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Episode 14: Song of the Executioner

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Aired: February 25, 1995
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher

Dr. Anne Lindsey - Lisa Howard
              ER doctor


Kalas - David Robb

Brother Paul - Eugene Lipinski
              Immortal monk


Max Jupe - John Tench
              ex-bass player at Joe's

Timon - Demetri Goritsas
              Immortal at monastery, in FB

Dan Tarendash - Vince Metcalfe
              Hospital Administrator

Karen - Lynda Boyd
              filling in for Marcia

Marcia Faulkner - Catherine Lough
              ER nurse, Anne's friend

Detective Brent Mohan - Paul Bittante
              friend of Joe's

Nurse - Allixandria/Allixandra East

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Vanderbilt Hall, parking lot - Richmond Gateway Theatre, 6500 Gilbert Rd, Richmond [49.167318,-123.147291]
2. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
3. Hospital establishing shot - St. Paul's Hospital, Comox St [49.280656,-123.12747]
4. Hospital interior - BC Children's Hospital, 4480 Oak St [49.244453,-123.126293]
5. Road outside monastery - unknown location
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Reruns on SciFi channel in 1999 & 2000 (partial recordings) match the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with two exceptions.

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[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium, evening 1

[Audience listens as group of monks sink a Gregorian Chant of "Kyrie Eleison". Brother Paul, one of the monks, senses 'buzz' and nods to DM, who is in the audience with Anne Lindsay.]


Vanderbilt Hall - control room, evening 1

[Kalas sits watching several monitors showing the monks' performance. He raises a hand to massage his throat as he listens to the Chant, then groans quietly. He focuses on one of the monitors that is zoomed in on DM and Anne in the audience. He turns away and reaches for his throat again.]


Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium, evening 1

[The audience claps as the concert ends & the monks leave the stage. As the crowds start to leave, DM and Anne move toward the stage.]

Paul - [meets them in front of the stage] Duncan! I was afraid you wouldn't get my letter on time.

DM - I almost didn't. Why didn't you call? [Paul gives him a look.] Oh, of course... no telephones. I want you to meet Anne Lindsey. [turns to Anne] Anne, meet a man who doesn't believe in the twentieth century.

Paul - [takes her hand] Oh, I believe in it. I just haven't quite arrived yet.

Anne - Oh, there's no hurry. The singing was incredible.

Paul - Oh, well, we try. If it brought some happiness, then it wasn't wasted.

<DM - CUT So, what made you decide to join the twentieth century?>

Paul - Well, apparently it decided to join us. There was this record promoter. He heard of our little choir, and he kept writing to me, saying it would be a sin not to share those voices with the rest of the world. <So here we are at Vanderbilt Hall.> CUT

Anne - Well, he was right.

Paul - And... we've never been a wealthy order, so to be frank, we needed the support.

DM - Well, you know you could have asked.

Paul - Oh, no, no, no, no. We have a recording contract, so just order plenty of records for your friends.

DM - CDs, Paul. They're called CDs now.

Anne - If tonight was any indication, you're going to be a major success.

Paul - Oh, not too big, I hope. Getting out once a century is quite enough. You know, I actually flew on a jet plane. And this movie they played... It was, uh... well, entertainment certainly isn't what it used to be.

DM - Well, come over and we can discuss the decline of Western morality.

Paul - Oh, no, not the morality. The dialogue -- it was atrocious. [DM & Anne laugh.] Anyway, I have to go see that the brothers are settled. But, uh, later on, if it's not too much trouble...?


Vanderbilt Hall - control room, evening 1

DM - [on monitor] You know it's not.

Paul - [offscreen] God bless.

[Kalas continues watching the monitors.]


Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium, later 1

Paul - [onstage, crosses himself, turns to empty auditorium, 1 sings portion of Gregorian Chant, feels 'buzz'] Who's there? Duncan? Duncan?

Kalas - [offscreen, voice raspy] You disappoint me, Paul. [steps out of backstage shadows] You were a quarter-tone flat.

Paul - My Lord. Kalas. What's happened to your voice? Where have you been? How did you know I was here?

Kalas - Vanderbilt Hall is mine. Who do you think brought you?

[Paul grabs his sword from his belongings backstage, exchanges a few brief blows with Kalas, and ends on his knees, disarmed.]

Kalas - I've waited so very long for this.

Paul - You will allow me to pray.

