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Episode 8: Reluctant Heroes

Written by Scott Peters
Directed by Neill Fearnley
Aired: November 19, 1995
Transcript revised: 12-2-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student


Paul Kinman - Peter Outerbridge

David Markum - Kevin McNulty

Kayla/Kaayla Brooks - Jill Teed
              FBI Agent


Joey - ??
              Petrovic's driver / bodyguard


Alice Markum - Eileen Barrett
              David Markum's wife

Cop - Peter Bryant
              in parking garage

Queen Anne - Nicola Cavendish
              in FB

Lord Dennis Keating - Tony Scanling
              in FB

Earl of Welsley - Kevin Lesmister
              in FB

Frank Desantis - Fred Henderson
              FBI Agent, Brooks' partner

Vince Petrovic - Stephen Dimopoulos
              loan shark

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. Seacouver skyline - Burrard St Bridge, looking northeast [49.275421,-123.136804]
2. Markum's store - 1803 Commercial Dr [49.268592,-123.069835]
3. Parking garages - underneath 770 Pacific Blvd, Plaza of Nations [49.275295,-123.111207]
4. MacLeod's Victorian - on Deer Lake Drive, Burnaby [49.233334,-122.970142]
5. English estate - Queen Elizabeth Park, 4600 Cambie St (exact coordinates unknown)
6. Police station exterior - Jericho Hill Gymnasium & Pool, 4196 W 4th Ave [49.267265,-123.198109]
7. Police station interior - unknown location
8. Establishing shot for meat warehouse - 'SIGNS' building under Granville Bridge [49.274596,-123.130842]
9. Meat-packing warehouse exterior - unknown location
10. Country lane - unknown location
11. Meat-packing warehouse interior - unknown location
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on USA Network* (1998) matches the official cut, with four exceptions.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with four exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Establishing shot: Seacouver bridge, night 1

Outside a theater, night 2

RR - <Oh, boy. That was fun. A piece of advice, Mac -- never see a movie when you can't pronounce the title.> CUT There's two hours of my life I'm never getting back. [walks past sign reading: FOREIGN FILM Festival

DM - Well, you can afford two.

RR - What exactly is the attraction here, Mac? Is it the overacting or the bad subtitles?

DM - It's supposed to be enlightening.

RR - [checks out a blonde that passes them] Boring is what it was.

<DM - [grabs him by the jacket, pulls him along] You mean, no great lines, no uh -- nothing like, uh... "Hasta la vista, baby"-- CUT

RR - Exactly.

DM - Or, uh, "I'll be back."

RR - That's it. (continued below)


Markum's grocery store 2

[Petrovic walks out of store.]

Joey - Ready to roll, Mr. Petrovic.

[Across the street, man in black ski mask walks toward store. Markum carries 5-gallon bucket of flowers into store, closing up for the night.]


Street near store 2

(continued from above)
DM - You mean, no fight scenes to hold the story together?

RR - That's precisely what I'm talking about.

DM - You know what? You're a worry.

RR - Excuse me?>

[They reach the T-bird parked outside Markum's store, sense 'buzz'. Ski mask man approaches. Markum exits store, collects box of oranges from produce stand. Ski mask man points gun at Markum. DM races to protect Markum, knocking him down as ski mask man shoots at them. Ski mask man runs off.]

DM - [to Markum] Are you okay?

Markum - Yeah. I think so.

RR - [runs over to them] Come on, Mac. He's getting away.

[They take off after the shooter as Markum gets to his feet.]

Alice - [exits store holding a bag of cat litter] David?

Markum - I'm all right. I'm all right. He saved my life.

Alice - Good, David. Good. I'm glad. [drops bag, collapses]

Markum - Alice? [sees blood on her dress] No. No, no. No!


Parking garage, night 3

[Kinman throws his ski mask & gun in a passing garbage trolley, runs down ramp into garage. DM & RR follow soon after.]

DM - That way.

<[Kinman hides behind a pillar. Duncan draws his sword, motions to RR. They split up, move off through the garage. 1 Kinman, hiding behind the pillar, sees RR's shadow near, steps out to meet him. RR assumes en garde position, then DM comes up behind Kinman.] CUT

Kinman - [turns to DM, recognizes him] Can it be?

DM - That is the question.

Kinman - Does the boy do your fighting for you now?

RR - What are you doing, Mac?

DM - Don't worry. Old friend. [takes RR's place in en garde position]>

[They begin to fight but are interrupted by police sirens.]

Kinman - Another time, perhaps. [opens nearby door, enters stairwell]

Cop - Drop it! [DM hides around a corner as cop appears in stairwell, takes Kinman's sword.] Gimme that thing.

Kinman - It's called a sword.

