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Episode 21: Finalé

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Mario Azzopardi
Aired: May 27, 1995
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher


Amanda - Elizabeth Gracen
              an Immortal thief

Kalas - David Robb

Adam Pierson / Methos - Peter Wingfield
              Watcher / 5,000 y.o. Immortal

Maurice Lalonde - Michel Modo
              MacLeod's neighbor

Xavier St. Cloud - Roland Gift
              Immortal thief, in FB


Bob Parnell / Auberon - ??
              Immortal killed by Kalas

Michel, Reynaud, Ape - ??
              Kalas' henchmen


Nino - Emmanuel Karsen
              psychopath, Kalas' lackey

Christine Salzer - Sian Webber
              Don Salzer's widow

Businessman - Mykhaël Georges-Schar
              carjacked by Kalas & Nino

Genet - Patrick Albenque
              Kalas' henchman

Danielle - Debbie Davis
              singer at Nosferatu

Gerard - Charles Maquignon
              bartender at Nosferatu

Martin Matthews - Matthew Géczy
              Amanda's Watcher

Hamza el Kahir - John Suda
              DM's Immortal friend, in FB

Locations List:*
1. Prison - unknown location
2. Quay by barge (establishing) - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
3. Canal / inside barge - Bassin de la Villette [48.886148,2.374098]
4. Paris street #1 - unidentified location, probably around Bassin de la Villette
5. Paris streets #2 & 3 - 2. Passage de Flandre [48.886778,2.374322], 3. Quai de la Seine [48.886517,2.374661]
6. Algiers - La Mer de Sable, Route Nationale 330 (N330), Ermenonville [49.143803,2.676554]
7. Kalas' hideout - unknown location
8. Maurice's restaurant (establishing) - 35 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine [48.847510,2.352801]
9. Maurice's restaurant - Le Bastringue, 67 Quai de la Seine [48.888039,2.377111]
10. Salzer's apartment (establishing) - Bibliothecque Thiers, 27 Rue St. Georges [48.878428,2.337217]
11. Salzer's apartment - CIUP: Fondation Abreu de Grancher (Maison de Cuba), 59 A Boulevard Jourdan [48.820858,2.330783]
12. Near Salzer's apartment - unknown location, possibly at CIUP
13. Shakespeare & Company bookstore - 37 Rue de la Bûcherie [48.852555,2.347168]
14. Nosferatu - Avenue Mac-Mahon at Rue Brey [48.877433,2.294642]
15. Gerard's apartment - unknown location
16. City park, alleys - Square René Viviani, 25 Quai de Montebello: entering park [48.851913,2.347809], DM confronts Hunter [48.851943,2.347258], Amanda confronts Hunter [48.852031,2.346867], car drives off [48.852428,2.347423] (looking north)
17. The Tribune - CIUP: Fondation Lucien Paye, 45 Boulevard Jourdan [48.820828,2.333133]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cut *is* marked:

~Bolded - Syfy channel, 2010

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Prison entrance 1

<Prison garden 1 CUT

[Guards supervise as prisoners work in the garden. Nino watches a guard walk past, then 1 moves quickly past Kalas working amongst rows of celery plants. He rounds the side of the building and takes out cigarette & lights it. He looks at long-haired prisoner, who nods toward others. Multiple prisoners are alerted by covert signals passed among them. Suddenly one prisoner tosses down his hoe, grabs the prisoner near him, and starts a fight. The other prisoners join in as the guards move to break them apart. As Nino pulls a shiv out of his pocket, the long-haired prisoner & his companion grab Kalas & shove him at Nino. Nino stabs Kalas with the shiv multiple times, out of sight of the guards, who are still busy breaking up the riot. Once Kalas is dead, Nino starts rifling through his pockets, but finds nothing. Suddenly Kalas revives, grabs Nino by the throat & shoves him against the side of the building.]

Kalas - Well, well. What have we here? A psychopath, hm? I could kill you. But I'd prefer to use you. [throws Nino to the ground]>


Prison, months later, night 1

[Super: Months Later]

[Guard walks along cell block - solitary confinement? - when suddenly cell door swings open & Kalas leaps out, grabs guard & throws him into the cell. Offscreen, a muffled yell & breaking neck precede Kalas' reappearance. Kalas closes cell door, unlocks cell next door to reveal Nino inside.]

Nino - We go tonight?

Kalas - You didn't think I'd leave without you? [motions sharply for Nino to come]

[Nino grabs shiv from under his pillow & follows Kalas.]


