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Episode 11: Vendetta

Written by Alan Swayze
Directed by George Mendeluk
Aired: February 4, 1995
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student

Dr. Anne Lindsey - Lisa Howard
              ER doctor


Benny Carbassa - Tony Rosato
              Immortal hustler

Simon Lang - Ken Pogue
              Syd Lankovski

Peggy McCall - Tamara Gorski
(Margaret Lang - Stella Stevens)
              Joey's girl/Simon's wife


Joey Lankovski - Edgar Davis Jr.
              Mafia guy

Syd Lankovski - Michael Sunczyk
              Joey's brother

Sal - Aurelio Dinunzio/Di Nunzio
              Lang's henchman

Grey-Haired Man - Ernie Prentice
              at fundraiser


Herschel - ??
              Lang's henchman

Leg-Breakers 1 & 2 - ??
              "Leon's" goons

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Ferry dock - Main Street Dock [49.285541,-123.099189]
2. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
3. Outside Joe's Bar, Coconut Lounge - Tabu nightclub at the Waldorf, 1489 E Hastings St: loading dock [49.281636,-123.074533], nightclub entrance [49.281477,-123.074774]
4. Beach - Portside Park [49.285373,-123.102622]
5. Fundraiser, Lang's mansion - unidentified location
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Reruns on SciFi channel (1999 & 2000) match the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with three exceptions.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Ferry dock 1

Ferry, night 1

Benny - [sitting with his feet in metal wash-tub] <Okay, look. Let's just forget about the money. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. I've been so cuckoo these days. You know, please-- [large shovel of cement is dumped into tub] Oh, my. That's cold. Listen. I will leave town. I'll leave the city. I'll move off the continent, if you like.> CUT Hey, fellas, look, can't we at least talk about this, huh? I mean, what the hell did I do to deserve this?

Lang - In light of your current predicament, Mr. Carbassa, I'd say you tried to blackmail the wrong man.

Benny - Now, look, Syd--

Lang - Don't call me Syd! [backhands Benny] The name is Simon. Simon Lang.

Benny - I can respect that. Look, Mr. Lang. Honest to God, I swear... your secret is still safe.

Lang - Because I stopped you. And now you'll stay quiet. [has brief coughing fit] When your time is getting short, you find yourself thinking about the legacy you leave behind. Perhaps you know what I mean.

Benny - [as goon adds more cement to the tub] Look. Look, guys, it's very cold out. You guys don't want to be waiting around -- I mean, this cement'll take hours to dry, sir. Listen. Why don't you just shoot me instead? Or hey, how about a quick jab in the ear with an ice-pick? I mean, it was good enough for Trotsky, it's--

Lang - You brought up the past. You should be prepared to deal with its traditions. CUT

Benny - You don't have to do this. A guy like me, I'm not worth it. I mean, I'm nothing, I'm scum. I'm-- [spits] You know, but [snaps his fingers] maybe we can make a trade.

Lang - With what? What could you have that could possibly interest a man like me?

Benny - Duncan MacLeod?

Lang - MacLeod's been dead for fifty years.

Benny - Him, yeah... But his grandson's still alive.

Lang - So?

Benny - So? So, so, so, so the guy knows everything. He told me himself. <CUT He tells everybody. He's -- I see him on the street -- strangers, people -- he's like a mouth. I go around talking to people about you, who the hell's going to listen to me? I'm like a {shmenge} guy. But this guy, MacLeod... Oh, boy, he's -- he's like a real solid citizen.>

Lang - You're lying.

Benny - <[tries to stand up] I swear-- [Goons push him down again.] Hey -- hey, give me a break. Look, Mr. Lang. Mr. Lang -- Hey, you guys, easy. You guys, please, please. [Goons pick him up, buchet of cement included.] Oh, guys, come on. Hey, hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Maybe if I got out of the cement, it'd be a little easier to walk. [Goons carry him to railing.] Oh, please, guys, please. Not in the water. I'm not good in the water. I can't swim. Mr. Lang! Guys, please! No, guys! Please don't do it. Mr. Lang! Mr. Lang! Listen, Mr. Lang, Mr. MacLeod-- [Goons prepare to dump him into the water.] Oh, geez.> CUT Mr. Lang, look, the MacLeod thing is a no-lose proposition! I mean, if I'm right, your secret'll be safe forever. If I'm wrong... you can -- you can always buy another bag of cement.


Establishing shot: Dojo 2

Dojo 0

Benny - [off screen] Hey, kid. Is MacLeod around?

RR - [off screen] That depends. Who's looking?

[DM exits elevator, hears Benny talking.]

Benny - [off screen] Hey, look, take it easy. <I'm not after anybody's head or anything.

RR - [off screen] Then you can leave a card. We'll get back to you.> CUT

Benny - [off screen] Yeah, me and Mac, we go back a long way. We're like that. [still off screen, presumably crosses his fingers to indicate a close bond. DM tries to sneak past without being seen.] Hey, MacLeod!

DM - [turns toward office] Benny!

Benny - In the flesh! <Hey, are you getting taller or am I getting shorter? Huh? CUT

DM - Shorter.> How much do you want?

Benny - Come on, does it always have to be about money? Huh? I'm loaded now.

DM - Oh!