Kalas - Oh, be my guest. [Paul kisses his rosary, begins his prayer.] While you're at it, say one for MacLeod. [beheads Paul]


Establishing shot: Dojo, night 2

Loft above dojo, night 0

Anne - [into phone, joking] Next time you get sick, do it in someone else's E.R. You are the worst patient.

Marcia - [into phone, calling from her bed] Blame it on my doctor. 0

Anne - [into phone] Well, your doctor says get some rest so you can get your butt back to work.

Marcia - [into phone] Or what? You'll fire me? 0

Anne - [into phone] In a minute.

Marcia - [on phone] The place will fall apart without me.

Anne - [into phone] Listen, Karen's coming in to work for you tomorrow. [on phone] You get some rest until you feel better, okay?

Marcia - [into phone] Yes, ma'am.

Anne - [on phone] I'll check in with you tomorrow.

Marcia - [into phone] Okay. Bye. [hangs up] 0

DM - [as Anne hangs up] How's Marcia?

Anne - Oh, she's a workhorse. She'll be fine when she gets some rest. Come here. [pulls him to her & kisses him] That was for tonight. Thank you so much. I don't think I've ever heard such beautiful singing in my life. And you know what? I don't think I've ever met a monk before either.

DM - Well, Paul's one of a kind.

Anne - [as DM wanders away] Something wrong?

DM - Well, it's just that he should be here by now. I hope he hasn't got lost.

Anne - Oh, I'm sure that he's just, uh, settling in the rest of the choir. You know, I'm having a very difficult time picturing you two as being friends.

DM - Really?

Anne - You just don't strike me as the celibate type.

DM - You'd be surprised.


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - monastery 0

[Super: Europe 1658]

[Two men in monks' robes move through the monastery corridors to the front door, where a knocking is heard above the sounds of a thunderstorm.]

Paul - See to our guest, Timon. Man or beast, it's no night to be kept waiting outside.

[Timon sets his lantern aside, unbars door, opens it. DM enters on a gust of wind.]

Paul - [as Timon secures door] I am Paul, founder of our order, and this is Brother Timon. How can we serve you?

DM - I was told that I'd be welcome here. 2 I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Paul - A Highlander, no less. You've come far to find us.

DM - Up through Italy and across Europe. It seems half the world is at war.

Paul - And the other half is after your head. Oh, I know the outside world. That's why I made this place a refuge for our kind. You're welcome to stay here.

DM - I was to meet a friend here... Peter Hale.

Paul - Brother Hale left us weeks ago. He was here. I believe he told Brother Kalas he was on his way to England. CUT Come, let me take your coat. CUT

[DM removes his cloak & hat, hands them to Paul. Timon reaches for his sword but DM flinches back, guarding the pommel with his hand.]

Timon - I can see you're attached to it...

DM - It stays by my hand.

Paul - It is a world of blood and tears. But this is holy ground... a place to fear no one. And is that not why you've come to us? Do not worry. We haven't lost one... [DM reluctantly hands him the sword.] Yet. [chuckles] Come.

DM - [follows Paul down corridor] Peter told me of this place. But I did not believe him.

Paul - Oh, believe it. Remain with us as long as you have need.

DM - Are there more of us here?

Paul - A few, like yourself, amongst us that need solitude and peace... a place to heal the spirit.

DM - I am a little weary.

Paul - We carry a heavy burden, and we all need a refuge from time to time, from another Immortal or from ourselves.

[They pass three monks standing nearby, singing "Kyrie Eleison" Chant. DM senses 'buzz'. One of the monks briefly looks over his shoulder at DM.]

Paul - That is Brother Kalas. I'm afraid warmth is not his greatest quality. He has been with me since the beginning. I was his teacher.

DM - His voice... I've not heard the like.

Paul - He lives to sing. It's his glory. It's -- it's God's glory. Now if you'll excuse me, I must join them. Brother Timon will show you the way. [bows to DM & moves toward the singing monks]

Timon - Come. You need dry clothes and a hot fire.


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - monastery dining area 0

DM - What's it like, being a monk?

Timon - I would not know. I'm just a lay brother, a visitor here, like you.

DM - Like me.

Timon - You find that hard to believe? Out there, I forgot who I was... what I was living for. Life was one long battle. Does that sound familiar?

DM - Perhaps.

Timon - I sense that you are still battling. That will pass in time. After you've eaten, 3 you can join Paul and the others.

DM - I think not.

Timon - You do not sing?

