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Episode 18: Testimony

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: May 6, 1995
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student

Dr. Anne Lindsey - Lisa Howard
              ER doctor


Kristov - Alexis/Lex Daniel

Tasha - Selina Giles
              drug courier


Alexei - Xavier Schliwanski
              Kristov's henchman

Bohdan - Georges Keyl
              Cossack, in flashback

Doctor Chandon - Bertrand Lacy
              at Paris hospital

Man at Airport - Lawrence Shore
              waiting for fiancée & ex-wife


Fyodor - ??
              Kristov's henchman

Locations List:*
1. Airport runway - unknown location, Vancouver
2. Airport cafe/interior, storage room - Hall 1, Orly Airport Ouest [48.729909,2.359641]
3. Hospital - Hôpital Corentin-Celton, 4 Parvis Corentin Celton, Issy-les-Moulineaux [48.828192,2.278753]
4. Kristov's chateau & Russia - Chateau de Saint-Rémy, Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines [48.616783,1.880728]
5. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
6. Inside barge, on deck - barge is moored at Bassin de la Villette [48.886148,2.374098]
7. Street - 6 Quai de la Seine [48.884495,2.370736]
8. Airport exterior - under Avenue O, by P2 Terminal Oest, Orly Airport Ouest [48.729481,2.360253]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on USA Network* (1998) matches the official cut, with one exception.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Airport runway 1

Cafe in/near Orly Airport 2

RR - Mac, would you please try and relax? You cannot make Anne's plane land any sooner.

DM - Tell you what, Richie, I've got a great idea. Why don't you explain it to her.

RR - [wearing a baseball cap & sunglasses, incognito] So she's gonna see the guy she loved come back from the dead. Big deal. You sit her down. You explain to her how it works.

<DM - CUT Have you found a place yet?>

RR - I mean, she already knows you're alive, Mac. You're halfway there.


<Orly Airport - Customs Area 2 CUT

[Anne approaches Customs Agent.]>

<DM - CUT [voice-over] Yeah, what could be simpler?>

RR - [voice-over] Mac, she is a doctor. She deals with life and death and all that stuff all the time. Maybe it's not gonna be such a big deal.


Cafe in/near Orly Airport 2

RR - [continues] At any rate, I have faith in you. You're good at these things. You'll work it out. Whatever happens, I just want you to know, uh... you're on your own. I already found a hotel.


Orly Airport - Arrivals Area 2

[DM walks through area, carrying a wrapped rose.]

DM - [voice-over] Well, thanks for the support. Where? Remember, you're dead here.

RR - [voice-over] Mac, would you relax?


Cafe in/near Orly Airport 2

RR - [continues] It's in the middle of nowhere. I will be invisible.

[DM checks his watch.]


Orly Airport - Arrivals Area 2

[DM walks through terminal, checks his watch.]

DM - I've gotta go.

RR - [voice-over] Would you look at the bright side, too? I mean, she already saw you die once.


Cafe in/near Orly Airport 2

RR - [continues] At least you're not going to have to kill yourself AGAIN in order to prove it.

DM - [dry] I'm so glad you came. [throws some money on table] Pay the bill. [leaves]


Orly Airport - Arrivals Area 2

Woman on P.A. - Le bagages le vol trois cent quatorze {??} {amassé à} carrousel numéro un.

Man - Waiting for your wife?

DM - Kind of.

Woman on P.A. - The baggages from flight 314 will be picked up at carousel number one.

Man - Girlfriend?

DM - It's kind of complicated.


Orly Airport - Customs line 2

[Tasha, behind Anne in line, suddenly cries out, clutches her stomach & falls down.]

Anne - [rushes to her] It's all right. It's okay. You'll be fine. I'm a doctor. [calls out] Ambulance, please! [to Tasha] Where does it hurt?


Orly Airport - Arrivals Area 2

Man - I'm waiting for my fiancée.

DM - [nervous & distracted] That's nice.

Man - It would be nice, except she just spent the last seven hours sitting on a plane next to my ex-wife. How'd you like to handle that?

DM - [wishful] It's a piece of cake.


