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Episode 22: Finalé
Part Two

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: June 3, 1995
Transcript revised: 11-22-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher



Amanda - Elizabeth Gracen
              an Immortal thief

Kalas - David Robb

Adam Pierson / Methos - Peter Wingfield
              Watcher / 5,000 y.o. Immortal


Nino - Emmanuel Karsen
              psychopath, Kalas' lackey

Christine Salzer - Sian Webber
              Don Salzer's widow

Jeremy Clancy - David Gilliam
              'The Tribune' editor

Martin Matthews - Matthew Géczy
              Amanda's Watcher

Jacques Vemas - George Harris
              Watcher Coordinator

Sultan - Karim Saleh
              in flashback

Guard - Albert Pariente
              in flashback

Locations List:*
1. Eiffel Tower - Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole [48.857822,2.295140]
2. The Tribune (establishing) - CIUP: Fondation Lucien Paye, 45 Boulevard Jourdan [48.820828,2.333133]
3. The Tribune office - CIUP: Fondation Abreu de Grancher (Maison de Cuba), 59 A Boulevard Jourdan [48.820858,2.330783]
4. Vemas' estate & Turkey FB interiors - Château de Ferrières, Rue du Château, Ferrières-en-Brie [48.81927,2.711703]
5. Vemas' estate exterior - Château de Ferrières, Rue du Château, Ferrières-en-Brie [48.81927,2.711703]
6. Vemas' estate & Turkey FB grounds - Château de Ferrières, Rue du Château, Ferrières-en-Brie [48.81927,2.711703]
7. Kalas' hideout - unknown location
8. Canal - Bassin de la Villette [48.886148,2.374098]
9. Quay by barge (establishing) - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
10. Rooftop - CIUP: Maison des Etudiants Ingénieurs Arts et Métiers, 1 Avenue Pierre Masse [48.817631,2.333375] & bridge [48.817717,2.334064]
11. Kalas' hideout (establishing) - CIUP: north end of Fondation Abreu de Grancher (with Eiffel Tower added in) [48.821278,2.330992]
12. Street near barge - unknown location, possibly around Eiffel Tower
13. Arc de Triomphe - Place Charles de Gaulle [48.873804,2.295027], from camera location [48.8737111,2.2962333]
14. Place de la Bastille - Angel statue [48.853177,2.369125] from camera position [48.851197,2.369307]
15. Inside Paris apartment - unknown location (studio set?)
16. Mannequin warehouse - 37 Rue de Strasbourg [48.850986,2.438085] (no longer there)
17. Steps - Château de Chantilly, Chantilly [49.193976,2.486747]
18. Misc explosions - unknown location(s), one in Argentina (from "Highlander II")
19. Boucherie - outdoor set at SFP Studios (Studios de Bry), 2 Avenue de l'Europe, Bry-sur-Marne [48.837147,2.534250]
20. Shakespeare & Company bookstore - 37 Rue de la Bûcherie [48.852555,2.347168]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cut *is* marked:

~Bolded - Syfy channel, 2010

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him -- some good, some evil. For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head, and with it his power. In the end, there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Joe - [voice-over] Previously, on Highlander . . .


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - monastery
(from "Song of the Executioner")

[DM senses 'buzz'. One of the monks briefly looks over his shoulder at DM.]

Paul - That is Brother Kalas. I'm afraid warmth is not his greatest quality.


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - road outside monastery, night
(from "Song of the Executioner")

[Kalas & Timon exchange blows. DM watches as Kalas beheads Timon & takes his Quickening.]


Flashback - Europe, 1658 - inside monastery, night
(from "Song of the Executioner")

Paul - [to Kalas] How could you do these things? This was holy ground, a sanctuary for all. You used it to kill your own kind. You used it against me. Now leave here. Forever.

Kalas - [to DM] You do not know what you have done. But you will.


Flashback - Paris, 1920 - Kalas' house, night
(from "Methos")

Maria - [singing] "--dono le sue lusinghe al cor."

Kalas - [at same time] "--eme. Fremon dolcezze estreme."


Flashback - Paris, 1920 - Kalas' house, another night
(from "Methos")

Kalas - [moves his hands to Maria's neck, squeezing] Your lover, MacLeod, took everything away from me.

DM - [enters room, sword drawn] She's not part of this!

Kalas - [draws his sword] She's yours. [They fight. ]

[They crash through a French door. Kalas pins DM on the floor on his back. DM reaches over, grabs a piece of broken glass, slashes Kalas across the throat with it.]


Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium
(from "Song of the Executioner")

[Sound system is playing "Vesti la Giubba" from the opera "Pagliacci". Kalas is onstage in the empty, darkened auditorium, lips moving along to the words as the music plays.]


Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium
(from "Song of the Executioner")

[DM & Kalas fight on the empty stage.]


Vanderbilt Hall - auditorium
(from "Song of the Executioner")

[Kalas follows DM onto catwalk above the stage & stabs DM with his sword.]

DM - Why?

Kalas - [pulls the collar of his shirt down, revealing a thick scar across his neck] For this.

[DM kicks Kalas away, dislodging the sword from his belly. Both fall backward away from each other. Kalas recovers & charges forward again. DM swings over the side of the catwalk to avoid him.]

DM - We'll meet again. [lets go as Kalas swings sword at him, falls onto the seating below the catwalk]


(from "Star-Crossed")

[Fitz's car flips over and skids to a stop upside down.]

Fitz - Welcome to Paris, MacLeod.


Le Cordon Bleu - office, night
(from "Star-Crossed")

[Patrick falls sideways, & Fitz realizes he is dead.]

Fitz - Oh, no.

[Outside, Kalas watches from nearby car.]


