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Episode 1: Homeland

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Adrian Paul
Aired: October 1, 1995
Transcript revised: 12-2-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher



Rachel MacLeod - Kristin Minter
              Glenfinnan innkeeper

Ian MacLeod - Matthew Walker
              Duncan's father, in FB

Kanwulf - Carsten Norgaard
              Viking K'Immie



Brigand - ??
              Kanwulf's man, in FB


Kevin McSwain - Robert Moloney
Brian McSwain - Billy Mitchell

George Lalonde - Ewan 'Sudsy' Clark
              Antique shop owner

James Bailey - Gerard Plunkett
              Antique shop customer

Debra Campbell - Laurie Holden
              Duncan's love, in FB

Robert MacLeod - Scott McNeil
              Duncan's cousin, in FB

Mary MacLeod - Anna Hagan
              Duncan's mother, in FB

Donal - Andrew MacGregor
              Ian's 2nd-in-command, in FB

Angus McDougal- John Tierney
Bruce - William Samples
              Inn/Pub patrons

Constable - Forbes Angus
              in Glenfinnan

Locations List:*
1. Glenfinnan establishing (mountains) - unknown location
2. Glenfinnan forest, night - north of mid-valley gravel pit, Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve [49.396314,-122.989228]
3. Eiffel Tower - Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole, Paris, France [48.857822,2.295140]
4. Paris antique shop - unknown location
5. Highlands - various locations, most unconfirmed/unknown, Scotland
6. Castle ruins - Castle Tioram, Scotland [56.784556,-5.828501]
7. Glenfinnan cemetery - Mid-valley gravel pit, Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve [49.394331,-122.989592]
8. Glenfinnan church - Saint Mary & Saint Finnan Catholic Church, Glenfinnan, Scotland [56.871586,-5.441500]
9. Hiking to Inn - just up the road from Glenuig Inn, Glenuig, Scotland [56.829551,-5.819928]
10. Lenui Inn exterior - Glenuig Inn, Glenuig, Scotland [56.828787,-5.818178]
11. Lenui Inn pub - Blarney Stone, 216 Carrall St [49.282778,-123.104132]
12. Flashback stream - LSCR, exact coordinates unknown
13. Flashback village - LSCR, exact coordinates unknown
14. Church interior - unknown location
15. Flashback forest - Lower Seymour Conservation Range: location 1 [49.397492,-122.989731] & location 2 [49.398167,-122.9898] (approximately)
16. Flashback cliff - LSCR [49.396881,-122.988847]
17. Flashback cliff base - Mount Seymour Provincial Park [49.369589,-122.948196]
18. Debra's grave - LSCR, exact coordinates unknown
19. Lenui Inn bedroom - unknown location
20. Flashback sacrifice - LSCR, exact coordinates unknown
21. Quickening clearing - LSCR, exact coordinates unknown
22. "Highlander" monument - Glenfinnan Monument, Glenfinnan, Scotland [56.870076,-5.435123]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
= link to episode screencaps

Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on KXTX-39 (1998) matches the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with six exceptions.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Establishing shot: Glenfinnan, Scotland - On the shores of Loch Shiel, night 1

[Super: Glenfinnan, Scotland / On the shores of Loch Shiel]

Glenfinnan, Scotland - forest, night 2

Kevin - I don't even know why we're digging here, Brian. This isn't even a real grave.

Brian - It's a battle site, you fool.

Kevin - How does 'e know that?

Brian - That's his business. Now put your back into it. I can smell the silver from here. [A dog barks in the distance. Kevin stops digging.] What the hell's the matter?

Kevin - Dogs. Something's spooking 'em.

Brian - You bloody old woman. The only one spooked around here is you.

[Hooded figure stands nearby, watching them. A raven lands on a nearby boulder, cawing. The figure approaches the two grave-robbers. They react with shock.]

Brian - Mary and Joseph, it's you! Why do you have to sneak up like that?

Kanwulf - What have you found?

Brian - Only this dagger. Not what you're looking for.

Kanwulf - Maybe I should hire someone who'd be more successful.

Brian - And maybe if we find it, we sell it to someone else.

Kanwulf - That would be a grave mistake.

Brian - Don't threaten us... or folks might hear who's behind this grave-robbing.

Kanwulf - Not from you. [pulls sword out from under his cloak, kills Brian] Ah. [knocks Kevin's shovel out of his grasp]

Kevin - Please don't kill me!

Kanwulf - I have something else in mind for you, Kevin. [holds sword point to Kevin's chest. Close on Kanwulf's face, shadowed by cowl. He forces Kevin at swordpoint away from the hole they were digging] <Uh, Kevin, bring him along. [Kevin drags Brian's body offscreen.] 1> CUT

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Eiffel Tower, night 3

[Super: Paris]

Paris - Antique shop, night 4

Bailey - I don't know, George. Fifteen thousand francs seems rather steep, even if the print really is from the period.

