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Episode 19: Mortal Sins

Written by Lawrence Shore
Directed by Mario Azzopardi
Aired: May 15, 1995
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Special thanks to Daniel for help with translation of the German dagger inscription. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Dr. Anne Lindsey - Lisa Howard
              ER doctor


Ernst Daimler - Andrew Woodall

Father Bernard Sidos - Roger Bret
              Dalou's cousin, priest


Jeremiah - ??
              one of Daimler's boys


Iggy - Thierry Gary
Jean - Pierre Rousselle
              Daimler's boys

Aram - Lyès Salem
              "foreign" kid

Georges Dalou - Jean-Claude Deret
              old resistance fighter

Young Georges - Laurent/Lorànt Deutsch
              ~16 y.o., in flashbacks

Young Bernard - Georges Janin
              ~10 y.o., in flashbacks

Father Guillaume - Claude Berthy
              elderly priest, in flashbacks

Locations List:*
1. Church - Église Notre-Dame du Rosaire, 65 Avenue Gabriel Péri, Saint-Ouen [48.906469,2.332303]
2. Streets - 1-2. Rue Kléber/Rue Edgar Quinet, Saint-Ouen [48.905839,2.333275], 3-4. 8 Rue Kléber, Saint-Ouen [48.905892,2.332942], 5. unknown location, Saint-Ouen
3. Quay by barge (establishing) - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
4. Inside barge - barge is moored at Bassin de la Villette [48.886148,2.374098]
5. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de l'Archevêché bridge [48.851307,2.351766]
6. Seine around Notre Dame - NW side of Pont au Double [48.852835,2.348440], S bank of Seine E of Pont au Double [48.852182,2.349091] & E of Petit Pont [48.853088,2.347085]
7. Abbey - unknown location
8. Road outside Paris - unknown location
9. Daimler's place - unknown location
10. Riverbank - unknown location
11. Dalou's cafe - 56 Rue Galande [48.852178,2.346612]
12. Dalou's house - unknown location
13. Hospital - unknown location
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cut *is* marked:

~Bolded - Syfy channel, 2010

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Inside church 1

Bernard - [performing Mass] In the fulfillment of Your will, He gave Himself up to death, but by rising from the dead He destroyed death and restored life.


Street 2

[Aram runs down the street, chased by Iggy, Jeremiah, and Jean.]

Bernard - [voice-over] Father, may the Holy Spirit sanctify these offerings. Let them become...


Inside church 1

Bernard - ...the body and the blood of Jesus Christ, our Lord, as we celebrate the great mystery of eternal life.


Street 2

Man - Get him!

[Aram trips over trash can on side walk.]

Man - Come on!

Aram - No! [throws trash can at his pursuers]


Inside church 1

Bernard - On the night He was betrayed, our Lord took the bread...


Street 2

[Aram continues running, being chased.]

Bernard - [voice-over] ...and gave You thanks and praise. He broke the bread...


Inside church 1

Bernard - ...and gave it to His disciples, saying...


Street 2

[Aram continues to run.]

Bernard - [voice-over] "Take this, all of you, and eat."


Inside church 1

Bernard - "This is my body..."


Street 2

[Aram continues to run from his pursuers.]

Bernard - [voice-over] "...which will be given up for you."


Inside church 1

[Father Bernard lifts a wafer to bless it.]


Street outside church 1

Bernard - [voice-over] "Take this, all of you, and drink from it."

[Aram runs up the church steps & inside.]


Inside church 1

Bernard - [raises goblet] "This is the cup of my blood."

Aram - [runs in] Father Bernard! Help me! Dear God! Help me!

[The parishioners turn at the commotion as Aram runs down the central aisle, his pursuers close behind.]

Parishioners - [blocking Aram's pursuers] Hey, hey! Hey, hey! Hold it right there!

Bernard - [as Aram reaches him] What is it? My son, what's wrong?

Iggy - You let that foreign pig in here?

Bernard - CUT Get out. [to parishioner] Call the police.

Daimler - [enters] That won't be necessary, Father. I'll take care of them. Please, my apologies. Everybody sit down.

Man - Listen to this.

[Bernard, shaken, knocks over the goblet of communion wine.]

Daimler - [to Iggy] To the office.

Bernard - You!

Daimler - [to Bernard] They get a little carried away sometimes, but they're good boys. I trust them to do the right thing. I trust you'll do the right thing.

[Flashback to 1943 (in black & white)
Daimler - I trust you'll do the right thing.]

Aram - Father Bernard, they wanted to kill me.

