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Episode 15: Star-Crossed

Written by Jim Makichuk
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Aired: March 4, 1995
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student



Hugh Fitzcairn - Roger Daltrey
              Immortal, Mac's friend

Kalas - David Robb

Maurice Lalonde - Michel Modo
              MacLeod's neighbor


Naomi Camdessus - Valérie Zarrouk
              Fitzcairn's girlfriend

Patrick - Frédéric Witta
              Naomi's ex-boyfriend

The Doge - Gianfranco Salemi
              in flashback

Arianna - Elodie Frenck
              Doge's daughter, in FB

Scribe - Guillaume Barrière
              in flashback

Watch - Gérard Touratier
              in flashback

Manservant - Fabrice Bagni
              in flashback

Inspector Bardot - Virginie Peignien
              looking for Fitzcairn

Locations List:*
1. Eiffel Tower - Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole [48.857822,2.295140]
2. Paris airport - unknown location
3. Road - unknown location
4. Quay by barge #1 - quay next to Pont de l'Archevêché bridge [48.851307,2.351766]
5. Blvd by canal - canal along Blvd Bourdon, from Rue Bassompierre [48.850865,2.367561] to Rue de la Cerisaie [48.851630,2.367914]
6. Paris street - 7 Boulevard Malesherbes [48.870473,2.322732] (looking north)
7. Le Cordon Bleu (establishing) - 8 Rue Léon Delhomme [48.838153,2.300441]
8. Le Cordon Bleu kitchen - unknown location
9. Verona - Château de Pierrefonds, Rue Viollet le Du, Pierrefonds [49.346393,2.979603]
10. Notre Dame Cathedral - 6 Parvis Notre-Dame [48.852968,2.349902], from rooftop camera location [48.8491278,2.3569194]
11. Outdoor cafe by canal - Le Grand Bleu, 67 Boulevard de la Bastille [48.850908,2.368387]
12. Place de la Bastille - Angel statue [48.853177,2.369125] from camera position [48.851197,2.369307]
13. Le Cordon Bleu office - unknown location
14. Fitz's apartment/bedroom - unknown location
15. Outside Le Cordon Bleu - unknown location
16. Quay by barge #2 - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
17. Tunnel under Bastille - exact coordinates unknown; entrance to tunnel [48.851927,2.368620]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on SciFi channel (1999)* matches the official cut, with one exception.
~Rerun on SciFi channel (2000) matches the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with one exception & two exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the SciFi channel (1999) tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Joe - [voice-over] Last week, on Highlander...


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - road outside monastery, night

[Timon & Kalas exchange blows. DM steps forward, reaching for his own sword to intervene, but it is back at the monastery. He watches as Kalas beheads Timon and takes his Quickening.]


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - inside monastery, night

DM - What was it like? The Quickening of a man that called you friend? How many, Kalas? And for how long?

Kalas - Since the beginning. Now if you'll pardon me, I have to sing a mass for the dead.

DM - It is finished.

Kalas - Because you'll tell Paul? We've been together for centuries. He'd never believe you.

DM - No, but he'd believe you.

Paul - [appears from side corridor] How could you? How could you do these things?

Kalas - MacLeod is from outside! How could you believe his word over mine?

Paul - I heard your words, Kalas... heard everything. Now leave here. Forever.

Kalas - You cannot. This place is my life. [to DM] You do not know what you have done. But you will. [walks toward door]


Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium, evening

[Audience listens as group of monks sink a Gregorian Chant of "Kyrie Eleison". DM is in the audience with Anne Lindsay.]


Vanderbilt Hall - control room

[Kalas sits watching several monitors showing the monks' performance. He raises a hand to massage his throat as he listens to the Chant.]


Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium, later

Paul - You will allow me to pray.

Kalas - Oh, be my guest. [Paul kisses his rosary, begins his prayer.] While you're at, say one for MacLeod. [beheads Paul]


Joe's Bar, evening

[DM opens envelope, takes out broken piece of Paul's rosary.]

Joe - What does it mean?

DM - Paul's dead.


Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium, night

Kalas - Symmetry has its own beauty.

DM - Beauty? Is that what you believe?

Kalas - I believe in revenge, MacLeod.


Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium catwalk, night

Kalas - [pulls the collar of his shirt down, revealing a thick scar across his neck] For this.

[DM kicks Kalas away, dislodging the sword from his belly. Both fall backward away from each other. Kalas recovers & charges forward again. DM swings over the side of the catwalk to avoid him.]

DM - [to Kalas] We'll meet again. [lets go as Kalas swings sword at him]

Anne - Duncan! [runs forward as DM falls onto the seating below the catwalk]

[Kalas heads for the exit.]

Anne - Richie, he's gone. Richie-- [RR reaches for her.] Let go of me! No, no!

