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Episode 10: Chivalry

Written by Michael O'Mahoney and Sasha Reins
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Aired: December 3, 1995
Transcript revised: 12-7-20


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I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student


Coachman - ??
Highwayman #1 - ??
              in opening FB


Adam Pierson / Methos - Peter Wingfield
              Watcher / 5,000 y.o. Immortal

Kristin - Ann Turkel

Maria Alcobar - Emmanuelle Vaugier
              Richie's foster-sister, model

Louise Barton - Beverley Hendry
              artist in flashback

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
1. French road - unknown location
2. MacLeod's Victorian - on Deer Lake Drive, Burnaby [49.233334,-122.970142]
3. Kristin Agency - unknown location
4. Richie's apartment building - The Sylvia Hotel, 1154 Gilford: southeast [49.288663,-123.142018] & southwest [49.288677,-123.142598]
5. Kristin's estate (establishing) - Château de Ferrières, Rue du Château, Ferrières-en-Brie, France [48.81927,2.711703]
6. Kristin's estate - unknown location
7. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
8. Photo shoot & beach - Bicycle Route between Stanley Park & English Bay Beach [49.290355,-123.147020]
9. Marina dock - unknown location
10. Richie jumping out of office building window - Viva Tower, 828 Drake St #204 (6-bedroom suite) [49.276794,-123.129192] (reused clip from 2x01: The Watchers)
11. Kristin's house (pool) - unknown location
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Reruns on USA Network* (1998) & SciFi channel (2000) match the official cut, with six exceptions (bolded and bolded).
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with three exceptions.
~Rerun on Syfy (2013) matches the Syfy 2010 cut, with three additional exceptions (bolded and bolded).

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Flashback - Normandy, France, 1659 - wooded road 1

[Stone road marker read: CABOURG - 25 Lieu]

Translation: lieu - place/site; possibly '25 (unstated units of measurement) from this location'?

[Super: Normandy 1659]

Coachman - [driving coach down road] Whoa. Whoa. [stops horses, looks down road to where mounted Highwayman #1 waits, turns, sees second highwayman behind coach, cracks whip to start coach moving again] Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! [races past waiting Highwayman #1]


[meanwhile, nearby]

<DM - CUT [riding sedately through woods, talking to himself] "To be or not to be." 'Tis a tricky way with {verse}, Mr. Shakespeare. [hears gunfire in distance] Oh, not again. Hyah!>



Highwayman #1 - [chasing coach] Yield! Yield or die!

[Coachman urges his horses onward. DM gallops toward the road. The two Highwaymen continue chasing the coach.]

Highwayman #1 - Yah! Yield or die! [shoots coachman]

Coachman - Gah!

[The coach comes to a stop. DM continues galloping through the woods.]

Highwayman #1 - You, inside! Stand down! You in the coach! I said, stand down!

DM - [reaches them, senses 'buzz' coming from coach] I believe you've chosen the wrong traveler, gentlemen. I suggest you let this coach alone.

[Close on black-haired highwayman. Close on DM. Close on blond highwayman. Close on DM again.]

Highwayman #1 - I suggest you ride on, stranger.

DM - Sorry. Cannot do that. 1 [charges forward] Yah! [knocks Highwayman #1 off his horse] Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! [rides toward blond highwayman, who shoots him in the shoulder, knocking him off his horse. Highwayman #1 draws his sword, comes at DM.] <Ach, where's my sword? [gets to his feet, pushes Highwayman #1 away from him] Get off me! It's not a smart idea, gentlemen. [recovers his sword, fights off both men] There's two of us to face. Or there soon will be.> CUT [Highwaymen continue attacking him.] Hey, you in the coach! Any time you'd like to join me. [No response from the unseen occupant of the coach.] Now would be appropriate. [manages to knock down both highwaymen] Why do I bother? [stomps toward coach] Hey, you! You carry a sword! Why don't you use it? Huh? [opens coach door, finds a sword blade pointing at his throat.]

[In background: Sergei Prokofiev - "Peter and the Wolf" Opus 67 (the cat)]

[Kristin looks out of coach at DM.]

DM - [Kristin's sword still pointed at his throat] Ooh.

Kristin - [exits coach] I could use it now. [maneuvers DM back against the coach] But then, I could not do this. [lowers sword, kisses him. DM takes a second to recover from his surprise, then kisses her back.]

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



MacLeod's Victorian 2

<RR - So, Mac, how much longer until you figure this place is done?

DM - Oh, about another three weeks. CUT I've got to get the kitchen cabinets in tomorrow.>

RR - You know, I've got to admit, when you first bought this thing, I thought you were going a little bit crazy. Maybe going through one of those mid-life crises. You know what I'm saying? Come to think of it, do Immortals have mid-life crises?

DM - Well, only if they live long enough.

RR - I hope when I'm four hundred years old, I buy an old Harley or Corvette or something like that. Actually, I wonder if they're going to have old Harleys or Corvettes when I'm four hundred. What do you think it's going to be like in four hundred years?

