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Episode 2: Brothers in Arms

Written by Morrie Ruvinsky
Directed by Charles Wilkinson
Aired: October 8, 1995
Transcript revised: 11-26-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher


Andrew Cord - Wolfgang Bodison
              Immortal arms dealer

Charlie DeSalvo - Philip Akin
              MacLeod's friend

Mara Leonin - Liliana Komorowska
              Charlie's lover


Young Joe Dawson - Chris Bradford
              in Viet Nam flashbacks

Young Ian Bancroft - Jeffrey Renn
              in Viet Nam flashback

Dr. Weldon - Garrison Christjohn/Christiohn
              in Viet Nam flashback

Vietnamese Woman - Mercedes Tang
              in Viet Nam flashback

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Airport estab shots - unknown location, at Vancouver International?
2. Airport parking lot - 4240 Agar Dr, Richmond [49.181747,-123.173956]
3. Airport runway - unknown location, by a Sears?
4. Dawson's car - somewhere near the airport, Richmond
5. Viet Nam - unknown location
6. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
7. The Balkans - unknown location
8. Paintball warehouse - unknown location
9. Near Joe's bar - 210 12th St, New Westminster [49.201590,-122.923817]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Establishing shot: Plane landing 1

Airport terminal parking lot 2

[Sniper, wearing black leather jacket, leather gloves, & black ski mask, puts together rifle with silencer as Joe & DM walk together through parking lot. Sniper looks through targeting scope at Joe & DM.]

[Intercut of plane taxiing on runway] 1

[Sniper cocks gun. DM senses 'buzz', looks around, sees Cord nearby. Sniper shoots Cord twice. DM looks around, sees sniper. Sniper drops gun, runs.]

DM - [to Joe] Get him out of here. [takes off after sniper]

[Joe goes over to Cord's body. DM catches sniper at chain-link fence. They fight hand-to-hand. DM holds sniper down, pulls off his ski mask -- it's Charlie DeSalvo.]

DM - Charlie?!

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Plane taking off 3

Airport terminal parking lot 2

(resume previous scene)

Charlie - It's private, MacLeod. It's got nothing to do with you.

DM - You let me decide that. Since when did you start shooting from cover, Charlie?

Charlie - It's not what you think.

DM - I'm listening.

Charlie - For what? To hear me say I'm sorry? It's done.

DM - To hear why.

Charlie - Because the son-of-a-bitch deserved it, that's why. It was a righteous action.

DM - Hey, it doesn't go away that easy, man.

Charlie - Look, MacLeod, I did it, and I'll take the heat. Now, if you want to call the cops, I'm here.

DM - I'm not going to turn you in. But if you're in some sort of trouble, I'll--

Charlie - There's nothing I can't handle. CUT

<DM - You can't handle this one, Charlie.

Charlie - I already have.>


Dawson's car 4

[Joe pulls to a stop in a deserted area. Cord is strapped into the passenger seat, still dead. A familiar voice plays over the radio.]

[Jim Byrnes - "If I Ever Cried"

Oh, I feel a change in the weather
In the distance I hear a squall]

[Joe watches as Cord revives. He jerks upright, coughing.]

[I can't really say
If I will go or I'll stay
Pretty soon some rain's gonna fall]

Cord - Turn that crap off!

Joe - No problem, Sergeant. [turns radio off, continues watching Cord with a grin]

Cord - Do I -- Do I know you?

Joe - [starts singing] I don't know but I been told, Good Marines, they don't grow old. CUT

Cord - [leans across seat into Joe's face] I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Joe - Viet Nam, Sergeant. Trying to tell me you don't remember Thien Duc? [Cord sits back, stares at Joe.]

<Man - [voice-over, in background] If I die don't bury me.

Men - [voice-over, in background] If I die don't bury me.

Man - [voice-over, in background] Stay in Bravo Company.

Men - [voice-over, in background] Stay in Bravo Company.

Man - [voice-over, in background] I don't know but I been told...> CUT

Cord - My platoon.

Joe - Yeah.