Inside barge
(from "Star-Crossed")

DM - Tell me about the call.

Fitz - It was just a voice, raspy, like gravel.

DM - [exchanges look with RR] He's here.


Tunnel under Bastille
(from "Star-Crossed")

[Kalas & Fitzcairn fight.]

DM - [arrives at tunnel] Fitzcairn!

Fitz - It's my fight, laddie. [Fight continues. Kalas kills Fitz, takes his Quickening.]


Kalas' house - basement, night
(from "Methos")

Roger - Immortals... We know what you are. We've been observing you for centuries.

Kalas - Tell me everything.


Joe's Bar
(from "Methos")

Joe - [into phone] Salzer, he's been working on the Methos chronicle.

DM - [driving, into phone] Methos doesn't exist. The oldest Immortal? He's a legend.

Joe - [into phone] If Kalas found him and took his head, he'd be even stronger.


Adam Pierson's apartment
(from "Methos")

DM - [looks in bedroom, sees Methos sitting beside bed] Methos?


Inside Shakespeare and Company bookshop
(from "Methos")

Kalas - [leans over Salzer] I'm looking for a particular old, powerful Immortal. Methos. [Salzer's eyes widen. Kalas pulls a knife & holds it over Salzer threateningly.] Speak! [holds knife against Salzer's tongue]


Salzer's apartment, evening
(from "Finale, Pt 1")

Methos - I'm sorry, Christine, but Don is dead, and nothing you do will bring him back.

Christine - He gave you and your damn Watchers more time than he gave me.


Shakespeare and Company bookshop, night
(from "Finale, Pt 1")

[Christine puts the disc in the computer.]

Methos - [voiceover] Immortals are part of history. They are part of the truth.

[Computer screen:

NAME: Duncan MacLeod
DATE: 15 May 1994
LOCATION: Paris, France
OCCUPATION: Proprietor, Martial Arts Dojo
WATCHER: Joe Dawson]

Christine - [voiceover] You want the truth?

[Christine continues to look through Chronicle entries:

NAME: Kalas, a.k.a. Antonio Neri
DATE: 31 December 1919
LOCATION: New York, New York, USA
OCCUPATION: Opera Singer
WATCHER: Robert Montfredo]

Christine - [voiceover] I'm going to tell the truth.

[Christine ejects CD from computer]

Christine - [voiceover] I'm meeting the editor of the Tribune.


Salzer's apartment, evening
(from "Finale, Pt 1")

Christine - Tomorrow the world is going to know about Immortals.


Outside 'The Tribune' newspaper building
(from "Finale, Pt 1")

[DM moves between Joe & Christine as Joe fires gun. Christine enters building with a last glance back.]

Christine - [voiceover] You're finished, all of you.


Shakespeare and Company bookshop, night
(from "Finale, Pt 1")

[Computer screen:

NAME: Duncan MacLeod
DATE: 9 March 1936
LOCATION: Berlin, Germany
WATCHER: Hans Schultz

WATCHER: Joseph Dawson
    Duncan MacLeod (1979-)
    Liza Grant (1975-1978)
    Roy Ferrer (1071{sic}-1974)
    Historian (1968-1970)
MENTOR: Ian Bancroft

NAME: Kalas, a.k.a. Antonio Neri
DATE: 31 December 1919
LOCATION: New York, New York, USA
OCCUPATION: Opera Singer
WATCHER: Robert Montfredo

WATCHER: Adam Pierson
    Researcher (1984-)
MENTOR: Donald Salzer

NAME: Brian Cullen
DATE: 5 July 1992
LOCATION: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
WATCHER: Al McConnell
DECEASED: 2 November 1994

NAME: Annie Devlin
DATE: 28 September 1919
LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland
OCCUPATION: Freedom Fighter
WATCHER: Brian O'Shea]

[Additional Watcher Chronicle screens, not shown in "Finale, Pt 1":

NAME: Felicia Martins
DATE: 14 November 1994
LOCATION: Los Angeles, California, USA
WATCHER: Helen Pantuso

NAME: Grayson
DATE: 5 August 1990
LOCATION: Vienna, Austria
OCCUPATION: Independent Means
WATCHER: Mara Schoner
DECEASED: 14 February 1993

NAME: Darius
DATE: 30 June 1992
LOCATION: Paris, France
OCCUPATION: Catholic Priest
WATCHER: Ian Bancroft
DECEASED: 30 May 1993

NAME: Gabriel Piton
DATE: 2 May 1993
LOCATION: Paris, France
OCCUPATION: Fashion Designer
WATCHER: Veronique Millet
DECEASED: 6 May 1993]

[Computer screen, from "Finale, Pt 1":

WATCHER: Donald Salzer
    Head Researcher, Western Europe (1982-)
    Researcher (1959-1982)
    Historian (1955-1959)
MENTOR: Guenivere McGraw]

[Additional Watcher Chronicle screens, not shown in "Finale, Pt 1":

WATCHER: Jacques Vemas
    Coordinator, Western Europe (1990-)
    Alexandra Racine (1979-1990)
    Robert Watson (1974-1979)
    Boris Ulov (1969-1973)
MENTOR: Mitchell Marley

NAME: Luther
DATE: 11 July 1992
LOCATION: Cannes, France
WATCHER: Ken Harck
DECEASED: 8 May 1994]

[Computer screen, from "Finale, Pt 1":

NAME: Xavier St. Cloud, a.k.a. Gerard Fleurie
DATE: 6 April 1990
LOCATION: Paris, France
WATCHER: Robert Louis
DECEASED: 22 February 1994]

[Additional Watcher Chronicle screens, not shown in "Finale, Pt 1":

