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Episode 15: Promises

Written by Lawrence Shore
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Aired: March 2, 1996
Transcript revised: 12-20-20


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander


Rachel MacLeod - Kristin Minter
              Glenfinnan innkeeper

Muhammad ibn Kassim - Ricco Ross
              Moorish Immortal

Nasir Al Deneb - Ben/Benjamin Feitelson
              Minister of Education

Hamad ben Salem - Vernon Dobtcheff
              foreign (Moroccan?) president


Reza - Tomer Sisley
              bootmaker's son in FB

Boadin Al Deneb - Karim Salah/Saleh
              Moorish ruler in FB

Aliya - Soumaya Akaaboune
              servant on Hamad's staff

Official - Dine Souli
              at Embassy

Inspector - Peta Wilson
              at police station

Locations List:*
1. City park - Parc de la Folie Saint-James, Neuilly-sur-Seine [48.882826,2.257559]
2. Embassy - Hôtel Arturo Lopez, 12 Rue du Centre, Neuilly-sur-Seine [48.879605,2.252764]
3. North Africa - La Mer de Sable, Route Nationale 330 (N330), Ermenonville [49.143803,2.676554]
4. Spain, dungeon - Château de Pierrefonds, Rue Viollet le Du, Pierrefonds [49.346393,2.979603]
5. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
6. Restaurant - unknown location
7. Embassy window (exterior) - unknown location
8. Police exterior / chase - Médiathèque Longchamp (library), 68 Rue de Longchamp, Neuilly-sur-Seine [48.879616,2.253173]
9. Police interior - unknown location
10. Street by hotel - 2 Rue Jules Michelet, Pierrefonds [49.348326,2.977813]
11. Embassy (establishing) - Bibliothecque Thiers, 27 Rue St. Georges [48.878428,2.337217]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on USA Network* (1998) matches the official cut, with one exception.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with three exceptions.
~Rerun on Syfy (2013) matches the Syfy 2010 cut, with multiple additional exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Paris - city park 1

DM - Ah, Paris in the winter. There's nothing like it.

Rachel - This city's fantastic. Everything's great. There's only one problem.

DM - What's that?

Rachel - My feet are killing me.

<DM - CUT Ach! Let me think! [jogs in circle around her] Ah, all right. Let me think. [Rachel laughs at him.] Oh, I've got it. [stops jogging] I've figured it out. [bends and pulls her over his shoulder, picking her up]>

Rachel - [screams] Duncan, put me down! You're embarrassing me. Put me down.

DM - That's impossible. This is Paris. [spins around with her]

Rachel - Ach, this may be Paris, but I'm from Glenfinnan. Now put me down! [He puts her down.]

DM - So, where to next?

Rachel - Oh, let's go home.

DM - Well, the barge is at your service, madame.

Rachel - I didn't mean the barge. I meant back home to the Highlands... Glenfinnan.

DM - Someday.

Rachel - [shrugs it off] Okay. Someday, it is.

DM - Rachel, we've been here two weeks, and you haven't asked me about me.

Rachel - I know everything I want to know. CUT And I've learned not to question magic.

DM - I'm not magic.

Rachel - No? You're Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, a legend from my childhood, a man who lived four hundred years ago, and here you are.

DM - There's an explanation.

Rachel - Time travel? Reincarnation? You're a fallen angel?

DM - That's it!

Rachel - Ach! [pushes him away] You don't have to tell me. CUT Let's just be together for a while. No explanations, okay? [DM nods.] Okay. 1


Paris - street near park 2

[DM senses 'buzz', stops walking.]

Rachel - What is it?

[Kassim exits nearby embassy building.]

DM - Stay here.

Rachel - Why?

DM - Just -- just do as I say, all right? Trust me?

Rachel - Okay...

[DM walks forward, sees man in black trench coat walking toward embassy building. Several more men in suits exit building, including Hamad. Man in trench coat watches the men, a hand inside his coat. DM walks toward him. The man moves forward & DM runs at him, grabs him as he pulls out a gun & shoots at Hamad. Kassim draws a gun and kills the assassin.]

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Outside embassy building 2

(resume previous scene)

Hamad - [brushes aside guards as they help him up] I'm all right... No thanks to you. If it weren't for that stranger, I would be dead. Kassim, bring him to me.

Kassim - As you wish. [walks over to DM] The President would like to thank you personally for your service to our country. Without your intervention, he would surely have died. [walks with DM over to Hamad]

DM - Duncan MacLeod. I'm glad I could help.

Hamad - [shakes his hand] You are a hero, Duncan MacLeod. And Hamad ben Salem is forever in your debt. I thank you and my country thanks you.