Cop - Get him out of here. [hands Kinman off to his partner, looks out of stairwell briefly, then closes door] CUT

<DM - [goes over to RR] Enough action for you?

RR - [nods] Hasta la vista, baby.>

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: MacLeod's Victorian 4

MacLeod's Victorian 4

DM - [working on porch, as RR walks toward him carrying a newspaper] Hey, Rich, what's up?

RR - Last night... The guy we saved?

DM - Yeah, what about him?

RR - His name's David Markum. One of the bullets that went through the window killed his wife.

DM - What?

RR - Check it out. [hands paper to DM] The police are looking for us. They want us to identify the killer.

DM - We can't.

RR - Excuse me?

DM - We weren't there.

RR - Then I must have one hell of an imagination.

DM - Richie, we can't afford the publicity this sort of thing brings.

RR - What's the worst thing that could happen?

DM - Kinman.

RR - What about him?

DM - Richie, he doesn't know who you are. I want to keep it that way.

RR - CUT He's that good, huh?

DM - That good.


Flashback - England, 1712 - summer estate 5

[Super: England 1712]

Queen Anne - [as croquet ball misses wicket] Oh, I swear that wicket is smaller than the rest. No other, just that one.

Dennis - Perhaps the wicket is of regulation width, but it is your ball that is larger than the rest.

Queen Anne - CUT You would do well to refrain from commenting on the play.

Dennis - To be truthful, by and large, the game is not at the forefront of my thoughts, Your Majesty.

Queen Anne - I'm sure you'll tell us what is.

Dennis - The mounting tensions between England and Scotland. My friend Duncan MacLeod speaks for the clans.

Queen Anne - Are you concerned about the war, Duncan MacLeod?

DM - I would think the war is of grave concern to us all, Your Majesty.

Queen Anne - [smiles] I believe it's your turn.

DM - [as he plays] To be perfectly candid, there are thousands of loyal Scots that have died on French soil fighting for you, my queen.

Dennis - Indeed, while your nobles tax them into oblivion. Mark my words -- there will be a civil war with Scotland because of it.

Earl of Welsley - Such talk borders on treason, sir. How dare you.

Queen Anne - Lord Welsley, we will decide what is treasonous in our presence and what is not.

Earl of Welsley - Of course, Your Majesty. [bows, leaves]

Queen Anne - Lord Dennis, there is a time to discuss our war with the French and a time to keep your mind on the game and your thoughts to yourself.

DM - [to Dennis, quietly] I think we have made our point.

Dennis - [quietly] Nonsense. The queen respects a strong will. [louder, to Queen Anne] Duncan feels I should hold my tongue.

Queen Anne - We are inclined to agree.

Dennis - I, on the other hand, feel that right is right. [louder] And I don't care a whit who hears my opinions on the matter. [Earl of Welsley turns, looks at him.]

Queen Anne - Then you are a fool! And we don't care to associate with fools. [leaves]


Flashback - England, 1712 - tavern, night 0

DM - <Right, {I thought you were} in trouble, then.> CUT Ah, but Dennis, when you talked about the war.

Dennis - [scoffs] Duncan, I don't care a whit what they think.

DM - I may not be a diplomat, but I do know about timing, and yours is terrible.

Dennis - Maybe the queen has time to spare, but England doesn't.

DM - The queen can be our greatest ally. You said so yourself when we met in the Highlands months ago. Now that I've seen her, I know it to be true.

Dennis - All of these men have lost friends and family in this accursed war.

DM - Aye, but can you not use your head instead of your heart?

Dennis - I spoke the truth.

DM - I have no quarrel with what you say. It's how and when you say it. [senses 'buzz', looks toward door as Kinman enters]

Kinman - [looks around, makes noise of disgust, raises handkerchief to his face, then notices DM] Barkeep. [goes to bar] Ale. If you have any that's fit to drink.

Dennis - [stands] What brings you here, sir?

Kinman - Why, the same as you, sir. I have a thirst. Although by the looks of things, your thirst is not for drink, but for the commoners' adulation.

Dennis - These are my friends.

Kinman - And no different than you?

Dennis - Indeed they are not... sir.

Kinman - [loudly] How many of your "friends" play croquet for a living?

DM - Gentlemen, why don't we have a drink and discuss the affairs of the day in good cheer.

Dennis - [to Kinman, ignoring DM] Are you insulting me?

Kinman - Your politics do that well enough.

DM - [to Dennis] Let us return to our ales.

Dennis - If you're not careful, that drink will be your last.

Kinman - You affix yourself to royalty like a louse affixes itself to a horse's ass, and yet you say your loyalties lie with these... people. How disingenuous of you. [Dennis moves to strike Kinman, DM stops him, & Kinman's ale is jostled.] Oh! How common. Was that your way of challenging me?

