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Episode 6: Reunion

Written by Elizabeth Baxter
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: November 5, 1995
Transcript revised: 11-30-20


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander


Amanda - Elizabeth Gracen
              an Immortal thief

Dr. Anne Lindsey - Lisa Howard
              ER doctor

Kenny - Myles Ferguson
              child Immortal

Terrence Kincaid - Mike/Michael Preston
              Immortal, hunting Kenny


Merriman - Luc Corbeil
              sailor in Pacific FB

McPhee - Joel Wirkkunen
              oarsman in Pacific FB

Sheriff - Ryan Michael
              in England FB

Kenny's Mother - Lisa Butler/Stadnykova
              in England FB

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Parking garage - underneath 770 Pacific Blvd, Plaza of Nations [49.275295,-123.111207]
2. Hospital interior - unknown location
3. Hospital establishing shot - St. Paul's Hospital, Comox St [49.280656,-123.12747]
4. South Pacific island - unknown location
5. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
6. England - unknown location
7. Sidewalk - unknown location
8. Warehouse - abandoned Versatile Pacific Shipyard [49.309825,-123.079235]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on SciFi channel (2000) matches the official cut, with four exceptions.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with three exceptions.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


[Super: Previously on Highlander]

Boatyard, near pier
(from "The Lamb")

[DM & RR sense 'buzz', look for its source.]

Joe - [voice-over] Previously, on Highlander, MacLeod and Richie discover a child Immortal...


Under pier
(from "The Lamb")

Joe - [voice-over] ...who is more than he seems.

DM - [finds Kenny hiding] Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you.

Kenny - That's what you all say. [turns away]

DM - Look at me. [Kenny turns back.] My name's Duncan MacLeod.


(from "The Lamb")

DM - So, where are you from, Kenny?

Kenny - Wisconsin.

DM - You're a long way from home. Is that where it happened?

Kenny - Yeah. Four years ago. I was ten. My mom and dad took me out for my birthday. A drunk driver hit our car.

DM - When did you know?

Kenny - When I woke up. There was a sheet over me. I could hear the policemen talking. They said it was too bad I was dead.


Loft above dojo
(from "The Lamb")

RR - I mean, he's a -- he's a kid, Dawson. You know, he's a little kid.

Joe - That's what everyone thinks. That kid has outlived a lot of Immortals.

RR - No, it can't be. He's not strong enough to fight.

Joe - Let me guess. When you found him, he was hiding somewhere. He was scared. He was crying. He said an Immortal had killed his teacher. That's his M.O.


Loft above dojo
(from "The Lamb")

Anne - Now, aren't you just a little bit too young to be such an old grouch?

Kenny - He sleeps with a lot of women, and you're not the prettiest. He had one here last night. [flips magazine around] Like that. [shows her photo of pretty woman]

Anne - [laughs] Okay.


Loft above dojo
(from "The Lamb")

Joe - How old did he say he was?

RR - Ten. Fourteen, really.

Joe - Try more like eight hundred and fourteen.


Flashback - Crystal Lake
(from "The Lamb")

Frank - [reeling in a fish as Kenny walks up behind him holding a short sword.] Every day you fish adds another year to your life.

Kenny - [raises his sword] You think so, Frank?

[Frank turns. Kenny beheads him & takes his Quickening.]


Empty dojo
(from "The Lamb")

[RR is kneeling next to a stool. Kenny stalks toward him, raises the sword. Both sense 'buzz'. Kenny lowers the sword quickly as DM enters dojo.]

DM - Hey, guys. What's up?

RR - Mac, how're you doing? I'm just, uh, teaching Kenny here a few things.

DM - [to Kenny] Learning a lot?

Kenny - Yeah.

DM - [takes sword from him] Maybe we should use something else, though, huh?


(from "The Lamb")

Ross - He's using you, MacLeod, just like he used me. He can't be allowed to live.


<Hospital parking garage, night 1 CUT

[Super: Present Day]

[Kenny runs past, holding his arm. Kincaid follows him at a calmer pace. 1 Kenny runs through the garage, his shirt sleeve torn and his arm covered in blood. He looks behind him, sees Kincaid, and runs for a nearby door.]>


Hospital hallway, night 2

Kenny - [running down hallway] Help! Help, please! Help me!

Man - Slow down.

Kenny - [still running] Help! Somebody help me! [In the garage, Kincaid pulls out his sword.] Help! Help, please!

Woman - Slow down, young man.

Anne - Whoa, whoa, whoa. [grabs him as he runs past] Kenny?

Kenny - Anne, you gotta help me.

Anne - [sees his arm] Kenny, what happened to you?

Kenny - I... fell, climbing through this window.

[In the garage, Kincaid walks to a breaker box and cuts the power cables with his sword.] 1

Kenny - [as the lights go out] What's that?