RR - Anne, we've gotta-- Anne, Anne, Anne--


Empty dojo

DM - It's better this way.

RR - She loves you, Mac. Maybe she can handle it.

DM - And be dragged into our world? Kalas isn't going to go away. I couldn't handle another Tessa.

RR - We could think of something, Mac. You know, you don't have to leave.

DM - Yes, I do.


Establishing shot: Eiffel Tower 1

Paris, France - Orly Airport 2

[DM steps onto down escalator, senses 'buzz', looks around, sees Fitzcairn on escalator behind him.]

Fitz - Now there's a sight for sore eyes.

DM - Fitzcairn! It's good to see you.

Fitz - The Alpha's over here. Just had it tuned.

DM - I was afraid of that.

Fitz - So, what brings you to Paris?

DM - Change of scenery.

Fitz - Come on. You've seen the sights. What happened?

Man - Taxi!

DM - I died.

Fitz - Yeah, been there, done that. It's never fun. [opens trunk of his Alpha Romeo. DM puts his bag inside.] It's not like it never happened before. Why leave the country?

DM - A friend saw me die.

<Fitz - Oh. A woman, I take it? CUT That's a good enough reason. Right?>

DM - Right.


Roadway 3

Fitz - [weaving in & out of traffic on 2-lane road, narrowly missing oncoming cars] Takes a bit longer on the, uh, on the back roads, but you get to look around. [passes another car] Great having you back, Mac. We can really paint the town.

DM - Yeah, just like old times.

Fitz - Just about.

DM - You never stay in one place too long. What keeps you here?

Fitz - Paris? Well, good history, good restaurants...

DM - What's her name?

Fitz - Naomi. Naomi Camdessus. It shows that much, huh?

DM - Well, after three hundred and fifty years, Fitz, you're an open book.

Fitz - She's wonderful. Beautiful, intelligent, a work of art.

DM - Sounds like she should be in a museum. [grabs onto door & braces himself as Fitz passes another vehicle & almost hits an oncoming car]

Fitz - [not bothered by his own driving at all] I met her at Le Cordon Bleu.

DM - You're learning to cook?

Fitz - Don't be so silly. [laughs] No, I teach. I'm also writing a cookbook. [DM laughs.] What-- What's so funny? Come on.

DM - You writing a cookbook. I remember when you couldn't even read or write.

Fitz - Well, neither could you. [Car zooms up behind them, honking its horn.] <I was always a slow learner.

DM - Yeah, but you were two hundred years old.> CUT

Fitz - [as car behind them speed up & bumps into them] What the-- [The car pulls up alongside them & weaves to hit the side of Fitz's car, trying to run him off the road.]

DM - Is he a friend of yours?

[The two cars continue playing bumper-cars, until Fitz's car flips over and skids to a stop upside down.]

Fitz - Oh, dear.

DM - Fitzcairn.

Fitz - Welcome to Paris, MacLeod.


Quay by barge 4

<Fitz - [as taxi pulls to a stop] So the guy was a lousy driver.

DM - Lousy driver? He was trying to kill you.> CUT [They get out of taxi & Fitz pays the driver.] Come on, Fitz, what'd you do and who'd you do it to?

Fitz - Me? Why me? You're the one with enemies on every continent.

DM - Yeah, but that was no Immortal running us off the road.

Fitz - Well, you know the French. They hate Italian cars.

Maurice - [waiting for them on deck of barge] MacLeod! [joins them on quay] What took you so long? Lunch was ready over an hour ago!

DM - Uh, well, a little car trouble. Uh, Maurice, this is Fitzcairn, an old friend.

Maurice - [shakes Fitz's hand] Hello.

DM - [to Fitz] This is Maurice. Maurice is... Maurice.

Maurice - You're Scottish?

Fitz - English, actually.

Maurice - Really? It doesn't show. [to DM] You should have called. The veal is ice cold.

DM - Oh, thanks Maurice, but you didn't have to go to all that trouble.

Fitz - Well, if you have some greens... maybe a little Parmesan...

Maurice - A little vinegar... A kind of carpaccio. Brilliant. You're sure you're English?

Fitz - All my life.

DM - Thanks for getting the barge back, Maurice, but, uh, I don't know how you did it.

Maurice - An astute business sense. And the fact that money was no object.

DM - Who said money was no object?

Maurice - It's a very expensive city. They insisted on a small profit. I've got a job managing my brother-in-law's restaurant. Responsibilities, worries -- you can't imagine. Bon appétit! [leaves]

Translations: Bon appétit! - Enjoy your meal!

Fitz - What's he mean, am I sure I'm English?


Boulevard by canal 5

<Fitz - CUT Must have had hundreds, no thousands of women in my life. I never realized how lonely I am until I met Naomi.>

DM - I'm happy you found her, Fitz.

