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Episode 14: Deliverance

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: February 25, 1996
Transcript revised: 12-20-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher


Rachel MacLeod - Kristin Minter
              Glenfinnan innkeeper

Adam Pierson / Methos - Peter Wingfield
              Watcher / 5,000 y.o. Immortal

Sean Burns - Michael J. Jackson
              Immortal psychiatrist


Robert Davis - Carl Chase
              ship's quartermaster

Dominique Davis - Valeria Cavalli
              Robert's wife

Claude Massanet - Geoffroy Boutan

Antoine - Morgan Cooke
              PTSD soldier in FB

Albert - Patrick Burgel
              Antoine's father

Driver - Julien Bizot
              of Mercedes at chapel

Locations List:*
1. Boat dock - Jetty, Saint-Jouin-Bruneval [49.652846,0.149096]
2. Harbor / Davis' house exterior - Quai de la Quarantaine, Honfleur [49.421053,0.233901]
3. Marina - Quai Saint-Etienne at Rue Saint-Antoine, Honfleur [49.420166,0.233790]
4. Phone booth - south end of Vieux Bassin, Honfleur [49.419664,0.232738]
5. Alley - Rue de la Prison, Honfleur (looking SE) [49.419671,0.233670]
6. Burns' chateau - Château des Célestins, Allée des Célestins, Limay [48.999917,1.734700], Quickening [49.000389,1.733914]
7. War flashes - unknown location (re-used from "Tomorrow We Die")
8. Butcher shop - Rue des Petites Boucheries / Rue de la Prison, Honfleur [49.419639,0.233972]
9. Davis' house interior - Chateau de Tout-la-Ville (Bed & Breakfast), 585 Route de Tourville en Auge, Saint-Martin-aux-Chartrains [49.311442,0.162400]
10. Road to chapel / Jetty road - Saint-Jouin-Bruneval: to chapel [49.661234,0.153656], jetty road [49.670224,0.131448]
11. Chapel - Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Garde, Étretat [49.711064,0.205328]
12. Road(s) from chapel - Saint-Jouin-Bruneval: Road 1 [49.651040,0.160497], Road 2 [49.650898,0.156504], Road 3 & 5 [49.650477,0.156414], Road 4 [49.650833,0.159750], Road 6 [49.651461,0.155419], Road 7: Rue Lord Louis Mountbatten (D111) at D111E [49.651437,0.164295], Road 8: D111E, east of D111 [49.651461,0.165828], Road 9: D111E at D111 [49.651369,0.164642]
13. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
14. Paris sidewalk - Square René Viviani, 25 Quai de Montebello [48.852094,2.347965]
15. St. Joseph's chapel - St. Julien le Pauvre, [48.852087,2.346953]
16. Underground spring - exterior: unknown location, interior: studio set
17. Seine by Notre Dame - S bank of Seine E of Pont au Double [48.852182,2.349091]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Reruns on USA Network* (1998) & SciFi channel (1999) match the official cut, with five exceptions (bolded and bolded).
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with two exceptions.
~Rerun on Syfy (2013) matches the Syfy 2010 cut, with five additional exceptions (bolded and bolded).

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Joe - [voice-over] Last week, on Highlander...


Establishing shot: jeep driving along rural mountain road

Loft above dojo

DM - [into cordless phone] Jim Coltec? I can't believe it. Are you in town?


Rural mountain road

Coltec - [driving jeep, into cell phone] Mac, if I was in town, I'd be at your place with my feet up, watching golf.


Near Arlen Ridge

DM - Coltec's a Hayoka.


Flashback - dream sequence - holy ground near petroglyphs

[Dreamlike flashes of Coltec in shaman outfit doing slow motion Native American dance in the petroglyph clearing.]

[Hands clasped to DM's head, Coltec pulls the 'evil' out of DM & into himself.]

DM - [voice-over] His job was protecting his tribe from evil by absorbing it before it got to them.


Near Arlen Ridge

RR - You must be Jim Coltec. I'm Richie Ryan, friend of Mac's.

[Coltec 'flashes' evil, punches RR in the jaw. DM & Coltec sword-fight on the bridge.]

DM - [defends himself] What's wrong with you, man?

RR - [voice-over] The guy got you out there and he tried to whack you.

[DM flips Coltec over bridge railing into river.]

DM - [voice-over] It's doesn't make sense. Jim Coltec's a holy man.