Prison yard, night 1

[Nino runs at guard patrolling the grounds, stabs him with the shiv, drops the body in the shadows.]

Nino - Heh. Ah, well.

Kalas - That's my boy.

<Nino - [chuckles] Right. Now what are we supposed to do? [follows as Kalas jogs along pathway to tall prison wall]

Kalas - We await our benefactor.

Nino - For what? Is he gonna bring us wings?

Kalas - Shut your mouth.

Nino - Uh...> CUT

[A grappling hook falls to the ground at their feet, with a thin line attached. Kalas grabs the line & pulls until the thicker rope it is attached to is pulled over the top of the wall & into reach. The rope has a carabiner near the end, which Kalas snaps onto a convenient hook in the wall.]

Kalas - Right. [uses the rope to scale the wall. Nino waits until he reaches the top, then follows.]


Outside prison, night 1

[Kalas climbs down the other side & jumps to the ground, then senses 'buzz'.]

Amanda - It's about time.

Kalas - What now?

Amanda - [walks toward him, holding her sword] Now you die. [She swings. He dodges.]

Kalas - All this, just to kill me?

Amanda - Give the man a cigar.

Kalas - Why? You don't even know me.

Amanda - I know what you did to MacLeod.

Kalas - Ah. He sent you.

Amanda - Let's just say I owe him.

[She swings again. This time Kalas grabs her hand & grapples for control of the sword. Behind them, Nino drops to the ground, then stabs Amanda from behind with his shiv. Amanda pulls away from Kalas & stumbles backward away from them both. Kalas picks up Amanda's grapple-hook crossbow.]

Amanda - You couldn't leave your little friend behind?

Kalas - Not friend. Weapon! [aims crossbow & shoots grappling hook at her, then flees with Nino as siren sounds & guards start yelling]

Amanda - [watches them go] Brilliant. Brilliant!


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 2

Inside barge 3

[DM looks up as he 2 senses 'buzz'. Amanda enters carrying paper grocery bags.]

Amanda - Yoo-hoo.

DM - Amanda.

Amanda - I've got to hand it to you, MacLeod, you've got a memory like an elephant.

DM - What are you doing here?

Amanda - Ooh. [gives him a quick kiss]

DM - [re nose stud] Besides making a fashion statement.

Amanda - Isn't it great? It reminds me of the old days. And to answer your question, I'm here to make you dinner. [sets bags on table, reaches inside] I have a '71 Montrachet, a Chateau Lafite '61, a '54 Y'Quem... [pulling bottles out] Basically everything but a '68 Camaro.

DM - Amanda...

Amanda - Caviar, truffles, chanterelles, and my favorite, smoked goose. And I know what you're thinking, but I think we can find a way to work it off.

DM - What are you doing here?

Amanda - I'm just here to make dinner for an old friend. [pokes around at stereo buttons] Um, by the way, what happened to your lady friend... [starts music playing] You know, the, um, doctor?

DM - Her name's Anne. [turns off music] And that's none of your business.

Amanda - Ohh, it's a shame. [DM gives up, turns music back on.]


Paris outskirts - roadside, night 4

Nino - [re prison clothes] We have to dump these, eh? Eh?

Kalas - What a champion of the obvious you are, Nino.

Nino - Yeah, I know.

Kalas - [hears car alarm chirp, 3 runs toward businessman by car] Would you say we're about the same size?

Businessman - What do you want?

Kalas - Your wallet, your car, your clothes.

Businessman - You're insane.

Kalas - Possibly.


Inside barge, night 3

Amanda - So what do you think? Not bad for potluck, huh?

DM - You haven't lost your touch. Great wines, a two-and-a-half star dinner. So why?

Amanda - Why what?

DM - Why are you being so nice?

Amanda - I am, aren't I?

DM - Come on, Amanda, give. What do you really want?

Amanda - Just to make you happy.

DM - [not buying it] Why?

Amanda - So you won't kill me when I tell you what happened. [takes a sip of wine, then confesses] I broke Kalas out of jail.


Street, night 5

Nino - [driving Businessman's car] What's the point? How long are we gonna drive around here?

Kalas - [sitting in passenger seat, wearing Businessman's suit] Until I tell you to stop. [sees man in long coat, senses 'buzz'] That one. Run him down.

Nino - [laughs, steps on the gas] Run, you bastard! Go on! [hits Immortal] Here you go! Up and over! Oh! Nasty tumble there. [Car stops & Kala gets out.] Why can't I do him?

Kalas - You remember prison, Nino? What happened there?

