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Episode 20: Reasonable Doubt

Written by Elizabeth Baxter
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: May 20, 1995
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander



Lucas Kagan - Paudge Behan

Maurice Lalonde - Michel Modo
              MacLeod's neighbor

Simone Tomas - Géraldine Cotte
              Maurice's niece

Franklin Waterman - Robert Cavanah
              art gallery owner

Clarise - Dolores Chaplin
              woman at bank, in FB


Claude - Didier Terron
              ambulance driver

Rene - Azzedine/Azdine Melliti
              riding with Claude

Madame Camille - Rebecca Potok
              owns / runs Paris cathouse

Richard Tarsis - Richard Lintern
              Immortal, Kagan's teacher

Head Clerk - Jacques Ciron
              at bank, in flashback

Woman - Laurence Mercier
              with ring, in bank FB

Rudy - Pierre Alexis Hollenbeck
              ~13 y.o., in Irish flashback

Young Kagan - Olivier Kandel
              ~12 y.o., in Irish flashback

Locations List:*
1. Deserted street, canal - Rue de l'Ecluse des Vertus & Quai Jean-Marie Tjibaou, Aubervilliers [48.920200,2.369353] & [48.920139,2.369072]
2. The Franklin Waterman Gallery - unknown location
3. Maurice's restaurant - Le Bastringue, 67 Quai de la Seine [48.888039,2.377111]
4. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
5. Inside barge, on deck - barge is moored at Bassin de la Villette [48.886148,2.374098]
6. Bank - CIUP: Bibliotheque de la Cite internationale, 17 Boulevard Jourdan - bank exterior [48.820058,2.338461], bank interior [48.819128,2.338128]
7. Opium den - CIUP: Maison des Etudiants de l'Asie du Sud Est (grand salon), 59 B Boulevard Jourdan [48.821081,2.330392]
8. Maurice's restaurant (establishing) - Place de la Bastille [48.853177,2.369125] from camera position [48.851197,2.369307]
9. Simone's apartment - CIUP: Maison des Etudiants Armeniens, 57 Boulevard Jourdan [48.821681,2.331139]
10. Chez Madame Camille (interior) - unknown location, possibly at CIUP
11. Outside Chez Madame Camille - unknown location, possibly at CIUP
12. Irish alley - unknown location
13. Warehouse - unknown location
14. Quay near gallery - Le 25°Est, 10 Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad [48.883980,2.370997]
15. "14 Quai Malaquais" - 5 Quai de la Loire [48.883785,2.371173]
16. Empty field - near canal in Aubervilliers (exact coordinates unidentified)
17. Church - CIUP: across Passerelle du Cambodge from Église du Sacré-Cœur à Gentilly [48.817225,2.337086]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cut *is* marked:

~Bolded - Syfy channel, 2010

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Deserted street, night 1

[Simone stands by the open hood of a dead vehicle in the middle of the narrow street. An ambulance approaches & honks.]

Claude - [driving ambulance] Sh-- Move it!

Simone - [walks toward ambulance] Claude, is that you?

Claude - Oh, Simone. How come you're not working?

Simone - I'm on my way. The damn car just died on me. You think you could have a look?

Claude - Sorry, I'm on the job.

Simone - C'mon, you're not going to leave me here. [Claude sighs.] At least give me a lift to the Metro. [leans in window] Please?

[Kagan suddenly appears at passenger window with a handgun.]

Rene - [in passenger seat of ambulance] Son-of-a-bitch...

Kagan - That's no way to talk in front of a lady. Let's all try and get out of this alive... okay?

Claude - [casually moves his hand toward the pistol at his hip] What's going on, Simone?

Kagan - [holding gun to Rene's head] I bet the bullet goes right through you and into him. [to Claude] What do you think?