Benny - I was on my way to Chicago for a little bit of action. I thought I'd drop in, see how you're doing.

DM - My lucky day.

Benny - Hey, all right. [looks at RR] <Hey, you gonna introduce me to this good-looking stud here or what?> CUT

DM - Richie, Benny. Benny, Richie.

Benny - [shakes RR's hand] Richie, how're you doing? Nice to meet you, kid.

RR - Nice to meet you, too. How're you doing?

DM - [to RR] Keep your wallet in your front pocket.

Benny - Hey. Oh, come on. I'm crushed.

RR - What's the problem, Mac?

Benny - Well, I guess he doesn't want you hanging out with a small-time hustler, you know, who's had his fingers in bootlegging, bookmaking, blackmail... Am I missing somthing here or what, Mac?

DM - Yeah, how about the part where you manage to lose money in every scam?

Benny - Well, okay, all right. So I'm not Michael Milken, right? But hey, he's no Al Capone, either, right?

RR - You knew Capone?

DM - Don't encourage him.

Benny - Did I know Capone? Capone, Lansky, Legs Diamond... I knew 'em all, kid.

RR - Oh, man. What was Capone like?

DM - Here we go.

Benny - Hey, hey, come on, Mac. The kid wants to know. Let me tell him.

RR - Yeah, yeah. Come on. Come on.

Benny - Capone. Let me tell you about Capone. Capone had that thing we call a "shine". You know what I'm saying?

RR - Yeah?

Benny - This guy, when he cheated at cards, he was a master.

RR - All right.

Benny - [to DM] Those were the days, huh?

DM - I was just leaving.

Benny - Hey, perfect. How about lunch? I'm buying.

DM - This I've got to see. [walks toward exit, almost runs into Anne entering]

Anne - Bad timing?

DM - No. Not at all.

Benny - [steps forward] Wow. Nice to meet you. I'm, uh--

DM - Just leaving. [turns to RR] I'll catch up with you at Joe's.

RR - Right, right, right. [to Benny] So, anyway, you, uh, you were saying?

Benny - [as they exit] Well, Legs Diamond used to shave his legs under his pants to keep his legs smooth. [looks back] Nice looking chick.

RR - Yeah.

DM - [to Anne] So, how've you been?

Anne - Good. Busy, as usual.

DM - Yeah?

Anne - You?

DM - Oh, I've been good. Good. It's good. Yeah. I missed you, but...

Anne - All right, here's the thing. I've, uh -- [clears her throat] I've been doing a lot of thinking about this guy I know.

DM - Do you like this guy?

Anne - Yeah, I do. A lot.

DM - And?

Anne - And I think he likes me, too.

DM - So where's the problem?

Anne - Well, this guy is very different. No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to get to the bottom of him.

DM - Maybe you should cut him a some slack... give him a little time...

Anne - Funny. That's exactly what I was thinking. Some people are just a little slower to open up.

DM - So...?

Anne - So... I've, uh, decided to -- not to push.

DM - And you're okay with that?

Anne - I figure I'd give it my best shot.

DM - So what's the next step?

Anne - Well, I was thinking maybe, um, we could go out some time?

DM - Well, how about tonight?

Anne - Oh, I'm on double rotation tonight.

DM - Tomorrow?

Anne - Well, um, I've got this really boring fund raiser to go to. Black tie, bunch of speeches. You don't want to go to that, do you?

[They kiss.]


Joe's Bar 0

Benny - So, Dillinger looks over at me, says, "Hey, Benny!" "Yes, Mr. Dillinger?" "I've got to go see the picture 'Manhattan Melodrama'." I said, "Well, why?" Because in it, Clark Gable plays a gangster that gets the electric chair, and Dillinger wanted to know what it was like to fry.

RR - At the Biograph Theater in Chicago.

Benny - Okey-dokey, smokey. The kid is smarter than he looks. AND it was my idea to take him there.

RR - So, so, Benny, so, Benny, what about the Lady in Red?

Benny - You mean Anna?

RR - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Benny - Who the hell do you think introduced them?

RR - So you got John Dillinger killed?

Benny - [awkward pause] Well, my timing's not perfect.

<RR - I'd say.

Benny - Yeah. [laughs] Anyway, kid -- I'm sorry, I keep calling you "kid". You're at least, what, ten, twelve now?> CUT [stands up] I'm gonna make a quick call. I'll be right back.

DM - You're early {yet}. The check hasn't come.

Benny - Oh, you're such a kidder. <[to RR] He's always kidding me. I tell you, we should've done vaudeville. We'd have made a fortune. I'll be right back.> CUT [leaves]

<RR - CUT Guy's hilarious. Oh, come on, Mac. Give him a break, you know? He's having a good time.>

DM - Yeah. He's trouble.

RR - He's fun. And besides, I know he's full of it. Look, if he stiffs you with the bill, it was worth the price of admission. I've got to go. I'll see you later. [leaves]

DM - [suddenly realizes he is now alone with Benny] Richie!

Benny - [returns] All right, Mac. I got you in.

DM - In where?

Benny - There's an amazing poker game going down at the docks tonight. Okay? Invitation only. I wangled you an invite.

DM - Thanks, but no thanks, Benny.