Anne - Power failure. It happens sometimes. They're probably working on it now. I need to get a better look at this arm. Come on. [guides him down the hall as emergency lighting turns on]

Woman on P.A. - Maintenance, please report to the fourth floor. Maintenance, please report to the fourth floor.

Man - Use the backup. Get the backup going.

Anne - [leads Kenny into a cubicle] There you go. Let me take a look at that arm.

[Kincaid watches from the darkened hallway. Kenny sees him over Anne's shoulder.]

Anne - [lays gauze bandage over the cut on Kenny's arm] You hold this here, and I'll be right back.

Kenny - No. Don't leave me alone.

Anne - [turns to see what he's looking at, sees Kincaid as he turns and walks away] Kenny, you know that guy?

Kenny - [shakes his head] I've never seen him before.

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Anne - [to passing nurse] Could you get me my suture kit, please? Thanks. [to Kenny] Let's take a peek at this.

Kenny - No. It's not that bad.

Anne - Kenny, let me look. [lifts the gauze, sees his healed arm] Oh my God... You're like Duncan.

Kenny - I don't know what you're talking about.

Anne - Kenny, no. Look at me. It's okay. I know what you are. You're an Immortal. Okay, um, there's a chapel down the hall. You'll be safe there. Holy Ground. Let's go. [leads him back down the darkened hallway, meets nurse coming back with the suture kit] Oh, thanks, Christine. [to Kenny] Look. Halfway down the hall to the left. Okay? [Kenny leaves, heading for the chapel.] Are the phones up yet? [Christine nods.] Oh, good. Could you do me a really big favor? My rolodex is at the nurse's station. Could you look up Duncan MacLeod?

Christine - Okay.

Anne - Tell him to get here. Tell him it's urgent.


Establishing shot: Hospital, night 3

Hospital - nurses' station, night 2

Anne - What do we know about the lights?

DM - Anne... are you all right?

Anne - Duncan. Yeah, I'm fine.

DM - Is the baby okay?

Anne - Oh, yeah, the baby's... learning to tap dance, I think.

DM - Somebody told me that there was an emergency.

Anne - Well, yeah. It's your cousin. [off DM's blank look] The one from Wisconsin.

DM - Kenny's here?

Anne - Yeah.

DM - Where is he?

Anne - Oh, he's in the chapel. This way. [leads him toward chapel] I was going to call security, but then I thought what am I going to tell them? I've got this kid who can live forever but he's only safe in churches?


Hospital chapel, night 2

Anne - [enters chapel with DM behind her] Kenny? [DM senses 'buzz'.] He must have run off.

DM - No, he's here. [raises his voice] Say hello, Kenny.

Kenny - [stands up from behind pulpit] We're on holy ground, MacLeod. You can't touch me.

Anne - Kenny!

Kenny - You said you'd help me. What'd you call him for?

Anne - He IS here to help you.

Kenny - Get real. He wants my head, just like that guy outside.

DM - If I wanted your head, I'd already have it.

Anne - Duncan, what's the matter with you? The kid's in trouble.

DM - Anne, he is trouble.

Kenny - I knew it. He's not going to protect me.

DM - I'll keep you alive as long as it takes me to get you to the airport.

Kenny - I'm not going anywhere with you.

DM - Fine. Have it your way. [leaves]


Hospital hallway, night 2

[DM senses 'buzz', sees Kincaid looking at him.]


Flashback - South Pacific island, 1778 4

[Super: South Pacific 1778]

[A sailing ship is anchored offshore. Super: South Pacific 1778 An empty dinghy waits on sandy beach as group of ragged sailors walk away along the beach. Camera cuts to DM & Kincaid walking alongside sailors. Kincaid is wearing a captain's jacket and hat. DM is dressed like the other sailors. Both Immortals carry swords at their sides. The last sailor in the group has a peg leg. 2 The group wearily walks inland through sparse grasses.]

Merriman - Water! Over here!

Sailors - [rushing to him] Water! Water!

DM - Wait, you blood fool! It might not be fit to drink!

Sailors - Let me through. Don't drink it. Let him try it. [Merriman scoops a handful of water from the small pond, spits it back out.] What is it, salt?

Merriman - It's {brine water}, at that. We have to have fresh water.

Kincaid - Patience is a virtue, Mr. Merriman. You'll have to practice it.

Merriman - Look at us! How do you expect us to live on half-rations?

Kincaid - Because I order you to.

Merriman - Damn you! [runs at him]

DM - [stops Merriman] Think, man. This is not the way to do this.

Merriman - To hell with you. To hell with this bloody voyage! I say we go back to China for fresh provisions.

Sailors - That's right. I'm with you.