Simone - [takes Claude's gun, points it at him] Sorry about this, Claude. CUT

Kagan - Okay. I want you boys to get out of the van, real slowly. [They start to get out.] Easy. [pulls Claude over next to Rene] Come on! Thank you. [to Simone] Okay, sweetheart, do your thing. [Simone goes to back of ambulance.] Isn't she sweet? But I guess you know that already, huh? And smart, too. [Simone returns, hands large folder to Kagan.] Watch 'em, will ya? [hands his gun to Simone, opens folder, looks at DaVinci sketch inside] Beautiful. [closes folder, kisses Simone's cheek] Just like you, my love. [takes his gun back from her] Time to go. Get the bike.

[Simone goes to motorcycle, revs the engine. CUT Kagan shoots Claude.]

Rene - Please! Please, I have a wife and two children. Please.

Kagan - I hate kids. [shoots Rene]

Simone - [hears last shot, runs back over to Kagan] Nobody was supposed to get hurt.

<Kagan - CUT They were going to kill me. What was I supposed to do? Come on. Let's go.> [They ride away on motorcycle.]


The Franklin Waterman Gallery 2

[Camera holds on front window display, then pans past window into store.]

DM - The brush work, the texture... it's an original. You made a good buy, Franklin.

Franklin - I know. [walks out of store. DM follows him.] 1

DM - What's up?

Franklin - Remember the DaVinci sketch?

DM - From the Notebooks, the one with the slight damage in the right-hand corner?

Franklin - It was stolen last night on the way to the buyer. Three million dollars down the drain. Ten years I've been in the business. Nothing like this ever happened.

DM - Well, at least you're insured... Don't tell me.

Franklin - The premium was outrageous. I -- I thought I was being creative.

DM - [laughs] Franklin, you're a dealer, not an artist. What made you become creative now?

Franklin - I've done it before. I put the painting in an ambulance with a couple of guards. Who robs an ambulance?

DM - Who else knew it was traveling last night?

Franklin - Nobody.

DM - Have the police contacted the guards?

Franklin - Can't. They're dead. And now the bastards want to sell it back to me. I got a call a couple of hours ago. They're going to tell me when and where tomorrow.

DM - Let me guess... no police.

Franklin - How did I let this happen?

DM - I'll make the exchange.

Franklin - I can't ask you to do that.

DM - You're not asking. I'm offering.

Franklin - What can you do that I can't?

DM - You'd be surprised.


Maurice's restaurant, night 3

Waitress - [as DM enters] Bonsoir. Nice to see you.

Translation: Bonsoir - Good evening

Maurice - I'm so glad you're here.

DM - So will I be if the bouillabaisse is as good as it was last week.

Maurice - It's better.

DM - I hope so. I'm starving.

Maurice - Come, there's someone I want you to meet.

DM - Maurice, I know matchmaking's your favorite pastime--

Maurice - No, no, nothing like that. She's my niece. Really. Come. [leads DM to table] Mon lapin? [Simone turns to face them.] Simone Tomas, my beautiful niece. And this is my good friend, Duncan MacLeod.

Translation: Mon lapin - my poppet/honey (a term of endearment); lit. 'my bunny'

Simone - Hi.

DM - Nice to meet you. [looks from Simone to Maurice & back] You two don't look anything alike.

Maurice - Of course not. She's gorgeous, like her mother. My first wife's sister. Her mother was-- CUT

DM - I get the picture.

Maurice - Right. Sit, sit. [DM sits.]

Simone - Actually, I was just leaving.

Maurice - But you haven't finished eating.

Simone - I got beeped. CUT

Maurice - No, you don't. Who works at ten o'clock at night?

DM - People with ambition?

Simone - [to DM] Thanks. Some other time.

DM - Hope so.

[Simone leaves. Maurice sits in her empty chair.]

Maurice - The girl has no life. No time to eat, no time to talk.

DM - Maybe she's just busy.

Maurice - She's avoiding me. She pretends there is nothing wrong. I was hoping you'd talk to her.

DM - Well, she doesn't even know me.

Maurice - You have a special way with women.

DM - Maurice...

