I will take from you, Cullen, is your life.

Cullen - [turns, walks tiredly toward Kelley] Think about this, son.

Kelley - I already have, and I think you're a coward.

Cullen - Well, if that's the way it has to be then. Will you give me a moment?

Kelley - Aye. [Cullen returns to the carriage.] He's in no hurry to fight me.

DM - He's in no hurry to kill you, you young fool. He's the best swordsman in all of Europe.

Kelley - Not for long, he's not.

[DM shakes his head, walks over to Cullen.]

Cullen - Why don't they stop coming?

DM - Because you're the best. [climbs into carriage] I'll wait for you.

Cullen - It won't be necessary. I'll catch up on the young dandy's horse. [tosses him the silver flask] Make sure it's filled with something better.

DM - [as carriage starts off] Bye, Brian!

[Cullen waves his sword in farewell.]


Empty dojo, night 0

Cullen - Thanks for the offer, Duncan. I pretty much lost everything in the wreck.

DM - We'll find something to fit you. Staying long?

Cullen - Not long. Looking for a guy. Yeah, that kind of guy. I'm gonna find him, I'm gonna have him.

DM - I thought you weren't fighting much these days.

Cullen - Still the best.

DM - You always were.


Elevator to loft 0

[As elevator nears loft, both sense 'buzz'. Cullen pulls out his sword.]

DM - It's okay. Take it easy.


Loft above dojo 0

DM - [exits elevator] Richie?

RR - I'm glad you're back, man. Some lunatic came after me with a car this morning. [see Cullen as he exits elevator] Son of a bitch. [Cullen smiles, raises his sword.]


DM - I take it you guys know each other.

Cullen - Let's go, boy.

RR - Anytime you're ready.

DM - Brian, this is my home. Richie's my friend.

Cullen - Nobody makes a fool out of me.

RR - Oh, you didn't need my help, jackass. You were doing just fine on your own.

DM - What on earth is this all about?

Cullen - Son of a bitch tried to sucker punch me in a bar.

RR - Sucker punched you? I never touched him, Mac. He was drunker than hell. He just fell on his ass.

Cullen - Let's do it.

RR - All right. Let's go.

DM - No, wait! Cullen, he's my friend.


Flashback - San Francisco, 1854 - street 5

[Super: San Francisco 1854]

DM - [leads Katherine past two men in a brawl] Oh! Careful.

Katherine - I remember when it was safe to walk in the streets. Where are all these people coming from?

DM - Gold has always had a way of attracting a crowd.

Katherine - I think some of them are surprised they actually have to dig for it. They think the whole city is made of gold.

DM - In a way it is. There are thirty new homes being built every day. Music halls, gambling parlors, and who knows? Maybe even one day a bridge across the bay. The gold will run out, but the city will still be here.

Katherine - Why think about when the gold runs out? We'll all be dead and gone by then.

DM - Maybe. Let's not think about that now. [leans in to kiss her, stops when he senses a 'buzz']

Katherine - Duncan?

DM - [looks around] Uh, I have to leave, Katherine. I have to leave.

Katherine - You're not coming up?

DM - I forgot. I have an appointment.

Katherine - But we had such a perfect afternoon.

DM - [hands her his top hat] Can you look after that for me? I'll be back as soon as I can. I promise.

[He kisses her, leaves her standing beside sign: "Mrs Fotheringills Residence For Women, Established - 1848." Below it, smaller sign reads: "No Gentlemen Callers After 7PM"]

Man with bulldog - [to boy sitting on pier] Michael! My God, son, it's you. How are ya? 6


Flashback - San Francisco, 1854 - dock 5

DM - [looking for source of the 'buzz'] I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Cullen - Is that a fact?

DM - [turns toward him] Brian!

Cullen - Duncan. Give us a hug! [moves to greet him]

DM - What were you doing back there?

Cullen - Oh, I didn't know it was you.

DM - And what are you doing in San Francisco?

Cullen - I was on my way to get a little drinky. Care to join me?

DM - I have a lady waiting.

Cullen - Ah. Isn't there always?

DM - [pulls flask from his waistcoat pocket] Ah, but there's time for a wee--

Cullen - That's not even a nip. Come on. Have a drink with an old friend. Catch up. [tries to drag DM away]

DM - Are you all right?