Cord - Boy Scout, is that you? Joe Dawson. I'll be damned. Outstanding!


Flashback - Viet Nam, 1968 - dirt road near village 5

[Super: Viet Nam 1968]

<[Marine platoon walks down road, guns ready.]

Joe - [voice-over] Been a long time since anyone called me Boy Scout, Sarge.>

Cord - [at rear of platoon] Boy Scout!

Young Joe - [looks back] Me?

Cord - Yeah, you. Follow me.

[Platoon enters Cong village.]

Young Joe - Maybe we should help?

[Peasants lie dead around the village. Soldiers herd the surviving peasants, some wounded, some screaming.]

Soldier - Whatcha' got over there?

Soldier - {??}

Soldier - {Take cover. Go around} on the other side there.

Woman - [offscreen] Help! Help!

Soldier - Move it, fellas. Move it!

Woman - [offscreen] Please go away! Go away! Go away!

Cord - [to Joe & another soldier] Follow me.

Woman - [offscreen] Stop! Go away!


Flashback - Viet Nam, 1968 - village hut 5

[Vietnamese woman cowers in corner, crying. Soldier facing her is hiking his pants back up.]

Cord - Butler!

Woman - No!

Cord - [to Butler] Wait for me at outside. [goes to woman]

Woman - No! No more hurt! No more hurt! No!

Cord - No, no, no. No, see? No hurt, see? See? [crouches near her, sets rifle down, takes helmet off] Joe, what've you got in your pockets?

Young Joe - [checks pockets] Some rations. Chocolate... Maybe a couple of bucks.

Cord - Give it to her. Now!

Woman - [still crying] No. No. [knocks items out of Joe's hand] No!

[Cord removes watch from vest pocket.]

Young Joe - Where'd you get that?

Cord - It fell off a truck. [to Woman] See? See? Rolex... three thousand dollar.

Woman - No money! Me no wicky-wicky girl! Me tell! Me tell everybody!

Cord - Just tell me what you want and I'll give it to you, but you're not gonna report him.

Woman - Yes, yes! Me tell!

Cord - [to Joe] Go find me up a radio or something.

Young Joe - Maybe I should get the Lieutenant.

Cord - Maybe you ought to do what I tell you.

Woman - No. No!

[Joe exits hut.]

<Cord - One way or another, we're going to make a deal.> CUT


Flashback - Viet Nam, 1968 - outside hut 5

Woman - [from inside] Help me! Help!

[Young Joe flinches at gunshot from hut.]

Young Joe - [as Cord exits hut] Jesus, Andy! What the hell did you do?

Cord - What I had to. She would've had him court-martialed.

Young Joe - He should've been court-martialed.

Cord - Butler's scum, but he's one of our scum.

Young Joe - He raped that woman, man. Damn it! We're supposed to help these people, not kill them!

Cord - We're supposed to stay alive! And the only way you do that is take care of your own, no matter what.

Young Joe - We can't do crap like this.

Cord - No matter what, Joe! Look around you. Look around. They want us like they want another dose of the clap. All we got is each other.

<Soldier - Hey, Butler. Are you in love yet? CUT

[Butler, smoking a cigarette, smiles in response, then is hit in the head by a sniper's bullet, grunts, & falls down.]

Soldier - We've got snipers!

Soldier - Incoming!

[Cong soldiers attack.]

Soldier - Move it! Move it!

Cord - Hold your ground! Hold your ground! [is shot multiple times, falls down]

Soldier - Get down! Get down!

Soldier - Sarge! Sarge! [Several soldiers hit the ground next to Cord, ducking bullets.]

Young Joe - [in slow-motion voice] Come on, Andy!

Soldier - [in slow-motion voice] He's dead! Let's go! Come on! Let's go! Come on!

Soldiers - [as they run for it] Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! {??} Move out, move out! Let's go! Let's go!

Soldier - [in slow-motion voice] Hurry up, men!>

[As Young Joe runs from the village, he steps on a pressure mine in the grass. He freezes.]

