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Episode 16: Methos

Written by J.P. Couture
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: March 11, 1995
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Help with the opera lyrics & English translations came from [www.lyricsbook.net] and [imslp.org]. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher



Kalas - David Robb

Adam Pierson / Methos - Peter Wingfield
              Watcher / 5,000 y.o. Immortal

Maria Campalo - Carmen Chaplin
              opera singer, in FB


Roger Harris - Ken Samuels
              Kalas' Watcher

Gerard - Charles Maquignon
              bartender at Nosferatu

Danielle - Debbie Davis
              singer at Nosferatu

Don Salzer - George Birt
              Watcher, Methos Chronicle

Inspector - Denis Sylvain
              looking for Salzer's killer

Marc Saracen - Patrice Valota
              motorcycle team owner

Basil Dornin - Jean-François Pages
Philippe - Olivier Marchal
              motorcycle racers
    (Philippe = end credits; Philipe = closed captions;
     Phillipe = shooting script)

Locations List:*
1. Nosferatu - Avenue Mac-Mahon at Rue Brey [48.877433,2.294642]
2. Street near Nosferatu - 13 Rue de Montenotte (across Rue Brey from Nosferatu) [48.877156,2.294742]
3. Kalas' lair & mansion - Chateau de Maisons-Laffitte, 2 Avenue Carnot, Maisons-Laffitte [48.947192,2.153967]
4. Driving sequence #1 - unknown location
5. Joe's bar (interior) - Vancouver pre-shoot: Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
6. Dunlop motorcycle track - Association de Gestion du Circuit Carole, D40, Tremblay-en-France [48.979222,2.522733]
7. Shakespeare & Company bookstore - 37 Rue de la Bûcherie [48.852555,2.347168]
8. Driving sequence #2 - unknown location
9. Bar at/near motorcycle track - unknown location, likely at motorcycle track
10. Adam Pierson's apartment - 10 Rue Mallet-Stevens [48.854886,2.266183]
11. Canal bank - east of Bridge #1 (north bank), Bobigny [48.896647,2.426847]
12. Bridge #1 - 13 Rue Raymond Queneau, Bobigny [48.896223,2.424070]
13. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
14. Bridge #2 - 1 Rue de l'Ancien Canal, Pantin (west of Bridge #1, but no longer there) [48.894956,2.415272]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Reruns on USA Network* (1998) & SciFi channel (2000) match the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with five exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



<Establishing shot: Nosferatu jazz club sign, night 1

Nosferatu jazz club, night 1 CUT

Kalas - [moving around dark, empty club, thinking] [voice-over] Ah, MacLeod. MacLeod. What would give me the final edge? The power I need to finally defeat you? [aloud] Methos. 1


Street outside Nosferatu 2

[Kalas leaves club.]1

Roger - [into payphone, his Watcher tattoo visible on his wrist] He left the club. I'm gonna follow him. There he goes. I'll call you back. [hangs up, waits for Kalas to pass him, then follows at a distance, loses sight of Kalas & looks around, but doesn't see him]

Kalas - [grabs Roger from behind] Looking for me?>


Kalas' house - basement, night 3

[Kalas picks up two metal electrical probes, approaches Roger, who is shirtless & tied to a chair.]

Kalas - Electricity. Such a wonderful discovery, Roger. CUT It doesn't care where it goes or what it goes through... it just takes the path of least resistance. So why were you following me?

Roger - I wasn't! Why won't you believe me?

Kalas - Long experience. So what do you say, Roger? [touches metal rods together, causing a blue spark of electricity between them]

Roger - Ahh! All right. All right. I was -- I was going to rob you.

Kalas - CUT Try again! [touches metal rods to Roger's arms. Roger jerks violently & screams.] CUT Why were you following me? [Roger refuses to answer.] I think it's going to be a very long night. [holds metal rods near Roger's head]

Roger - I-I-I'm your Watcher.

Kalas - [steps back] My Watcher. And that's supposed to mean something to me?

Roger - Immortals... We know what you are. We've been observing you for centuries.


Kalas - Tell me, do you watch all of us?

Roger - I -- I think so.

Kalas - Did you watch Fitzcairn?

Roger - Yes.

Kalas - And MacLeod?

Roger - Yes.

Kalas - Methos?

Roger - [nods] But we never interfere... CUT

Kalas - Tell me more, Roger. Tell me everything.