Dennis - Tomorrow at noon.

Kinman - I shall look forward to it. [Dennis nods, goes back to table. Kinman leaves.]

DM - Dennis, let us not bother with this nonsense. We have more important matters to discuss.

Dennis - What are you saying?

DM - Do you not see he was goading you into a challenge? Withdraw it and forget him.

Dennis - Withdraw? The man is a fop. I'll dispatch him tomorrow and be done with it.

DM - He is more than he seems.

Dennis - There is nothing more to discuss.

DM - Let me take the challenge.

Dennis - The insult was to me.

DM - Damn it, man. You are a fool. The queen was right. [Dennis doesn't reply. DM leaves in disgust.]


Flashback - England, 1712 - summer estate 5

[Kinman, having tea with Earl of Welsley, senses 'buzz'.]

Kinman - Your Grace. [draws Earl's attention to DM approaching]

DM - Your Grace. [turns to Kinman] Kinman, I should like to speak with you. 2

Kinman - You may speak.

DM - I'm not asking your permission. I will speak with you -- but privately.

Kinman - I'm currently entertaining. Perhaps another time.

DM - There will be no other time.

Kinman - Oh, very well. If it's the only way to have any peace. [stands, bows to Earl, follows DM aside] Yes, yes?

DM - I have come here to ask you not to fight my friend tomorrow.

Kinman - Certainly. Have him apologize publicly, then shut his mouth forever about his bloody politics and the matter will be closed.

DM - CUT 'Tis an unfair fight and you know it.

Kinman - 'Tis a matter of honor.

DM - There is no honor in fighting a man when the advantage is yours. 'Tis sport and nothing more.

Kinman - I never fight for sport.

DM - Then let the duel be to first blood. Honor will be satisfied and the matter will be closed.

<Kinman - What concern is it of yours? He's not one of us.

DM - Do we agree?> CUT

Kinman - Oh, very well, my dear fellow. Very well. [DM leaves. Kinman rejoins the Earl.]

Earl of Welsley - Do a good job of it tomorrow, Paul. Dennis is entirely too friendly with the Scots. He needs to be taught a lesson. CUT

Kinman - Trust me, Your Grace. The matter is in good hands. [takes a sip of his tea A]



[Close on Dennis. Close on Kinman. They raise their swords toward each other, salute, stand with blades crossed. Duel officiate moves to stand between them. 3 Officiate steps back & B they begin their duel. CUT Dennis makes a hard swipe & cuts the tail off Kinman's cravat.]

Kinman - Well, it seems your confidence is sufficiently bolstered. [They resume the duel. Kinman lands a cut on Dennis' cheek.]

DM - First blood has been drawn. The duel is over. [to Dennis] Honor's been satisfied. You proved your courage.

Kinman - I nearly broke a sweat there. Is there anyone else at home who could provide me with more distraction? A sister, perhaps?

Dennis - Sir, you will take back those words or I'll have your head.

Kinman - [looks at DM] That would be quite a show, wouldn't it?

DM - Let it stand. [pulls Dennis away]

Kinman - [as they walk away] And after I've had your sister, perhaps your mother would care to be entertained.

Dennis - Why you-- [turns, charges at Kinman. Kinman easily deflects the charge & kills him.]

Kinman - Oh, dear. [DM runs to Dennis' body, confirms he is dead, then turns, preparing to challenge Kinman.] Judgement! [Officiate steps forward, waves DM off. Kinman bows to DM as the others depart.] You're next.


MacLeod's Victorian 4

Brooks - Duncan MacLeod?

DM - Yeah, can I help you?

Brooks - Kaayla Brooks, FBI. [holds up her ID] Glad I found you.

DM - Sure. What's this about?

Brooks - Testifying against Paul Kinman.

DM - Sorry, who?

Brooks - The man who killed Alice Markum last night.

DM - Oh, the woman in the newspaper? What would I have to do with that?

Brooks - Well, you weren't at the Geyser Theater on Sierra Road around eleven P.M.?

DM - No. Sorry.

RR - [as Brooks looks over at him] Don't look at me.

Brooks - [turns back to DM] And you didn't get between David Markum and a bullet?

DM - I think you've got me mixed up with somebody else.

Brooks - Well, I've got a witness, says he saw two guys with a T-bird chase the shooter. [looks DM over as he walks past her] Now, one was tall, long hair, well built. [looks RR over as he walks past her (wearing a blue t-shirt)] The other was about twenty, short hair, blue T-shirt. Now, I've been tracking T-Birds all day long. Now I'm standing here with you and your friend, well, I see I've found my boys.

RR - There must be a lot of guys who look like us.

Brooks - Yeah, right. Look, cops caught the guy in a parking garage around the corner. Guy's a pro. Very smart. Bureau's been tracking him for about five years. Never had enough for an arrest.