Benny - Come on, Mac. What are you talking about? There are gonna be some serious players there, okay? We'll have a few drinks, all right? We'll smoke some of those big-mother Cuban cigars... It'll be just like the old days, you know what I'm saying? It'll be a blast. [pasts his pockets, feeling for his wallet] When was the last time you had a great poker game, huh? [DM melodramatically starts patting Benny's pockets, too.] Someone swiped my wallet!

DM - [laughs sarcastically] Yeah. Uh-huh.

Benny - I'm serious. Someone swiped my wallet. Hey! I'm gonna call the cops. I'll be right back.

DM - [puts some of his own money on the table] You do that.

Benny - [walks off] All right, who took my wallet?


Establishing shot: Outside Joe's Bar 0

[Benny exits, puts on his hat.]


Outside Joe's Bar 3

Leg-breaker 1 - Afternoon, Benny.

Benny - Hey, what the hell's going on? Hey, guys. Guys! [Leg-Breaker 2 grabs his jacket, shoves him against the T-bird.] Hey, hey, hey. Come on. So how's Leon, huh?

Leg-breaker 1 - [hefts baseball bat] Leon's pissed, so say good-bye to your knee-caps.


Leg-breaker 2 - Get over here! [shoves Benny against side of van]

Benny - Come on, listen, guys. I told Leon I'd get him his money, okay?

DM - [exits bar] Well, well, well.

Benny - Hey, Mac! Help me reason with these guys, will ya?

Leg-breaker 1 - [to DM] Get lost.

Benny - Mac? Mac, please?


Leg-breaker 1 - [points bat at DM] I said get lost.

Benny - Mac? Please?

DM - I wouldn't do that. [grabs bat as LB1 swings at him, hits LB1 with bat, knocks him down, takes on LB2]

Benny - Watch it, Mac! He's got a bat! [DM disarms LB2, hits him with LB1's bat.] Oh, Mac! Way to go, Mac!

DM - [tosses LB1's bat to Benny] Catch, Benny. [exchanges blows with LB2, takes him down]

Benny - Oh, yeah! Yeah, Mac! All right! Oh, that was beautiful, Mac. That was beautiful. That was beautiful. Listen, Mac. The kick -- the "papoom" thing -- that was fantastic, Mac.

DM - [glowering] You have some explaining to do.

Benny - Listen, Mac--

DM - [opens passenger door] Get in the car.

Benny - Mac, I was gonna help you out, but my shoulder got banged on the thing--

DM - Get in.

Benny - --and I had to cover the bat thing. Mac, I had them lined up. I was gonna give them the Curly thing on the truck. [jabs his fingers at DM, ala 'The Three Stooges']

DM - In the car.

Benny - Mac, I'm not good with this stuff. Mac... [gets into car]

DM - In the car. [closes door, goes around to driver's side]

Benny - [jumps back out of car] Mac, he's moving! Let me get a shot at-- Where are the bats? Where's-- Give-- Whoa. Mac, he's up! He's up! Mac! Ho! [gets back into car as DM starts engine] 1


Loft above dojo 0

Benny - Okay, so I owe a little money. Okay, so I -- I owe a lot of money.

DM - I don't know. Could it be, uh... gambling debts?

Benny - No, I bought the Queen Mary, and I couldn't make the payments. Listen, Mac, that's why I've gotta get down to this poker game tonight. There's gonna be a guy there that owes me a bundle.

DM - Oh, good. Problem solved.

Benny - Well, no, not really, Mac. See, I mean, Leon's boys aren't the type that are just gonna go away. Especially after what you just did to them -- for which I'm eternally grateful, you know. You know.

DM - What do you want, Benny?

Benny - [picks up large river rock from coffee table] Oh. I was kinda hoping that maybe you could walk me over there. [DM chuckles.] Please, Mac? For old time's sake?

DM - Benny, all that can happen to you is they can just kill you. [takes rock from him, puts it back on coffee table]

Benny - Yeah, but that involves pain, and I'm not good with pain. [gives DM puppy-dog eyes. DM looks at him a moment, then:]

DM - [sighs] All right.

Benny - Mac, you're a lifesaver! [grabs DM in a hug] I love ya, Mac! Thank you so much! I love ya!

DM - [pushes Benny away] Don't overdo it, Benny. CUT

<Benny - Yeah. Okay. One more. [moves to hug him again] Just--

DM - No, no, no more.

Benny - Okay. Fine.

DM - Sit down.

Benny - What's with the rocks, Mac?

DM - I like rocks.

Benny - Try art.>


Dock near ferry, night 1

[DM's car drives along dock, 2 pulls in & parks.]

Benny - [gets out of T-bird] All right. All right, this has got to be the place. We'll just check around back here somewhere. <This is gonna be a great game. You're gonna love it.

DM - [follows Benny toward ferry] Yeah.

Benny - Nice, huh?

DM - Remember, it's just this once, Benny.

Benny - So, listen. Are you going to stick around for one game, or what?

DM - No games, Benny.

Benny - One game's not going to kill ya'.

DM - I'm not playing a game.> CUT

Benny - [as Lang approaches with his bodyguards] Hey, Syd, how're you doing?

Lang - [looks at DM] He looks just like him.

Benny - Yeah, well, didn't I tell you?

DM - What's this about, Benny?

Lang - What do you know about me and your grandfather?

DM - Benny?

Lang - What do you know?