<[Flashback to prison garden 1 CUT
Nino stabs Kalas with the shiv.
Kalas grabs Nino by the throat & shoves him against the side of the building.]>

[Kalas gives Nino a pointed look, then approaches the injured Immortal lying on the pavement.]

Auberon - [as Kalas approaches] Who are you?

Kalas - [reaches down, picks up Auberon's sword] You won't be needing this. But I will.

Auberon - [too injured to resist] No! No!

[Kalas beheads him, takes Quickening as Nino watches in awe.]

Kalas - [after Quickening ends] So good. Oh, it's been... so long. [leans on his sword a moment, recovering, then walks offscreen] 4


Inside barge, night 3

(resume previous scene)

[DM is slowly tapping rim of wineglass with a fork.]

Amanda - Would you just say something to me, MacLeod? Anything. You know, get mad. Throw something. At least yell at me, and stop doing that!

DM - There's no point. It's already done. [taps wineglass again]

Amanda - You know, this sounds crazy, but I was really trying to do you a favor, you know. I was trying to get Kalas out of your life.

DM - Two guards are dead because of it.

Amanda - I'm sorry! You know? That wasn't supposed to happen.

DM - Nothing's ever supposed to happen. You should have left it alone.

<Amanda - CUT I know that now. But I kept thinking about all the times that you came through for me, and I thought now it's my turn.>

DM - [throws fork on table] To do what, die for me? You stay away from him! You can't fight for me and I won't allow you to die for me! Do you understand?

[Amanda takes that in, then turns & leaves.]


Flashback - Algiers, 1653 - desert city 6

[Super: Algiers, 1653]

[Man in black robes gallops white horse through desert.]

Man - [passing man in street between white stucco buildings] Salaam. [They bow to each other.]

Translation: salaam - peace

DM - [walking with Hamza] Oh, this accursed heat! [sighs] It must be noon already.

Hamza - [looks at pocket watch] It is nine-thirty, my friend. Still the cool part of the day.

DM - What's the use of that thing? Counting minutes when we have forever?

[Man in black robes gallops white horse through desert.]

Hamza - [nods to seated men] It is all written. How long anyone has in the hands of Allah. [sits at table with DM] Besides, you Europeans invented the minutes. Here there is only morning, noon and night.

[Man in black robes gallops white horse through desert.]

DM - CUT [to serving man pouring tea for them] Shook Ron.

Translation: Shook Ron - thanks, in Arabic (or possibly Persian)

Hamza - Patience, my friend. The desert teaches you that, if nothing else. [They both sip their tea.] We'll leave for Tunis in the evening. Even we can't travel far in the mid-day sun.

<DM - [re tea] This is hot! What do you want to drink that for? I want something cold!> CUT

Hamza - You miss this Scotland of yours?

DM - Aye!

Hamza - Where it rains incessantly, and the people of your tribe eat grass?

DM - Oats, Hamza. They eat oats. And, aye, I could do with a bloody cold Highland ale right now. What? Do you not approve of my customs?

Hamza - Who can say? It is not for me to judge. Perhaps one can enjoy eating the flesh of pigs and drinking vile concoctions. [chuckles]

[Man in black robes reaches the desert city, pulls white horse to a stop & dismounts.]

[DM, chuckling half-heartedly with Hamza, senses 'buzz'. Hamza senses 'buzz'. Both turn, see man in black robes approaching.]

DM - A Moor.

Hamza - A killer.

Xavier - [reaches them] Hamza el Kahir.

Hamza - I have that honor. You have traveled a long way.

Xavier - And you move quickly, for an old man.

DM - Keep a civil tongue in your head, if you want to keep it.

Xavier - [holds out his steady hands] Look how I shake. My breath comes in labored gasps. What courage! What bravado! [to Hamza] Who is this fool?

DM - I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Xavier - [to Hamza] Does he always speak for you?

Hamza - Forget him. He's too young for you to be concerned with.

DM - I am old enough to take his head.

Xavier - I don't sleep with virgins and I don't kill children.

Hamza - [grabs DM, stops him from drawing his sword] Not here! We are not alone.

DM - Then I will take it elsewhere.

Hamza - It is not your concern.

Xavier - [to Hamza] We will meet in two hours. The square in the Old Quarter.

DM - He will be there.

Xavier - Good. Because if he is not, I will come for you.

DM - Any time. [Xavier leaves.] Who is that camel dung?

Hamza - Xavier St. Cloud.

DM - A Christian name for a Moor?

Hamza - He has been many things.

DM - Soon he'll be dead. You will show him what Damascus steel can do.