NAME: Carl Robinson
DATE: 2 June 1994
LOCATION: Washington, D.C., USA
OCCUPATION: Political Lobbyist
WATCHER: Mary LaRussa

NAME: Nicholas Ward
DATE: 17 January 1993
LOCATION: London, England
OCCUPATION: Record Producer
WATCHER: Wilma Walter
DECEASED: 28 February 1994

NAME: Howard Crowley
DATE: 3 August 1991
LOCATION: Loveston, Washington, USA
WATCHER: Gary Allen
DECEASED: 21 September 1992

NAME: Thomas Sullivan
DATE: 27 June 1993
LOCATION: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
OCCUPATION: Boxing Trainer
WATCHER: Robby Martinez
DECEASED: 31 January 1994

NAME: Kiem Sun
DATE: 18 February 1995
LOCATION: San Francisco, California, USA
WATCHER: Janie Chows]


Eiffel Tower grounds 1

Amanda - [looking at tower] I really love coming here. Do you remember when Gustave Eiffel built this thing?

DM - Yeah, World's Fair, 1889. Half of Paris thought it would destroy the city forever. There were fist-fights all along the Champs-Elysées.

Amanda - Now you can't imagine Paris without it. I think I could come here forever.

DM - If they let us. You know, when Kalas had you, I thought I'd lost you. I felt...

Amanda - Yes?

DM - I didn't like the feeling.



[Camera shutter clicks as Martin photographs Amanda & DM from some distance away, Watcher tattoo visible on his wrist.]

Martin - [lowers camera, talks into tape recorder] It's three p.m. Amanda and MacLeod are playing tourist at the Eiffel Tower. Looks like a slow day.



Amanda - There's something else on your mind.

DM - Yeah, the future, if there is one.

Amanda - You know, we've lived through witch hunts before. We're still around.

DM - Yeah, but this time it'll be different. Intelligence services, technology -- they'll find us. And we'll scare the hell out of them. What people are afraid of, they'll destroy. Or use.

Amanda - I'm not ready for this.

DM - Neither am I. No one is.


Establishing shot: 'The Tribune' newspaper building 2

'The Tribune' newspaper building - editor's office 3

Clancy - Christine, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but... these stories... I know Don's death was a terrible blow to you.

Christine - They're not stories, Jeremy, and I'm not crazy.

Clancy - I didn't say that. But... people running around chopping each others heads off, living forever? What am I supposed to think?

Christine - All I'm asking is that you look.

<Clancy - All right, Christine. Let's see this proof of yours. [takes CD from her, puts it into computer] CUT

Christine - I know you're humoring me. [taps on keyboard] Look.>

[Computer screen:

NAME: Brian Cullen
DATE: 5 July 1992
LOCATION: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
WATCHER: Al McConnell
DECEASED: 2 November 1994

NAME: Nicholas Ward
DATE: 17 January 1993
LOCATION: London, England
OCCUPATION: Record Producer
WATCHER: Wilma Walter
DECEASED: 28 February 1994

NAME: Luther
DATE: 11 July 1992
LOCATION: Cannes, France
WATCHER: Ken Harck
DECEASED: 8 May 1994

NAME: Graydon Hammer
DATE: 5 December 1994
LOCATION: New York, New York, USA
OCCUPATION: CEO, Amalgamated Industries
WATCHER: Leslie Wilson]

Christine - Graydon Hammer, the billionaire. 1994.

Clancy - Oh, Christine, we all know Graydon Hammer. Now, if that's all the proof--

Christine - [interrupts] See the scar under his eye? [White arrow on computer screen points out path of scar on photo of Hammer.] Now...

[Computer screen:

NAME: Harold Grimes
DATE: 11 September 1953
LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois, USA
OCCUPATION: Investment Banker
WATCHER: James Young]

Christine - Harold Grimes, 1953. Check the scar. [White arrow on computer screen points out path of scar on photo of Grimes.]

Clancy - Well, it's the same scar. It's a coincidence.

[Computer screen:

NAME: Heinrich Greich
DATE: 114 October 1938
LOCATION: Reichstaag {sic}, Berlin, Germany
OCCUPATION: Colonel, Shutzstaffel
WATCHER: Friedrich Munte]

Christine - Heinrich Greich. The Reichstag, 1938.

Clancy - The scar... Damn. They look alike.

[Computer screen:

NAME: Benjamin Tyson
DATE: 28 February 1916
LOCATION: Brighton, England
WATCHER: Samuel Mann]

Christine - Benjamin Tyson, publisher, 1916.

[Computer screen:

NAME: Henry Gattle
DATE: 30 June 1863
LOCATION: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
OCCUPATION: Colonel, Confederate Army
WATCHER: Matthew Flinchum]

Christine - Colonel Henry Gattle, 1863, before the battle of Gettysburg. The picture's fuzzy, but you can still see the scar.

[Clancy takes over keyboard, clicks to next entry. Computer screen:

NAME: Herbert Gris
DATE: 22 May 1818
LOCATION: Paris, France
OCCUPATION: Industrialist
WATCHER: Michel Valjean]

Clancy - Herbert Gris, Paris, 1818... My God. I did a story about this guy when I was at Harvard. He got lost at sea.

Christine - He wasn't lost, and he didn't die. [goes back to first screen of Graydon Hammer info, enlarges photo] He's Graydon Hammer.

[Screen flips between enlarged photo of Hammer and enlarged photo of Gris]

Clancy - These... Immortals... How many of them are there?

Christine - More. A lot more.

Clancy - [stares at computer screen] My God.


Vemas' estate - inside chateau 4

Vemas - It's a disaster. Wait a minute. Salzer's wife gets our records and goes to the papers? How the hell could you let this happen?

