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Episode 12: They Also Serve

Written by Lawrence Shore
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Aired: February 11, 1995
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher

Dr. Anne Lindsey - Lisa Howard
              ER doctor


May-Ling Shen - Vivian Wu
              Chinese Immortal

Michael Christian - Barry Pepper

Rita Luce - Mary Woronov
              Christian's Watcher

Ian Bancroft - Michael Anderson Jr.
              May-Ling's Watcher


Mike Barrett - Marc Baur
              Bartender at Joe's, Watcher

Kahn - Mina E. Mina
              Mongolian Watcher, in FB

Justin Russell - Oliver Becker
Maureen Russell - Lorraine Landry
              married Watchers

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Hong Kong (establishing) - unknown location
2. Diving pool - 788 Jervis St [49.287213,-123.127302]
3. Motorhome - parking lot for 450 Stanley Park Dr [49.297144,-123.132339]
4. Outer Mongolia - Delta floodplains, near Point Roberts, exact coordinates unknown.
5. Street - alley between Robson & Alberni [49.287676,-123.128487]
6. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
7. Duncan's cabin - Mount Seymour Provincial Park [49.367768,-122.947607]
8. Dam - Seymour Falls Dam [49.371411,-122.948596]
9. Road near dam - Mt Seymour Rd [49.357923,-122.952813]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
= link to episode screencaps

Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut.

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[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Hong Kong 1

[Super: Hong Kong]

Hong Kong - diving pool 2

[Christian watches through rooftop skylight as May-Ling dives repeatedly from platform into pool. As she swims for the ladder, she senses 'buzz', sees Christian waiting for her with his sword.]

Christian - Looks like you went swimming without your life preserver. [clicks his tongue] You made a mistake, May-Ling.

May-Ling - If you want to fight, let me get my sword.

Christian - Oh, no. I don't want to fight. No, I want your head. [beheads her before she can react, takes her Quickening. Rita watches from nearby.]


Establishing shot: parked motorhome 3

Inside motorhome 3

Rita - [giving Christian a massage] It was flawless. Exactly as I had planned. And you were superb. Alhough you could have been a little quicker.

Christian - She's dead, isn't she? I was perfect.

Rita - You're good, Michael, but you only get one mistake.

Christian - Well, I won't make it.

Rita - Unless you get careless, or lazy, or you don't choose your targets carefully. Everything in the proper place at the right time. And never move unless you're ready. And always be ready. [stands, picks up iron from table, quickly swings it at his head. He grabs her wrist to stop her, revealing the Watcher tattoo there.]

Christian - I'm ready.


Establishing shot: Joe's Bar 0

[Ian walks toward entrance.]


Joe's Bar 0

[Behind the bar, Mike is cleaning glasses & Joe is checking his stock.]

Ian - [enters] Excuse me?

Mike - [turns] Get you something?

Ian - Glenmorangie, if you have it.

Mike - Coming up.

Joe - [puts down his clipboard, walks around end of bar past some patrons] Excuse me. [walks over to Ian] Ian. Oh, it's good to see you. How are you. [introduces Mike] Mike Barrett, Ian Bancroft.

Mike - It's a pleasure, Mr. Bancroft. A real honor.

Ian - The pleasure's mine. I've heard good things about you.

Joe - So... what do you think of the joint?

Ian - Well, I give high marks to any club that serves fine single malt. It suits you. Must be true, what they say. "You can take the boy out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago out of the boy."

Joe - <CUT You know, you're still the only person I know who gets away with calling me "boy".> So, who needs reassignment?

Ian - I do.

Joe - May-Ling?

Ian - She's gone.

Joe - I'll be damned.


[later, Watcher poker night]

Mike - [dealing cards, the Watcher tattoo on his wrist visible] Here we go again, ladies and gents. Five-card draw.

Rita - [enters bar] Joe? I didn't know we were having a party.

Joe - Well, the more the merrier. Grab a chair. You can make a contribution to my retirement fund. Oh, uh, Justin Russell, Maureen Russell. [points to young couple sitting at table with himself, Mike, & Ian]

Rita - Rita Luce. [to Joe] Uh, no thanks. You know I don't like to gamble.

Joe - Well, Mike's off duty, so it's "serve yourself" at the bar.

Rita - Ian... I'm sorry about May-Ling.

Ian - Why?

Rita - I know how hard it is to lose one. When Gaspar got killed, it was like losing family.