DM - Yeah. Well, it's okay, really.

Hamad - In my country, when a man saves another's life, a debt is owed. You may call on me for any favor. [to Kassim] See to it. CUT

Kassim - Of course, Mr. President.

Hamad - [more quietly, to Kassim] Find out who that was, and who sent him.

Kassim - I shall take care of it personally, sir.

Hamad - Good. [turns away]

Kassim - [follows DM away from embassy building] MacLeod!

DM - [turns to face him] Kassim.

Kassim - It's good to see you alive.


<Flashback - North Africa, 1755 3 CUT

[Super: North Africa 1755]

[Kassim, wearing elaborate red robes, strides through a desert city followed by a small group of palace guards.]

DM - [voice-over] It's good to be alive.

Kassim - [voice-over] It's been a long time.

DM - [voice-over] Yeah. Two hundred years. North Africa. That was a long time ago, Kassim.

[Reza sees Kassim and the guards coming & runs off.]

DM - [voice-over] Are you still chasing cobblers?

Kassim - [voice-over] I still serve the House of Al Deneb.

[Kassim & his entourage stop. Kassim looks around.]>


Flashback - North Africa, 1755 - outside desert city, night 3

<[DM has a tent set up outside the city, and is cooking a leg of lamb on a spit over his campfire.]

DM - [singing] My bonnie lies over the ocean. My bonnie lies over the sea. Mi-mi-mi-mi. My bonnie lies over a-buh-buh. So bring back my buh-buh buh me, buh me. [stops singing] There's no need to hide. [Reza comes around side of tent.] Don't be shy. Come by the fire. [as Reza moves a step closer] But put your knife down first. [Reza stays where he is.] Ach. I'm Duncan MacLeod.

Reza - [moves forward] Reza, son of Mekti.

DM - Ah.

Reza - I mean you no harm.> CUT

DM - That's a great relief. Are you hungry?

Reza - I don't take charity.

DM - Suit yourself. [eats a piece of the lamb] Mm. Mm.

Reza - Perhaps it was hospitality and not charity.

DM - Mm, perhaps. [continues eating]

Reza - Then I accept it. [takes piece of meat from DM's bowl, drops his bedroll to sit on, eats]

DM - So, Reza, son of Mekti, what brings you out in the night?

Reza - A man may travel where and when he wishes.

DM - Especially when someone's following him. [Tent flaps in the wind. Reza turns, startled. DM laughs.] It's just the wind.

Reza - Who would be after me? I'm nobody. I'm just a bootmaker's son from Tunis.

DM - Then you have nothing to fear. May God smile on your journey.

Reza - It must get lonely traveling alone.

DM - Not really.

Reza - The desert can be very dangerous for strangers. It would be better for you to travel with a companion.

DM - Would it, now?

Reza - Someone like me could be very useful.

DM - Well, let's see. Now, what do you have to offer? Not much, it seems. You don't have a horse. <And, uh, well-- [looks Reza over] You're pretty dressed in rags. And, phew! You smell like camel dung.> CUT Perhaps you're a great warrior?

Reza - Not much of one.

DM - Ach. Then what do you have to offer?

Reza - I can make boots!

DM - You make boots?

Reza - There is no finer bootmaker in the land.

DM - Hm. I could do with a new pair of boots. But we can travel in the morning. [hands Reza his bowl, crawls into tent]

Reza - [crouches at tent entrance] MacLeod?

DM - Mm?

Reza - Why do Egyptians ride their camels backwards?

DM - So when the order comes to retreat, they don't have to turn around.

Reza - [laughs] I am very funny. CUT


Flashback - North Africa, 1755 - desert city, next morning 3

Reza - We have a saying... "A man who travels east will one day discover the sun."

DM - Meaning?

Reza - I have no idea. 2

DM - You know which direction you are traveling in?

Reza - When I choose a direction, it's usually the wrong one.

DM - Choose one direction, then take another.

Reza - But there would still be three other directions to choose from. I would have to choose two more directions, and then take the remaining one, the one I didn't choose.

DM - Ach. Reza. [senses 'buzz' as Kassim & his entourage of guards draw near]

Reza - I think it's easier not to choose at all, don't you?

DM - I'm sorry I asked. [stops as Kassim marches toward them. Reza drops his bedroll & runs off.] Reza... [turns, sees Reza is gone, turns back to Kassim.] I'm MacLeod, of the Clan MacLeod.

Kassim - Kassim. I am prefect here.

DM - Ah.