Bernard - You've been dead fifty years.

[Flashback of young Bernard (in black & white).]

Daimler - Little Bernard, is that really you?

Bernard - Oh, God, forgive me. Will you haunt me forever?

Daimler - Not forever. [to his men] Come. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 3

Inside barge 4

DM - [whistling a happy tune] Coffee.

Anne - [reading magazine in bed] Mm.

DM - There you go. [holds out cup]

Anne - Thanks. [sips] Oh, it's too sweet.

DM - Oh. Try mine. I thought you liked it sweet.

Anne - [exchanges cups with him] No, not that sweet.

[DM snuggles up next to her, kisses her neck, then looks at magazine over her shoulder.]

Anne - Do you want to read this?

DM - No.

Anne - 'Cause you're reading over my shoulder, and it's kind of -- it's kind of hot in here. Here, you can take it if you want.

DM - [moves away awkwardly] I'm sorry. I-- [clears his throat] Anything wrong?

Anne - What? What?

DM - Just thinking. Maybe we should head back to the States for a while.

Anne - What makes you say something like that?

DM - Oh, it's just an idea. I thought maybe you wanted to get back to work.

Anne - No, I told you I don't want to go back to the E.R. just yet.

DM - Really?

Anne - Yeah. You have a problem with that?

DM - No.

Anne - Good.

DM - What's wrong?

Anne - Nothing. Duncan, I told you this-- [sloshes coffee on her robe]

DM - Oh. Oh, here. Let me get that. [takes cup from her]

Anne - Damn! It's hot.

DM - I'll get -- I'll get something.

Anne - No, just-- d-d-don't. Please. Please? Let me deal with it.

DM - It's all right.

Anne - Stay put. [tosses magazine on bed, gets up]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 5

Seine by Notre Dame 6

[DM heads for steps up to street level, climbs steps as man (Bernard) starts down steps toward him. 1 Bernard watches intently as DM passes him.]

DM - [to man at newspaper stand at top of steps] Bonjour.

Newspaper Man - Bonjour, monsieur.

Translations: bonjour - hello; monsieur - sir

[DM grabs a newspaper, pays for it.]

Bernard - [approaches] Duncan MacLeod?

DM - Can I help you, Father?

Bernard - Yes. I need your help. You don't remember me, do you?

DM - Should I?

Bernard - We fought together in the Resistance.

DM - [chuckles] You must be mistaken, Father. Do I look like someone who could have fought in World War II?

Bernard - It must have been your father, I suppose? At least, that's what you told Georges Dalou. It's me, MacLeod. Bernard.

DM - Little Bernard? Oh!


Flashback - Paris, 1943 - Abbey storage room 7

[Super: Paris, 1943]

<Man - [on shortwave radio] The eagle moves west. It flies at dawn. CUT

DM - [listening to headset] Something about a courier tomorrow.> Whatever it is they're bringing, it's important.

Guillaume - Then you'll intercept it?

DM - We have to.

[Loud knocking begins at door. DM rushes to hide the radio as Guillaume moves to answer the door.]

DM - [finishes hiding radio in secret compartment at base of statue, pulls out pistol] Open it.

Guillaume - [opens door, pulls Young Bernard inside] How many times-- [closes door] How many times have I told you, Bernard... three knocks, then three more!

Young Bernard - Sorry, Father. I forgot.

DM - Forgetting will get you killed, Bernard.

Young Bernard - They're here.

DM - Who is?

Young Bernard - The Boche... Major Daimler and his men.

Guillaume - MacLeod, what shall we do?

DM - Stay calm. [hides pistol in secret compartment with radio]

Guillaume - You will say nothing about this.

DM - I'm sure Bernard knows how to keep a secret. Don't you, Bernard?

Young Bernard - I would die before I would talk.

DM - [chuckles] Hopefully that won't be necessary, hmm? Come, let's not keep the Major waiting. [leaves with Guillaume]

[Alone, Young Bernard turns, walks over to statue, looks at it.] 2


<Flashback - Paris, 1943 - Abbey courtyard 7 CUT

Man - [offscreen, laughing] I heard about that.

Jean Marie - [offscreen] Father Guillaume, there is a German officer in your office.

Guillaume - Be calm, Jean Marie. There is nothing here they could want. [Guillaume walks with DM toward rectory. DM senses 'buzz'. Daimler, at window, also senses 'buzz'. They stare at each other a moment, then DM turns to help a monk unloading a wagon.]>


Flashback - Paris, 1943 - Abbey parlor 7

Guillaume - [enters] Major. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Daimler - [turns from window] Somehow I doubt that. But it's all right. I have time. You were praying, perhaps?