DM - [re piece of plywood] Eighty-six and three-eighths, Richie. [to Brooks] Well, I guess congratulations are in order.

Brooks - Not yet, they're not. The guy ditched the weapon and the mask before the police got to him. Now the only ones who can tie him into the shooting are the guys that chased him.

DM - Well, good luck finding them.

Brooks - No, I already found them. You were there. You saw the guy. You can put him away. Are you going to testify?

DM - Sorry. Wish I could help.

Brooks - Okay, you don't want to talk to me, that's fine. You can talk to the local cops. Because if I found you, so will they. CUT [leaves]

RR - Am I missing something here, Mac? If Kinman is such a badass, why don't we just testify and put him away so he can't hurt anybody?

DM - Richie, I don't want to put him away. I want to bury him.


Outside Metropolitan Police Station 6

RR - [exits station with DM] How long were we in there for?

DM - Three hours.

RR - Felt like three days. They must've asked me the same questions fifty times.

DM - And you told them...?

RR - Just like we talked about -- we were training at the dojo. I still don't think they believed me.

DM - My guess is he's got a lawyer by now. They can hold him for forty-eight hours without charging him.

RR - And then you're going to be waiting for him when he gets out.

DM - That's right.

RR - What if he wins?

DM - Then you'd better take the first bus out of town.

Markum - [runs out of police station toward them] MacLeod! [reaches them] It is you.

DM - I'm sorry about your wife, Mr. Markum.

Markum - How sorry are you? They told me inside you weren't going to testify. They said you told them you weren't even there.

DM - There's nothing I can do.

Markum - You can tell them the truth, damn it.

DM - You'll have your justice... Trust me, it's better this way.

Markum - Better for who? What, are you afraid? <Or did he buy you? CUT Whatever it is, I'll match it.>

DM - Go home, Mr. Markum.

Markum - [pulls out a gun, points it at DM] You son-of-a-bitch, C you can't let him walk.

RR - Mac!

DM - [grabs the gun away from Markum] I said, go home.

Markum - You're going to let him get away with killing my wife? [DM removes clip from gun, hands gun back to Markum.] You're nothing but a damn coward.

RR - Why don't you just relax? Remember this guy saved your life.

DM - It's okay, Richie. Forget it.

Markum - Coward. Coward!


Flashback - England, 1712 - Queen's pavilion 5

Queen Anne - [as DM approaches, bows] I see the anger in your eyes. I, too, was loathed to hear of Dennis' death.

DM - It will not go unanswered.

Queen Anne - I understand your hatred of Kinman's act, but it was not one of his own making. He was paid to kill Dennis, by those who wish to see the war with France continue.

DM - Whether paid or not, he will be dealt with.

Queen Anne - The court is alive with treachery. Jacobites, Tories, Whigs, French spies, all at each other's throats. This intrigue serves no one.

DM - Your Majesty, may I come closer?

Queen Anne - [to those nearby] You may take your leave.

Ladies - Yes, Your Majesty. [bow & leave]

DM - [kneels beside Queen Anne's chair] I care not about treachery or intrigue. I care about justice. I only want Kinman.

Queen Anne - My people are divided. I will not give them a battle between a Catholic Scotsman and a Protestant Englishman that will divide them further.

DM - But you cannot ask me to do nothing.

Queen Anne - I can ask what I will -- I am your Queen! And I will have your word that you will not fight Kinman.

DM - I beg of you, Your Majesty, 'twould be better to ask for my life than to ask for this.

Queen Anne - There is more at stake here than your pride! I have a nation to protect. I will have your word, and I will have it now.

DM - [kneels] I swear. [bows his head. Queen Anne starts to walk away.] As long as the queen reigns, I will not fight him. [Queen Anne looks over her shoulder at him, leaves.]


Flashback - England, 1712 - tavern 0

DM - [raises his glass] To a good friend and a good man.

Patrons - Aye.

DM - Lord Dennis Keating.

Patron - Lord Dennis Keating.

[Everyone raises their glasses in toast and drink.]

Patron - That was the only one of those gentlemen that was decent.

[DM senses 'buzz', sits down. 4 Kinman enters with Earl of Welsley behind him.]

Kinman - Barkeep. Two ales. Your finest.

Earl of Welsley - Does it always smell like this in here?

Kinman - Ah, Duncan MacLeod. My very good friend. I didn't see you back here. [sits down next to him] Perhaps you can help us.

DM - I've nothing to say to you.

Kinman - Oh, nonsense. All you need to do is settle a little argument between my very good friend here, the Earl of Welsley, and myself. You see, the earl thinks young Dennis died like a man. I, on the other hand, think he died like a stuck pig. What do you think? [Earl hands him a mug.] Very good.