Streets of Paris - MacLeod's car 4

DM - [driving, answers cell phone] Hello. MacLeod.

Joe - [on phone] Mac. [at Joe's Bar, into phone] Joe Dawson.

DM - [on phone] Hey, Joe.5 [into phone] What's up?

Joe - [into phone] You've got trouble.5

DM - [into phone] How come you never call me with good news?

Joe - [on phone] One of our guys, he hasn't been seen or heard from in a couple of days.

DM - [on phone] And?

Joe - [into phone] Well, he spotted Kalas... in Paris.5 [on phone] I think the son-of-a-bitch is tracking you.

DM - [into phone] I know he is. I've been out looking for him. He found Fitzcairn.

Joe - [on phone] Damn. What happened?

DM - [into phone] Kalas was better.

Joe - [into phone, quietly] Yeah.

DM - [on phone] You said one of your guys spotted him.5 [into phone] Where?

Joe - [on phone] Coming out of a little jazz club in Saint-Germaine.5 Nosferatu.

DM - [into phone] Okay. Thanks.

Joe - [on phone] MacLeod... [into phone] Watch yourself, my friend.5

DM - [into phone] Always do. [hangs up]


Motorcycle track 6


<[Footage of motorcycle race.]

[Sign across track reads: DUNLOP -- L'ESPRIT DE COMPETITION]

Translation: l'esprit de competition - the spirit of competition

[Small group of spectators cheer as racers cross the finish line.> RR stands nearby with a stopwatch. He looks at the stopwatch, nods to himself.]


Motorcycle track - Saracen pit 6

[Philippe rides his motorcycle into pit, dismounts, takes off helmet.]

Saracen - You didn't finish your run, Philippe. Why?

Philippe - Basil forced me off the track.

Saracen - Two years ago, it would never have happened. You know, Philippe, even champions retire. CUT

Philippe - Give me a gold watch? Forget it. It's not gonna happen. [walks over to pit crew]

Man - Hey, don't worry, man. We'll get him next time.

[RR walks from track 2 over to Saracen pit.]

Saracen - [talking to another racer] Go.

RR - [clears his throat] Mr. Saracen?

<Saracen - CUT [turns to face him] No visitors in the pits.>

RR - I'm a rider... uh, Richie Ryan.

Saracen - Let me guess... You want to join my team.

RR - Well, I got my international papers and I nailed third place at Long Beach.

Saracen - Very impressive, but this isn't Long Beach. [turns away]

[RR walks over to Philippe's bike, puts on helmet. 3 He starts bike & drives toward track.]

Man - Hey!

Woman - Hey!

[Saracen watches as RR speeds around track, starts stopwatch.]




Basil - Hey, man, it was an accident. No hard feelings?

Philippe - Saracen's losing it. He thinks I should retire.

Basil - So?

Philippe - I was wondering if you would talk to him. CUT

Basil - Why would I do that?

Philippe - Because I'm your friend. Because I taught you everything you know about racing. Without me, you would be nothing!

[Basil starts his bike, revs the engine to interrupt Phillipe. Phillipe leaves.]



[Saracen watches RR finish his run. RR pulls back into the pit & removes helmet.]

Saracen - I could get you arrested for that.

RR - You could... or you could have me ride for you.

Philippe - [approaches] Hey, get off my bike!

Saracen - It's not yours anymore, Philippe. You should've taken the watch. [Philippe leaves. Saracen turns to RR.] It's your bike now.


Nosferatu jazz club 1

DM - His name is Kalas. Somebody saw him here the other night.

Gerard - Never heard of him.

DM - Well, you couldn't exactly miss him. He has an unusual voice. Something happened to his throat.

Gerard - Sorry.

[Piano starts to play in background. DM turns, recognizing the music, walks over to where jazz players & singer are standing.]

Danielle - [singing "Heart Come Back"]

"Tell me, have you seen
The shadows of a dream?
They gather 'round
To swallow."


Flashback - Paris, 1920 - Kalas' house, night 3

[Super: Paris, 1920]

Different Singer - [singing same song]

" 'Round you.

When it happened to me
I only chose to see
That I was with him in his arms
and he seemed so in love with me.

Heart, come back.
Heart, come back.
Heart, come back.
I won't..."

DM - [to Maria] You look wonderful.

Maria - I'm so nervous.

DM - He'd probably feel the same way about meeting you.

Maria - Sure he would. "Antonio Neri, the world's greatest tenor, I would like you to meet Maria Campolo... She sings a little."