Joe's Bar, night

DM - [to Joe] What do you know about Dark Quickenings?

Joe - Come on. You're reaching, MacLeod.


Outside near club, night

[DM disarms Coltec, beheads him.]

RR - [voice-over] Somebody mind filling me in here, please?

[Dark Quickening occurs.]

DM - [voice-over] In a Dark Quickening, if you take in too much evil, you overload.

RR - [voice-over] You found Coltec... You did what you had to do, but...


Empty dojo, night

RR - ...I know how much you hated it.

DM - [slashes RR across the chest] You're wrong. I loved it. ['flashes' evil]

[DM attacks RR with his katana, smacks a kiss on top of his head, raises katana to behead him, gets shot by Joe.]

Joe - Don't you get it? This is not MacLeod.


Docks, night

[DM walks toward ship's gangplank.]

Joe - [voice-over] Not the one we knew.

Davis - Hey! You want to know where the hell we're going?

DM - No. [boards ship]


The Port of Le Havre, France - ship's deck 1

[Davis walks along the deck to where the crew is waiting to disembark.]

[Super: The Port of Le Havre, France]

Davis - Listen up. Smith. [Crewmen move forward to collect their pay.] Harris.

Harris - Yeah.

Davis - Johnson.

Johnson - Right here.

Davis - Frackberg.

Frackberg - Yeah.

Davis - Lonnie.

DM - [comes up behind Davis] Where's my gear, Davis?

Davis - Take it. [DM grabs his duffle as it's thrown toward him from offscreen.] And get the hell off my ship.

DM - You're forgetting something. My pay.

Davis - Your pay's been docked for the damage and the trouble you've caused on this trip.

DM - You owe me.

Davis - You've got no friends here, MacLeod. Now get the hell off, before someone gets hurt.

Sailors - [offscreen] Yeah. Right. Get moving.

DM - Ahh. It's too late for that. [tosses duffle aside, punches Davis, fights off other sailors as they come at him. Eventually they overcome him and beat him down with lengths of pipe.]


[few moments later]

[The sailors throw DM onto the dock, toss his duffle at him.]

DM - [laughs, gets to his feet] You think this is over, Davis? I'm not finished with you yet. [walks away, 'flashes' evil]

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



<Le Havre - street near docks 2 CUT

[Man in trench coat smoking a cigarette watches DM walk past, then follows him. DM continues walking, along the marina and down a side street. The man (Massanet) continues following.3 DM makes a call from a public phone booth.4 Massanet comes out of the side street, looks around for DM.5]>


Establishing shot: Burns' Chateau 6

Burns' Chateau - study 6

Sean - [answers phone] Sean Burns... Hello? [on phone] Hello? Who is this?

DM - [into phone] Sean. It's Duncan.4

Sean - [into phone] Duncan? For the love of God. Are you in town? [on phone] You've caught me at a lousy time. I'm due in Paris tomorrow. Another damn conference to attend.

DM - [into phone] Sean?4


Flashback - France, 1917 - Burns' Chateau 6

[Super: France 1917]

Ambulance driver - I have wounded.

[DM jumps down from passenger seat of ambulance, goes to back of vehicle.]

Man - This way.

DM - Come on out. [helps nurse out of back of ambulance] Easy with him. Easy. [helps soldiers with Henri's stretcher] It'll be all right, Henri. You're in good hands. [They enter the hospital. DM looks around at the wounded men.]

Man - Doctor, doctor, over here.

DM - [takes bowl of soup from nurse] Thanks.

Antoine - Get away! Get away! [A nurse screams. DM moves toward the commotion.] Back! Back, all of you! [Antoine is holding a nurse hostage with a knife against her neck.] You filthy German pigs! I'll kill this one, too, so help me God, and he won't be the first.

DM - Easy, son. Put the knife down. No one wants to hurt you.

Antoine - No. I'm going to kill him.

DM - [to orderlies] Move away. Do as he says.

[Antoine looks around at orderlies, hearing gunfire in his head. 7 Suddenly, the orderlies are German soldiers pointing bayonets at him. DM is a German officer.]

DM - [as German soldier] Mach was er sagt! {Loss.} [The German soldiers get ready to shoot Antoine. Their guns fire. Antoine ducks, cowers.]

Translation: Mach was er sagt! - Do what he says!

DM - [as medic] Put the knife down. You don't want to hurt anyone.

Antoine - No. I'm going to kill him. I've killed others. So many others...