Maurice - Women love you. They trust you, and more important, I trust you.

DM - All right. I'll take her out to lunch.

Maurice - Ah, wonderful. She loves Italian food. CUT Just show her a good time. But not too good. [slaps table with his hand] The bouillabaisse. [gets up to fetch DM's meal] 2

[DM chuckles to himself.]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 4

Inside barge 5

DM - One hundred thousand dollars.

Franklin - It's all here. I was up all night. I can't let you do this for me. They've killed two guards already.

DM - [putting money into brown paper bag] Franklin, how many kids do you have?

Franklin - Four.

DM - And what happens to them if something happens to you?

Franklin - Be careful, Duncan. Don't do anything foolish.

DM - [picks up bag] Do I ever?

Franklin - Oh, MacLeod, I almost forgot... [hands his coat & hat to DM]

DM - What are these for?

Franklin - They'll want to make sure it's me.

DM - Oh. Okay. [puts hat on, leaves barge]


Path near small waterway 1
("Buttes Chaumont Park" in shooting script)

[DM walks down path, sits on empty bench facing the water. Simone walks up behind him, shoves gun against back of his neck.]

Simone - Don't turn around, Mr. Waterman. I've got a gun. Just leave the money on the bench and walk away. The drawing will be delivered to the gallery this afternoon.

DM - [recognizes her voice] Simone?

Simone - Don't turn around. I'll shoot.

DM - So shoot. [stands up, turns to face her]

Simone - All I want is the money. Right?

DM - No.

Simone - Please, you have to give it to me. [DM steps forward, grabs her wrist.] No!

DM - Let go of it. [takes gun from her] Sit down. [She sits.] Now, what's this about?

Simone - It'll be best for both of us if you do what you're supposed to.

DM - Where's the DaVinci? [Simone is silent.] Let's go talk to your boss.

Simone - He won't like this.

DM - I don't care. [pulls her to her feet & forces her away from bench toward canal path 3]

Simone - What are you, a cop or something?

DM - Or something. [senses 'buzz', stops, sees Kagan sitting on motorcycle nearby]


Establishing shot: outside bank 6

[Super: Paris, 1930]

Flashback - Paris, 1930 - inside bank 6

Man - [walking with woman to teller window] I would have been much happier if I could have stayed at home.

Woman - Oh, stop complaining.

[Camera pans across to next teller window. 4 DM is waiting for teller to return.]

Head Clerk - [returns to window carrying ledger book] You -- you say the account was opened in 1837?

DM - Yes. It was opened by my great-great grandfather. I suppose he had an eye to the future.

Head Clerk - [flips through pages in ledger] Oh. Oh, my goodness. Here it is. That's ten thousand francs... at five percent interest over ninety-three years... [scribbles on paper]


Flashback - Paris, 1930 - outside bank 6

[Two men in overcoats (Kagan & Tarsis) get out of car, looking shifty.]


Flashback - Paris, 1930 - inside bank 6

(resume previous scene)

Head Clerk - You have over one million francs.

DM - Oh, really.

Head Clerk - I hope monsieur is not planning to withdraw it.

DM - Oh, no, not today. Perhaps I should put it in a checking account.

Head Clerk - Ah. Mm. [DM senses 'buzz', turns away abruptly.] Monsieur?

[The two men outside sense 'buzz', enter bank, pull out guns & start shooting.]

Tarsis - Everybody stay calm, nobody gets hurt.

Man - Do whatever they want. Do whatever they want!

Kagan - [throws burlap sack at teller] Fill it. [takes hat from elderly man's head, holds it upside down] Okay, everybody, I want your cash and your wallets and your jewelry.

Tarsis - [standing near DM, watching Kagan] I taught him everything he knows.

DM - [coldly] You must be very proud.

Tarsis - Just making a buck. It's nothing personal.

DM - So long as nobody gets hurt, we can keep it that way.

Tarsis - You got a deal.

DM - It's not a deal. It's a warning.