DM - [steps forward] My grandfather?

Benny - [knocks DM unconscious from behind] Who cares what he knows. [holds up pair of handcuffs] Now he sleeps with the fishes, huh? [Lang nods to his bodyguards, who handcuff DM and toss him over railing into the water. Benny & Lang move to railing & look down.] Well, your problems are over, Mr. Lang.

Lang - We're square. But don't ever give me trouble again, Carbassa. I can always find you. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Ferry dock, next morning 1

Nearby beach, next morning 4

Benny - MacLeod! MacLeod! A MacLeod! Are you out here? [stands on shoreline, looking out at water] MacLeod! MacLeod!

DM - [head rising out of the water] Benny!

Benny - MacLeod! You're alive! You're still alive! Okay, listen. I've got a blanket and everything. And don't worry, I've got the keys. Oh, you're alive! You're alive! [laughs] Come on out, Mac. Listen, Mac, I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

DM - [splashes ashore] Take these cuffs off.

Benny - Okay. Listen, no problem. I can explain everything.


Benny - Mac, please, before I do... You're not going to kill me, are ya? You promise?

DM - Oh, I promise.

Benny - Okay. All right. [undoes the cuffs] I'm so sorry. Boy, you look cold. [Hands free, DM turns around & grabs Benny by the coat.] Mac, you promised...

DM - I lied. [gives him a shake] Why?

Benny - Listen, Mac, I had to do it! If I didn't, that guy was going to send me down to the bottom of the bay in cement sneakers. That's no place to spend the next two hundred years.

DM - [shakes Benny] What the hell are you talking about?

Benny - The guy at the ferry -- Simon Lang. I had to kill you for him.

DM - What the hell for?

Benny - So you wouldn't talk. You didn't recognize him, did you? That guy used to be Syd Lankovski.


Flashback - Seacouver, 1938 - Coconut Lounge 3

[Super: Coconut Lounge 1938]

Cigarette girl - Cigars... Cigarettes...

Benny - [enters, senses buzz, sees DM at table, calmly takes off his hat, then trips on the stairs] Whoa!

Cigarette girl - Cigars... Cigarettes...

Benny - [walks over to DM] The name's Benny Carbassa. You looking for me?

DM - No, you're not my type. Duncan MacLeod. [They shake hands.]

Benny - Yeah? Well, I guess I'll let you go. [sits down] This time.

DM - Thanks for the reprieve.

Cigarette girl - [walks past] Cigars... Cigarettes...

Benny - Say, pal, how's about a drink?

DM - Why not?

Benny - Hey, waiter! [snaps his fingers] Couple of highballs over here.

Waiter - Yeah, yeah, yeah. [walks off]

Benny - Wise guy. [to DM] Haven't seen you around town before, pal. Looking to check out the local action?

DM - Just passing through.

Benny - Yeah? Well, listen. I've got this whole town in my back pocket, see? In fact, there's a great poker game down on the south side tonight. They don't usually take to strangers, but I can get you in.

DM - That's very kind of you.

Benny - Say, don't mention it, pal. You just put yourself in my hands, okay. 'Cause if you haven't seen Lucky Jim's, you haven't seen this town. 3

[Music changes & audience claps as Peggy walks onstage.]

DM - Who's she?

Peggy - [singing "Night and Day" by Cole Porter] "Night and day, you are the one."

Benny - Uh, no, no, no, no, no, my friend. You don't want to go messing around with that particular lady.

DM - Why not?

Peggy - [in background] "Only you beneath the moon..."

Benny - That's Peggy McCall. Joey Lankovski's girl.

Peggy - [singing] "...and under the sun."

DM - Who?

Benny - Joey. [points across room]

Peggy - [in background] "Whether near to me, or far..."

Benny - Joey over there's a born wise guy. Started out a small-time punk in the Purple Gang, knocking over candy stores.

Peggy - [in background] "It's no matter, darling, where you are..."

Benny - Then he graduated to hijacking booze.

Peggy - [in background] "I think of you."

<Benny - [raises his voise] Hey, waiter, where are those highballs?

Waiter - No credit.

Benny - Why, I oughta--

DM - That's all right. Put it on my tab.

Benny - Yeah? Say, you're all right, pal.> CUT

Peggy - [in background] "Night and day, why is it so?"

DM - He doesn't look like a small-time hustler now.

Benny - I guess you haven't heard, huh? This is the land of opportunity. He and his brother Syd opened up this place in the middle of Prohibition. A few bucks here, a few bucks there, nobody sees nothing.

Peggy - [in background] "That this longing for you follows wherever I go."

Benny - [nods toward man sitting at another table near the back, a ledger in front of him] That's Syd over there, cooking the books.

Peggy - [singing] "In the roaring traffic's boom, in the silence of my lonely room, I think of you."

Benny - I mean, I've never met him up close and personal-like, you know, but I hear he's all brains and no style, you know what I mean?

Peggy - [singing] "Day and night, under the hide of me."

Benny - Anyway, the two of them wound up the biggest whiskey runners in town, yeah? And now it's all legit. Boy, what a country, huh?

Peggy - [in background] "There's an oh such a hungry yearning burning inside of me."

DM - Only in America.

Benny - Yeah.

