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Episode 17: Take Back the Night

Written by Alan Swayze
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Aired: April 29, 1995
Transcript revised: 12-2-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher

Dr. Anne Lindsey - Lisa Howard
              ER doctor


Ceirdwyn - Kim Johnston Ulrich
              Celtic Immortal

Maurice Lalonde - Michel Modo
              MacLeod's neighbor

Bonnie Prince Charlie - Benjamin Pullen
              in Scottish FB


Rupert & Willie - ??
              English soldiers, in Scottish FB


Steven Jarmel - David Gregg
              Cierdwyn's lover

Gaston - Frank/Franck Messin
              gang leader

Raoul - Antonio/Antony Miceli
Laurent - Olivier Siou
Louis - Jonathan Zaccaï
Mario - Terence Leroy-Beaulieu
              gang members

Paolo - Marc Edouard Leon
              Mario's kid brother

Blond Man - Thierry Bois
              NOT Louis

Basil Dornin - Jean-François Pages
              motorcycle racer

Neva - Ariane Le Roux
              pregnant woman, in Celtic FB

Callum - Pierre Semmler / Peter Semler
              Neva's husband

Angus - John/Jean-Charles Maratier
              Highlander, in Scottish FB

Locations List:*
1. Paris restaurant - La Rotonde, unknown location
2. Sidewalk near restaurant - southwest end of Bassin de la Villette [48.883289,2.370350]
3. Dunlop motorcycle track - Association de Gestion du Circuit Carole, D40, Tremblay-en-France [48.979222,2.522733]
4. Ceirdwyn's house - unknown location
5. Celtic village - unknown location
6. Warehouse alley - unknown location
7. Black Door club / warehouse - unknown location
8. Ceirdwyn's tavern - unknown location
9. Scotland - unknown location
10. Cemetery - unknown location
11. Inside barge - barge is moored at Bassin de la Villette [48.886148,2.374098]
12. Joe's bar - Vancouver pre-shoot: Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on USA Network* (1998) matches the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with two exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Paris restaurant, night 1

Steven - Geez, Ceirdwyn, I thought you'd be happy for me.

Ceirdwyn - Of course I'm happy for you. I -- Steven, I love you.

Steven - Then what's the problem?

Ceirdwyn - It's in Madrid.

Steven - You've got something against Spaniards?

Ceirdwyn - No, of course not. It's just... Well, our friends all are here. Our life is in Paris.

Steven - Our whole life could be in Madrid. This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Ceirdwyn - There'll be other opportunities.

Steven - For you. Maybe this is all I get. Some of us don't live forever.

Ceirdwyn - I think we should continue this discussion in private.

Steven - Fine. [stands up]

Ceirdwyn - Steven--

Steven - I'm just going to get the car.


Sidewalk near restaurant, night 2


Gaston - Hey, kid. What did you get today?

Paolo - I'm not a kid.

Mario - Don't be a pain in the ass, Paolo. Give it to him!

[Paolo pulls stolen wallet out of his pocket, hands it to Gaston.]

Gaston - This it?

Paolo - Tough winter. [Gaston says nothing.] I'll do better tomorrow. There'll be a crowd at the track.

Gaston - You'd better. Now get lost.

Mario - [gets in Paolo's face, yells] Ahh! Hyahh! [as Paolo runs off, to Gaston] I'm sorry. He's just a crazy kid. But he's good, Gaston, all right? Trust me, man, he's good.

[Steven walks past gang members. Mario & Laurent stop him & the gang encircles him.]

Gang member - Nice jacket.

Gaston - Be cool, man.

Gang member - [re Steven's jacket] Nice leather.

Gaston - [to Louis] Get his wallet. [Louis reaches into Steven's coat pocket, pulls out wallet.]

Gang member - Oh! There we go.

[Louis removes wad of cash from wallet.]

Gang member - All right.

[Paolo watches from further up the street.]

<Gaston - Give me your watch. CUT

Steven - Now, look, you've got my wallet. Now, let me go.

Gaston - I said, give me your watch! [knees Steven in the groin]

Steven - [doubled over] Why are you doing this? I gave you my money. Leave me alone! [as Ceirdwyn approaches] Look, I've given you all I've got.

Gang member - Come on, pretty boy, get up.