Orly Airport - Customs line 2

[Medic places oxygen mask over Tasha's face.]

Anne - Okay? Let's go.

[They wheel Tasha's gurney forward.]

Security Guard - [into walkie talkie] {??} An ambulance.


<Orly Airport - Arrivals Area 2 CUT

DM - [sees them approaching] It's like I said. Complicated. [hands rose to man, follows Tasha's gurney] Anne? Anne?>


Establishing shot: Hospital 3

Hospital 3


<Anne - Tasha, stay with me, okay? You're in good hands here.>

Chandon - Vitals?

Anne - Oh. Pulse is barely palpable at sixty, B.P. ninety over fifty-five. She collapsed about twenty minutes ago from severe abdominal cramping, but I do not think it's appendix.

Chandon - You're a doctor?

Anne - Oh, yeah. Sorry. Dr. Anne Lindsey. I think it's some kind of intestinal blockage.

Chandon - Anything else?

Anne - Yeah. If you don't open her up right now, you're gonna lose her.

Chandon - [to associate] Get her typed and cross-matched and prepped for surgery. [to Anne] Thank you, Doctor. I'll take it from here.

Anne - Oh, okay. Oh, her name is Tasha.

Chandon - Right.

DM - [off screen] Didn't know you practiced in France.

Anne - <[still looking at Tasha] What could I do? CUT One minute she's standing behind me, and the next minute I turn around and she's-- [turns, see DM]> Duncan?

DM - That's me.

Anne - It is you. [kisses him] Oh, my God, it's you! [hugs him] You'd better have a good explanation for this.

DM - Let's go somewhere. It might take a while.


Kristov's house - ballroom 4

Kristov - [splatters paint onto large sheet of canvas] Lose her? How could you lose her? [confronts his two henchmen, Alexei & Fyodor] I asked you a question. How could you lose Tasha?

Alexei - She fell at Customs.

Kristov - So she's dead.

Alexei - They took her to hospital. She couldn't still be alive.

Kristov - My dear Alexeievich... anything is possible. [wipes streak of red paint onto corner of Alexei's mouth] For instance, you don't know if she's dead. [wipes second line on opposite corner] You don't know if she might talk to the police. A [steps back, slaps Alexei] You know nothing! Go to the hospital. Make sure she can't talk.

[Alexei & Fyodor leave.]


Storage room 2


<Anne - [looking at DM's Scottish Basket-Hilt Claymore] You fought the Battle of Culloden with this? [picks up sword] That was in -- in 1746.

DM - I know it's hard to accept. I thought coming here might help. That was a gift from Bonnie Prince Charlie. I claimed it after he died. [Anne puts sword down, moves to DM's clan tartan] Those were my colors. The colors of the Clan MacLeod.>

Anne - I feel like I'm dreaming. But this explains a lot. CUT John Kirin... when -- when he came back to life?

DM - He's one of us.

Anne - And the man who killed you?

DM - His name is Kalas. He's in prison. He won't be hurting us. CUT

Anne - It's like -- it's like a fairy tale. Swords and people living forever...

DM - Not always.

Anne - That's right. The heads. Do you really have to do that?

DM - Yeah.

Anne - I've seen this before... um, you know, people coming back to life on the -- on the table, but this -- this is something else. It goes against everything I've ever learned, you know. It could be cell rejuvenation. Spontaneous. Of course, if we could sample your DNA, I could probably figure it out somehow...

DM - [takes her hand, pulls her to him] Anne, just try to accept it.

Anne - [exhales] I am trying.

DM - Let's go. CUT

<Anne - [as they start to leave] Oh, uh, Tasha. I forgot.

DM - You want to make a small detour?

Anne - She's not even my patient, but I -- I feel--

DM - Feel responsible.

Anne - Yeah. I'm sorry.

DM - I missed you.> 1


Hospital corridor 3

Chandon - There's no sign of infection. She's young, strong... looks like she'll survive... this time.

Anne - This time?

Chandon - The obstruction was a balloon... filled with heroin. She's a drug courier. CUT

<Anne - What room is she in?

Chandon - Room four-twelve.