Young Joe - No!

[The mine explodes, sending Young Joe through the air to land with a splash in the river.]



[Cord makes his way stealthily through the water to where Young Joe is floating near a wooden dock.]

Young Joe - Sweet Jesus. You're dead!

Cord - This look like heaven? You got low expectations, Joe.

<Young Joe - Christ, I'm dying, too... CUT

Cord - [sees a Cong on riverbank, puts his hand over Young Joe's mouth] Shh. Keep your mouth shut, all right? You're going to be okay. [starts pulling Young Joe through water with him]>

Young Joe - You're dead.

Cord - Look, you're in shock, all right? You took a mine.

Young Joe - No way. I saw you. I checked your pulse. You're dead.

Cord - [scoffs] And you're a pain in the ass, Boy Scout. All right? Now just hold in there. We're going to get you out. CUT


Dawson's car 4

(resume previous scene)

Cord - You look good.

Joe - Hmph.

Cord - Better than the last time I saw you.

Joe - [to himself] Yeah. [louder] No, I got old, Sergeant. YOU look good.

Cord - [tries to dissemble] Well, yeah, you know, not -- not bad for someone who just got clipped.

Joe - "Clipped." Right through the pump, Andy.

Cord - [scoffs] Do I look like I just got dusted?

Joe - It's okay. I know what you are. I know about Immortals.

Cord - Well, that's a hell of an ice breaker.

Joe - Ain't it, though. CUT You got any idea who that shooter was?

Cord - Could have been anybody. Got a lot of past, Joe. Things accumulate.

Joe - Yeah.

Cord - Must be, uh, pretty much the same for your friend.

Joe - Oh. Duncan MacLeod. A very good friend, Andy. The best. CUT <But don't worry. I know how to keep a secret.

Cord - Semper fi. [Joe throws him a salute.] You always were a Boy Scout, Joe.>


Establishing shot: Dojo 6

Loft above dojo, night 0

Joe - Mud, those damned leeches everywhere... You know, that guy carried me on his back sixteen miles through the jungle. I owe him my life.

DM - I understand, Joe.

Joe - He'd be really pissed if he knew I came to talk to you about this. I just want you to know that he didn't come for you. He's -- he's just passing through.

DM - Fine. If he's not looking for me, I'm not looking for him.

Joe - Yeah. That's good. I -- I just don't want there to be any... accidental encounters.

DM - Joe, I'm not looking for him.

Joe - Thank you, my friend. [walks toward door] Oh, yeah, by the way, what happened to that sniper?

DM - He got away.

Joe - Oh, that's good. Poor bastard doesn't know who he's taking on.


Dojo 0

[DM is working out in empty dojo, throwing punches at hanging bag.]

Charlie - [enters] Hey, don't let me interrupt, man.

DM - [turns] Well, I just finished, Charlie... unless you're here for a workout.

Charlie - Oh, no, no. Yesterday was enough for me. I'm a little rusty.

DM - Well, hard to argue with that.

Charlie - Look, Macleod, it's, uh... it's not so easy coming here, man.

DM - This is your home, Charlie. Always will be.

Charlie - Yeah, well, uh... [looks around] It's changed. I don't know, uh... Something's different.

DM - Maybe it's not the place.

Charlie - Look, MacLeod, something's going on. Look, I called the cops, I went to the newspapers, I even went out to the airport, and they all tell me the same thing. Nobody died.

DM - Well, maybe you just winged him.

Charlie - No. I put him down, MacLeod. I put one in his heart. I don't get it.

DM - No, I don't get it, Charlie. Why'd you do it?

Charlie - It's Mara.

DM - What happened to her? Charlie, what happened to her?


Flashback - The Balkans, 1995 - battle zone 7

[Super: The Balkans 1995]

[Man with gun reacts to nearby explosion. Different man drags wounded comrade away.]

Bride - [of screen] No!

[Man runs past as camera pans down to bride crying beside dead groom.]


Flashback - The Balkans, 1995 - Rebel Headquarters 7

[Mara slams down receiver of combat phone.]