Fitz - No, I mean it. It's like I've been running around half blind, half empty for eight hundred years. Do you ever get lonely, Duncan?

DM - Sometimes.

Fitz - Tessa. Yeah, I must admit, I've been thinking about it a lot lately, too. Losing Naomi, that is. 1 CUT This, uh, woman who saw you die, what's she like?

DM - Her name's Anne. She's bright, compassionate, a lot of fun.

Fitz - Mean a lot to you?

DM - Yeah.

Fitz - You love her?

DM - Wait a minute. What's all this interest all of a sudden in my love life?

Fitz - I'm just trying to make conversation. Do you love her?

DM - It doesn't matter now.

Fitz - Have you told her?

DM - Fitz, I made a choice. Did you tell Naomi?

Fitz - No, not yet, but-- I'm just waiting for the right moment. Why don't you tell her?

DM - It's over and done.

Fitz - Oh. Oh, I get it -- the great Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod is not allowed to change his mind.

DM - Leave it alone, Fitz, all right?

<Fitz - Are you always this stubborn? CUT

DM - Are you always this annoying?

Fitz - Of course. It's part of my personality.> Look, I just want you to be as happy as I am.

DM - Nobody could be as happy as you are.

Fitz - But I would have told her. Well, what have you got to lose? DO you love her?


Establishing shot: Paris street 6

Establishing shot: Le Cordon Bleu sign 7

[Sign on wall reads:

Le Cordon Bleu

Ecole de Cuisine et de Pâtisserie

Etablissement d'Enseignement
Supérieur Libre

8, rue Léon Delhomme - 75015 PARIS
Tél. (1) - Fax (1)
Télex 649 952 +

Paris - 1895] 2

Le Cordon Bleu - kitchen 8

Patrick - I think I've been more than patient.

Naomi - How many times do we have to go through this? What happened between us is over.

Patrick - How can it be over when I'm with you every day? You're my life. We have to be together.



Fitz - [enters kitchen with DM] I'm telling you, Naomi's not like any other woman I've ever known. She's caring, intelligent, beautiful. Everything a man could ever want.

DM - Then, uh, what's she doing with you?

Fitz - No, I mean it, Mac. She's the one. 3

DM - Hugh Fitzcairn settling down. What'll the women of the world have to look forward to?

Fitz - Boredom. But that's their problem. I'm off the market.



Naomi - I'm sorry.

Patrick - It's that English bastard.

Fitz - [walks up behind Patrick, clears his throat loudly, looks around Patrick to Naomi] Didn't know you were busy.

Patrick - You can always leave. It's obvious you're not wanted here.

Fitz - Sorry, old chum. I think you've got it the wrong way around.

Patrick - I am not your "chum," you arrogant ass. [tries to punch Fitz in the face. Fitz dodges & pushes Patrick against a table.]

Naomi - Stop it!

Fitz - I am not your "English bastard".

Naomi - [as Patrick reaches for a knife] {This is absurd.}

DM - [grabs Patrick's arm] No. [Fitz charges Patrick & they fight.]

Naomi - Stop them, please!

DM - I'm trying. [tries to pry them apart] All right. Enough! Enough, both of you!

Patrick - This isn't over.

Fitz - Anytime, old chum. Anytime. [Patrick leaves.]

<DM - [stares pointedly at Fitz, rubbing his jaw] Ow.

Fitz - I'm sorry! It wasn't my fault. [to Naomi] Are you okay? Are you okay? [hugs her]

DM - Ahem.

Fitz - Oh, sorry.> CUT Duncan, Naomi. Naomi, Duncan.

DM - [shakes her hand] I've heard a lot about you.

Naomi - Consider the source. Sorry about Patrick.

DM - Well, you've got nothing to apologize for. [Fitz signals him with his eyes & a slight head movement & DM leaves them alone for a few minutes.]

Naomi - [as Fitz kisses her] Fitz, I have a class to teach. [leaves]

Fitz - [to himself] More's the pity.


[short time later]

DM - First you get run off the road, and then you're punching somebody out. What is this all about?

Fitz - If people insist on getting in the way of love, what am I supposed to do about it?

DM - I suppose a cold shower is out of the question.

Fitz - Completely.


Flashback - Verona, Italy, 1637 - Doge's Palace - Receiving Room 9

[Super: Verona, Italy 1637]

Painter - [painting portrait of Arianna] Arianna, keep your head still.

Doge - I do not believe it. My daughter... my only daughter! On her mother's grave... whoever tries to ruin her virtue is going to pay! And if the bastard is in the employ of the Gasparis, we go to war.

DM - I do not think that will be necessary, sire. I will see to it that whoever it is leaves the city.

Doge - You'll do more than that. I want this monster disposed of... as painfully as possible!

