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Episode 9: Shadows

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Charles Wilkinson
Aired: November 26, 1994
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher

Dr. Anne Lindsey - Lisa Howard
              ER doctor



John Garrick - Garwin Sanford
              Immortal sculptor


Marcia Faulkner - Catherine Lough
              ER nurse, Anne's friend

Cop - Dorian Joe Clark
              near sculpture exhibit

Cory Littman - James Rogers
              young musician

Old Woman - Margaret Barton
              in FB

Musician/Merchant - James Timmins
              in FB

Official - Frank C. Turner
              in FB

Sheriff - Jonathan Palis
              in FB

Margaret of Devon - Amy Adamson
              in FB

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
2. Sculpture exhibit, sidewalk, nearby street - Robson Square: exhibit [49.281840,-123.122397], sidewalk [49.281309,-123.123277], street [49.281742,-123.121521]
3. English village - Fantasy Garden, 10800 No 5 Rd, Richmond [49.134578,-123.089624] (no longer there)
4. Driving from exhibit - Pacific Blvd: east at Davie St [49.273988,-123.121292], unknown location, west at David Lam Park [49.272955,-123.124372], & past Roundhouse Community Arts Centre [49.273625,-123.122018]
5. Garrick's studio - ceramics factory, exact location unknown (no longer exists)
6. Outdoor area (chain-link fence) - unknown location (at Plaza of Nations?)
7. Hospital, nurses' station - unknown location (set at studio?)
8. Outdoor cafe - Edgewater Casino, 750 Pacific Blvd (Plaza of Nations) [49.274532,-123.109]
9. Rocks by water - Plaza of Nations [49.274099,-123.111220]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on SciFi channel (2000) matches the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with two exceptions.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Joe's Bar, night 0

[DM sitting at piano, plays Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata". He stops mid-song.]

Joe - I didn't know you played.

DM - I don't. [closes lid over keys] It was a great set tonight, Joe.

Joe - Yeah, thanks. Good night, Mac.

DM - Good night, Joe. [leaves]


Outside Joe's Bar, night 0

[DM exits bar, sees figure in long hooded cowl nearby. The figure is holding a sword. DM pulls out his katana & follows the figure through a doorway.]


Deserted building - corridor 0

DM - Where are you? [sees figure at end of corridor] I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. Who are you? [Figure walks through doorway, out of sight.] Who are you? [follows figure through doorway]


Deserted building - empty room 0

DM - Show yourself. [turns, sees figure standing in doorway behind him] Get out of my way... or fight me. [The figure raises its sword, moves toward him, & attacks. They exchange parries. The figure gets DM on his knees, disarmed, raises its sword to behead him. DM lunges for his sword as the figure swings for the killing blow.]


Loft above dojo, night 0

[DM wakes with a gasp.]

Anne - Duncan! [DM jumps out of bed & looks around wildly, breathing heavily.] Are you all right? Duncan? Shh, it's okay. It's okay.


Establishing shot: Dojo 1

Loft above dojo, next morning 0

Anne - [into phone] CUT Okay. I'll see you around four. Bye. [hangs up phone] Duncan? I have a fantastic idea. I'm playing hooky this morning, so I thought that -- I don't know, maybe you and I can go out and do something fun together. What do you say?

DM - That I'm not in the mood.

Anne - That is exactly why we should go out. Come on. A little sunshine, a little fresh air. What do you say? And, Duncan, I really think you could use a break. 1

DM - Anne... it's nothing to worry about. It was just a nightmare.

Anne - Yeah, but it's been going on night after night. Your pulse is like two hundred. I can barely wake you. What, are you gonna tell me you're counting sheep again?

DM - Yeah, I'm counting sheep. [Anne sighs in frustration.] There's an art show downtown.

Anne - Okay. Why don't I go home and get changed, and maybe you can pick me up in about an hour.

DM - Okay.

Anne - And, Duncan, you would tell me if there's something really wrong, wouldn't you?

DM - Why wouldn't I?