Ian - Gaspar was your first assignment. You didn't know any better. But you should know better now. [to Justin] Your bet.

Justin - Check. So it looks like Trent is definitely moving to Boulder, Colorado.

Maureen - I'll open for five.

Joe - On this? [tosses some chips] Okay. So, are you going to go with him?

Maureen - We haven't decided yet.

Justin - Maureen's nervous about moving to a new city. CUT

Rita - What's Trent like?

Ian - Does it make a difference? [Rita shrugs.] CUT

Maureen - Keeps to himself. CUT

Justin - Maureen thinks he's been writing historical romances under a pseudonym.

Maureen - He is!

Ian - Raise you ten.

Mike - I'll see that. [tosses in chips] They any good?

Maureen - Lot of swordfighting.

Justin - He must be basing them on someone else's life. We've been watching the guy for three years and I don't think he used his sword once.

Maureen - Call. [tosses chips]

Mike - Must be rusty as hell.

Joe - Mm, fold. [to Ian] What was that kid, uh, remember? What was his name? Uh, took out Richland.

Ian - Boyer. [shows his cards] Uh, flush. Nine high. [lays down 8, 3, 5, 6, & 9 of hearts]

Maureen - Pair of queens. What was I doing in this game?

Mike - [as Ian reaches for the pot] Uh-uh-uh. [lays his cards on top of Ian's] Full house, kings and threes. [King of hearts, diamonds, and spades; 3 of diamonds and spades]

Joe - Boyer, yeah. Five-feet-two and skinny as a rail. Didn't think he'd last a year.

Justin - He still around?

Joe - Last I heard.

Mike - Well, I guess it's like anything else... You never know until the last card. [collects his winnings]

Justin - [shuffling the deck] Well, the one that surprised me was Grayson. CUT No one thought that anybody'd nail that son-of-a-bitch.

<Joe - I only saw the beginning. CUT Looked like MacLeod was finished, and, uh, I didn't want to stick around and see it happen.>


Flashback: Sulfur piles by the docks, night
(from "Band of Brothers")

[Swordfight begins. Fight ranges among the sulfur piles & the conveyor belts & equipment around them. 1 Up in the catwalks of the rig, DM dodges Grayson's blows.]

Grayson - [holds DM's sword against his] Another century and you might have beaten me.

[Grayson punches DM in the face, knocking him from the rig. DM lands on conveyor belt. Grayson jumps down after him. Fight continues. Grayson disarms DM.]

Grayson - [raises his sword for final blow] There can be only one!

[DM kicks Grayson away, jumps from conveyor belt. 2 Grayson jumps down after him & both roll to bottom of sulfur pile. DM crawls toward his katana. Thinking he has won, Grayson stalks forward & swings. DM, kneeling with his back to Grayson, suddenly brings his katana up & around, blocking Grayson's stroke, then turns & slashes him across the stomach. The fight begins again, but Grayson is badly wounded & eventually DM disarms him.]

DM - There can be only one. [DM beheads Grayson, takes Quickening.]


Joe's Bar - poker night 0

(resume previous scene)

Rita - I guess the lesson is 'never underestimate MacLeod'.

Joe - Yeah, he's surprised a few people.

Rita - The man doesn't seem to have any weaknesses.

Joe - No. Not that I've noticed.

Justin - To tell you the truth, Rita, I'm surprised your guy Christian's still around. As young as he is, I'd have thought he was easy pickings.

Rita - Maybe he just works harder than anybody else.

Ian - You sound like his manager.

Rita - Why? Because I think he's as good as anybody out there?

Ian - Objectivity. Objectivity.

Rita - Oh, give me a break. You put two years of your life into May-Ling Shen and when she's killed, you just go off to a poker game as if nothing happened? Well, I'm sorry. I'm not like that.

Ian - Then it sounds to me like you'd better find a new assignment.

Rita - Don't even think about it.

Joe - She's been with Christian since the beginning.

Ian - Perhaps that's the problem. She's lost her perspective.

Rita - That's crap!

Joe - Come on, Ian. Everyone tends to root for their guy a little. It's an occupational hazard.


Ian - That doesn't make it right. [to Rita] You're too close to him.

Rita - Who are you to judge me? [reaches for cards on table] Is this all they are to you? Cards in a game? <Here's May-Ling. [rips card into pieces] CUT The game is over, right? The game goes on without her. Here is Xavier. [throws card at Maureen] And this one: here is Sarah. And here is Stanton, and here is Darius. [throws cards and chips at the players]>

Joe - Rita, Rita!