<Kassim - We're looking for a boy. CUT

DM - Well, there are many boys in the world. Tall, short, young, old? [picks up Reza's bedroll, knocks the sand off it] What has this one done?>

Kassim - That does not concern you.

DM - Ah, well, I'll be on my way. [turns to leave but is stopped by two of the guards]

Kassim - For a large man, you have a small bedroll. [sniffs it] And a filthy one at that.

DM - Well, water's scarce in these parts.

[A guard drags Reza toward them. Kassim backhands Reza.]

DM - What is his crime?

Kassim - He defiled the Emir's daughter. Spoke to her in public as if she were a common whore.

Reza - It's a lie! I love her!

Kassim - Cockroach. You're not fit to lick her boots.

[DM knocks down the guard holding Reza, then fends off two others. Kassim grabs Reza, holds his dagger at the boy's throat.]

Kassim - Put up your sword!

[DM backs away from the guard he was fighting. Kassim shoves Reza toward the guard, who drags him away. The other guards follow. Kassim stops next to DM.]

DM - We'll meet again.

Kassim - Perhaps. [follows the guards]


<Outside embassy building 2 CUT

(resume previous scene)

Kassim - [as Hamad's car stops at entrance gate] Perhaps the president would like to invite Mr. MacLeod to the party tonight.

DM - [standing with Kassim beside the gate] I don't think so.

Hamad - [inside car, leans toward open window] Please. I insist. You will be my honored guest. A car will be sent for you at seven o'clock.

Kassim - It would not be polite to refuse the president's generosity. [opens car door, gets in beside the driver. Car drives off. DM walks over to where Rachel is waiting.]

Rachel - It's like you knew that was going to happen. How'd you do that?

DM - That's Paris. Never a dull moment.>


Paris - city park 1

Rachel - An embassy ball?

DM - I didn't know how to refuse.

Rachel - Especially after you'd just saved the president's life. This kind of thing happen to you a lot?

DM - Yeah. Every day.

Rachel - Mm.

DM - Come on, the champagne will be good.

Rachel - I can't.

DM - Why not?

Rachel - I don't have anything to wear. CUT

<DM - [dances around her] Ach. One fairy godmother, at your service.

Rachel - Ach, my God. Have you lost your mind?> 3


Outside embassy building, night 2

DM - [chuckling with Rachel as their car pulls up to entrance] You think so, huh? Huh. [gets out as valet opens door for Rachel]

Valet - Ma'am.

Rachel - Merci. [gets out of car, takes DM's arm, looks back at car as they walk toward embassy] Nice pumpkin. A

DM - Still wish you were in Glenfinnan?

Rachel - Of course.

DM - You would.


Embassy Ball, night 2


<[Mozart's "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" (2nd movement) plays in the background.]

DM - It's okay. You'll be fine.

Rachel - Oh, I don't want to be here.

DM - I know you don't. Let's have a little drink to loosen you up.

Rachel - Okay.

DM - [takes two glasses from passing waitstaff (Aliya)] Some champagne would be very nice. Thank you. [hands one to Rachel, who bobbles her purse to take it] You are nervous, aren't you?

Rachel - [sips champagne] Mm-hm. 4

DM - Trust me. We'll have a good time.

Rachel - Yes, but how's the whiskey?

DM - I'm not sure. Haven't tried it yet. B [senses 'buzz', looks around. Kassim is nearby.]

Hamad - [moves to greet them] Ah, Mr. MacLeod. I am so pleased-- >

Aliya - [bumps into Rachel, spilling champagne on her] Oh, I'm so sorry.

Rachel - No, no.

Hamad - What have you done?

Rachel - No! Really, it's okay.

Hamad - You will be punished.

Nasir - [interrupts] Allow me. Aliya, maybe you should assist mademoiselle in the powder room. It's all right. Go. [Aliya & Rachel depart.] New help. She tries her best.

Hamad - It's not good enough.

DM - Ah, it's over. It's okay. [holds out his hand to Nasir] I'm Duncan MacLeod.

Nasir - [shakes his hand] Nasir Al Deneb.

Hamad - Al Deneb is one of our more liberal ministers. He is in charge of the people's education. They love him as much as they hate me. Do they not, Nasir? He sends their children to school. I send them to war. I think perhaps that, um, I would rather have his job.

Nasir - We can exchange jobs any time you wish, Mr. President.

Hamad - For that you would have to kill me, and you are far too moral for that.

Nasir - [to DM] I hear we owe you our president's life.

DM - Oh, his--

Hamad - Yes, and he shall be rewarded. I have said so.

Nasir - Then it shall be so.