Guillaume - Tending to our chores. There is much to do here, and we are few.

Daimler - Especially when so much of your work lies outside the Church.

Guillaume - I don't know what you mean.

Daimler - [leans in close] We have tracked a radio transmission coming from this area. I would hate to learn that it was coming from here. I would like to look around, if you don't mind. 3


<Flashback - Paris, 1943 - Abbey courtyard 7

Daimler - [exits building, approaches DM, who is still helping to unload wagon] I suppose you serve God, too, Monsieur...?

DM - MacLeod. When I can.

Daimler - I think we have business together, you and I.

DM - You people are good with schedules. You give me a time and place.

Daimler - Soon. First, let's see what our little search turns up, shall we? [moves off]>


Flashback - Paris, 1943 - Abbey storage room 7

[Soldiers kick in door, fan out to begin searching. Young Bernard moves past them, pushing wheelbarrow out of the room. Daimler & Guillaume enter.]

Soldier - [to others] Yes, sir! Step in here. [DM enters behind Guillaume.] Search over there! Keep looking! [DM & Guillaume exchange glances.]

Soldier - [approaches Daimler] Hier ist nichts.

Translations: hier - here / in this place; ist nichts - is nothing

[As soldiers start to file out, Daimler notices plaque at base of statue is askew. He stops the last soldier from leaving.]

Soldier - Mein Herr? [Daimler points toward statue. Soldier nods, goes toward it.] Jawohl.

Translations: Mein Herr - My Lord / Sir; jawohl - yes

Daimler - [as soldier opens hidden compartment] So what do we have here? [The compartment is empty.] Go.

Soldier - Jawohl. [leaves]

[DM & Guillame react subtly to empty compartment. Daimler turns, walks toward them.]

Guillaume - I told you, this is a house of God.

Daimler - It is, isn't it? Perhaps this is someone's lucky day. [leaves]

[DM & Guillaume exchange a bewildered look, leave.] 4


Flashback - Paris, 1943 - Abbey courtyard, night 7

Man - [offscreen, quietly] I hate them.

Daimler - [as his men load up in cars & on motorcycles] Not to worry. I'll be back. [gets into car]

Man - [offscreen] Boche!

Guillaume - [as Germans leave] It has to be a miracle.

DM - [looks at Young Bernard with his wheelbarrow] Or quick thinking. [They walk over to Bernard.] What do you say, Bernard? Didn't know you were such a hard worker.

[Young Bernard smiles, pushes coal in wheelbarrow aside to uncover the radio.]

DM - You little devil.

[DM & Young Bernard share a smile, look back down at wheelbarrow.]


Flashback - France, 1943 - road outside Paris, next morning 8

[Camera pans across trees, 5 follows two motorcycles leading three army vehicles of German soldiers along the road.]

Young Dalou - [part of Resistance group tying wire to large tree] That's tight enough. Come on. Let's go. [The group jogs toward the road, laying out the wire as they go.] Come on. Hurry, hurry.

[Young Bernard jogs across the road behind the group as they pull the wire taut & tie it off on another tree.]

Young Dalou - Let's get it tight.

DM - [standing sentry at the road] Dalou, hurry. We don't have much time.

Young Dalou - It's the Bosch who don't have much time left today, MacLeod. So, how many men have you killed?

DM - Too many, Dalou.

[Convoy continues along the road.]

<DM - Bernard! I told you to go home. Now go. Go on. Go. [Bernard takes off through the woods.] Go! Run!> CUT

[DM sees/hears convoy approaching, whistles to alert the group. They run to hide among the trees. Bernard slows to a stop some distance from the road & watches. The convoy reaches the wire. The two motorcyclists in the lead hit the wire & are knocked off their bikes. The vehicles behind them skid to a stop. The Resistance group opens fire on the Germans. DM takes out the German courier in the car. Before he dies, the German shoots DM. Seeing that the Resistance fighters have almost finished taking out the Germans, DM stumbles off into the woods to die in privacy.]

<Woman - Dalou, get the case. It's in the car. CUT

Dalou - [grabs the satchel] Come on. [They run over to kneel beside injured Resistance fighter.]


Flashback - France, 1943 - woods outside Paris 8

Young Bernard - [as DM stumbles past his hiding place] MacLeod? [DM groans.] MacLeod! [runs toward him]

DM - Stay there! [Bernard stops running. DM stumbles a little farther, then collapses to the ground.]