Cullen - Never better. What could possibly be wrong? [Both sense new 'buzz'.] Come on, let's go find a crowd.

DM - Do you know who it is?

Cullen - No, and I'm in no mood to find out. Let's go get that drink.

DM - Brian, I--

Cullen - Let the bastard live another day.

Laszlo - [approaches them] I'm Zoltan Laszlo. Which one of you is Brian Cullen?

DM - [nods toward Cullen] Him.

Laszlo - [raises his sword] Come on, Cullen. It's time.

DM - Gentlemen-- [turns toward Cullen, who has disappeared] Brian?

Laszlo - Are you a coward, too?

DM - [draws his sword] I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, and I fight when I'm challenged.

Laszlo - I came for Cullen. When you find him, tell him I'm still here.


Loft above dojo, night 0

(resume previous scene)

Cullen - You're only alive because you're MacLeod's friend. You want to keep your head, stay out of my way.

RR - Don't do me any favors, okay?

DM - Richie, if you don't have to... don't.

Cullen - You wouldn't last ten seconds, kid. Thanks, Duncan. [starts backing toward elevator, laughs] I think I'll get a hotel. [enters elevator, leaves]

RR - This guy's a friend of yours?

DM - Yeah.

RR - Mac, he tried to run me over with a car, and then he was gonna take my head.

DM - Be careful of him, Richie. He holds a grudge, and he's good.

RR - He's an idiot. How good?

DM - Used to be the best.

RR - So? Give me advice.

DM - Practice. Try to stay out of his way.


Hospital - Corridor outside ER, morning 3

Woman on PA - Dr. Porter, please call ICU.

DM - [checks his pocket watch, turns as Anne approaches] Rough night?

Anne - Yeah.

DM - Buy you breakfast?

Anne - Oh, thanks, but, um, I can barely see straight.

DM - Sure?

Anne - Yeah, I think I'm just going to go home and go straight to bed.

DM - [re the ER] And dream about this?

Anne - Well, I'm a little too old for nightmares. How about you?

DM - No. Maybe you're not, either.

Anne - So, how come you know so much?

DM - [with a smile] I'll tell you over breakfast.

Anne - [returns his smile] Yeah. I'll go wash up.


Establishing shot: Harbor 6

Harbor - waterside cafe 6

Anne - You're right. I'd much rather dream about something like this.

DM - Helps you through those rough nights.

Anne - Mm-hmm. Actually, sometimes I think the best way to get through it is to just keep right on going.

DM - Make a decision, and move on?

Anne - That's right. And in the morning you can stop and wonder what it is you could have done differently.

DM - Stop wondering.

Anne - Ha. It's easy to say. It's not so easy to do. Especially when you lose 'em.

DM - Sometimes you have to let them go.

Anne - Mm-hmm. They're all so fragile. One nut with a gun, one drug addict behind the wheel, and they're just gone. 7 That bus accident yesterday. You know they found amphetamines all over that son of a bitch's car? [DM looks up sharply.] Yeah, people do crazy things on drugs, and other people get killed.


Flashback - San Francisco, 1854 - opium den 0

DM - [to Chinese man offering him an opium pipe] I'm looking for a friend. Brian Cullen. [Man starts to wave him away.] Wait. [gives him a coin] Please?

[Man points behind him toward area of pallets where various men lie under the influence. DM looks around & finds Brian.]

DM - Brian?

Cullen - [dreamily] Duncan, my friend. [takes hit on pipe, offers it to DM] Sleep the sleep of the angels, MacLeod.

DM - No thanks. I want to know what happened back there with Zoltan Laszlo.

Cullen - He was my gift to you. I knew you could handle him. Did you? [takes another hit]

DM - No. He's still out there. B What's happening, Brian? I've never seen you run from a fight before.

Cullen - [smiles] Is that what you thought I was doing?

DM - That's what you did. Why?

Cullen - It's pretty obvious. I was scared to death. Never thought it would happen, did you? [DM looks at his friend, then lowers his eyes in acknowledgment.] You and me both. 8 [indicates pipe] This helps me to forget what I am... and what's waiting out there.

DM - Everyone's afraid sometimes.

Cullen - I never was. Don't ever be the best, MacLeod. Everyone wants a shot at the best. God help you if you lose your nerve, and they keep coming.

DM - This isn't the answer. [tries to take pipe away from him] Let me help you.