Rita - Go on, keep on playing. They're just cards! [storms out]

Ian - Perhaps we've, uh, played enough poker for tonight.


Loft above dojo 0

DM - Hey, Dawson, what's up? [realizes from Joe's solemn expression that he has bad news] Want some coffee?

Joe - MacLeod...

DM - Who is it?

Joe - May-Ling Shen.

DM - When?

Joe - Two days ago. In Hong Kong. CUT

DM - Who was it?

Joe - Does it matter? Michael Christian.

DM - Never heard of him.

Joe - He's quite young. Became Immortal about twenty years ago. Look, I -- I did some digging and, well, I found this. [holds out old leather-bound chronicle with Watcher symbol on the cover]

DM - One of your Chronicles?

Joe - May-Ling's. From the end of the eighteenth century. We had a man in Mongolia. I thought you might want to have a look at it.

[DM carefully opens the book, revealing an illustration with oriental script.]


Flashback - Outer Mongolia, 1780 4

[Super: Outer Mongolia 1780]

[A small crowd watches two men wrestling as DM hikes into village. DM stops next to Kahn, who is wearing a Watcher medallion around his neck.]

Kahn - Our local champion. In five years he has not been defeated.

DM - Perhaps he needs a stronger opponent.

Kahn - Would that be you?

DM - Someday.

[Wrestler throws his opponent.]

Kahn - I have heard it said that experience is the best teacher.

DM - [hands his walking stick to Kahn] Nothing ventured, nothing gained. [takes off his pack and shoes, walks out onto wrestling mats, bows to wrestler. They grapple briefly, then wrestler throws him.]

Kahn - [laughs] Perhaps you wish to learn how to do that?

DM - No. Maybe later. [puts his shoes back on as crowd disperses] I seek a master, one who knows the Way of the White Crane... not the Bull. Do you know of him?

Kahn - Only one can teach you that. [points] At the end of the village, you will find what you seek.

DM - [picks up his pack] Thank you. [takes walking stick back from Kahn, bows to him, starts walking toward nearby yurts, senses 'buzz']

May-Ling - [steps out of yurt] May-Ling Shen.

DM - Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. I've not come to fight you.

May-Ling - Then why are you here?

DM - To learn. I was told I could find a master here.

May-Ling - Who told you that?

DM - A man named Kiem Sun.

May-Ling - A good man... but a poor student.

DM - YOU were his teacher?

May-Ling - If you choose not to believe me, that is not my concern.

DM - No! No, forgive me. But you are a woman.

May-Ling - Are you always this observant? A body is not particular about the hand that throws it.

DM - True. It must have been hard for you to find a master who would take you on.

May-Ling - Because women are refused training?

DM - Oh, aye.

May-Ling - [suddenly attacks, swinging her sword rapidly & knocking DM off his feet] I am one who refused to be refused. When one's life is in danger, one is capable of doing extraordinary things.

<DM - CUT [from his position on the ground, to himself] Great. Twice in one day.>



May-Ling - [sparring hand-to-hand with DM] You have to be a reed in the wind. Neither opposing nor giving way.

DM - I thought I had to feel the weight of the mountain.

May-Ling - The weight of the mountain must pass through you, not anchor you. Sounds like you had a samurai for a teacher.

DM - [nods] Aye.

May-Ling - One of us?

DM - No.


Flashback: Japan, 1778 - garden
(from "The Samurai")

Hideo - [throws DM to the mat] Do you wish to rest for a while? This must be another Western custom. Shall I have a servant bring you a pillow?

DM - [gets to his feet] I will let you know when I have had enough. I'd like to see you try that one again.

Hideo - As you wish, honorable guest. [bows, waits for DM to attack, throws him to the mat again]

DM - I think I have had enough.

Hideo - I thought I faced a gaijin with the spirit of a Samurai. [helps DM to his feet] What was the superior Western art you wished to show me? Ah, yes, "The manly art of... loxing?"

DM - That was "boxing," and you can forget it. Just show me what you do... Whatever... [flaps his arms around] Whatever that was.


Flashback - Outer Mongolia, 1780, evening 4

May-Ling - Hideo was obviously a master. 3 Did you have a disagreement?

DM - No.

May-Ling - Then why did you leave him?

DM - He died.