Lalonde - CUT Look at the brush work.

Bailey - [feigns reluctance] Yes. Well, at least we agree that it is a good copy.

DM - [joins them, looks at painting displayed on easel] You sure about that, James?

Bailey - Oh, MacLeod! Lalonde here has just convinced me to take this copy off his hands.

DM - [chuckles] I think you got lucky, James. That's an original Utamaro.

Bailey - No, I'm sure you're mistaken. [quickly, to Lalonde] Fifteen thousand it is, George.

DM - No. There's Utamaro's mark, right there. Fifteen thousand seems hardly fair, but-- [shrugs]

Lalonde - Twenty thousand would seem more fair... CUT

Bailey - Twenty thousand. It's not even your style, MacLeod.

DM - [pretending to think it over] Mmm. Well... Twenty-five thousand. There's a companion piece in Kyoto.

Bailey - I know. I bought it three days ago.

Lalonde - [prompting Bailey] Thirty? For an original Utamaro...

Bailey - Very well. Thirty.

Lalonde - Ah. [to DM] Monsieur?

DM - [considers the painting with a frown] Oh... no.

Lalonde - Eh, bein! C'est un Monsieur Bailey for thirty thousand francs.

Translations: bien - good; c'est un - it is one

DM - You know what, James? You're right. It wasn't really my style. [gives Bailey a sly look and a grin]

Lalonde - Wrap this for Monsieur Bailey. [removes painting from easel]

[Behind the easel is a case containing a silver bracelet on a green velvet cushion. DM stares at it in shock.]

DM - Where did you get that?

Lalonde - A fine example of jeweled silverwork from the late Celtic period in Scotland. [hands bracelet to DM]

DM - I'll take it.

Lalonde - Ten thousand francs.

Bailey - That seems hardly fair. [to Lalonde] Twelve.

DM - Fifteen.

Lalonde - Fifteen. Monsieur Bailey?

Bailey - Twenty. [to DM] Just returning the favor.

DM - [without hesitation] Fifty.

Lalonde - Fifty?

Bailey - [quickly] Fifty-five. [to DM] How much do you really want it?

DM - One hundred. [stares Bailey down]

Lalonde - May I package it for you?



[DM waits restlessly for Lalonde.]

Lalonde - Au revoir, Monsieur Bailey. A pleasure as always. [returns to DM] Congratulations, Monsieur MacLeod. An excellent piece.

Translation: Au revoir - goodbye

DM - I asked you how it got here.

Lalonde - Who knows? These things have a way of turning up. A gambling debt, a death in the family...

DM - You didn't buy this at an estate sale. [grabs Lalonde's arm] I asked you how you got it here, Lalonde!

Lalonde - A bulk shipment from England. I cannot check every piece... [DM grabs his lapels.] All I know is that it's from -- from somewhere in Scotland. Uh, uh, in the Highlands.

DM - Glenfinnan, on the shores of Loch Shiel.

Lalonde - Ah. You know it?

DM - I was born there.


Highlands near Glenfinnan 5656

[Montage of DM hiking across Scottish Highlands with nothing but a backpack and his sword.]

[Laura Creamer - "Bonny Portmore"

O Bonny Portmore
I am sorry to see
Such a woeful destruction
Of your ornament tree
For it stood on your shore
For many's the long day
Till the longboats from Antrim
Came to float it away]


Glenfinnan cemetery 7

[All the birds in the forest
They bitterly weep
Saying "Where shall we shelter
Where shall we sleep"]

[DM takes off his pack, squats in front of ancient Celtic grave-marker inscribed 'MacLeod'.]

DM - Mother, Father... It's been a long time. It's good to be home.

Rachel - Excuse me. The campground's further down the road. It's better sight-seeing, not to mention more lively.

DM - Well, I hadn't planned on camping.

Rachel - Good. Because it so happens you're on a family plot. I'm Rachel MacLeod, and those are my ancestors you're standin' on.

DM - Well, mine, too. [steps forward, his hand out] I'm Duncan MacLeod.

Rachel - [just looks at him] Another one. [DM lowers his hand.] Let me guess. You're here to find your Highland roots.

DM - I didn't know I'd lost them. You don't sound like a local yourself.

Rachel - I've had ten years of American schools to thank for that. CUT Would you mind telling me what you're doing here?

<DM - CUT I'm afraid that's private.>

Rachel - Is that so. We're burying one of our own today... and we don't need any outsiders. [leaves]

DM - [smiles wryly] "Hi. Welcome home."


Establishing shot: Glenfinnan church 8

Glenfinnan cemetery 7


Kanwulf - [in Catholic priest vestments, standing near casket & mourners] Rachel, I've been waiting for you.