Anne - Okay. [leaves]

[Flash from DM's nightmare: the figure swings for the killing blow. DM reacts to the memory, then tries to shake it off.]


Dojo 0

RR - [as Anne exits elevator] Anne.

Anne - Hi.

RR - Hi. How're you doing?

Anne - Good.

<RR - Listen, is, uh, Mac upstairs? CUT

Anne - Yeah.

RR - You know, I haven't seen him for a couple of days. What's he been doing, hiding on me?

Anne - No, but he has been having trouble sleeping lately.>

RR - Oh. Really?

Anne - [motions toward guy standing nearby] So, who's your friend?

RR - Oh, Anne, this is, uh, Cory Littman. But I'm going to call him Cory Lightning.

Anne - Hi, I'm Anne Lindsey.

Cory - [quietly] Hi.

Anne - [to RR] Cory Lightning?

RR - You don't like it? It's too flashy? How about just Cory Light?

Anne - Well, that depends. Is he a professional wrestler?

RR - Anne, my man here is a musician.

Anne - [to Cory] Oh. What do you play?

Cory - [quietly] Guitar.

Anne - Oh? What kind of stuff? Rock?

RR - Rock, blues, anything. Anne, you should hear him. He is awesome. A little help, a little, uh-- [clicks his tongue] --agenting, and this kid is going all the way.

Anne - Yeah, with you as his agent?

RR - Well, sure. Why not? I get Joe to give him a show, I pack the house... Get a couple of A&R guys down to listen, and ba-boom, Cory's career is taking off.

Anne - That's great.

<RR - [to Cory] Would you excuse me for a second? [takes Anne aside] Anne, uh... CUT

Anne - Mm-hmm?

RR - Are you really, uh, worried about MacLeod? You want me to go upstairs and check on him?

Anne - Oh, that's a good idea. And why don't you bring Mr. Lightning? Mac could use some cheering up.

RR - Okay.>


Loft above dojo 0

[DM hears elevator arriving, considers a moment, then grabs his coat & heads out the side door.]

RR - [exits elevator with Cory] Mac? Mac? [looks around] CUT

<Cory - Nice place.

RR - Yeah, it's, uh... [still looking around, puzzled] It's kind of a mess right now.>


Outdoor sculpture exhibition 2

Anne - [looking at stone sculptures of gargoyles] So, uh, whose idea was this?

DM - The critics called it a smash.

Anne - [laughs] They would.

[Sign in background reads:
SEPT. 12 - 16


DM - That would look good in your waiting room.

Anne - Half my patients would die on the spot. And I don't have a waiting room. Man, this guy must've had one hell of a childhood. [DM is distracted by 'buzz'.] Duncan? Are you all right?

DM - I'm sorry, uh--

Anne - You don't look very good. Are you sick?

Garrick - [joins them] That's one of the better reactions they get. CUT

DM - Garrick, where in the world have you been?

Garrick - Uh, working, studying... out of circulation. You know how it is.

DM - Oh, uh... [pulls Anne forward] I want you to meet, uh, John Garrick. Uh, this is Dr. Anne Lindsey. I think he has something to do with this.

Anne - [as Garrick takes her hand & kisses it] Oh, you must be the sculptor.

Garrick - Oh, just an old stone carver who sells a little work at inflated prices. But don't you tell anyone.

Anne - Okay. [Beeper goes off.] Oh. Excuse me. Reality calls. [moves away]

DM - So how have you been, John?

Garrick - I'm good. Really good. It's been a long time.

DM - Yeah.


Flashback - English village, 1665 - street 3

[Super: England 1665]

[DM walks down narrow cobblestone street, barely misses being hit by pail of slop being heaved onto street.]

DM - [to himself] And I missed town life.

Old Woman - A black time to be about the countryside, sir.

DM - It's a black time to be anywhere, if that smell means anything.

Old Woman - It's the witches you smell. Give me a coin, and I'll give you a charm against such things.

DM - I need no charms, old woman... but you could use some food. [hands her a coin] CUT Good day. [moves further down the street, speaks to man playing a recorder] Good day. I seek a friend. Garrick, the stone-cutter. Do you know where I might find him?