Peggy - [singing] "And this torment won't be through, 'til you let me spend my life making love to you. Day and night, night and day."

[As Peggy sings, DM sees Joey flirting with cigarette girl.]

Peggy - [singing] "You are the one. Only you, beneath the moon and under the sun."

[Syd also sees Joey flirting & frowns.]

Peggy - [singing] "Whether near to me, or far... It's no matter, darling, where you are. I think of you, 4 night and day."

[Song ends, audience applaudes. Peggy steps away from the mike, sips from a glass of club soda, looks around & sees Joey still flirting with the cigarette girl. She sees DM looking at her & walks determinedly over to him as the band starts playing a lively tune. DM stands as she approaches.]

Peggy - [offers him her hand] Like to dance?

DM - I hear you're dangerous to know. [takes her hand, kisses it]

Peggy - Afraid of a little danger?

DM - Hm-mm.

Peggy - Well, then?

DM - [to Benny] Excuse me. [leads Peggy out onto dance floor]

[Benny watches them dance, finishes his drink, then picks up DM's and gulps it down, too.]

Peggy - So what is it that you do, Mister--?

DM - MacLeod. Duncan MacLeod. I'm in antiques.

Peggy - Uh-huh? [as they continue dancing] Well, uh, Duncan MacLeod, that's not too shabby...

DM - Thank you.

Peggy - For an antique.

[DM laughs, continues dancing, spins her around, dips her. Joey is still obliviously flirting with cigarette girl. Syd finally has had enough & gets up from his table.]

DM - Is he looking yet?

Peggy - What do you mean?

DM - Your boyfriend. Is he jealous?

Peggy - Shut up and dance.

Syd - [interrupts Joey & the cigarette girl] Joey, get a load of the action on the dance floor.

Joey - Syd, I've got better things to do than look at some floozie kicking up her skirts.

Syd - It ain't some floozie. It's Peggy.

Joey - [looks up, sees DM & Peggy dancing, quickly goes over and separates them. Band stops playing.] Just what do you think you're doing, pal?

DM - Dancing.

Joey - With my girl?

DM - Well, if she's your girl, maybe you should dance with her.

Joey - Maybe you should stay out of what ain't your business!

DM - Careful, boy.

Syd - Hey, Joey, take it easy. We don't want to make a mess in here.

Joey - [to Peggy] Who is this guy?

Peggy - This is, uh, Mr. Duncan MacLeod. He's in antiques.

Joey - Antiques? Get rid of him. [snaps his fingers. Band starts playing again.] Dance, everybody. Come on, dance. Dance. Have fun. Come on.

Peggy - Look, I appreciate the dancing, but you see how it is.

DM - You don't have to explain. [kisses her hand again] You're a true beauty. [walks past Joey] You can relax. She's all yours. CUT <[goes back to his table, where multiple glasses are lined up in front of Benny, half of them empty] Where did all these drinks come from?

Benny - [thinks fast] Uh, that dame over there. [jabs his thumb over his shoulder] She likes ya.>


Loft above dojo, night 0

[DM checks pocket watch, puts on suit jacket.]

RR - So, uh, Benny's downstairs.

DM - Uh-huh?

RR - Mac, he's really sorry. I mean, he's like -- he's crying, for Pete's sake.

DM - Well, he's probably got an onion in his pocket.

RR - Oh, come on, Mac. Can't you just give the guy a break?

DM - He killed me.

RR - Oh, Mac, he didn't really kill you. I mean, I know it's not fun, but it's not like it's permanent either.

DM - Yeah, well, that's Benny's whole problem. He can't get killed. Every time he screws up, he starts over. And then he screws up all over again. [gets into elevator with Richie]


Empty dojo 0

Benny - [as DM & RR exit lift] Mac! Mac, forgive me, will ya? Please. I was way out of line, all right? I should've checked with you first, Mac. I'm sorry. You know I'd never let you get hurt, not really. I mean, it was just one of those really awkward situations you can't get out of without doing something really impulsive, like killing a good friend. Listen, Mac, the great thing is that it worked! Lang thinks you're dead. And as long as you don't run into him, everything is copacetic.

DM - Benny?

Benny - Yeah?

DM - Get one thing straight. I have a life here. I'm not about to run and hide from this guy.

Benny - No, no, no, no. That's the beauty of it, Mac. You don't have to. See, Lang has got cancer. He's gonna be dead himself within three months, tops! It's beautiful!

DM - Oh, you're all heart, Benny.

Benny - No, well, Mac, that's not what I meant. What I'm saying is that the chances of you running into him are next to nil. Next to nil. CUT <Let me get some of this. [brushes at DM's shoulder] What, you going on a hot date, huh? You look great. [as DM leaves] Look at you, you sexy, long-haired Immortal, you. You stud-man, you. Good luck! [to RR] I love him. He's, like, the best, isn't he? He's like a brother to me, you know that?> 5


Fundraiser, night 5

[Placard reads:


An addition to


Lang - That clumsy waiter could use a little straightening out.

Margaret - I'm sure you're just the man to do it, dear.

Lang - We're here to dedicate our new wing for the hospital. All you have to do is keep smiling and be your usual gracious self.

Margaret - Just try to keep your speech under an hour. Some of these folks might actually like to get some dancing in.

Grey-haired Man - Excuse me. Aren't you Peggy McCall?