Hamza - [after a pause] Finish your tea, and then get the horses. It is time for us to go.

DM - You're going to run?

Hamza - Would you rather I commit suicide?

DM - But I've seen you fight. You're good!

Hamza - Not as good as Xavier. A man must know his limitations if he wants to survive. [finishes off his cup of tea] We leave now. Lose him in the desert.

DM - Then you ride alone.

Hamza - Xavier was right. You are a fool! You are too young. You have never fought one like this!

DM - And he hasn't fought one like me. Not all is written, Hamza. Ride on if you must, but I will stay. CUT

<Hamza - [bows] May Allah be with you.

DM - Aye. And with you. [Hamza leaves.]>


Flashback - Algiers, 1653 - Old Quarter square 6

DM - Xavier! Are you going to keep me waiting all day? [senses 'buzz']

Xavier - Such rudeness. It must be Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

<DM - CUT Aye, it is, you arrogant, pompous boor... Ach, no -- it's Moor, is it not?>

Xavier - I was expecting Hamza.

<DM - CUT Wrong again.>

Xavier - Just how old are you? Are you a Christian, or do you paint yourself blue and bay at the moon?

DM - What do you care?

Xavier - Just wondering what God I'm going to send you to.

DM - Look to your own. [reaches for his sword, senses 'buzz']

Hamza - [walks forward] Your challenge was to me, and I accept.

DM - But I am ready!

Hamza - It was always my fight. It is done.

Xavier - Look and listen, my pale friend. Your time will come. [moves away from them]

DM - [as Hamza walks past him] Why? Do not tell me it was written.

Hamza - Because I cannot allow a friend to die in my place. [takes pocketwatch from his robes, hands it to DM] Remember me. [puts his hand on DM's shoulder, then follows Xavier]

[Hamza & Xavier fight in an open expanse of desert sand. Xavier beheads Hamza. Quickening begins. 5 DM watches a moment, then looks down at Hamza's gift.]


Inside barge, night 3

[DM examines Hamza's pocketwatch, puts it into small chest on table, then senses 'buzz' & grabs his sword.]

Joe - [enters barge] MacLeod! MacLeod! It's me! It's Joe Dawson.

DM - Joe, back off. There's someone else.

[Joe turns, looks behind him as Methos enters barge.]

DM - [lowers sword] Methos.

[Methos looks at DM, smirks. 6]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 2

Inside barge, a few moments later 3

DM - I'm sorry for the reception. I wasn't expecting you.

Joe - Yeah, well, I wasn't really expecting to come, not until this morning.

DM - What brings you to Paris?

Methos - I called him.

DM - [to Joe] I know you wanted to see Methos, but six thousand miles is a long way to travel for a social visit.

Joe - Yeah, well, it's, uh, it's Watcher business. It really doesn't concern you, Mac.

DM - Whatever.

Joe - I mean, if it did, I -- I would tell you.

DM - It's all right, Joe. I've got my own problems right now.

Methos - I don't suppose this problem has a name, does it?

DM - Kalas.

Joe - He's in prison.

DM - Not since last night.


Kalas' hideout, night 7

Nino - [to toughs] Come on. [leads them down stairs into hideout]

Kalas - [observes the four men - Genet, Reynaud (red scarf), Michel (silver hair) & Ape (bald)] This is the best you could do?

Nino - They know the streets. They don't talk. And they don't mind killing.

Kalas - [tosses stack of bills to Genet] First installment. MacLeod has a barge, just across from Notre Dame. As for killing, leave that to me.

Genet - So what do we do?

Kalas - You follow him. I want to know where he goes, what he does, who his friends are... especially her. [holds up pencil sketch of Amanda. Genet steps forward, takes sketch.] Leave. [Genet & the others walk toward stairs, start going up.]

Nino - Why get your own hands bloody? I don't get it.

Kalas - Do you know what a Philistine is, Nino?

Nino - Phil who?

Kalas - Silly me. There are certain things one has to do oneself.

Nino - Ahh. 7


Establishing shot: Maurice's restaurant 8

Maurice's restaurant 9

Maurice - The Calon-Ségur '61? Excellent choice, monsieur. A marvelous year. It would do Chef Grigeau's lamb more than justice. Unfortunately, we do not have it.

Kalas - What about the '59 Pichon-Lalande?

Maurice - Magnifique. But we sold the last bottle yesterday.

Kalas - The '54 Lafite? [Maurice shakes his head.] Why don't I leave it in your capable hands? CUT

Maurice - It would be my pleasure. [takes menu from Kalas, carries it to bar as Kalas senses 'buzz'] Ah, Monsieur MacLeod! If you'd care to wait...