Flashback: Japan, 1778 - room
(from "The Samurai")

Hideo - [tending a bonsai] It is as it must be.

DM - But not if our friendship has cost you your life. That is not right!

Hideo - If my lord chooses to have me die, that is his right... and my duty.

DM - So you're just going to wait here until they come for you?

Hideo - My Lord has been generous. They will come when it is done.

DM - When what is done?

Hideo - When I have taken my own life. And it would be an honor if you would assist me. [DM stares at him in shock.]

DM - I cannot do that! You are my friend!

Hideo - And that is why I ask. Because if I should falter, you must keep me from shame. You must end my pain with a pure stroke.

DM - But there must be some other way! We can get a boat and leave Japan!

Hideo - I could no more run than I could fly. Koto is a noble Samurai name... a name I have been honored to borrow. To dishonor it for all who follow me would be unthinkable.


Flashback: Japan, 1778 - room
(from "The Samurai")

[Hideo kneels on a mat, raises the ceremonial knife, and thrusts it between his ribs. DM stands over him with the dragon-head katana raised, and swings down.] 4


Flashback - Outer Mongolia, 1780, evening 4

(resume previous scene)

[May-Ling & DM sit together in silence.]


<Loft above dojo 0 CUT

[DM closes Chronicle, goes to window & looks out, visibly upset.]>


Luxury motorhome, morning 3

Christian - So why Trent? I thought we were here for MacLeod.

Rita - Patience. It's nice to have a real kitchen instead of a mini-bar for once. [sets plate of pancakes in front of him] Almost like a real home.

Christian - I suppose.

Rita - [puts bottle of syrup on table] At least it's better than living out of a suitcase.

Christian - Yeah, but I'm ready for MacLeod. Why wait? 5

Rita - Because... the timing is not right. First, Trent. From what I hear, he'll be easy.

Christian - Chopping the head off a librarian? What's the point?

Rita - [slaps him] Because I said so. You'd be dead without me. You want to stay alive, you'll do as I say.


Joe's Bar 0

Joe - [doing bookkeeping] Don't you think you were a little hard on Rita?

Ian - No, I meant what I said. She's getting too close to Christian.

Joe - Aw, so what if she's projecting a little? After her son died, Christian became much more important to her.

Ian - We have rules.

Joe - C'mon, Ian. I mean, getting attached -- it happens sometimes. It comes with the job. You know that. At least cut the woman some slack.

Ian - I don't like it.

Joe - She was right about Darius, wasn't she?

Ian - I don't know what you mean.

Joe - Yes, you do. You spent thirty years watching the man. You gonna try to tell me that you didn't feel something after he was killed?

Ian - Darius was different.


Flashback: Outside St. Joseph's Chapel, night
(from "Band of Brothers")

Darius - Will it please you that much to destroy me?

Grayson - Immensely. You could have been one of the greatest rulers in the history of the world. Instead you cower on holy ground.

Darius - That was fourteen hundred years ago. But for you, the world hasn't changed.

Grayson - Look outside your cloister. What has changed? The means of destruction only. You're a fool.


Flashback: Outside St. Joseph's Chapel
(from "For Tomorrow We Die")

Darius - I should have stopped him. LeBrun was right. People will die because of me.

DM - Not because of you. Because of him.

Darius - Perhaps it's time that... Perhaps it's time that I should leave my sanctuary.


Flashback: Outside St. Joseph's Chapel
(from "The Hunters")

[Horton & four Hunters walk toward the church.]


Flashback: St. Joseph's Chapel - rectory
(from "The Hunters")

[Darius walks over to desk, sits down.]


Flashback: St. Joseph's Chapel - entrance
(from "The Hunters")

[Horton & two Hunters enter chapel & walk toward rectory.]


Flashback - St. Joseph's Chapel - rectory

[A foot kicks open the wooden door.]


Flashback: St. Joseph's Chapel - rectory
(from "The Hunters")

[Darius lowers head to clasped hands, then looks up as he hears chapel door open.]


Flashback: Inside St. Joseph's Chapel
(from "The Hunters")

DM - [runs toward body] Darius!


Joe's Bar 0

(resume previous scene)

Ian - We killed him.

Joe - No, we didn't kill him. Horton did. Now, what you felt for Darius, she feels for Christian.

Ian - Michael Christian is no Darius.

Joe - Maybe Rita thinks he is.

DM - [enters, carrying May-Ling's Chronicle] Hey, Joe.