Rachel - Sorry, Father Laird. There was someone on the family plot. And I don't like strangers skulking around.

Kanwulf - The Good Book tells us there's good in every heart.

Rachel - If that were true, we wouldn't be here today.


Road into Glenfinnan 9

[DM hikes across some more highlands, then down to a paved road.] 5

DM - [to woman carrying grocery bags up the hill] Hello, there.

Woman - And to you. [They pass each other. DM continues down the hill as woman continues uphill & offscreen.]


Glenfinnan - Lenui Inn exterior 10

DM - [turns off road into courtyard of inn, 2 walks past some men sitting at a picnic table in front of Lenui Inn] Hi, guys. How's it going? [enters inn]


Glenfinnan - Lenui Inn pub 11

Woman - Have another drink, then.

[DM enters, conversation among the locals (& mourners from the funeral) stops. They all turn to look at him.]

Man - Who's that?

Rachel - Ach, if it isn't the clansman. What can I get you? Haggis? Maybe a kilt?

DM - An ale will do just fine. Are the people of Glenfinnan always this friendly?

Rachel - We're friendly enough. Just careful of strangers.

DM - Really. And since when is a MacLeod a stranger in Glenfinnan? CUT I was told down the road you might have a room available. [takes drinks of ale]

Rachel - We might. [walks around bar to registration desk, pulls out ledger] Fill it out. Then it's second floor, on the left. Number four, next to the other one.

DM - What other one?

Joe - [enters] MacLeod! What took you so long?

DM - What the hell are you doing here?

Joe - I'm having a wee dram, lad. You know, they produce this stuff locally. They cut the peat right down the road.

DM - Answer the question. How the hell'd you know I was coming?

Joe - I'm your Watcher. I'm supposed to know. And especially when you come home after [lowers his voice] two hundred and fifty years.

DM - It doesn't concern you.

Joe - Everything you do concerns me. What you are. What you were. You think I'm going to let you come home to Scotland without seeing what you're up to? [DM is no longer listening, his attention caught by a Scottish Claymore displayed nearby.] Come on. What gives, Mac?


Flashback - Highlands near Glenfinnan, 1618 12

[Super: Glenfinnan 1618]

Ian - Brian Campbell is a fool, and a stubborn one, too. CUT

DM - You did all you could, Father.

Ian - I would have liked to have done more. [as DM stops to watch Debra washing in the stream] Aye, you're a good lad. [walks away]

Debra - [looks up, sees DM] Duncan! [runs to greet him] You spoke to my father? What did he say?

DM - Aye. We spoke.

Debra - [off his expression] Oh, Duncan, no. We love each other.

DM - Aye, but he'll nay move, Debra. You're to marry my cousin Robert, and that's the end of it.

Debra - You're the chieftain's son. There has to be something you can do.

DM - Do you not think I've tried? This is a joining of the clans, the Campbells and the MacLeods. CUT

Debra - Our clans will be joined when I marry you.

DM - You're pledged to him. We cannot be. [puts the silver bracelet onto her wrist] When you look at this, think of me.

Debra - What are you saying?

DM - I'm leaving.

Debra - Then take me with you! We'll go together, start over somewhere.

DM - [shakes his head] I'll nay dishonor you, Debra, nor shame my family.

Debra - I will marry him if I must, Duncan, but please do not leave me! I have to see you. Even if it's only across the village.

DM - You're the love of my life, Debra Campbell. But it's too hard a thing to see that which I cannot have.


Flashback - Glenfinnan Village, 1618 13

Robert - You'll give it back!

Debra - Please, Robert, don't ask me to.

Robert - I'll not have you marked with another man's gift.

Debra - I've tried to love you. I can only feel what I feel.

Robert - It's me that you'll marry!

Debra - Because I must. Is that what you want?

Robert - You'll share my bed and bear my children... and I'm damned if I'll set you free. [shoves her, knocking her to the ground]

Debra - Oh! Then dwell on this, Robert MacLeod. When I lie with you, it's him I'll be thinking of.

[Robert raises his hand to hit her. DM grabs his arm, stopping him.]

DM - She's not yours, Robert. Not yet.

Robert - Damn you, Duncan! You've turned her heart against me!

DM - She cannae help her heart! No more than I can help mine. You have what you want, but so help me God, you'll not lay a hand on her.

Robert - You'll not make me a cuckold! Draw your blade!

DM - On a clansman? Let me pass.

Robert - Not before you give me satisfaction!

DM - Robert, we've been friends all our lives. I cannae fight you.

Robert - [hits him across the cheek] Coward! [draws his sword]

DM - If you were not kin, you'd be dead where you stand. [starts to walk away]

Ian - You'll not walk away on this! Not while I live! A challenge is made. No MacLeod could turn his back on such words.