Steven - Please, take what you want. [Gaston shoots him.]>

Ceirdwyn - [sees him fall] No. [runs toward them] No! Steven! No-- [Gaston shoots her.] Aah! [He shoots her twice more & she falls next to Steven's body.]

Gang member - Come on, let's get out of here.

Gang member - Come on, let's go.

Mario - Let's get out of here!

[Paolo watches them run off, leaving the two dead bodies on the sidewalk.]


Motorcycle track 3

[Sign across track reads: DUNLOP -- L'ESPRIT DE COMPETITION] A

Translation: l'esprit de competition - the spirit of competition

[Motorcycle race -- RR in the lead on Bike 2, Basil behind him on Bike 1. Basil pulls forward next to RR & they continue around the track side by side.]

Man on P.A. - The best lap time today, ladies and gentlemen, is 103.65. The Saracen team is {leading the} lap now.

Maurice - [watching with DM] You don't worry about him getting hurt?

DM - I worry.

Maurice - Young men. They all think they're going to live forever.

[Race continues. Basil swerves, trying to force RR into losing control. They jockey for first position, racing very competitively. RR takes a turn so close his knee pad scrapes the pavement, sending out sparks.]

Man on P.A. - And on the last turn -- Saracen, one and two. It's the first time trials for today. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

[The racers pull into the pit area. DM & Maurice walk over to RR's bike.]

Maurice - Ridden like a champion!

RR - Thanks, Maurice. Looks like I might get in another run before dark.

DM - I don't think Maurice's heart could take it.

Maurice - My heart's as young as yours. But I have to be at work. Good luck, Richie... and be careful.

RR - Thanks, Maurice. I'll catch you later. [Maurice leaves.]

DM - Looks like you took that last bend pretty tight.

RR - Yeah, you're telling me. That's the second time Basil tried to run me off the track. He's, uh, a little pissed 'cause I beat him yesterday.

DM - [re RR's knee] How bad is it?

RR - Oh, it's nothing. It's healed already. It just took a little skin off. [DM gives him a look.] What?

DM - [sighs] Don't you think you're riding it a little close to the edge.

RR - Mac, I'm riding to win, like everybody else.

DM - Do you think anybody else could break his leg in three places and still walk away?

RR - You think I'm cheating?

DM - Well, you tell me. Would you be pushing this hard if you thought you could get hurt?

RR - I gotta get cleaned up.


Motorcycle track - parking lot 3

[Paolo wanders through lot, checking car doors. DM walks to his car & unlocks door. Paolo walks toward him & bumps into him.]

Paolo - Uh. [steps back] Excuse me.

[As Paolo walks off, DM does a double take, then feels his pockets. He rolls his eyes & follows Paolo. Paolo walks through vehicles at edge of parking lot. DM cuts him off, grabs his shoulder.]

Paolo - What's up, man? Wanna buy a watch?

DM - Give me my wallet.

Paolo - What wallet?

DM - I tell you what. I'll take any one you've got with my driver's license in it.

Paolo - Oh, yeah. That one. [hands over DM's wallet] You gonna call the cops?

DM - [checks contents of wallet] No. Now give me yours.

Paolo - What are you talking about?

DM - You took mine, now I want yours.

Paolo - You some kind of nut?

DM - Hand it over. [Paolo reluctantly hands over his own wallet.] There's not much in it.

Paolo - Oh, yeah... Big surprise.

DM - [pockets the wallet] Okay, kid. You can go now.

Paolo - And how am I supposed to get home without any money?

DM - You're good on your feet. Walk.


[moments later]

Paolo - [gets into Citroen as DM starts engine] Nice wheels.

DM - Out.

Paolo - Please, Mister... I've got a real sick sister I've gotta get home to.

DM - [not buying it] Really.

Paolo - Yeah. It's her heart. She needs an operation real bad. That's why I've fallen into a life of crime. CUT

<DM - Life of crime. Give me a break. [puts car into gear, pulls out]>


Ceirdwyn's house - bedroom 4

[Ceirdwyn draws geometric designs on her face with a blue makeup pencil.]

Ceirdwyn - [voice-over] There'll be other opportunities.

Steven - [voice-over] For you. Maybe this is all I get.

[Flashback of Gaston shooting Steven.
Ceirdwyn - No! Steven!]

Steven - [voice-over] Some of us don't live forever.


Flashback - England, 60 A.D. - Celtic village 5

[Super: England, 60 A.D.]