Joe - MacLeod. Um, Ian Bancroft -- Duncan MacLeod.

DM - [shakes Ian's hand] Nice to meet you. [Joe pulls him aside.] Um, I was leaving town for a couple days. I was wondering if I could take this with me.

Joe - Sure. Fine. Look, I'll, uh, I'll see you later, okay, Mac?

DM - [looks over at Ian] Sure. [leaves, walking past Ian] Nice to meet you.

Ian - [after DM is gone] What the hell was that? How long has this been going on?

Joe - Easy, Ian.

Ian - What did you think, Joe? No one would ever find out? Was that why you were defending Rita?

Joe - I defended Rita because I don't think she's wrong.

Ian - Then you're as far gone as she is. You gave an Immortal one of our Chronicles. Are you out of your mind?

Joe - You think I planned this? He found me. What was I supposed to do, drop a cyanide tablet to keep our secret?

Ian - You should have been reassigned. Immediately. You should have left town. There are rules, Joseph! You have your vow!

Joe - Sometimes in life, you have to do more than just watch.


Flashback: Paris - Pier near Paris riding stable
(from "Unholy Alliance II")

Joe - [as Horton jumps into boat] It's finished, James.

Horton - Joseph! We're family.

Joe - I'll light you a candle. [shoots Horton, who falls into river] He always had a way out.

DM - I would have done it.

Joe - No, MacLeod. We make mistakes, we clean them up.

DM - [takes gun from Joe, throws it into the water] Dawson. I'll see you around.


Joe's Bar 0

(resume previous scene)

Ian - There have been Watchers for centuries. If we start ignoring the Code, the whole thing falls apart.

Joe - It's not always black and white, Ian.

Ian - This is. It has be. Why do you think Christian is in town? Perhaps MacLeod is next on his list. What are you going to do, Joe?

Joe - MacLeod doesn't need my help. Christian doesn't stand a chance against him.

Ian - He didn't have a chance against May-Ling, either.

Joe - I'm his friend. I'm not his guardian angel. You know damn well I'm not about to interfere in an Immortal battle.

Ian - CUT Don't think he's your friend. He's an Immortal. You're a Watcher. He's not your friend. He never will be.


Loft above dojo 0

[DM sits with a drink in his hand, looking at the closed Chronicle on his coffee table, thinking about May-Ling.]


Flashback - Outer Mongolia, 1780 4


DM - You must have had a remarkable teacher.

May-Ling - Yes. Although we did have some minor differences.

DM - Differences?

May-Ling - Yes. [continues sparring] In the beginning, he treated me as more than just a student.

DM - I'm not surprised. I could see where a situation like that could get rather complicated.

May-Ling - So the student was obliged to teach the teacher a lesson.

DM - And what was that?

May-Ling - [knees him in the groin] Simply, that one of a man's greatest assets can also be his greatest liability. [pats him on the shoulder]

DM - [hoarsely, grimacing] I had to ask.


[weeks later, night]


May-Ling - I believe the teacher has taught you all she can.

DM - It is time, then, for the pupil to leave.

May-Ling - Yes. But perhaps the man will remain.

DM - Are you regarding me as more than a student?

May-Ling - I'm inviting you to be.

DM - [reaches over & tenderly strokes her cheek] I may have to teach you a lesson. CUT


Luxury motorhome 3

Rita - [hears car, looks out window] Someone's coming.

Christian - [playing 5-finger fillet at table with kitchen knife] Who is it?

Rita - It's Ian. Better get in the bedroom.

[Christian puts knife down, grabs his sword & hides in back of motorhome.]

Ian - [enters] I had a hell of a time finding you.

Rita - What do you want?

Ian - Rita, I want you to come off this assignment.

Rita - Thanks for your concern.

Ian - Christian seems to have piled up an awful lot of victories in his twenty years as an Immortal, hasn't he? And a lot of them were pretty damned unlikely.

Rita - So he's good. So what?


Ian - Someone's been feeding him inside information. The sort of information only the Watchers have. Rita, why don't you ask for reassignment? Get out of the field. Take a break.

Rita - Forget it! Christian killed your Immortal, and now you're taking it out on me! Well, get used to it. He's gonna kill a lot more before he's done.

Ian - Forget reassignment. I'll see to it that you're out. For good. And we'll see how your precious Golden Boy does without you. [leaves]

Rita - [as Christian comes out of bedroom] It's okay. Nothing, nothing is going to happen to you.