Arianna - No, Father, there is no man. Nothing is happening!

Doge - Dio mio. Then who wrote this? [holds out rolled-up note. Arianna can say nothing in her defense. She leaves.] What more proof do I need? A bastard grandchild? [hands note to DM, who unrolls it & looks at it] My daughter is precious to me, MacLeod. Her virtue is in your hands.

Translation: Dio mio. - My God.

DM - Then I will see it is protected, sire.

Doge - You'd better. [walks off] CUT <Idiots! I'm surrounded by fools and idiots! Someone will pay for this with their life!> 4


Flashback - Verona, Italy, 1637 - marketplace 9


<DM - That much just to read it? If you want to rob me, just use a pistol. Well, come on, man. I haven't got all day.>

Scribe - Three ducats.

DM - You said two.

Scribe - Tre.

DM - Due. [holds up two coins]

Translations: tre - three; due - two

Scribe - Va bene. [looks at note] Mm. Mm. It says love blossoms in the deepest part of his soul... that she cannot deny the tenderness of their kisses, and... huh. The rest is somewhat more personal in nature.

Translations: Va bene. - Very well.

DM - [grabs note away from scribe] Just tell me where they're to meet. I don't have all day.

Scribe - Or any appreciation for poetry. Via della Fortuna. Noon today.

DM - [pays scribe] Thank you.

Scribe - Thank you. [DM leaves.]


Flashback - Verona, Italy, 1637 - near Via della Fortuna, noon 9

[Two nuns lead a group of young women through archway and into courtyard. 5 As the last of the women passes through the archway, Arianna sneaks into line behind them, following them across the courtyard. She keeps her eyes downcast, a gauzy veil over her head, trying not to be recognized.]

Merchant - Bittersweets. Milady. All right, over here. Roasted chestnuts. The finest, the freshest and spiciest {??}. 6

[A group of soldiers marches past in front of the procession as the nuns continue leading the young women (and Arianna) to the other side of the courtyard. They pass a parked coach.]

Woman inside coach - [offscreen] Oh, Signore MacLeod.

DM - [kisses her hand] Più tardi, signorina.

Translations: Più tardi, signorina. - Later, miss.

[DM turns, sees Arianna walking at back of group, & follows. Arianna leaves group, makes her way to Via della Fortuna.]

Arianna - Fitzcairn! Amore mio.

Fitz - Cara mia. [spins her around] I have been counting the moments since I last held you.

Translations: amore mio - my love; cara mia - my dear

Arianna - [as he kisses her] Fitz, you are in danger.

Fitz - Danger? Then my life is in your hands. For you, I would die a hundred deaths... a thousand! Even a thousand. [senses 'buzz']

DM - One should do it.

Fitz - Whoever you are, this does not concern you.

DM - Ah, but it does. Does it not, Signorina Arianna?

Fitz - [to Arianna] You know him?

Arianna - My father hired him to keep us apart.

DM - Now, signorina, unless you wish me to take you back to the prince over my knee, I suggest you rejoin your school friends.

Fitz - Excuse me, my dear. It will take but a moment to dispose of this... fop.

DM - [scoffs] Dressed like that, who are you calling a fop?

Arianna - Are you going to fight over me?

DM - Well, that depends on how smart your friend is here.

Fitz - I'm surprised that the prince hired a Scot.

DM - Why? The Gasparis hired an Englishman. [They draw their swords.]

Fitz - Then there's good Celtic blood running through both our veins. I shall be sorry to have to kill you.

DM - Don't worry about me. But this is no sight for the prince's daughter.

Arianna - Fitzcairn, no! [runs to him, kisses him]

<Fitz - CUT Cara, via! {Muche 'dale} evita.> [She leaves.]

Translations: Cara, via! - Dear, go!; evita - avoid/escape

DM - My orders are to keep her innocence intact. Leave her alone and we can forgot about this.

Fitz - I'm sorry, but this is a matter of love. [attacks]

DM - Is it worth your dying? [They circle each other.]

Fitz - Is there any better reason? [They fight some more.]

Watch - Hold! Put up your blades! Dueling is forbidden within the city! Can't you fools read?

[DM & Fitz look over at proclamation on nearby wall.]
(I leave the translation of this to someone who actually knows Italian...)

Fitz - [after awkward pause] Certainly I can read. Who could not... [motions at DM] but an ignorant jackass.

DM - You're an ugly Englishman.

Watch - I said put up your blades. Any more trouble from you two, and you will rot in prison. Understood? [DM & Fitz lower their swords.] Now be off!

[DM sheathes his sword & walks away, past his Watcher.]


<Le Cordon Bleu - bakery room 8 CUT

Naomi - Fitz, let me finish my cake.

Fitz - And then what, my little chocolate soufflé?>


Le Cordon Bleu - kitchen 8

Patrick - [storms through kitchen, bumps into student] Get out of my way!