Young Bernard - MacLeod! [runs toward him. DM dies. Young Bernard runs to his body, kneels.] MacLeod, wake up! [shakes him] Oh, no! Help! [begins to cry] 6


Flashback - France, 1943 - road outside Paris 8

Young Dalou - Where is MacLeod?

Man - Where is he?

Man - I don't know.

Man - MacLeod!

Young Dalou - MacLeod?

Man - MacLeod!

Young Dalou - MacLeod!

Man - We haven't got time to wait for him.

Young Dalou - We've got to find him!

Man - Come on, let's go.


Flashback - France, 1943 - woods outside Paris 8

Young Dalou - [offscreen] MacLeod! MacLeod!

[DM revives with a gasp.]

Young Bernard - Aah! [falls backward]>

DM - It's all right, Bernard.

Young Bernard - No. No, you were dead.

DM - How can I be dead if I'm talking to you? Huh? Huh?

Young Bernard - The bullet...

Young Dalou - [offscreen] MacLeod!

Young Bernard - I have to tell the others!

DM - [covers Bernard's mouth with his hand] No. No, quiet. Be quiet.

Young Dalou - [offscreen] MacLeod! MacLeod!

<DM - CUT You kept a very important secret yesterday.> Can you be strong enough to keep another? [Bernard nods.] Now you have to promise not to tell. [removes his hand]

Young Bernard - Not even Father Guillaume?

DM - Not even him.

Young Dalou - [offscreen] MacLeod!

DM - This has to be between you and me. Forever. Just you and me.

Young Bernard - As long as I live.


Seine by Notre Dame 6

(resume previous scene)

DM - Bernard, it's good to see you. It's been a--

Bernard - A long time, yes. And I have changed, while you... I kept my promise, you see. I didn't tell anyone.

DM - [chuckles] I never doubted it.

Bernard - [as they walk together] Now I need a favor in return.

DM - I'll do what I can.

Bernard - It's Daimler. I saw him.

DM - In Paris? Are you sure?

Bernard - In my church. No further from me than you are now. I thought I was seeing a ghost, and then I knew. He's like you. [DM nods.] I heard he has a meeting place, not far from my church. He's training brownshirts all over again. CUT He has to be stopped.

DM - What are you asking me to do?

Bernard - CUT It's God's work.

DM - It doesn't sound like God's work.

Bernard - Please... He knows I know what he is... What he was... 7

DM - I'll talk to him.

Bernard - No. I'm afraid you may have to do more than that.


Inside barge 4

Anne - So, you don't have to fight him, right?

DM - Not unless I'm challenged.

Anne - Oh. Well, good. Then it's settled.

DM - No, it's not settled.

Anne - Ugh. Duncan, what am I missing?

DM - Fifty years ago, Daimler was a murderer. If he still is, I have to stop him.

Anne - Why? Is it your job?

DM - Two hundred years ago, Edmund Burke said the only thing necessary for evil to triumph was for good men to do nothing. That still applies.

Anne - Is Daimler still evil?

DM - Fifty years ago, I would have fought him.

Anne - Why didn't you?

DM - Because he disappeared. I haven't heard of him since. I thought someone else would have taken him.

Anne - And now?

DM - Now it's fifty years later.


Outside Daimler's place 9

[DM walks down street, senses 'buzz', 8 goes down steps into building.]2


Inside Daimler's place 9

Jean - [into phone] You want them taking your job next, mister? It's you we're protecting.

Man1 - Hey, Calais, I want you to put these up on the Rue Saint-Louis. Put them up around the city.

Man2 - Where?

Man1 - Everywhere. Don't miss anything.

[Iggy sits up on weight bench as DM enters, goes to woman at desk.]

DM - I want to see Daimler.

Iggy - He's not here.

DM - I don't remember asking you.

[Iggy steps forward menacingly. Jean & others stand, move next to him. Daimler appears in doorway behind DM.]

Daimler - Duncan MacLeod. [to Iggy] Get back to work. Now.

DM - [to Iggy, in Latin] Mens sano in corpore sano. [translates] A sound mind in a sound body. You're halfway there.

Iggy - [frowns] Eh?

Daimler - Please, come in.

DM - [enters Daimler's office] You never get tired of this, do you? [holds up flyer titled "WHITE POWER"]

Daimler - You haven't changed either. And why should you? I won't apologize for who I am, MacLeod. I've always fought for what I believe in.

DM - Torture, murder, and the destruction of an entire people?