Anne - Thank you. [turns to DM]

DM - I'll wait for you.>


Hospital - Tasha's room 3

Anne - Hi, Tasha. You were very lucky this time.

Tasha - Leave me alone.

Anne - Oh, you speak English. Help me understand something. You seem like you have a lot going for you. Why on earth would you do something so incredibly stupid?

Tasha - Go away.

Anne - Do you know how much heroin was in that balloon, and do you know what happens when they break or tear inside of you?

Tasha - You don't scare me.

Anne - Well, somebody should scare you. I know what happens because I've seen it a lot. It is a very bad way to die. Whatever they're paying you, Tasha, it's not worth it.

Tasha - You think I'd do this for money?

Anne - [considers this] Oh... you did this for a guy.


<Kristov's house 4 CUT

Kristov - [looking at framed photo of Tasha] Tasha. [spits on photo, throws it aside]>


Hospital corridor 3

[Alexei, wearing white lab coat, walks past DM. Intercut with clips of Kristov in his ballroom.4 DM notices Alexei's fancy cowboy boots. Alexei opens door to Tasha's room. DM follows him.]


Hospital - Tasha's room 3

Anne - Will you think about it, Tasha?

Tasha - [as Alexei enters] I have. I told you, he loves me!

Alexei - [pulls out gun] Good morning, Tasha.

[Anne screams as Alexei aims. DM rushes in & grabs for the gun.]

Anne - Duncan! Oh, Duncan. Somebody help! [Alexei shoots DM.] Oh! Tasha, {stay there. Stay there.} Someone help us!

[DM knocks gun out of Alexei's hand. Alexei runs out of room. DM follows, chases him through corridors.]

Man - {Get security now.}

DM - I'm going to get you, boy!

Man - Somebody get security. Quickly.

[DM catches Alexei in stairwell, slams him into wall. They fight. DM throws Alexei down final flight of stairs.]

Security 1 - [runs in] You called security?

DM - He slipped. CUT

<Security 1 - He slipped? [They go to Alexei as DM starts back up the stairs.]

Security 2 - Wait, Monsieur.

Security 1 - Does he have I.D.?

Security 2 - He doesn't have valid hospital I.D.>


[back upstairs]

Anne - [runs to meet DM] Oh, Duncan.

DM - Everyone okay?

Anne - Yeah, we're fine. How the hell'd you know about that nurse?

DM - Oh, not often you see a nurse wearing three-hundred dollar boots. [winces]

Anne - You okay?

DM - Yeah.

Anne - You sure?

DM - Just a bit of a headache. You should've seen the other guy.

Anne - [sees DM's shoulder wound] Oh, Duncan, you're bleeding.

DM - It's alright, Anne.

Anne - No, it's not.

DM - Anne, it doesn't matter.

Anne - Please. Bullet wounds are my specialty.

DM - This isn't necessary.

Anne - Let me take a look, and don't move. [removes his coat] I've treated hundreds of these. I know exactly what I'm doing. [yanks open DM's buttoned shirt as DM sits passively, humoring her] Your body's probably in shock... [reveals mostly healed bullet wound in his left shoulder]

DM - Told you. [pulls shirt back on] You okay?

Anne - Yeah. I think I ruined your shirt.

DM - It's all right. Already had a hole in it. [puts his jacket back on] Come on. We'd better get home. I think you've had enough surprises for today.

Anne - Okay.

DM - [leads her out] You all right?

Anne - I'm fine. 2


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 5

Inside barge 6

Anne - The American Civil War...

DM - Uh-huh.

Anne - The French Revolution...

DM - Uh-huh.

Anne - You were there?

DM - Uh-huh.

Anne - No, I'm sorry. You're just going to say "uh-huh"? I need -- I need more than that.

DM - Well, what else do you want me to say?

Anne - Everything. I want to know absolutely everything.

DM - Would you like to narrow it down a little?

Anne - I'll -- I'll, uh, I'll say a name and you tell me the first thing that comes into your mind.

DM - Fine.

Anne - Okay. 3 Marie Antoinette.

DM - Incredibly sexy. [Anne gives him a look.] Well, she was.

Anne - Uh, Lincoln... and don't say "tall," because that doesn't count.