DM - Only over a keg of ale. I do not have the gift. They sound more like birds than men.

Timon - So do I... Like a sick crow, or so Brother Paul tells me. There are other ways to pass the time... [sets leather-bound book on the table]

DM - Well, that looks interesting. [flips book open, glances inside, then closes it]

Timon - It's a play by an Englishman... William Shakespeare. You know of him?

DM - Of course... who doesn't?

Timon - It is, uh, Macbeth.

DM - Macbeth? Aye. I've been meaning to read that. Is it any good?

Timon - It's fascinating. A ghost story.

DM - Ah, 'tis a good book. I thank you, but I probably do not have the time. [stands up]

Timon - You cannot read.

DM - Of course I can read! A little Latin and some Italian.

Timon - But not English.

DM - I make out a word here and there.

Timon - Then I'll help you.

DM - You do not mind?

Timon - Well, I don't know about you, but I can only pray so many hours a day. [holds book out to DM] Find me when you are ready.


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - monastery corridor 0

DM - [looking at book] "Macbeth: A Scottish Story." Might not be too bad at that. [starts down corridor, hears metallic scraping, looks into monk's cell. Kalas is inside, sharpening his sword.]


Dojo office, next morning 0

DM - [into phone] Well, call me if he shows up. [hangs up]

[RR walks through busy dojo, wearing sunglasses & carrying a duffle, with his jacket slung over his shoulder. He enters the office.]

RR - Can I talk to you for a second?

DM - A little bright in here for you, is it?

RR - [takes off sunglasses] My buddy Larry, the guy who races bikes on the pro-circuit, he was just in town this weekend. We took a spin around a local flat track. I was with him to the finish.

DM - Great.

RR - So anyway, he wants to place me on his team for a race. The only thing is it's tomorrow and, uh, it's in Miami.

DM - Flat track?

RR - Yeah.

DM - Sure you're ready for it?

RR - Larry seems to think so. Mac, this is the big show. I know it's short notice, but it's just a couple of days. Come on, what do you say?

DM - [waves his hand in the air, then 4 rubs his eyebrow] Yeah, have a great time.

RR - [sits down] What's up, Mac?

DM - Paul never showed up. I've been making calls all morning. Nobody's seen him. He even missed morning prayers.

RR - Well, Mac, I think it's safe to say we've all missed our share of those.

DM - Not Paul. He hasn't been off holy ground for three hundred years. I doubt he's handled a sword in that time.

RR - You think he ran into someone?

DM - He's an easy target. I should have stayed with him.

RR - Well, Mac, what are you gonna do, guard the guy night and day?

DM - If I had to.

RR - I tell you what, uh, I'm gonna stick around. I mean, what the hell... bikes can wait.

DM - Nah, Richie. It wouldn't help. If he turns up, everything's fine. If not, then there's nothing you can do.

RR - Are you sure?

DM - Yeah. Watch your knees in those turns.

RR - Thanks, Mac.

DM - And Richie?

RR - Yeah?

DM - Good luck.

RR - You, too. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Hospital 3

[Ambulance drives past, lady in pink outfit crosses street, walks toward hospital entrance.]

Hospital - ER corridor 4

Anne - Hi.

Nurse - Hi, Anne. 5

Woman on PA - Dr. Carter to Radiology.

Anne - [reaches Nurses Station] Hey, Karen. How's the day shaping up?

Karen - Not good.

Anne - [sarcastic] Oh, great.

Karen - It's Marcia. They just brought her in.

Anne - Where is she?

Karen - Anne...

Anne - What?

Karen - She was D.O.A. CUT

Anne - Oh, no.

Karen - I'm really sorry. Are you okay?

Anne - No. No, dammit, I'm not okay.

Karen - The administrator's been asking for you.

Anne - He can talk to me in the morgue, 'cause that's where I'll be. [starts back down hallway]

Tarendash - [steps out of his office as she passes] Dr. Lindsey...

Anne - [keeps walking] It's gotta wait, Dan.

Tarendash - No, it can't, unfortunately.

Anne - [turns toward him] Look, they just brought Marcia in. She's downstairs. She should be at home with her family. Instead, she's at the morgue. I gotta find out what happened.

Tarendash - So do I. So does the hospital board.

Anne - What are you talking about?

Tarendash - Cause of death looks like an insulin overdose.

Anne - Tha-that -- that's impossible. I was treating her for hypoglycemia... How the hell did she get insulin?