DM - But, Father, he's kin.

Ian - And you're a chieftain's son!

Mary - Nay! He's also my son, husband. Ian, dunnae make him do it!


Ian - [to DM] Pick it up! Or dishonor your name and all who wear it!

Mary - Do you nay know the difference between honor and pride?

Ian - Be silent, woman!

DM - [looks around at gathered clan, reluctantly draws his sword] Robert, withdraw the challenge. I dinnae want your blood.

Robert - Oh, aye. But I want yours. [They fight. Robert cuts DM's arm.]

Man 1 - He's drawn blood.

Man 2 - He's cut.

DM - You have your satisfaction. [He turns away. Robert yells, charges at him. Fight begins again. DM slashes Robert across the belly, catches him in his arms as he collapses.] Robert. You damn fool. Robert. Robert!

Robert - Duncan.

DM - You can't die, Robert. [Robert dies.]

Ian - It is finished. Honor is satisfied. [stabs his Claymore at the ground]

Mary - [to Debra] The men will deal with this now. It is no place for ya. Come on. [pulls Debra away]

Ian - 'Tis a hard thing to face... but I raised you to lead this clan, and to bear this sword after me, no matter the cost.

Man 3 - [in background] Come on, there's nothing we can do now.


Glenfinnan - Lenui Inn pub 11

(resume previous scene)

DM - [reaches up to reverently touch the sword] That was supposed to be mine.

Joe - And?

DM - It never happened. [walks over to sign guest ledger, sets silver bracelet on counter]

Rachel - Where'd you get your hands on that? [picks it up, looks at it]

DM - You know something about it?

Rachel - I know it belongs here, like all the rest that's been stolen from this country.

DM - I didn't steal this, I bought it in Paris.

Rachel - You think you can buy your roots? You're no better than the grave-robbers.

DM - There were graves robbed? Where? Rachel, I need to know where.

Rachel - So you can get your hands on more souvenirs? CUT

[DM exchanges a look with Joe, leaves.]


Hillside near Glenfinnan, night 2

[A raven lands on a nearby boulder, cawing.]

Kevin - [bare-chested, tied spread-eagle between two trees] Please, I've done nothing.

Kanwulf - We've all done something, Kevin. Now your miserable soul will have a use. Your blood will feed him. It's a great honor. Do you believe in God, Kevin?

Kevin - Yes. Oh, yes.

Kanwulf - So do I -- my god. His name is Odin. [raises his arms & sword to the sky] Almighty Odin! Take his blood and return to me what is mine. [lowers his arms, turns to Kevin]

Kevin - No. No! No. Nooo! [screams]

[Raven caws on boulder, 3 looks around.] A


Establishing shot: Lenui Inn 10

Glenfinnan - Lenui Inn pub 11

<Angus - CUT Did you hear how Kevin McSwain was murdered?> I heard the police talking! Closed casket. It's all supposed to be kept quiet, so's not to scare the tourists.

Male patron - {Well, ye keep it.}

Rachel - Scare the tourists all you like.

Angus - [loudly, gesturing] They found him hangin' by the neck on the moor, split frae gullet to stern, like a butchered sheep. CUT

Bruce - Jesus. It's a bloody maniac.

Angus - No maniac cuts like that. That's his mark... The blood eagle. Kanwulf is back.

[Patrons laugh at him.]

Joe - [to Rachel] Am I missing something? Who is Kanwulf?

Angus - A Viking raider who cut a trail of death through this land for eight hundred years!

Rachel - One of our more colorful legends. Loch Ness gets the monster. We get Kanwulf.

Angus - Ah, but he's real!

Bruce - Like the ghosts on the moor, Angus?

Patrons - [making spooky ghost noises] Oooh.

Angus - Ah, that's different.

Bruce - [grabs Angus' arm] Hold, McDougal. All we need is for a MacLeod to come back from the dead and finish him off! Ha!

[Joe reacts with a thoughtful frown to this announcement.]

<Angus - CUT Well, Kevin McSwain's not laughing, is he?> [The crowd sobers abruptly.]

Joe - [to Rachel] Quiet little village you have here. [Rachel nods.]

Rachel - Like I said... it's a legend. 4


Establishing shot: Glenfinnan church 8

Kanwulf - [voice-over] Ah, Rachel, thank you for coming.


Church interior 14

Kanwulf - The parish burial records... could any of them have been missing?

Rachel - None I know of. Father McQuarrie was very careful to keep them up.

Kanwulf - With these grave desecrations, I fear we're losing sight of who lies where.

Rachel - Sorry. I wish I could help.

Kanwulf - Well, we'll just have to rely on faith then, won't we. [Rachel smiles, nods, turns away.] 5 I can sense that something is troubling you.