Daimler - Those were dark days. You've been a soldier. You know what can happen in war. But the war is over. You won. Congratulations. You've helped create a world where both of us can live in perfect harmony.

DM - Your boy out there doesn't seem to think so.

Daimler - Iggy can be a little... overenthusiastic.

DM - I'd muzzle him if I were you.

Daimler - MacLeod, there are fringe elements in every movement. [DM examines dagger, reads words etched onto blade: Meine Ehre heißt Treue.] I don't condone his actions, but I do admire his drive. We have a cause here... purity. Where is the fault in that?

Translation: Meine Ehre heißt Treue - "My honour is called fidelity" (the motto of the Nazi SS)

DM - I'm not here to argue ideology with you, Daimler.

Daimler - Yes. Why are you here, MacLeod? I'm a peaceful man, the head of a movement with offices all over Europe. I work within the system. I'm willing to leave our fight in another time.

DM - In that case, I want you to stay away from Father Bernard.

Daimler - [chuckles] The old priest's altar boy? Why would I be interested in him?

DM - Because he knows what you are, what you you were, and what you were capable of.

Daimler - MacLeod, it is not the fear of my sins that drives the good father, but the guilt from his.

DM - What are you talking about?

Daimler - Ask him.


Outside church 1

[Camera follows couple walking past fence and through gate next to church.] 9

Bernard - [as couple walk offscreen] You saw him?

DM - Yes. What didn't you tell me, Bernard?

Bernard - What do you mean?

DM - Why are you so afraid of him?

Bernard - You know what he is.

DM - I know what he was. What is it?

Bernard - God help me, I had no choice. <Daimler came back to the monastery the day after you left for Marseilles. He was coming for Father Guillaume.> CUT


Flashback - Paris, 1943 - Abbey grounds 7

[Daimler's car & entourage return.]

Priest - What is the matter?

Guillaume - Commandant Daimler. CUT

Daimler - Tell me who ambushed my courier.

Guillaume - I assure you, I have no idea--

Daimler - Enough! You will give me the names of the men involved.

Guillaume - Even if I knew them, you know I couldn't do that. [Daimler draws his gun, points it at Guillaume.] I have lived a long life. I am prepared to meet my Savior.

Daimler - [smiles, puts his gun away] But are the others? In one hour I walk the streets of your parish, find ten men and shoot them.

Guillaume - But you can't! It's murder!

Daimler - A terrible thing to have on your conscience. Especially for a priest.

Guillaume - How can you? Even you!

Daimler - But it's not up to me, Father. It is up to you. I trust you'll do the right thing.

Guillaume - I have no names to give.

Daimler - Perhaps you will change your mind when we start on the next ten. [starts pointing] Him and him and him. Him. And him and him and him.

[Daimler turns & Young Bernard suddenly shoves pitchfork into Daimler's abdomen. <Someone whistles & French Resistance members appear from behind walls & around the end of the building & open fire on the Germans. Daimler pulls the pitchfork out of his body, raises it to kill Bernard, but dies before he can. He collapses on top of Bernard, pinning him to the ground. Guillaume pulls Bernard out from under him & they run toward the rectory.] CUT

Man - Die!

Man - Vive la France!

Guillaume - Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name...>

Young Bernard - I didn't mean to kill him! I didn't mean to kill him!

Young Dalou - Why not? You did well.

Guillaume - When they find out, they'll destroy the city. They'll kill everyone!

Young Dalou - They will not find out. Come on, Bernard... we have work to do. Come on.


Flashback - France, 1943 - Riverbank, night 10


<Man - Yes. [helps carry blanket-wrapped body down to riverbank]

[Two Resistance fighters swing a blanket-wrapped body out into the Seine & release it with a splash. Next to them, Dalou & Bernard try to push Daimler's wrapped form into the river.]

Young Dalou - Push! Push! Come on!>

Young Bernard - [startles] What was that?

Young Dalou - Nothing. Now come on... Come on!

[Daimler suddenly groans as the blanket falls away from his face & his eyes open.]

Young Bernard - He's not dead!

Young Dalou - It doesn't matter now. Push him!

Young Bernard - [as Daimler starts to struggle against the chains binding him] I can't... He's still alive.

Young Dalou - Do it!

[Bernard pulls the blanket down over Daimler's face & they roll the body into the river.]

Young Dalou - Now he's dead.

[Daimler gasps & chokes as his blanket-and-chain-wrapped form slowly sinks under the water.]

Young Bernard - I'll go to hell for this. No one should die like that!

Young Dalou - The only one going to hell is Daimler. CUT Don't ever forget that.