Tarendash - You tell me. Look, I suggest you don't make any statements to anyone.

Anne - You think that I had something to do with this?

Tarendash - I'm on your side, Anne. Whatever the lawyers throw at us, we intend to fight.

Anne - I don't give a damn about lawyers. Marcia was my friend.

[As Anne continues down corridor toward morgue, she passes a man in a white lab coat -- it's Kalas, hiding his faced with a raised hand. He lowers his hand, looks up and down the corridor. A]


Joe's Bar, evening 0

[Band tunes their instruments on the stage.] B

DM - [joins Joe at bar] So?

Joe - Hey, I'm sorry. I checked, but, uh, no sign of Paul. I thought Anne was coming with you.

DM - There was some trouble at the hospital. [as musicians on stage start playing] How's the place doing?

Joe - I'm pretty happy. The customers are happy, and the IRS is happy.

DM - So everything's fine?

Joe - Yes, about ninety percent. Hey, I got something for you... [stops as man walks past him]

DM - Who's that?

Joe - The other ten percent. [raises his voice] Max... how very nice of you to come by.

Max - What the hell is that new guy doing, Dawson?

Joe - Offhand? I'd say he's playing bass.

Max - Dammit, I play bass!

Joe - No. Not here. Not anymore. Look, you don't give a damn about this band. You show up late. You skip rehearsals. You're loaded half the time. It's over. [hands him an envelope]

Max - You're firing me?

Joe - Yeah. Don't use me as a reference.

Max - You think I need this gig? I just got me a record contract. [walks around behind bar] Oh, yeah. I go into the studio tomorrow. [reaches under bar] So, uh, you know what you can do, Dawson? [opens beer bottle] You can take this two-bit gig and shove it, 'cause I'm gone. [raises the beer, takes a swig, leaves]

Joe - [to himself] Have one for the road, why don't you?

DM - Just as well it was only ten percent.

Joe - Yeah. You know, these other guys play their butts off and probably never get a break. This scumbag gets a record deal.

<DM - CUT I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. So where's that baggage you've got for me?>

Joe - Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, there was a messenger who brought it by right after I talked to you. [walks down length of bar, past patrons] Excuse me. [collects envelope from end of bar, returns to DM] Here it is. Here.

DM - [takes envelope] Thanks. [opens envelope, takes out broken piece of Paul's rosary]

Joe - What does it mean?

DM - Paul's dead.


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - corridor near scriptorium 0

<Paul - Ah, good morning, Duncan.

DM - Good morning, Paul.

Paul - It's a glorious morning.

DM - Aye, it is.> CUT

Paul - You look well. The monks' robes suit you.

DM - 'Tis true. I have felt at peace in the time that I've spent here. But I do not think it's my calling.

Paul - [walks over to look at illuminated pages hanging along a wall] Sacred pages, but time and men's hands soon wear them thin. 6

DM - [watching Kalas working on a page at a nearby desk] He looks more like a warrior than a scribe.

Paul - [whispers] I was a warrior once. [leaves]

DM - [walks over to Kalas] It must take you ages to copy like that.

Kalas - Years.

DM - You stay on holy ground all the time?

Kalas - Everything I want exists within these walls. Here, my voice touches heaven, or so it seems. I cannot imagine leaving.

DM - [leans over his shoulder, examining the page he is copying] I see no difference. They're exactly the same.

Kalas - Indeed. God's word must not be diluted or distorted.

DM - I've not seen its like in man or machine. You're truly a master.

Kalas - I've worked for centuries to perfect my skill.

DM - The only skill I've perfected is my sword arm.

Kalas - Hmm. Few of us are made for this life. Most take the refuge they need, then return to the outside.

DM - Like Peter Hale?

Kalas - That is the way.

DM - Where exactly did he say he was going?

Kalas - Denmark, I believe.

DM - Not England?

Kalas - Of course. It's been so long since I've gone anywhere. I'm afraid my sense of geography leaves something to be desired. Now, if you'll forgive me, I have God's work to do. [goes back to his task as DM leaves]


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - Timon's cell 0

DM - "Creeps in this petty pace from day to day... till the last syl-- syl--"

Timon - "Syllable of recorded time." [DM sighs, closes book.] Is there something on your mind, MacLeod?

DM - Oh, it's nothing, Timon. [changes his mind] Timon, you've been here a long time. [starts pacing] I mean, how do you deal with the lack of... I mean... well... well, you know.