Man - D'you see that?


Le Cordon Bleu - bakery room 8

Naomi - [to Fitz, giggling] You're impossible.

[Patrick enters, holding gun, closes door behind him.]

Fitz - I say... overdoing it a bit, aren't we, Patrick?

Patrick - [moves toward them] You're going to stay away from her.

Fitz - Oh, yes? And why should I do that?

Naomi - Patrick, are you crazy?

Patrick - [ignores her] If you don't... I'll kill you.


Naomi - Fitz, be careful.

Fitz - I always am. <[to Patrick] This is extremely silly. You've got nothing to gain. [shrugs] Kill me. You must love her very much. Or are you just jealous? You see, jealousy is just the love of one's self. [moves forward]

Patrick - Shut up.

Fitz - Have you got the guts to kill me, Patrick? Have you really got the guts? [crowds Patrick] Come on.> CUT [grabs gun from him, turns it on him] Now, feels a little bit different from this side, doesn't it, Patrick? <Little boys shouldn't play with dangerous toys. They're likely to get badly hurt.> CUT [shoves Patrick away]

Naomi - Stop it! [Fitz removes clip from gun.] What are you doing?

Fitz - Just making a point. [looks at Patrick cowering on the floor] Oh, I forgot... [aims gun at Patrick] The one in the chamber. [moves gun to the side & fires it] Get up, you stupid man.


Le Cordon Bleu - hallway 8

Kalas - Patrick.

Patrick - I don't know you.

Kalas - I know. But you will.


Establishing shot: Notre Dame 10

Outdoor cafe by canal 11

DM - I wouldn't worry about Patrick. What can he do to you?

Fitz - It's not my life I'm worried about. It's -- it's my LIFE. It's always dangerous being the center of someone else's attention.

DM - What's he going to find out?

Fitz - Well, the young fellow I paid to fix my credentials on the school computer had to, um... Well, he had to leave the country in a hurry. He never finished. Well, you know what it's like when you create a new identity. Records, information... degrees.

DM - You lied to get the job?

Fitz - One could say that, yes.

DM - Well, one has. What is "one" going to do about it?

Fitz - Ask one's oldest friend for help?

DM - [laughs] No. CUT


Establishing shot: Le Cordon Bleu, night 12

Le Cordon Bleu - office, night 13

Fitz - What is taking you so long? You should have found it by now.

DM - If you left me alone, maybe I would.

Fitz - [looks over DM's shoulder at computer screen] Maybe I can help.

DM - Check the hallway.

Fitz - I already have. I've told you, the guard makes his rounds every three hours. He's not due back for another thirty minutes. [reaches for keyboard] What about this one?

DM - [grabs his hand] Don't.

[They hear whistling & footsteps, hide under desk as security guard opens office door, shines flashlight around, closes door.]

Fitz - [stands back up] So I was wrong. [sighs] Used to be, you found a gravestone, took a dead man's name, forged a few letters, and bingo. Now you have to be a bloody scientist.

DM - Well, that wouldn't be you, would it?

Fitz - [moves to mini-fridge & opens door, spilling light into office] Hey, you hungry? Got some sausage, olives, a bit of cheese. CUT

DM - Will you shut the refrigerator door? [Fitz closes door, 7 comes back to desk holding paper plate of food. Computer beeps.] Got it. [reads screen] Five years at Le Cirque in New York? Chef at The Connaught in London... [laughs in disbelief] What else do you want?

Fitz - Well, I did rather enjoy my stay at Number Ten Downing Street.

DM - Well, why stop at the Prime Minister? How about the queen?

Fitz - Nah... never cared much for royalty. What about a U.S. governor or something?

DM - Oh, no, not a governor. Maybe the president.

Fitz - Brilliant. Yes, chef to Harry Truman.

DM - Truman died forty years ago, Fitz.

Fitz - Well, whatever.

DM - Fitz, you've got more credentials here than most of the chefs in Paris. Why do you need more? [leans forward, waiting] Pardon? [Fitz remains silent.] Fitz.

Fitz - Well, I told Naomi some things.

DM - You got me to break in here so you could impress your girlfriend?

Fitz - Look, if you don't want to help, then don't.

DM - [waves toward the computer] Be my guest.

Fitz - [looks at computer] After all, how difficult could it be? [sits at desk, clicks mouse button, changing the screen] Oh.

DM - [comes back to desk from mini-fridge] Get up. Let me do it. [sits at desk]

Fitz - You're a fine friend, Duncan MacLeod.

DM - [hands Fritz food from fridge] Hold that.

Fitz - I'll owe you 'til the day I die. CUT <[looks at food] What is this you're eating?

DM - I don't know. I want you to promise me you'll learn to use a computer.