Charlie - What?

Mara - We had to break off the attack, Charlie. We lost forty men.

Charlie - That's not possible. We had 'em flanked. We had the high ground. The tactics were right.

Mara - Don't blame yourself.

Charlie - Look, I sent them, Mara. The raid was my idea. I screwed up! CUT

Mara - No, love. It wasn't you. It was the Kalishnikovs.

Charlie - What are you talking about?

Mara - The rifles. The goddamn rifles were no good, and the ammunition was worse! And now they're dead. Forty men, Charlie. Forty men.

Charlie - Look, the one thing the Russians know is how to make rifles. They don't screw up. [realizes] It was Cord. It was Cord. He sold us crap -- imitations. Cheap imitations.

Mara - Why?

Charlie - For money.

Mara - Is it possible he didn't know?

Charlie - Oh, no. He knew, all right. Where is he?

Mara - He's in his hotel room waiting for the rest of his money. [Chrlie picks up a gun.] What are you doing?

Charlie - I'm going to make sure he gets paid.

Mara - All right. Let's go.

Charlie - No. This one I'm going to do myself. [kisses her, leaves]



Cord - [enters Headquarters] Hey, bright eyes. Hell of a firefight you had out there. You guys lost a lot of good men.

Mara - You should know. You killed them.

Cord - It's not my fault your men can't shoot straight.

Mara - They can shoot. Your damn rifles wouldn't fire!

Cord - Take it up with quality control.

Mara - How could you do this to our men?

Cord - Not our men, sweetheart. Your men. CUT


Flashback - The Balkans, 1995 - hotel room 7

[Charlie knocks on door of #23, enters, looks around.]

Charlie - Cord? [Room is empty. Charlie leaves.]


Flashback - The Balkans, 1995 - Rebel Headquarters 7

(resume previous scene)

Mara - Bastard! Son of a bitch!

Cord - [laughs] Mara, Mara, Mara. I am absolutely perturbed to hear you say something like that. But, seeing that I'm a good soul, I'll just forget about it and take my money and leave.

Mara - [points gun at him] You'll collect nothing.

Cord - You want to play? Fine. I bet that Baretta in your hand has never been used. You see, it's one of mine. It won't fire.

Charlie - [walking down hallway, hears gunshot, runs into room] Mara?! [sees Mara on floor, Cord standing next to her body] Oh, you're dead.

Cord - Sorry, Charlie. I have a reputation to think of. [turns, shoots at Charlie, who ducks & dives out window] Damn!


Loft above dojo 0

Charlie - We trusted him, and he killed her.

DM - Charlie, I understand what you're going through, but you have to forget about Cord.

Charlie - If you think I'm gonna forget about him, you don't know squat. Look, just tell me. Did you see me take Cord down or not?

DM - You didn't kill him.

Charlie - I-- [walks toward door]

DM - [grabs him as he walks past] I'm your friend.

Charlie - Sure. Later. [leaves]


Joe's Bar 0

Joe - [stocking shelves as DM enters] Hey, Mac. A little early in the day for you, isn't it?

DM - Yeah. Um, I'm looking for Cord.

Joe - Thought you said you were going to let him be. We had an understanding.

DM - We still do. I need to talk to him. I want you to arrange a meeting.

Joe - You know, I don't know if I can do that.

DM - You're the only one that can.

Joe - Don't put me in this position, Mac.

DM - Joe, it's just to talk. I know he saved your life.

Joe - He did more than that.


Flashback - Viet Nam, 1968 - field hospital 5

Medic - Easy with him.

Medic - Yeah. I got him. {??} Over here.

Doctor - Nurse, get an IV started on him, stat. [walks past Young Joe's bed] 1

Nurse - [sitting beside bed, gets up as Young Joe starts to wake up] Doctor. Doctor, it's Dawson. He's coming around.

Young Joe - [as Dr. Weldon approaches] This pain is killing me. Where am I?

Dr. Weldon - Phu Sai. Field hospital. You were brought in four days ago, son.