DM - [ignores Kinman, goes to bar] Another one.

Kinman - Well, apparently we're here to learn OUR lesson.

Earl of Welsley - And what lesson is that?

Kinman - A coward who holds his tongue will live to quiver another day. [DM steps in front of him.] Yes? Is there something you wanted to say? [DM glares at him, then walks away.] It walks like a man, it talks like a man, but it slithers out on its belly.

Patrons - [murmuring restlesssly] Challenge. You coward.

Markum - Coward.

Patrons - Coward! Coward. [DM leaves.] Scurry out then. Coward. Go on! Coward. Coward. Coward.


Outside police station 6

(resume previous scene)

Markum - Cowards. [as DM & RR drive off in T-bird] Cowards! [Brooks picks up gun clip from pavement, walks over to him.] He won't testify. You have to make them testify.

Brooks - If they both hold to their stories, there's nothing we can do.

Markum - You could arrest them.

Brooks - On what charge?

Markum - Please, you have to do something. There has to be justice.

Brooks - I promise you, Mr. Markum, Kinman is not going to walk away from this thing. Now give me your gun.

Markum - I keep it in the store for protection.

Brooks - Give it to me. Please. [He hands her the gun.] Come on. 5


Police station - interrogation room 7

Brooks - You might as well talk to me, Kinman, because your ass is nailed.

Kinman - What shall we talk about, Agent Brooks? The war in Bosnia? How the Yankees did last week?

Brooks - Let's talk about the murder you committed last night. If you want to talk about something else, let's talk about Michael Taussig in Chicago... Daniel Rothstein in Philly. Perry Tavalin in Miami.

Kinman - Are these people I'm supposed to know?

Brooks - They're people you killed.

Kinman - Really? Hm. You'd think I'd remember something like that. D

Brooks - You're going away this time, Kinman. I've got two witnesses that ID'd you.

Kinman - I don't think so. If you did have somebody willing to talk, I'd be in front of a judge right now being arraigned, not sitting here talking to you. [holds up closed fist] Watch this. [pulls edge of sleeve down] Nothing up my sleeve. Look what's in my hand. [opens his hand] Why, it's nothing! And that's exactly what you have, Agent Brooks. Nothing.

Brooks - No, you're wrong. See, I've got this. [pulls out Markum's gun, cocks it, shoves it at Kinman's nose] Now, what do you have to say?

Frank - Kaayla, what the hell are you doing?

Brooks - My job. Cleaning up the streets.

Frank - Frank, don't let her do this.

Brooks - I'm going to kill you now, you bastard. E How does it feel?

Frank - Kaayla, don't. He's not worth it.

Brooks - If we don't charge him, he'll walk. I'm not going to let that happen.

Frank - Give me the gun, please... We're going to get him, just not like this.

Brooks - Why not? That's how he did Alice Markum.

Frank - Kaayla, he's not worth your life... You do this and that's what you're throwing away. Now give it to me.

Brooks - No.

Kinman - Frank, let's do something here.

Brooks - He has to pay.

Frank - He will... We'll get him. Now, Kaayla, give me the gun. Now. [takes gun from her] It's okay. It's okay.

Brooks - Sorry.

Frank - Okay, now I'm going to get rid of this, and then I'm going down to my car to get that bottle of Scotch I have. Do you want to join me?

Brooks - No, you go on. [looks over at Kinman] We're not finished.

Frank - Now, I'm going to be right back. Don't do anything crazy.

Brooks - I won't. [Frank gives her a look.] I promise.

[Frank leaves. Brooks walks over to Kinman, pulls his head back by the hair, kisses him.]

Kinman - Very convincing.

Brooks - I have to be. [kisses him again]


Kinman - Where's my sword?

Brooks - In the evidence locker. What is it with you and that thing?

Kinman - Can you get it?

Brooks - Hey, I'm FBI. I can get anything. [kisses him again] I don't know what I see in you.

Kinman - I do. Danger. [kiss] Money. [kiss] Style. [long kiss] Power. You don't really have a witness, do you, sweetheart?

Brooks - Not one who's going to talk. If he was, you know I'd take care of it for you. [They kiss again.] 6


Dojo 0

[Markum, sitting on bench in office, stands as DM enters dojo.]

RR - I told him, Mac, but he insisted on seeing you.

DM - It's all right. I'll talk to him. [enters office] Mr. Markum, I already told you I can't testify.

Markum - You did. That's what you told me. [re the two girls sitting in the office with him] Now I want you to tell them. Come on, girls. It's all right. [brings the girls to stand in front of him] This is Lisa... and this is Maureen. Our-- My children. Girls, this is Duncan MacLeod.

DM - Markum, don't do this.