Cullen - Go away. You've interrupted my dreams.

[DM pulls Cullen upright, tosses pipe aside. Camera pans up to transition to...]


Warehouse 7

Cullen - [snorts line of white powder, C holds his nose, D stands up] Ahhh!

Harry - [motions toward table] So, what's up?

Cullen - Excellent.

Harry - I told you. See? I deal only quality merchandise. This is uncut. It's, uh, fifteen hundred.

Cullen - Whatever. Here. [hands over money without counting it]

Harry - All right. All right. [Cullen grabs handful of powder from bag, snorts it. E Harry shakes his head. F Cullen reacts to hit.] You oughta lighten up on that.

Cullen - I'm having a bad day.

Harry - [shakes his head] Yeah. Well, uh, listen. You know, you're, uh-- You're becoming one of my best clients, and I'd hate to see you wind up, you know, dead.

Cullen - Don't worry about it. I have a high threshold.

Harry - Yeah. Right.

Cop #1 - [bursts into room with partner, guns drawn] Don't move!

Cop #2 - Hands in the air! Both of you!

Cop #1 - Assume the position.

[Harry leans over table. Cop #1 frisks him, shoves his head down against the table.]

Harry - Ouch.

Cop #1 - Stay put.

[While Cop #2 keeps his gun trained on Harry, Cop #1 moves to frisk Cullen. Cullen grabs him & knocks him out. Cop #2 shoots him in the leg.]

Cop #2 - Stay where you are or I'll take you down! [shoots again as Cullen rushes him]

[Cullen hits Cop #2, knocks him down a set of stairs, takes baggie of white powder out of his pocket & takes another hit. G]

Cullen - [to Harry, who is hiding under the table] Excellent quality. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Dojo 8

Dojo 0

RR - [as DM enters, walking past several men working out] Mac.

DM - What's up?

RR - Your boy Cullen's upstairs. I had to get him out of the dojo. He's higher than a kite.

DM - I'll take care of it.

RR - This guy, Mac... He doesn't seem like your type.

DM - He needs help.

RR - Well, you'd think that after living all these years, he might know better.

DM - Yeah.


Loft above dojo 0

[Close on Cullen's hand digging a pinch of white powder out of a plastic baggie. 9 Camera pans out and up as DM lifts elevator gate.]

DM - [exits elevator, sees Cullen snorting from bag of powder] What the hell are you doing, Brian?

Cullen - Nothing. You wanna join me? [holds out bag. DM just looks at him.] Guess not. H

DM - I'll help you, but you're going to have to stop putting that stuff up your nose.

Cullen - What makes you think I need your help?

DM - You're here.

Cullen - Just needed a place to hang. You got a problem with that? What?

DM - I'm trying to remember who you used to be. There wasn't a better swordsman in all of Europe, or a better friend.

Cullen - Don't pity me, MacLeod. One day it'll be you. Can't keep your nerve forever. Always looking over your shoulder for a guy with a sword. It's easier just to let go.

DM - Immortality isn't one long fencing match. What about all the times we've had? All the things we've seen?

Cullen - I forgot. We're the lucky ones. I'd trade it all... in a minute... for a normal life.

DM - We don't get to choose. CUT Is it worth less because it's longer?

Cullen - Longer? We could lose our heads tomorrow. There can be only one. What kind of Immortality is that?

DM - Nobody knows how long we have. A week, a year, a century. We either live it or we throw it away.

Cullen - Don't lecture me. It's my life.

DM - That's right, it is. But when you slam your car into a bus, you don't die -- other people do! [grabs the bag of powder]

Cullen - That's mine!

DM - Not anymore.

Cullen - You don't think I don't know what you're doing?

DM - I'm trying to save your life!

Cullen - Right. You figure without the drugs you can take me. Well, try it. I'm still the toughest son of a bitch on the block.

DM - You're wrong.

Cullen - Right here. Right now.

DM - Go away, Cullen.

Cullen - Who's afraid now? [re the powder] There's plenty more. Keep it, MacLeod. You're gonna need it. [enters elevator as phone rings]

DM - [answers phone] Hello?

Anne - [on phone] Hi. [at hospital duty station, into phone] Am I interrupting anything? 3

DM - [into phone] No. I was, uh, just saying goodbye to an old friend.