Kincaid - [raises his pistol] You forget yourself, sir.

DM - There'll not be any trouble, Captain. He's seen reason.

Kincaid - [lowers the pistol] Very well, Mr. MacLeod. You may stand away. [DM moves aside. Kincaid walks a few paces, then turns and shoots Merriman. DM & the soldiers watch, stunned.] We have a cargo to deliver. [The sailors look from Merriman's dead body to Kincaid, who is now holding both his pistols aimed at them.] And I'll hear no more talk of turning back! Not under my command! I trust I've made myself clear?

Sailors - Aye, Captain. Aye, Captain.

Kincaid - Mr. MacLeod?

DM - What about Merriman?

Kincaid - Leave him.

[The sailors walk back along the beach. DM & Kincaid follow behind them.] 3

DM - [turns on Kincaid] You had no cause to kill him.

Kincaid - Didn't I? Alive, he was a bad influence. Dead, he's a shining example.

DM - Damn it, Terence, you cannae treat the men like this... they'll nay stand for it!

Kincaid - That's Captain Kincaid to you, and they'll do whatever they must.

DM - Even if they die?

Kincaid - Then they die. Or are you against me, too?

DM - I'm against pointless death. How many weeks will it cost us to go back to China and reprovision?

Kincaid - There'll be no turning back. This cargo has to be in London by the end of August, or we default. And Terence Kincaid never defaults. I will not lose one hundred thousand pounds for the sake of a few lives. [walks past DM to join the crew at the longboat] What are you waiting for? Oarsman, push away! [The sailors all stand facing him, not moving. Kincaid reaches for his pistols, and the two men beside him grab his arms and take away the guns.]

Sailor - We're not going with you. No!

Kincaid - Damn you, McPhee! This is mutiny. I'll see you hanged for this!

McPhee - Mayhap, Captain. You shan't live to see it! [The sailors push Kincaid to his knees.]

DM - No, McPhee, 'tis not the way!

McPhee - [holding Kincaid's cutlass raised, points Kincaid's pistol at DM with his other hand] Stand off, Mr. MacLeod. We've no quarrel with you. It's this bastard here. A

DM - [trying to stop the beheading] Aye, but you're making it too easy for him. Make him suffer like we've suffered.

Sailors - Aye. Aye. That's right. Aye.

DM - Maroon him here.

Sailor - Leave him!

McPhee - I quite like the sound of that. [The other sailors make noises of agreement.]

Sailors - Aye. Aye. Leave him, lads.


Kincaid - Damn you, MacLeod.

Sailor - You'll perish in hell, Captain.

Kincaid - We're the same kind.

DM - This is your doing, not mine. Be thankful I saved your head. [walks toward longboat]

Kincaid - Duncan! Duncan! Don't leave me here. Not here. [watches as DM hops into longboat and it rows out to the ship] Duncan! There's no food, no water. Duncan MacLeod!


Hospital hallway, night 2

(resume previous scene)

[DM & Kincaid stare at each other down the hallway, then DM senses another 'buzz' and turns as Anne & Kenny approach.]

Anne - Duncan, whatever he's done, you have to help him. Come on. He's just a little boy.

DM - He's eight hundred years old. [Anne looks at Kenny.] So, what's it going to be, Kenny? [looks down hallway at Kincaid] Him or me?

Kenny - [looks at Kincaid, then back at DM] Let's go.


Dojo, night 0

Kenny - Look, it's not like I meant to come back here. I was just running. You going to give me a hard time?

DM - I won't get the chance. Where'd you meet Kincaid?

Kenny - Down by the docks. You know him?

DM - We've met. [enters elevator with Kenny] One night. Then you're on the first plane out of here. You got that?

Kenny - Yeah, I got it.

DM - Good. [pulls elevator door closed, puts key in to start elevator. Both sense 'buzz' as elevator rises.]

Kenny - Someone's up there. Someone's waiting, you son of a bitch. You set me up!

DM - Relax. Nobody's setting you up. She's a friend. She's not like that.

Kenny - We're all like that, MacLeod. You're a fool if you don't know it.


<Flashback - Loft above dojo CUT
(from "The Lamb")

DM - You've been learning to fight so you can kill, so you can survive. That's all Kenny's doing. He wants to live. There can be only one, Richie.>


Loft above dojo, night 0

(resume previous scene)

[Elevator reaches the loft, door opens.]

Amanda - Where have you been?

DM - [exits elevator] I had to go to the hospital. It couldn't be helped.

Amanda - [sees Kenny] Oh my God.

DM - Yeah, I know.

Amanda - Kenneth?

Kenny - Amanda?

Amanda - [walks toward him] Kenneth, is that you?

Kenny - Amanda?