Markum - Lisa's starting softball this year. Maureen has to get braces. Alice promised her a kitten. [RR joins them in the office.] Now you tell them why you won't testify. You tell them why you won't help find the man who murdered their mother. Go ahead, MacLeod. They're waiting.

DM - I'm sorry. [leaves office]

Markum - [to the girls] It's all right. It's all right. [to RR] Look, I know you were there. I know it. Is it money? Is that it?

RR - No. It's not like that.

Markum - Look. Here's two hundred thousand dollars. [fills out a check] Two hundred thousand dollars, just for telling the truth.

RR - It's not about the money.

Markum - [tears check out of book] Then what will it take, damn it? It's all I have! Here, take it! [shoves check into RR's hand]

RR - I can't. [hands check back] I'm so sorry.

Markum - Come on, girls. Let's go.


Loft above dojo 0

RR - Two hundred grand, Mac, in my hand, just for telling the truth. You know what I could do with that kind of money?

DM - [sharply] You didn't take it.

RR - Of course not. But I can't say I wasn't tempted. It would've changed my life.

DM - Yeah, or gotten you killed.

RR - It's not about the money, Mac. It's about Markum. It's about his kids. The guy's tearing himself apart.

DM - Don't you think I know that?

RR - Then why in the hell can't we just help him?

DM - 'Cause Kinman is mine.

RR - I don't get you, Mac. Sometimes you are unbelievable. You're the first one to talk about justice. The first one to talk about what's right.

DM - That's what this is about -- justice.

RR - Damn it, for what? For a guy who died over two centuries ago?

DM - Time doesn't make any difference, Richie.

RR - What about Markum? What about his little girls?

DM - Kinman will get what's coming to him.

RR - Mac, you kill Kinman, YOU get satisfaction.

<DM - Hey, it's not about my satisfaction.

RR - Yeah, right.

DM - He's done this for centuries.

RR - Bull, Mac.> CUT You kill him, they'll never know about it! They'll spend the rest of their lives thinking he got away.

DM - And that we let him. I know.

RR - And we just go ahead and live with that?


Markum's grocery store 2

[DM enters store, finds Markum checking inventory on an aisle.]

Markum - What do you want?

DM - Why did Kinman come after you?

Markum - You don't want to come forward, fine. Just leave.

DM - Come on. Answer the question.

Markum - I don't know.

DM - Really?

Markum - Look at me, Mr. MacLeod. What do you see? Nothing. Because that's what I am... nothing.

DM - That's not what I see. I see a man so hurt he doesn't know what he's doing. A man so angry he uses his children's grief as a weapon. You want to tell me why?

Markum - My wife is dead. The killer goes free. That's not reason enough?

DM - There's more to it than that. Why did she die? [off Markum's reaction] What did you do?

Markum - It should have been me. I deserved it. It was my fault.

DM - [quietly] Why?

Markum - I'm not a rich man, Mr. MacLeod. Just a little bit successful. But I had to buy that success. I took a loan from a man I had no business knowing. Vince Petrovic.

DM - And when you tried to pay him back...?

Markum - He wanted half the store. Said he was my partner. I told him to go to hell.

DM - You didn't think he'd come after you?

Markum - I thought I could handle it. I thought I was tough enough. I never thought... Alice never even knew about the loan.

DM - And you didn't tell the police.

Markum - If I did, he'd come after my kids. To lose someone like that... To have it happen because of you. You can't understand what that feels like. [walks away]

DM - [to himself] Maybe I can.


Establishing shot: Metropolitan Police Station 6

Police station - observation room 7

Brooks - I don't know why you decided to come forward, Mr. MacLeod, but I'm glad you did. [re Kinman sitting in room on other side of one-way mirror] Just take your time. He can't see you. He won't even know you're standing here.

[Kinman looks up, aims his finger like a gun at DM, lowers his thumb as if shooting.]

DM - Sure he won't. That's the man that killed Alice Markum.

Brooks - You're positive? After all, it was very dark... and you will be under oath.

DM - That's him.

[Kinman continues to stare through the one-way mirror, a slight smirk on his face.]

Brooks - Then we're done. Except for one thing.

DM - What's that?

Brooks - Well, Markum's taken a second mortgage out on his house and he's borrowing everything he can on his store.

DM - So?

Brooks - Well, some people are saying he paid you to testify.

DM - He didn't.

Brooks - If that came out in court, your testimony would be inadmissible and... Kinman walks.

DM - He didn't pay me.

Brooks - That's all you have to say?

DM - That's all there is.

Brooks - We'll be in touch. 7


Establishing shot: Outside meat-packing warehouse, night 8

Outside meat-packing warehouse, night 9

DM - [as Petrovic counts handful of bills while walking toward parked car] That's a lot of money to be carrying around. I've heard this neighborhood isn't safe after dark.