DM - [senses 'buzz' as Sean enters room] I'm glad you're here. The boy snapped.

Sean - [takes a few steps toward Antoine] Hello, Antoine.

Antoine - Stay back!

Sean - Why should I stay back? Antoine, we're late. You know how angry Mama gets if dinner gets cold.

Antoine - Father?

Albert - It's me. How are you, son?

Antoine - But we're at the Front...

Albert - I told you if you needed me, I'll come.

Sean - I remember when you went to war. [Albert's voice:] How brave you looked in your uniform.

Albert - No one was braver. We were so proud, Antoine. But the battle is over. You can stop fighting now.

Antoine - But the guns... the guns won't stop.

Albert - They can't hurt you. Remember the time near the bridge? We were fishing. Remember the thunder, Antoine? Remember the rhyme we made up? Who's afraid of thunder?

Antoine - It's just a lot of noise. A

Sean - Now listen, Antoine. You hear that? It's stopped. It's quiet now. It's time to come home, son. [steps forward as Antoine lowers the knife, embraces Antoine]


Le Havre - phone booth 4

(resume previous scene)

Sean - [on phone] Duncan, is everything alright?

DM - [into phone] No. [beat] It can wait.

Sean - [into phone] Like hell. Where are you?6

[DM sees Davis walking down pier carrying small bouquet of flowers.]

DM - [into phone] I'll come to you tomorrow. There's something I have to take care of first.

Sean - [on phone] I'll be here.

[Davis walks past phone booth as DM hangs up. DM follows, grabs Davis from behind, beats him unconscious. Massanet sees them, moves closer.]

DM - <Well, well, Davis. I told you it was time to pay, didn't I? What do we got here? [pulls out Davis' wallet, finds picture of Dominique] Uh-- Oh, she's nice. Is this wifey? [pockets wallet] Well, we'll just have to see, won't we?> CUT


Le Havre - another street 8

[DM walks down street carrying his duffle, Davis' duffle, and the small bouquet of flowers. He passes an open door, looks in at butcher's rack where a shirtless man, his back turned, is hacking at a carcass. The man turns -- it's DM. Shirtless DM smirks at him, throws handful of fat trimmings aside. DM looks again & the man has his back turned again, hacking at the carcass.]


<Le Havre - outside Davis' house, night 2 CUT

[Massanet's Watcher tattoo is visible as he makes a call from a phone booth. DM walks toward Davis' house.]

Massanet - [voice-over; into phone] He's still in Le Havre.

Joe - [voice-over; on phone] Stay on his tail and let me know where he goes. Stay the hell out of his way. He's dangerous.

Massanet - [into phone] No problem. [hangs up phone]

[DM walks up external staircase to house.]>


Davis' house - kitchen 9

[Dominique is cooking dinner, hears knock at door, goes to answer it.] 1

DM - [as Dominique opens door] Hello. Mrs. Davis?

Dominique - Yes?

DM - Um, my name's Duncan MacLeod. Your husband sent me.

Dominique - Is something wrong?

DM - Uh, no. There was just a little problem on the ship. He asked me to bring his bag home for him. [holds up Davis' duffle] He said he probably wouldn't be home till very late.

Dominique - What kind of problem?

DM - Something with one of the men. [shrugs]

Dominique - Oh.

DM - I'm sorry. [holds out bouquet] I picked these up on the way. I thought you might like them.

Dominique - [takes bouquet, smiles] Thank you.

DM - I know what it's like to be disappointed, so...

Dominique - That's very thoughtful.

DM - Well, uh, I guess I'd better be going here.

Dominique - No, please, come in... come in.

DM - No--

Dominique - Come in.

DM - I couldn't. I--

Dominique - Yes. Come out of the cold. Come. [He follows her inside to the kitchen.] Can I get you something? A drink? Maybe something to eat?

DM - Oh, that's not necessary.

Dominique - You have come all this way to drop off Robert's things. CUT <Why don't you just stay for dinner. If Robert were here, I'm sure he'd insist.

DM - Okay. I'd like that very much. I haven't had a home-cooked meal in weeks. [takes off coat] Well, could I wash up a little bit first?

Dominique - Of course. It's just to your right, Mr. Duncan -- uh, Mr. MacLain. [giggles]

DM - MacLeod.

Dominique - Mr. MacLeod.

DM - [points] Through here? Oh, and you can call me Duncan. [smiles at her]

Dominique - [returns his smile] Duncan.