Timon - You mean women?

DM - Aye. They cross my mind.

Timon - I read, I meditate. It's enough.

DM - I don't think I have your strength.

Timon - You will go back when you are ready.

DM - It might be sooner than I planned. [They share a smile.] 7


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - MacLeod's cell, night 0

DM - [reading aloud] "Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn--"

Paul - [offscreen] "And cauldron bubble."

DM - [looks behind him, smiles as Paul enters] Aye.

Paul - I had rather hoped that you'd be reading the Bible. But it's a good story, Macbeth.

DM - Aye. And I've read it through. He has a tricky way with words, Mr. Shakespeare, but there's much truth to it.

Paul - [takes book from DM] "William Shakespeare..." [opens book to frontispiece] He signed it himself, right here. [shows DM]

DM - Aye, and ruined a perfectly good copy. [Paul chuckles & hands book back.] Do you suppose he's written much else?

Paul - Oh, a few others, I think. It seems Brother Timon has taught you well.

DM - Aye, he's a good man. If he has as many books as he has patience, I'll learn much.

Paul - Haven't you heard? Brother Timon's time is finished here. He's left the monastery. [DM considers this.]

DM - Where's Brother Kalas?

Paul - I don't know. [DM stands up.] Where are you going?

DM - I have a book to return! [leaves]


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - road outside monastery, night 5

[Timon walks through dark forest. 8 Timon is dressed in traveling clothes & carrying a lantern. He senses 'buzz'.]

Kalas - Forgive me if I startled you... but I couldn't let you slip away without a final word.

<Timon - I'm sorry, Brother Kalas. I'm not very good at farewells. CUT I didn't even say good-bye to Brother MacLeod.>

[DM catches up enough to see the two Immortals talking, watches without revealing himself.]

Timon - You needn't have come. It's late, and we're far off holy ground here.

Kalas - I know. [draws his sword]

Timon - What the-- What are you-- [manages to evade Kalas until he has his own sword drawn. They exchange blows. DM steps forward, reaching for his own sword to intervene, but it is back at the monastery. He watches as Kalas beheads Timon & takes his Quickening.]


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - inside monastery, night 0

Kalas - [enters, bars doors, turns & sees DM waiting for him] You should be asleep at this hour, Brother MacLeod. It's late.

DM - Aye, it is. What was it like?

Kalas - I don't know what you mean.

DM - The Quickening of a man that called you friend... who ate with you, prayed with you. What was the look on his face when you betrayed him? Was it the same as the one on Peter's?

Kalas - You wouldn't understand.

DM - How many, Kalas? And for how long?

Kalas - Since the beginning. Now if you'll pardon me, I have to sing a mass for the dead.

DM - It is finished.

Kalas - Because you'll tell Paul? We've been together for centuries. He'd never believe you.

DM - No, but he'd believe you.

Paul - [appears from side corridor] How could you? How could you do these things?

Kalas - MacLeod is from outside! How could you believe his word over mine?

Paul - I heard your words, Kalas... heard everything. CUT This was holy ground, a sanctuary for all... and you used it. You used it to kill your own kind. You used it against me. Now your very presence soils these walls.

Kalas - But it was off holy ground! I'd never harm you.

Paul - Better you had, than all those others. [Close on DM. Close on Kalas.] 9 Now leave here. Forever.

Kalas - You cannot. This place is my life. I cannot leave it now!

DM - You will leave it... and with me after you.

Paul - There's been enough killing tonight. [leaves]

Kalas - You do not know what you have done. But you will. [walks toward door]


Joe's Bar, night 0

(resume previous scene)

Joe - I'm sorry. I don't know of many like Paul.

DM - There weren't any.

Joe - You think it was Kalas?

DM - Paul was vulnerable. His strength wasn't in his sword arm. It could've been anybody.

[Camera pans past bartender to group of men entering bar.] 10

Brent - [walks toward Joe] Joe, you got a minute?

Joe - Absolutely. Duncan MacLeod, I'd like to introduce you to Detective Brent Mohan. Lousy poker player but a helluva good cop.

Brent - It's not a social call.

Joe - [turns to bartender] Hey, Albert, you know I told you that kid's I.D. didn't look kosher.

Brent - And it's not about I.D. [hands Joe a piece of paper]

Joe - What's this? [looks at the paper] A warrant for drugs? It's a joke, right?

Brent - No. We've got a guy that swears that you're dealing, Joe.