Anne - [on phone] Ah. [into phone] So, um, are we having dinner tonight? 3

DM - [into phone] Yeah. 10


Dojo, night 0

[DM exits elevator, dressed in a suit.]

RR - [looks up from wiping down punching bag] Oh, wow. Look at you. All dressed up, no place to go.

DM - Not exactly.

RR - So, you got a date.

DM - None of your business.

RR - That's a yes. [follows him to the door] Who is she? Do I know her? Where're you going to take her?

DM - Was it the "none" part or the "your business" part you didn't understand?

RR - All right. All right. I can take a hint.

DM - So I noticed. CUT

<RR - So, like, um, you want me to wait up for you? [off DM's reaction] I tell you what. I'm just gonna let you be, 'cause, like, I got a ton of things to do here. [backing away] I mean, I gotta mop the floors and ceilings and-- You know, but you have a good time! [as DM leaves] Okay, Mac? I'll see you later!>


Establishing shot: Joe's Bar, evening 0

Joe's Bar, evening 0


<Anne - Do you do this often?

DM - To, um, out of court settlements. [pours champagne]

Anne - To first impressions.> [DM drinks. Anne looks at her glass and sets it down untouched.]

DM - You don't like champagne?

Anne - I love champagne. I'm on call.

DM - [looks pointedly at champagne bottle] Pity.

Anne - [at his teasing] Oh!

DM - Do you dance?

Anne - Like a giraffe on roller skates.

DM - I doubt that.

Anne - Oh, it's true. In high school, when all the other girls were buying prom dresses, I was dissecting frogs for extra credit.

DM - Well, I'm sure that little girl in the emergency room was glad that you did.

Anne - You were watching me? [DM nods, shrugs.] For how long?

DM - Long enough to know that you have a real gift. CUT

Anne - You still want to dance?

DM - [pulls her into position] It's all right. I won't bite. [They begin to slow dance.]

Anne - [as her pager starts beeping] I knew this was too good to be true. CUT

DM - You have to leave.

Anne - No, I don't. [dances with him a few more seconds, then relents] Yes, I do. CUT

[They move toward the exit.]

Anne - You know, it's not always like this... <Okay, I lied. It is always like this.> CUT

DM - It's okay. [kisses her hand] Really. [as she leaves] Bye. [senses 'buzz', looks around] Richie? [Cullen jumps out at him with a sword. They fight.] You don't have to prove anything to me. [Cullen keeps attacking.]

Cullen - Come on! Fight! [DM knocks his sword away & gets him down on his back at his mercy.] CUT Do it. Do it!

DM - [raises his sword, holds the position for a beat] Next time, I'm not gonna walk away. [lowers his sword]


Establishing shot: Dojo, evening 8

Dojo, evening 0


RR - [in office, senses 'buzz'] Mac?

DM - What are you doing here so late?

RR - Well, you asked me to manage the place. I'm managing. [takes in DM's scuffed appearance] Oh, boy. Must've been a hell of a date. What happened to you?

DM - Cullen.

RR - Aw, man. You mean the lady saw the light show, huh?

DM - There wasn't a light show.

RR - You left him alive?

DM - He's got problems, Richie. He's gonna pull himself through.

RR - Mac, think again. He was going to kill your ass!

DM - It's not him. It's the drugs.


Flashback - San Francisco, 1854 - Opium den, night 0

Lee - Come in.

DM - [follows him inside] Easy, Lee Kwan. Just take me to him.

Lee - All right. All right. [pointing] Right there.

Cullen - [holding old man hostage with his sword at the man's throat] You stinking bastard! Get back! Who's next? Touch me again, I'll cut your hearts out!

DM - Brian.

Cullen - MacLeod.

DM - [calmly] What are you trying to do?

Cullen - Watch your back. Sons of bitches tried to get me.

DM - [moves closer] No one's trying to get you, Brian. Let him go.

Cullen - No.

Old Man - [quietly] No.

Cullen - He tried to take my head.

DM - He was bringing you opium, like you asked him.

Cullen - They're everywhere. Just 'cause you can't feel them doesn't mean they won't come for you.

DM - Take a good look at him. Go on. He's scared to death. [Old man whimpers.] No one's going to hurt you. [to Brian] Put the sword down.

Cullen - [lets the old man go] Help me... please.

DM - Let's take you home.