DM - I have no idea.

RR - You know, whenever I get bummed out about not being able to have a regular life, or kids, or the fact that any time someone's going to come along, try to whack my head off, I start to think of all the things I might be able to see and do.

DM - Richie, give me a hand here, would you?

RR - Sure. [moves to hold the door DM is removing]

DM - Immortality definitely has an upside. Think about it. In four hundred years you might be racing starships instead of Harleys.

RR - You think things are going to change that much?

DM - Well, Richie, when I was a kid, the fastest way to travel was by horse, and if you wanted to fly, you had to be a bird. [carries door out of the way, reacts as RR picks up hinges for new door] No, I'll do that.

RR - It's okay, I've got it.

DM - No, no, no, no, really. [takes hinge from him]

RR - Mac, I know how to hang a door.

DM - I'm sure you do.

RR - You don't trust me.

DM - No! I-I trust you with my life.

RR - Oh, sure, but just not to hang a door.

DM - I didn't say that.

RR - Not in so many words.

DM - Well, not in so many words, but--

RR - Don't start with me. You know, one of these days I'm going to be better than you at something.

DM - Well, you already are.

<RR - Oh, yeah? At what? CUT

DM - At, um--

RR - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. See?> [checks his watch] Look, I've actually got to get going. I've got to have dinner with my old foster mother and her family.

DM - All right.

RR - I'll see you later.

DM - Thanks for the help.

RR - No problem. Oh, and by the way, Mac -- in four hundred years when we do race those starships... I'm gonna kick your ass.

DM - Sure you will.

RR - I'll see you later. 2


Kristin Agency - downstairs area 3

Maria - You really like the outfit?

RR - Maria, trust me, the outfit's great.

Maria - I mean, this could be my only shot.

RR - Yeah, right.

Maria - When my mom told me she asked you to come with me, I almost killed her.

RR - Hey, if you want me to go, I'm gone.

Maria - No, I'm glad you came. We're not late, are we?

RR - Maria, we're a half hour early. Relax.

Maria - [starts up stairway] I can't... Do you know what it means if Kristin signs me? God, I was up all night last night thinking about it. I don't look it, do I?

RR - Maria, you look stunning, beautiful. Pure perfection. Trust me. You are a Ferrari among Fords. You are a Dior among Deadheads.

Maria - [laughs] Thanks, Richie. I get the picture.


Kristin Agency - upstairs reception area 3

[RR senses 'buzz' as Kristin comes out of office. They give each other an appraising look.]

Kristin - [shakes his hand] Kristin.

RR - Richie... Ryan. Um, Maria Alcobar, your eleven o'clock appointment.

Kristin - Hello.

Maria - [shakes Kristin's hand] Hi.

Kristin - Come on in, both of you.

Maria - Oh, we're a little early.

Kristin - It's all right. They can wait. So, both of you together?

Maria - Oh, Richie's like family.

RR - I'm just here for moral support.


Kristin Agency - office 3

<Maria - [as Kristin looks at Maria's portfolio] CUT I had longer hair in those photos. I've cut it since. I can grow it out again if you want.>

Kristin - These photos don't do you justice. There's a certain look, a quality, a -- a glow... not many have it.

Maria - Me?

Kristin - You. Discovering raw talent is what I do best.

Maria - Well, I've done a couple of local ads, nothing major yet.

Kristin - You're going to be far too busy to be doing local ads, Maria. I'm going to have Gustav do some new photos, get your portfolio in shape, and start sending you out.

RR - So you're gonna sign her?

Kristin - [looking at him] When I see potential, I grab it. Young people need a mentor. A guiding hand. Don't you agree?

RR - Oh, absolutely.

Kristin - I think we're going to have a great future together. All of us. [leans over desk, talks into intercom] Amy? [Amy enters office.] Draw up a contract. Take Maria down to Lilliane. See what she can do with her hair.

Maria - [to RR] I can't believe this is happening. [hugs him, goes with Amy]

Kristin - I meant what I said, Richie. I know when I see promise. I think we have an awful lot to explore.

RR - Whenever you want.


Loft above dojo 0

[DM is looking at paint swatches, senses 'buzz', walks toward door as someone knocks, opens door.]

Methos - [standing at door with dufflebag slung over his shoulder] Candygram.

DM - Methos! Or should I call you Adam?

Methos - [enters] Only you and Joe know that I'm Methos the Immortal. To the rest of the world, I'm still Adam Pierson, mild-mannered Watcher. [looks around loft]

DM - [closes door] Well, mi casa es su casa. How's Paris?

Methos - It's a lot quieter since you left. [looks at paint swatches laid out on table] Taking up origami?

DM - No, I'm just renovating an old house.

Methos - Yeah, it's good to keep busy.


DM - So, what brings the five-thousand-year-old man to me?

Methos - Kristin's in town. She just opened a new branch of her agency.

DM - So?

Methos - So, I thought you should know.

DM - Well, now I know. Hey, look, it's done. Over. History.