Amanda - Yes! [grabs him in a hug, spinning him around] I can't believe it. I can't believe it! [DM stands nearby, at a loss.] Oh! Oh, it's so good to see you!


Establishing shot: Dojo, night 5

Loft above dojo, night 0

["Heart Come Back" instrumental (from "Methos") is playing in the background.]

Amanda - Having you back, and the three of us sitting here like this... It's lovely, isn't it?

DM - [eating dinner at kitchen island with Amanda & Kenny] Wonderful.

Amanda - It's like having a real family. [DM gives her a look as Kenny continues ravenously eating spaghetti.] CUT Duncan, this is as close as it will ever get for me. So would you please lighten up?

DM - I'm done. [gets up, moves to living area. Kenny trades his plate for DM's and continues to eat.]

Amanda - It's been a long time, hasn't it, Kenneth?

Kenny - Kenny. Well, like you said, it's been a long time.

Amanda - [considers the name] Kenny. Kenny. That suits you.

Kenny - Amanda? I was afraid I'd never see you again.


Flashback - England, 1182 - Saxon farm 6

[Super: England 1182]

[Kenny kneels beside a dead man, then moves to the body of a woman, crying quietly. Outside the farmer's hut, Amanda approaches, feels 'buzz'. Kenny also feels 'buzz', comes out of hut. Amanda approaches him, sword drawn.]

Kenny - Don't kill me.

Amanda - Don't be afraid. Where are your people?

Kenny - [looks behind him, into the hut] The Normans came. My father couldn't pay the taxes.

Amanda - [peers into hut, sees woman's body] What do they call you?

Kenny - Kenneth. They found me when I was a baby. I was like their child. My mother...

Amanda - Hush. No one can hurt them anymore.

Kenny - They hurt me here... [looks down at the blood on his chest where a wound had been] It's gone away.

Amanda - I know. [takes his hands in hers] Come here, Kenneth.

Kenny - Will you hurt me?

Amanda - Never. It's okay. [pulls him into her arms & hugs him]



Kenny - [as Amanda finishes cleaning his face with a piece of cloth] You mean I'll never be old?

Amanda - [begins cleaning his hands] You won't look it, but you will get older. Maybe very, very old.

Kenny - Unless somebody takes my head?

Amanda - That is the only way we die. And also the way we live. Here. [puts down cloth, draws her sword] Take it up. Use both your hands.

Kenny - [struggles to lift sword] No. I'm too small to fight.

Amanda - Well, then we will get you a smaller sword.

Kenny - I'm going to die.

Amanda - Look at me, Kenneth. I have lived three hundred years. Many have tried to kill me. Big people, strong people... But I'm still here.

Kenny - How?

Amanda - By being quick. By using this. [taps her head] You're small, yes, but you are very clever. You'll find a way. We use the weapons we have.

Kenny - But I have no weapons.

Amanda - Yes, you do. You just don't know it yet.

Kenny - What is it?

Amanda - [picks up a small mirror, polishes the surface with a sleeve, holds it so he can see himself in it] Your innocence.


Flashback - England, 1182 - Saxon farm, flashback/dream 6

Norman Soldier - Come here. [advances on Kenny's Mother]

Kenny's Father - Get away from her! Leave her alone!

Kenny's Mother - No!

Kenny's Father - Leave her!

Kenny's Mother - [as Kenny watches, helpless] No! Let me go! Stop it! Stop! No!

[Another soldier kills Kenny's Father while the first holds down his Mother, preparing to rape her.]

Norman Soldier - Come here.

[Kenny looks up as the soldier who killed his father looms over him, raising his sword.]

Kenny's Mother - No! Spare my son! No!

[The sword plunges downward.]


Flashback - England, 1183 - clearing in woods, dawn 6

[Super: One Year Later]

[Kenny wakes up, leaves Amanda sleeping under their rough lean-to & goes to collect firewood. He hears men talking & peers around a bush as Norman soldiers approach the lean-to.]

Norman Soldier - [in distance] What have we here?

Norman Soldier - [in distance] {What've they got?} B

[Amanda wakes, reaches for her sword -- which isn't there.]

Sheriff - [holding her sword] Is this what you're looking for? [grabs her, pulls her out of lean-to]

Amanda - What do you want from me, sir?

Sheriff - What would anyone want from a thief? [to men] Search her things.

Norman Soldier - All right, sir. [takes full money pouch from her belt]

Sheriff - A wench and her brat have been waylaying tax collectors in these forests for over a year.

Amanda - 'Twasn't me, I swear. Look around -- I'm alone.

Sheriff - [takes pouch from soldier] We'll see. [holds up pouch]

Amanda - Wages. I'm a baker.

Sheriff - Then you sell a lot of bread.

Amanda - I'm a very GOOD baker.