DM - To the right?

Dominique - Right.

DM - Okay.

Dominique - There. 2>


Davis' house - bathroom 9

[DM has his shirt off, wiping himself clean with a washcloth at the sink. Dominique walks past, stops in doorway.]

DM - [turns, smiles at her] Hi.

[She continues past. DM looks at his reflection in the mirror, licks his lip, 'flashes' evil.]


Davis' house - kitchen, later 9

<DM - Mm-mm. The stew is good. Mm.> CUT

Dominique - [laughing] I haven't laughed like this in months.

DM - More wine?

Dominique - No.

DM - [holds out wine bottle] Mmm.

Dominique - Oh, maybe... a little. B

DM - [pours them both some more wine] He's away a lot, isn't he?

Dominique - [nods] Yes.


DM - I have to go.

Dominique - No. Why?

DM - I can't do this.

Dominique - What?

DM - Uh... [sighs] Your husband's a fool. There was no trouble on the ship. He asked me to come here to lie to you.

Dominique - Why?

DM - I saw him go off with somebody else.

Dominique - [doesn't believe him] No.

DM - I saw them. I'm sorry.

Dominique - Are you sure?

DM - Dominique, Robert told me come here tonight to tell you that you'd be spending the night alone.

Dominique - [quietly] Oh.

DM - More wine?

Dominique - [makes a decision, smiles at him] Yes.


<Davis' house - bedroom, next morning 9 CUT

[Dominique is lying in bed staring at the ceiling, a tear starting to form at the corner of her eye. DM leans over to kiss her & she turns her head away.]

DM - [kisses her cheek, then her shoulder] You were pretty good. [He's already wearing jeans & reaches for his T-shirt as she stands & puts on a robe.] Hm. I think I'll come back tonight. [He chuckles, sniffs the T-shirt, throws it on the bed & looks inside the wardrobe.] Ahhh. Well. Eeney, meeney, miney, moe. [grabs sweater off shelf] Thanks, Davis. [puts sweater on] Ahh. Fits like a glove. [grabs shirt from hanger bar] Hmm. One of these, too. [tosses hanger aside] 3>


Davis' house - kitchen 9

[Dominique pours water from saucepan into teapot, carries teapot to table. C She picks up spoon from table and stirs contents of teapot as DM comes whistling into the kitchen. He comes up behind her and runs his hands over her hips.]

Dominique - [tries to push him away] Go, please. Go. I shouldn't have done this.

DM - [cuddling up behind her] Oh, I think we should do this again.

Davis - [offscreen] Dominique!

Dominique - Please, the back stairs. You must leave.

DM - [spins her around to face him] Not yet. [pushes her down against the table] In here, Robert!

Dominique - Don't. [DM leans over her.] No, please, don't! Don't!

Davis - [enters kitchen] Dominique!

DM - Oh, Robert, you're just in time. Take a chair and watch. [bends toward Dominique again]

Dominique - No! [Davis pulls DM off her. DM holds up the kitchen knife he had hidden in his hand. He tosses the knife around a bit.]

Davis - That's my wife.

DM - I told you it wasn't over.

[Behind DM, Dominique grabs pot from the stove and flings hot water at DM's head. DM cries out & grabs his face. Davis runs to cabinet & pulls out a gun, aiming it at DM.]

Davis - Get out! Get out, or I swear I'll kill you!


[meanwhile] 2

[Outside, on the street, Methos pulls up in a Volvo stationwagon and peers up at Davis' house.]


[meanwhile] 9

DM - Leaving's no problem. But killing me... that's not as easy as it looks. [kicks Davis' hand, disarms him, starts beating him up, then grabs a bottle from a side table] Oh, it's time to pay.

Dominique - [pointing Davis' gun at DM] Let him go!

DM - [turns, surprised] Well, well, Dominique. [looks between the two of them] What are we going to do now?

Davis - Shoot him!

[DM backhands Davis, knocking him out, then turns back to Dominique.]

Dominique - Please don't. Stay back. [cocks gun]

DM - [walks toward her slowly] Do you know what it's like to kill, Dominique? To watch the eyes cloud over and see the life leaking away? Hmm? To feel the skin grow cold. And at night, the nightmares come, wearing the face of the one you killed. Is that what you want? [She shakes her head. He lunges at her & she shoots him. Outside, in his car, Methos reacts to the sound of the gunshot.2] Ow. [He moves toward her again & she shoots him multiple times.]