Ceirdwyn - Is it your time, Neva?

Neva - [pats her pregnant belly] No. Boudicca wants the wagons loaded and the families ready to move out.

Ceirdwyn - Oh.

Callum - This time tomorrow, the Romans will be gone and we will be on our way home for the birth of my son.

Ceirdwyn - Oh. And you know it will be a son?

Callum - And his name will be Callum. Callum, son of Callum. [Ceirdwyn & Neva laugh.] I think Callum is a fine name.

Neva - Fight well.

Callum - I always do. [leaves]

Ceirdwyn - [to Neva] For a man. [follows him]


Flashback - England, 60 A.D. - battlefield 5

[The group of Celts lie in wait as Roman soldiers approach through the forest. When the soldiers are close enough, the Celts yell and rush forward in attack. Both Romans & Celts fall as the battle unfolds. A Celt grapples with a soldier, stabs him. Close on soldier falling, then camera swings quickly to another confrontation. Camera pans slowly across battlefield. Another Celt impales a soldier with a spear. The remaining soldiers gather together, their shields raised in a wall of protection as the remaining Celts advance. The soldiers hurl their spears, taking out several more Celts. The Celts rush the soldiers. 1 Ceirdwyn takes out a soldier & Callum kills one behind her.]

Callum - Watch your back.

Ceirdwyn - Why? When I have you?

[As Ceirdwyn turns back to the battle, a soldier stabs Callum from behind with his spear. Ceirdwyn yells, kills the soldier, then is killed herself by another.]


Ceirdwyn's house - bedroom 4

[Ceirdwyn uses the blue makeup pencil to finish a large design on her forearm.]


Flashback - England, 60 A.D. - battlefield 5

Ceirdwyn - [revives, sits up, sees the dead Celts around her] No! No! [kills Roman soldier leaning over Neva's body, falls to her knees beside Neva, crying]


[later, night]

[Ceirdwyn has laid Neva & Callum beside each other in a large grave. She places Callum's sword in his hands, then removes the gold torque from her neck.]


Ceirdwyn's house - bedroom 4

[Ceirdwyn fastens gold torque around her neck. She zips closed Steven's leather jacket, picks up her sword, 2 & leaves the house.]


Establishing shot: Warehouse alley 6

<'Black Door' club / warehouse 7 CUT

[Alexandra Gord - "Unopened Eye"

The men do exhale from my golden ribbon
Softly dripping, drop by drop]

[Raoul, Louis, & Mario are hanging out up on the catwalk, listening to music & drinking beers.]

[Upon the darkened mountaintop
Still drowsily musing here
To the universal melody, yeah.]

[Ceirdwyn stealthily enters warehouse, stalks blond man who looks like Louis from behind.]

Ceirdwyn - You!

Blond man - [turns] Hey!

Ceirdwyn - [sighs] No. You're not the right one.

Blond man - I can be anyone you want me to be.

Ceirdwyn - You don't want to be who I'm looking for.>


Near 'Black Door' club / warehouse - MacLeod's car 6

Paolo - It's about three blocks away.

DM - You live around here?

Paolo - Me and my brother.

DM - No parents?

Paolo - What, you writing a book? Me and Mario make out okay. [DM senses 'buzz', stops car.] Why're you stopping?

DM - Stay here. [gets out of car] And don't touch anything. [enters warehouse]


Inside warehouse 7

[DM walks through darkened warehouse.]

[Paolo gets out of car, enters warehouse.]6

DM - [finds Gaston dead, looks up, sees Paolo] CUT Do you know him?

Paolo - Never -- Never seen him before. [backs away]

DM - Who is he, Paolo? Paolo? [Paolo runs off.] Paolo! [glances back at body, then goes looking for Paolo]

[Paolo evades DM, hides in the warehouse. 3 CUT DM & Ceirdwyn sense each other's 'buzz'. Ceirdwyn moves through warehouse, past broken wall and lit oil-drum fire. She walks past steam hissing from a pipe and through a doorway into a different section of the warehouse. 4 Her sword in hand, she turns, sees DM approaching through the shadows. He also has his sword out, turns to face her.]

DM - [lowers his sword] Ceirdwyn?

Ceirdwyn - It's good to see you again, Duncan.

DM - It's not your part of town. You out walking or hunting?

Ceirdwyn - Hunting. And you?

DM - The same. I'm looking for a killer.