Joe - Jacques, no one LET it happen, okay?

Vemas - [to Methos] That database that you and Salzer made wasn't sanctioned!

Methos - It was something new. It would have been useful.

Vemas - [yelling] Why? Because some pissant grad student thinks so and screws up a Watcher system that has worked for thousands of years? Security is the reason we stay separate! So that one idiot won't compromise us all!

Joe - Look, you cannot blame this whole thing on Adam.

Vemas - No, I can blame you. Europe's my territory. If you didn't have the stomach to kill her, you should have told me.

Joe - I tried to shoot her.

Vemas - Evidently not hard enough.

Methos - I don't think this is helping anything...

Joe - [to Vemas] You weren't there, pal.

Vemas - No. If I was, she'd be dead. Next time I'll know to send a man.

Joe - You son of a bitch! [He punches Vemas. Vemas punches him back, knocking him down.]

Methos - Everyone feel better now? Why don't we try something useful. [helps Joe to his feet as Vemas leaves the room] You okay?

Joe - Yeah.

Methos - CUT He's got quite a temper on him.

Joe - And a wicked right cross, too.


Outside Vemas' chateau 5

Methos - Is it okay if I drop you at the hotel?

Joe - Sure. Where are you going to go?

Methos - Tribune. I'm going to see Clancy.

Joe - The editor? You can't stop this now.

Methos - No, spin control. You know, I can answer a few questions, maybe reduce the hysteria.

Joe - Straight into the lion's den, huh? What makes you think you're going to come out alive?

Methos - I've got a lot to offer. Five thousand years of history, Joe -- I was there.

Joe - History's been written... and people have been known to kill the messenger that waltzes in with a new version of the truth.

Methos - Why would I tell the truth?


Establishing shot: Eiffel Tower 1

Eiffel Tower - observation deck 1

Amanda - MacLeod, haven't you ever wanted to do something really, really crazy? I mean, what's the worst thing that can happen?

DM - Amanda, be careful. 1 You hit the ground at a hundred twenty-five miles an hour. You want to know what that feels like? 2 (this is NOT in the DVD version!) We don't fly.

Amanda - [standing on railing platform] Have you ever tried? Relax. Whatever happens, 3 I'll survive.

DM - In front of everyone. [turns to look at crowd of tourists (including Martin) watching them]

Amanda - Look, after tomorrow everyone's going to know anyway. Come on. For once in your life, just lighten up and let go and break the damn rules.

DM - The whole world is about to crash down around our ears and you want to play games.

Amanda - Yes. Why not? What better time? Come on.

DM - Ah, what the hell. [climbs onto railing platform with her]

Amanda - Oh! [laughs] Ahh!

DM - Uh-huh. Hmm. [walks along platform, looking over edge] Oh, boy. Nice view.

Amanda - Come on, MacLeod. Let's do it. Let's jump.

DM - No. Uh... Let's dance.

Amanda - Hmm?

[DM pulls off his sunglasses. She copies him. He puts the glasses in his jacket pocket, giving the ground far below them another quick glance.]

DM - Dum. Hmm? [He holds his arm out in a 'shall we dance' gesture. Amanda grabs his hand and pulls them together in classic tango fashion. As the crowd watches, they tango along the railing platform. He dips Amanda out over the edge.] How'd you do it? How'd you get me up here?

Amanda - Because you love it. [laughs as he dips her again]


Flashback - Turkey, 1753 - Sultan's Palace 4

[Super: Turkey, 1753]

Sultan - Is the food to your liking?

DM - [eating grapes] Never tasted better.

Sultan - Rare spices only available here.

DM - Hmm. We could use a taste of this at home.

[Man in turban comes forward.]

Sultan - Not now. [Man bows and departs.] I could use a man on my staff who understands Western armies. And, uh, my court offers many diversions.

DM - Ah, Your Highness does me great honor, but I cannot stay.

Sultan - Hmm. Perhaps I might entice you to change your mind.

DM - Perhaps.

[The Sultan claps twice and five dancing girls come out. DM senses 'buzz' as the girls walk forward & begin to dance. The girl on the end drops her arms, revealing her face. It is Amanda. DM smiles, trying not to laugh, & leans back on the cushions to watch. Amanda attempts to match the other girls' moves but gets tangled in her dancing scarf. DM starts to laugh, catches himself, turns to smile at the Sultan. Amanda moves forward, throws her scarf up in the air, 'accidentally' lets it fall onto her head, and 'stumbles' into DM's lap.]

Amanda - MacLeod, get me out of here.

DM - Not a chance. You're on your own. <Want a grape?> CUT

[Amanda frowns at him, moves back to join the other dancers, getting tangled in another's dancing scarf. DM laughs at her.]

Sultan - I see you look on them with favor.

DM - Oh, aye, of course. [points to Amanda] But that one -- the pale one -- she doesn't seem to know what she's doing.

Sultan - Hmm. The tall foreign one.

DM - Aye.

Sultan - She is new to the dance...

DM - Ah.

Sultan - But, uh, she has other skills to compensate.

DM - Really? [eats another grape, still watching Amanda with a grin]

[Amanda mouths a word at DM -- "wait"?]

Sultan - Uh, perhaps one of them would interest you?

DM - Perhaps. [looks at the rest of the girls as Amanda moves forward again with a shimmy and kicks DM] The clumsy one... with the special skills.

[Messenger approaches, leans down & whispers to the Sultan. Amanda watches them nervously as she dances. The messenger calls in foreign language and guards move forward & grab Amanda. Amanda mouths another word at DM, possibly "MacLeod".]

Sultan - A thousand apologies, honored guest, but I'm afraid you'll have to pick another.