Hamad - Ah, the United States Ambassador. I suppose I shall have to be friendly. [leaves them]

<Nasir - CUT No gift is worthy of such a deed, Mr. MacLeod.>

DM - Ah, nothing's really necessary.

Nasir - You deserve thanks, all the same.

DM - No, you're the one that deserves thanks for stepping in when you did.

Nasir - Our president can be short-tempered at times. And Aliya has seen many troubles. Will you excuse me?

DM - Certainly.

[Nasir walks away. Kassim approaches DM.]

Kassim - So tell me, MacLeod, were you impressed by our glorious leader?

DM - Not really. He's a f-- [holds his tongue]

Kassim - [chuckles] Good. Then you won't be troubled too much when we kill him.


Establishing shot: Embassy building, night 2

Embassy Ball, night 2

(resume previous scene)

DM - Murder your president? You can't be serious.

Kassim - You've met the man, MacLeod. He's a tyrant.

DM - Murder's not the answer.

Kassim - It is the only answer. For eight hundred years I have served. Ruler upon ruler. Emirs, governors, presidents. Some have been fair men, some even good men. And some have been like Hamad. But none have been fit to rule. None have been of the House of Al Deneb.

DM - The young minister?

Kassim - You've seen him. You've met him. MacLeod, he is of royal blood. Nasir is the last of his line. The last of the House of Al Deneb. In the year 1460, with hordes of Aragon at our gate...


Flashback - Spain, 1460 4

[Super: Spain 1460]


<[Moors fight the soldiers of an invading army in and around a courtyard.]

Kassim - [voice-over] ...the Moorish reign in Europe was near its end. You should have seen it, MacLeod. The art, the books -- all gone. Destroyed by those barbarians.

[A group fights near a burning wagon. A Moor raises shield over his head, blocking an attack, then swings sword wildly at his attackers. Their fight continues until one of the soldiers kills the Moor. C Nearby, a soldier fights a Moor, kills him. Kassim cuts the soldier down, then helps a faltering Boadin Al Deneb get out of the way. Kassim fends off another soldier and moves back toward the burning wagon, facing a soldier there. 5 He raises his sword & shield D as the soldier attacks, engages in fight. Kassim kills a few more soldiers before returning to Al Deneb. He escorts Al Deneb away from the battle. E]

Kassim - [voice-over] I had sworn my undying allegiance to Boadin Al Deneb. A more enlightened ruler had never lived.

[Kassim helps Al Deneb move away from the battle.]

Kassim - [voice-over] I would have killed a hundred -- no, a thousand -- for him. But no matter how many I killed, there were always more.

[Kassim & Al Deneb enter a courtyard. Kassim closes the large wooden doors & bars them. He goes back to Al Deneb, kneels beside him.]

Kassim - My Lord.

Boadin - The arrow, Kassim. Remove the arrow.

[Kassim pushes open Al Deneb's tunic, finds the shaft of an arrow embedded in his side, pulls it out. The invaders rattle the courtyard doors & Kassim starts to rise.]>

Boadin - Stay! Stay. I would leave this world with a friend in my sight. You will survive all this.

Kassim - Not without my lord.

Boadin - I'm dying, but I'm not blind. You are not made as other men. Your wounds become whole. [Kassim shakes his head.] No, I have seen it. Allah watches over you, Kassim. He has given you many lives.

Kassim - All of them in your service.


Boadin - You will watch over my family. And some day, one of my house will rule again. Swear it.

Kassim - If it takes a thousand years, the house of Al Deneb will rise again.

[Boadin Al Deneb dies. An invader up on the courtyard wall shoots a crossbow bolt into Kassim's back, killing him. More invaders use a battering ram to break open the courtyard doors.]


Embassy Ball, night 2

(resume previous scene)

Kassim - I swore to my master that one day his descendants would rule again. This is my chance. Only Hamad stands in the way.

DM - You were behind the assassination attempt? That was YOUR man this afternoon?

Kassim - Your timing was unfortunate. But providence has spoken, and you shall be her hand. You shall kill Hamad for me.

DM - Kassim, I'm not an assassin. [walks away. Kassim turns, follows him. F]

Kassim - Hamad is a monster. CUT Those who object to his rule are jailed and executed. Five thousand in four years -- doctors, professors, newspaper publishers, anyone who dares to speak freely. A man like that does not deserve to rule -- or to live.

DM - Yes, but it's not for me to judge.

Kassim - No, you are not his judge, MacLeod. I am. You, my friend, are his executioner.

DM - I can't.

Kassim - You must. You gave me your word. You owe me this.


Flashback - North Africa, 1755 - dungeon 4

DM - Release the boy. He's to come with me.