Young Joe - Right. I remember. Andy brought me. Sergeant Cord. Who are you?

Dr. Weldon - Hank Weldon. I'm the resident shrink. And, yes, somebody staggered in and dropped you off here, but it wasn't anybody named Cord.

Young Joe - What are you talking about? Cord. Sergeant Andrew Cord.

Dr. Weldon - The only Cord with this unit is dead. A couple of guys brought in his tags.

Young Joe - You don't spend sixteen miles on a guy's back and not know who he is.

Dr. Weldon - You took a heavy hit, son. It's normal to be a little confused.

Young Joe - I don't know what the hell you people are up to, but-- [moves a little on the cot] I mean, can't you give me something for my legs?

Dr. Weldon - It's called Phantom Limb Syndrome. Sometimes the pain continues even after a limb's been amputated.

Young Joe - [realizes, starts to cry, lifts sheet to look] Oh, no! Aw, Jesus, no! No!


[several days later]

[Close on fan blades spinning. Camera moves past fan to Young Joe lying on cot. he reaches under his pillow, pulls out gun. 2 Young Joe turns gun in his hand so it points toward him.]

Young Ian - [walks up to cot] Joe?

Young Joe - [slides gun back under pillow] Go to hell.

Young Ian - If you've got a minute, I wouldn't mind talking to you. I came to talk about Sergeant Cord.

Young Joe - I wasn't out of my head and I don't need another damn shrink. Andy brought me here.

Young Ian - I have no doubt about that. Ian Bancroft. And I'm no shrink.

Young Joe - They keep telling me he was killed.

Young Ian - You're right, Joe. It was Cord who brought you in... and he was killed back in that village.

Young Joe - Take it somewhere else. I don't need this crap. [Young Ian holds out his wrist, showing Young Joe his Watcher tattoo.] What the hell's that?

Young Ian - It's a symbol. It means I belong to an organization called the Watchers.

Young Joe - Watching who?

Young Ian - Those that can't die, like Sergeant Cord. CUT

Young Joe - Andy Cord...

Young Ian - Died. You saw him. You were there. You know it's true. He's an Immortal.

Young Joe - This can't be real.

Young Ian - It's real. Who are they? Why are they here? Biggest questions on earth, Joe. That's why we watch, why we record their lives, why we don't interfere. You could belong... or you could say no. You could go on... with your life. I could just fade away... and you'd wonder whether this ever really happened.


Joe's Bar 0

(resume previous scene)

Joe - [flashing the Watcher tattoo on his wrist] If it wasn't for Andy Cord, I wouldn't have this. I wouldn't know you. I might not even be alive.

DM - You know, no one knows more about me than you. But about Joe Dawson? I don't really know a thing.

Joe - Yeah... You never asked. And even if you had, I don't know if I'd have told you. When you've got a secret, uh, you get in the habit of not opening up.

DM - Yeah. I know.

Joe - We've got to talk more often.

DM - Joe, about Cord. The sniper at the airport was Charlie DeSalvo.

Joe - Charlie's in the Balkans.

DM - Not anymore.

Joe - Well, why would he want to shoot Cord?

DM - That's why I want to talk to Cord. For Charlie's sake. It's just to talk. You have my word.


Industrial paintball gaming area 8

Player - [shot by paintball] Damn!

[Another Player is taken out. Camera pans across gaming area. 3 Close on Cord's face; he's wearing a helmet and goggles. Cord moves confidently through the area to the opposing team's flag, takes out two more players.]

Cord - Yeah! [takes safety goggles off] Outstanding.

Man - {??} He got the flag.

Man - [as Cord walks over to Joe] Come on. Let's go.

Man - I killed {Lloyd}.

Joe - And I can't believe you still think this is fun.

<Cord - CUT It's poetry, Joe. Poetry of war.>

Joe - Knocking off a bunch of yuppie rabbits? Isn't really fair, is it?

Cord - Nah. But the rabbits don't know it. [They share a laugh.]

Joe - Andy, I still need an answer.