DM - Maria, you have a great gift. Don't underestimate it. [escorts her up staircase]

Maria - Antonio Neri's Paris debut, and my date's the best-looking man here.

DM - [chuckles] I'm flattered, but I wouldn't exactly call it a date.

Maria - I know. My uncle asked you to take me, but I can pretend, can't I?

Picasso - [at top of staircase, heading down] Buenas dias.

DM - Picasso. Qué tal?

Translations: buenas dias - good day; Qué tal? - How are you?/How's it going?

Maria - You know Picasso?

DM - We've met.

Maria - [looks around as they enter upstairs room] I wonder where he is?

<DM - Oh, he'll be the one surrounded by women. CUT Just listen to the sound of clanking jewelry.>

[Guests in room applaude. Piano start to play.]

Kalas - [singing Rudolfo's part of "O Soave Fanciulla", from "La Bohème" by Puccini] (CUT)

"O soave fanciulla..."

Translation: "Oh! Sweet little lady!"

[DM & Kalas sense each other's 'buzz'.]

Kalas - [singing]

"O dolce viso, di mite circonfuso alba lunar.
In te ravviso il sogno ch'io vorrei sempre sognar!"

Translation: "Oh, sweetest vision, with moonlight bathing your pretty face!
The dream that I see in you is the dream I'll always dream!"

Maria - [joins in with Mimi's part] "Ah, tu sol..."

Kalas - [at same time] "Fremon nell'--" [stops singing, surprised]

Maria - [continues singing] "...comandi, amor!"

Translations: "Oh, you rule alone, love!"; "Trembles in my--"

Kalas - [recovers, starts singing again] "...le dolcezze estreme."

Translation: "...the deepest of passions."

Maria - [singing] "Tu sol comandi, amor!"

Translation: "You rule alone, love!"

Kalas - [singing] "Fremon nell'anima..."

Translation: "Trembles in my soul..."

Maria - [singing] "Oh! Come dolci scendono..."

Kalas - [at same time] "...le dolcezze estreme."

Maria - [singing] "...le sue lusinghe al cor."

Kalas - [at same time] "Fremon dolcezze estreme."

Translations: "Oh! How gently now his words of praise make their way into my heart.";
"...the deepest of passions. Trembles the deepest of passions."

Maria - [singing] "Tu sol comandi..."

Kalas - [at same time] "Nel bacio freme..."

Maria & Kalas - [singing together] "...amor!"

Translations: "You rule alone, love!"; "Our kisses shudder with love!"

[Song ends, guests applaud.]

Man - Bravo!

Man - Splendid!

Woman - Marvelous!

Kalas - [to Maria, as DM joins them] That was quite lovely. [to DM] Welcome to my home, Duncan MacLeod. I'm glad you are here.

DM - Are you?

Kalas - My friend, the past is gone. Forgotten. We all change over the years. I know I have.

Maria - [clears her throat] Ahem.

Kalas - [turns to her] Forgive me. I am Antonio Neri. [takes her hand]

DM - Miss Maria Campolo.

Maria - They said you were greater than Caruso. They were right.

Kalas - And you have the voice of an angel. [kisses her hand]

Maria - You two know each other?

Kalas - Duncan MacLeod knows everybody. Your friend did me a great favor once. I used to lead a very cloistered life, but he advised me otherwise.

DM - It doesn't seem to have hurt you much.

Kalas - On the contrary. I owe my success to you.

DM - [to Maria] I believe it's getting late.

Maria - But we just got here.

Kalas - [to Maria] Oh, I hope you won't leave without dancing with me.

Maria - I'd love to.

[Kalas leads her over to dance floor. DM snags a glass from a passing server, takes a sip.]

Kalas - [dancing with Maria] Let me guess. I know you can't be his daughter.

Maria - Of course not. We're close friends.

Kalas - And perhaps more than just friends?

Maria - [coy] Really, Mr. Neri.

Kalas - Please. We're all adults here... and after all, this is 1920.

[DM watches them dancing.]


Flashback: Europe, 1658 - monastery
(from "Song of the Executioner")

[Kalas, singing a Chant with two other monks, looks over his shoulder.]


Flashback: Europe, 1658 - road outside monastery, night
(from "Song of the Executioner")

[Timon & Kalas fight. Kalas takes Timon's Quickening.]