Jailer - [finishes relieving his bladder over nearby bucket, turns to DM] Kassim said he's not to be touched.

DM - Ah, have it your way. [fights Jailer and Guard, knocking them out, takes keys from Jailer's belt]

Reza - If they catch us, they'll kill us... both! They -- they'll gouge our eyes out! They -- they'll flay our flesh! They -- they'll burn our bodies!

DM - [unlocks cell door] Reza! Put your tongue back in your mouth and keep it there. [draws his sword] And mind your fingers. [slashes through manacle chain] And your head. [slashes through second manacle chain]

Reza - Why did you come?

DM - Must be your camel jokes. CUT

<Reza - [as they pass the Jailer, who is beginning to stir] Just a second. [kicks Jailer] This is because what you done to me. Do you remember this? Huh?

DM - [comes back for him] Reza. Reza.

Reza - Pooh! I spit on you! Pooh!

DM - Reza!

Reza - I want to spit on him. [DM drags him away.]>


Flashback - North Africa, 1755 - dungeon stairwell 4

[DM senses 'buzz', stops.]

Reza - [following DM up the stairs] Why are you stopping? Go on.

Kassim - [from landing above them] I looked forward to this. Just not so soon.

DM - Let the boy go. We can settle this.

Kassim - We will. But the boy goes nowhere.

DM - What purpose could his death serve?

<Kassim - You should know more than any that a lowly bootmaker trying to court the princess is an insult to the House of Al Deneb. He must be punished. CUT

DM - How can love be a crime?> You must know what it's like to love somebody. It takes away all reason. The boy was just following his heart.

Kassim - The princess cannot ignore such an... insult.

DM - Did you ask her? You serve the princess, do you not?

Kassim - [nods] Mm.

DM - What would she feel if she knew this boy died just for loving her? Is that how you protect her?

Kassim - There is no other way. [draws his sword]

DM - There is always another way. We could escape.

Kassim - No one has ever escaped from here.

Reza - I could be the first!

DM - Be quiet, Reza! [to Kassim] We could leave tonight. You would not see either of us again.

Kassim - If I do this... what would you give me in return?

DM - Except for my sword, you could have anything. Anything that is mine to give.

Kassim - What would that be? A rough pair of boots? A--a poor horse?

DM - My friendship. For as long as I live.

Kassim - Your... promise?

DM - Aye.

Kassim - A favor for a favor? A life for a life.

DM - Aye.

Kassim - I will hold you to it.

DM - You have my word on it.

Kassim - [motions Reza forward, past him] We live long, MacLeod. I will not forget.

DM - Neither will I.


Embassy Ball, night 2

(resume previous scene)

Kassim - Has your memory become weak, Macleod?

DM - I haven't forgotten.

Kassim - [pulls business card out of his coat pocket] Be at this restaurant tomorrow night at seven-thirty.

DM - [takes the card] Kassim... don't make me do this.

Kassim - You made a vow. A life for a life.

Rachel - [returns] Am I intruding?

Kassim - Shame on me. I -- I'm keeping you from your friend.

Rachel - Oh, Rachel MacLeod. [shakes his hand]

Kassim - Enchanté. [bends over her hand as if to kiss it, but maintains a polite distance, then turns to DM] Your wife?

Rachel - No. [laughs] Distant cousin.

DM - It's a long story.

Kassim - Yes. So many of them are. Please, enjoy the party. [to DM] Until tomorrow. [leaves] CUT

<Rachel - Can I have some more champagne?

DM - Sure. Have some of mine. [hands her his glass]

Rachel - What's happening tomorrow?

DM - Nothing.>


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 5

Inside barge


Rachel - You've been awfully quiet all morning.

DM - Oh, I'm just thinking of something.

Rachel - Anything I can help with?

DM - No, I don't think so.

Rachel - [re postcards] I'm just going to the corner to mail these.

DM - Okay.

Rachel - Okay? [gives him a kiss, heads toward door, 6 hears someone knocking] Coming. [opens door]

Messenger - For MacLeod. [hands her a package]

Rachel - Thanks. [Messenger leaves.] Oh, it's heavy. Maybe I forgot my glass slipper.

DM - Uh, maybe I should have a look at that.

Rachel - [opens box, sees handgun inside] Oh, my God. [DM takes box from her.] I guess it's for you.

<DM - Rachel, um -- This is a little difficult to explain. I-I-- CUT

Rachel - I shouldn't have looked.

DM - I've got to go out.>

Rachel - [clears her throat] Duncan... I know you wouldn't do anything that didn't need to be done.

[DM leaves.]