Musician - At the trials... with the other witches.

[DM hears crowd noises nearby.]

Official - For consorting with demons and familiars... [Assistant lifts wicker cage with black & white cat inside.] Margaret of Devon, you stand convicted of witchcraft. [DM & Garrick sense each other's 'buzz'.] Trust not your fellow man. Trust only the holy church for redemption {??} alone.

Garrick - [as DM approaches him] MacLeod... Is it really you?

DM - Aye, of course it's me. Garrick, in God's name, what happened?

Official - [in background] Who is protected by evil?

Garrick - They're gone, MacLeod. Gone.

DM - Juliana? And her son?

Garrick - [nods] Gone.

DM - Dear God, how?

Garrick - There was a fire. The whole house. I watched. I couldn't get to them in time.

Official - [in background] ...wretched child. She {may appear innocent and comely} {??} {have entered her} {??}

DM - Hold fast, friend. I will set this right.

Official - [announcing Margaret's verdict] You are to be burned at the stake. May God redeem your soul.

DM - It's only a frightened girl and her cat!

Garrick - Aye... and they call it evil.

Official - Bring in the stone-cutter.

DM - He's no witch. He's broken by grief. All he needs is sleep.

Garrick - No! That is when the demons come!

DM - Be still, Garrick.

Garrick - They leave me no peace!

Official - He is possessed.

DM - [joins them on the platform] He is half mad. Surely you know his wife is dead... their son... burned in a fire!

Official - And he saw them die.

DM - That is not witchcraft!

Official - It is when he saw them from twenty miles away in a vision.

Garrick - [pushes forward] It is true. I have the sight, but it's not evil. [turns to DM] We know what real evil is, do we not, MacLeod? We live in hell!

DM - [tries to calm him] You're making this worse.

Garrick - [to crowd] You want real evil? [grabs guard's knife] Then watch!

[DM struggles with him, trying to stop him from killing himself. The knife ends up in DM's chest instead.]


Sheriff - Witch! Now you can add murder to your crimes!

Garrick - Murder? There's been no murder! Do you not see? We cannot die!

Man in crowd - Burn him!

[DM suddenly revives. The crowd gasps.]

Men in crowd - He's a witch! He's a witch! I've never seen anything like it.

[DM sits up & pulls the dagger from his chest.]

Official - Seize them! [Guards grab both men.] CUT The fire will purify their souls.

DM - At least let the child go! Anyone can see she's no witch.

Official - An innocent has nothing to fear from God.

DM - It's not God we fear -- it's your bloody fire.

Official - In that case, you are clearly guilty.

Garrick - [as guards drag DM to pyre where Garrick & Margaret are already tied] Why fight it, MacLeod? You know we will not die.

DM - We'll soon wish we could. [throws off guards' restraining hands] No, leave me! I will die like a man! [starts to climb step to pyre, then knocks the guards out, grabs knife from guard & torch from waiting executioner, & cuts Garrick & Margaret's bonds]

Official - Seize them! Seize the witches!

DM - [waves torch at crowd] Back, or I'll turn you into toads!

Man in crowd - He's evil! Wicked!

[DM hands torch to Garrick & the three back away from the pyre & crowd.]

Official - They cannot escape! Every soul must be judged by the Almighty!

DM - [jumps on nearby horse with Margaret behind him] Then judge your own, Sassenach! Hurry, Garrick! Ride far and fast!

[Garrick climbs on second horse & rides away. DM urges his horse in the opposite direction.]


Park - outdoor scupture exhibition 2

(resume previous scene)


Garrick - Remember what Michelangelo said sculpture was?

DM - Freeing the shape from the stone?

Garrick - [nods] I hammer it into the stone. I capture my fears... then I'm free of them. It keeps me sane, Duncan. They even make me a few bucks. [stops by small statue on pedestal] Actually, I'd like you to have this one.

DM - You sure?

Garrick - I'd be honored.

DM - [as Anne rejoins them] Hospital?

Anne - Yeah. Whoever said it's nice to be needed ought to be shot.