Street outside Davis' house 2

[Methos senses 'buzz', watches as DM stumbles down the stairs from Davis' house.]

Davis - [runs out onto landing behind him] Bastard! D [Methos reacts with surprise. Davis shoots DM again. DM falls to the ground beside the Volvo.] Come back here! I will kill you!

Methos - [reaches across, opens pasenger door] Get in!

Davis - [yelling in background] I'll kill you, you bastard! E

Methos - [as DM just looks up at him] What do you want, a written invitation?

[DM gets into Volvo as Davis continues shooting at him.]

Davis - [yelling in background] Come back here!

[The Volvo accelerates away, tires squealing, and drives off down the F quai. Davis watches it go.]


<Road outside Le Havre 10 CUT

[As Methos drives, G DM slumps against him, dead. The car squeals into a turn & disappears down the road.]> H


Establishing shot: Chapel on a hill 11

Inside chapel 11

[DM gasps, reviving.]

<Methos - CUT Good morning. Feeling any better?>

DM - [jumps to his feet, kicks over a tall candlestick, turns to Methos] What do you think? [grabs at his chest, groaning, not fully healed yet]

Methos - I think maybe you got what you deserved.

DM - You and your Watcher friends. [chuckles] Dawson's becoming a real pain in the ass.

Methos - Yes, well, I'll pass that along the line.

<DM - You do that! CUT

Methos - MacLeod, you need help.

DM - [picks up shorter candlestick from a ledge] I don't need your help, my son.

Methos - Have you tried looking in a mirror recently?

DM - Yes, and I like what I saw.>

Methos - Duncan, I know what happened. First Coltec, now you. This is a Dark Quickening. This is not who you are.

DM - [sets candlestick down] No? Maybe it's who I should be. What you see is what you get.

Methos - You can fight this. I can help you if you let me.

DM - [grabs candelabrum from stand, points it at Methos] Yeah? Why would you want to do that?

Methos - [backing away] Because of who you are. You're too important to lose!

DM - [stares at candle flames a moment, then throws candelabrum aside] I'm not lost.

Methos - [moves closer] MacLeod... This could be your last chance to be saved.

DM - There's just one problem. [turns suddenly, swings katana up against Methos' neck] I don't want to be saved.

Methos - You can't do this.

DM - No? [raises katana]

Methos - This is holy ground! Whatever evil is inside you, you cannot do this.

[DM shoves Methos away, leaves chapel.]


Outside chapel 11

DM - [walks to edge of cliff overlooking ocean] Yes! Oh, yes. [turns, sees classic Mercedes parked nearby] Oh, look at that. I want this car! [to young couple making out in car] Hey, lover boy. I want this car.

Driver - You wish. CUT

<DM - But I want it. It's a fine piece of German engineering. [circles the car] It's my favorite color -- red! And it's got all the modern accessories. [opens passenger door] I take. [pulls girl out]

Driver - Leave her alone! [gets out of car]

DM - [pins screaming girl against side of car] Easy, baby, easy. I won't hurt you. [kisses her neck]

Girl - No!

Driver - [pulls DM away] Get off!

DM - [pushes Driver down as Methos comes out of chapel, turns to girl] Now, why don't you come with me?

Girl - [pulls away from him] Leave me alone!

DM - Okay. Pity. [walks around back of car, opens driver door]

Methos - MacLeod, what are you doing?!

[DM grins at him, gets in car, guns engine, drives straight at Methos.]

DM - Come on! Yee-haw! Come on! Yeah! Woo-hah!

[Methos flings himself out of the way as DM drives past. DM drives behind chapel, circles around on the grass. Methos picks himself up. DM continues making donuts behind the chapel. I]

Methos - [to Driver] Hope you're insured.

[DM fishtails out of chapel parking lot, races away down the road.]>


Road 12

[Montage of DM speeding through switchbacks 4 down the hillside. He blows through an intersection stop sign & continues on.]


Road near Le Havre 10

[Methos' Volvo is driving down road.]

<Methos - [voice-over] Joe, he's worse than I thought.

Joe - [voice-over; on phone] Maybe you should just stay away, 'cause he will kill you if he can.

Methos - [voice-over] I'm tougher than I look.> CUT

[Methos parks Volvo, walks over to Massanet.]

Massanet - Adam, how are you? What brings you to Le Havre?

<Methos - CUT I've got to find Duncan MacLeod. Claude, I know this is irregular.> I'm trying to find out where he might be going.