Inside Moroccan restaurant, night 6

Maître 'd - This way, please.

Hamad - Is this the best that you can do?

Nasir - This is the food of our county, Mr. President.

Hamad - I know that. When I'm in Paris, I expect to eat French food!

Kassim - I'm sorry, Mr. President, but, uh, I couldn't take a chance after what happened yesterday. I know this restaurant is secure. The people who own it are our loyal friends. [motions to chair at table] Please. G CUT

<Man offscreen - [quiet, in background] Uh, listen, Jack, do you want some {trailmix?}

Jack - [quiet, offscreen] No.

[Hamad sits, followed by the other men & Kassim.]

Hamad - Did you see the newspapers today, Nasir? They called me "Hamad the Despot. Hamad the Dictator." They had numbers on the dead in our jails. I suppose you have been talking to your friends in the press again. [As Hamad talks, DM can be seen hiding in a corner of the restaurant, holding the gun.] Say nothing. Listen. It will not happen again. [DM aims the gun at the back of Hamad's head, cocks it. Kassim is staring at the place where DM is hiding. Hamad notices.] What is it, Kassim? [DM can't do it, lowers the gun. Hamad looks around, stands up.] What is this? Guards?

Guard - [quiet, offscreen] {??} Yes, sir.

[Kassim stands, pulls out his own gun, points it toward where DM is hiding, sees DM isn't going to fire, moves to point gun at Hamad.]

Man - [offscreen] Kassim, no!

[Kassim shoots at Hamad.]

Guard - [pushes Hamad to the floor] Get down!

[Another guard shoots Kassim in the back with an automatic.]

Guard - You got him! {He's} in the back. The back. Back door. Back door.

Guard - {Sheriff}, hold him.

Guard - Okay, I'm going to circle around front.

Guard - Are you all right, Mr. President?

Hamad - I am fine.

Guard - Bring the car around, now.

Hamad - Come. Take me home.>


Establishing shot: Quay by barge, night 5

Barge - on deck, night 5

Rachel - [walks to steps and 7 down side of barge H to prow where DM is sitting] I thought it must be you. [sits beside him] Are you okay?

DM - [puts his arm around her] You know, when I was young... I fought in so many wars, and I met a man who'd given up killing. He didn't care who was right and who was wrong. He saw that life was more precious than principles.

Rachel - And you think he was right?

DM - I think there are some things worth living for. And dying for. And some things worth killing for, if you have to.

Rachel - But not tonight.

DM - No, not tonight.

Rachel - Then your friend would be proud.

DM - I wish I knew. I wish he was here. [takes gun from his coat, throws it in the water] I made a promise to someone. Something that I couldn't keep.

Rachel - I'm sure you had good reason.

DM - Yeah, but is that enough? Sometimes I think that a man of honor does what he swears and says the hell with the consequences.

Rachel - I think a man of honor lives with whatever he does. CUT <[DM leans over, kisses her.]>


Establishing shot: Quay by barge, next morning 5

Inside barge

[DM is up & dressed, finishing breakfast & looking at a newspaper. Rachel is still asleep in his bed. DM tosses newspaper down, 8 senses 'buzz', leaves barge. Rachel wakes up as the door closes behind him.]


Quay by barge 5

Kassim - Do you know what you've done?

DM - I'm not a murderer, Kassim. It was too much to ask.

Kassim - Too much to ask of you to honor your sworn oath? You have betrayed me, and you have betrayed yourself.

DM - Kassim, there had to be another way. If he was as bad as you said he was, then maybe you should have made the information public. Made Nasir speak out. Forced him to step down.

Kassim - Are you a fool as well as a coward? Now Nasir will not live out the week. He will be blamed for my parts in these attempts. My support for him is well known. Hamad will have him killed. And because of you, I am dead. I can no longer serve him. I can no longer protect him. The last of the line of Al Deneb will die out, because you couldn't honor your word. Well, then. If I can't keep my promise, at least I can avenge him. [draws his sword]

DM - Kassim, don't do this. I'm not your enemy.

Kassim - Don't you even have enough honor to accept my challenge?

DM - I won't fight you. CUT [Kassim scoffs, lunges at DM, brandishing his sword. DM barely flinches.]

Kassim - Fight! [DM doesn't move.] I Make no mistake, MacLeod. You will fight me. And you... will die. [gives DM a hard look, walks away]

[DM turns, sees Rachel watching him from nearby.]


Embassy library 2

Official - [leads DM into library] The president will be back from lunch shortly. You may wait here.

DM - Thank you.

Official - I hope you realize what a busy man he is. He may not be able to see you.

DM - The man who saved his life?