Ceirdwyn - So am I.

DM - There's a dead man in the warehouse back there... killed by a sword.

Ceirdwyn - So?

DM - Tell me it wasn't you.

Ceirdwyn - Do us both a favor, MacLeod. Don't ask me any more questions.

DM - Since when did a warrior become a murderer?

Ceirdwyn - Is that what you call it when a killer is killed? I call it justice and so did you once.

DM - There's no war today, Ceirdwyn.

Ceirdwyn - Isn't there? They killed my husband.

DM - I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Ceirdwyn - Well, don't be sorry. Just stay out of my way. [leaves]


Flashback - Scotland, 1746 - woods near coast 8

[Super: Scotland, 1746]

DM - My Lord, can we not rest the night? We can reach the boat at dawn.

BP Charlie - [raises his hand to halt company] The boat to take me off, to lick my wounds like a whipped hound. I've suffered the worst defeat in Scottish history. And now the English murderers will say, "Aye. Bonnie Prince Charlie ran away with his tail 'tween his legs."

DM - Let them say what they will. By God, we fought as bravely as men can. For the sake of the men, sire. I know a tavern nearby.

BP Charlie - [concedes] Good. Let the English know we stopped for a pot of ale before leaving.

DM - This way! [leads company forward]


Flashback - Scotland, 1746 - Ceirdwyn's tavern 8

[Company of Highlanders rides up. DM dismounts, moves forward with a smile.]

Ceirdwyn - Duncan! [runs to him] Duncan MacLeod! Hey!

DM - [picks her up, embracing her] Ceirdwyn.

Ceirdwyn - [kisses him] Ahh! It's Flora... Flora MacDonald, now. And you can put me down.

DM - Mm. We need food and a place to spend the night. [puts her down]

Ceirdwyn - [looks at his companions] Well, this is a sorry lot you're traveling with. By the look of them, they've not two pennies to rub together.

DM - Hold your tongue.

Ceirdwyn - Why? Who does he think he is, Bonnie Prince Charlie himself? [Charlie pulls back his hood, revealing himself.] Forgive me. [bows her head in respect] I'd no idea.

BP Charlie - No matter, lass. You're right. Cumberland is on our heels, and I'll no' put a woman in danger. [to his men] We ride on.

Ceirdwyn - No, sire. Whatever I have is yours. And if there's a cause worth dying for, it's this one. A trampled people must stand while they can. Stay.

BP Charlie - I thank you, lass. [dismounts] Well, MacLeod... see if you can't find a penny or two to rub together, huh? [goes inside]

Ceirdwyn - [to DM] How was I to know? [slaps him on the shoulder, follows Charlie]


[later, inside tavern]

BP Charlie - Oh, I do not like it. Is this really necessary?

DM - Aye, my Lord. If the English are watching the coast, it may be your only chance to get through.

BP Charlie - [as Ceirdwyn works on dress he is wearing as disguise] Aye. The "Pretender", I am called. Now I'm pretending I'm a woman. This is no way for a prince to travel.

DM - A prince, my Lord, may be caught. They'll not be looking for a woman.

Ceirdwyn - [stands up] Well, 'tis done. Best I can.

BP Charlie - So, what do you think, MacLeod?

DM - Why, it's most becoming, sire. You're a little tall, but it suits you. [Charlie gives him a look.] That is, you look good enough to fool the English.

Ceirdwyn - Aye.

BP Charlie - Aye. Whatever happened to dignity?

DM - Dignity rides with the house of Stuart. You cannot lose it, whatever the dress.

BP Charlie - Aye. [to Ceirdwyn] Lass, I thank you. You may well have saved Scotland. [to his men] Gentlemen, afore the tide turns...

DM - Sire, if you please. I must stay. The English are butchering farmers who have never seen a battlefield. I have unfinished business here.

BP Charlie - So do we all, MacLeod, but one sword won't turn the war.

DM - No, but I'll make them pay dearly.

BP Charlie - Aye. I believe you will. CUT Angus, the first man that laughs can have the back of your hand.

Angus - Any laughter will get more than the back of my hand, sire. [They leave.]


[later, outside tavern]

Ceirdwyn - Stay with me, MacLeod. Ach, this land is filled with Scottish graves.

DM - Aye. And there'll be English ones by the time I'm through.

Ceirdwyn - Has there not been enough bloodshed?