Margaret - Oh, a long time ago. I'm Margaret Lang. It's so good of you to remember.

Grey-haired Man - I heard you sing in the old Palace Ballroom in Chicago -- New Year's Eve, 1939.

Margaret - That's the year I retired.

Grey-haired Man - Oh, you were wonderful. You were the queen of the ballroom.

Margaret - There were so many wonderful singers then.

Grey-haired Man - Not like you. You were magic. Let me get my wife. She'll be so thrilled to meet you.

Lang - I'm afraid we can't. It's time for my speech.

Grey-haired Man - [disappointed] Oh.

Margaret - Sorry. [Lang leads her away.]

Anne - [walking nearby with DM] I promise, we'll mingle a little, we'll sip a little, we'll hear one more speech, and we're out of here in half an hour, tops. Sound good?

DM - No. There's plenty of champagne, plenty of music. So why waste it? [pulls her to him]

Anne - [laughs] Oh, my. [DM hums a waltz as he dances with her.]

Margaret - [notices them] It can't be.

Anne - You're so sweet!

[Flashback to Peggy dancing with DM at the Coconut Lounge.] 3

DM - [dips Anne, sees Margaret watching him] Maybe we DO want to go home early after all.

Lang - [sees him] YOU!

DM - [awkwardly] Hi.


Lang's mansion, night 5

Lang - The son-of-a-bitch is alive!

Sal - But, boss, we saw the guy--

Lang - You saw a damned illusion. The little bastard tricked me.

Sal - Mr. Lang, the guy drowned.

Lang - How the hell did he do it?

Sal - I thought for sure he was dead.

Lang - He was at my charity ball tonight.

Sal - The guy must've had a diver waiting for him.

Lang - I don't care what he had. I want him dead. I want that little weasel dead, too. Now you find them, and you kill them!

[Sal & Herschel exchange a look, leave the room.] 6


Loft above dojo, night 0

Anne - [in bed with DM] Stop. [laughs] You said it wouldn't be a dull evening.

DM - We aim to please.

Anne - Well, not that I minded leaving early, but, uh, what did you do to totally piss off the biggest philanthropist of the city?

DM - He must have mistaken me for somebody else.

Anne - I don't buy that.

DM - You're pushing, Anne.

Anne - I am not pushing.

DM - You're not going to push, right?

Anne - Right. Right. Of course, if I was going to ask a question, it'd be something a lot more interesting, like, "How come you don't have any scars?" No vaccinations. No appendectomies.

DM - [smiling] Anne... You're pushing.

Anne - I am not!

DM - Yes, you are.

Anne - Oh, stop. I still don't know anything about you, except for the fact that you have secrets and Simon Lang doesn't like you very much, and that's not a lot to go on, is it?

DM - It's enough. [kisses her]


Flashback - Seacouver, 1938 - outside Coconut Lounge, later that night 3

Benny - Hey, hey, MacLeod! MacLeod! [runs to catch up to him] Listen, I'm heading over to that poker game on Front Street. You sure you don't want to join me?

DM - Well, I haven't played high-stakes poker in years.

Benny - Hey, all the better to take your money with, pal. Come on, it's not like you forget how.

DM - Well, I suppose it'll come back to me.

Benny - All right. Hey, listen, I'll get us a cab, all right? [leaves to hail a cab] Taxi!

DM - [turns as Syd taps him on the shoulder] I told your brother I'm not looking for trouble.

Syd - I'm just here to deliver a message.

DM - I'm listening.

Syd - Peggy wants you to come back to the club to see her after the last show.

DM - What for?

Syd - Hey, I'm just the delivery boy. You gonna be there or what?

DM - Tell her I'll be there.


Flashback - Seacouver, 1938 - Coconut Lounge dressing room, same night 3

<Joey - CUT Don't you know I love you?>

Peggy - So then why do you make me crazy with all those bimbos?

Joey - So I flirt a little. A guy in my position's gotta keep up appearances. It's just business. [kisses her] What about that guy you were hanging onto?

Peggy - Aw, hell -- I was only dancing with him to make you jealous.

Joey - You make me crazy. CUT

Peggy - Well, in that case, I forgive you. [They kiss again.]

Syd - [enters room] Joey? Business.

Joey - I'm a little involved here, Syd. Can't it wait?

Syd - No, it can't.

Joey - [to Peggy] He's great with the books, but his timing stinks. [joins Syd in hallway]

Syd - That guy MacLeod's out front in a booth.

Joey - And I should care about this because?

Syd - He says he's supposed to meet Peggy.

[Joey looks back into dressing room. Peggy sees him & blows him a kiss. Joey leaves.]

Peggy - Syd? What's going on?

Syd - It's just business.

Peggy - Joey's cool when it comes to business. That was not his business face.

Syd - He's going after MacLeod.

Peggy - Because I danced with the guy? I told him that meant nothing.

Syd - You know what Joey's like.

Peggy - Syd, please. You've got to go after him... before he hurts somebody.

Syd - Don't worry... I'll take care of it. [Peggy kisses him on the cheek. He leaves.] 7


Flashback - Seacouver, 1938 - Coconut Lounge 3

Joey - You know, I thought you were smart enough to be out of town by now, MacLeod.

DM - I thought I'd just stick around and see the sights.