Methos - If you say so. [sits in chair] CUT

<DM - [walks toward kitchen] You want a coffee?

Methos - Yeah. No, a beer. Lucky you get over things. From what I know, Kristin's not the type anyone forgets.>


Flashback - Normandy, France, 1659 - Kristin's bathchamber 0 (CUT)

Kristin - [looks through her framed fingers] A work of art.

[DM is dozing in a high-backed bathtub. He startles awake, then looks around frantically.]

DM - Where are my clothes? They were right there.

Kristin - The servants took them.

DM - To clean?

Kristin - To burn.

<DM - CUT To burn!? [starts to rise, then reconsiders] What am I to wear? I have no others.>

Kristin - Who said you were going anywhere?

DM - I'll go where I like.

Kristin - [re clothes she's brought for him] This is far more appropriate attire for a gentleman. Don't you think?

DM - [holds out a hand] Hand them over and leave.

Kristin - [gives him an appraising look] Hm. Come and get them.

DM - And don't think I won't.

Kristin - Oh, I'm hoping you will.

DM - I'm getting out.

Kristin - I can't wait.

DM - [poised to get up] I really mean it.

Kristin - Good.

DM - [sits back in tub, bluff called] Have you no shame?

Kristin - [pretends to think about it] No. None whatsoever.

<[DM gathers his resolve, stands up. A Kristin watches appreciatively as he steps out of the tub and walks, wet & naked, over to her.] CUT

DM - [grabs clothes from her] Give me those clothes.

Kristin - My, my. I do think I can work with you. [leaves]

DM - [grumbles to himself] "My, my. I do think I can work with you." Work with what?>



Kristin - [re the clothes DM is now wearing] Are these not preferable to the muddy rags you were wearing?

DM - Well, those muddy rags have seen me through many the hard days and night.

Kristin - That much is obvious. Tell me, do you not prefer the feel of silk and lace.

DM - [flapping the puffy sleeves around his wrists] Aye... it's quite pleasurable, at that.

Kristin - Yes... You will be most presentable. With the proper tutoring, of course. [kneels at his feet]

DM - [defensive] I can read.

Kristin - [smiles up at him] I'm sure you can. [reaches her hands under the hem of his kilt] But there is more in life to learn... than reading. [adjusts his leggings] There. That should feel better.


Loft above dojo 0

(resume previous scene)

Methos - You've got a friend, Richie Ryan. He met Kristin yesterday morning.

DM - He didn't tell me that.

Methos - Maybe he hasn't got out of bed yet.

[DM looks down, considers this.]


Richie's apartment - bedroom 0

[Daniel J. O'Brien, Laura Harding, Jeff Hull - "Right On Time"

So {??} right on time.]

RR - [as Kristin kisses her way across his chest] Oh, my God. You are absolutely...

[I think I'm getting {low and then get up}.]

RR - [kisses her] ...unbelievable. I didn't even know some of those things were possible.


Kristin - Anything's possible. You just have to want it bad enough.

RR - [as they continue to kiss] I want you... [flips them over so he's on top]

[Jack be nimble, Jack be quick or you'll {??}...]

RR - ...badly. B [kisses her] Kristin, you're so different.

[...your candlestick, yeah...]

Kristin - That's because there's nobody like me.

['Cause you're right on time
bright and shining]

Kristin - And definitely nobody like you.

[Right on time...]

RR - Yeah... sure.

[{And shout out my name}]

Kristin - No, I mean it.

[Right on time...]

Kristin - You make me feel so beautiful.

[I bet you didn't know {??}]

RR - You are so beautiful.

[I bet you didn't know {??}]

RR - [kisses her] So... are we going to do this again?

[{Yeah}, she wants something fun.]

Kristin - [rolls them so she's on top again] Do you want to do this again?

RR - Yes, I do.

[She wants something fun. Fun.]

Kristin - Then I guess we'll do this again.


RR - Now?

[Oh, she wants something fun.]

Kristin - [kisses him one last time] Mmm. Later. [gets up, grabs her cell phone, dials a number]

[She wants something fun. {??}]

RR - Who are you calling?

Kristin - [holds up a hand to silence him] Johann? Out front. Yeah, ten minutes. Okay. [closes phone]

RR - Oh, don't leave. I thought we'd have breakfast in bed.

Kristin - We'll have dinner tonight instead, okay? 3 I've got to get to work.

RR - I'll give you a ride.

Kristin - [getting dressed] It's not necessary. [off RR's disappointment] Oh, Richie. We have plenty of time to be together. But first I have to prep Maria's shoot.

RR - Oh, my god, Maria. I have to pick her up.

Kristin - You're good friends, huh?

RR - [getting dressed] Yeah. Since we were kids. I was in one foster home after another. Maria's mom was really good to me. Took me in for a long time. Getting this job means an awful lot to her.

Kristin - As well it should. I'm sure you're going to find many ways to thank me.

RR - Oh, well, I'm certainly going to try.