Kagan - [taking collection] Thank you. [approaches woman, who whimpers] What? [puts gun in his pocket] Shh. Don't be frightened. CUT

Clarise - [trying to remove her gold choker] I can't -- I can't get it off.

Kagan - Then keep it. It's my gift to you.

Clarise - Thank you.

[Kagan leans forward & kisses her.]

Tarsis - [walks past] Some other time, huh?

Kagan - [pulls back from kiss, watches as Clarise smiles tentatively] That's better. [takes gun back out of pocket, moves back through crowd to collect sack from teller]

<Tarsis - [to woman in crowd] The ring. CUT

Woman - [tries to pull ring off] It's stuck...

[Tarsis pulls out a knife.]

Man - No, don't! [Woman's husband jumps at Tarsis, who knocks him down.] My God! No! Leave him alone!

[DM takes a step forward, but Kagan points gun at him & shakes his head.]

Tarsis - Hey! Everyone on the floor!

[Tarsis fires his Tommy gun in the air. He & Kagan leave the bank. He continues shooting outside & hits a woman. They get in their car as DM exits bank. DM bends toward woman, then jumps for cover as Tarsis fires another burst. Kagan & Tarsis drive away.]>


<Flashback - Paris, 1930 - opium den, night 7 CUT

[Some nights later, Tarsis & Kagan enjoy the pleasures of scantily clad prostitutes and opium. They both sense 'buzz'. DM enters.]

Prostitute - [to DM] Bonsoir.

Translation: Bonsoir - Good evening

DM - Well, well, well. [walks past Kagan, who pulls out knife. DM turns, knocks him down. Tarsis approaches.] I warned you. [Tarsis nods, leads DM through building. DM tosses his walking stick at Chinese man.] Catch.


Flashback - Paris, 1930 - outside opium den, night 7

[Tarsis leads DM out of building, both with swords drawn. Tarsis turns suddenly & 5 attacks DM without warning. They begin to fight.]

DM - Cheating again, huh?> [defeats & beheads Tarsis, takes his Quickening, then senses 'buzz' as Kagan approaches with his sword out] This doesn't have to be between us, if you don't make it between us.


Path near small waterway 1

(resume previous scene)

Kagan - Duncan MacLeod. [pulls out revolver, shoots at DM]

[DM runs for cover. Simone runs to join Kagan on motorcycle.]

Simone - You know him?

[Kagan fires toward DM again, then rides away with Simone.]


Inside barge 5

Franklin - I should have called the police.

DM - They still want the money. They'll call you again, and when they do, you call me.

Franklin - It's only a sketch, Duncan, a piece of paper. You could have been hurt... killed.

DM - Let me worry about that.

Franklin - No, I won't have it on my conscience. [reaches for phone]

DM - Leave it! Please.

[Franklin sets phone down again.]


Establishing shot: Maurice's restaurant, evening 8

Maurice's restaurant, evening 3

Maurice - [as DM enters] Oh, you are a little early, my friend, but I'm sure Anton can give you a little something. He does a Gazpacho -- superb!

DM - Well, I'm not really hungry tonight, Maurice. I have to talk to you.

Maurice - About Simone, yes?

DM - Yeah.

Maurice - She told me she saw you in the park.

DM - Did she?

Maurice - I knew you would know what to tell her. Brilliant! A trip is just what she needs.

DM - I'm sure it is.

Maurice - She said it was your little talk that convinced her to go.

DM - Oh, well, hmm, glad I could help. 6 Did she say where she was planning on going?

Maurice - Italy. The perfect place. Florence... Rome. I gave her a little money for the ticket.

DM - You're a good uncle, Maurice.

Maurice - Mm-hmm.

DM - Do you have her address? Maybe I can stop by and say bon voyage.

Maurice - Of course! [writes on waiters' pad] She will be happy to see you again. I hope you catch her before she leaves.

DM - Me, too.