DM - Well, truly, her dancing wasn't that bad.

Sultan - She's a thief and she will be punished.

Amanda - [to guard] What jewels?

Guard - Move. Move!

Sultan - The one at the back on the left is from Persia. Now if you want truly special skills... [He laughs & DM joins in.]


Flashback - Turkey, 1753 - Turkish prison 4

[Guards pull Amanda down hallway into dungeon. A prisoner comes to front of his cell as she enters. 4 More prisoners react to her presence.]

Prisoner in cell - A woman!

Amanda - Two big men like you to guard one small, helpless woman like me. You think I'm going to break these chains and tear you apart? What are you, eunuchs?

Guard 1 - Listen! Be silent.

Amanda - Or what? You'll add another lifetime to my sentence?

Guard 1 - You won't stay here long. [They go down another hallway.] Your punishment will fit your crime. [lifts curving sword as Guard 2 pulls Amanda's hands onto a large wooden block] Your thieving hands will be removed. CUT

Amanda - Please, it was a mistake. Tell the Sultan I'm sorry and that I'll give him back his jewels.

Guard 1 - The Sultan never changes his mind.

[He raises the sword. Amanda lashes out with her foot, kicking him away, then yanks Guard 2 across the block & knocks him out. She runs for the exit but a closed iron gate blocks her path. Suddenly DM appears and knocks out the Gate Guard.]

<Amanda - It's about time. CUT

DM - What are you doing? [opens gate & she runs through] Wait! Wait! [runs in front of her & blocks sword of another guard coming toward them. Amanda squeezes past them in the narrow hallway & grabs a coil of rope.] Come on! [She hits the guard on the head with the rope. He growls & brushes it aside.] Well, that worked. [He pushes guard aside & follows Amanda through doorway. He closes the door in the guard's face & leans against it. Amanda does the same with door on other side of the room.] Why do I do this?

Amanda - Because you love it. What now?

DM - [grimaces] Oh, let them in. [They move away from the doors & guards pour in. They fight. One guard slashes at Amanda & cuts through the chains of her wrist manacles. DM attacks the guard.]

Amanda - Move!

DM - [looks back at her] Whoa! [ducks as she swings the broken chains & knocks the guard out] Not bad. Come on! [pulls her toward door] Go!>

[As they flee, one last guard runs in with a bow and shoots at them.]


Flashback - Turkey, 1753 - glade 6

DM - [groans, grits his teeth] I can't tell you how much I love this.

Amanda - [pulling at arrow lodged in DM's backside] Oh, would you hold still? [pulls arrow shaft free] All that fussing over a little arrow.

DM - [holds up large metal arrowhead] Really?

Amanda - Oh. Well, you're not dead, and we're safe.

DM - [scoffs] With you?

Amanda - Aw, look, I appreciate your help...

DM - And I'd appreciate being a thousand miles away from you.

Amanda - You're angry.

DM - How perceptive!

Amanda - Oh. What if I kiss it and make it better?

DM - How much better? [She kisses him.]


Eiffel Tower - observation deck 1

(resume previous scene)

[The crowds cheer as DM & Amanda kiss. DM laughs & they bow/curtsy to the crowd.]

DM - Oh, thank you.

Amanda - [laughing] Oh, my God.

DM - [more seriously] You know, Amanda, I want you to know... if it all ends... I mean, uh...

Amanda - You love me. I know. You always have. [kisses him again]


'The Tribune' newspaper building - editor's office 3

[Computer screen:

NAME: Felicia Martins
DATE: 14 November 1994
LOCATION: Los Angeles, California, USA
WATCHER: Helen Pantuso]

Christine - Everything's there. When they appeared, when they disappeared. Names, aliases... everything.

Clancy - And the people who entered these files, the Watchers...

Christine - Don was one of them. <He knew. CUT

Clancy - If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. But I did. [stands up]>

Christine - What are you going to do about it?

Clancy - <It's the story of the century. More than that, it's the beginning of the apocalypse. When this gets out, all hell's going to break loose.> CUT [into phone] Get me Charles White, CIA, Langley, Virginia. [Kalas enters room behind them, closes door.] Not now, unless it's urgent.

Kalas - How's life and death?

[Clancy & Christine turn, look at Kalas. Kalas looks back. Nino steps out from behind window curtain, throws knife at Clancy, hits him in the chest. Clancy falls down, dies.]

Christine - [to Kalas] Dawson sent you.

Kalas - Hardly, Mrs. Salzer. Hardly. [nods to Nino, who pulls another knife & moves forward]

Nino - Lovely. [stalks Christine, grabs her. She screams.] 5


Kalas' hideout 7

[Computer screen:

NAME: Thomas Sullivan
DATE: 27 June 1993
LOCATION: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
OCCUPATION: Boxing Trainer
WATCHER: Robby Martinez
DECEASED: 31 January 1994]

Kalas - Brilliant. You have to admire them.

[Computer screen:

NAME: Xavier St. Cloud, a.k.a. Gerard Fleurie
DATE: 6 April 1990
LOCATION: Paris, France
WATCHER: Robert Louis
DECEASED: 22 February 1994

NAME: Darius
DATE: 30 June 1992
LOCATION: Paris, France
OCCUPATION: Catholic Priest
WATCHER: Ian Bancroft
DECEASED: 30 May 1993]

Kalas - They have files on half the Immortals in Europe here. CUT

[Computer screen:

NAME: Duncan MacLeod
DATE: 15 May 1994
LOCATION: Paris, France
OCCUPATION: Proprietor, Martial Arts Dojo
WATCHER: Joe Dawson]

Nino - That's what you were after? A bunch of pictures?