Street outside Richie's apartment 4

[Two women walk down sidewalk & out of view as RR & Kristin walk from apartment building C to his motorcycle.]

Kristin - [kisses RR as he gets on his motorcycle] Mm. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

RR - Mmm.

Kristin - Off you go. [steps back]

RR - I'll see you at the shoot?

Kristin - Two o'clock.

RR - Guaranteed.

[RR puts his helmet on as Kristin walks away, revs engine, drives off. Kristin walks to waiting car, senses 'buzz' as Johann holds door open for her to get in. DM gets out of T-bird behind her as she gets in & Johann closes her door.]

Johann - Miss Kristin? Should I stop this guy?

Kristin - [in back seat of car] It's all right, Johann. He's an old friend.

DM - [slaps closed car window with his palm] Kristin! [slaps window again & it lowers]


Establishing shot: Kristin's estate house, evening 5

[Super: Normandy 1660]

Flashback - Normandy, France, 1660 - Kristin's bedchamber 0

Kristin - It's all a question of taste. Now, what do you think of this one? [as DM samples a wine] Well?

DM - 'Tis good.

Kristin - Is it a burgundy or a claret?

DM - It's a claret.

Kristin - Good. And this? [holds out a different goblet]

DM - Ach! I don't care.

Kristin - What was that?

DM - Does knowing about wine or silk give me a stouter heart or a stronger sword arm?

Kristin - No, but it may make you into a gentleman.

DM - Oh, thank you. The gentlemen I've known I'd care not to imitate.

Kristin - Well, then if you choose to remain Duncan MacLeod, the Highland barbarian, for the rest of your life... so be it.

DM - Duncan MacLeod is who I am. Not some silken fop. Ach. All this -- the wine, the clothes -- 'tis all appearance. It has no meaning to it.

Kristin - And me? Is there no meaning to me?

DM - No, that is not what I meant. Ach!

Kristin - I thought you enjoyed it here with me. I thought I brought you pleasure.

DM - Aye, you've given me great pleasure.

Kristin - Then you do care about me?

DM - I care about you a great deal, but all this... 'Tis not me. 'Tis not right.

Kristin - Then I'll make it right. [kisses him, leans him back against bed. They continue to kiss.]


Flashback - Normandy, France, 1660 - Kristin's estate grounds 6

[Close on DM's thoughtful expression.] 4

Kristin - [walks past gazebo to DM, wearing a dress made from MacLeod tartan] Surprise.

DM - What is this?

Kristin - I had it made specially. Tell me, do I look like a Highland lass?

DM - Uh... Aye, you look beautiful.

Kristin - You really think so?

DM - Hm.

Kristin - When we first met, I thought I was going to remake you in my image. Instead, you have remade me in yours.

DM - Kristin, that is not the answer.

Kristin - You have not heard the best part. I've employed Louise Barton to do your portrait and my tailors have found the perfect fabric. It's come all the way from the Highlands. You shall be Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

DM - Aye, but what for?

<Kristin - CUT So that I may gaze upon you forever.>

DM - Very well, I will sit for the portrait, but after that--

Kristin - You shall not leave me, Duncan MacLeod... CUT


Street outside Richie's apartment 4

(resume previous scene)

Kristin - Don't tell me you've missed me.

DM - Leave Richie alone.

Kristin - After all these years, Duncan... are you jealous?

DM - Oh, come on, Kristin. I was never jealous. Just-- He's my friend.

Kristin - And now he's my friend. He's a big boy. He wants me. And I want him. You do remember what that feels like, don't you?

DM - Stay away from him.

Kristin - Or what? [as DM walks toward T-bird] You're going to kill me? Tell me, is that what you do with all your lovers when you're through with them? [DM gets into T-bird without replying.] Johann? [opens car door, gets back into car 5]

Methos - [in passenger seat of T-bird] Round one to Kristin. [DM gives him a look, starts T-bird, drives away.]


Empty dojo 0

[DM bows, centers himself, begins D practicing with his sword. Methos enters, pausing to incline his head in a bow of respect at the entrance.]

Methos - MacLeod-san. That katana is a lovely piece of art. May I? [DM stops, looks at him.] <I washed my hands this morning.> CUT [DM presents katana to him. He takes it.] Quite a blade. [chuckles, then presses blade to DM's neck]

DM - Not funny, Methos.

Methos - Not meant to be. [backs DM toward wall] Not only are you naive... now you are weaponless. How have you lived this long? Do you know how many Immortals she's killed? Do you want a list?

DM - All right. You've made your point.

Methos - Have I? One day she is going to kill you.

DM - She's tried already.

Methos - You're better with a blade than her, yes. You are stronger than her, yes. But if you keep letting her walk away, one day she gets lucky and takes your head. Yes.

DM - Oh, I don't know. Maybe she'll stop to gloat like you. [pushes Methos away, knocking him to the floor] You want to play? [walks to sword display on far wall]

<Methos - CUT Great, you knock me on my bum because I made a bad joke.> Very macho. But you keep letting her walk away without even taking taking a shot... That is very suicidal.