Flashback: Europe, 1658 - inside monastery, night
(from "Song of the Executioner")

Kalas - You do not know what you have done. But you will. [walks toward door]


Flashback - Paris, 1920 - Kalas' house, night 3

(resume previous scene)

[DM still watching as Kalas & Maria dance. Song ends.]

Kalas - Enchanté. [kises Maria's hand again, leaves]

Translation: Enchanté - Pleased to meet you.

DM - [approaches] Maria, we really must be leaving.

Maria - He's setting up an audition for me with the director of the Paris opera.

DM - Pardon me?

Maria - He's having a dinner party for me on Friday.

DM - [doesn't like this scenario] I don't think you'll be available.

Maria - Why?

DM - [comes up with an alternative] You must get ready.

Maria - For what?

DM - Your surprise.

Maria - Duncan, what are you talking about?

DM - You can't just sing at the Paris Opera. You have to study, build a repertoire, learn languages. You're going to New York.

Maria - I'm going to New York?

DM - To study at the Metropolitan Opera.

Maria - Me at the Met?

DM - Yes. Your ship sales on... [thinks fast] Tuesday. I'll send your regrets to Mr. Neri.

Maria - You can't fool me, Duncan MacLeod. I know why you're doing this. You're jealous.

DM - Desperately.


Nosferatu jazz club 1

(resume previous scene)

Danielle - [finishing her song] "Then you'll see." [turns to jazz players] Okay, guys, that was good. Let's go.

Man - [offscreeen, clapping] Beautiful, darling.

DM - I haven't heard that in a long time.

Danielle - Yeah? Stick around. We play it every night. The owner's got this thing about it.

DM - Really?

Danielle - Mm-hmm.

DM - What's the owner's name?

Danielle - [sees Gerard looking at her] Uh, sorry. I've gotta go. [walks away]

DM - [turns to Gerard] Maybe you could answer the question. Now, where can I find your boss?

Gerard - The bar's closed.

DM - Really.

Gerard - I said the bar's clo--

[DM punches him, shoves his head under a beer tap, pulls the lever so beer runs out onto Gerard's head. Gerard sputters.]

DM - CUT This could last hours.

Gerard - [sputtering] Shakespeare and Company.

DM - [closes tap] Put it on my tab. [releases Gerard, leaves]


Outside Shakespeare and Company bookshop 7

[Camera pulls back from window of store to Kalas. Kalas looks at tables of books set outside, then 4 enters store.]


Inside Shakespeare and Company bookshop 7

Salzer - No, no. I'm sure I've never heard of him. But books... books, I do know. [as Kalas picks up one of the books] Ah. That is my prize. An original of Poe, signed by the author himself.

Kalas - Fascinating, but it's not what I'm looking for, Mr. Salzer. You are!

Salzer - I -- I think you've made a mistake. [re book] Uh, please, put it back.

Kalas - That's not what Roger said. You remember Roger, don't you? [tears page out of book]

Salzer - Don't! Look, it's priceless! [Kalas tears another page out.] Look! I don't know what you're talking about!

Kalas - [closes book] Let me refresh your memory. [backhands Salzer with book, stalks him through the bookshelves] I'm an Immortal. You're a Watcher. I've heard you know things about us.

Salzer - No.

Kalas - All of us!

Salzer - No, no! I swear!

Kalas - It's not nice to lie to people. 5 [pushes Salzer into a corner, leans over him] I'm looking for a particular old, powerful Immortal. His name is Methos. [Salzer's eyes widen.] I see you've heard of him. [pulls a knife & holds it over Salzer threateningly] <Speak... CUT or you'll never speak again! [holds knife against Salzer's tongue]>


Outside Shakespeare and Company bookshop 7

[DM approaches warily, trying to sense Kalas' buzz. He 6 walks past table of books & A enters the shop.]


Inside Shakespeare and Company bookshop 7

[DM picks up leather glove from floor, walks further into shop.]

DM - Hello? [looks around] Hello? [hears Salzer moaning, finds him on the floor] I'm Duncan MacLeod. Who did this to you?

[Salzer can't talk. He reaches down to a puddle of blood on a piece of paper beside him & uses it to write with his finger.]

DM - [watching him write] "M." MacLeod. That's right.

Salzer - [moans] Uh-uh.

DM - What? What is it? [watches as Salzer writes another letter] "E"? Is that an "E"? 7 [Salzer dies. DM grabs his arm, turns it to reveal Watcher tattoo on his wrist, then picks up paper with "M-E" written on it in blood.]