Sheriff - No, but you're a comely little thief. What a shame to stretch this lovely neck.

Amanda - You mean you won't hang me?

Sheriff - Oh, you'll hang all right, after we take our pleasure.

[He leans closer & Amanda punches him, then attacks the soldier next to her. The sheriff recovers & grabs her.]

Amanda - Bring on the rope!

Sheriff - Bitch! Hang her! [throws her to his men]

Norman Soldiers - Get the rope. Let's go. [Amanda struggles as they drag her away.] Stop it. C Come along.

[The soldiers drag Amanda away. She struggles in their grip as they lead her across the field. Kenny follows after them. 4]


<[later] CUT

Sheriff - This will shut her smart mouth for good.

[Kenny arrives to find Amanda hanging from a noose under a tree. As he turns to run, the Normans see him.]

Sheriff - Fetch the little ferret!

[Kenny runs off through the field.]>


Loft above dojo, night 0

Amanda - [watching Kenny sleeping on sofa] Poor little guy. Never saw him again. He's been running ever since. [walks to bed where DM is preparing for sleep] You don't like him very much, do you?

DM - No... I don't like him at all.

Amanda - Duncan? Do you know how I have never really asked you for anything? [He gives her a look.] Can't he just stay with us for a little while? Until Kincaid leaves?

DM - Amanda, he's not helpless.

Amanda - I know. Please... Humor me? [kisses him]

DM - All right.

Amanda - Thank you.

DM - Mm. [Amanda kisses him again. He picks up his katana and brings it to the bed.]

Amanda - You won't need that.

DM - Humor me.

[They get into bed. On the sofa, Kenny is awake.]


<Near boatyard
(from "The Lamb")

[A homeless man is sitting down, about to eat a sandwich. Kenny picks up a brick, sneaks up behind the man, knocks him unconscious, & steals his sandwich.]


(from "The Lamb")

Ross - [sitting on metal staircase, senses 'buzz'] MacLeod?

[Kenny comes down staircase behind Ross, beheads him, takes his Quickening.] 5


Hospital parking garage
(from "The Lamb")

[Anne runs away from car chasing her. Kenny is driving the car.]


Inside factory
(from "The Lamb")

[Piece of machinery falls down onto DM, pinning him. Kenny climbs down & stands over him.]

Kenny - It all comes down to one thing, MacLeod. In the end, there can be only one. [raises his sword]


Loft above dojo, night 0

(resume previous scene)

Kenny - [still lying awake on sofa, thinking:] And it might as well be me.> CUT



[DM startles awake, rolls over to go back to sleep.]

Amanda - [lying awake next to him, whispers:] Duncan. Dun-can.

DM - [mostly asleep] Hmm?

Amanda - Did I wake you up?

DM - Not if I can help it.

Amanda - Duncan...

DM - What?

Amanda - [pitiful] I can't sleep.

DM - Then count sheep.

Amanda - It doesn't work for me.

<DM - CUT Then drink some milk.>

Amanda - Duncan, would you just wake up and talk to me? Please?

DM - Can't it wait till morning?

Amanda - No, no. This is really important. [nudges him] Duncan.

DM - [gives up] All right, I'm up. What's so important?

Amanda - This is kind of hard for me.

DM - Then why don't we sleep on it and talk about it tomorrow?

Amanda - No, no, Duncan. Would you say -- what, we've known each other for three hundred years? Something like that.

DM - If you say so, yeah.

Amanda - Yeah. Well, when you think of me -- what, when you -- you know, if you ever had to describe me to someone else, would you think of me as a nurturing person?

DM - [stills for a moment] Definitely. Is that it? [starts to roll over]

Amanda - No. [He rolls back.] I want you to be honest. Okay?

DM - How honest?

Amanda - Honest. I mean, tell me the truth. Don't think about hurting my feelings.

DM - Okay. Then, no. Nurturing is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of you. [gives her a half-smile when she looks at him]

Amanda - [hurt] Well, I don't think you know me very well.

DM - Amanda, you're beautiful, you're smart, and you're a lot of fun. Nurturing's in there, it's just not high on the list.

Amanda - Well, do you think that I would have made a good mother?

DM - Absolutely.

Amanda - Really? I mean, because I could take it if you don't think that, you know, I have it in me.

DM - [snuggles close to her] You would have made a wonderful mother. [kisses her cheek]

Amanda - Really?

DM - Mm-hm.

Amanda - Thank you.

DM - You're welcome. CUT


Sidewalk 7

Amanda - [carrying a full paper grocery bag] Are you sure you don't want me to help you with those?

Kenny - [carrying two full paper grocery bags] I can handle it.

Amanda - Sorry.

Kenny - You don't have to be sorry about anything with me, ever.

Amanda - Thank you.

Kenny - I mean it.