Maurice - Mm-hmm. [tears address from pad, hands it to DM]

DM - Yeah. [folds paper, starts to leave]

Maurice - [calls after him] Bye.

DM - Bye. [leaves] 7


Outside Simone's apartment, night 9

[Simone exits building, drives off in car as DM pulls up. DM follows her.]


Chez Madame Camille - parlor, night 10

Camille - [offscreen, as Simone enters] What am I supposed to do with you? If you don't want to work here, just say so. Now, this house has a reputation, okay?

Simone - [to other women sitting nearby] Hello.

Other women - Hello, Simone.

Camille - [to woman she was addressing] Go. [to Simone] Bonsoir, Simone.

Simone - Bonsoir, Madame.

Translation: Bonsoir - Good evening

Camille - He's in your room. He's been here two hours, and he won't see anyone but you. [Simone turns to go.] Simone... Is there anything you want to tell me?

Simone - No. Why?

Camille - I've seen his kind before. They bring trouble.

Simone - Not to me.

Camille - All right. Off you go. [calls after her] Simone... Don't fall in love with him. 8


Chez Madame Camille - Simone's room, night 10

Kagan - [lying on bed] I've been waiting for you.

Simone - I got some money from my uncle. We can get out of town. The car's downstairs.

Kagan - There's no need to hurry.

Simone - What do you mean there's no need to hurry? MacLeod saw us. He knows me. He'll go to the police.

Kagan - He won't go to the police. Trust me. [kisses her]


Chez Madame Camille - living room, night 10

DM - [enters] Hi. I'm looking for-- [is approached by several scantily clad ladies] Uhh -- Ah. Yeah, um-- [backs away, into parlor] Uh-- [is approached by two more ladies]

Lady1 - Hi.

Lady2 - Hello.

DM - Hello. Um, no. I was just -- I was looking for someone.

Camille - May I help you, monsieur?

DM - Uh, yeah. I was looking for a friend.

Camille - Aren't we all. [gestures toward the ladies] As you please.

DM - No, actually, I don't see her here at the moment. Her name's Simone.

Camille - Oh, I'm sorry, monsieur. Simone is, uh, otherwise engaged.

DM - Well, in that case, it's probably the guy she's with that I'm interested in.

Camille - Well, in that case, monsieur, I think you're in the wrong house.

[DM senses 'buzz'. Kagan appears tucking his t-shirt into his jeans. He sees DM & bolts.]

DM - I don't think so. [realizes what that seems to imply] Uh-- [follows Kagan]


Outside Chez Madame Camille, night 11

[DM follows Kagan out.]

Kagan - [tosses his sword down] Go ahead.

DM - Pick it up.

Kagan - What for? We both know where this is going to lead.

DM - Pick it up!

Kagan - It's not like this world is gonna miss me or anything.

DM - Pick it up.

Kagan - You know, MacLeod, if I'm not a prince, it's because I wasn't raised by a king. Maybe if you'd found me instead of Tarsis...


<Flashback - Ireland, 1913 - Alleyway 12 CUT

[Super: Ireland, 1913]

Rudy - Come and get it, Kagan. [holds knife over his head, running]

Young Kagan - [chasing Rudy] That's my knife! Give it back! Give it to me! [grabs at Rudy] Give it back!

[They tussle. Young Kagan gets Rudy on the ground & starts kicking him.]

Rudy - Ah! Leave me alone! No!

[Tarsis watches from nearby with a smile.]

Young Kagan - [as Rudy runs off, whimpering] Run back to your mama, sissy.

[Tarsis approaches Young Kagan from behind, grabs him.]>


Flashback - Paris, 1923 - warehouse 13

[Super: Paris, 1923]

Kagan - We did it again.

Tarsis - [follows Kagan to table] You know, Kagan, you're still too slow.

Kagan - [dumps money from bank robbery out of bag onto table] What are you talking about?