DM - Enough? They slaughtered four thousand Scots. Men, women... children in their mother's arms! [mounts horse] I do not ask you to understand.

Ceirdwyn - Aye, but I do, only too well. [calls after him as he rides off] More blood does not make it better!

DM - [pauses, looks back, then spurs his horse onward] Hyah!

Ceirdwyn - [to herself] It never will.


Inside 'Black Door' club / warehouse 7

(resume previous scene)

[Paolo watches from hiding place as DM walks off.]


Establishing B shot: Motorcycle track 3

Motorcycle track - inside trailer 3

Man on P.A. - Your attention, please. {??}

RR - So what're you going to do?

DM - I don't know.

RR - Well, Mac, if the only way to stop her is to fight her...

DM - Could I kill her? [stands up] I'm going to see if Paolo's working the crowds.

RR - Mac, are you looking for a way to stop her? Or a reason not to?

DM - Either one works for me. You be careful.

RR - Sure.


Motorcycle track - Saracen pit 3

Basil - No hard feelings, Richie.

RR - Oh, why? Because you lied to me and then tried to run me off the track?

Basil - It was an honest mistake.

RR - Go away, Basil. Save it for the next rookie.

Basil - Be careful on the track. Anything can happen.


Motorcycle track - Snack bar 3

[Paolo sneaks in, steals hot dog left on table, sneaks back out. He 5 walks toward the parking lot, eating the hot dog.]

DM - We've got to stop meeting like this. [Paolo turns, sees him, tries to run. DM grabs him.] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Paolo - Don't kill me! I didn't do it!

DM - Hey, hey, I'm not going to hurt you.

Paolo - I was there but it wasn't me.

DM - What are you talking about?

Paolo - I saw you with the dead woman.

DM - Paolo, what did you see?

<Paolo - Sh-She came back. [tries to get away] CUT

DM - [holds on to him] It's all right. It's okay. It's okay. [sighs] And she killed the guy in the warehouse.

Paolo - Gaston.>

DM - Who else? Who else was there the night her husband was killed?

Paolo - I don't know.

DM - Paolo, I'm going to stop her.

Paolo - You can't. Nothing can stop her.

DM - I can.


Near 'Black Door' club / warehouse - MacLeod's car 6

Paolo - Gaston kept shooting at her and she kept coming back. She's gonna kill them all, isn't she?

DM - Where are the others, Paolo?

Paolo - I don't know.

DM - He's not safe on the streets.

Paolo - Who?

DM - Your brother. He's one of them, isn't he? I just want to talk to him.

Paolo - It wasn't his fault. Gaston had the gun. Mario was just--

DM - Was just going along? A man's dead, Paolo. For what? A few francs and the keys to a car?

Paolo - It wasn't his fault!

DM - Yeah, maybe not, but if she finds him first, then he's dead.

Paolo - You can drop me here.

DM - [pulls car to a stop] Look, if you decide you want to talk, come see me.

Paolo - You really think you can stop her?

DM - I'm going to try.

Paolo - They hang out at the Black Door. Don't tell him I told you.

DM - I won't. I promise.


Inside 'Black Door' club / warehouse 7

[DM enters club. Mario walks past him & climbs ladder to catwalk where Raoul & Louis are hanging out. DM senses 'buzz' as Ceirdwyn enters.]

DM - [intercepts her] Ceirdwyn.

Ceirdwyn - Stay out of this, MacLeod.

<DM - CUT The shooter's already dead. How many more?>

Ceirdwyn - There were five.

DM - This isn't the answer.

Ceirdwyn - A head for a head and a body for a body, since the dawn of time. It's no different now.

DM - Revenge does nothing, Ceirdwyn. Nothing. You know that.


Flashback - Scotland, 1746 - woods 9

[A murdered Scot & his wife hang from a tree. Four English soldiers sit around a fire nearby.]

Rupert - When we're finished, there'll be nothing left in this stinking land but oats and sheep, eh?

[The soldiers laugh, then Willie is shot by a musket & falls over, dead.]

DM - [rides into view] Hyah! Hyah!

Rupert - What the devil?

DM - As far as you're concerned, the devil himself. Hyah!

[DM kills Rupert with his sword, then is shot off his horse by the remaining two soldiers. He climbs to his feet & fights the soldiers, killing them both, <then collapses.]