Official - If you were not, you would not be allowed to wait. [leaves]

DM - [looks at book on side table] "The Wit and Wisdom of Hamad." It's kinda short.

[Aliya enters with tray. DM puts book down.]

Aliya - They thought you might want some coffee while you waited. [turns to leave]

DM - Aliya, wait.

Aliya - You know my name, sayyid?

DM - Yes, the minister, Nasir Al Deneb, he told me. He seems like a good man.

Aliya - He is a good man.

DM - If he was in trouble, would you help him?

Aliya - I was a teacher in my country until my brother was arrested. I think him bringing me to Paris has kept me alive.

DM - Then I need to talk to him. His life is in danger.

Aliya - No, sayyid, you are to wait here.

DM - No, I'm not going to wait. I will see Nasir Al Deneb. [quietly] I just don't want to go through every single hall, opening every single door. He needs your help.


Embassy - Nasir's room 2

Nasir - [as DM enters] These are private quarters.

DM - All I need are two minutes.

Nasir - You don't have them. Leave, please.

DM - If you want to stay alive, you'll listen to me.

Nasir - Listen to you? I don't even know who you are, except for the fact that you saved Hamad's life. But neither you nor Kassim will get many points for that one with me.

DM - Kassim wanted to see you rule.

Nasir - Kassim was a dangerous man, and although his intentions were good, they were foolish. Yet I will rule, some day.

DM - Not with Hamad in the way. He thinks you took part in the assassination attempt. He'll have you killed.

Nasir - He wouldn't dare. I have spent many years cultivating the love of my people.

DM - That's exactly why he wants to eliminate you.

Nasir - [hears footsteps outside] Thanks for your concern. Your two minutes are up. [Several guards enter room.] Mr. MacLeod was just leaving.

DM - You're making a mistake.

Nasir - [as guards escort DM out] Good day, Mr. MacLeod.


Embassy library 2

Hamad - I hear you have seen Nasir Al Deneb.

DM - Yes, actually I was looking for you and I bumped into him.

Hamad - Tell me... Do you like Nasir?

DM - Not especially.

Hamad - He is an arrogant little bastard when you get to know him. He wants to rule my country.

DM - Does he?

Hamad - He thinks with his Cambridge education and his family tree, that it is his right... I have lost three brothers and two children fighting for my country. Before me there was anarchy. My people were starving. Now they go to sleep with full bellies and still they call me tyrant. I gave them order. I gave them strength. Our army is feared throughout the region... Now, why are you here?

DM - You said I was entitled to a favor. I've come to claim it.

Hamad - Ah, yes. Every man has his price. And yours is--?

DM - The life of Nasir Al Deneb. I want you to spare his life.

Hamad - The life of a man you barely know? That is a strange request.

DM - Still, it's what I ask. You promised me a favor. Are you going to honor your word?

Hamad - Al Deneb is safe from me. I will not expect to see you again.

DM - Well, you won't see me again. As long as you're a man of your word.

Hamad - Should I be afraid of you, MacLeod? The man who saved my life?

DM - A life for a life, Mr. President. [leaves]


Embassy - Nasir's room, night 2

Nasir - [stands as Hamad enters] Ah, Mr. President.

Hamad - I have just had the most unusual request. Why would Duncan MacLeod wish to protect you?


Quai de la Tournelle, night 5

[DM walks toward stairs leading down to quay.]

Nasir - [voice-over] I have no idea. The man is a complete stranger to me.

Hamad - [voice-over] Of course. You know nothing of him.


Embassy - Nasir's room, night 2

(continue previous scene)

Hamad - Just as you knew nothing of Kassim's little plan to get me out of your way. You are a clever man, Nasir. But... I cannot afford to have a clever man at my side.


Quai de la Tournelle, night 5

(continue previous scene)

[DM runs forward, sees the barge on fire. A fire truck is already there.]

DM - Rachel?


Embassy - Nasir's room, night 2

(continue previous scene)

Nasir - You wouldn't dare harm me.

Hamad - Of course, you are right. A man in my position cannot afford to kill a man like you. But when the truth came out about your hand in my assassination attempt, guilt drove you to suicide.

Nasir - You would be overthrown within the year.

Hamad - Perhaps. But not by you.


Outside embassy - window of Nasir's room, night 7

Nasir - [offscreen] What are you doing? You can't do this! [screams as he is thrown out of the window]


Quai de la Tournelle, night 5

(continue previous scene)

[Firefighters spray water on the barge, which is engulfed in flames.]