Kalas - That's right, Nino. Pictures of the ones like me... and the ones who watch them.

Nino - Somebody's watching you?

Kalas - Was watching me, Nino. He's dead. But now I've found the one who sent him.

[Computer screen:

WATCHER: Jacques Vemas
    Coordinator, Western Europe (1990-)
    Alexandra Racine (1979-1990)
    Robert Watson (1974-1979)
    Boris Ulov (1969-1973)
MENTOR: Mitchell Marley]

[Kalas zooms in on Vemas' face.]


Canal by barge 8

Amanda - You know, I have a great idea. Why don't we find a tropical island and just hole up for the next few decades.

DM - Just you and me, huh?

Amanda - Yeah. If the rest of the world wants to go to hell, then let's let it.

[DM senses 'buzz', sees Methos waiting on deck of barge.]

Methos - I thought you'd be packed and on a plane to somewhere.

Amanda - [to DM] See? [to Methos] I tried that already. Didn't work.

DM - [follows Amanda onto barge] What's up?

Methos - Clancy, the editor of the Tribune, is dead. So's Christine Salzer.

DM - How?

Methos - I didn't do it. Someone got there ahead of me.

DM - The disk?

Methos - Gone. The computer was wiped clean.

Amanda - You don't think it was Joe...?

Methos - No, he had his chance. It wasn't him.

Amanda - Then who was it?

Methos - My guess is one of the Watchers -- a local named Vemas.

DM - Has anybody spoken to him?

Methos - Not yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if he denied it.

Amanda - Well, a double murder isn't something most people would admit to. I'm glad it's over.

DM - Maybe it's not. There's still someone out there. Kalas.

Amanda - How would he know about this? I mean, I know he's dangerous, but aren't you being a little paranoid?

DM - Maybe. [to Methos] Tell me more about this Vemas. 6


Establishing shot: Vemas' estate 5

<Vemas' estate 6 CUT

Vemas - [into phone] Last saw him about two years ago in New York. Yes. Yes. [sees Kalas on path ahead of him, lowers phone] I know you!

Kalas - And I know you.

Vemas - You murdered my friends.

Kalas - Oh, let's not get stuck on petty details. [as Vemas gets into his car] You have my files. You know all about me... [Vemas drives car toward Kalas, tries to run him over, then shoots at him.]


Outside Vemas' estate 5

[DM pulls up to gate in his car.]


Vemas' estate 6

[Vemas continues chasing Kalas with his car, shooting at him, as DM drives into estate. Vemas hits Kalas with his car again, knocking him down, then gets out of car. He runs to nearby woodpile, grabs ax, goes back to Kalas. As he prepares to behead Kalas, Kalas rolls over & cuts the head off the ax with his sword. Vemas drops ax handle as Kalas points sword at him.]

Vemas - I'm not afraid to die.

Kalas - There are worse things than dying. Let's talk about me.


[short time later]

[DM drives across the grounds, stops next to Vemas' car.5 He gets out, finds Vemas lying dead nearby, senses 'buzz'.]>

Kalas - MacLeod. It seems you're always a day late and a dollar short.

DM - You have the files. You killed Clancy and Christine Salzer.

Kalas - All in a good cause. I did us all a favor. And this is the way you show your gratitude?

DM - You're enjoying this.

Kalas - It's not about enjoyment. It's about power.

DM - In the Game, out of the Game. Human, Immortal. They're all the same to you, aren't they? You have no code, no rules.

Kalas - There are no rules.

DM - Oh, there's one. [draws his sword] Let's find out. Just you and me.

Kalas - Oh, you think so?

[DM turns as Nino charges him. They fight. DM breaks Nino's arm, shoves him at Kalas.]

Kalas - Come on, you git. [pulls him to his feet]

Nino - It's broken!

Kalas - Poor Nino... Does it hurt?

Nino - Y-y-yeah.

Kalas - [grabs Nino by the throat, chokes him, breaks his neck] Not anymore. [to DM] Now there's just you and me.

DM - But there can be only one. [starts toward him] 7

Kalas - One thing... If I die, everything goes public. Salzer's file is on my computer. If I'm not there to stop it, it automatically goes out to every news agency in the world. Marvelous thing, technology.

DM - You're lying.

Kalas - I think you know me better than that. Kill me and you blow everyone's cover. Everyone. Or you can lose your head and save us all. It's for you to choose. What a dilemma, MacLeod. I'll let you think about it. See just what kind of a hero you really are. [walks away]


Barge - on deck, night 8

Amanda - You should have killed him. I can't believe you had him and you let him go. That's crazy.

DM - It's not as simple as all that, Amanda.

Amanda - I'll tell you what simple is. Dead is simple.

DM - If I kill him, all the information on the disk goes public.

Amanda - Yeah, but what are you going to do? You're just going to stand there and let him take you? [DM doesn't answer.] Wait a minute. What are you thinking? What, are you gonna-- No, you wouldn't do this, would you?

DM - Got any good ideas?

Amanda - Yeah, one. Kill the bastard.

[Both sense 'buzz'. Methos approaches on quay.]

Methos - Did I miss something?

Amanda - Let him tell you. [goes inside]

DM - Let's take a walk.


Near Seine, night 6

Methos - Clever. We don't know where he is, and even if we did, he'd feel us coming, and upload the files. I can't see that he's left any doors open.

DM - Just one.

Methos - I was in Rome once. 93 A.D., the Coliseum... I saw Christians facing the lions. Some of them looked almost happy to die for their faith.

DM - Your point? Or are we just strolling down Memory Lane here?

Methos - That afterwards, the only ones looking happy were the lions.

DM - This isn't about faith.