Flashback - Scotland, 1746 - Ceirdwyn's tavern - bedroom 8

DM - [wakes up in bed, realizes he is naked under the covers] What the--

Ceirdwyn - They're getting cleaned and mended, MacLeod. They were full of blood. Well, it looks like you made the English pay. But I don't think they were the only ones. [kneels beside bed]> We're warriors, MacLeod. We avenge our own. We kill the killers. But there's a time to stop. When enough is enough. You know that.

DM - Maybe it's too late. The things I've done... I've killed so many... young, old... with their wives and children watching. I've become the thing I hate.

Ceirdwyn - You've seen too much death. What you need is a taste of life. [kisses him]


Ceirdwyn's house, night 4

Ceirdwyn - It's different, being with a mortal, isn't it? I didn't -- I didn't think it would work. But Steven was so sure. He said if we loved each other enough, then nothing else mattered. We were together fifteen years, almost sixteen. Seems like yesterday when we met. He was just out of school. He was a boy, really, just full of hopes and dreams. They change so much, so fast, don't they? I watched him grow into the man he was... into the man I loved. And then to lose him like -- like that. 6 Mm, well, what about you, MacLeod? You ever loved anyone enough, trusted anyone enough?

DM - [nods] Once. She was killed over a few dollars and a car.

Ceirdwyn - [sighs] You think you'll ever love again?

DM - Yeah. [looks away] Yeah.

Ceirdwyn - [chuckles] And her name is?

DM - Anne... Anne Lindsey.

Ceirdwyn - Does she know about you, about what you are? [DM shakes his head.] Why not?

DM - Because they die.

Ceirdwyn - Steven didn't die. He was murdered, and it was too soon.

DM - Yeah, but you can't trade death for death, Ceirdwyn.

Ceirdwyn - Avenging his death is his memorial.

DM - You've already killed the guy that pulled the trigger. Let the rest go. Let that be his memorial.

Ceirdwyn - I just mi-- I miss him so much.

DM - [hugs her] I know.


Cemetery 10

[Tombstone reads: STEVEN JARMEL -- 1958-1995 -- through eternity]

Ceirdwyn - [lays rose on Steven's grave] I did what I had to do. But you'd think after all this time, I would have learned. Death is always death. And when someone's gone, nothing can bring them back. Not pain, not rage... not revenge. [takes off Steven's jacket, lays it beside the rose] Good-bye, my love. [walks away] 7


'Black Door' club / warehouse 7

[Paolo sits at bar. On catwalk, Raoul carries three guns over to other gang members.]

Louis - Let's see those things.

[Raoul puts guns on table.]

Mario - What are you doing, man?

Louis - Excellent.

Mario - We're not really going after her?

Louis - Do you want to wait around for her to pick us off one by one? No thanks. I checked out the address. It's a house on the Left Bank. I say we go tonight. [walks over to Mario with one of the guns] And remember, she must wear some kind of vest, so aim for the head.

Mario - Yeah, right. I know where to aim. You just make sure you do.

Paolo - [climbs ladder to catwalk, joins Mario] You can't do this.

Mario - We've gotta get her before she gets us.

Paolo - She'll kill you.

Mario - [blows him off] Yeah.

Paolo - Mario, don't.

Mario - Come on, go home.


Motorcycle track 3

Man on P.A. - As they come into the hairpin corner, a very tight grouping of the over-one-thousand-c-c class bikes here today. The competition is tough out there today.

[DM & Maurice watch as the racers speed around the track, RR & Basil in the lead. They are jockeying for first position, as usual.]

Maurice - Go! Go! Bring it in!

[RR swerves at Basil's bike & both bikes spin out of control.]

Man on P.A. - Yellow caution flag on the course. Yellow flag on the course.

[The two riders tumble to a halt as the bikes explode into flames. The crowd, DM included, jump the fence & run toward the wreck.]

Man on P.A. - Please stay off the course, ladies and gentlemen. Please stay off the course.

[Emergency vehicles rush to the scene. Personnel work to put out the flames around Basil while others perform CPR on RR. Maurice, DM, and the rest of the crowd watch.]


Inside barge, night 11

Maurice - It's always sad to lose one so young. So much he had yet to do. My first wife was a religious woman. To her, those who had died were never far away. Hm. I hope it's true.

DM - [senses 'buzz'] Truer than you think. I'm sorry, I -- I think I need to be alone for a while, Maurice.