DM - Human.

Anne - Washington.

DM - I was in China at the time.

Anne - Oh? Uh, Roosevelt.

DM - Franklin or Teddy?

Anne - I can't believe this. I'm in bed with an older man. A man who actually came over on the Mayflower.

DM - [chuckles] Impossible. I'd never make it as a Puritan. [kisses her, senses 'buzz'] Oh, no.

Anne - What? Duncan?

RR - [knocks on door, calls from outside] Mac?

DM - Go away!

RR - [from outside] Please, it's important. I'm sorry.

Anne - [laughs] It's okay.

RR - [from outside] Mac?

DM - Okay, yeah. Come in. [RR opens back door.] Come in.

RR - I'm sorry. [enters] Somebody recognized me.

DM - I knew this would happen.

RR - I was in a café -- a little place in the middle of nowhere. You'd never think anybody'd know me in a million years.

DM - Yeah, but someone did?

RR - Well, turns out a couple of mechanics from the track hang out there. Saw me crash, the whole nine yards.

DM - But you talked them out of it?

RR - I tried to. I don't think they heard me over the shouting.

Anne - Excuse me. Will someone clue me in... please?

DM - Go ahead.

RR - I died.

Anne - He's a--

DM - Yeah. But it's a little different this time. He did it in front of thousands of people. This isn't good, Rich.

RR - I got out of it okay.

DM - Yeah. Well, what about next time?

RR - I know. I know. I, uh, I should get out of town.

DM - No, you'd better get out of the country. I know someone that can get you a new passport.

Anne - So that's it? He just disappears, just like that?

<DM - Just like that. CUT [to RR] You can stay here while you find a place.>

RR - No, that's okay. I'm all right where I am.

Anne - So... I don't know what to say.

RR - Hey, I made the record book. "Most promising rookie who ever died." How many guys can say that? [Phone rings.] See you guys later. [leaves]

DM - [answers phone] MacLeod. [listens] Yeah, she's here. [hands phone to Anne] It's the police.


Establishing shot: Hospital 3

Hospital corridor 3

Anne - Thank you, Inspector.

Inspector - You're welcome. {??}

Anne - [walks off with DM] What do you think I should do?

DM - What do you want to do?

Anne - I want to go back home with you. Oh, Duncan. I did not come to Paris to get involved with the Russian mafia.

DM - Then let's go.

Anne - Okay. Of course, if I do convince her to testify, she could possibly put that guy away. Keep a little heroin off the streets.

DM - Maybe. It's your call. [nods as Anne starts back toward Inspector] I'll wait for you outside. 4


Hospital - Tasha's room 3


Tasha - What to do. If I talk, they kill me.

Anne - No, they'll protect you. But if you don't talk, you're going to go to prison. And how long do you think you're going to last there?

Tasha - I don't know! When you love somebody, it's not so easy to leave. I want it to be like before. Before I knew what he did.

Anne - [to herself] Yeah. [to Tasha] It doesn't work that way, does it, Tasha? We can't go back. We have to go forward.

Tasha - I'm frightened.

Anne - Yeah? It's okay to be frightened.


Outside hospital 3

[DM exits hospital, senses 'buzz'. Kristov approaches him.]


Flashback - Russian Steppes, 1750 - Cossack camp 4

[Super: Russia, 1750]

[DM & Bohdran ride into camp, dismount. CUT Bohdran leads DM through camp to Kristov.]

Kristov - You must have fallen in love with his horse, Bohdan. Yours came back an hour ago... alone.

Bohdan - He unhorsed me! He is brave as any Cossack. <Just like you ordered, Kristov. No one crosses Cossack land without meeting Cossack sword.


Flashback - Russian Steppes, 1750 4

[DM rides horse through woods.]

Bohdan - [voice-over] I see right away he is a stranger. No Cossack. Not even Russian. But... but he rides like a prince.

[DM meets Bohdan, also on horseback. Bohdan draws his sword.]

Bohdan - [voice-over] I thought he'd be good for sport, maybe even run away. But not this one. No, he came right at me.

[DM draws his sword. They charge at each other.]

Bohdan - [voice-over] He must be part horse, because when he passed, I learned something new.