Massanet - What do you care? You're a researcher working on the Methos chronicle. You're not supposed to be in the field.

Methos - Dawson sent me. It -- It's a special case with MacLeod. It's a Dark Quickening. CUT <We can't let him out of our sight.

Massanet - He called Sean Burns. He might go there.>


Burns' Chateau 6

[DM drives up in the Mercedes, honking his horn.]

Sean - [walks toward car] Duncan, how are you? It's been too long. I called Paris, canceled all my appointments until further notice. Appointments I can always get. Good friends are a little harder to come by. [looks in at DM] You look like hell. What is it?

DM - Maybe this isn't a good idea.

Sean - Duncan, if there's a problem -- whatever it is -- I'm here.

DM - I know.


Flashback - France, 1917 - Burns' Chateau 6

DM - It's beautiful here. You could almost forget the war.

Sean - Except for the poor devils I'm getting. CUT They're calling it "the war to end all wars." Do you believe that?

DM - Wish I could.

Sean - Too many wars. Too many broken bodies... shattered minds.

DM - That boy, Antoine. You got inside his head. How did you know what he wanted to hear?

Sean - Partly common sense... partly Sigmund Freud.

DM - Psychoanalysis -- trying to understand how the mind works?

Sean - And heal it.

DM - Well, I know the body heals, but to heal the mind, to heal the damage inside, you think that's possible?

Sean - Sigmund Freud does. Brilliant mind, disgusting cigars.

<DM - CUT You're doing good work here, Sean.>

Sean - You could stay on. I could use the help.

DM - No. The guns keep firing. The bodies keep falling. But I'll remember this place. The peace. Something to hold on to.


Burns' Chateau 6

(resume previous scene)

Sean - It doesn't take a psychoanalyst to see that something's bothering you.

DM - Psychotherapy? Can it work for Immortals?

Sean - I suppose. But we're so much more complex than mortals. Upon our page so much more is written. But our core is similar. We're formed by the same experiences.

DM - But they don't kill to survive.

Sean - No, they don't.

DM - What about... Quickenings? If we had... one too many?

Sean - Could the evil overwhelm the good? I spent years thinking about it. The truth is... I don't know.

DM - [cold] I do. ['flashes' evil]

Sean - I see.

DM - And when it happens... Which one is real? The Immortal you are, or the one you've become?

Sean - I could fight you, Duncan, but you're better. I know it and so do you. But you're here because you want me to help you. Now, I can't do that without my head.

[Methos' Volvo pulls up in the background, & Methos gets out.]

DM - That's too bad. [draws katana]

Methos - [runs toward them] MacLeod, no! Don't do it!

DM - You can't interfere!

[Methos skids to a halt -- DM's right.]

Sean - [backing away] Duncan, it's not too late. What you were, what you love... it's still waiting for you.

DM - [advancing] There's nothing waiting for me.

Methos - [circling around] Don't do this, MacLeod.

Sean - Those aren't your memories, Duncan. The hate doesn't belong to you. The voices aren't yours. Don't listen to them. [DM hesitates.] You're lost in there, but I can help you. I can lead you back. Your core is still good. You are still Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. [holds out his hand] Now, come.

[DM stares at the hand. Methos waits, tense, nearby.]

Methos - [mouths subvocally] Come on.

DM - [reaches out a hand toward Sean's] Not anymore. [grabs Sean's hand, pulls him forward, beheads him]

Methos - [backing away] No!

[The Quickening begins... a few bolts seem to hit Methos, but the Mercedes survives intact.]

Methos - [steps forward when Quickening is over] Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I can't save you. [grabs katana away as DM lunges for it] I've known a lot of us in five thousand years, MacLeod. Of them all, you were the best I'd seen.

DM - [gets to his feet] I still am.

Methos - No, you're not. And I think I have to kill you.

DM - [stalks toward him] Then I hope you like what you see. Because you kill me, you become me. You become what I am.

Methos - [backs away] Maybe not. Maybe there's more room inside me. CUT

DM - You'll kill, Methos. You'll do exactly what I did. You'll kill a friend, a lover. You will go mad. CUT Do you know what evil is? Dark, soulless evil. Imagine it. Live it!

Methos - You're deluded.

DM - What you see is what you get. 5 [off Methos' reaction as they circle each other] I hope your soul is ready for me.

Methos - Well, we'll see.