Tarsis - That guard, he almost had you. You're sloppy. You're slow. You're an amateur, and amateurs don't get paid. [grabs money from Kagan's hand, pushes him away from table]

Kagan - What are you doing? [grabs money back] Half that's mine.

Tarsis - You'll get it when you've earned it. [shoves Kagan away again. Kagan charges back, punches Tarsis. They fight. Kagan grabs a crowbar & knocks Tarsis down.] Okay. [chuckles] Okay. [lets Kagan help him to his feet] Not bad. Not bad at all. you know, this is a great day for you, Kagan. [picks up handgun, cocks it] Today, you become immortal. [shoots Kagan in the chest]


[short time later]

[Tarsis sits on a crate, waiting. Camera pans to where Kagan lies dead on the floor.] 9

Kagan - [revives, opens his eyes] I should be dead.

Tarsis - You'll be all right. Here. [offers flask] Try a swig of this.

Kagan - [sits up, takes drink from flask] What did you do to me?

Tarsis - I made you great. [pulls him to his feet] You've never been stronger or faster. Now you'll stay that way. You and me, Kagan, we've got a lot to talk about. [pulls out sword] We're gonna be raising hell forever. [hands sword to Kagan]


Outside Chez Madame Camille, night 11

(resume previous scene)

Kagan - Everything I am is what he made me.

DM - Including a murderer.

Kagan - They were going to shoot us, shoot Simone. What was I supposed to do?

DM - You weren't supposed to even be there. [readies his sword]

Simone - Don't! No, MacLeod. Don't hurt him. [exits building with the DaVinci folder] Please, just take the picture. I don't want it. Just don't hurt him.

Kagan - You want the picture? Fine. You want me to go to prison? I'll go to prison. I'll do whatever you say.

DM - If I find out you're lying to me about those two men...

Kagan - I swear.

DM - So do I. [glares at Kagan, takes folder from Simone, leaves]


Franklin's gallery 2

Franklin - [looking at DaVinci sketch displayed on easel] I owe you my life, Duncan.

DM - Let's not exaggerate, shall we?

Franklin - Okay. How about my house, my children's education, maybe my marriage and my eternal gratitude?

DM - Well, the last one I'll take.

Franklin - So, how did you do it?

DM - Does it matter?

Franklin - Uh, what do I tell the police?

DM - Whatever you like, so long as you keep my name out of it.

Franklin - You can't be serious. [off DM's look] I'll think of something.

DM - Thanks. Gotta go.

Franklin - [as DM leaves, raises champagne flute in toast] To you, Duncan.


Quay near gallery 14

Kagan - So, how'd it go? Was he happy? [DM walks past, not answering.] So everything's cool, right?

DM - For the moment.

Kagan - That's great.

DM - Just because I let you live doesn't mean we're friends.

Kagan - Fair enough. So, that's it?

DM - Not quite. Stay away from Simone.

Kagan - But I love her.

DM - Then do her a favor.

Kagan - You don't like me, do you? You really think I like being a thief, that I wouldn't rather be like you than me? I never learned how.


Flashback - Ireland, 1913 - Alleyway 12 CUT

Tarsis - When you've got 'em down, you never let 'em get up. Mercy is for fools and priests.

Young Kagan - Who died and made you God?

Tarsis - A lot of people. How long you been on the streets?

Young Kagan - What do you care? [He tries to jab at Tarsis with the knife. Tarsis grabs his wrist, causing him to drop the knife.] Let go of me! CUT

Tarsis - I'll tell you how long. All your life. You never had parents. You never had anyone to look after you.

Young Kagan - I don't need anybody.

Tarsis - That's where you're wrong. You have no idea what you are. And from now on, you're mine.


Quay near gallery 14

(resume previous scene)


DM - Get a job. Earn something instead of stealing it.

Kagan - Maybe you can help me.

DM - I'm not a social worker. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 4

Inside barge 5

DM - [answering knock at door] Yeah, it's open.

Simone - [enters] May I come in?

DM - Sure. I thought you'd be halfway across the country by now.