[As DM nears Bohdan's horse, he swings his leg over the saddle like a trick rider & kicks Bohdan off his horse. Bohdan's horse runs off. Bohdan starts to get up off the ground, but only makes it to his knees before DM is back, holding him at swordpoint as he circles his horse around him. Bohdan starts laughing.]

DM - What is so amusing?

Bohdan - My God, you unhorsed a Cossack. Nobody beats the Cossack.

DM - Well, I did.

Bohdan - Come to our camp tonight. We feast.

DM - How? Your horse ran off.

Bohdan - Then we go on yours.

DM - [to himself] If it doesn't drop dead first.

Bohdan - [climbs on behind DM] Ahh. There. [They ride off.] 5


Flashback - Russian Steppes, 1750 - Cossack camp 4

(resume previous scene)

Bohdan - I tell you, Kristov, he's a warrior, this one.> CUT

Kristov - He must be. I am Kristov. This is my camp.

DM - Duncan MacLeod, the clan MacLeod. I was going east, past the Don.

Kristov - Stay with us, MacLeod. Enjoy Cossack hospitality. CUT <Anyone who can throw a Cossack off his horse deserves a celebration. This is the way to live, MacLeod. My people are like the wind or the grass. We move where we want, when we want. But God help anyone who tries to move us. We are this land.> 6


[later, night]

Kristov - There's no better man to have beside you in battle than a Cossack.

DM - I thought the war was over.

Kristov - It's never over for us Cossacks. First the Poles, then the Tsars.

DM - And now?

Kristov - Another beast comes to attack Mother Russia. We could use another warrior.

DM - I've had my fill of war for now.

Kristov - You share our fire, our food. Share our fight.

<Bohdan - [as music starts] CUT Cossacks dance! Come!> [pulls DM to his feet as a Cossack starts dancing the Kazatzka to the music]

DM - [when Bohdran pushes him forward] No, not me. I can't dance. No. CUT

<Bohdan - Show us how you dance.

DM - Kristov, call him off. I'm not doing it. I'm not--

Bohdan - Go on, my friend, dance. Yes. Come on. Dance. [DM watches Cossack dancer, tries to imitate him.] You'll make a Cossack yet. [DM gets into it, doing better.] MacLeod, you're good.

[DM tries to do a harder move & topples over. He gets up, takes a swig from the vodka bottle Bohdran hands him, then falls over again.]

DM - It's just a Highland fling with a lot of vodka. [as Bohdran tries to help him up] Where's Kristov? Hey, Kristov, why don't you dance?>


Outside hospital 3

(resume previous scene)

DM - Kristov. So you're part of this Russian cartel.

Kristov - Actually, I'd rather be an artist, but you know how fickle the public is. [steps toward hospital entrance, but DM blocks him] I'm not here for you.

DM - Tasha's not taking any visitors.

Anne - [exits hospital] Duncan.

Kristov - What an enchanting woman. She belongs to you?

DM - You keep her out of this.

Kristov - Fine. You stay away from mine and I'll stay away from yours. [leaves]

Anne - Duncan, who was that?

DM - That was Kristov.


[moments later]

Anne - [following DM toward parking lot] Do you think she'll be safe if she talks?

DM - Maybe she'll walk if they nail her boss.

Anne - Ah, then she should definitely testify, don't you think?

DM - This is a mistake.

Anne - Wait, you just said they might let her walk.

DM - Not her, you. Coming here, being with me. It's wrong.

Anne - Duncan, I don't understand.

DM - We're getting your stuff, and you're going home.

Anne - I don't think so.

DM - Anne, that man back there is Kristov. He's part of the Russian mob.

Anne - So call the police.

DM - They can't do anything to him. I have no proof.

Anne - Duncan, I do not understand what this has to do with me staying here.

DM - Because he knows who you are. He's a killer. He'll kill you, her, whoever gets in his way. He's an Immortal. [opens car door for her]


Establishing shot: Russian Steppes 4

Flashback - Russian Steppes, 1750 - Cossack camp 4

<DM - [on horseback] Exactly who are these invaders?