Rachel - I believe that there's someone in the village who is not who he says he is.

Kanwulf - Really?

Rachel - And I think he's the one lootin' the graves.

Kanwulf - And why would you think that?

<Rachel - CUT Because I saw him at the inn... with a Celtic bracelet.>

Kanwulf - Have you told anyone else of this?

Rachel - Not yet.

<Kanwulf - CUT What's his name?>

Rachel - Calls himself Duncan MacLeod.

Kanwulf - Duncan MacLeod? Perhaps he's just another dedicated tourist.

Rachel - Then why is he snooping around the cemeteries and other grave sites? I think I should call the police.

Kanwulf - Why don't we wait, see what happens, before we alert the authorities. We don't want to be premature. After all, he is a MacLeod. [Rachel leaves. Kanwulf turns, looks at statue of Christ on the cross.] What are you looking at?


Establishing shot: Scottish shoreline 6 6

Field near Glenfinnan 6

DM - [rides up to Joe] They say solitude's a precious thing, Dawson.

Joe - Hey, I didn't drag my heinie up this goat path for the view.

DM - [dismounts horse] Sheep path, Joe. And I hope those aren't your best shoes.

Joe - [looks down, sighs] Not anymore. [off DM's look] You know, you picked a hell of a time to come home, MacLeod. They found another guy gutted.

DM - I'm sure the police are on it. 7

Joe - So how long are we staying?

DM - I'm staying until I find what I came for.

Joe - And that is...? Hey, come on, Mac, help me out here.

DM - A grave.


Flashback - Forest near Glenfinnan, 1618 15

Debra - You don't mean this... you can't.

DM - We grew up like brothers... learned to fight together. There was no evil in his heart.

Debra - I know, but he brought this on himself. You're not to blame!

DM - 'Twas my blade that killed him.

Debra - Duncan, you had no choice! Do you not see?

DM - I see I took his life.

Debra - Well, then, we'll give it back. We'll name our firstborn after him.

DM - Not with Robert's blood on my hands.

Debra - I thought you loved me!

DM - Debra, you're my life. But I've slain a kinsman, a friend. To wed you now... Can you not understand?

Debra - No, I understand that I love you! And that I cannae live without you! [takes bracelet off, throws it at his feet & runs off]

DM - [picks up bracelet] Debra! [runs after her] Debra, come back! [follows her through the woods] Debra, stop! Debra! Stop!

Debra - [still running] No!

DM - [still following] I love you.


Flashback - Cliff near Glenfinnan, 1618 16

DM - [as Debra runs to edge of cliff] Debra! (5&16) [catches up to her]

Debra - I came here as a child. It was my secret place.

DM - [nervous about how close to the edge she is] I know. Now come back...

Debra - I used to dream of having you, even then. I never dreamed this.

DM - Please, Debra, you still have a life to live.

Debra - [turns to face him] I have nothing. [turns back]

DM - No! [Debra looks down at river below, then back at DM.]5 I swear I'll marry you... and love you till the end of my days.

Debra - Do you mean it? With Robert's death on your head?

DM - I can live with his ghost, but I cannae live with yours.

[He holds out his hand. She raises her own, reaching toward him. The cliff edge crumbles beneath her feet & she falls.]17

DM - No! Debra! Debra! [He drops the bracelet, lunging for her, but is too late.]


Field near Glenfinnan 6

(resume previous scene)

DM - [picks up bracelet] I thought the pain would kill me. CUT

Joe - What did you do with the bracelet?

DM - I laid it in her grave, so part of me would be with her forever. CUT <But> the Church ruled it a suicide, and I had to bury her on unconsecrated ground. CUT

Joe - So you don't know where the grave is.

DM - It's been four hundred years, Joe. Everything's different. Even the landmarks are gone. CUT

<Joe - Hope you find her, Mac.

DM - [mounts horse] Thanks, Joe. [rides off]>


Highlands near Glenfinnan 5

[Montage of DM riding through countryside. He passes a distinctive rock landmark, crosses a stone bridge over a stream.]


Glenfinnan - field near trees, later 18

[DM finally locates an ancient grave marker bearing the surprisingly legible inscription 'Debra Campbell'. He dismounts and approaches. In the distance, Rachel is on horseback, watching him.]

[Laura Creamer - "Bonny Portmore"

All the birds in the forest
They bitterly weep]

[DM kneels before the grave marker, holding the bracelet.]

[Saying "Where shall we shelter]

<[Flashback: CUT
Debra at stream, looking up at him, then running to greet him.]> 12

[Where shall we sleep"]

[DM finishes smoothing dirt over the newly re-buried bracelet, then lays a handful of yellow wildflowers on top. He goes back to his horse.]