Cord - This MacLeod... how well do you really know him?

Joe - Like I said, he's a friend.

Cord - And the shooter? What's the story on him? [Joe shrugs.] Got a lot of friends, Joe. Regular Sesame Street over here.

Joe - Believe me. He just wants to work something out.

Cord - Okay, Joe. A friend of yours is a friend of mine. We'll meet. We'll work something out.

Joe - [nods] Okay.


Establishing shot: Joe's Bar 0

Joe's Bar 0

DM - [when Joe stops playing guitar] How long you been playing, Joe?

Joe - Ah, since I was a kid. Of course, after Viet Nam, I kinda had a lot of time on my hands. [as DM taps restlessly on table] Don't worry. He's gonna be here. He keeps his word.

DM - It's going to be fine, you know. I just want to talk.

Joe - Yeah... I just wish that I'd set this meeting up in a church or on holy ground somewhere. At least that'd keep you two from killing each other. [as Charlie enters bar] Hey, what are you doing here?

Charlie - Thought I was welcome.

DM - Um, Charlie, this isn't a good time. Uh, I can't explain, but, uh, you've got to go.

Charlie - Seems to be a lot you can't explain, MacLeod. Look, you got a program? Am I part of it?

DM - Not now, Charlie. Come on.

Charlie - Hey. If you guys had just told me what went down at the airport, I wouldn't be here right now. Joe... What's going on, man?

Joe - Look, tonight, Charlie. You come back later tonight and I'll tell you anything you want to know.

DM - It's a little late for that. [turns, sensing 'buzz', as Cord enters]

Charlie - Son of a bitch...

DM - [blocks him] No, Charlie. No! Let it go! Let it go!

[Charlie pushes DM away, pulls out knife. DM grabs his wrist & the knife, manhandles Charlie toward the exit.]

Charlie - Get out of my face, MacLeod! [as DM pushes him outside] What the hell's going on? What's he doing here?

DM - They're old friends. They have a history from way back.

Charlie - And you? What the hell are you doing hanging with Cord?

DM - That's not what's going on!

Charlie - He killed Mara!

DM - And he'll kill you, too, if you go after him.

Charlie - You don't know that.

DM - I do know that. I know exactly that, Charlie. There are things about him you don't know! You have to stay away from him. Damn it, man, you're my friend. I'm trying to keep you alive.

Charlie - What the hell do you expect me to do, MacLeod? Walk away? Forget her?

DM - Look--

Charlie - Pretend it didn't even happen?

DM - Give me a chance to straighten this out with Cord. A couple of days.

Charlie - Straighten what out? There's only one way to settle this.

DM - Not today. Please, Charlie, for me.

Charlie - Okay. Not today. [leaves]


Industrial paintball gaming area 8

[Cord storms through the area, shooting opponents right and left, looks around for more.]

Cord - Come on!

[Joe enters, watches.]

Cord - [comes in behind two players, shoots one in the back] Dead!

Player 2 - [turns around] Okay, man, you got me. I give. [Cord shoots him.] Hey, man! I said I give.

Cord - Sorry.

Player 2 - What's with this guy?

Cord - Must've been the wind. [shoots Player 2 again] Damn it!

Player 2 - Hey! What's your problem? 4

Cord - [walks toward Joe] Goddamn it! [throws safety goggles aside]

Joe - Hey, lighten up, Andy. It's a game.

Cord - I want to set up another meeting with MacLeod, but this time not at your place.

Joe - Why? [Cord gives him a look.] Oh, damn it. You gave me your word. This is not about MacLeod. It's about Charlie.

Cord - Not anymore. Come on, Joe, you know about us. We're all after each other.

Joe - It doesn't have to be like that.

Cord - Grow up, Joe. That's the way it is.

Joe - He is my friend.

Cord - And what am I? I saved your life. I carried you sixteen freaking miles on my back. I own your ass!

Joe - I owe you my life, not his.


Loft above dojo 0

DM - [working on internal gears of ornate mantel clock] You going to lay it out or wear a hole in my floor?