Kristov - [on horseback, leading rest of Cossack band] What's the difference? An enemy is an enemy.> CUT You don't look happy, MacLeod.

DM - Been a long time since war made me happy.

Kristov - That's because you were not born a Cossack. To us there's nothing greater than crushing the life from an enemy. Look at them. They live for battle. So do I.


[They gallop away from the camp.]


Flashback - Russian Steppes, 1750 - invaders' village 4

Kristov - [stops his horse near the village] There. <Look at them. Tilling our soil. Living on our land. They're thieves and vermin.> CUT

DM - They're farmers!

Kristov - And the Tsar pays us to get rid of them.

DM - But what danger can they be to him?

Kristov - They're outsiders. The land does not belong to them. It belongs to Mother Russia, and the Tsar tells me she wants it back.

DM - But there cannae be a weapon in the village! This is no battle. 'Tis slaughter.

Kristov - No matter. They are the enemy.

Bohdan - Highlander, we do this for Holy Mother Russia.

DM - I'll nay help you commit murder.

Kristov - So be it. [rides forward, then charges with the rest of the Cossacks down to the village]

[The Cossacks sweep through the village, killing the villagers. One drags a woman behind his horse by her long braid. Another is knocked down and impaled by a villager. The Cossacks ride their horses in circles around the hay wagons and wooden shelter, harrying the villagers. 7 The mounted Cossacks continue their efforts. Bohdan rains sword blows from horseback at a villager defending himself with a pitchfork. <DM rides into the fray, knocks Bohdran from his horse, then dismounts & tries to help a peasant woman.] CUT

Bohdan - MacLeod, you betray us.

DM - [to woman] Go! [She runs off.]>

Bohdan - You would fight your friend? This is not the Cossack way.

DM - They're harmless, Bohdan. Let them go.

Bohdan - CUT Let me pass.

DM - You're my friend too, Bohdan. [swings sword at him, forcing him back] But I cannot.

Bohdan - [engages in swordfight with DM] You will die for this, Highlander.

[DM pushes Bohdran down, kills Cossack who attacks him from behind.]

Kristov - MacLeod! [is killed by a villager's pitch fork] CUT


<[later, evening]

[As the Cossacks set fire to the remains of the village, DM helps one of the village women climb up behind him on his horse.]

DM - Hurry. Come on.

[They ride away.]>


Inside barge 6

[RR's forged passport: Name: BILL POWEL; Nationality: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; Date of Birth: 09 OCT/OCT 68; Sex: M; Place of Birth: TENNESSEE, U.S.A.; Date of Issue: 15 JUN/JUN 88; Authority: PASSPORT AGENCY NEW ORLEANS]

DM - That should get you through. Keep in touch.


RR - My plane leaves in the morning. Look, Mac, I know it doesn't mean much, but if there's anything I can ever do for you...

DM - There is.

RR - Name it.

DM - When you go to the airport, take Anne with you.

Anne - Uh, we're still discussing this.

DM - No, we're not. You're leaving.

Anne - Duncan, um, when did you start making my decisions for me?

DM - This isn't about that. This is about life and death.

Anne - Yeah. Something that I deal with every day, in case you've forgotten.

DM - No, you deal with saving lives. Kristov takes them.

Anne - Oh, fine. So it's "Hi, Duncan. Bye, Duncan." Then you stick me on a bus and I get out of town?

DM - If you want to live, you do.

Anne - Duncan, you're not scaring me. Okay. If it was me going through this, would you leave? No. So what makes you think that I will?

DM - Because you have to. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 5

Barge - on deck, night 6

Anne - [holds out coat] I -- I thought you might want this. I know you don't, uh, catch colds or anything, but... Just put it on. It'll make me feel better.

DM - [takes coat, puts it on] I can catch cold. I just can't die from it.

Anne - Oh.

DM - [takes her hand] Come here. 8

Anne - Richie just, uh, told me about Tessa. How she died.

DM - Now you know.

Anne - Duncan, I -- I do understand your need to protect me, and I guess it's partly because of her.

DM - Partly, yes. But this whole thing is wrong.

Anne - Duncan, I've seen death, and I'm not afraid of it. Whatever happens, I want us to be together.