Joe - Come on, that's crazy. Whoever you're talking to is a damn liar.

Brent - Sorry, but we're going to have to search the place.

Joe - Well, go on. You search all you want, but you're wasting your time.

DM - They don't deal drugs here, Detective.

[Second Detective goes behind bar, picks up small packet from under bar counter.]

Joe - Oh, no.

Brent - I think you'd better come with us. Tell everybody to go home. You're closed.

Joe - Brent, you know me. I don't deal.

Brent - Sorry, man. I'm going to have to place you under arrest. [reaches for his cuffs]

Joe - Hey, you don't need those.

Brent - [concedes, leads Joe toward exit] You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney...

Joe - Yeah, I know my rights. [Brent tries to take Joe's arm to escort him out.] Yeah, and I can get to the door by myself.


Loft above dojo 0

DM - Mistakes happen.

Anne - Not mistakes like that one.

DM - Anne, you're not responsible for the entire hospital.

Anne - She was my patient. You do not give insulin to a hypoglycemic. A premed student knows better than that.

DM - Anne, everyone's moving around at ninety miles an hour in the E.R. Not everybody's perfect.

Anne - We have to be perfect. Someone screwed up... and my friend is dead. [Her cellphone rings. She answers it.] Hi, this is Dr. Anne Lindsey. Do you have any-- [stops, listens] Right away. [hangs up]

DM - Anne? What's wrong?

Anne - I'm losing another patient.


Hospital - ER corridor 4

Anne - I don't understand this at all. He'd stabilized, right?

Nurse - Yes.

Anne - We had no indication whatsover?

Nurse - No. 11

Anne - [walks with Nurse past Kalas, who is pretending to be talking on a phone] Who's working this? Selby?

Nurse - Dr. Kramer.

Anne - Well, at least something's going right. [reaches end of hallway where Karen meets them, shaking her head] Oh, damn it. He was stable. What happened?

Karen - Kramer thinks it's anaphylactic shock.

Anne - An allergic reaction? He was on digitalis. How could that happen?

Karen - I don't know.

Anne - Then you find out. [turns to Nurse] I want an autopsy and I want it now.

Karen - Kramer's already on it.

Tarendash - [offscreen] Dr. Lindsey.


[later, in waiting area]

DM - [stands as Anne approaches] Well?

Anne - I'm suspended. [sits down] My license is under review.

DM - [sits next to her] Suspended for what?

Anne - He was using words like, uh, "burnout," "liability to my patients," "for the good of the institution." Duncan, I don't know how this happened.

DM - Anne, you're the best they've got.

Anne - They have my signature authorizing penicillin. The guy was allergic. That's the same thing as giving him cyanide. I -- I don't understand how I could possibly screw up like this. I mean, he was my responsibility. He put his life into my hands... Now he's dead and Marcia's dead, and I don't have an explanation.

DM - Anne, you didn't kill them.

Anne - I don't know. Things get pretty crazy around here sometimes. I -- I could've picked up the wrong chart. It happens.

DM - Not to you.

Anne - I just saw the order. It's in my handwriting. CUT


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - monastery, MacLeod's memory 0

DM - [examining illuminated pages] They're exactly the same. I see no difference.

Kalas - God's word must not be diluted or distorted.

DM - I've not seen its like in man or machine. You're truly a master.

Kalas - I've worked for centuries to perfect my skill.


Hospital - ER waiting area 4

(resume previous scene)

Anne - Maybe it's time to start a new life. I don't know.

DM - Not yet. [pulls Anne down hallway]

Anne - Where are we going?

DM - To see your boss.

Anne - What for?


Hospital - Tarendash's office 4

DM - I'd like to see that chart.

Tarendash - [to Anne] Who is he? [to DM] What are you doing in here?

DM - Saving you time, embarrassment, and probably a lot of money. Now if you don't mind... the chart. [Tarendash hands DM a manilla folder. He opens it, examines the paper inside, then grabs a notepad & pen from the desk.] Sign it.

Anne - What?

DM - Sign your name. [She picks up pen, signs her name on notepad.] Again. Please, just do it. [She signs again, below her first signature.] Again. [She signs a third time.]

Tarendash - What is the point of all this?

DM - [holds up signed paper] That none of her signatures are the same. [hands paper to Tarendash]

Tarendash - So?

DM - Nobody's are. It can't be done, except by a machine or a skilled forger. [puts open chart in front of Tarendash] Now take a look at the two orders.