Street 5

Rita - [sitting in her car, sees Ian walking across street ahead of her] Perfect. [She drives forward, hits him, & drives off.]


Establishing shot: Dojo 6

Loft above dojo 0

DM - I'm sorry. It's never easy, losing a friend.


Joe - You know, coming here is the last thing Ian would have wanted me to do.

DM - Do you think he was right?

Joe - The last thing we did before he died was argue about it. Rule number one: A Watcher and an Immortal can't be friends.

DM - Come on, Joe. You don't have to choose.

Joe - Don't I? I took an oath... and I broke it. And the Watchers have been around for a long time. What gives me the right to say, "I'll do this my way"?

DM - Because you're a man, and part of life is deciding, making your own judgment calls. And choosing who your friends are. Do you regret our friendship, Joe?

Joe - No! [sighs] I don't know. I should go.

DM - I'll see you out.


Dojo elevator 0

DM - Unfinished business is always hard. If you didn't believe Ian was right yesterday, dying doesn't make him right today. Follow your instincts. That's all you can do.

Joe - What if you're wrong?

DM - Then you're wrong. 6


Dojo 0

DM - [as Joe exits elevator] You know, the life I live... Sometimes you fight, you kill... It never leaves you untouched.

Joe - I know. Thanks.

DM - I'll see you around, Joe.

RR - [enters as Joe is walking toward the exit] Hey, just the two fellas I was looking for. Check it out. Guy owed me a favor, and boom! [holds up tickets] Courtside seats. I am telling you, Jack Nicholson does not have a better view.

Joe - You thought we'd all go together?

RR - Well, I don't know. Let me see, Joe. [points to each of them in turn] Uh, one, two three -- [counts tickets] One, two three! Hey! Check that out!

DM - It's very nice of you, Rich. Thanks.

RR - You're welcome, Mac. So what do you say, Joe? You'll be there?

Joe - [flatly] No. No, I won't be there. [leaves]

RR - [to DM] Did I say something?

DM - Nah.


Loft above dojo 0

DM - [exits elevator with RR] I'm taking a little trip.

RR - Where to?

DM - The island.

RR - Mac, is, um... everything okay?

DM - Everything's fine. Just have some thinking to do. I'll be back tomorrow. [hands RR his katana] Keep an eye on this for me.

RR - Mac, that's one of the first thing you taught me -- make it part of you. Keep it with you.

DM - Yeah, I know. It is part of me, but it's not my life. For twenty-four hours, I'm walking away from it. Take it. [RR reluctantly takes the sword. DM packs May-Ling's Chronicle into his bag & zips it closed.] Don't worry, Richie. It's holy ground. [leaves]


Joe's Bar 0

Rita - [as Joe walks over] Joe.

Joe - Hello, Rita.

Rita - I heard about Ian. What a loss. [Joe gives her a look.] Joe, I know we had words, but that doesn't mean that we still weren't friends.

Joe - No, it doesn't.

RR - [arrives, interrupts] Joe. Hey, ah... [glances at Rita] Can I talk to you for a second?

Joe - Sure. [to Rita] Excuse us. [moves to end of bar with RR] What's up?

RR - Um, Mac went off on some kind of vision quest to the island.

Joe - So?

RR - So he didn't take his sword. CUT

Joe - Look, MacLeod's been around a long time. He can take care of himself.

RR - Yeah. Sure. He can take care of himself. [leaves]

[Rita, still sitting at bar, smiles briefly.]


Luxury motorhome, night 3

Christian - [looks up as Rita enters] Hi.

Cartoon character - [on tv] Look what he done! {??}

[Rita turns off the tv]

Christian - What'd you do that for?

Rita - You've got better things to do. [reachs into closet] It's time. [pulls out his sword & carries it over to him] Time to take out MacLeod.


Duncan's cabin 7

[DM paddles canoe toward island.]

Christian - [voice-over] Where is he?

[Canoe reaches shore of island with large cabin visible among the trees.]

Rita - [voice-over] He's on an island. A place the Indian shamans used.

[DM sits cross-legged on the ground, meditating.]

Christian - [voice-over] Rita, that's holy ground.


Luxury motorhome, night 3

(resume previous scene)

Rita - He's got to come back, doesn't he?

Christian - Yes, he does.


<Joe's Bar, night 0 CUT

[Joe sits in the closed bar, playing blues on his guitar.]