Fitz - I learned to read, didn't I?>


Flashback - Verona, Italy, 1637 - piazza 9


DM - [looking at another copy of posted Proclamation] Read me the second line.

Fitz - Why don't you?

DM - My eyes are weak.

Fitz - It says, "No dueling."

DM - The watch said that.

Fitz - Are you calling me a liar?

DM - Well, if you're not, read that. [hands over Arianna's note]

Fitz - [glances at note] It's nothing more than a grocery list.

DM - [snatches note back] I knew it! You cannot read. This is your note to the girl, you fool.

Fitz - You've discovered my secret. I paid the scribe to write it. Damn thief charged me a ducat.

DM - He charged me two to read it!

Fitz - Oh, so you cannot read, either.

DM - [reluctantly] No.

Fitz - We are warriors. What do a few chicken scratches on pieces of paper matter to men like us?

DM - It matters to me.

Fitz - Aye, and me. But aren't we forgetting something?

DM - I won't fight you. I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

<Fitz - Hugh Fitzcairn, of the, uh... neither here nor there. Would you partake of some ale, sir? All this wine gives me gas. CUT

DM - [to himself] I know.> [follows Fitz down the street] I want your promise that you'll keep away from the girl, though.

Fitz - You have my word. I shall not go near the palazzo again.

Translations: palazzo - palace

DM - Good. Let's have some ale.


Le Cordon Bleu - office, night 13

Kalas - All we do is use a retrieval program to pull up recently erased material.

Patrick - [at same computer DM used] He must have changed all this tonight. [Computer beeps.]

Kalas - There. What did I tell you?

Patrick - The man is a fraud. I knew it. I have him.

Kalas - Congratulations.


Fitz's apartment, night 14

Fitz - [woken by ringing phone, answers] Fitzcairn here, and it better be bloody important.

Kalas - [on phone] It is to you. I'd start packing my bags.

Fitz - [into phone] Who is this?

Kalas - [on phone] Just a good citizen who knows your life here is over.

Fitz - [into phone] What are you talking about?

Kalas - [on phone] CUT The records are so easy to fake, aren't they? You know what you are. Soon everyone will know, even Naomi.

Fitz - [into phone] Who is this? [Kalas hangs up.] 8


Establishing shot: Le Cordon Bleu, night 7

Le Cordon Bleu - office, night 13


<Fitz - [enters, goes to desk, looks at computer screen] Oh, no. [looks over, sees Patrick sitting in chair facing away from him] Patrick. Look, surely we can sit down and discuss this sensibly. Patrick... [moves over to Patrick's chair] We are civilized people. [grabs Patrick's shoulder] Patrick, for God's sake! [Patrick falls sideways, & Fitz realizes he is dead.] Oh, no.>


[a few moments later]

Fitz - Come on, damn you. Work! [taps at keyboard. Computer beeps.] How do I erase this? [Tapping & beeping continue.] Come on, work, just once, please. I promise I'll take night classes. Stupid machines. [muttering] ...less romantic...

Naomi - [enters office] Fitz, what are you doing? Patrick called and told me you were here. [looks over, sees Patrick's body] Oh, God.

Fitz - Naomi, I didn't. I swear!

Naomi - It wouldn't have mattered what he said... what he found out.

Fitz - [reaches for her] You don't understand.

Naomi - Don't touch me!

Fitz - Naomi, I didn't kill him. He was already dead!

Man - [offscreen] It's down the hall to the left.

Fitz - [as Naomi backs away] Naomi! [runs to window, opens it]

Officer - [enters office] No, monsieur!

Fitz - [climbs onto window sill] I'm sorry!

Naomi - Fitz, no!

[Fitz jumps, lands on pile of cardboard boxes, stays hidden as police car pulls up nearby.]

Man - [gets out of car] Go around the back!

2nd Man - I've got the rear!

3rd Man - I've got the front! Let's go!

[Kalas watches from nearby car.] A 15


Inside barge 4

*RR - [as footage of motorcycle race plays on TV screen] Check this out. That's me leaning into the turn. B

DM - It's not bad.

RR - For an amateur. Third at Long Beach isn't exactly* 9 C the Grand Prix, but I'm going to get better. (* Inset of recorded race footage indicated by *s differs slightly between versions.)

DM - Is that why you're here?

RR - Trials start in a couple of weeks, Mac. I'm gonna be there.

DM - So are the newspapers and the TV crews. Racing is a pretty public life, Richie.

RR - I've got no history to hide. Mac, I can race for five, maybe ten years before anybody begins to notice anything. This has got nothing to do with my Immortality. It's a real life. I have a shot at being the best at something.

DM - Then I guess you'd better go for it. [They sense 'buzz'.]

RR - Expecting someone?

DM - [stands, calls out] Come in! [Fitz enters barge.] Shouldn't you be chopping carrots or something?