Amanda - I know. 6 You know, when those Norman pigs left, I looked for you.

Kenny - I went to the coast and found a ship I could stow away on.

Amanda - I looked for three years, every day and every night.

Kenny - I wish you would have found me.

Amanda - Me, too. The important thing is you're here now.

Kenny - Yeah, well, not for long.

Amanda - Oh, we'll see.

Kenny - He's gonna throw me out as soon as he can. He hates me.

Amanda - I think that's a little strong.

Kenny - You don't see the way he watches me when you're not looking. I don't want to lose you again, Amanda.

Amanda - You won't. I promise.

Kenny - I will, as long as he's around.

Amanda - You know, he's not such a bad guy once you get to know him.

Kenny - I don't want to know him.

Amanda - Look. We are going to work this out.

Kenny - [turns to her] Yeah, right. [re the bags] This is getting kind of heavy.

Amanda - [takes bags from him] I think I can handle it the rest of the way.

Kenny - Good. I'll be back in a little while. [starts back up the street]

Amanda - Where are you going?

Kenny - I, uh, forgot something at the store.

Amanda - Well, we'll get it later.

Kenny - No, it's okay, really.

Amanda - Kincaid is still out there.

Kenny - I'll be careful. I promise. [jogs off]

Amanda - Kenny! Kenny!

Kenny - [calls back to her] Don't worry. I'll be back soon.


Docked boat 8


<Kincaid - [gets off boat, walks over to man stacking containers.] How many have we got left?

Man - [carrying container from boat] There's a few more down below.

Kincaid - [walks with man back to boat, counts containers on boat deck] Okay, finish up. I'll be back.

Man - All right.

Kincaid - [walks back past man stacking containers] Careful, careful. [helps him put container on stack] Careful, careful. [continues walking away from dock, senses 'buzz', looks around & sees DM]> Well, if it isn't the white knight. Have you taken the boy's head already?

DM - Maybe I'm saving it for a rainy day.

Kincaid - What exactly stops you? The fact he won't put up a fight? Or is he not noble enough for you?

DM - That occurred to me.

Kincaid - But a mutiny is?

DM - They were going to take your head. I gave you your life.

Kincaid - No, MacLeod. You gave me death... a thousand times over. For one hundred years -- a living, dying hell of unending thirst and unbearable hunger. Do you know what hell is like, MacLeod? You live on rats, snakes. And when they're all gone, flies. And when everything is dead, you starve to death. Again... and again... and again.

DM - I left you there because you gave me no choice.

Kincaid - [draws his sword] You should have killed me on that island. [backs DM into warehouse]

DM - Don't start this, Kincaid, because I'll finish it.

[Kincaid charges DM, and they begin to fight but are interrupted by two of Kincaid's men.]

Man - What the hell's going on in there?

DM - [quickly puts away his sword] Stay away, Kincaid. You'll stay alive. [walks away]

Man - Is everything all right, Captain?

Kincaid - What are you looking at? Get back to work! Go on!

DM - [exits warehouse, senses 'buzz'] Kenny? Kenny! [looks around, sees no one] Kenny? CUT



Kincaid - [exits warehouse, senses 'buzz'] What is it, MacLeod? Change your mind?

Kenny - Is that the best you could do?

Kincaid - Good enough to take your miserable little head.

Kenny - You could, but if you do, I can't help you.

Kincaid - Help me with what?

Kenny - Get MacLeod. It's what you really want, isn't it?


Loft above dojo 0

Amanda - [emptying her grocery bags, senses 'buzz' as elevator arrives. DM raises gate. D Amanda goes to greet him.] Oh, I thought you were Kenny.

DM - Disappointed?

Amanda - No. I'm just worried. He said he'd only be gone for a few minutes. You know, I shouldn't have let him go.

DM - He knows what's out there. He's tougher than he looks.

Amanda - You know, I think he might be growing on you. [Both sense 'buzz'.] That must be him now.

Kenny - [enters through side door] Oh, hi. Sorry I'm late. I ran into someone downstairs.

DM - Did you?

Anne - [follows Kenny into loft] Hi.

DM - [surprised] Hi.

Anne - I, um, was checking in on Kenny, and he insisted I come up.

DM - Oh, well, how thoughtful of him. [Behind him, Amanda clears her throat.] Oh, Amanda, this is Anne.

Amanda - Nice to meet you.

DM - Yeah, Anne, Amanda. Amanda, Anne's a good friend of mine.

Amanda - Hmm. The doctor. [Anne & Amanda smile at each other in the awkward silence.] Ah, look, I was getting ready to make some coffee. Would you like some decaf?

Anne - Regular is fine. I'm willing to sacrifice, but caffeine is not high on the hit list.