Motorcycle track, evening 6

[Group of racers ride off track 8 into pit area. Philippe watches them, looks out at empty track.]


[later, night]

RR - [to pit crew] {Simon, will you take care of her for me for tomorrow?}

Simon - Yeah, all right.

RR - Okay, great. Thanks, man.

Basil - You should have been in third on turn four.

RR - [chuckles] Maybe you take it that way.

Basil - I'm Basil Dornin -- Saracen's number one. [shakes RR's hand] Welcome to the team.

RR - Thanks. Richie Ryan. Nice to meet you.

Basil - [introduces woman with him] And this is Terri.

RR - Hi, Terri.

Terri - Hi.

Basil - Let's have a drink with the ladies. I'm sure she has a friend who's dying to meet you.

RR - All right. Let's go.

Philippe - [slurring] Long live the king!

Basil - Still here, Philippe?

Philippe - You did this. You forced me off the road and then you trashed me to Saracen! You!

Basil - You couldn't move over fast enough.

Philippe - There was nowhere else to go!

RR - Hey, why don't you just chill out? [Philippe pushes him away.] Heh. You don't want to do this.

Philippe - What?

Spectator - Leave him alone. Why don't you leave him alone?

[Philippe swings & RR grabs his hand & twists it around. He holds the position for a few seconds, then releases Philippe & walks away.] 9


Joe's Bar 5

Joe - [answers phone] Joe's.

DM - [driving, into phone] Hi, Joe. It's me.8

Joe - [into phone] MacLeod.

DM - [on phone] Yeah, I've got some news. [into phone] It's about your missing Watcher.8

Joe - [into phone] Yeah, he turned up a few hours ago. [on phone] The police fished him out of the Seine. MacLeod? Did you hear me?

DM - [into phone] Yeah, I heard you.8 [on phone] That means Kalas has killed another one of your people.

Joe - [into phone] No...

DM - [into phone] Yeah, in the American bookstore.8

Joe - [into phone] Don Salzer. Oh, boy.

DM - [into phone] What is it?

Joe - [on phone] He's not a field guy.8 [into phone] He's an historian. He'd have no reason to be near Kalas.

DM - [into phone] Before Salzer died, he was trying to write something.8 [on phone] They were the letters "M-E." What could they mean?

Joe - [into phone, but more to himself] This is no good. I'm gonna have to make some calls.

DM - [into phone] Joe!8

Joe - [into phone] Salzer, he's been working on the Methos chronicle. [on phone] If Kalas was to find that, find Methos...

DM - [into phone] Oh, come on, Joe. Methos doesn't exist. The oldest Immortal? He's a legend. He's like, well, like Adam and Eve.

Joe - [on phone] Oh, no.8 [into phone] He exists all right.

DM - [on phone] Are you telling me you've seen him?

Joe - [into phone] Me? No. He's very elusive. Have to be, to live that long. [on phone] Imagine an Immortal so old that he doesn't remember the time of his birth.8 [into phone] If Kalas found him and took his head, he'd be even stronger.

DM - [into phone] That means we're going to have to find him first.8

Joe - [into phone] We've got a guy at the university there. <Adam Pierson. CUT [on phone] He's been our top Methos scholar for about ten years. He knows as much about Methos as anybody.> I'll, uh, let him know you're coming.

DM - [into phone] Okay. [hangs up]8


Motorcycle track - bar, night 9

Basil - Try and look happy, mate. You just made the bloody Saracen team.

RR - I'm okay.

Basil - Is it Philippe? Is that what's eating you? Hey, he can't cut it anymore. That's just the way it is. Everybody gets old.

RR - [hears engine revving outside] Somebody's out on the track.


Motorcycle track, night 6

RR - It's Philippe. What the hell is he doing?

Basil - I guess the man thinks he's got something to prove.


[RR, Basil, & a group of people from the bar run toward the track.]

Woman - Slow down!

[Philippe loses control, crashes into barrier, flies off bike & hits the ground hard.]

Woman - Oh! Is he okay?

[Philippe pulls helmet off, passes out. RR reaches him, feels his neck for a pulse.]

Man - What was he doing out here this time of night?

Man - I'll go get the ambulance.

Man - All right.

Woman - Oh, no.

Woman - Oh, my god!

RR - [to Basil] He's dead.