Joe - Everything's wrong. Just that everything is wrong.

DM - So he does want me.

Joe - Not at first. It was Charlie, but now I don't know.

DM - Well, that's not the first time someone's come looking. If he wants me, I'm here.

Joe - Mac, I have never asked you for anything, but will you do this one thing for me? I don't know. Can you -- Can you just go away for a few days, and let me talk to him?

DM - Joe, I'm not going to hide. It doesn't work that way for me.

Joe - It's not about hiding. I mean, you are my friends, both of you. Let ME work this out.

DM - We work it out ourselves. You know that.

Joe - Dammit, don't do this to me!

DM - I'm not doing this to you. [senses 'buzz'] Stay here.

Joe - Mac, please... [DM leaves.]


Empty dojo 0

DM - [exits lift, katana in hand] Joe Dawson thinks he owes you.

Cord - Good old Boy Scout. He does.

DM - Then walk away. We don't have to do this.

Cord - Well, I'm afraid we have a little situation here. You see, I went to a lot of trouble flushing out old Charlie.

DM - You wanted him to come for you?

Cord - Well, let's see. He finds me, I find him.

DM - He doesn't know what you are. You can let him go.

Cord - Come on, MacLeod. He's a lot like us. We don't walk away. En garde. [attacks, punches DM in the jaw, trades parries with DM]

DM - [dodges a swing] Missed. 5 [DM circles, steps forward. DM attacks. Cord pins him against wall with wooden lattice frame, and they exchange blows around the frame. 6 They exchange blows on the open dojo floor and around the staircase in the corner. Cord ends up on his back, DM's katana at his throat, Cord's blade trapped under his foot.] Let it go. [Cord lets go of sword. DM crouches beside him.] Joe Dawson just saved your life. You're even, so long as you stay away from Charlie.

Cord - For the Boy Scout.

DM - [moves sword away, stands up] Now get the hell out of here. [Cord leaves.]


Establishing shot: Joe's Bar 0

Joe's Bar 0

Joe - [as Charlie enters] Uh, it's, uh -- It's just you and me, Charlie.

Charlie - Okay.

Joe - Thanks for coming down. Listen, can I, uh, buy you a drink?

Charlie - No. [waves offer aside] I always thought you were a stand-up guy, Joe. Now MacLeod tells me you and Cord got history. What's that about?

Joe - He's my friend.

Charlie - Then we've got nothing to talk about.

Joe - No, no, no. We've got a lot to talk about. [pours drink] Here. 7 You make a lot of friends over there, Charlie? I mean, guys you'd trust your life to.

Charlie - A couple.

Joe - Say you were dug in, in a hooch, up to your ass in swamp water, just praying to God the choppers come, because otherwise they're going to send you home in a bag. Somebody covers for you, he's your brother. No matter who he is. That's forever.

Charlie - Cord.

Joe - I'm asking you, Charlie. Please leave him alone.

Charlie - I can't do that.

Joe - He'll kill you.

Charlie - Everybody keeps saying that. Thanks for the drink.


<Near Joe's Bar 9 CUT

[Charlie rounds corner of building, finds Cord waiting for him.]

Cord - Everybody comes to Joe's. [walks toward docks, looks back at Charlie, calls mockingly]> Chaaarlie... Come to play. [Charlie follows him.] You're a good soldier. And a brother. And I don't like to kill brothers.

Charlie - Kiss my black ass, man.

[Each has a knife and they fight, hand-to-hand.]

Cord - <Ooh. Charlie, that was nifty. MacLeod teach you that? Please, entertain me for a while. [Fight continues.] Son of a bitch. That was good.> CUT [grabs Charlie's arm, disarms him] Say goodbye to MacLeod for me. [stabs Charlie] Oh, yeah. Say hello to Mara. [pushes Charlie down] That must have hurt. [leaves]


<Joe's Bar 0 CUT

DM - Joe, you here? I need to talk to you. [senses 'buzz']>


Outside 9

DM - [looking for Cord, sees Charlie, runs to him] Charlie? Charlie? Charlie, hang on.