DM - No, I wouldn't. [moves past Maurice to Kalas' table] You should have stayed in prison, Kalas. Time's up.

Kalas - Oh? You think so? Look around, MacLeod. We don't do well in crowds.

DM - Then we'll take it outside.

Kalas - Wrong again. [looks behind DM. DM looks, sees Nino holding Maurice at gunpoint.] My show. I'll decide when the curtain goes up.

[Nino pushes Maurice outside. Kalas follows them.]


Outside Maurice's restaurant 9

[DM jumps from open window at side of restaurant onto Nino, knocks him down, grabs Maurice.]

Maurice - No, no, no!

DM - Get in there! Get in there! [pushes Maurice through doorway, follows him in. Nino sits up, shoots, hits closed door.]

Kalas - [inside car] Nino, what the hell's going on?

Nino - Bugger! [gets up, gets into car]

Kalas - Get in the car! Idiot!

[They drive away. DM & Maurice come back outside.]

Maurice - What was that about?

DM - It's a long story, Maurice. You have to get out of town.

Maurice - Impossible! The restaurant...

DM - It can wait. Forget going home, forget your toothbrush... just get as far away as you can.

Maurice - Maurice is not one to leave a friend in trouble, and I think you have trouble.

DM - Now's not the time to be heroic. Whatever it costs, I'll pay for it.

Maurice - Are we friends? Then don't insult our friendship. I don't need your money. [DM pulls some money out. Maurice sighs & takes it.]

DM - Do you have somewhere to stay?

Maurice - In the south. For a good man, you seem to have many enemies. Perhaps one day you'll explain why that is?

DM - Perhaps. [follows Maurice back inside restaurant]


Establishing shot: Salzer's apartment building, night 8 10

Salzer's apartment, night 11

Methos - I'm sorry, Christine, but Don is dead, and nothing you do will bring him back. I know how you feel.

Christine - Do you, Adam?

Methos - Yes. You're bitter and hurt, and you miss him terribly. 9 I miss him, too.

Christine - Why wouldn't you? He gave you and your damn Watchers more time than he gave me. And it was my time, Adam!

Methos - You have a right to be angry, to grieve.

Christine - Oh, you bet I'm angry -- at you and your ugly little secret society.

Joe - Don didn't think it was ugly. He thought our work was important.

Christine - Your work killed him. Now this... this thing is free. [picks up newspaper with column heading: 'Two Guards Killed in Prison Escape' with photo of Kalas below (Note: the content of the column has nothing to do with Kalas' escape)] He'll live forever, and my husband is dead! And all you do is watch.

Methos - Immortals are part of history. They are part of the truth. Don was interested in the truth.

Christine - Don't tell me about the truth! I trusted you. I confided in you, both of you. Well, now I'm going to end it. I'm going to lift up the rock so everyone can see.

Joe - What are you saying? 10

Christine - You want the truth? I'm going to tell the truth. I'm meeting the editor of the Tribune. Tomorrow the world is going to know about Immortals.

Joe - No. You'll destroy everyone. The good, not just the bad.

Christine - There are no good ones! It's evil, all of it!

Methos - [grabs knife from coffee table] They are not all like Kalas. [slices his palm open, then wipes the blood away -- there is no wound] You'll be destroying me, too. I'm one of them, Christine.

Christine - [looks at him in horror] All this time... You're one of those things, pretending to be one of us.

Methos - Christine, you've known me for years.

Christine - No. Get out. Get out of my house! You're finished, all of you.

Joe - [as they leave] Wonderful. That went really well.

[Below open window outside, Genet sits listening.]


Outside Salzer's apartment, night 12


Joe - What were you thinking about?

Methos - I wasn't thinking, I was improvising.

Joe - By cutting yourself open? Guess it took you five thousand years to figure that out.

Methos - You're disappointed in me, huh? Aw, come on, give me a break, will you? What did you expect? Einstein? Freud? Buddha?

Joe - [sighs] Forget it.

Methos - Sorry, Joe. I'm just a guy.

Joe - I guess next you're going to tell me there's no Santa Claus. [sighs again] Look, what we have to worry about is what we're going to do about Christine.

Methos - I'm not sure we have to do anything.

Joe - She is about to let loose in a major newspaper!

Methos - With what?

Joe - [realizing] You got all Don's files.

Methos - Every one. I wiped the computer clean. He didn't keep anything at home. Christine's only got her word. [scoffs] People living forever, running around cutting each other's head off with swords?