Simone - If you were going to call the cops, they would have found me already.

DM - I can't say I didn't think about it.

Simone - But you didn't. Why not?

DM - Because your uncle is a very good friend of mine. It would break his heart. CUT


Simone's apartment building - lobby, night 9

Kagan - [approaches as Maurice rings bell at door] Looking for Simone?

Maurice - It's none of your business.

Kagan - Wrong.

Maurice - [tries to push Kagan aside] Get out of my way.

Kagan - [grabs Maurice] Tell me, what does she do for that wrinkled old body of yours that you like so much? [slams Maurice against wall, pulls out knife, stabs it into back of Maurice's hand] Stay... away... from her. [pulls knife out, backs away, lets Maurice leave]


Inside barge, night 5

(resume previous scene)

Simone - After my mother died, my father fell apart. He started depending on me to be my mother... and not just for companionship. I was ten years old. Daddy's approval meant so much to me that I would do anything he asked. And he asked.

DM - Did you tell anybody about this?

Simone - There was no one to tell.

DM - What about Maurice?

Simone - He was a basket case. His wife died in the same accident my mom did. He crawled into a bottle of brandy and stayed there for five years. When he dried out, it didn't matter anymore.

DM - It matters.

Simone - Oh? To whom? To you?

DM - Yeah. And Maurice.

Maurice - [enters, his hand wrapped in a bandage] MacLeod...

DM - Maurice, what happened to you hand?

Maurice - It's nothing... I cut it at work. [sees Simone] I didn't know you were here.

Simone - There's a lot of things you don't know, but I'm sure your friend here will fill you in. [to DM] Thanks for everything.

DM - Why don't you stay for a while?

Simone - I gotta go. [leaves]

DM - I'll be right back, Maurice. [follows her]


Barge - on deck, night 5

DM - Simone. If you don't like what you are, you can change it. We'll help you.

Simone - I'll think about it.

DM - How did those two men die in the robbery?

Simone - How would I know? [leaves]

Maurice - [joins DM as Simone drives off] She's always in a hurry.


Simone's apartment, night 9

Kagan - [as Simone enters] Surprise.

Simone - Oh. Lucas... I thought you were gone.

Kagan - Without you? Impossible, my love. [kisses her passionately]


Inside barge, night 5

Maurice - [sets wine glasses forcefully on table] So. We've talked about the weather, the wine... When are we going to talk about Simone?

DM - Well, Simone is, uh, what she is, Maurice. She's my friend.

Maurice - I know, Duncan.

DM - What do you know? 10

Maurice - I know about Simone. I've been suspecting all along... What she was, what she is. Tonight I went to her apartment to talk to her. One of her clients knows how to use a stiletto. [raises his bandaged hand]

DM - Tall, twenty-five, good-looking?

Maurice - You know him? [DM gets up from table.] Where are you going? [follows DM out]


Simone's apartment, night 9

Simone - [in bed with Kagan] I'm so glad you came back.

Kagan - <I noticed.> 11 CUT I'm going to get you out of this life, get you away from this -- this hellhole. I want you to do something for me. I want you to call MacLeod, get him over here.

Simone - What for? [Kagan pulls pistol from under his pillow.] Don't ask me to do this.

Kagan - You said you'd do anything for me.

Simone - Not this.

Kagan - [slaps her] You've been doing him, and you've been doing the old man who I stuck tonight.

Simone - You stabbed Maurice?

Kagan - Is that his name?

Simone - Get out. Just get out.

Kagan - No one sends me away. Nobody. [backs her up against a wall, kisses her, grabs stilleto from table & stabs her]


<Outside Simone's apartment, night 9 CUT

[DM drives up with Maurice. They get out of car & enter building. DM pauses to listen to police sirens nearby before entering.]>


Simone's apartment, night 9

Maurice - [enters, sees Simone's body on bed] Simone! [approaches bed, leans down] Simone.