<Rachel - CUT [still watching, get back on horse, turns horse to leave] And he calls himself a MacLeod.> [as DM rides toward her] Mr. MacLeod. [DM stops next to her.] You do get around.

DM - I like to get off the beaten path.

Rachel - So I see. There seems to be dirt on your hands. Did you fall off?

DM - I guess I'm a little out of practice.

Rachel - Well, maybe you should stick to the main roads. This far from town, I thought you might be lost.

DM - Not anymore. [rides away] 8


Establishing shot: Lenui Inn 10

Glenfinnan - Lenui Inn - DM's room, night 19

Joe - [enters] Hey, what gives? You're not packed.

DM - I'm staying on for a while.

Joe - But you did what you came for.

DM - You know, it's funny what you remember. The heather blooming, the smell of burning peat... The feast after the harvest when the whole clan gathered and you thought the whole world was there.

Joe - I thought you were going to let the police handle this.

DM - This land came under the MacLeods once. These are my people, my clan.

Joe - Mac, that was four hundred years ago! THESE people are not under your protection anymore.

DM - Yeah, but I won't let them get slaughtered, Joe.

[Sharp knock on door.]

Joe - You know what I think? I think this place is getting to you.

DM - [doesn't answer Joe, 9 opens door] Yeah?

Constable - We've a warrant to search these premises. Over against the wall, sir.

DM - [as second constable searches room] Highland hospitality seems to have gone downhill.

Rachel - [enters behind constables] Maybe it's the guests.

Joe - Look, this is not my room, okay?

Constable - Over against the wall, sir.

Joe - [to DM] Remind me -- next time, separate vacations.

DM - Someone mind explaining what this is about?

Rachel - It's about grave-robbing.

[Constable pulls DM's cloth-wrapped katana out of closet, unwraps it.]

Rachel - I was wrong. It's about murder.

[DM & Joe exchange a look, then DM looks down. B]


Glenfinnan - Debra Campbell's grave 18

[Close C on Debra Campbell's grave. Camera pulls away to reveal policeman, Kanwulf, & Rachel standing beside grave.]

Rachel - [to Kanwulf] Thank you for coming, Father.

Kanwulf - [standing between Rachel & Constable] How could I not? When a Christian soul has been disturbed, one of God's own should be on hand. Desecration of a holy spot is a terrible thing. 10

[Kanwulf & Rachel look on as villager digging at grave hits something metallic with his shovel.]

Kanwulf - You've found something. [Villager hands him the bracelet.]

Rachel - [takes bracelet from Kanwulf] Duncan MacLeod didn't come to rob the grave. He came to put this back.

Kanwulf - The man has a heart of a poet.

Rachel - And a sense of clan loyalty. [hands bracelet back to villager] Put this back. [to Kanwulf] He went to a lot of trouble finding the grave of Debra Campbell.

Kanwulf - That name isn't mentioned in the burial records.

Rachel - It wouldn't be. Four hundred years ago, Debra Campbell committed suicide for the love of a MacLeod. At least, that's the legend.

Kanwulf - And you take your legends seriously here. How does the rest of it go?

Rachel - That Duncan MacLeod came back from the dead to avenge his father and kill Kanwulf the Viking. Excuse me, Father. I've got to go. CUT

Kanwulf - I think I'd like to meet this Duncan MacLeod.

Rachel - Then come along to the inn.

Kanwulf - I must pray. Ask him to come to the church. 11


Glenfinnan - Lenui Inn pub 11

[Dart hits dartboard.]

Joe - All right. Beat that. [removes his darts from the board] When do you, uh, get your sword back?

DM - [throws dart at board] A day or two. [throws second dart] They took it to Edinburgh for testing. [throws last dart] You worried? [goes to retrieve his darts]

Joe - Eh, this Norse guy... you know, the legend...

DM - What legend?

Joe - Kanwulf, the Viking. [throws dart]

DM - What about him?

Joe - [throws dart] The bodies. The blood eagle. [throws dart] It's Kanwulf's trademark.

DM - It can't be K--


Flashback - Moors near Glenfinnan, 1624 5

[DM gallops across the moors on horseback.]

DM - [voice-over] Oh, of course. It was after I died the first time. After they cast me out.


Flashback - Glenfinnan village, 1624, night 13

[Super: 1624]

[DM rides into village, dismounts.]

DM - [voice-over] I hadn't met Connor or taken my first head. <I still had no idea what had happened to me, or what I was.> CUT I'd been gone two years. I thought nothing could bring me home. Then I learned our village had been attacked, and my father was gravely wounded.

Villager - {??} It can't be him!

[DM approaches cottage.]

DM - Donal, who did this?

Donal - No! It can't be you.

DM - Damn it, man, who did this?

Donal - You're dead. Dead! I saw it with my own eyes!