Fitz - I'm up to my ears in it, laddie.

DM - The guy with the gun again?

Fitz - Much worse -- the police.

DM - Yeah, so, what's new?


Flashback - Verona, Italy, 1637 - Doge's Palace - Receiving Room 9

[DM enters, bows.]

Doge - My people said you would fail, and you did.

DM - Sire, I do not understand.

Doge - My daughter, you idiot! She has been with an Englishman!

DM - He came here?

Doge - No. She's gone to him. You were supposed to kill Gaspari's foreign dog. Find her! Bring her home. And bring me the swine who dared to spoil her. Gaspari will pay for this... if I have to kill each one of his sons myself.


Flashback - Verona, Italy, 1637 - Fitzcairn's room, night 9

DM - [drags sleeping Fitz off four-poster bed] Where is she?

Fitz - How should I know? There's no one here but me! [Noise comes from under duvet on bed.] Must be the cat.

[Arianna pokes her head out from under duvet.]

DM - Oh, no.

Arianna - Hello.

DM - [to Fitz] You gave me your word!

Fitz - And I kept it! I never went to the palace. She came to me.

DM - And you didn't turn her away.

Fitz - The prince's daughter? How could I?

DM - Because you're Gaspari's man! There'll be war over this. Men will die, because you couldn't keep your pecker in your pants! [looks over at Arianna] Ooh, excuse us. [drags Fitz aside]

Fitz - So I should be held responsible for the foolish things some men will fight over?

DM - [pulls Fitz out of sight of the bed] Dammit, you had to take her innocence?!

Fitz - There was none to take!

DM - What are you saying?

Fitz - What do you think, MacLeod? I am old enough to know a virgin when I meet one. [They look back over at the bed, where Arianna is posing coquettishly.]

DM - That's impossible! She's been under guard half her life.

Fitz - Yes, by fair-haired young men the prince thought he could trust. She even showed me a thing or two.

DM - Really?

Fitz - Yes. Do you know she can--

DM - [clamps a hand over his mouth] Don't.

Fitz - I'm sorry, MacLeod, but your -- your job was finished before it began.

DM - Not yet, it's not. [pushes Fitz back toward the bed] CUT


Flashback - Verona, Italy, 1637 - courtyard, night 9

Manservant - [as the trio move across the empty courtyard] Halt!

DM - There is no need. I have the girl. I will take her home.

Manservant - I'm afraid not. You are dismissed. [To Fitz] You, come with me.

DM - I will have to hear that from the prince himself.

Fitz - I have no objection. What's the worst they can do?

Manservant - Take your lying English head back to the prince, as he ordered.

Fitz - [steps back] Surely you're overreacting.

Manservant - [to guards] You have your orders.

DM - [as guards move forward] Wait! [thinks fast] This man has brought dishonor on the prince's house! He's taken advantage of a... innocent flower!

Fitz - But she already-- [DM pushes him back.]

DM - He stained my honor as well. I demand my right for retribution.

Manservant - I'll stay to see he dies. [grabs Arianna, pulls her away]

Arianna - No, let me go! Fitzcairn!

DM - [removes his cloak] Fight me, man.

[They draw their swords & engage. Manservant looks over his shoulder at Arianna, turns back to watch the fight with a smirk. Fitz attacks. DM blocks, twirls around.]

Fitz - Ha ha!

[They circle each other. 10 DM attacks, then grabs Fitz & pulls him in close.]

DM - I have a plan. Fight me in earnest!

Fitz - I am, you fool! When do we run?

DM - [releases him, resumes fight, stabs Fitz with his dagger] We don't.

Fitz - Some plan. [collapses]

DM - [to Manservant] You may tell the prince the seducer is dead.

Manservant - My orders are clear. The prince wants his head.

DM - [raises his sword to fend off the guards] He fought like a man, and he died like one. I'll not have his head paraded around on a pike. You take his head, I will take yours. [Manservant drags Arianna away, the guards following. DM looks down at Fitz's body.] Oh, why do I bother?



[Fitz coughs, reviving. CUT]

DM - I wouldn't worry. It's all there.

Fitz - No thanks to you. That was a rotten trick.

DM - Ah, quit your whining.

Fitz - It was still a rotten trick.

DM - Where's your head?

Fitz - I'm surprised you didn't take it while I was down.

DM - It occurred to me, but I have better things to do.

Fitz - Like what?

DM - Learning to read and write.

Fitz - [laughs] They don't pay us to read.

<DM - They don't pay us to be stupid, either. CUT There's more to this reading and writing than meets the eye.>

Fitz - Then we'll do it together.

DM - You can't be serious.

Fitz - Well, we can't stay here. Besides, you need someone to keep you out of trouble.

DM - You?

Fitz - Why not me?