Loft above dojo, night 0

RR - Mac, he's just... he's not that guy anymore. I know he was your friend, and I'm sure he was the best, but now he's just a stone cold junkie. How could he do that to himself?

DM - Fear. It can take your soul, your heart.

RR - That's comforting. You ever cross that line?

DM - There are critical moments in everybody's life, Richie, when it can go one way or another. I mean, who you are can depend on who you meet. I mean, who would I be if Connor MacLeod had never found me? <Or if I'd never met Fitzcairn or Tessa... or you?> CUT

RR - Well, I know who I'd be if I hadn't met you. I'd be dead. You think you can be that guy for Cullen, too?

DM - Don't know. Maybe it's too late.


Inside empty warehouse, night 9

Harry - [as Cullen pulls him out of his van, startling him] You're a very scary guy.

Cullen - Sorry.

Harry - You need more stuff, right?

Cullen - Right.

Harry - All right. Crystal meth. I've been saving it just for you. [Cullen takes the vial from him, snorts its contents, throws the vial over his shoulder.] There's no more. That's it. 11

Cullen - [grabs Harry, shoves him against side of the van] I need more. CUT

Harry - Yeah. Okay. [as Cullen manhandles him, patting him down] All right. You need more. Take it. All right. Take it. Take it. Take it. Yeah.

Cullen - Thanks, Harry.

Harry - Thank you.

Cullen - Now get the hell out of here.

Harry - Right! [runs, leaving his coat behind]

[Cullen rummages in coat pocket, pulls out cell phone & dials 12.]


Loft above dojo, night 0

DM - [eating dinner at kitchen island, answers phone on first ring] Hello. [no response] Brian?

Cullen - [into Harry's cell phone] I need help, Duncan. I'm trying to kick, but I can't get through. 9

DM - [into phone] Come to my place.

Cullen - [on phone] I can't drive.

DM - All right. Where are you?

[Cullen breathes heavily, looks around warehouse, doesn't answer.] 9


Inside empty warehouse, night 9

DM - [enters warehouse] Brian? Brian! 13 Brian! [senses 'buzz']

[Cullen starts Harry's van, drives toward DM, tries to run him over.]

Cullen - Run, Duncan! Run your kilt off. [chases DM around the garage. Poorly lit close-ups of DM running. The van continues to chase DM around the garage. DM hides behind a support pillar, then runs again. 14] Come on, boy! [DM jumps on the hood of the van.] Hang on, Duncan! That's it!

[DM falls off & ends up cornered against a wall. Cullen drives the van at him. DM holds his sword up & the van's momentum runs his sword through the windshield, stabbing Cullen. Cullen 'dies' & DM falls down, also 'dead'. Cullen revives & pulls the sword out of his gut. DM revives on the ground in front of the van. Cullen opens the door & falls out of the van, staggers to his feet, pulls DM's sword out of the van's windshield & tosses it away. DM kicks at him & pulls himself to his feet. He manages to get into the van & grab a tire iron. They fight, both wounded & staggering. Cullen cuts the side of DM's neck with his sword.]

Cullen - Still the best! Still the best on the continent!

[He runs at DM, who knocks him down, buying enough time to get to his katana.]

DM - Good-bye, Brian. [Cullen runs at him again. DM beheads him, takes his Quickening. Quickening ends.] CUT


<Flashback - San Francisco, 1854 - dock 5

[DM & Cullen greet each other.]


Flashback - Switzerland, 1810 - mountain road 4

[Cullen in horse-drawn carriage.]

[DM & Cullen relieving themselves, their backs to Kelley.]


Flashback - San Francisco, 1854 - opium den 0

[Cullen high on opium.]


Flashback - Switzerland, 1810 - mountain road 4

[Cullen waves his sword in farewell.]>


Inside empty warehouse, night 9

[DM cries, remembering.]


Outside hospital 6

Doctor - [on cell phone, in background] No, I believe you did mention it... Yes, but, um...

Anne - [exits hospital, walks up to DM] Hi.

DM - Hi.

Anne - Have you been here long?

DM - Nah.

Anne - I'm sorry. I didn't get off when I thought I would.

<DM - CUT Yeah, I couldn't get off when I thought I could, either.>

Anne - Rough night? [off his reaction] Nightmares? Let me buy you breakfast. Come on. [They walk off together.]


End of "Courage"

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