DM - Your whole life will never be the same.

Anne - My whole life has not been the same since the day I met you. I've tried it with you, I've tried it without you, and -- and I'll take it with you any day.

DM - Then stay close to me. You keep me between you and Kristov.

Anne - It's a deal. How close? [snuggles against him] Is this close enough? 9


Establishing shot: Hospital 3

Hospital - Tasha's room 3

Tasha - So what you're saying is they'll offer me a new life somewhere?

DM - If you tell all you know about Kristov to the police, you're free. They've agreed.

Anne - You'll have your life back, Tasha.

Tasha - I don't know. If I don't talk, maybe he'll leave me alone.

DM - He's already tried killing you once. Stop protecting him and start protecting yourself.

Tasha - Whether I'm free or in prison, I'm still dead.

DM - I'll take care of Kristov. Just tell me where he is.


Street 7

RR - [wearing his baseball cap & sunglasses, hefts his duffle bags & flags a passing taxi] Taxi. Taxi. Monsieur. Taxi. Taxi, Monsieur? [Taxi stops, RR walks toward it.] L'aéroport? L'aérogare, monsieur? [Taxi driver pops trunk open for RR before getting out of car.] Hm. Guy obviously trained in New York. [puts one of his bags into trunk]

Translations: L'aéroport - The airport; L'aérogare, monsieur? - The terminal, sir?

[The driver, Fyodor, gets out of car, knocks RR unconscious with gun-butt. He shoves RR into the trunk, along with his remaining bag, closes the trunk, & drives off.]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 5

Inside barge, night 6

Anne - Duncan, come on. Just-- Why don't we call the police?

DM - Anne, they won't be able to protect her from him.

Anne - Well, there's got to be another way.

DM - There isn't. [Phone rings. DM answers it.] MacLeod.

Kristov - [in his ballroom, into phone] Oh, MacLeod, you disappoint me. I thought we had a bargain.4

DM - [into phone] That wasn't a bargain, Kristov, that was a threat. Maybe you don't know the difference.

Kristov - [on phone] I know you helped Tasha make a deal with the police. [into phone] So I have another deal to propose. Stop Tasha from testifying.4

DM - [into phone] And how would you like me to do that?

Kristov - [on phone] Kill her. It shouldn't be too hard.

DM - [into phone] And if I don't?

Kristov - [into phone] Because if you don't, I'll take your young friend's head. [walks over to where RR is tied & gagged] Imagine my surprise when he turned out to be one of us. [takes paintbrush & paints red dotted line around RR's neck] An unexpected bonus, wouldn't you say?4

DM - [into phone)] You leave him out of this. You leave Tasha out of this. Just you and me, Kristov.

Kristov - [on phone] MacLeod, this isn't personal.4


Kristov's house - ballroom 4


Kristov - [into phone] This is business. Now, do we have a deal, or do I just cut on the dotted line? [lifts RR's sword & presses blade against the line he painted on RR's neck. DM doesn't answer him.6] I thought so. Goodbye, MacLeod. [hangs up] Losing your head to your own sword. I kind of like that. [cuts RR's gag away with utility knife]

RR - You son of a bitch.

Kristov - Don't worry. MacLeod will do whatever he has to, to protect his little friend.

RR - Yeah, you let me loose. We'll see who needs protecting.

Kristov - [grabs RR's hair] Spirit. Sometimes I like that... [punches RR] Sometimes not.


Inside barge, night 6

(resume previous scene)

DM - He's got Richie. He wants me to kill Tasha.

Anne - Oh, my God. Duncan, we have to stop her from testifying. Well, come on. There's no other choice.

DM - There's one. Go to the police, get Tasha's testimony. Stay with her at the hospital. It'll be safer there.

Anne - Duncan, he'll kill Richie!

DM - Not if I get there fast enough.

Anne - And if you don't?

DM - Then I don't. [leaves]


Kristov's house - ballroom 4

Kristov - [studies painting] It needs something, don't you think?

RR - Why don't you go to hell?

