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Episode 16: Methuselah's Gift

Written by Michael O'Mahony & Sasha Reins
Directed by Adrian Paul
Aired: April 28, 1996
Transcript revised: 2-24-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander



Man - Patrick Serraf
              admires Amanda on street

Kelly - Guy Amram
              hired goon / assassin


Amanda - Elizabeth Gracen
              an Immortal thief

Adam Pierson / Methos - Peter Wingfield
              Watcher / 5,000 y.o. Immortal

Nathan Stern - Anthony Hyde
              Watcher Coordinator, W Europe

Daniel Geiger - Jamie Harris
              Amanda's Watcher

Rebecca Horne - Nadia Cameron-Blakey
              Immortal, Amanda's teacher

Locations List:*
1. Amanda's apartment (exterior) - Rue Fresnel at Rue Foucault [48.863608,2.294542]
2. Amanda's apt interior, Watcher HQ interior - Château de Ferrières, Rue du Château, Ferrières-en-Brie [48.81927,2.711703]
3. Amanda's apt roof, Watcher HQ exterior, gardens - Château de Ferrières, Rue du Château, Ferrières-en-Brie [48.81927,2.711703]
4. Paris street 1 - 3 Rue du Val [48.560350,3.298356]
5. Paris alley - 12 Rue du Aulx: street [48.560206,3.296931], alley [48.560083,3.296692]
6. Quay by barge / bridge - Passerelle Debilly bridge by Eiffel Tower [48.862836,2.297503]
7. Paris street #2 - unknown location, Provins
8. Kelly's house - unknown location, Provins
9. Abbey interior - La Grange aux Dîmes, 2 Rue Saint-Jean, Provins [48.562678,3.286693]
10. Abbey exterior - Tour César, Provins (north side, looking SE) [48.561581,3.290140]
11. Trainyard - Musee Vivant du Chemin de Fer, 3 Rue Louis Platriez, Longueville [48.512367,3.255353]
12. Rural bridge - Pont sur l'Oise, Avenue General de Gaulle (D924), Boran-sur-Oise [49.168406,2.366422]
13. Street #3 (near barge) - unknown location, Provins
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on WGN* (1998?) matches the official cut.
~Rerun on SciFi channel (1999) matches the official cut, with multiple exceptions (bolded and bolded).
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with five additional exceptions (bolded and bolded).
~Rerun on Syfy (2013) matches the Syfy 2010 cut, with four additional exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the WGN tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


<Paris - street, night 1

[Dark-colored van drives down street, parks beside Amanda's apartment building. Three men get out.]


Amanda's apartment, night 2 CUT

[The men moves stealthily up a staircase, carrying a flashlight, a gun, and a sword. The man with the sword (Kelly) enters bedroom where Amanda is sleeping. The floorboards creak as he approaches the bed. Amanda wakes up, sees man in mask standing over her, kicks at him & rolls out of the way as he brings the sword down on her pillow. She smashes a vase against his head & pulls his mask off. She throws him into a wall, knocking him down, & runs.]

Kelly - The target's moving! {Plan B!}

[Amanda runs to the staircase & another man in a mask (Jeffers) points a gun at her. She ducks as he fires at her and misses.]

Kelly - She's up here! Come on!

[Amanda runs down a hallway, sees man in mask ahead, darts through a doorway.]

Kelly - There she is!

[The three intruders chase Amanda. She runs up another stairway & gets shot in the leg by Jeffers.]

Kelly - The roof! She's heading for the roof!


Roof of Amanda's apartment, night 1

[Establishing shot of large red neon HENNESSY sign at edge of roof.]

[Amanda runs/limps across the roof.]

Kelly - There she is! Shoot!

[Jeffers shoots again, hitting her in the arm. 3 She runs to the edge of the building & climbs up between the H and E of a large red neon HENNESSY sign. The men follow her across the roof 3 to the sign as she makes her way out to a fusebox in front of the sign. She pulls a thick wire out of the box and jumps off the ledge. Her weight pulls the wire free of each of the sign letters one by one, showering sparks as she drops in a controlled fall to the ground. An S from the sign crashes to the ground behind her as she runs off down the street.]>

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



<Establishing shot: Watcher Headquarters for Western Europe 3
(formerly Vemas' estate)

[Sign on large steel gate reads:

[Super: Watcher Headquarters / for Western Europe]


Watcher HQ - library 2 CUT

Methos - [voice-over, thinking] The Methuselah Stone. You almost had it Luther. The thought of you becoming all-powerful scares the hell out of me even now. [He is sitting at a small table piled high with research materials.] But is it really possible that the possession of all the pieces could make an ordinary human immortal? [He uses a magnifying glass to study a drawing of the crystal in a book.] There's only one way to find out. [Drawing of crystal transitions to an image of the actual crystal.]>