DM - Damn you! Who did this?

Donal - Kanwulf the Destroyer!

DM - Kanwulf's a legend. He's not real!

Donal - Neither are you! [pulls away from him, runs off]

DM - [enters cottage] Father? [sees Ian lying on bed, Mary sitting nearby. She looks up as DM enters.] Mother. [kneels beside her]

Mary - Duncan? Is it really you?

DM - I'm here.

Mary - [crying] My beautiful son's come back. They tried to tell me you were evil. I knew it wasn't true.

DM - It dinnae matter now.

Mary - [sniffles] His sword. Claim it.

DM - [looks down at Claymore lying beside Ian's body] I cannot. He banished me. I have no right, I have no clan... I'm not even your son.

Mary - No! It matters not who bore ya. You ARE my son. And it is yours. Take it. Take it, I say! [lifts sword, hands it to him] Let no man tell you different. You are Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.


Flashback - Moors near Glenfinnan, 1624 5

[DM gallops across the moors on horseback.]

<DM - [voice-over] So I left to avenge my father... CUT


Flashback - Forest near Glenfinnan, 1624 15

[DM rides past a body strung up in Kanwulf's 'blood eagle'.]

DM - [voice-over] ...in search of Kanwulf. I knew he was inhuman. I just didn't know he was Immortal.20

[DM creeps through brush to Kanwulf's camp.]

DM - [voice-over] I found Kanwulf's men. A bunch of thieving butchers... celebrating the death of my village.>

Man - [to man] Hey, give me that!

Man - Look. [Men turn to look at DM.]

Brigand - It's him. The ghost! The ghost of Duncan MacLeod!

DM - Aye, back from the dead to seek my vengeance. [draws Claymore, attacks, cuts down Brigand] Come on! Fight me! [Men all run away.] Come on!

[Raven caws as man runs past Kanwulf, kneeling in prayer.] 12

[DM makes his way through forest undergrowth on foot.] 13 (This shot is NOT in the DVD version!)

<DM - [voice-over] Then I felt it for the first time. CUT

[DM, standing in empty camp, senses 'buzz'.]

DM - [voice-over] Another Immortal.

[Kanwulf senses 'buzz'. DM tries to figure out what he is sensing.]

DM - [voice-over] It seemed in me and around me at the same time. But I had no idea what it was.>

DM - [finds Kanwulf] You're Kanwulf.

Kanwulf - [re sword] I killed the one who held that. He fought well... for an old man.

DM - [with bravado] I'll do better. I'm his son.

Kanwulf - His son? You don't even know what you are, do you? Or what I am.

DM - [for the first time] I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. And you're dead. That's all I need to know! [attacks]

[Kanwulf blocks with his ax and the fight is on. CUT Kanwulf easily has the upper hand for the majority of the fight, until finally DM lands a lucky blow, slicing him across the abdomen.]

Kanwulf - Strike. Send me to Valhalla!

DM - I'll send you to hell! [stabs Kanwulf in the chest, leaves the Claymore there, & takes Kanwulf's ax] For you, Father.


Glenfinnan - Lenui Inn pub 11

(resume previous scene)

DM - I left him for dead and buried his ax. If there was a Valhalla, I wanted him weaponless. But I didn't take his head.

Joe - If he was Immortal, you'd have known it.

DM - Would I? Would I have recognized that feeling? Joe, I had no idea why I was still alive. I didn't know about other Immortals, or that the only way you could kill one was by taking his head.

Joe - [looks at Claymore on wall] And you left the sword.

DM - In my mother's heart, I was a MacLeod, but to the clan, I was banished.

Rachel - [enters] Father Laird asked if you wouldn't mind stopping by the church.

DM - Fine. [stands, moves past her to leave]

Rachel - [sincerely] I'm sorry.

DM - That's all right.

Rachel - No, it's not. Traveling all that way to honor one of ours. I had no right to suspect you.

DM - You were protecting your own.

Rachel - I made a fool out of myself doing it.

DM - [smiles] Not to me. [leaves]


Church interior 14

DM - [enters, senses 'buzz'] Father Laird?

Kanwulf - [steps into view] For now.

DM - [flash of Kanwulf as a Viking] Kanwulf. The hair's different, the clothes -- but you're still inside there, aren't you?

Kanwulf - I see you're a little better dressed yourself.

DM - Since when does a Viking take the cloth?

Kanwulf - Ah, the good Father. I met him coming into town. No one had seen him yet. I'd hoped the burial records would give me a clue.

DM - For what?

Kanwulf - You ought to know, MacLeod. It was you who took it from me.

DM - All this for an ax?

Kanwulf - An ax? An ax made by the gods, MacLeod. Used by Loki and Thor themselves.

DM - You can't still believe that.