Garrick - Time for me to work the crowds.

DM - For your sake, I hope you've improved.

Garrick - [smiles, shakes DM's hand, gives him a business card] I hope you come see me. [to Anne] Doctor. [turns away to greet patrons]


Sidewalk near exhibition 2

Anne - Garrick seems pretty level-headed.

DM - Why shouldn't he be?

Anne - Well, I look at that kind of work, and I picture a kid who spent his childhood sticking pins into things.

DM - He's had his share of problems.

Anne - Hmm. Well, you'd never know it. So, how long since you two have seen each other?

DM - Ages.

Anne - Yeah?

DM - A party was getting out of hand -- I offered to give him a ride.

Anne - Oh. Like a designated driver?

DM - Sort of.


Establishing shot: Waterfall by street 2 2

Street near exhibition 2

[DM reaches T-bird & puts Garrick's scupture in back seat.]

Anne - You know, uh, you can stay if you want to.

DM - And miss all this time with you?

Anne - Aw. Let's not waste it. [leans toward him]

[DM sees hooded figure from his dream standing above waterfall, pushes Anne aside.]

Anne - Duncan?

DM - Get out of here! [pulls out his sword & begins fighting with the figure]

Anne - [sees DM swinging sword at nothing] Oh, my God. Duncan, stop! [Squad car pulls up nearby.]

Cop - [trains gun on DM] Drop it! Now!

[The distraction jars DM out of his vision.]



Anne - That's not a concealed weapon, Officer. He was just showing it to me.

Cop - [examining DM's katana] And who is he? Bruce Lee?

Anne - He's an antique dealer. But believe me, he's fine. I'm a doctor. [shows him her card]

Cop - Okay, Doc. CUT And, uh, Bruce... keep this thing at home.

[DM nods, takes katana.]

Anne - Thank you. [turns toward T-bird as DM puts katana in back seat] Duncan! Duncan, you are really worrying me. We have to talk.

DM - Don't you have work to do? [Anne gets in car.] CUT


<Streets of Seacouver 4 CUT

DM - [driving T-bird] Anne, I don't need a doctor.

Anne - Then what the hell were you doing with a sword?

DM - It's a dangerous world out there.

Anne - You were hallucinating back there. That could mean any number of things. It could be epilepsy, or... it could be a tumor.

DM - Maybe a bad pastrami sandwich.

Anne - I don't think so.

DM - Anne, I know you care, but I need a chance to work this out on my own.>


Joe's Bar 0

Joe - Hallucinations?

DM - Yeah, they happen. I just wanted to know if you knew why.

Joe - Well, all the crap you guys go through, I'm surprised you're not all nuts.

DM - Darius wasn't. Constantine, Amanda... I could name a bunch of others.

Joe - What are you looking for, MacLeod?

DM - A reason, a pattern. Some way to stop it.

[Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" begins to play as DM stares at slowly rotating fan blades.]

[Flash of DM's nightmare: Hooded figure standing in doorway.]

Joe - MacLeod.

[DM comes back to the present, leans over piano keys, starts to play "Moonlight Sonata".]

Joe - I didn't know you played.

DM - [stops playing] I don't. [leaves]


Garrick's studio 5


<DM - [looking at grotesque murals on the walls] An interesting place here.

Garrick - The ambience kind of lends itself to the subject matter, don't you think?> I'm glad you came. When I saw you, well, I wasn't sure you'd be happy to see me again. I was a... pain in the ass the last time we met.

DM - That's all in the past. Right now I could use your help.

Garrick - How could I help you?

DM - By telling me what it was like.

Garrick - You mean to go insane?

DM - You talked about your demons once. What were they like?

Garrick - Mine... were personal.

DM - This one wears a hood.

Garrick - You've seen it?

DM - Several times. You know what I'm talking about?

Garrick - [opens set of large industrial doors, revealing statue covered by sheet, pulls sheet away to reveal statue of the hooded figure] I know.


Outside, evening 6


Joe - Talk to me about MacLeod. CUT He doesn't seem his usual self.