Petrovic - [pockets the cash] That depends who you are. Do I know you?

DM - No. I'm Duncan MacLeod.

Petrovic - What can I do for you, Duncan MacLeod?

DM - Just stay away from David Markum.

Petrovic - Who?

DM - The man you hired Paul Kinman to kill.

Petrovic - [as driver/bodyguard moves toward DM] It's okay, Joey. Listen to the mouth on this guy. Now, is it slander or is it libel, I forget which. But either one, accusations like that can get a person in a lot of trouble.

DM - Paul Kinman's going away for life. Don't send anyone else.

Petrovic - If this fantasy you've concocted were true, and I could order a person's death over the telephone, why wouldn't I order yours?

DM - Because you're a businessman, and you deal in what you know. And you don't know me, and that worries you a little.

Petrovic - Hey, Joey, do I look worried? [Joey shakes his head, moves around car toward DM.] You've got nerve, I'll give you that. [to Joey] I think I've heard enough of this clown.

[Joey grabs at DM. DM quickly takes him down.]

DM - [to Petrovic] Stay away from David Markum. It's good business. [as he walks past] Hey, Joey, you know what? [imitates movie quote] I could've been a contender.


Police station parking garage, night 3

Brooks - [exits station] Oh, damn.

Frank - [follows with cuffed Kinman] What is it?

Brooks - I left the transfer sheets up in the office. You want to go get 'em?

Frank - No, forget it. They'll fax them over later.

Brooks - You know what a pain in the ass they can be at County. Why don't you just go get the papers, Frank.

Frank - And leave you alone down here with this?

Brooks - I can handle him. They're going to be pissed, you know.

Frank - So let 'em be pissed. [pushes Kinman forward] Let's go.

Kinman - Was that supposed to be police brutality?

Frank - Just keep it moving, scuzzball.

Kinman - You know, I don't mind the chains so much, but I do hate walking like this. No dignity.

Frank - So write a book in prison.

Kinman - Not part of my plans, I'm afraid.

Frank - Can't write?

Kinman - Actually, I write rather well, Frank. I'm just not going to prison.

Frank - That's what they all say. [opens car door]

Kinman - I know. But they're not all screwing your partner. Or are they, Kaayla, darling?

Frank - [turns, sees Kaayla pointing gun at him] Jesus. Kaayla...

Brooks - Why didn't you go for the damn papers, Frank?

Frank - [backing away] Don't.

Kinman - Shoot him. Shoot him, Kaayla. [Franks reaches for his gun.] Do it! [Kaayla fires on instinct, shooting Frank, who falls to the ground. Kinman clears his throat, raises his cuffed hands.] I'm waiting.


MacLeod's Victorian 4

[DM senses 'buzz', then RR comes around corner of house.]

RR - Kinman escaped from jail.

DM - When?

RR - Last night. They were moving him. He killed an FBI guy and disappeared. <How do we stop a guy like that? CUT

DM - "We" don't.

RR - I take it you're planning to kill him?

DM - It's been a long time coming.>

RR - [follows DM off porch] I thought you said he was good, Mac. Really good. Maybe even better than you.

DM - I don't care.

RR - You want him that bad, huh?

DM - I let him get away once. I'm not going to do it again. CUT <Close the house up for me, Rich.

RR - Sure. 8>


Empty country lane 10

Kinman - Maybe it wasn't smart, killing Frank like that.

Brooks - We just -- we just have to think this thing through.

Kinman - I'm sure you're right.

Brooks - I've got it. Okay, you rough me up -- make it look good, okay? Then you put the cuffs on me, I stagger back to the last gas station.

Kinman - I kidnapped you, is that the story?

Brooks - Sure. You got my gun away. You killed Frank. You made me drive you out here, and then you dumped me out of the car. [bites her lip, sidles closer] Then, a few months later, post-traumatic stress. I resign from the Bureau... and meet you at the villa.

Kinman - Hmm.

Brooks - [smiles] Hmm. CUT

Kinman - [kisses her] Maybe you're right. [kisses her again, while reaching into open window of car & retrieving her gun] Maybe I did get your gun away, hmm? [caresses her cheek with the gun]

Brooks - Paul, what are you doing?

Kinman - Making you more convincing. [kisses her, shoots her] The villa won't be the same without you, my love.


Establishing shot: Markum's grocery store 2

Markum's grocery store 2

DM - Kinman's escaped. I think you should take your little girls and get out of town for a couple of days.

Markum - [to customer, ignoring DM] Paper or plastic?

DM - I've got a cabin in the country. You can spend some time with your little girls. It's safe.

Markum - Don't worry about me, MacLeod. I went to see Petrovic.