Establishing shot: Nosferatu jazz club sign, night 1

Nosferatu jazz club, night 1

Kalas - What did you tell him?

Gerard - The bookstore. That's all, I swear. Who was that guy?

Kalas - Get back to your work.

Gerard - Yes, sir. [leaves]

[Kalas unbuttons collar of his shirt, rubs scar on his neck, grimacing.]


Flashback - Paris, 1920 - Kalas' house, night 3

Maria - I wanted to thank you in person for your kind offer, but I'm leaving Paris.

Kalas - Your presence here is all the thanks I need.

Maria - I'm going to New York tomorrow to study at the Met.

Kalas - [ignoring her] These big houses can be so dreary. They need beauty like yours to make them shine.

Maria - I'm sure you know hundreds of beautiful women.

Kalas - Mm. But they don't interest me. [hands her a glass] You do. [clinks his glass against hers. They drink.]

Maria - I really should go. [sits on divan]

Kalas - [re aria playing on gramophone] I never liked Caruso's way with that piece. [moves to stand behind her] He's dying in New York now, you know. [leans over back of divan] Some people say he was poisoned. [leans down to kiss her]

Maria - [pulls away before he can] Mr. Neri, what would people think?

Kalas - That you were too young, too beautiful... Too tragic. [rests his hands on her shoulders, leaning over again] You think I want to seduce you. <I'd love to oblige, but truthfully, I have other priorities. [moves his hands to her neck, squeezing] Your lover, MacLeod, took everything away from me. CUT

Maria - [choking] Duncan... Duncan...>

[Kalas senses 'buzz', looks up.]

DM - [enters room, sword drawn] She's not part of this!

Kalas - [draws his sword] She's yours. [They fight.] Nothing changes, MacLeod... ever.

DM - Then come and die.

[Fight continues. They crash through a French door. Kalas pins DM on the floor on his back. DM reaches over, grabs a piece of broken glass, slashes Kalas across the throat with it. Kalas grabs his throat, staggers to his feet, & runs away.]

DM - [goes back to divan] Maria. Maria, he's gone. Everything's all right.


Adam Pierson's apartment 10 (CUT)

DM - [enters, senses 'buzz'] Adam? Adam Pierson? [looks in bedroom, sees Methos sitting beside bed, wearing headphones, listening to muffled rock music, looking at a large journal] You Adam Pierson?

Methos - [turns off music, removes headphones] Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. Have a beer. [tosses him a can] Mi casa es su casa.

DM - [looks at can of beer in his hand, then back at Methos, shocked] Methos?

[Methos looks down briefly in a nod of acknowledgment, then back at DM with a little smirk. B]



[Kalas turns to C look over his shoulder, goes to door, looks around furtively, then breaks in. <Telephone rings.]

Methos - [on answering machine] Adam Pierson here. You can leave your message after the beep.

Joe - [on answering machine, after it beeps] Pierson, this is Joe Dawson. You get back to me as soon as you can. We've got major problems. [hangs up]> CUT

[Kalas looks at stacks of old books/journals.]


Canal bank 11

DM - Five thousand years.

Methos - Give or take. And that was when I took my first head, {remember}. <Before that... it all starts to blur. CUT

DM - Well, I guess it would. So have you, uh-->

Methos - Made any sense of it? Found any purpose?

DM - What, you read minds, too?

Methos - No. It's what I'd ask if I'd just met me. CUT


Adam Pierson's apartment 10

(resume previous scene)

[Kalas enters study. There's a computer on the desk and more old books/journals on the shelves.]


Canal bank 11

(resume previous scene)


DM - I just didn't think you existed.

Methos - Well, it's good to be a myth.

DM - Yeah, no one hunts for a myth... or a Watcher.

Methos - What better place to hide? I'm in charge of finding myself, and I make sure it never happens.


Adam Pierson's apartment 10

(resume previous scene)

[Kalas studies large journal open on desk.]

<Methos - [voice-over] Even got a few entries on you in my journal. CUT

DM - [voice-over] You keep a diary?

Methos - [voice-over] Been keeping it almost since writing began.

DM - [voice-over] That would make a hell of a read.

Methos - [voice-over] You could say that. How many people have stood on the same stage with Julius Caesar and the Rolling Stones?

DM - [voice-over] So you know about Kalas?>


Canal bank 11

(resume previous scene)

Methos - He killed a good friend.

DM - Yeah. Now he'll be coming for Adam Pierson.