Joe - Yeah. Who's going to believe her?

Methos - It'll be filed away with alien abductions and Elvis sightings.

Joe - Well, just in case, I think I'd better follow her.


Kalas' hideout, night 7

Kalas - You're certain it was Christine Salzer?

Genet - Yeah, I checked with the building manager.

Kalas - Have you told anyone else about this?

Genet - What, about creatures who live forever? Not yet, but I'm sure the boys will get a good laugh out of it.

Kalas - Really? I don't think it's particularly funny! [breaks Genet's neck with a quick snap, lets body fall to the floor] Nino.

Nino - Yeah?

Kalas - Fetch me another. This one's broken.

Nino - All right.


Shakespeare and Company bookshop, night 13

[Christine walks 11 to shop door, lets herself in, looks around, picks up Don's cardigan & sees framed photo of Don and 'Adam Pierson'. She picks it up, looks at it. Close on Christine looking at photo. 12 Then she throws it on the floor. The frame breaks & she sees a CD that was hidden behind the photo. She puts the disc in the computer. A screen pops up with the Watcher symbol: 'WATCHER DATABASE, Europe 1995'. She does a lot of tapping at the keyboard, and another screen appears:

WATCHER: Joseph Dawson
    Duncan MacLeod (1979-)
    Liza Grant (1975-1978)
    Roy Ferrer (1071{sic}-1974)
    Historian (1968-1970)
MENTOR: Ian Bancroft

She hits a button & the screen changes:

WATCHER: Adam Pierson
    Researcher (1984-)
MENTOR: Donald Salzer

She hits a button & the screen changes:

WATCHER: Donald Salzer
    Head Researcher, Western Europe (1982-)
    Researcher (1959-1982)
    Historian (1955-1959)
MENTOR: Guenivere McGraw 13

She hits a few more buttons & a new screen appears:

NAME: Xavier St. Cloud, a.k.a. Gerard Fleurie
DATE: 6 April 1990
LOCATION: Paris, France
WATCHER: Robert Louis
DECEASED: 22 February 1994

She hits a button & the screen changes:

NAME: Brian Cullen
DATE: 5 July 1992
LOCATION: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
WATCHER: Al McConnell
DECEASED: 2 November 1994]

Christine - Well, well, well. I think I've hit the jackpot. [She hits a button & the screen changes:

NAME: Annie Devlin
DATE: 28 September 1919
LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland
OCCUPATION: Freedom Fighter
WATCHER: Brian O'Shea


She hits a button & the screen changes:

NAME: Duncan MacLeod
DATE: 27 June 1862
LOCATION: Alexandria, Virginia, USA
OCCUPATION: Abolitionist
WATCHER: Ira Hopkins

She hits a button & the screen changes:

NAME: Duncan MacLeod
DATE: 9 March 1936
LOCATION: Berlin, Germany
WATCHER: Hans Schultz

She hits a button & the screen changes:

NAME: Duncan MacLeod
DATE: 15 May 1994
LOCATION: Paris, France
OCCUPATION: Proprietor, Martial Arts Dojo
WATCHER: Joe Dawson]

[Outside the bookshop, Joe approaches & enters.]

[Christine continues to look through Chronicle entries:

NAME: Kalas, a.k.a. Antonio Neri
DATE: 31 December 1919
LOCATION: New York, New York, USA
OCCUPATION: Opera Singer
WATCHER: Robert Montfredo]

Christine - There you are. [She hits a button & the screen changes:

NAME: Kalas
DATE: 1 August 1993
LOCATION: Paris, France
OCCUPATION: Proprietor, Nosferatu Jazz Club
WATCHER: Roger Harris]

Christine - You rotten bastard. I hope you burn in hell. [looks up as Joe appears behind her]

Joe - I wish you hadn't seen that.

Christine - I'll bet you do. [ejects CD from computer]

Joe - You know, whatever you're thinking, Christine... [shakes his head] Not going to bring him back.

Christine - It'll make me feel a hell of a lot better.

Joe - Please give that to me, Christine, for everyone's sake.

Christine - Go to hell. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Nosferatu jazz club 14

Nosferatu jazz club 14

DM - Listen, Danielle, I'm looking for Kalas. Have you seen him lately?

Danielle - I don't know where he would be. To tell you the truth, I don't care. The guy gave me the creeps.

DM - Yeah, I know what you mean. What about his friends?

Danielle - Friends? He doesn't have any friends. So what's this about? He owe you some money or something?

DM - Or something. What about the bartender? Maybe I could talk to him.