DM - [laughs] Go ahead. Take my head. Kill me. Go on.

[As Methos pulls the katana back, DM rushes him & knocks him over a wall. Methos lands on his back on the other side.]

DM - Fool!

Methos - [to himself] I'm too old for this.

[DM picks up his katana, looks over wall at Methos for a moment, then walks quickly back to the Mercedes & 6 drives away.]


Establishing shot: Paris - quay by barge 13

[Super: Paris]

<Inside barge CUT

[DM looks at objects on shelves. 7 He climbs step, toward furniture covered with dust covers. He stands for a moment by dining table, picks up a framed photo, looks at it, tosses it back down.]

DM - Nothing. Nothing. [tosses stack of books onto the floor] Nothing. Nothing. [kicks over cloth-covered chair] Nothing! Nothing! [sweeps things off tables & shelves] Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! [stops rampaging] Nothing.>


Paris sidewalk 14

[DM is sitting on a railing, staring at his hands.]

Stranger - Are you all right?

Sean - Duncan? Are you sure you're all right?

[DM stares at Sean.]


Flashback - France, 1917 - Burns' Chateau 6

DM - They're all so young.

Sean - They always are.

DM - But look at them.

Sean - [as nurse helps soldier with bandage covering his eyes] Duncan, you didn't take away that man's eyes... [motions offscreen] Or his legs. You're spending the war trying to save them.

DM - I'm doing a great job, aren't I.

Sean - Is that Scottish guilt I sense?

DM - What, are we going back to my childhood again? Is it Jung or Freud this time?

Sean - It's Sean Burns. You were brought up to lead and protect a clan. You feel guilt because you're whole. Because you'll survive.

DM - I always survive.


Sean - I'll send you the bill.

DM - How do I stop it?

Sean - Duncan, it's not an illness. It's... who you are. Who you'll always be.


Paris sidewalk 14

(resume previous scene)

Stranger - [with Sean's voice] It's something I admire.

[DM stares at him. The stranger backs away, leaves.]


Establishing shot: St. Joseph's Chapel 15

Outside St. Joseph's Chapel 15

[DM walks around to chapel entrance, sees Darius standing in front of the door. Darius fades away.]

DM - Darius?


Inside St. Joseph's Chapel 15

[DM enters, walks to front, knocking over some chairs along the way.]

DM - What have I become?! [kneels] Everything I was is gone! People I loved, things I cared about... [crying] I killed a friend. [falls forward onto the floor] I can't exist like this! [rolls over onto his back, looks up at stained-glass window] Help me. If you can't help me... Stop me.


<[sometime later] CUT

[Methos J walks to front of chapel where DM is sitting on the floor, his katana laid out in front of him.]>

Methos - I was hoping I'd find you here.

DM - Leave me alone.

Methos - With God, or with your demons?

DM - [stands, faces him] Look at me. See me as I am, not as I was. Or as you want me to be. [turns away] I will kill you.

Methos - You might.

DM - I don't want to.

Methos - And that is your salvation.

DM - There is no salvation for me.

Methos - Why? Because you're alone? Because it's just you against all that evil? You're not alone. Not out here... [rests his palm against DM's chest] ...and not in there. [DM takes a quick step back, out of reach.] Why are you in a church, MacLeod? Why did you come? Because Sean Burns is with you. His goodness is a part of you. Feel him. Take his strength and yours and come with me. CUT [DM looks at him for a moment, then bends to pick up katana.] Might be better if I kept that. [DM looks at Methos, picks up katana, looks at katana, looks at Methos again, then tosses katana to him.]


Woods near ancient holy site 16

Methos - [parks Volvo] Right. We're here. [Both get out of car.] There's a holy spring here. It's been lost since the seventh century. [takes bag out of car, drops it on ground] Nobody seems to know about it. There are indeed those who say it's magic.

DM - [turns suddenly & punches him in the face] I can't do this.

Methos - Fight it. Fight it like you have fought every other evil thing in your life, because that is what you are up against. [reaches into back seat of Volvo] Remember who you are. [holds up Ian MacLeod's claymore wrapped in Macleod tartan] Remember this.

Ian - [ghostly voice-over (from "Homeland")] I raised you to lead this clan, and to bear this sword after me.

Methos - It belongs in your hand. Take it.

Mary - [ghostly voice-over (from "Homeland")] Take it. Take it, I say! CUT

<[DM takes the sword from Methos.]