DM - You caved? You gave him a piece of your business?

Markum - You bet your ass I did! I go to sleep scared and I wake up scared. What if he sends someone else after me? What if my little girls get in the way? It's over. He wins.

DM - You think it's over? It's never over. You give him half your business now, in six months, he'll have all of it. If you refuse, you'll be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life wondering where the next bullet's coming from.

Markum - What else can I do?

DM - I don't know. I don't know.


Establishing shot: Outside meat-packing warehouse, night 8

Inside meat-packing warehouse, night 11


Kinman - [as Petrovic walks past him] Greetings.

Petrovic - Kinman. I heard you were out.

Kinman - I've come for my money.

Petrovic - What money? You missed. You got caught. And I was told you were a pro.

Kinman - Maybe you don't understand. You see, I've got the police and the FBI looking for me, so I need my money, and I need to get out of the country.

Petrovic - That's your problem.

Kinman - True. But now I'm making it your problem. [holds up gun, waves it around] So let's have a little cooperation, shall we?

Petrovic - You'll die for this.

Kinman - Does that mean you're not going to help me?

Petrovic - Nobody threatens me. You don't know it, Kinman, but you're already a dead man.

Kinman - Ugh. Why is it that men with power always feel that they're invulnerable? [shoots Petrovic in the leg]

Petrovic - Ahh! My leg. My leg!

Kinman - You know, there was a time when a man like me had the ear of royalty.

Petrovic - I don't believe it. You shot me.

Kinman - When a single man's death could change the course of a war--

Petrovic - I'm bleeding like a stuck pig.

Kinman - --or the fate of a nation.

Petrovic - You're a freakin' whacko! Crazy bastard.

Kinman - Now the barons are paltry merchants and money lenders--

Petrovic - Okay, okay. Look, look. You need some money. I'll help you.

<Kinman - CUT [looks at gun] And the elegant weapons of yesterday have been reduced to this... machine.>

Petrovic - I'll get you out of the country, no problem.

Kinman - [shoots Petrovic twice more, killing him, then looks at gun again] Where's the challenge in that? [senses 'buzz']

DM - [enters room] You want a challenge, Kinman? Here I am.

Kinman - Mm. Grown a backbone, have we? Sabres at dawn?

DM - [draws katana] This will do. Right now.

[Kinman holds up gun, then shoots at DM. DM dodges behind rack of hanging frozen carcasses.]

DM - What's the matter? Don't you trust your sword arm?

<Kinman - Of course, my dear fellow, but these things are such fun. [DM pushes a side of pork along the overhead track toward him & Kinman shoots at the movement.] Hm. Stuck pig. Friend of yours?

DM - Friend of yours. [shoves more hanging carcasses at Kinman] Can't you beat me without your little toy?> CUT

Kinman - [tosses gun away] Of course. [draws his sword] I'm still Paul Kinman. [They fight. Kinman cuts DM's cheek.]

DM - First blood.

Kinman - I told you. I never fight for sport.

DM - I don't fight for sport, either. [DM attacks. Kinman parries, then ducks next swing. Kinman moves to one side, then to the other side, looking for an opening. DM holds him at bay, then F attacks again. Fight continues. DM stabs Kinman fatally.] Close your eyes, think of England. [beheads him, Quickening begins. Explosion of sparks from overhead track, then stream of sparks. Quickening lightning hits DM. Camera pans down overhead track as lighting and sparks continue. More lightning hits DM. Camera pans from overhead track to lightning hitting DM. G Close on hanging slabs of meat as another spark explosion occurs overhead. Lightning hits DM, then another overhead explosion by hanging slabs of meat. Image doubles into mirror-images as Quickening winds down.]


Markum's grocery store 2

[Markum walks into view H carrying a box of goods, stocks shelf from box.]

DM - Hello, Mr. Markum.

Markum - Life goes on, huh? I've got a business to run.

DM - At least you don't have to share it with a partner. Petrovic's out of the meat business.

Markum - Yeah, I heard. It's all over the street. I don't know why you did it, but thank you.

DM - Oh, it wasn't me.

Markum - Then who?

DM - Kinman.

Markum - I don't believe it. The man's not human. He keeps on killing and keeps getting away with it. Now he's going to get away with this one, too.

DM - How are your kids making out?

Markum - My sister flew in from San Francisco. She's going to be staying with us for a while.

DM - That's good. Look, I've got to be going. I just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing.

Markum - One day at a time. Thanks for all you tried to do. <I just wish there'd been some justice for Alice. I'm sorry. I'd better get back to work.> CUT

DM - [starts to leave, turns back] Mr. Markum... Kinman didn't get away with it. [They exchange a look, then DM leaves.]


End of "Reluctant Heroes"

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