Inside barge 4

(resume previous scene)

[Close on Fitz smoking his pipe.]

Fitz - The police think that I murdered him. And Naomi does, too. My life here is finished.

DM - I'm sorry. Tell me about the call.

Fitz - It was just a voice, telling me that they knew that I was a fraud.

DM - What did it sound like?

Fitz - Does it matter?

DM - It might. 11

Fitz - It was cold... raspy, like gravel.

DM - [exchanges look with RR] He's here.

Fitz - Who?

DM - Kalas.

Fitz - Is he one of us?

DM - [nods] He's setting you up.

Fitz - Why me? I don't even know him.

DM - No, but you know me. That's good enough for Kalas. CUT [hears tires squealing outside, looks through porthole at police car driving onto quay] You'd better get out of here.

Fitz - Mm. [starts toward door]

DM - No, out the back. You can get into the river from there. Meet me, uh, in the tunnels under the Bastille.

Man - [getting out of car outside] Jacques, you come with me.

Fitz - Here. [hands pipe to DM as Bardot knocks on front door] Nineteenth-century Meerschaum. Doesn't do well in water. Spoils the color.

Bardot - Open up, MacLeod. It's the police.

DM - Will you get outta here?

Fitz - Look after it. [leaves out back door]

Bardot - Open up!

DM - [hides pipe in couch cushion] Richie. [points at table] Yeah, I'm coming. [walks toward front door]

[RR takes Fitz's cup & saucer from table, opens porthole window & tosses them out. Outside, Fitz sneaks along the edge of the barge & climbs down to the water.]

Bardot - [enters barge] Where is he?

DM - Who?


Establishing D shot: Quay by barge 16

Inside barge 4

DM - Search all you want, Inspector. It's a very small barge. Fitzcairn has other friends. What made you so certain he'd come here?

Bardot - We have informants.

Man - He's not outside, Inspector.

[DM stands up, puts on coat.]

Bardot - I'm sorry. I can't let you go, Mr. MacLeod.

DM - Well, either arrest me, Inspector, or get out of my way. [Bardot sighs.] Richie, uh, make sure the inspector gets all the help she needs.

RR - Sure. [DM leaves. RR yawns, stretches, walks over to Bardot.] Well, looks like it's going to be a very long day, Inspector. Oh, tell you what. You wanna see my race at Long Beach? I did quite well, actually. I came in third. Come on. Have a seat. Yeah. Croissant for you? 12


Quay by barge 16

[DM leaves barge, heading off to meet Fitzcairn.]


Tunnel under Bastille 17

Kalas - [approaches Fitz on walkway beside the Seine] You swim well. I almost lost you a mile back.

Fitz - [turns, draws his sword] Kalas.

Kalas - You know me. I suppose I should be flattered.

Fitz - You have taken away the best life I ever had. If you think I'm going to leave it there, you are mistaken.

Kalas - Oh, I do hope not. [They fight.]

DM - [arrives at tunnel] Fitzcairn!

Fitz - It's my fight, laddie. [Fight continues. Kalas forces Fitz into a defenseless position.] Go to hell. [drops his sword & Kalas runs him through]

DM - Fitzcairn! [Kalas raises his sword.] No!

[Kalas kills Fitz, takes his Quickening.]

DM - [when Quickening ends] Why couldn't you just come for me, Kalas? You had to do this.

Kalas - You find me at a disadvantage, MacLeod. I'm, uh, not at my best.

DM - Well, take your time. I'm not going anywhere.

Kalas - No, but I am... for now. [cuts a nearby conduit, releasing clouds of steam as cover for his escape]

[DM kneels by Fitz's body.] CUT


<Flashback - Verona, Italy, 1637 - piazza 9

[Fitz introducing himself to DM.]


Flashback: Florence, Italy - 1639
(from "The Hunters")

[DM & Fitz walking together.]


Flashback - Verona, Italy, 1637 - piazza 9

[DM & Fitz looking at Proclamation about dueling.]


Flashback - Boulevard by canal 5

[Fitz & DM walking together.]


Flashback - Outdoor cafe by canal 11

[Fitz sitting at cafe table.]>

Establishing shot: Place de la Bastille 12


Inside barge

[DM is holding Fitz's pipe.]

RR - I'm sorry. I wish I'd known him better.

DM - Fitz was a real pain in the ass. I'm gonna miss him.

RR - And what about Kalas?

DM - Him I'll find.

Maurice - [enters through back, humming, carrying folded tapestry] Richie! I didn't know you were in town.

RR - Hey, Maurice. I just got in.

Maurice - [holds up tapestry] Uh, I borrowed this when you were gone. I thought-- [drops tapestry, turns back to RR] Wonderful! Friends together again. It will be just like old times, no?

DM - No.


End of "Star-Crossed"

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