<Paris street, morning 4 CUT

[Amanda walks down rainy street, skittish & jumpy, her hair cut short and bleached a startling white. The camera view distorts as a woman walks past her. A man walks past (Geiger), camera still distorted. Amanda's gaze jumps from person to person as she walks, as if expecting any one of them to suddenly try to jump her. Another man walks past in a distorted shot. In front of a David H store, a man with an umbrella watches Amanda openly. Amanda sees him watching her, hurries away. The man follows.>


Nearby alley 5

[Amanda hurries down a narrow street. The man follows. She turns a corner & he follows her into a cul-de-sac. He seems puzzled when he doesn't see her still ahead of him, but continues forward, then gets belted across the abdomen by her closed umbrella as he walks past her hiding place.]

Amanda - [hits Man on the back with her umbrella, then threatens him with the tip of the umbrella] Who are you, you son of a bitch!?

Man - [reaches into his pocket] H-Here, here. Ta-Take it.

Amanda - [still holding umbrella point at his throat] I don't want your wallet. Why are you following me?

Man - Fo-Following you? I-I-I-I live here, in 3B!

Amanda - You're a liar!

Man - No. Look, here. [opens wallet]

Amanda - Prove it!

Man - My-My-My driver's license.

Amanda - You're a liar! [backs him toward wall of building]

Man - [shrilly] Keys! Keys! [pulls out keyring] Keys!

Amanda - Prove it. [shoves man against wall, umbrella point still at his throat. She takes his wallet, looks in it.] Ah! Don't move.

Man - [freezes] No.

Amanda - [checks license, looks at building] I don't understand. I -- I saw you watching me on the street.

Man - [as Amanda lowers her umbrella] You are beautiful. Who wouldn't? I didn't mean anything. Okay? Okay. Okay. Okay.

Amanda - Look, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I'm just -- I'm having a really bad day.

Man - You and me both, okay? [edges away from her, then runs off]


Watcher HQ - library 2

[Stern walks forward to where Methos is sitting at small table. CUT A librarian hands Methos a file.]

Methos - Is this all there is?

Stern - Looking for something specific?

Methos - Just doing some research.

Stern - Oh? For whom?

Methos - For me.

Stern - And you are...?

Methos - Adam Pierson.

Stern's assistant - [in response to Stern's inquiring look] Research.

Stern - Ah, yes. You're supposed to be working on the Methos Chronicle.

Methos - And you are...? CUT

<Stern - Your boss, Nathan Stern.>


Barge, on deck (near Eiffel tower) 6

<Amanda - MacLeod, why did you move the barge? I thought I'd never find you.

DM - I had some repairs to do.> CUT What did you do to your hair?

Amanda - I didn't want to be recognized.

DM - I would never have known it was you.

Amanda - Would you get serious? Someone's following me.

DM - Someone's always following you. What'd you steal this time?

Amanda - It's not like that. I promise.


Watcher HQ - library 2

(resume previous scene)

Stern - What do you want with Luther's file, hmm?

Methos - I was just doing some checking. I thought, uh, he might have crossed paths with Methos.

Stern - He didn't.

Methos - Well, as you used to be his Watcher, I guess you should know.

Stern - So you'll be finished with this. [reaches for open file]

Methos - Uh... Th-There is just one thing. The-- [Stern closes file, picks it up.] The crystals Luther had. I -- I thought we kept them.

Stern - They're in the Director's Gallery.

Methos - Really? Uh, can I see them?

Stern - Of course. Follow me. It's this way. CUT


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 6

Inside barge 6


<Amanda - They shot me twice, MacLeod.

DM - You sure you don't know who it was?

Amanda - No, no. But these guys were mortal.> I didn't feel them coming. I mean, one minute I was in my bed asleep, and then -- then there were these guys in these Halloween masks in my bedroom.

DM - Well, it's kind of poetic justice. Half your stuff is stolen in the first place.

Amanda - You're not listening to me, MacLeod. These were not burglars.

DM - Mm-hmm.

Amanda - One of them had a sword.

DM - [serious] Did he have a tattoo?

Amanda - What? A dagger and a heart with the word "Mom" written underneath? I don't think so. I--

DM - No. [grabs her wrist, holds it up] A Watcher tattoo on his wrist.

Amanda - I didn't have time to look. The guy's blade was two inches from my neck. Another minute asleep, and then it would just have been all over. [sighs] I'm really scared. [paces] CUT

<DM - It's okay. It's all right. [reaches for her]

Amanda - [hugs him] Just... hold me.>


Watcher HQ - Director's Gallery 2

Stern - [leads Methos to Methuselah crystal display] Beautiful, isn't it? Almost complete. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Luther had found them all.