Methos - Do you think I'd still be around if I was an easy mark?

DM - When was the last time you faced anyone?

Methos - Ohh. Uh, what are we? [looks at his watch] Sixth of March. Uh... two hundred years.

DM - Oh, that's good.

Methos - Hey, I may be a bit rusty, but I'm still here.

DM - Well, let's keep it that way. I'll stay close.

Methos - You cannot fight my battles for me, MacLeod. [walks away]


Motorcycle track 6

[Footage of motorcycle race.]

<P.A. Announcer - [over loudspeakers] Lionel Stetkee completes his trial lap in 104.35. That ends the time trials for the German team.> CUT

[Saracen watches his racers through binoculars.]

P.A. Announcer - [over loudspeakers] Now final time trials for the Saracen team, led by Dornin and Ryan...

[More racing. Motorcycles cross the finish line.]

P.A. Announcer - [over loudspeakers] Dornin and Ryan finish one, two for the Saracen team.

[Electronic scoreboard displays times:


Translation: essais séance 1 série pairs - trials, session 1, series peers (teams?)

P.A. Announcer - [over loudspeakers] Dornin at 102.33, Ryan at 102.39. [Basil & RR ride toward Saracen pit.] That ends time trials for the day. Would Danny Loir please report to the pit area.


Motorcycle track - Saracen pit 6

Basil - Hell of a run. You were really flying out there today.

RR - Thanks.

Basil - Richie...

RR - Yeah?

Basil - Never mind.

RR - Hey, if you've got something to say, just say it.

Basil - You were very tight on that last turn. The inside line is pretty unstable. CUT

RR - That's funny. I was talking to Saracen--

Basil - Saracen's not a racer. Just offering some friendly advice.

RR - Thank you.

Basil - No problem. We're on the same team, right?

RR - Yeah.


Outside Pierson's apartment 10

[Methos walks toward apartment, senses 'buzz'.]

Kalas - So you're the famous Adam Pierson.

Methos - At the moment.

Kalas - [moves forward] I was in your house. Found a diary there. Pity I couldn't read the hieroglyphics, but the Ancient Greek was most enlightening.

Methos - You should've been there. CUT


Bridge over Seine 12

[Methos & Kalas fight their way out onto bridge, Methos retreating as Kalas attacks. 10 Methos blocks an overhead swing, exchanges some parries, then climbs onto bridge rail. Kalas follows. Fight continues. Kalas pins Methos.]

Kalas - You've been out of the game too long.

[Methos twists, sending himself over the rail into the river, pulling Kalas with him. Kalas surfaces, swims to the edge & climbs out. He looks around, but Methos is nowhere to be seen. D]


Quay near barge 13

[DM enters fog-shrouded tunnel, E walks through tunnel toward camera carrying a paperback about Jean-Paul Sartre. He pauses, opens the book & looks at it for a moment, resumes walking, then 11 senses 'buzz'. Methos appears from a side passage, holding his sword.]

DM - Methos. Kalas found you? Is he dead?

Methos - No. [swings sword at DM]

DM - [jumps back, drops his book & draws his sword] Why?

Methos - Because there can be only one. [attacks again. They fight. DM knocks Methos' sword aside, brings his katana to Methos' throat.] What are you waiting for, MacLeod?

DM - No! [steps back, uses katana to knock Methos' sword from his hand]

Methos - I'd have killed you.

DM - No, you would have made a mistake, and then let me take your head.

Methos - You think I want to die? You think it's easier after thousands of years?

DM - Then why?

Methos - Because if you don't kill me, Kalas will.

DM - Not unless I get him first.

Methos - And if you don't? I cannot beat him. I have tried. He will take my head and then he will have the strength to take yours.

DM - So after five thousand years, your only solution is that I kill you?

Methos - He can beat me. He might beat you. He can't beat both of us.

DM - If it's that simple, why don't you take my head?

Methos - CUT Because it's not just a matter of who's the best fighter... It is about passion and hate. I don't have the fire. You do. You want Kalas. [lifts DM's sword arm so katana is resting against his neck] Live, Highlander. Grow stronger... Fight another day.


Motorcycle track 6

[Stock footage of motorcycles racers & pit crews preparing for race. RR puts his helmet on. Stock footage of engines revving. Race begins, Basil in the lead, RR behind him.]