RR - I don't know. Maybe he's having a bad week.

Joe - Nah, it's more than that.

RR - Look, Dawson, he's an Immortal. He's not like other people. Maybe you just don't understand him.

Joe - Yeah, maybe I don't.

RR - Look, I gotta go. I'm sorry. Trust me, Mac is fine. CUT <So, about the club -- are we on?

Joe - It's done. It's done.

RR - Cool! I'll see you later. [runs off]

Joe - Yeah. [sighs]>


Garrick's studio 5

(resume previous scene)

DM - [examining statue of hooded figure] You're saying this is a racial memory? Something we all share?

Garrick - [flipping through old book] That's what Carl Jung called it. I saw them all, MacLeod. The hacks, the butchers. Finally Freud and Jung. Anyone who could help me learn how the mind works. I spent more time in analysis than anyone in history. They were right. We carry the fears inside us all the time.

DM - But what is it?

Garrick - Something from the dark end of your mind. Death, MacLeod. That's what you're afraid of. That's what you're really facing.

DM - Why now? Why after so long?

Garrick - Because of how we live, what we do. It's only a matter of time... for all of us. After all, part of us is still mortal.

DM - How do I stop it?

Garrick - You realize it comes from your mind... That it's an illusion.

DM - That's it?

Garrick - [hands him the book] If I could do more, I would. You have to do the rest yourself. [points at his forehead] In here.


Joe's Bar, night 0

[Cory sits on a stool on stage, playing blues on his guitar.]

Woman in audience - Yeah!

Joe - So where'd you scare up the two boneheads?


RR - I got the record company to send them down. Practically had to fight my way past the secretary. So, uh, you think they'll go for him?

Joe - Look. If they buy him, they buy him. If they don't, you've done what you can.


[Cory finishes his song. The crowd applaudes.]

RR - [clapping] The kid is good. He's good.

Joe - Yeah, he's all right.

RR - I'm telling you, he's blowing them away.

Joe - He's all right. [as Cory starts another song] So, uh, when's MacLeod coming?

RR - [looks at his watch] Uh, I don't know. I guess he's running late. [One of the suits beckons RR over.] What do I do now?

Joe - You're the agent, wiseguy. [slaps him on the back] Sic 'em.

[RR takes a deep breath & heads over.]


Dojo office, night 0

[DM is lying on the desk, looking at Garrick's book, which seems to be about medieval 'treatments' for insanity -- photo on page is drawing of a doctor drilling a hole in a man's skull.]

[Flash of DM's nightmare: the hooded figure swings its sword down to behead him.]

[DM sits up, continues looking at the book.]

[Quick flashes of some of Garrick's gargoyle statues, interrupted by the phone ringing.]

DM - [answers phone] MacLeod.

Anne - [on phone, calling from the hospital] Hi. I, uh-- [into phone] I didn't want to call the loft, because I was kind of hoping you were sleeping.

DM - [into phone] I was just doing a little light reading.

Anne - [on phone] Oh. Well, about today... [into phone] I didn't mean to come across like Albert Schweitzer. I just... [on phone] I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you.

DM - [into phone] No, you just wanted to know if I'd seen anybody yet.

Anne - [into phone] Okay, smart guy. Did you?

DM - [into phone] Yes. I'm getting a handle on it, Anne. You can stop worrying.

Anne - [into phone] I tried that. Didn't work. [on phone] Good night.

DM - [into phone] Good night. [Both hang up. DM senses 'buzz'.] Richie?

[DM sees hooded figure standing in center of darkened dojo, grabs his sword & attacks it. The figure dodges his first few blows, then begins parrying. It disarms DM & raises its sword over its head to kill him. As the blade comes down, DM rolls, grabs his katana, swings wildly... and slices RR across the chest.]

RR - [holding his own sword up defensively] Mac! Mac!

[DM halts mid-fight, suddenly realizing who is in front of him.]

DM - Richie! [looks around wildly for the phantom figure]

RR - [drops his sword] What the hell is with you, man? You know you damn near took my head?!