Inside barge 4

Anne - [sighs] It's a terrible story. Such a little boy, killing someone... and-and having it haunt him his whole life, and then seeing him come back alive again. It's terrible.

DM - You have too vivid of an imagination. [kisses her cheek]

Anne - Oh. So what happens now?

DM - You stop worrying. It's in the past. I'm going to keep it that way.

Anne - Okay.

DM - Hmm? [kisses her again]

Anne - Duncan... Mm...

DM - What?

Anne - [quietly] Stop. [sniffles, turns to face him] I know I haven't, um, been very easy to live with lately. [DM scoffs, Anne smiles.]

DM - Let's talk about it.

Anne - I'm pregnant.


[moments later]

DM - Have you told the father?

<Anne - CUT Yes, I have. But, um, he-- [inhales sharply] He-he's an old friend, and it just... happened.> It was after you were gone, and-- [sniffles] Duncan, I was such a wreck. I-I couldn't work, I cou-- I couldn't eat. I-I was very lonely, and--

DM - Anne, you don't have to explain. CUT

Anne - You're not angry?

DM - No.

Anne - I was so afraid that you'd be angry. That's why I've been acting so strange.

DM - So what are we going to do?

Anne - Well, I'm going to have the baby. The question is, what are you going to do?

DM - I honestly don't know.

Anne - Okay. [gets up from couch]

DM - Anne... You have a chance at a normal life. A husband, a family -- those are things I can't give you.

<Anne - CUT I don't love him. I love you.>

DM - It's not as simple as all that.

Anne - Isn't it?

DM - No. Not for me.


Dalou's Cafe 11

[Bernard enters, looks around.]

Dalou - Oh, Bernard. What a nice surprise. [hugs him] Sit down. Sit down. So, cognac, or would you prefer coffee?

Bernard - No, nothing, thank you.

Dalou - No? [sits with him at cafe table] What do you need? Something for the church? [reaches into his coat for his wallet]

Bernard - [raises his hand to stop him] Daimler's back.

Dalou - Daimler died fifty years ago.

Bernard - I wish to God you were right.

Dalou - Perhaps you saw someone who looked like him. It happens to me all the time. CUT

Bernard - Listen to me, Georges. I saw Daimler, and he was exactly as he was fifty years ago. He's immortal. He doesn't age, and he can't be killed.

Dalou - [laughs] Immortal! Next you'll be telling me he can fly. [continues laughing] Oh. I know an excellent doctor, my friend.

Bernard - I don't need a doctor! If you don't believe me, ask MacLeod about Daimler.

Dalou - Why should I ask MacLeod?

Bernard - Forget what I just said, Georges.

Dalou - Oh. You -- You think MacLeod is one of them, too.

Bernard - Swear to me you will.

Dalou - [sobers] Oh. You do, don't you?

Bernard - When you ambushed the German courier and couldn't find MacLeod--

[Flashback to 1943 (black & white) - Dalou looking for DM in the woods.
Young Dalou - MacLeod?]

Bernard - [continues] I found him, and he had a bullet hole through his heart.

[Flashback to 1943 (black & white) - DM revives with a gasp. Young Bernard cries out, falls backward.]

Dalou - You were just a boy.

Bernard - I remember. And I remember Daimler, and I'm telling you, he's back. And we are not safe 'til he dies again -- for good, this time. 10

Dalou - Those were terrible times, Bernard, especially for a child your age. CUT

Bernard - I'm not crazy, Georges. Daimler is here, in Paris. He'll come for me, and then he'll come for you.

Dalou - Oh, Bernard. [reaches for Bernard. Bernard pulls away from him, stands, leaves.] Bernard.


Seine by Notre Dame 6

DM - [joins Anne] Can we talk about this?

Anne - Duncan, we don't have to. This is not your child. You have absolutely no obligation.

DM - I know that, but I have an opportunity.

Anne - Are -- Are you telling me this or are you trying to convince yourself?

DM - Hey, I'm still trying to get used to it. After four hundred years, it's the last thing I expected to happen.


Flashback: New Year's party, 1923
(from "Bless the Child")

Nora - Why?

DM - Because I can never have children.

Nora - But there must be something we can do. Oh, I know about this doctor in Chicago--

DM - Nora--

Nora - They said the same thing about my cousin Joan's husband, and they have twins. You should see them, Duncan, they're the most beautiful children.

DM - Nora, no doctors. And no twins. And if you stay with me, you will never have children. It will never happen, no matter how much I want it to.