Methos - No, it's about sacrifice. It's a helluva thing to be a martyr, MacLeod. And that's what Kalas wants. He's pushing all your buttons.

DM - Well, I'm open to suggestions. Enlighten me.

Methos - Maybe Amanda's right. You fight your best fight.

DM - What, every man for himself and to hell with the rest?

Methos - So what if the world finds out? Life is about change. Civilizations rise and fall.

DM - This isn't about civilizations. This is about people! Amanda, Dawson, Richie... Our world is not an ant farm.

Methos - The passion of youth.

DM - Boys will be boys.

Methos - And every cloud has a silver lining.

DM - What do you mean?

Methos - If you die, Amanda will be free to date.

<DM - That's a comfort.> CUT


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 9

Inside barge 8

[Amanda paces in barge, waiting for DM to return. Phone rings. Amanda walks across barge 8 to cordless phone on table.]

Amanda - [answers ringing phone] Yes?

Kalas - [at his hideout, into phone] Delightful to hear your voice again, my sweet.7

Amanda - [into phone] Sorry I can't say the same.

Kalas - [into phone] Put MacLeod on.7

Amanda - [into phone] He's not here right now, but, um, I can take a message.

Kalas - [into phone] Listen carefully...7

[Amanda listens to Kalas' instructions, then hangs up the phone. 9]


Establishing shot: Paris rooftops 10

Rooftop 10


[Kalas comes around edge of structure & raises his sword to block Amanda's attack.]

Kalas - Not very sporting. You should have learned your lesson.

Amanda - And you should have been more careful shaving. But I can finish the job. [attacks, then retreats]

<Kalas - Where to now, my sweet? CUT

[Amanda attacks again, then climbs onto rooftop structure.]

Amanda - Come on, Kalas? You afraid of heights?

[Kalas climbs up, resumes fight, grabs Amanda's sword away from her.]

Kalas - [turns to face her] Au revoir, my sweet. Or should I say... good-bye. 10

Translation: Au revoir - goodbye (more specifically, 'See you later')

Amanda - [jumps off roof structure] Some other time. [grabs antennae cable & lowers herself down off roof, runs off]

[Martin takes photos of them both with his camera from nearby pedestrian bridge. Kalas turns to leave roof & Martin hurries across bridge to follow.]>


Inside barge 8 CUT

Amanda - Well, at least I tried to do something!

DM - Nobody asked you to. Do you have any idea what happens if that disk goes public?

Amanda - Yes. You stay alive.

DM - Amanda, I know you don't want to listen to anybody, but you're going to listen to me. [grabs her arms] Look at me! Stay out of this. Please?

Amanda - Is that the way you want it?

DM - Yes, I do.

Amanda - Fine. I'm out of it. [storms out]


Vemas' chateau - inside large room 4

Joe - [to Watcher] I don't want to hear you don't know where he is. You find him!

DM - [enters room] Hey, Joe, relax. There are ten million people in Paris. [looks around, realizes he's just walked into a room full of Watchers] I guess you guys can't be everywhere.

Joe - Yeah, well, they have to be. [as DM and the Watchers stare at each other] That's right, it's Duncan MacLeod. Anybody have a problem with this? Go on. Go on. [Watchers turn back to their computers and papers. Joe turns to DM.] We can't kill what we can't find.

DM - So much for Watching.

Joe - [sighs] He hunts us. We hunt him.

DM - [echoing Kalas] No more rules.

Joe - Come on. Let's go outside. [moves toward exit]


[outside room]

<Joe - CUT We didn't start this, Mac. He did.> Now, if you find him before we do, can you beat him?

DM - Maybe.

Joe - If you fight to win.

DM - You'd better find that disk.

[Joe sighs, walks away.] 11


Establishing shot: Kalas' hideout, night 11

Kalas' hideout, night 7

[Martin sneaks inside, goes to computer, taps keyboard & brings up "Watcher Database, Europe 1995" on the monitor. He smiles, but then hears a noise & hides in empty wardrobe. The computer screen changes: NAME: Kalas, a.k.a. Antonio Neri
DATE: 31 December 1919
LOCATION: New York, New York, USA
OCCUPATION: Opera Singer
WATCHER: Robert Montfredo]
[Kalas enters, goes to desk, notices the monitor, realizes someone has been there.]


Vemas' chateau - inside large room, night 4

[The room is dark and empty except for Joe & DM. A phone rings.]

Joe - [answers phone] Yes.

Martin - [inside wardrobe, into phone] Dawson. Dawson, I found it. I found Kalas.

Joe - [on phone] Martin.7 [into phone] Where's Amanda and where the hell are you?

Martin - [into phone] I'm inside right now. The disk is in the computer.7

Joe - [into phone] Where are you?!

Martin - [into phone] In Kalas' place on the Rue du Mars. As soon as he leaves, I'll get the disk.

[Kalas approaches wardrobe.]7

Joe - [to DM] It's Martin. He's found Kalas' hideout. CUT

DM - Tell him to get out of there, now!

Joe - [into phone] Martin...

[Kalas stands next to the wardrobe a moment, then drives his sword through the closed door.]7

Joe - [into phone] Martin? Martin! Martin!

[Kalas pulls his bloody sword out, the wardrobe door swings open, & Martin falls out, dead.]

Joe - [on phone] Answer me, damn you!

[Kalas picks up Martin's phone.]

Joe - [on phone] Martin? Martin!

Kalas - [into phone] It's not that easy, Dawson.7

Joe - [into phone] You son of a bitch.

Kalas - [into phone] Oh. Is that any way to talk in front of the dead?7 [on phone] I want MacLeod.

Joe - [looking at DM, into phone] He's not here.