DM - [sees the cut on RR's chest] You're hurt.

RR - I'll live. What the hell is with you, man?! What's happening to you?

DM - I don't know! [walks over to bench, sits down, repeats brokenly] I don't know. A


Loft above dojo 0

RR - Okay. All right. We're talking your subconscious? Your subconscious, like as in Freud?

DM - Jung, actually.

RR - All right. Whatever. So this thing that's coming after you, this is not a real thing. It's like a, uh, a Freddie Krueger kind of thing?

DM - Well, that's not exactly how the books put it, but that's the idea. [hands him a new shirt] Here. Put this on.

RR - [takes shirt] Oh, thanks. Well, what's it supposed to be?

DM - The unknown. Death. At least that's what Garrick thinks.

RR - [putting on shirt] Garrick. Who's Garrick? And is Garrick a shrink?

DM - Garrick is an Immortal who studied the mind for centuries. He's seen the same thing.

RR - Mac, are you sure about all this?

DM - I'm not sure about anything, Rich. I just know I keep seeing it.

RR - Well, look... If I were you, I'd get some R & R real soon. So far, you just owe me a shirt.


Hospital - nurses' station 7


Marcia - This guy has no medical history.

Anne - What do you mean, "no medical history"? Everybody's got a medical history. [looks over Marcia's shoulder at computer monitor]

Marcia - Well, it's not in any data bank I can find. Are you sure this guy's real?

Anne - Yeah. He's real.

Marcia - Well, then either he doesn't believe in Blue Cross, or he has one hell of an immune system. All I can tell you is he's never been admitted to any hospital and that there are no medical records for him.

Anne - [switches positions with Marcia & taps on keyboard] Nobody's that lucky.

Marcia - Is this guy a patient of yours?

Anne - No, um, he's a -- he's a friend.


Outdoor cafe 8

Man - [in background] Excuse me.

Waitress - [in background] Is everytihing all right?

Anne - [eating lunch with DM] I thought you liked this place. Is there something wrong with the salmon?

DM - No, it's fine. I'm just not hungry.

Anne - Okay, let's skip the small talk. What, uh -- What did this guy you went to see have to say?

DM - It's nothing physical.

Anne - Oh. Oh, that would be really good news... if he knew which end of the stethoscope to stick in his ear.

DM - Why wouldn't he?

Anne - Because you don't go to doctors, Duncan. I ran a search on your medical records, and guess what? There aren't any. So what, are you going to tell me you've got great genes?

DM - You shouldn't have done that, Anne.

Anne - Well, maybe you should start explaining a couple of things to me, like how you missed EVER seeing a doctor.

DM - Maybe you should mind your own business. [stands up]

Anne - Excuse me, but I -- I thought we were in a relationship.

DM - You went behind my back.

Anne - I care!

DM - Then give me some room! CUT <[looks around at other diners] What are you looking at? You never seen an argument before? I'm sorry. [storms off]

Woman - [in background] It's okay. It's okay.>


Dojo, night 0

[DM performs kata with his katana in darkened dojo in front of large mirror. He finishes the kata, sees reflection of hooded figure standing behind him.]

DM - Go away. [more firmly] Go away. [spins around, yelling] Go away!

[The dojo is empty.]


Garrick's studio, night 5


DM - How do you beat shadows? How do you fight something that doesn't exist?

Garrick - You don't. Fighting it is the worst thing you can do. The illusion feeds off your fear.

DM - But it's so damn real! It just keeps coming.

Garrick - It's only real if you make it real. Don't try and fight it.

DM - But where is this going?

Garrick - Imagine a cliff with no bottom. You're on the edge of that cliff. You make the wrong choice now... You fall forever. Duncan. [grabs DM's arm] There's nothing to lose... and your sanity to get back. I know.

[As DM leaves, Garrick picks up his tools & goes back to work. Close up of his hand holding the chisel, an engraved gold wedding band on his finger.]


Flashback - English village, 1665 - street 3

(Same flashback as previously)

DM - Hurry, Garrick! Ride far and fast!