Joey - Well, maybe that wasn't such a good idea. It's a dangerous town. People who don't mind their own business have been known to get hurt. [sets his gun on the table, a clear threat]

Syd - [joins them] Hey, Joey, stay calm. We don't want to make a mess in here.

Joey - Stay out of this, Syd! This isn't one of those deals where you can negotiate everything to death.

Syd - Sure it is. [picks up Joey's gun] Everything's negotiable. [shoots DM in the chest]

Joey - What the hell did you do that for? CUT

[Syd pulls second gun from his coat, shoots Joey with it, wipes it off & sets it on DM's side of the table, then wipes & tosses Joey's gun on the floor next to him.]


Flashback - Seacouver, 1938 - Coconut Lounge dressing room 3

Peggy - Syd, what happened? I heard shots.

Syd - I couldn't stop them. I tried... I was too late.

Peggy - What happened? Did Joey shoot him?

Syd - They shot each other, Peggy. They're dead. They're both dead.

Peggy - Joey's dead?

Syd - I was too late. It's my fault. I'm sorry, Peggy.

Peggy - No. It's my fault. If I hadn't tried to make him mad... 8 [Peggy cries, in shock]

Syd - I'll take care of you, Peggy. I'll take you home and I'll get the boys to clean up.

Peggy - What? Oh! [sobs]

Syd - Syd'll take care of everything. [comforts Peggy as she cries] I'll take care of you.


Dojo, next morning 0

Anne - I think I've done a pretty good job of not pushing.

DM - You think that entitles you to a bonus?

Anne - Yes. Maybe. You know, something small. Like, um, like where are you from?

DM - Well, let's just say my family's Scottish.

Anne - [feigning enthusiasm] Really.

DM - Mm.

Anne - [dryly] What a revelation.

[As they exit dojo, they meet Sal entering.]

Sal - You Duncan MacLeod?

DM - Usually.

[Sal pulls out a gun. DM pushes Anne down & kicks the gun out of Sal's hand. Sal takes off running.]

DM - [runs back to check on Anne] Are you okay?

Anne - I'm fine. I'm fine. And I am "not pushing" as hard as I can.


Dojo office 0

Benny - Listen, Mac, it was just bad luck. I mean, how the hell was I supposed to know it was his party?

DM - Yeah, but why does this always happen, Benny?

Benny - I -- I don't know. I mean, at least there was no harm done, Mac. I mean, they didn't get you, and even if they did, it wouldn't be permanent.

DM - No, they didn't get me, but they almost got Anne.

Benny - [sobered] Listen, I -- 9 I'm sorry, Mac. I guess I just didn't think this whole thing through very well.

DM - Well, this has gone way too far.

Benny - Hey, look, Mac, I'm gonna fix it, okay? I'll tell you what, man. I'm gonna go over there. I'm gonna talk to them. I'll tell them something. I'll-- [sees DM's glare] No?

DM - No. You're going to stay here, and you're going to stay out of trouble. And I mean it, Benny. [leaves]


Lang's mansion 5

[DM drives down long, curved driveway, across estate grounds, 10 looks over at mansion as he parks. Camera shot of sidewalk in front of mansion. DM gets out of car11 goes to front door, rings doorbell. A butler answers door.]

DM - I've come to see Mr. Lang.

Butler - Ah.

DM - The name's MacLeod.

Butler - Yes.

Margaret - [comes down stairs] Let him in, James.

DM - [enters] I'm sorry to bother you, but I thought it was necessary.

Margaret - That was you last night at the ball, wasn't it?

DM - Yes.

Margaret - You remind me very much of someone.

DM - Duncan MacLeod?

Margaret - Your grandfather?

DM - Uh, Mrs. Lang, I need to see your husband.


Dojo 0

Benny - What about Alvin "Creepy" Karpus? Did you ever hear about him?

RR - [working out, doing chin ups] I don't care.

Benny - He was a Canadian gangster, you know. Not too many of those. Maybe two. But, you know, even he -- yeah, I mean, he had a chip on his shoulder about being a canuck.

RR - [interrupts] Benny, I said I don't care, all right?

Benny - <Hey, listen, Maybe you're working out too much. You shouldn't have to, you know. Just get yourself a nice jacket and you're set.> CUT Hey, look, I guess Mac's a little pissed off at me, isn't he?

RR - Well, Benny, do you blame him?

Benny - Hey, look, it was an angle that went a little haywire, okay? It happens.

RR - Benny, you ever thought about going through life and just taking what it deals you without trying to work some angle?

<Benny - Oh, yeah? Like what? I mean, like get a real job? CUT

RR - Wouldn't be a bad idea.> I'm taking a shower.

Benny - Yeah, well, I've thought about it, you know? [calls after him as RR goes toward the showers] It's not like it hasn't occurred to me. But I mean, even if I wanted to... [quietly, to himself] What the hell would anybody want to hire me for? [turns, punches at hanging bag half-heartedly]

Sal - Nice punch, Benny. [knocks Benny out]


Lang's mansion 5

DM - [takes peppermint candy from bowl offered by Margaret] Thanks.

Margaret - Why do you want to find Simon?

DM - I need to clear up some history.