DM - You know what she was to me.

Methos - Yes, and I know what she is. A killer. You treat her like one.


Flashback - Normandy, France, 1660 - gazebo on Kristin's estate grounds 6

Kristin - [looks at portrait as DM poses for Louise] Are you not yet finished, Louise?

Louise - I know it's taken longer than we agreed. I'm not completely happy with the light.

Kristin - Hmm. Perhaps. I believe you have captured the subject beautifully. But he should look a bit happier. [goes to DM]

Louise - I cannot paint what is not there, madame. Perhaps he has little to be happy about.

Kristin - Don't be foolish. He has me. You shall paint it as I wish.

Louise - Yes, madame.

Kristin - [runs her hands along DM's tartan, straightens his cravat] Behave yourself, darling, or these sittings will go on forever. [kisses his cheek, leaves]

Louise - She's correct. It should've been done weeks ago.

DM - [walks toward her] I know that. [looks at painting] She's right. You have made me look sad.

Louise - It's your eyes. They've seen so much more than she thinks.

DM - And what do your eyes see? [Louise turns away.] Why can we not speak about it? It's in your eyes. It's in my eyes. It has been that way for months.

Louise - Because you're not free. You're with the lady.

DM - She does not own me. When the painting is done, I will be on my way.

Louise - You would leave her life? You would leave her bed?

DM - Aye, I would.

Louise - Do you not love her?

DM - How could I, when I love you? [takes her hands in his, kisses them, then kisses her. They stop kissing, lower their clasped hands.]


Flashback - Normandy, France, 1660 - Kristin's bedchamber 0

Kristin - I had Armand make something special for tonight. Look -- the first rabbit of spring. Lord Albrecht sent it. Try.

DM - No, thank you.

Kristin - Oh, you are not hungry?

DM - No, Kristin, I -- I-- [sighs] Kristin, you've been very special to me. You have given me so much -- much more than I can ever repay.

Kristin - What are you trying to say?

DM - That I will be eternally grateful.

Kristin - It's that painter, isn't it? 6

DM - It is not something that we sought out. It just simply happened.

Kristin - Nothing simply happens. That little harlot obviously planned the whole thing.

DM - There was no plan.

Kristin - Can you not see how she has manipulated you, my love? You're too young to know how women can be.

DM - I'm not too young to know I love her.

Kristin - [clings to his arm] You cannot love her! You cannot! You love me! You told me you loved me! You told me I brought you pleasure. I can bring you more!

DM - Kristin, I care for you a great deal, but I do not love you. CUT <Can we not be friends?>

Kristin - Friends? You rip my heart from my breast and you ask me to be your friend? You're mine, do you not understand?! You were nothing when you came to me! Nothing! I made you.

DM - Goodbye, Kristin. [turns away]

Kristin - [grabs his arm again] I decide when you leave, not some stupid little sow with a paintbrush.

DM - [pushes her away] No! [turns away again to pick up his sword. Kristin screams, charges at him with her sword.] What are you doing?

Kristin - Taking what is mine! [She attacks him. He parries, disarms her, throws her on the bed.] Aah! Go on! Kill me. You might as well. I have nothing left to live for. [as DM hesitates] Go on! Do it! 7 [DM still hesitates.] Do it. Do it.

DM - I cannot. I cannot. [leaves]

[Kristin picks up her sword, stabs at the portrait of DM.]


Empty dojo 0

(resume previous scene)

[DM & Methos are fully involved in a swordfight, exchanging parries with intensity.]

<DM - CUT [as Methos parries several times] Oh, you do Fabris' technique.>

Methos - It's working, isn't it? [Fight continues.]

DM - Not for long. [Fight continues, then DM knocks Methos' sword down, brings katana to rest against Methos' neck.]

Methos - [blows out a breath, sighs] I've got to practice more. New guys come along, new moves.

DM - [pushes the katana harder against Methos' neck] It's called progress.

Methos - Well, then get with it. Before Kristin kills you and your friend. [Both sense 'buzz', look toward entrance as RR walks in.]

RR - Hello. I take it this is not for real?

Methos - [stands up] God forbid.

DM - Just making a point. This is--

Methos - [interrupts, holding out his hand] Uhh, I'm Adam Pierson. [shakes RR's hand] You must be Richie Ryan?

RR - Yes.

Methos - Zorro here speaks very highly of you.

RR - Oh, well, nice to meet you... and thanks very much, Mac. [pulls DM aside] Speaking of which, I've got to tell you about this woman I met. CUT <She is unbelievable. Her name's--

DM - Kristin. I know.

RR - You know? How do you know? Mac? Mac? How do you know? E>


Establishing shot: Dojo 7

Loft above dojo 0

<DM - I'm sorry, Richie. I'm your friend. I wanted you to know where you stand. 8> CUT

RR - You're wrong about her, Mac. She's not like that. She's a very special woman. She's beautiful, she's smart, she's generous.