Danielle - Gerard? I don't think he likes you.

DM - Do you care?

Danielle - CUT You want his phone number?

DM - No, his address. I want to surprise him.

Danielle - Okay. Forty-two Rue la Guerre, apartment seven.

DM - Thanks.

[He starts to leave, heads up staircase, then senses 'buzz'. He draws sword & hides in alcove, waiting tensely as footsteps approach cautiously down the stairs. The approaching Immortal reaches the alcove & both jump forward to attack.]

DM - Amanda!

Amanda - MacLeod! What, are you trying to get killed?!

DM - Me? I thought you were Kalas. What are you doing here, anyway?

Amanda - I came to hear jazz.

DM - Jazz.

Amanda - Yeah. You know, American music. Coltrane, Wynton, Miles... [He gives her a look.] All right, I came looking for you. [He cocks an eyebrow skeptically.] CUT <All right, I came for Kalas, but you can be really irritating sometimes.

DM - Yeah, and you can stay out of this.

Amanda - Look, he's my problem, too.

DM - Yeah, ever since you let him out of jail.

Amanda - Wait a minute. That is below the belt. I know that I messed up and I have to fix it. You can't keep cleaning up after me.

DM - Amanda--

Amanda - No! I'm not quitting. Either we do this together, or we do it separately. It's your choice.

DM - Ooh, you're irritating.

[They leave the club, walk off together.]>


Gerard's apartment 15

[Camera pans around from living area to door.]

DM - [offscreen, knocks on door] Gerard? Are you home?

Amanda - [offscreen] You're wasting time. Let me do it. [Sound of Amanda picking lock, then 14 door swings open.] Aren't you glad I came along?

DM - Thrilled. [enters apartment, looks around at messy room] It's got that lived-in look.

Amanda - Yeah, lived in by a pig. You know, slobs leave things. Even if he's not home, he may have left something.

DM - He's home. [in bedroom, looking at Gerard, dead of gunshot wound] Or was.

Amanda - [joins him] Well, now it's got the died-in look.

<[Someone runs past in hallway.] CUT

DM - [starts to give chase, pushing Amanda away from doorway] Get back!

Amanda - MacLeod! [falls onto bed] Ugh! [chases after them]


Stairwell 15

[DM tackles the man, Michel, the silver-haired tough. They struggle & roll down the stairs. Michel's gun goes off. Amanda runs down the stairs & helps DM roll Michel over. He's dead.]

DM - Oh, damn.

Amanda - I hate when this happens.

DM - Let's go.>


Paris street 16

Amanda - You know, it's morning. We've been looking all night. I'm really tired. 15 We're not going to find him. Face it, our one lead back to Kalas and you killed him.

DM - I told you, I didn't kill him.

Amanda - No, he just fell on his gun.

DM - Yeah.

Amanda - And it went off just like that.

DM - Just like that. [Both notice something at same time.] Company.

Amanda - Got it. Guy on the right side, red scarf?

DM - No, left side, black jacket.

Amanda - Try not to kill this one. [takes off after Reynaud]

DM - Amanda! No, wait! [sees Ape running away, chases him]


Nearby alley 16

[Ape rounds a corner, thinking he has lost his pursuer. He turns and is hit in the face with a metal trash can lid by DM.]

DM - Found me. [Ape swings at DM. DM blocks with the metal lid.] Ooh, that must hurt. [pins Ape against wall] Now, Sunshine, let's have a little talk.


Different alley 16

[Reynaud runs into alley, turns & waits as Amanda catches up.]

Amanda - Bonjour. [walks toward him] What next, a little tea for two? [turns as two more toughs jog up behind her] Don't tell me. You're together, right? Well, you're not going to hurt little ol' me, are you? [turns, kicks Reynaud, is grabbed & one of the toughs injects a syringe of liquid into her neck] Oh, merde.

Translations: bonjour - hello; merde - shit


Previous alley 16

DM - [trying to get Ape to talk] Believe me, this'll hurt you a lot more than it'll hurt me. I know you're working for him. Where is he? [senses 'buzz', sees car driving down alley with unconscious Amanda in the back seat. Car pulls out onto street and drives off. 16]


Canal by barge 3

Joe - Damn it! You said you wiped everything! You had all the files!

Methos - I thought I did.

Joe - Well, apparently not. What the hell was that, anyway?

Methos - Don and I were working on an interactive database. All our records in one handy, easy-to-access file.

Joe - Well, that is just perfect. The wonders of modern technology. [Methos smiles.] What, something funny?