Maurice - Of course. I understand. [leaves]

DM - I see you got out of the morgue okay.

RR - [enters through back door, wrapped in a sheet] Yeah. It wasn't easy getting across town without any clothes... but I suppose this is supposed to be some kind of lesson, right?

DM - One of them.

RR - Basil's dead, isn't he?

DM - He died on the way to the hospital.

RR - I keep running the race in my head, Mac. I see him right there. I was so pissed off, I wanted to run right over him. Maybe that's what I did. But I did not consciously try to kill him, Mac.

DM - I don't think that matters to Basil right now.

RR - So what does this mean?

DM - It means you're dead in France. It means you're dead in Europe for almost a generation. It means you're going to have to disappear. It means you're going to have to live with this for the rest of your life.

RR - Mac, did you ever... screw up like this?

DM - Sometimes. [Knock at door.] Will you put some clothes on? [answers door -- it's Paolo] What happened?


Ceirdwyn's house, night 4

[Lights go off as electricity is cut. Louis, Raoul, & Mario enter, splitting up to search for Ceirdwyn.]

DM - [finds Raoul] Why don't you be a good boy and get out of here?

Raoul - I don't think so. [points gun at DM]

DM - [knocks Raoul out] Well, I asked you politely.

[Mario creeps up the stairs & is knocked down by Ceirdwyn.]

DM - [grabs Louis as he comes through a doorway] Now you have a choice. You either leave or die.

Ceirdwyn - [stands over Mario in foyer, holding her sword as he points his gun at her] Go ahead. Do it.

[DM takes gun from Louis. Louis runs off.]

DM - [off screen] Ceirdwyn?

Ceirdwyn - Do it.

[Mario puts the gun down & raises his hands.]

DM - [off screen] Ceirdwyn?

[Ceirdwyn raises her sword over her head.]

Paolo - [enters house] No! No, please...

DM - [enters foyer] Ceirdwyn, don't do this. [Sirens approach outside.] Leave them to the police.

Man - [outside] Get around the back.

[Ceirdwyn stands down. Police enter house.]

Man - [to Mario] Get up.

DM - [catches up to Ceirdwyn on the stairs] You going to be okay?

Ceirdwyn - No. Not for a long time. I'm not going to forget him, Mac, you know? But it was worth it. For the fifteen years we had together, I'll trade fifteen years of pain. I'd trade a hundred.

DM - Well, what about the price they pay? No family, living in secrecy, waiting for the night you go out and you never come back. Maybe we're not supposed to be with them.

Ceirdwyn - They're not children, MacLeod. They make their own decisions. Steven knew what I was, and he chose to be with me. Are you sure Anne wouldn't do the same thing? If you love her, Duncan, don't make that choice for her.


Establishing shot: Joe's Bar sign 12

Joe's Bar 12

Anne - [enters empty bar] Joe.

Joe - Hi. Thanks for coming down.

Anne - Yeah. Well, uh, you, uh, you said it was important. You kinda sounded a bit nervous.

Joe - Yeah, maybe. So, uh, how've you been holding up?

Anne - Oh... uh, working hard, you know. Keeping busy. Trying, uh, not to think about it too much.

Joe - Yeah. Sure. Sit down, please. Sit down. [She sits at the bar.] Why don't I get you a drink?

Anne - Oh, no, thanks.

Joe - Uh, trust me, you want a drink.

Anne - Well, now you're making me nervous. 8

Joe - [pouring her drink] You know, I've, uh, I've always thought you were, uh, quite a remarkable woman.

Anne - You know something, Joe? You can, uh, skip the sweet talk. Now you said it was important, so I'm -- I'm here.

Joe - Yeah. Look... you know how there were always things, uh, about MacLeod he couldn't tell you? Things he didn't get to explain before he died.

Anne - Yes. So?

Joe - It's time for the explanation. [reaches into his coat pocket] He, uh, wanted me to give you this. [hands her an envelope]

Anne - What is it?

Joe - It's a plane ticket to Paris.

Anne - I-- I'm -- I'm going to Paris?

Joe - I guess that depends.

Anne - Depends on what?

[Phone rings. Joe picks up receiver & hands it to Anne.]

Joe - It's for you.

Anne - [takes receiver] H-hello? [listens] Duncan? Duncan?


End of "Take Back the Night"

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