[Garrick climbs on second horse & rides away. Out of DM's sight, men surround his horse & pull him off.]

Official - We will purge his demons. To the stake!

[Guards drag Garrick back to the pyre & tie him to the stake. CUT Executioner sets fire to the bundles of sticks around the base.]

Garrick - MacLeod! MacLeod! Aaah!


<Garrick's studio, night 5 CUT

Garrick - [holding burning torch, yelling] MacLeod!


Loft above dojo, night 0

[DM jerks awake in his bed.]


Garrick's studio, night 5

Garrick - MacLeod!


Loft above dojo, night 0

[DM sits up.]>


Garrick's studio, night 5

Garrick - [carries torch over to statue of hooded figure] You left me... but I won't leave you. Wherever you go, wherever you run... we'll be there, MacLeod. CUT


<Rocks by water 9


Anne - [joins DM by water's edge] Hey. I'm really glad you called me.>

DM - Well, I -- I guess I over-reacted.

Anne - Mm. Yeah, I think we both did. Getting any sleep?

DM - Yeah, enough.

<Anne - Oh, really? You don't look like it. CUT

DM - Well, I still have my sparkling personality.>

Anne - Duncan, stop it.

DM - Stop what?

Anne - Stop pretending like everything's okay when you know damn well that it's not. CUT

DM - Anne, I'm fighting this. I'll get over it. I just need some time.

Anne - Then let me help you.

DM - You can't.

Anne - I was afraid you'd say that. [pulls bottle of pills from her coat pocket, holds it out] Here.

DM - What are those?

Anne - Well, if you won't get any help, at least if you can get some sleep...

DM - Is that why you came to see me?

Anne - Hey, it's my first house call in years.

DM - I never was one for pills.

Anne - Or doctors?

DM - Anne, I'll get through this. Trust me.

Anne - [sets pill bottle down by him] I've got to get to work. [leaves] 3


Joe's Bar 0

Joe - You look down, Richie. You didn't get that deal?

RR - Cory did... I didn't. The two jerks told him to get a new agent. I mean, how do you like that? You know, I get him this break, I get him a little recognition, and he dumps me.

Joe - [joking] And show business was your life. [off RR's lack of reaction] Hey, it's a joke, son. [after a moment] What's going on with MacLeod?

RR - It's not good.

Joe - What happened?

RR - He came after me. He didn't even know who I was. He was in some kind of other world, fighting some hallucination. Joe, I don't know what the hell's going on with him.

Joe - He could be losing it.

RR - The guy's gone four hundred years without really a problem. I mean, he's like a rock.

Joe - Yeah. Four hundred years of all your friends dying. Everyone after your head... Maybe he's been a rock for too long.

RR - You believe all this head-shrinking stuff? You know -- Jung, Freud, all that business.

Joe - What have you been studying?

RR - Oh, Mac's been talking to some guy named Garrick.

Joe - Garrick? John Garrick?

RR - Yeah. He's trying to straigten out Mac's head.

Joe - Ah. Garrick's the wrong one to talk to. The man's insane, and he has been for centuries.


Loft above dojo 0 CUT

RR - Is there anything I can get you? You know, you want something to eat? How about a flick? You want to watch a flick? Mac?

DM - I don't need a baby-sitter, Richie.

RR - Hey, there's no question about that. You know, I'm just trying to help out here.

DM - What scares you the most? That I'll hurt myself, or somebody else?

RR - Knock it off, Mac.

DM - Come on, Rich.

RR - You know, sometimes you need to listen to somebody else, Mac. You can't do everything alone.

DM - Yeah, maybe you're right. [stands up] Go home, Rich.

RR - No. I don't think that's a very good idea.

DM - I came after you once. If it happens again, you do whatever it takes to survive.

RR - Come on, Mac... It's not going to happen again.

DM - You do whatever you need!

RR - No! I can't kill you! I can't!

DM - You'd better try. 'Cause you're not going to get a second chance.

RR - Oh, God! I can't deal with this anymore. [storms into elevator & leaves]

[Flash of hooded figure. DM shuffles back to his chair, picks up Anne's pill bottle, & downs the entire contents.]