Flashback: Loft above dojo
(from "The Cross of St. Antoine")

Joe - Well, then do something for me.

DM - Whatever you need.

Joe - You help me find this son-of-a-bitch.


Joe's Bar, night 0

[Joe continues playing blues on his guitar.]


Flashback: Outdoor path
(from "Turnabout")

DM - I want your files.

Joe - No chance.

DM - I need to know more about him -- where he's lived, his habits. What he's done.

Joe - We have rules.

DM - Then break them.


Joe's Bar, night 0

[Joe continues playing blues on his guitar.]


Flashback: Park bench by ocean
(from "Unholy Alliance I")

DM - This is my business now, not yours. Understood?

Joe - Yeah.


Duncan's island, night 7

[DM performs a kata next to a campfire outside his cabin.]


Flashback: Outside Helene's residence
(from "The Vampire")

Joe - [as DM brings him coffee] Why, thanks, MacLeod. What is this, an act of friendship?

DM - Let's just say we're not enemies.


Duncan's island, night 7

[DM continues kata.]


Flashback: Inside bookstore - Joe's office
(from "The Watchers")

Joe - You're why I'm here, MacLeod. I've been tracking you for fifteen years.

DM - Should I be flattered?


Duncan's island, night 7

[DM continues kata.]


Flashback: Dojo office
(from "Turnabout")

Joe - He's got to be stopped, MacLeod!

DM - Then why don't you stop him? I'm not a cop, Dawson.


Duncan's island, night 7

[DM stands, holding the Chronicle in his arms.]


Flashback - Outer Mongolia, 1780 4

[Flashes of DM & May-Ling riding a pair of horses, walking toward the yurt, kissing beside a fire.]


Duncan's island, night 7

[DM sits by campfire, reading the Chronicle.]


Joe's Bar, night 0

[Joe finishes his song, stops playing.]>


Duncan's island, next morning 7

[DM leaves cabin, paddles canoe back across lake.]


Joe's Bar, morning 0

Rita - [enters] Knock, knock.

Joe - Over here.

Rita - Are you pouring coffee or am I too early?

Mike - I'll put a pot on.

Joe - So, how is Christian?

Rita - Oh, nothing exciting happening.

Mike - Then you didn't hear, did you?

Rita - Hear what?

Mike - Justin called me last night. Christian took out Trent yesterday.

Joe - You set him up. Just like you set up May-Ling! Where's Christian now?

Rita - It's too late to stop it.

Joe - Maybe not.


Dojo office 0

RR - [answers ringing phone] Dojo. This is Richie. [listens for a moment, then slams down the receiver & quickly leaves]


Joe's Bar 0

Rita - What have you done?

Joe - I just leveled the playing field.

Rita - No! [tries to run for the exit, but Joe grabs her]

Joe - Now we do what we're supposed to -- we wait.


Dam near Duncan's cabin 8

[DM paddles canoe toward dam. RR speeds down road on motorcycle. 9 DM walks toward his car & senses 'buzz', sees Christian.]

Christian - Michael Christian. And you're not on holy ground now, MacLeod.

DM - You're so right.

[Christian comes at him, swinging. DM dodges his sword.]

Christian - You're good, MacLeod, but you haven't got a chance. [He continues attacking, but DM manages to disarm him. They fight hand-to-hand. Both end up falling into the lake above the dam.]


Joe's Bar 0

[Joe & Rita sit at a table, waiting for news.]


Dam near Duncan's cabin 8

[DM & Christian fall over spillway of dam down to where Christian's sword has fallen.]


Road near dam 9

[RR speeds toward the dam on his motorcycle.]


Dam near Duncan's cabin 8

[RR skids to a stop next to DM's car just as Quickening begins.]


Joe's Bar 0

[Joe & Rita, still waiting.]


Dam near Duncan's cabin 8

RR - [watches lightning with horror, then grabs DM's katana, makes his way cautiously down to the river, meets DM climbing up the bank] Mac! CUT

<DM - Hey, Richie. How're you doing?

RR - I'm good. How are you?

DM - Good. [takes his katana from RR]

RR - It's nice to see you.

DM - Nice to see you, too.>


Joe's Bar 0

[DM enters. Rita sees him, realizes what that means. Holding back tears, she leaves.]

DM - [to Joe, quietly] Thanks. [clasps his hand] Thank you, Joseph. [sets Chronicle on table] For everything.

Joe - Yeah. What are friends for?


End of "They Also Serve"

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