Charlie - [weakly] Forget it, MacLeod.

DM - I'll get some help. Hang on, man.

Charlie - MacLeod! We both know it's too late.

DM - [gets behind Charlie, props him up in his lap] Easy.

Charlie - Oh, man, I don't get it. He should be dead.

DM - You can't kill him, Charlie. You never could. Cord is Immortal.

<Charlie - What? CUT

DM - I promised I'd tell you the truth one day. Cord is Immortal...> So am I. CUT

Charlie - I -- I always knew there was something weird about you, MacLeod. Now it all starts to fit. Don't suppose you could spare some, could you?

DM - [shakes his head, fighting tears] I wish I could have told you, man.

Charlie - So there was no way I could've killed that son of a bitch.

DM - No way. But I can.


[Charlie dies.]


Flashback: Dojo
(from "Turnabout")

DM - Nice place you got here.

Charlie - It'll do. Who sent you?

DM - Nobody. I just was looking for a place to work out.

Charlie - Well, I'd like to help you boys out, but this is a private club. Invitation only.

DM - So invite me.



[DM & Charlie spar on mat. DM knocks Charlie down, then Charlie knocks DM down.]

Charlie - Hey! Now, that's better.


Flashback: Empty dojo
(from "The Zone")

DM - You're pushing your luck.

Charlie - Maybe. But one day, I'm going to find out what you're all about.


Flashback: Warehouse, night
(from "Unholy Alliance I")

[Horton shoots DM in the chest several times. DM falls into open elevator shaft.]


Flashback: Hospital ICU
(from "Unholy Alliance I")

Charlie - I saw you take one in the heart. What in God's name are you?

DM - It's hard to explain.

Charlie - I want you to tell me... before I die, MacLeod.

DM - You're not going to die, Charlie.


Flashback: Empty dojo
(from "The Zone")

Charlie - You walk pretty close to the edge, MacLeod. What are you hiding?

DM - You don't want to know, Charlie. Some of the people that found out aren't around anymore.


Flashback: Dojo
(from "The Revolutionary")

DM - Hey, Charlie... be safe. [holds up his fingers in a peace sign]

Charlie - You know it. [leaves]


Outside 9

(resume previous scene)

[DM sits, holding Charlie's body.] 8


Joe's Bar 0

DM - [slams door open as he enters] Where is he, Joe? [Joe doesn't answer.] Charlie's dead! I let him go and he killed Charlie. Now, where is he? [pounds fist on table, knocking over beer glass]


Industrial paintball gaming area 8

Cord - [as DM enters] Watch your step. You're in my camp now. [takes off into gaming area] You should have killed me, MacLeod!

DM - [removes coat, follows him] It's not too late.

Cord - [yelling, out of sight] Reconnoiter. That's the key. I scouted this place especially for us!

[DM swings at hanging dummy. Cord hits him with a paintball in the face. DM staggers, holding a hand to his eye.]

DM - [straightens as Cord approaches] It's not that bad.

Cord - I'm not done yet. [They fight.]

DM - Come on.

Cord - Search and destroy, little snake. [follows DM out of gaming area into empty warehouse, continues fight] Come on.

[DM manages to catch Cord in the chest, then gets his katana at his throat.]

Cord - Damn. Outstanding.

DM - I'm not done yet. [beheads Cord, takes Quickening]


Empty dojo 0

[DM is in office, looking at framed photo of Charlie and him, sets it on desk as Joe enters dojo, goes out to him.]

Joe - I don't know what to say. This never should have happened. Never. I'm responsible.

DM - Charlie's dead because I let Cord live.

Joe - Aw, Mac--

DM - I let you get between us, Joe. I shouldn't have. You and I, we're different. We got too close.

Joe - But we're friends, Mac.

DM - We're different. There's a reason we stay apart. We crossed the line.

Joe - So that's it, huh? We just walk away?

DM - I am Immortal.

[Joe leaves.]


End of "Brothers in Arms"

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