DM - [to Kenny, as the women walk toward the kitchen] We agreed you'd stick close by.

Kenny - There was something I needed to get.

DM - Was it important enough to lose your head over?

Kenny - [shows him the bouquet of flowers he was holding behind his back] They're for Amanda. [takes the flowers to her]

Amanda - Oh. Really pretty. Thank you. [takes the bouquet, kisses his cheek] I'll put them in water.

<DM - I saw Kincaid at the docks. CUT One of us was there.>

Kenny - So? It wasn't me. I'd be crazy to go near him.

DM - [grabs Kenny by the jacket] Let's take a little walk.

Kenny - I don't want to go.

DM - I didn't ask whether you wanted to go. [pulls Kenny by the elbow toward the elevator]

Kenny - Leave me alone!

Anne - Hey, what's going on?

DM - Nothing. [reaches for elevator gate]

Amanda - Duncan, Duncan, he's scared.

DM - It's okay. We're just going for a little walk, and talk.

Amanda - [to Kenny] You'll be okay.

DM - Hm. [closes gate]

Amanda - [pointedly, at DM] He won't hurt you.

DM - Much. [starts elevator]

Amanda - [to Anne] Coffee.


Empty dojo 0

Kenny - [in elevator] Help, Amanda! Please, don't let him do this to me. Help!

DM - [raises gate] You can drop the little boy act. She can't hear you. [pulls Kenny out of elevator]

Kenny - [pulls away from him] Let go of me, damn it! Stay the hell away from me. You kill me, she'll kill you.

DM - You think so?

Kenny - I'm her son. You're just some guy she screws.

DM - I don't want your little head. I just want the truth. If you remember how to tell it. E What were you doing down by the docks?

Kenny - You're so damn smart -- what makes you think I was even there?

DM - Because I know you... and you've got tar on your shoes. Now I don't know what you're up to, but I'm through treating you like a little kid. You come after me, and I'll kill you.

Kenny - You're like the rest, just looking for an excuse.

DM - Hey, I'm just giving you fair warning. I won't turn my back on you again.

Kenny - Good. 'Cause the second you do... [snaps his fingers] I'll take your head. [runs for the exit. DM watches him go.]


Loft above dojo 0


Anne - [sitting on sofa with Amanda, drinking coffee] So... [chuckles nervously]

Amanda - My thoughts exactly. [Both laugh a little.]

Anne - This is really awkward.

Amanda - Only for about the first hundred years or so.

Anne - He seems very different around you.

Amanda - You think so?

Anne - Yeah. Yeah, the way he smiles. He can really open up to you.

Amanda - Well, I'm sure Duncan really cares about you, too, Anne.

Anne - I -- I was talking about Kenny.

Amanda - Right. [Both laugh.] Kenny's, uh, really special. I guess I'm the closest thing he'll ever have to a mother. And, um, he's definitely the closest I'll ever get to having a kid. And he's not even a kid. So, so what are you -- about four months?

Anne - Five.

Amanda - Could I...? [holds out her hand]

Anne - Oh, yeah. [sets coffee cup down, takes Amanda's hand] Go ahead. Here. [puts the hand on her belly]

Amanda - Wow. So what's it like?

Anne - Oh, like all the cliches. You know -- carrying a watermelon. Walking like a duck. And this -- this is the easy part. The tough part comes when she gets here.

Amanda - Are you scared?

Anne - Terrified. Well, you know, I'm a single mother. I work crazy shifts and weird hours... She's going to need me, and the E.R.'s going to need me, and I haven't figured out how I'm going to make it all work yet.

Amanda - You know what? I think you're going to do great.

Anne - [smiles] Thanks.


Establishing shot: Dojo, night 5

Loft above dojo, night 0

Amanda - [pacing around the loft] You know, I don't like this. He's been gone almost all night.

DM - [relaxing on the sofa with a book] Well, maybe he's buying you some more flowers.

Amanda - Or maybe he's getting killed. I can't believe you just let him go.

DM - CUT He's lived without you for eight hundred years.

Amanda - You know, he's an easy target, and you know it. [Phone rings. Amanda runs to answer.]

DM - [gets up from sofa] Amanda.

Amanda - [into phone] Kenny?

Kenny - [on phone] Kincaid's after me, but I got away. But he's coming. Please come and get me. Oh, tell -- tell Duncan I'm sorry, [into phone, in dark phone booth] and I should have trusted him, but I was afraid. [on phone] I'm at Kita Point, by the docks.

DM - [reaches toward the phone] Give me that. [Amanda pushes his hand away.]

Kenny - [into phone] Amanda, I'm scared.

Amanda - [into phone] Okay, Kenny, just listen to me. Stay out of sight until I get there. Okay? All right, good-bye. [hangs up] CUT


Phone booth, night 8

[Kenny hangs up pay phone, turns to Kincaid.]