Methos - Yeah. You sound just like Don. He loved books. He really hated computers. I -- I never even thought he knew what a backup was, let alone how to make one.

Joe - Well, I'm glad you can laugh, when you know your life is just about to be turned inside out!

Methos - Empires rise and fall, Joe. Remember the old Chinese curse...

Joe - Yeah. "May you live in interesting times." Well, things just got really interesting.

DM - [from deck of barge near gangplank] That's one way of putting it.

Methos - Something going on?

DM - Kalas has Amanda.

Joe - [sighs] You know, we've got another big problem, Mac.

Methos - You know the Watcher business that we were handling without any help?

DM - Yeah...?


Inside barge 3

DM - She's got it all?

Joe - Immortals, Watchers, the histories... everything.

DM - But this could start a panic. Witch hunts. Half the governments in the world will be hunting us.

Joe - Look, I've got every Watcher in France out looking for her.

DM - For thousands of years, Joe, you've kept this a secret! What the hell happened?

Methos - Don't blame Joe.


Kalas' hideout 7

Amanda - [tied with ropes in a chair] So which is it? Am I dead or am I bait?

Kalas - You'll be the first to know.

Amanda - I don't get it. What is this thing you have with MacLeod?

Kalas - [walks over to her] There are greater gifts than Immortality. You see this? [pulls his collar down to reveal the scar on his neck] MacLeod destroyed my gift. So now I'll destroy everything he cares for, everything he loves.

Amanda - MacLeod doesn't love me.

Kalas - Really?

Amanda - No. Let's forget about MacLeod. I can be very flexible.

Kalas - Hmph. Very tempting... But I spent centuries in a monastery. You're wasting your not inconsiderable talents.

[He looks up as Reynaud enters hideout. He meets Reynaud at the bottom of the stairs. Reynaud says something to him, quietly.]

Kalas - Watch her. Don't talk to her. Don't touch her. [starts up stairs, then turns to Amanda] Bait! [leaves]


Inside barge 3

Methos - You think she's still alive?

DM - He could use her against me. But he likes to keep his victims dangling. One way or another, he'll contact me. [Phone rings. DM answers.] Yeah? [listens, frowns] Yeah. [holds phone out for Joe] It's for you. 17 CUT


Kalas' hideout 7

Amanda - [trying to loosen the ropes around her ankles and wrists] Come on, you know this is bad for my circulation. Can't you loosen them a bit?

Ape - [sitting at card table with Reynaud] Don't listen to her.

Amanda - [kicks ankle rope at them] Never mind. I guess they kinda slipped.

Reynaud - [picks up rope, moves toward her] You stay put.

Amanda - Relax, my hands are still tied, see? [turns sideways in chair to show off her wrists still bound behind her back]

Reynaud - I told you to stay put!

Amanda - Now where am I going? I'm just going to stretch my legs. [lifts one leg provacatively. Reynaud kneels, caresses her calf.] You touch me, and I touch... you!

[She kicks him in the head, executes a forward roll & kicks card table into Ape. She brings her bound hands around in front of her, knocks Ape down, uses her feet to break his neck, then handsprings back to Reynaud & knocks him out. She runs up the stairs.]


Outside 'The Tribune' newspaper building 17

[Camera opens on 'The Tribune' lettering on building, pulls out and down to 18 Christine sitting on park bench in front of building.]

Joe - [walks up to her] Do you mind if I sit? [sits next to her]

Christine - My appointment's in fifteen minutes. You're not going to talk me out of it.

Joe - You realize what this will do. I mean, not to the Watchers, the Immortals... to the world.

Christine - That doesn't matter. This is evil. People have to know the truth. [starts to rise. Joe grabs her arm.] Let go of me.

Joe - I am begging you, Christine.

Christine - You can beg all you want. It won't stop me.

Joe - Don't make me do this. [pulls back his jacket to reveal gun at his waist] CUT Try to understand me. I can't let this happen. I don't have any choice!

Christine - Neither do I. [turns away toward building]

Joe - Please!

[Christine starts walking.]

DM - [steps into view] Joe, don't do this. [moves between Joe & Christine as Joe fires gun, taking the bullet meant for her]

[Christine enters building with a last glance back as Methos runs forward toward DM.]


Street, later 17

Methos - Well. Life as we know it is over.

Joe - [to DM] Do you know what you just allowed to happen?

DM - Yes.

Joe - Then why? MacLeod, why did you save her?!

[DM looks at him, then walks off without answering.]

Methos - He didn't save her. He saved you.


To Be Continued . . .


End of "Finale"

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