[short time later]

[DM walks through the woods carrying the sword and a coil of climbing rope. Methos follows him, carrying the bag. DM stops, kneels beside a brick-lined hole in the ground.]>


Cavern 16

[DM rappels down through the hole into an underground structure. He looks around and finds the spring. When he touches the tip of the claymore to the water, the water glows a bright phosphorescent green. DM steps down into the pool and the surface of the water shimmers. He stands in the middle of the pool, the water waist-high, and holds the sword up in front of him, looking down at his reflection in the water.]


[dream sequence]

Evil DM - [standing in brick archway of underground structure, sing-song:] Here's Duncan! Yes, it's me. But this time, I'm here to stay. [twirls katana, attacks. "Good DM" defends himself with the claymore. Evil DM stabs at Good DM.] Oh, that must hurt. [laughs, continues fight, cuts Good DM across the back] Give up. We're one. Inseparable. You can't kill what you've become. [Fight continues.] <Give up, Dunkie. [swings katana at Good DM's head]

Good DM - Oh. [ducks, gets cut on cheek]

Evil DM - Oops. [bows] Thank you. [looks at katana blade] Ah. Blood on there again. [flicks blade]> CUT



DM - [still in holy spring pool] Sean. I'm sorry.

Sean - [appearing as reflection in the water] For what? It wasn't you who killed me. Fight him, MacLeod. Defeat him.

DM - I can't!

Sean - [still a reflection] There is more that is noble in you then there is evil in all those you have destroyed. Summon all you are, all you've been, all who've loved you.


[dream sequence]

<Evil DM - CUT Come on, Dunkie. You know you've already lost.> Kill me, you kill yourself. [Fight continues.] It'll be the end of everything.

Good DM - Just you. <Just you.

Evil DM - Ah, suit yourself. [Fight continues.] Oh, you can't drive me out. I know your thoughts.

Good DM - Then you know who I am. [Fight continues.]

Evil DM - [stabs Good DM badly] You're nothing. [swings katana for final blow, but Good DM blocks it]

Good DM - No! I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.> CUT [swings claymore, beheads Evil DM]



[DM is still in the holy spring pool. A small fire appears on top of the water in front of him, then is put out by a spray of water. Camera pulls back as DM raises his free hand into the spray of water. Close on his face as K he tilts his head up to the water showering him.]


[moments later]

[Methos cautiously approaches the pool, DM's katana held behind his back.]

Methos - MacLeod?

DM - [looks up at him from the pool] It's over.

Methos - Then I think this is yours. [holds out katana]

DM - Yeah. Yeah.

Methos - [laughs in relief] Ohh.

DM - [holds out his hand] Here. [Methos pulls him out of the pool.]


Establishing shot: Paris - quay by barge 13

Seine by Notre Dame 17

DM - [walks down steps to quay with Methos] I'm warning you, I trashed the place. The place is a mess. I haven't been myself lately.

[They walk along the quay toward the barge.]8

<Methos - CUT You know, I hadn't noticed.>

(*In the domestic cut, the video freezes when DM & Methos reach the bottom of the steps, & Methos' final line overlays the frozen video.)


Inside barge

[Rachel Macleod is inside, straightening up.]

DM - [enters, followed by Methos] Rachel?

Rachel - I hope you don't mind. I was just picking up.

DM - Uh, no. What are you doing here?

Rachel - Your friend said you were in trouble, and that you needed the sword. So I gave it to him. He's a convincing lad.

<DM - He's a persistent one, too.> CUT

Rachel - And then I started thinking... When I was in danger, and the MacLeod clan needed you, you helped us. I thought it was my turn. [looks at him] You are in trouble, aren't you?

DM - Uh, not anymore.

Rachel - Oh. I guess I can go, then.

DM - Well, n-n-- You--

Rachel - [after an awkward pause] Or I can stay, if you like.

DM - [smiles] Yeah, I'd like that.

<Methos - Listen, I'd love to stay and chat, but I've left Alexa in Athens. Uh-- [sets down figurines he was helping to straighten] Ahh. CUT

DM - Yeah.

Methos - Just leaving.

DM - Thanks.

Methos - You kids be good.

DM - [calls after him] Um, A-Adam? Um, look... [goes over to him] Look, um...

Methos - Hey. [pats his arm] It's no big deal. [smiles at DM, leaves]>

Rachel - Good friend you have there.

DM - Yeah, one of the best. 9


End of "Deliverance"

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