Kanwulf - [motions derisively at crucifixion statue] As much as they believe in their pale Christ. [Close on face of Christ statue. Off DM's reaction...] I thought I'd lost it forever... [holds up Norse cloak-pin] ...until this turned up in Norway. I traced it here. 14 That ax was given to me the day I became a warrior. And, by God, I was ready to dig up the whole country for it.

DM - You're really insane.

Kanwulf - Am I? Why did you bury the bracelet with the girl, MacLeod? We all have our rituals.

DM - Like the blood eagle?

Kanwulf - An offering to the gods of thunder and war. It's no coincidence that the one man who knows where the ax is came to me. And I want it! Or the offerings will continue.

DM - [grabs Kanwulf, pulls him close] I'll kill you first.

Kanwulf - We're on Holy Ground, MacLeod. You can't kill me here. [door opens, two elderly women enter] And my parishioners have arrived... to pray. And I'll be waiting for you.

[DM nods, leaves.]

Women - Good day, Father. Good day.

Kanwulf - [to DM] Bless you, my son. [escorts women to front of church]

[DM watches him. Kanwulf ushers the women into front pew, stands in front of them. 15 DM turns, leaves church. D]


Glenfinnan - Lenui Inn - DM's room 19

Joe - This is crazy. Human sacrifice, Norse gods, Odin's ax... There ain't no such animal, Mac.

DM - He believes it. And there is an ax.

Joe - You know where it is?

DM - I've always known. It's in my father's grave, where I buried it.

Joe - So you think if you give him the ax, he disappears?

DM - It's all he wants.

Joe - So, if you believe that, you don't have to fight him. Hey, how about this time you live, he lives, and we just walk away.

DM - There are some things you can't walk away from. [opens door]

Joe - Oh, come on, Mac.

DM - He killed my father! [leaves]


Glenfinnan - Lenui Inn pub, night 11

[DM lifts Claymore down from display.]

Rachel - [enters] He came back from the dead to claim his father's sword. He killed the Viking and stopped the slaughter.

DM - That's a legend, Rachel.

Rachel - The bracelet? Now this? If I asked you to explain, would it make any sense? [DM gives her a long look, then turns to leave.] Duncan MacLeod. [He turns back.] Maybe some legends are true.

DM - Maybe. [leaves]


Field near Glenfinnan, night 21

[Raven in tree caws. Kanwulf enters clearing. DM, waiting for him, holds up ax, throws it to him, picks up Claymore.]

Kanwulf - [to ax] For centuries you were lost. Now an enemy brings you to me. [to DM] You kept your word. Run away while you can.

DM - It's one thing having the ax. It's another to keep it.

<[He throws lit torch on ground, lighting ring of fire surrounding them. They face off & begin to fight -- a MUCH more even fight this time. Kanwulf eventually draws his sword & fights with both sword and ax. DM knocks Kanwulf down.] CUT

DM - [as Kanwulf throws handful of dirt in his eyes] Ah! [Kanwulf charges him. Ax and Claymore both connect with flesh.]

Kanwulf - [injured] I'm ready.

DM - [injured] So am I.

[Both charge, yelling. Ax & Claymore connect. The Claymore chops through the ax's handle, breaking it & beheading Kanwulf. The circle of flames goes out.> DM takes Kanwulf's Quickening beneath a HUGE full moon. Quickening ends. Raven flies off, cawing.]

DM - Now it's finished, Father. [looks up, closes his eyes] Now it's finished. E


Glenfinnan - Lenui Inn pub, morning 11

[Camera F pans over Rachel asleep on padded booth seat. DM enters. She wakes up as he approaches.]

DM - It's over. [puts Claymore back]

Rachel - I knew you'd be back. The legend. That seems to belong in your hand.

DM - No. It belongs in Glenfinnan. This is its home.

Rachel - [kisses his cheek] Yours, too, Duncan MacLeod. [He smiles, leaves.]


Through Inn window 10

[Rachel watches DM walk down road, his pack over his shoulder, the cloth-wrapped katana in place. He turns, looks back, smiles, continues walking.]


<Near "Highlander" monument 22 CUT

Joe - [as DM joins him] Hey, Mac. [Close on top of monument. 16 Joe & DM look at monument.] The Highlander.

DM - Hm.

Joe - Think they had you in mind when they put it up?

DM - Probably not.


Castle ruins 6

[Aerial shot of DM performing kata.]

Joe - [voice-over] Look, why don't you stay, MacLeod?

DM - [voice-over] There are too many questions left unanswered. It's better just to disappear.

Joe - [voice-over] Yeah. I guess that's what legends are supposed to do.

[Laura Creamer - "Bonny Portmore"

Saying "Where shall we shelter
Where shall we sleep"]>


End of "Homeland"

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