[Keith Scott - "Racing With The Devil"

You're headin' out toward the risin' sun.
Keep movin' and you don't slow down.
Your ears are ringin' with the sound of thunder.
The heat is risin' and you're feelin' hunger.

Meet your maker.
It's a dyin' shame.
Just a new face
Without a name.

Racin' with the devil.]

[One of the racers loses control, crashes, skids off the track.]

P.A. Announcer - [over loudspeakers] Oh! Silvetti is down!

[Racin' with the devil.]

P.A. Announcer - [over loudspeakers] Ryan and Dornin are one, two. The Saracen team is taking it away.

[Racing continues.]

[He's just a man livin' up to his name.
You're just another number in the killing game.]

<[Saracen watches the race through binoculars.] CUT

[Racin' with the devil.]

[Basil rides neck & neck with RR. He swerves his bike, trying to force RR to fall back or lose control. RR retaliates.]

[Racin' with the devil.]

[They jostle each other until RR loses control & crashes.]>

P.A. Announcer - [over loudspeakers] Ryan is down! It looks like Dornin is going to take the race for the Saracen team.

[RR staggers to his feet, removes his helmet & slams it to the ground, furious.]


Motorcycle track - Saracen pit 6

[Saracen, Basil, & Terri celebrate Basil's win with champagne.]

Saracen - Good work. And good job. Good, good.

Man on P.A. - Dr. Gordon, {please report} to the first aid station. Dr. Gordon to the first aid station, please.

Saracen - [walks over to RR] You okay?

RR - [still mad] Yeah.

Saracen - Up in the corner like that? What the hell were you thinking?

RR - I made a mistake.

Saracen - You made a mistake?

RR - Yes, I made a mistake!

Saracen - You only get one! [leaves]

Basil - [walks up to RR with bottle of champagne] Consolation drink? [RR turns away.] Ah, too bad, Richie. You were THAT close. It's a grown up game, Ryan. You're only as good as your last win.

RR - [gets in his face] You set me up.

Basil - Like you Americans say: if you can't take the heat... [leaves]


Adam Pierson's apartment 10

[Car pulls up outside. Kalas is sitting inside, holding his sword on his lap, waiting for Methos to return. The door opens, closes.]

Kalas - [senses 'buzz'] Welcome home, Methos.

DM - Hello, Kalas.

Kalas - [stands, turns to face DM] Where's Methos?

DM - It doesn't matter anymore, does it?

Kalas - You were after him all along.

DM - Now I'm after you!

Kalas - I'll get Methos... when I get you.

[They exchange a few blows as Kalas leads DM out of the apartment.]


Different bridge over Seine 14

[DM follows Kalas out onto bridge.]

DM - Ah, it's a bitter taste, isn't it, Kalas? Fear. [They fight along the bridge.] You're losing your touch, Kalas.

[Kalas jumps off bridge onto stack of pallets & down to quay. DM follows. They fight some more, then are interrupted by police cars arriving.]

Kalas - Some other time, MacLeod.

DM - We'll make it soon. [They hide their swords away & DM hides behind support column.]

Man - [as police cars surround Kalas] Don't move.

Inspector - Mr. Kalas? You're under arrest for the murder of Donald Salzer.

Kalas - You have no proof of that.

Methos - Wrong. That's the man, Inspector.

[Inspector escorts Kalas to police van. DM peers around edge of column. Kalas glares at him as he is loaded into the van. Methos walks over to DM.]

DM - Why?

Methos - Because I didn't know if you could beat him. It's a chance I couldn't take. CUT Remember, Highlander... Live... grow stronger... fight another day.


Joe's Bar, night 5

Joe - [into phone] You're telling me that Adam Pierson is Methos?

DM - [into phone] I think it was his little joke on you. "Adam" -- the first man.10

Joe - [into phone] What better way to steer clear of other Immortals. He's been right there, all along. I can't believe I missed it.

DM - [into phone] There's no way you could've known.10

Joe - [into phone] You hang tight, MacLeod. [on phone] I'm gonna be on the next plane.10


Adam Pierson's (empty) apartment 10

DM - [into phone] Joe, don't bother. He's gone, and all your chronicles went with him. He's gonna be hard to find.

Joe - [into phone] What about Kalas?

DM - [on phone] Out of reach. He's in jail, at least for now.5 [into phone] But I can wait. [hangs up, looks around empty apartment, sees his book about Sartre laying next to radiator. He picks it up, opens it & begins to read 12.]


End of "Methos"

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