Kristov - [climbs ladder] Ocher. I agree completely. [splatters painting with brush of yellow paint] <You should feel privileged. You're in the presence of genius.> CUT


<Outside Kristov's house, night 4 CUT

Thug1 - Fidor, you got a light?

Thug2 - Yeah. [walks over to Thug1, takes his unlit cigarette & lights it with his own]

Thug1 - That's good. [takes cigarette back, walks off]

[DM sneaks up behind Thug2, chokes him into unconsciousness.]>


Kristov's house - ballroom 4

Kristov - [senses 'buzz'] Stupid. [picks up his sword] The party's over for you, boy.

RR - For you, too, pal. Come on, do it. Come on, come on. Go ahead, do it. And after the Quickening knocks you on your skinny little ass, MacLeod's gonna be right there to help you up. I die, you go right behind me.

Kristov - [jogs out of the room, yelling] Fyodor! [Fyodor joins him.] Come with me! We're clearing out now.

RR - [left alone in ballroom, struggles with his binds] Come on. [sees utility knife on the table, starts scooting his chair toward it]


Kristov's house - hallway 4


Kristov - [sees DM on stairs] Shoot him.

[Fyodor fires his gun. DM dives for cover.]


Kristov's house - ballroom 4

[RR grabs the utility knife.]


Kristov's house - hallway 4

[Fyodor & Thug3 chases DM around, trying to shoot him.]


Kristov's house - ballroom 4

[RR manages to cut himself free.]


Kristov's house - hallway 4

[Fyodor stalks DM.]


Kristov's house - ballroom 4

[RR grabs his sword, leaves ballroom.]


Kristov's house - hallway 4

[Fyodor continues stalking DM.]


Outside Kristov's house, night 4

[Kristov exits house. RR is waiting for him.]

Kristov - I'll kill you in a second, boy. Leave while you've still got your head.

RR - There's only one thing I hate more than being called a boy... and that's your stupid paintings. [Both raise their swords.]


Kristov's house - hallway 4

[Fyodor is still stalking DM. DM knocks over a painting leaning against the wall to draw Thug3 out of the way.]


Outside Kristov's house, night 4

[Kristov & RR fight.]


Kristov's house - hallway 4

[Now DM is stalking Fyodor. Fyodor heads up the stairs. Thug3 follows. DM grabs Thug3 and takes him out. Fyodor shoots at him, hits Thug3.]

Fyodor - {??}


Outside Kristov's house, night 4

[Kristov & RR continue to fight.]


Kristov's house - hallway 4

[After a brief scuffle, DM takes out Fyodor.]


Outside Kristov's house, night 4

[Kristov & RR continue to fight.]


Kristov's house - ballroom 4

[DM enters, looks around. No RR or Kristov to be found.]


Outside Kristov's house, night 4

[Kristov forces RR to his knees as he defends himself from Kristov's attacks.]


Kristov's house - hallway 4

[DM hears RR cry out, then flashes of lightning begin outside. DM watches as a Quickening blows out windows & sends debris flying through the air.]

DM - [as Quickening ends] Richie. CUT

<[He draws his sword & cautiously looks through shattered doorway. The fog/smoke dissipates & RR appears. DM smiles in relief. They leave together.]>


Outside airport 8

[RR gets out of DM's car, hugs Anne.]

Anne - Ahh, I'm going to miss you.

RR - Same here. Take care of yourself, Anne. [kisses her cheek]

Anne - It's not me you should worry about. Bye.

RR - Bye. [turns to DM]

<DM - Looks like we've done this before.

RR - Yeah. This time I might make it out of the country.> CUT Thanks, Mac.

DM - What for?

RR - For not letting Kristov use me.

DM - He thought you were a kid. He was wrong.

RR - Look, I -- I just want you to know that wherever I go, I, uh-- well, hell, you know.

DM - Yeah, I know. [They hug.]

RR - I'll see ya'. I'd kiss you, but, uh, people might talk.

DM - They might.

RR - So long, Mac. [leaves]

Anne - So, is this the way it's always going to be?

DM - I don't know. I can't see into the future. Can you live with it?

Anne - I don't know. But I'd really like to try. [They kiss, then she gets into car. DM watches RR walking off.]


End of "Testimony"

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