DM - That's how it starts. She'll end up trying to kill you.

RR - Oh, no way, Mac. Not me. We have this thing between us, Mac. It's like... It's like an electrical connection. Why can't you understand that?

Methos - They didn't have electricity when he knew her.

<RR - Don't you get sick of him being older and wiser all the time?

Methos - Yeah, I can see that that could get a bit annoying.> CUT

DM - Richie, I've been there.

RR - Mac, that's what I'm trying to say. You've "been there", you've "done that". This is all new to me. You guys didn't work out for each other. That was three hundred years ago. Maybe you just weren't right for each other.

DM - And she's right for you?

RR - I don't know. I've only known her a couple of days. <CUT But, Mac, she blows me away. I really think there's something there.> You want me to give that up?

DM - Richie, I want you to trust me. Richie, she's not for you.

RR - You know, sometimes you knowing everything gets to be a real pain in the ass. I'll catch you guys later. [leaves]

DM - He's not listening to me.

Methos - How could he? She's got him tingling in places he didn't even know he had. I-- Maybe we should just give him the room, let him make his own mistakes.

DM - Even if it gets him killed?


Outdoor photo shoot 8

Photographer - Great, Maria!

Kristin - Give it the Gustav magic, darling. Make her look like a Kristin girl. [to Maria] Sweetheart, come on. Make the little boys cry. Great. [as photographer continues snapping photos] Oh, that's wonderful. Yeah. Terrific.

RR - [walks up] Looking good. Looking good.

Kristin - Well, where were you?

RR - Oh, I was late. I'm sorry.

Kristin - That's all right this time, but Maria has to be careful, you know. When you're just starting out, you want to make a good impression.

RR - You forgive me? Please?

Kristin - That depends.

RR - On?

Kristin - Where were you?

RR - I was actually with a mutual friend of ours.

Kristin - Really?

RR - Yes. Mr. Duncan MacLeod.

Kristin - Oh. We had a moment...

RR - Mm-hmm?

Kristin - ...a long time ago.

RR - Yeah?

Kristin - But he was too young and too possessive.

RR - He was, huh?

Kristin - It came to swords between us once. But, uh, I had to send him away. Why? Is he jealous? [sees DM walking toward them] Duncan. What a pleasure to see you.

DM - Richie, can I have a word with you, please?

RR - Uh, thanks, Mac. I'm fine right here.

Kristin - [aside, to RR] See, he's jealous.

DM - [pulls RR away from her] Richie, I've been wrong about a lot of things in my life, but this isn't one of them. You have to believe me.

RR - Mac, you're not my father.

DM - No, I'm your friend.

RR - Well, then do me a favor, friend, and go away.

DM - What, and watch her kill you? Because that's what she'll do when you try to leave her.

RR - Mac, that's not going to happen.

<DM - What, you leaving her or her trying to kill you?

RR - Neither.> CUT

DM - She did it to me. She's disturbed. You'd see that if you'd just open your eyes.

RR - Mac, there you go again, telling me what I know. You know, I think this is because she wants me and not you.

DM - Then you're a fool, aren't you?

RR - Oh, yeah? [goes back to Kristin, kisses her, gives DM a look]

DM - Okay. You're on your own.

[DM leaves. Kristin laughs, kisses RR.] 9


Establishing shot: MacLeod's Victorian 2

MacLeod's Victorian 2

DM - [painting a porch column] He already made his mind up. He wasn't listening to a word I said.

Methos - [helping DM paint] Well, that happens. Guess this must be what it's like to have kids.

DM - You think so?

Methos - Yeah. You do your best, teach them what you know, try and show them the right path, and then they just have to get on with it.

DM - Yeah, and let them make the same idiotic mistakes that you did. I tried to warn him. What else could I do?

Methos - Well, you could tell him the rest of it. CUT


<Flashback - Normandy, France, 1660 - gazebo on Kristin's estate grounds 6 CUT

DM - [runs toward water's edge] Louise? Louise! [Kristin is watching him from a distance.] Oh. Oh, no, Louise. Oh, sweet Jesus, no. [pulls Louise's body from the water] Oh, what has she done? Louise. Louise? [cradles her body, looks up at Kristin's estate house]>


Flashback - Normandy, France, 1660 - Kristin's bedchamber 0


<Kristin - [as DM enters] Duncan.>

DM - [angry] Louise is dead.

Kristin - Oh, I am so sorry.

DM - What kind of devil are you?

Kristin - What are you saying?

<DM - CUT You hated me so much, you had to kill her.>

Kristin - Duncan, how could you think that? I was angry when I attacked you before. I was hurt, but I could never really hurt you or her. I love you. How could you think me such a monster?

DM - [draws his sword, holds it at her neck] You swear you did not kill her?

Kristin - If you really think that I could do such a terrible thing, Duncan... and you really, really loved her, then go ahead. [kneels before him] Strike. Please, either believe me or kill me now. [She closes her eyes. 10 DM stares at her. She continues to kneel before him, eyes closed. DM withdraws his sword, turns away.] You know I could not do this.