Tarendash - These signatures are identical.

DM - In every detail.

Anne - You think that someone forged my signature?

DM - I'd stake my life on it. And so would a handwriting expert, and so would your lawyers. Now, if I were you, I'd lift Dr. Lindsey's suspension... right away. [leaves]

Anne - [follows DM into hallway] Why would anybody want to do this?

DM - Because they're trying to hurt me.

Anne - By killing my patient and Marcia?

DM - By destroying your life like I destroyed his.

Anne - Who wants to destroy my life?

DM - Anne, I'm sorry you had to get brought into this. It won't happen again.

Anne - What's happening?

DM - Later.

Anne - No, not later. Right now.

DM - Anne.

Anne - Duncan. Duncan, I'm sorry. I tried, but I can't do this anymore. I can't. [DM turns, walks away.] Duncan, you walk away from me right now, it's going to be the last time.

[He stops, turns back to look at her, then leaves.]


Joe's Bar 0

[Notice on door reads:
WRIT #474405

DM - [enters empty bar] I thought you had until tomorrow to clear out.

Joe - Yeah, well, the best wakes are short.

DM - I know who it was that set you up, Joe. It was Kalas. He's trying to destroy everyone near me. If it's any consolation, you were on the list.

Joe - I know what Kalas looks like, and so does Mike. There's no way he could slip by us without being seen.

DM - Unless he had someone on the inside. The bass player you fired.

Joe - Max.

DM - Yeah, do you know where he is?

Joe - Yeah, probably. CUT


Parking lot 1

Max - [walking] So why should I talk to you?

DM - [driving T-bird slowly alonside him] You could do it for moral reasons, or because you're a prince of a guy.

Max - You're outta your skull, pal.

DM - Really? [grabs Max's scarf, pulls him against side of car]

Max - What are you doing, man?

DM - I think personal health is the best reason of all. Now, I know you set up Joe. I just want to know who's behind it. [starts to drive a little faster]

Max - Hey, come on, please. Let me go, huh? Come on, please. [DM keeps driving, forcing Max to jog alongside.] Look, some guy phones me up a couple of days back, said how would I like a record deal. What was I gonna say, man? I asked who I had to kill.

DM - [stops car] What was the company?

Max - Magna Records. Look, all I had to do was plant some dope and tip off the cops... no big deal. What's it to you?

DM - [pulls Max in closer] I want to know the guy's name and I want to know where I can find him.

<Max - I don't know. CUT

DM - Shame. [starts driving again]>

Max - Hey, look, pal. I told you everything I know. How many more times do I gotta tell it?

DM - Once more, to the cops.

Max - Damn.

[DM turns T-bird out of parking lot, still forcing Max to trot alongside.]


Dojo office 0

DM - [into phone] There must be some way to reach him. [listens] Thanks. [hangs up]

Joe - Don't tell me. Just a post office box and a bank account.

DM - Yeah, he does everything by phone or mail.

Joe - Look, I told you the charges have been dropped, MacLeod. The club's open. Don't do this on my account.

DM - It's not on your account.

RR - [enters office] Hey, fellas. [holds up gold trophy] Check it out. Look at that baby. [sets trophy on desk] The kid comes out of nowhere. Oh, yeah. [off their lack of reaction] Hey, I won, if anyone's interested.


Loft above dojo 0

RR - Okay, I understand why you want this guy's head. The first thing we've got to do is find him.

DM - Well, let's use what we know. Jupe was offered a record deal. Paul was lured out of the monastery by a promoter. Kalas knows music. It has to be him.

RR - All right, fine. So let's try the record company.

DM - No, I've already tried that. He never shows.

RR - Well, you know that eventually he's going to be coming for you. What's he waiting for?

DM - Maybe the right time and place. 12


Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium 1

[Kalas listens to recording of Gregorian Chant while waiting for cell phone call to connect.]


Loft above dojo 0

(resume previous scene)

Joe - [as phone rings] Maybe it's time.

[DM sets wine glass on counter, crosses kitchen to phone on wall.] 13

DM - [lifts receiver, into phone] MacLeod.

<Kalas - CUT [on phone] What do you feel, MacLeod, pain or hatred, maybe both?>

DM - [into phone] You leave my friends out of this. This is between you and me.

Kalas - [into phone] I go to all that trouble, and that's all you can say? 1

DM - [into phone] Just tell me where.