Establishing shot: Dojo, night 1

Dojo, night 0

RR - [enters dojo, senses 'buzz'] Mac? Mac? [turns, sees hooded figure entering dojo] No way. [They fight, the figure knocks RR out, raises its sword to behead him, then reconsiders.]

Figure - I'll come for you later. [walks toward elevator] 4


Loft above dojo 0

[Elevator door clangs open, rousing DM, who is in a drugged sleep on the couch. He rolls to his feet & struggles to stand, fighting the effects of the drugs. Seeing the hooded figure, he tosses his katana aside.]

DM - I won't fight you. No more. [turns back toward the couch] You're an illusion, a dream. A figment of my imagination. [turns back as hooded figure raises its sword, sees the gold ring on the figure's hand] Garrick?

[As the figure swings the sword, DM ducks and falls back. The figure lowers the hood, revealing that DM was right -- it is Garrick. Garrick yells and charges at DM. DM retreats over the back of the couch.]

DM - Garrick, why? I was your friend!

Garrick - Because you left me. Because you have no idea what it's like to be burned alive.

DM - What are you talking about?

Garrick - They burned me. Can you imagine the smell of your own skin blistering? [charges DM, who continues to evade him]

DM - I saw you get on that horse.

[Flash of Garrick being pulled from the horse by guards and villagers.]

[Flash of Garrick being burned at the stake, yelling for Macleod.] 3

DM - I never knew. [inches closer to his katana lying on the rug]

Garrick - And I never forgot. [attacks again as DM grabs his sword & defends himself] I always had the gift of vision, MacLeod.

[Flash of DM's nightmare: the hooded figure sending DM to his knees.]

Garrick - I just got better at it.

[Flash of DM's nightmare: the hooded figure beheading DM.]

Garrick - I spent the years learning how to control the dreams... to project them... to make you live what I went through. [another brief exchange of parries] How does it feel, huh? How does it feel?

[Flash of Garrick being burned at the stake.] 3

Garrick - This time it's real.

[He attacks again. DM gets a slice through his guard & brings him to his knees, knocks his sword to the side.]

DM - In your dreams. [beheads him, takes his Quickening -- blows out the windows, fries the lights & the tv, explodes the bottles in his alcohol cabinet & jars of dried beans in the kitchen, & generally wreaks havoc on the place until it ends B]


Dojo office 0

[DM walks in, carrying the small statue Garrick gave him.]

RR - Hi. How're you doing?

DM - Better. Will you do me a favor?

RR - Sure.

DM - Get rid of this for me. [sets statue on desk]

RR - Yeah, no problem. You know, it's funny. I always thought that psychic stuff was just another scam. But the way Garrick got into your head...

DM - There are more things in heaven or hell, Horatio, than are written in your stars. Remember that one?

RR - Yeah. 5

DM - What a waste.

RR - You mean Garrick? Mac, he tried to kill you! What's to waste?

DM - Insight. Knowledge. He spent centuries understanding his own mind. If only he could have shared what he knew...

RR - But he didn't. [Anne enters dojo.] You know, I'm gonna split. I've got a new bass player Dawson's gonna let sit with the band. And I'll get rid of this thing. [picks up statue] Mac? It's good to have you back. [leaves]

Anne - [enters office] Hi.

DM - Hi.

Anne - You look okay. Professionally speaking.

DM - Anne, whatever happened, it's over. I'm sorry if I hurt you.

Anne - Oh, you know me. I'm bulletproof.

DM - No, you're not.

Anne - I came here to tell you, um... Damn. This is gonna be harder than I thought.

DM - Then make it easy. Just say it.

Anne - I always thought that when I met, um, "the guy", that we'd, uh, be inside each other... feel each other -- really, really know each other. I don't know you, Duncan. And the truth is, I really don't think you want me to. [hands over his spare elevator key as "Moonlight Sonata" begins to play] I'll call you.

DM - I'll be here.

[Anne leaves.]


End of "Shadows"

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