DM - [turns back] No! I do not know. CUT


MacLeod's Victorian 2

(resume previous scene)

Methos - You let her walk away then, you let her walk away now. What exactly are you waiting for? CUT You know that she killed Louise Barton, because you know what kind of woman she is. If she'd been a man, she'd have been dead three hundred and fifty years ago. A couple of medieval songwriters come up with the idea of chivalry one rainy day--

DM - This isn't about chivalry.

Methos - --and you embrace it as a lifestyle. You live and die by a code of honor that was trendy when you were a kid.

DM - Would you rather that I had no code of honor at all?

Methos - I would rather you survived. You put that first.

DM - Do you think it's easy killing a woman that you've held in your arms? A woman that you've made love to?

Methos - Take it from me, it's easier than dying. 11 [off DM's reaction] Look at me, MacLeod. I didn't last five thousand years by worrying about anyone but myself.

DM - Really? Could have fooled me. CUT <[swipes paintbrush at Methos' nose, leaving a white streak]>


Marina 9

RR - So, what's the big news you were going to tell me?

Maria - CUT Paul Marcel saw me. He wants me to model his jeans.

RR - Hey, congratulations! [hugs her] That is awesome. I knew you had it in you.

Maria - Well, they said if it all works out they'll send me on a tour, feature me in their TV ads... Richie, it's a half a million dollar deal.

RR - Half a million dollars! Oh, my God. You go, girl.

Maria - There's one problem, though.

RR - What's that?

Maria - The jeans company won't work with Kristin.

RR - Well, Maria... you did sign an exclusive contract. She has to release you or you can't take the job. Do you want me to talk to her?

Maria - Would you?

RR - Yeah, sure. We're going to have dinner tonight. I'll take care of it.

Maria - Thanks, Richie.


Kristin Agency - office, night 3

Kristin - You want me to what?

RR - Release Maria from her contract. She has this offer to model jeans for the Taylor Agency. It comes with a free trip to Martinique. I figured since you don't have any work for her right now, that--

Kristin - Look, I wouldn't mind, but--

RR - Exactly. This could mean an awful lot to her, Kristin. I mean, I'm sure you guys could work something out. You know, split the commission.

Kristin - Maria is a Kristin Girl, Richie.

RR - So?

Kristin - So, she's going to have to turn them down.

RR - Kristin, we're talking about half a million dollars. You've got a hundred other girls and a thousand more lined up outside.

Kristin - But she has a contract.

RR - So? Give her a break. For me? [kisses her] As a favor? [kisses her again]

Kristin - Absolutely not. I can't. Nobody leaves me.

RR - You want her to blow the chance of a lifetime because your feelings are hurt?

Kristin - Richie, I am trying to run a business here. If you pay a little attention, maybe you'll learn something.

RR - Oh, learn what? How to be a hardass?

Kristin - You know, I only signed her because of you.

RR - What do you mean, because of me?

Kristin - Maria owes me, and quite frankly, Richie, you owe me.

RR - Oh, my God. I can't believe this.

Kristin - Come on, let's go have dinner.

RR - No, I'm not hungry. Thanks.

Kristin - Not even for me?

RR - Kristin, please, some other time.

Kristin - You are sleeping with that little bitch, aren't you?

RR - Don't be stupid.

Kristin - You are not leaving me!

RR - MacLeod was right about you. [turns to pick up his jacket]

Kristin - [grabs her sword, stabs him in the back] Nobody leaves me! Not Maria, and certainly not you! [swings blade at him. He ducks, jumps through window.]


Outside Kristin Agency, night 10 (CUT)

[RR plummets from sky rise building.]


Establishing shot: Dojo, night 7

Loft above dojo, night 0

RR - She went nuts. She would have killed me.

Methos - Round two to Kristin. You dump her and then you turn your back on her? Talk about the blind leading the visually challenged.

RR - Thank you.

DM - All right. Where is she?

RR - In her office. You think she's coming after me?

DM - No. I think she's coming after somebody that you care about.

RR - Maria? Oh, God. I've got to go to Maria's. I'll see you guys later. [leaves]

Methos - [as DM walks toward elevator] Where are you going?

DM - Kristin's. Coming? I'm sure it's something you wouldn't want to miss.


Kristin's beach house - poolside, night 11

Kristin - I had a lot of faith in you.

Maria - I know, and I appreciate it. 12

Kristin - You know, Maria, when I sign a new girl, I put a lot on the line. My reputation, my name, my loyalty. And I count on that loyalty being returned.

Maria - Richie told you about Martinique?

Kristin - Oh, yes, he did. I wish you'd had more faith in me. If you had just stuck with me, I could have made you so famous.

Maria - Kristin, I don't know what to say. I--

Kristin - You could've been a Kristin Girl. CUT Nobody but nobody leaves me.

Maria - Sorry, I-- All of a sudden I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Kristin - Nothing to be sorry about... It's the drugs. Makes everything much easier.