Nora - Never?

DM - Never.


Flashback: Loft apartment, living room
(from "The Sea Witch")

DM - How's Melinda?

Tessa - She's beautiful, and innocent... For a while there, just for a few hours, I felt like she was mine... I liked how it felt. But she's not. I have my own life and it's more than enough.

DM - Are you certain?


Seine by Notre Dame 6

(resume previous scene) 11

DM - All my life, I've had to come to terms with the fact that I'm not supposed to have children. I've said it, and I believed it. Now this happens, and... I feel different. Like maybe there is a chance. Maybe my only chance.

Anne - Then what's the problem?

DM - That the way my life is, someone may come for me and win.

Anne - Duncan, I might get hit by a bus tomorrow or -- or get some kind of strange kind of cancer, but I can't live my life that way. Nobody knows what's going to happen, Duncan. Nobody. Do you want a child?

DM - Yes. [hugs her, then sees Dalou & bodyguard coming toward them]

Anne - Duncan, who's that?

DM - Don't worry. He's a friend. CUT <Um, can I see you back at the barge?

Anne - Yeah.

DM - [walks over to Dalou] Hello, Dalou.>


Dalou's Cafe 11

[A view of the street through the cafe window, as two hookers approach a man in a business suit. Camera pulls back from window to Dalou & DM sitting at cafe table.] 12

Dalou - You and me, we knew each other a little, no?

DM - A little.

Dalou - And my cousin Bernard, you know him, too?

DM - A little. Has something happened, Georges?

Dalou - Bernard has always been a little bit strange. Maybe it was the war. Who knows? And now he comes to me with crazy stories, stories no man could ever believe.

DM - Why are you telling me this?

Dalou - So you can tell me if they are true or not. Bernard says you are not who I think you are. He says Daimler is here in Paris, exactly the same way he was fifty years ago. He says that you two are immortal, that you don't grow old. What do you think about that?

DM - What do you think, Georges?

Dalou - I think the man I fought with knows me. <He knows that anything he tells me, I take to my grave. CUT

DM - [smiles] It's me, Georges.> [They clasp hands, embrace.]

Dalou - How good to see you again, my friend. 13



Establishing shot: Quay by barge 3

Inside barge 4

DM - Thanks.

Anne - [helping DM into his coat] And I thought we were going to keep this in the past.

DM - Father Bernard can't let it go. Dalou thinks he's losing it. I've been phoning him all day long, and he still won't pick up the phone.

Anne - So what are we going to tell him?

DM - We're going to convince him that the war's over. 14


<Inside church 1 CUT

[Bernard kneels before the altar.]

Young Bernard - [voice-over] He's not dead!

[Sounds of Daimler gasping as he is pushed into the river.]


Dalou's house 12

[Dalou looks up as Daimler enters, holding several lengths of chain.]


Inside church 1

(resume previous scene)

[Bernard kneels before the altar.]

Young Bernard - [voice-over] I'll go to hell for this! No one should die like that!


Dalou's house 12

(resume previous scene)

Daimler - Recognize these? I spent forty years at the bottom of the Seine in them!


Inside church 1

(resume previous scene)

[Bernard kneels before the altar.]

Young Dalou - [voice-over] The only one going to hell is Daimler.


Dalou's house 12

(resume previous scene)

Daimler - Now it is your turn. [beats Dalou with the chains]>


Inside church 1

(resume previous scene)

[Bernard hears noise, reaches for pistol laying nearby.]

Bernard - [as door opens] Get out! Get out! Leave me alone.

DM - Bernard, it's me. MacLeod. [walks forward with Anne behind him]

Bernard - I thought you were him coming for me. Look what I've become.

DM - You're safe now, Bernard. It was over long ago.

Bernard - It's not over. Not as long as Daimler lives. <Georges is dead. CUT

DM - What?

Bernard - The police were here. They found his bodyguard dead in the car and Georges in the living room.>

DM - Don't leave. You'll be safe here.

Bernard - Where are you going?

DM - [to Bernard & Anne] Just stay inside the church. Nothing can happen to you here. You're on holy ground. Do you understand? He can't hurt you here.

Anne - Duncan, uh...

DM - Don't ask me not to go.

Anne - Then don't ask me not to worry. [He leaves. She turns to Bernard.] It's okay.


Daimler's place 9

Daimler - [into phone] Ja. [listens] Ja. [hangs up phone, puts on jacket] I'm going out.

Iggy - You want us along, Commander?