Kincaid - I told you I wanted MacLeod, you little dwarf, not the girl!

Kenny - He'll be here.

Kincaid - What makes you so sure?

Kenny - Because I know him. MacLeod's yours. Just remember one thing... Amanda's all mine.


Warehouse docks, morning 8

Amanda - [walks into frame and F along dock, senses 'buzz', turns & sees DM behind her] Don't sneak up on me like that!

DM - "Thanks for coming, Duncan."

Amanda - I didn't ask you to come.

DM - Amanda, I can't believe that he's completely taken you in like this. He's not a kid. He's a con man. And the only thing he wants are heads.

Amanda - Not mine.

DM - Yours, mine, it makes no difference? He's taken enough of them.

Amanda - Oh, and we haven't?

<DM - Not like him. Amanda, he uses people. CUT It doesn't matter to him. Good, bad, it makes no difference!>

Amanda - You say.

DM - I know. I've seen it.

Amanda - You don't understand, Duncan. Whatever he is, I helped make him.

Kenny - [faint, offscreen] Amanda, please, help me!

Amanda - Kincaid has him.

DM - Maybe. [follows her as she runs toward warehouse] Amanda. Amanda!


Inside warehouse 8

Amanda - [senses 'buzz'] He's in here.

DM - It's Kincaid.

Kenny - [faint, offscreen] No, don't! Let go of me!

Amanda - I don't care about Kincaid. I've got to find Kenny.

<DM - CUT Amanda, if you find him, be careful. And while you're at it, watch my back, too.> [They move off in different directions.]


[short time later]

Kincaid - [as DM approaches] I've been waiting for you... for a long time.

DM - If this is what you want, let's get it over with.

Kincaid - Aye-aye, Mr. MacLeod.

[They fight. Kenny watches from a walkway above the fight. He turns a metal wheel, sending hot steam into DM's face, temporarily blinding him.]

Amanda - [comes up behind Kenny] You set him up.

Kenny - I had to do it. Kincaid made me.



Kincaid - My only regret is, MacLeod, you will only die once.

[Still blinded, DM flails with his sword in Kincaid's direction. Kincaid throws a piece of debris behind DM and he turns toward the sound. Kincaid cuts him across the back and he falls to his knees.]



Amanda - Why?

Kenny - I haven't lived this long trusting anyone, except for you. CUT

Amanda - But he would have helped you.



<Kincaid - I want you to know what it feels like to die slowly. [slices DM's leg]> CUT



Kenny - Kincaid's got him, and you can't interfere.

[As Amanda & Kenny watch, Kincaid continues toying with DM. DM is starting to regain his vision, but pretends he still can't see. When Kincaid gets too close to him, he takes advantage and stabs Kincaid.]

DM - See ya.

[DM beheads Kincaid, takes his Quickening. While Amanda watches from the walkway, Kenny pulls out a pair of handcuffs and cuffs her to the metal wheel.]

Amanda - Take these off!

Kenny - I'll be back. I've got some business to take care of first.

Amanda - Kenny! Take these off.

<[Kenny steps close, kisses her gently on the lips, smiles at her, then runs off.]> CUT

Amanda - Kenny! Kenny, take these off!

[Kenny runs down to the warehouse floor as the Quickening ends.]

Kenny - The bigger they are, the harder they fall. [raises his sword to behead DM]

Amanda - Do it, and you're next. [walks toward them, throws the handcuffs at Kenny's feet] It's kid stuff.

Kenny - You wouldn't.

Amanda - Try me.

Kenny - But I'm just a boy.

Amanda - Like hell.

Kenny - Look at him. He'll kill me!

Amanda - Maybe. But if you kill him, *I* will kill you.

[Kenny looks at them a moment, then runs off.]

DM - [gets to his feet, hugs Amanda] Thanks.

Amanda - You were right about him.

DM - I'm sorry.


Loft above dojo 0

[Amanda straightens G her clothes in mirror.]

DM - [comes up behind her] Alone at last.

Amanda - Now don't start anything you can't finish.

DM - Who says? [takes off his shirt, turns her around, kisses her. She looks at her watch.] Am I boring you?

Amanda - Mm. [kisses him again, then turns as elevator arrives] Told you.

DM - [surprised] Anne. [holds his shirt up against his bare chest] I wasn't expecting you.

Amanda - I was.

Anne - I still have your key. [holds up elevator key, sets it on table] We discovered that we had a lot more in common after all.

Amanda - Don't wait up. [They go to the elevator together.]

DM - [still holding his shirt] Bye.

Amanda & Anne - [together, cheerfully] Bye. [They pull down the elevator grate, leaving DM behind.]


End of "Reunion"

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