DM - Come on. [pulls Maurice away & out of apartment, looks back at bed, follows Maurice out]

[Camera pans across to bed, 12 holds on Simone's body.]


Outside Simone's apartment, night 9

Maurice - [to detective] Au revoir, monsieur. [walks over to DM] I told them nothing, like you asked.

Translations: au revoir - goodbye

DM - Thanks. CUT Can you make it home okay?

Maurice - I'm going to get a gun and kill that bastard.

DM - Maurice, go home. I'll find him.

Maurice - But--

DM - I'll take care of this, but I have to do it on my own.

Maurice - But I'm responsible.

DM - No, you're not. Go on. Go home. [Maurice leaves. DM watches him go, then walks to his car & gets in. 13]


Chez Madame Camille, night 10

Camille - It's a pity we abolished the guillotine, monsieur, because that's what her murderer deserves.

DM - Do you know where I can find Kagan?

Camille - Won't do any good. That kind, they never pay the price.

DM - Sometimes they do.

Camille - There is a woman... someone he used to see before Simone. CUT She lives at 14 Quai Malaquais.

DM - Thanks.

Camille - I hope you find him.

DM - So do I. [leaves]


Outside Lucille's home 15

[Kagan exits #14, senses 'buzz', sees DM standing by his motorcycle.]

Kagan - [walks toward motorcycle] Hey, MacLeod. [sets bag & helmet down] How's things?

DM - Nice bike. [elbows Kagan in face, then punches him, knocking him down] Get up! [pulls him to his feet & slams him against fence]

Kagan - What the hell is this about?

DM - Simone. [punches him again] She's dead.

Kagan - Dead? [DM kicks him.] I tried to get her out of the business. I warned her. You never know who you're going to go home with.

DM - So it was one of her customers?

Kagan - Who else?

DM - Where were you last night?

<Kagan - CUT I was with a friend of mine. Ask her. She lives here. [points toward #14]>

DM - Really.

Kagan - I swear. Look, you told me to stay away from Simone. I stayed away. Maybe if I hadn't, she'd still be alive. Not that I think it's your fault, or anything.

DM - I guess I owe you an apology.

[DM holds his hand out. Kagan reaches for it, to shake. DM pulls him forward & kicks him again. Kagan grabs his sword from his bag, runs through gate in fence & locks it behind him.]

DM - Go ahead. Run, little boy, but I'll find you.

[Kagan runs down the quay & across a lock in the river. DM follows. Kagan runs along canal. DM follows.1]


Empty field 16

Kagan - I didn't kill anyone. I have an alibi.

DM - This isn't a court of law.

Kagan - [backing away] You're crazy. You're going to kill an innocent man? I never meant to harm anyone.

DM - I don't care what you meant.

[Kagan attacks. They exchange blows. Kagan reaches into his jeans pocket. DM pulls stilleto out of his coat pocket.]

DM - Looking for this? [Kagan rushes him. DM dodges, jabs stilleto into Kagan's chest.] I've seen that one before.

Kagan - [falls to his knees] This is an execution. I never had a chance.

DM - You had more of a chance than Simone did.

[Flashback to 1913 12
Tarsis - You have no idea what you are.]

[Flashback to 1923 13
Tarsis shoots Kagan, making him immortal.]

[Flashback to 1913 12
Young Kagan kicks Rudy on the ground.]

[Flashback to 1930 6
Tarsis fires Tommy gun in bank.]

[Flashback to 1913 12
Tarsis - And from now on, you're mine.]

Kagan - It's not my fault. He made me what I am.

DM - I know. [beheads him]


Outside church 14

DM - This wasn't your fault.

Maurice - No? She was only ten when she lost everything. Someone should have been there. I should have been there.

DM - Sometimes you can't.

Maurice - If I had listened... If I had opened my eyes...

DM - You would have done something. Looking back, it's always easy to think of what you should have done.

Maurice - Did you find the man who did this?

DM - The man who did this, Maurice, is dead.


End of "Reasonable Doubt"

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