Maria - [nearly asleep] Makes... what easier?

Kristin - Drowning. Young model... drug problem. Tragic. Happens all the time.

[Maria drops her champagne glass, slumps over. DM pulls T-bird up on street outside. 8 Kristin throws Maria into pool. DM & Methos get out of T-bird. 8 Kristin senses 'buzz', walks back toward house.]

DM - Kristin! [She halts, turns back. Methos watches, not interfering.]

Kristin - Hello, Duncan.

DM - Where's Maria?

Kristin - How should I know?

DM - Where's Maria!

Kristin - I don't know. I would never hurt her. Okay, I was angry when I attacked Richie, but I was hurt. I would never hurt him or you.

DM - What do you mean you wouldn't hurt him? You tried to kill him like you did me years ago.

Kristin - No, that's not true! I love you. I have always loved you. How could you think me such a monster?

[Flashback to Kristin in her bedchamber in Normandy.
Kristin - I love you. How could you think me such a monster.]

DM - Because you are.

[Flashback to Kristin in her bedchamber in Normandy.
Kristin - I was angry when I attacked you before.
Kristin screams, charges at him with her sword.]

[DM stares at Kristin in realization.]

[Flashback to Kristin in her bedchamber in Normandy.
Kristin - I was hurt. I could never really hurt you or her.]

[DM looks over, sees Maria's body floating in the pool.]

[Flashback to Louise's body floating in the water.] 6

[Methos sees what DM is looking at, hurries toward pool.]

Kristin - [as DM moves toward pool] Forget her! [takes a few steps as if to follow, watches for a moment, then runs off] F

[DM feels for a pulse at Maria's neck, then breathes into her mouth.]

DM - Come on. Come on, breathe. Breathe. [Maria coughs, spits out water.] Come on, you can do it. [to Methos] Take care of her. [leaves]

[Methos cradles Maria, helps her sit up, as DM runs off after Kristin.]


Beach, night 8

[Kristin starts 13 down steps, G runs through grass and H across road toward beach, crying. DM steps out of the dark in front of her, his sword out.]

DM - Why, Kristin?

Kristin - CUT Did you know that when I was twenty years old, Duncan, I was the most beautiful woman on the face of the continent? CUT

DM - You still are beautiful, Kristin.

Kristin - [looks away, choking back a sob, sniffs, tosses her head] I Am I? [walks slowly toward him] Show me. [takes off her jacket] Prove to me.

DM - [raises his sword] That wouldn't prove anything, Kristin.

Kristin - [pulls her sword from her jacket] Then die. [attacks. DM easily fends her off, knocks her down, but can't behead her.]

DM - Stay away from me. And stay away from my friends. [walks away]

Kristin - Bastard!

[Both sense 'buzz', look around.]

Methos - [walks up to Kristin] Pick it up.

Kristin - Who the hell are you?

Methos - A man who was born long before the age of chivalry. Pick it up.

[Kristin looks toward DM. DM turns away. Kristin grabs her sword, pulls herself to her feet, faces Methos, attacks. Methos easily fends her off, disarms her. He stabs her, then beheads her.]

Methos - [looks over at DM as Quickening starts] Someone had to. [DM turns away, stands with J his back to Methos as Quickening continues.]


Loft above dojo 0


<DM - [looking at paint swatches with RR] Well, Rich, we've got to make a decision here. Which one do you think?

RR - That's not bad.

DM - Hm. I tend to like the beige. Don't you like that one?

RR - I like them both, you know?> I got a card from Maria. She says Martinique is beautiful.

DM - It is. You know, you should go there sometime. [smiles at him]

RR - [rests both hands on counter, leans over] So, K tell me, Mac. Are you always going to be right?

DM - Aw, Rich. I was seventy-five years old when I first met her and I was still a kid. You've got plenty of time.

RR - If I stay alive long enough.

Methos - [comes in side door, carrying a paper bag] Hi, guys! How're you doing?

RR - Hey. I've got to run. I'll see you guys later. [leaves]

DM - He'll get over it.

Methos - She would have kept coming, you know. One day, she might have won. [sets bag on counter by fridge]

DM - I know. [takes bottles of beer out of bag, hands them to Methos to put in fridge]

Methos - And still, if you had your chance again, you wouldn't kill her, would you? [takes cap off first beer, throws cap on top of fridge, puts rest of bottles in fridge]

DM - Probably not.

Methos - Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

DM - That's who I am.

Methos - Well, I guess someone has to be. [closes fridge door] You will get over it, too.

DM - Will I?

Methos - Mm-hmm.

DM - Did you know Mencius?

Methos - Student of Confucius. Yeah.

DM - "I dislike death, but there are things that I dislike more than death."

Methos - "Therefore, there are occasions when I will not--"

DM & Methos - [together] "Avoid danger."

Methos - Death before dishonor.

DM - For some of us. CUT <[looks at paint swatches, holds them up toward Methos] What do you think?

Methos - Get someone in.>


End of "Chivalry"

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