Kalas - [on phone] You're good at finding things out. [into phone] Come to the music. [holds phone out to pick up sound of Gregorian Chant playing in background] 1

[DM listens to Chant briefly, then hangs up.]

RR - Maybe I should come with you.

DM - No. I don't trust him. You find Anne and make sure she's all right.

RR - And what if he shows up there?

DM - Don't try and take him on. Take her to a public place and stay there.

Joe - [as DM heads for the door] MacLeod. He's as good as you. Maybe better.

DM - I know. [leaves]


Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium, night 1

[DM enters empty concert hall, 14 starts walking down aisle. walks down to front & onto stage. He senses Kalas' 'buzz' & draws his sword. Kalas walks out onto the stage holding his own sword.]

DM - You could have come for me sooner.

Kalas - I had to get Paul off holy ground first, and now I've got you, too. Symmetry has its own beauty.

DM - Beauty? Is that what you believe?

Kalas - I believe in revenge, MacLeod. [yells & charges forward, beginning the fight]


Hospital - Nurses Station, night 4

Karen - Dr. Lindsey? Oh, you just missed her.

RR - Look, I need to know where she went. It's very important. I, uh, I'm a friend of Duncan MacLeod's.

Karen - Well, she got a fax just before she got off shift. I think it's still here... Ah. [picks up slightly crumpled fax]

[Fax reads (in DM's handwriting):
I'm Sorry Anne!
Please Meet Me at the Vanderbilt

RR - [reading fax] Vanderbilt Hall... Thank you. [leaves]


Vanderbilt Hall, night 1

(resume previous scene)

[The fight continues as Anne pulls up in her car outside. DM & Kalas end up on the second floor, outside the auditorium. Kalas glances out a window & sees Anne getting out of her car.]

Kalas - Symmetry, MacLeod. Everyone's here.

[The fight continues upstairs as Anne enters the building. RR arrives on his motorcycle soon after. DM & Kalas fight along the upper balcony of the auditorium. Kalas manages to disarm DM, who retreats up into the catwalk above the stage. Kalas follows & stabs DM with his sword.]

DM - Why?

Kalas - [pulls the collar of his shirt down, revealing a thick scar across his neck] For this.

DM - Real nice. [He kicks Kalas away, dislodging the sword from his belly. Both fall backward away from each other. Kalas recovers & charges forward again. DM swings over the side of the catwalk to avoid him.]

Anne - [enters to see DM hanging by his hands from the catwalk overhead] Duncan!

DM - [to Kalas] We'll meet again. [lets go as Kalas swings sword at him]

Anne - Duncan! [runs forward as DM falls onto the seating below the catwalk]

RR - [enters auditorium] Anne.

Anne - [reaches DM's body] Oh, God...

RR - [joins Anne] Anne. [looks up into catwalk as Kalas heads for the exit]

Anne - Richie, he's gone. Richie-- [RR reaches for her.] Let go of me! No, no!

RR - Anne, we've gotta-- Anne, Anne, Anne, trust me.

Anne - [as RR pulls her away] No! No! [They leave.]


Empty dojo 0

RR - [enters, walks over to Anne] I, uh, I thought I might find you here.

Anne - One last look. I, uh, I -- I don't think I'll be coming around here anymore, so-- This must be pretty tough on you, too. [RR nods.] So what's going to happen to the dojo?

RR - Well, uh, I guess I'll keep it open for a while, and after that, uh... I don't know.

Anne - [quietly] Damn. I must have done this about a hundred times for other people. Saying good-bye. Now that it's for me... I just wish that I could tell him... because I was so angry the last time I saw him... I don't think I can stay here. [hugs RR]

RR - Take care of yourself.

Anne - Thanks. [leaves]

RR - [as DM comes down the stairs] You heard.

DM - Yeah.

RR - How can you let her think that you're dead?

DM - Because the truth would be far worse. It's better this way.

RR - She loves you, Mac. Maybe she can handle it.

DM - And be dragged into our world? Kalas isn't going to go away. I couldn't handle another Tessa.

RR - We could think of something, Mac. You know, you don't have to leave.

DM - Yes, I do.


Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium 1

[Sound system is playing "Vesti la Giubba" from the opera "Pagliacci". Kalas is onstage in the empty, darkened auditorium, lips moving along to the words as the music plays.]

Kalas - [when the singing ends] Soon, MacLeod. Soon.


To be continued...


End of "Song of the Executioner"

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