Kalas - [into phone] Then find him! That's what you Watchers do, isn't it?7 CUT <[on phone] And tell him he meets me tonight. [into phone] Otherwise we're all on CNN. [ends call]7

DM - Well?

Joe - Kalas found Martin.> 12


Inside barge, night 8


DM - Any news?

Joe - Well, we know that Martin was on the Rue du Mars, near the Eiffel Tower. But that only leaves about a thousand places that Kalas could be.

DM - Any chance of finding him before the deadline?

Joe - Zip.

DM - That's it, then.

Joe - I'm sorry, Mac. It's Kalas' play.

Methos - Whatever happens... he wins. [Phone rings. They all stare at it.] That'll be the phone.


Street near barge 12

[DM walks down 13 foggy path, senses 'buzz'.]

Amanda - [walks toward him through fog] Hi.

DM - Hi.

Amanda - Look, uh, about what happened... I really... I'm sorry.

DM - So am I. Forget it.

Amanda - No, uh, about everything. All these years, I've been a real pain in the ass.

DM - You could say that. More than once. [strokes her cheek] It was worth it.

Amanda - MacLeod, I -- I know this is a little hokey, but I don't think Rebecca would mind. There was a time when a knight never went into battle without a lady's favor. So, I'd like you to have this. [holds up Rebecca's crystal] For luck. [gives it to him] CUT I just want you to know... because I really...

DM - [echoes their previous conversation] I know. You always have.

Amanda - [nods] Always. [kisses him] Always.


Establishing shot: Eiffel Tower, night 1

Eiffel Tower, night 1

[DM climbs stairs to platform. Thunder rumbles in distance.]

DM - You're early.

Kalas - I'm careful. Well, MacLeod, nobody here but us. And I do adore the view.

DM - It's a good place to die.

Kalas - So what's it going to be?

DM - What do you think?

Kalas - I think, whatever happens... [Both draw their swords.] It's over.

[They fight. Amanda, Joe, & Methos watch from the ground below.]

DM - [stabs Kalas] Hear that, Kalas? That's the fat lady singing. [pulls sword out, swings at Kalas' sword, breaking the blade]

<Kalas - You have me at a disadvantage, MacLeod. But remember, if you do kill me, you're finished, too. CUT

DM - Maybe it's worth it if it rids the world of you.

Kalas - Stay noble, MacLeod. It's what you're good at. [throws his broken sword aside] Do it! [Lightning & thunder erupt around them.]>

DM - The Eiffel Tower. The world's biggest lightning rod. [beheads Kalas, takes his Quickening]


Around Paris, night 1

[Lightning from Kalas' Quickening erupts from the top of the Eiffel Tower. It can be seen from Kalas' hideout.11 It hits the Arc de Triomphe13 & the Place de la Bastille14.]


Inside Paris apartment, night 15

[Two teens are kissing on the couch, in front of the TV. The TV screen sparks, then explodes.]


Eiffel Tower grounds, night 1

[Amanda & Methos shield their eyes from the brightness of the spectacular Quickening.]


Around Paris, night 18

[Lightning hits a building: MANNEQUINS COFRAD warehouse.16 Lightning hits steps in front of a different building.17 A window explodes. An analog clock on a wall explodes. A building sign explodes.Aa telephone booth is hit & explodes. A VCR gets fried.]


Eiffel Tower grounds, night 1

[Amanda, Joe, & Methos continue watching the light show.]


Around Paris, night 18

[The lightning hits some parked cars, exploding their windows. Another TV explodes, a car headlamp. A butcher shop (Boucherie) is hit.19]


Establishing shot: Kalas' hideout, night 11

Kalas' hideout, night 7

[The lightning zaps the power, killing the lights and setting off a series of firecracker explosions in the circuit breaker box. The computer, still showing Kalas' record on the monitor, sparks and explodes.]


Eiffel Tower grounds, night 1

[Finally, the Quickening ends, and the Eiffel Tower lights go dark.]


Amanda - I don't see him. Where is he?

[The Tower's lights come back on. Amanda runs forward to greet DM, kisses him.] CUT

<DM - Well, that was a big one, wasn't it?>


Inside barge, night 8

Joe - So, what'll we drink to?

Methos - [holding champagne flute] How about the wonders of modern technology?

Amanda - Hmm. To MacLeod... still in one lovely piece. [hands champagne flute to DM]

Joe - I'll drink to that.

DM - Fitzcairn and Paul.

Amanda - To old friends.

DM - And new ones. [looks over at Methos]

All - [raises their glasses in toast, then 14 clink glasses together] Cheers. [drink]

Joe - Oh, Mac, I, uh, thought you might be interested in this. [holds up destroyed CD]

DM - [takes CD] Better late than never.

Amanda - [fake yawns] I'm sorry. Champagne makes me so sleepy.

Joe - [to Methos] Time to leave.

Amanda - Oh, no. Not on my account. Really.

Methos - [teasing her] I'll have another, then. [She shoves at his shoulder playfully.] Tomorrow. [takes his coat from Joe] Come on, buddy. Let's see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into.

Joe - Good night.

Amanda - Be good.

DM - Good night, Joe. Night, Methos. [Joe & Methos leave. DM turns to Amanda.] Um... [holds up Rebecca's crystal] Guess it worked.

Amanda - [takes crystal] Yeah. [clears her throat] You know, um, we've said some things that we've never said before. And--

DM - You want me to take 'em back?

Amanda - No, not tonight. [kisses him]


Inside Shakespeare & Company bookshop, night 20

[Hidden among the shelves, between a copy of 'When the Tree Flowered' and 'The Greek Passion', is another CD.]


End of "Finale, Part 2"

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