Establishing shot: Police station 8

Police station - Inspector's office 9

Inspector - An incident like this, monsieur, it raises many questions. You would expect such an event to target public figures, or tourist landmarks. Why would someone target you?

DM - I don't know.

Inspector - You have no idea?

DM - Inspector, if I did, don't you think I'd tell you?

Inspector - Not necessarily... Not if you were hiding something. Are you hiding something, Mr. MacLeod?

DM - What are you fishing for, Inspector?

Inspector - Only the truth.

DM - The truth is someone I care about has disappeared. My home has been blown apart. Now, I'm not the criminal here.

Inspector - Not yet, you're not.

DM - [groans] Is there anything else?

Inspector - A few days ago you stopped the assassination of Hamad ben Salem.

DM - I was in the right place at the right time.

Inspector - Maybe not everyone shares that opinion with you. CUT

<DM - We've finished. [stands, puts on coat]

Inspector - Where will you be staying?

DM - I don't know. [walks away, leaving Inspector sitting at her desk]>


Outside police station 8

[DM opens door, J exits station, walks across street. A man walks up behind him, slips something into his pocket & runs off. DM chases him down the sidewalk. The man rounds a corner, DM following. The man runs along sidewalk lined by hedge wall. DM follows, past entrance to a building. K Man runs past parked car and is picked up by waiting motorcyclist, getting away. The phone he put in DM's pocket rings.]

DM - [answers phone] What's the deal, Kassim?

Kassim - [in empty Moroccan restaurant, into phone] Listen closely. [holds phone for Rachel]

Rachel - [into phone] Duncan?6

DM - [into phone] Rachel? You all right?

Rachel - [into phone] I'm okay.

Kassim - [into phone] For now.6

DM - [into phone] Kassim, leave her out of this.

Kassim - [into phone] I wish I could. But Nasir Al Deneb is dead. The last of my master's line... is dead because of you. Meet me and pay for it, or one of your line will be next. [points gun at Rachel]6

[DM ends call without replying.]


Inside empty Moroccan restaurant 6

DM - [enters] Where is she?

Kassim - [sitting in a chair, holding his sword] You know, I actually wanted to kill her. I wanted you to feel what I felt.

DM - Where is she!?

Kassim - Locked in a pantry. It's a good place for... perishable goods. [stands, faces DM] You see, I'm a man of honor. I'm giving you a chance to save her life. Which is more than you gave me with Nasir.

DM - I tried to help him. He wouldn't listen to me.

Kassim - All I've worked for, centuries of waiting and planning, you've destroyed with your treason.

DM - I did whatever I could.

Kassim - But not what you should have! CUT Give me your life in exchange for his.

DM - [takes off his jacket] Fine. I'm here. But you're going to have to fight me for it. <[They fight. Kassim takes off his shirt. They fight some more. DM disarms Kassim, grabs steak knife from table & holds Kassim in a headlock with the knife at his throat.] No, I'm not going to kill you! [pushes him away & down] CUT

Kassim - Sad. You can't even win with honor.

DM - A man of honor lives with what he does. Go. [steps back, throws Kassim's sword to him]

Kassim - This changes nothing. [leaves]>

DM - [enters kitchen, looking for Rachel] Rachel? [hears muffled shout, finds Rachel, removes her gag] Are you all right? [Rachel nods.]


Street by hotel 10

[Rachel & DM walk into view L around corner of building.]

Rachel - Will you be able to fix the barge?

<DM - CUT I don't know. The insurance company wants me to sell it and buy a new one, but... I guess we've been together a long time.>

Taxi driver - Where to, madame?

Rachel - To the airport. [to DM] It's all like a dream.

DM - You sure you want to do this?

Rachel - No... I have to go where I'm needed. Back to Glenfinnan. I don't know what you are, but I know you don't need a wee woman at home to protect.

DM - I don't think anybody can call you a "wee woman." Especially someone who wants to keep their teeth.

Rachel - CUT I won't be used against you again.

DM - You can't blame yourself about that. That was about me, not you.

Rachel - Well, if you ever get a yen for the Highlands, you know where to find me. [They kiss.] Ach, aye! I love you, Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. [gets into taxi, drives away]


Establishing shot: Embassy, night 11

Embassy library, night 2

[DM comes up behind Hamad at desk, throws book onto desk, startling Hamad.]

Hamad - Who's there? [turns, sees DM] What do you want?

DM - I told you I'd be back. You lied to me.

Hamad - What you asked was impossible!

DM - You gave me your word. You should have kept it. [grabs Hamad by the throat]

Hamad - [garbled] What are you doing?

DM - Keeping mine. [pushes Hamad out the window]7 A life for a life.


End of "Promises"

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