Margaret - About your grandfather? It's all so long ago. What happened, happened. Accept it, like I did. CUT It took him decades to become a respectable businessman. Now he's acting like a cheap hoodlum. I guess the past always comes back to haunt you. 12 [looks at their reflections in mirror] You look just like he did, over fifty years ago... but who is this dried-up old woman beside you?

DM - I still see a beautiful woman.

Margaret - When I think of myself, I always see me as I was then: young, fresh, happy. Joey standing by my side. CUT

DM - Real beauty never fades, Peggy. [kisses her hand]

Margaret - CUT So, what do you want to know?

DM - I need to know where to find your husband.


Establishing shot: Coconut Lounge sign 0

Abandoned Coconut Lounge 3

[The furniture & decorations are still there, but covered in dust & cobwebs. The club has obviously been closed for a long time.]

Lang - [coughing] I'm done wasting my time on low-life scum like you.

Benny - I know what you mean, Mr. Lang. I'm a loser. But listen, you don't have to kill me. I'm sure you've got more important things to do. You're not feeling well.

Lang - I've done great things for my country.

Benny - You sure have.

Lang - I deserve a little peace of mind in my final days. This time I'll do it myself. [points revolver at Benny]

Benny - Syd. Syd, please. Don't!

Lang - [shoots Benny] I told you, don't call me Syd.

DM - [off screen] Lang!

Lang - [turns, sees DM] What a nice surprise. Now it's your turn. [raises gun]

DM - I'd really like to talk.

Lang - Any famous last words?

DM - Nothing that's not a cliché.

Lang - [to henchmen] Get rid of him.

[DM takes out both henchmen, then ducks behind the bar as Lang shoots at him.]

DM - Why are you doing this? You've been Simon Lang for fifty years. Why risk it all?

Lang - Duncan MacLeod and Joey Lankovski killed each other... and that's the way it's going to stay. [fires more shots]

DM - We both know you did it, Syd.

Lang - So the little weasel was right. You do know. [shoots again]

DM - Is that what it was? You wanted Joey's girl?

[Margaret stands at entrance, watching them.]

Lang - Joey got everything -- the press, the girl. I put it all together. It was time for him to retire.

<Margaret - You bastard! CUT

DM - Peggy, get out of here!

Margaret - You shot your own brother! You took away the best thing that ever happened to me. Joey was my life!

Lang - Margaret.

Margaret - You killed him! [She attacks him. He pushes her away.]>

DM - [to Peggy] Stay out of this. [to Lang] You should have left the past alone.

Lang - And you -- you should've stayed dead at the ferry. [raises his gun again, is shot by Peggy (with henchman's gun) before he can fire]

Margaret - [shoots him twice more before DM takes gun from her] What happens now?

DM - [wipes gun off & drops it by Lang's body] I'll take you home. [escorts her up the steps and out. B]


Loft above dojo 0

[DM C starts record playing on turntable.]

Peggy - [on record, singing] "Night and day..."

Benny - She was a class act, huh? They sure don't make dames like that anymore.

DM - They never made 'em like that, Benny. She was one of a kind.

Benny - Yeah, well. She's gonna be okay, Mac. I mean, with Syd gone, she's free and she's loaded.

Peggy - [on record, singing] "Night and day..."

DM - She's lost a little time, Benny.

Benny - Yeah, that's true, too. I'm sorry. You're right.

Peggy - [on record, singing] "You are the one."

DM - Talking about starting a new life...

Benny - Absolutely, Mac. It's a brand-new leaf for me, I tell ya. I mean, you know, as soon as I can get a little bit of a stake. [DM hands him an envelope.] Oh, Daddio, what the heck is this? Is this the stake?

DM - No, it's a ticket to Chicago.

Benny - What? What are you talking-- Hey, come on, MacLeod. I thought we'd patched things up. What the hell?

DM - Bye, Benny.

Benny - Aw, come on, Mac. I was gonna still check out some of the local action. I thought you and I could go down to a craps game tonight.

DM - [firmly] Bye-bye, Benny.

Peggy - [on record, singing] "I think of you."

Benny - [opens envelope] This is a bus ticket!

DM - Yeah. Bon voyage. Hasta la vista. Write when you get work.

Benny - Oh, come on, Mac. Chicago's two thousand miles away! <I mean, it'll take -- it'll take thirteen years to get there by bus.> CUT What the hell am I supposed to do about food?

DM - Oh! [tosses him a roll of quarters]

<Benny - Quarters? You're giving me quarters? I'll be dead before I even get there, Mac. Come on, Mac, please, do me a favor. [DM glares at him.] Okay, you're right. I'm an ungrateful son-of-a-gun. Listen, thank you so much, but couldn't you spring for an airline ticket, Mac? [DM herds him into elevator.] It's like a dog kennel on those buses. There's, like, a lot of sweaty people. I'm an Immortal! CUT

DM - Benny? Benny?

Benny - Yeah?

DM - [pushes lift button] Shut up. [closes grate]

Benny - Listen, I'll call you when I get back into town. Maybe you can introduce me to some of those Immortal babes of yours.

DM - Bye, Benny.

Benny - [as lift disappears] Bye.>

Peggy - [on record, singing] "I think of you. Day and night, under the hide of me..." [DM sits on chair, listens to record.] "There's, oh, such a hungry yearning burning inside of me."


End of "Vendetta"

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