Daimler - No. MacLeod is on his way here. Make sure he waits for me. [leaves]


Inside church 1

Bernard - When I stuck him with the pitchfork, I just reacted. I couldn't let him kill all those people. But to watch him drown... to see his face being swallowed up by the water...

Anne - But you didn't kill him. He's still alive.

Bernard - And now he's going to kill me.

Anne - No. MacLeod will not let that happen.

Bernard - Perhaps. I'm not much of a soldier. Daimler's the only man I've ever tried to hurt. I wonder what it's like for MacLeod. I wonder how he stands all the death. All the wars.

Anne - Me, too.


<Daimler's place 9 CUT

DM - [enters] Daimler?

Jean - [enters with Iggy] He's not here.

DM - Where's Daimler?

Jean - He's busy.

[Jeremiah grabs DM from behind. DM takes him down. Jean comes at him with a knife. He takes Jean down. Jeremiah tries again, wielding a barbell rod, then Iggy. DM takes rod away from Jeremiah, fights them both off. The phone rings.]

Daimler - [on answering machine message] You have reached the headquarters of the Youth and Purity Movement. Leave a message. Take as much time as you like. We return all calls.

[DM looks at Iggy lying unconscious on the floor. He grabs a bottle of water & pours it on his face, waking him.]

DM - Where's Daimler?

Iggy - Up yours!

DM - [threatens Iggy with rod] Where's Daimler?

Iggy - The church.>


Inside church 1

Bernard - You never met Georges.

Anne - No, I didn't.

Bernard - He was no saint. [Anne laughs.] Yet I think he went to heaven.

Anne - Ah.

Bernard - Maybe one day I'll see him again.

Daimler - [offscreen] Sooner than you think. [enters church] It's been such a long time, little Bernard.

Bernard - [to Anne] Run. Go!

Anne - No. No. Duncan said to stay in the church.

Bernard - You think a man like him respects God? [pulls gun out of his jacket]

Daimler - Go ahead, Bernard. Kill me again. I'm not going away.

Anne - [to Daimler] This is holy ground. [to Bernard] He can't hurt us here.

Daimler - You think not?

Anne - We have to trust MacLeod.

Daimler - I have killed thousands... Old men and children, mothers with babies in their arms.

Anne - He will not kill here. This is holy ground.

Daimler - Are you willing to bet your life on that... priest?

[Bernard throws the gun aside & runs.]

Anne - No! Bernard! [She follows him outside.]


Outside church, night 1

Anne - Father Bernard, no! 15 Please come back! Please, Father Bernard! Please. This is exactly what he wants.

Daimler - You're so right.

Anne - [runs forward] Daimler, no! [Daimler hits her, sending her sprawling, then shoots Bernard at close range.] No!

[Daimler finishes shooting Bernard, then turns & aims his gun at Anne. He pauses when he senses DM's 'buzz'.]

DM - [tackles Daimler, knocking him down, then runs to Anne] Anne? Are you all right?

Anne - [crying] Oh, Duncan... the baby!

Daimler - [stands, raises his sword] Highlander!

Anne - Kill him.

DM - [draws his sword, approaches Daimler] You will die for this.

[They fight. DM disarms Daimler, then Daimler also disarms DM. They grapple on the ground. Daimler draws his dagger, plunges it into DM's shoulder. DM throws Daimler from him & both regain their swords. DM beheads Daimler, takes his Quickening. Anne has a front row seat to the entire light show.]


Hospital 13

DM - The doctor says you and the baby are going to be fine.

Anne - Yes, I know.

DM - For a moment there, I thought we were going to lose her. He did tell you it was a girl?

Anne - Yes, he did. Duncan, I want to go home.

DM - Well, the car's right outside.

Anne - No. I want to go HOME.

DM - We'll go together.

Anne - No. I think I have to go alone, Duncan.

DM - Alone. Whatever you want... I understand.

Anne - Do you?

DM - Yeah. You almost lost the baby.

Anne - It's more than just that, Duncan.

DM - Then what? You knew what I was. You knew what my life was like. What was I supposed to do, let him walk away?

Anne - No. You had to kill him, Duncan. I understand. I wanted you to kill him. At the time, I would have taken his head myself.

DM - He killed Bernard. He would've killed you.

Anne - I understand. I can't live my life like this, Duncan. I thought I could, but I can't. [sniffles] Duncan, I'm a doctor. I save lives. I don't take them. I can't start wanting to take them. [DM is silent for a moment, coming to terms with this information, then nods his head, accepting it.] Duncan. [They hug.]


End of "Mortal Sins"

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