Methos - Nothing would've happened, probably.

Stern - I've seen legends in the records going back before Luther, before Rebecca. Some say that the crystal will protect its wearer from death.

Methos - Myth and superstition.

Stern - But possible, all the same. Imagine what it would be like to find the last piece... To become like them... immortal.

Methos - There's a thought.


Barge, on deck (near Eiffel tower) 6

DM - I spoke to Dawson. He doesn't think it's any of their people, but he's checking.

Amanda - Now, how would he know? Do you think renegade Watchers advertise in the Yellow Pages?

DM - Amanda, relax. Whatever it is, we'll deal with it. Together.

Amanda - Good. We can start with that guy over there. [indicates with a nod of her head]

[On quay near barge, Daniel Geiger is reading (or at least pretending to read) a newspaper.]

Amanda - I saw him yesterday, and now he's been reading that newspaper for the past twenty minutes without turning a page. <I think we should go talk to him. CUT

DM - [grabs her arm as she storms past him] Start an argument with me.

Amanda - What?

DM - Remember Munich?

Amanda - The countess?

DM - Yeah.

Amanda - [gasps] The countess!

DM - [yelling] Hey, it wasn't MY fault!

Amanda - [yelling] Don't ever speak to me again!

DM - [yelling] I won't speak to you again if that's the way you want to take it!

Amanda - [storms off barge] Ohh!

DM - [yelling] I'm sick and tired of your petty jealousies! She was a friend! [goes around other side of barge] Did you expect me just to leave her?

[Amanda storms past Geiger on quay, muttering angrily to herself. Geiger folds his newspaper & follows. Amanda stops suddenly, turns around. Geiger turns his head, feigning innocence.]

Amanda - Surprise.

Geiger - Sorry?> [DM grabs him from behind.] What are you doing? Let go of me!

Amanda - Why were you following me?

Geiger - I wasn't following you.

<[Amanda punches him in the face.] CUT

DM - Amanda!

Amanda - What?>

DM - I'm sure he can explain.


Inside barge 6

Amanda - [looks at Watcher tattoo on Geiger's wrist] So you knew they were breaking into my place?

Geiger - I thought they were just burglars.

Amanda - Oh, you didn't see the sword?! I can't believe you just stood there and watched.

DM - Watch is what they're supposed to do.

Geiger - We never interfere. I mean, you shouldn't know about us. I shouldn't even be talking to you now!

Amanda - Oh, well, I guess you just don't have a choice, do you?

DM - What's your name? [Geiger shakes his head.]

Amanda - [scoffs] Just give me five minutes with this loser.

DM - Would you chill out a minute? [pushes Amanda away] Look, I'm sorry about Amanda. She's a little uptight. Let's start with your name.

Geiger - Dan... Dan Geiger.

DM - Okay, Dan, we don't want information on other Immortals. The men that broke into Amanda's apartment weren't there to rob her... They were there to kill her. We need to know who those men are.

Geiger - You know, I really want to help you, but I don't know.

Amanda - Didn't you get a look at any of them?

Geiger - They were wearing masks. Look, I saw them get into a van and drive away.

DM - What kind of van?

Geiger - Um, I wasn't really paying attention.

DM - You're a Watcher. You're supposed to be paying attention.

Amanda - Well, this guy's obviously an idiot.

Geiger - [stammers] Oh, uh, um... I think it was blue.

Amanda - Wait a minute, wait a minute. It was green.

DM - You saw it?

Amanda - Yeah. American.

DM - What kind?

Amanda - Bentleys, I know. Ferraris, know. Vans, I don't know.

DM - Well, we'll figure it out.

Geiger - And, uh, what are you going to do to me?

DM - You can go. [Geiger exhales, relieved, gets up.] Dan... [whispers sotto voce] I'd watch someone else if I were you.

[Geiger leaves.]


Establishing shot: Watcher HQ, night 3

Watcher HQ - upper room, night 2

[Stern paces in front of Geiger, a disappointed expression on his face.]

Geiger - I'm sorry. But I have no idea how it happened.

Stern - Oh, it's not all your fault. It's because of Dawson. 1 Damn! MacLeod knows about us... Now Amanda does, too. <We'll have to reassign you. CUT It was too soon to put you in the field.>

Geiger - I suppose everybody knows how I, uh, failed?

Stern - No, only me. Look, you've got a good record. No reason to spoil it now. We'll, uh, put you on research for a while. And we'll keep this between ourselves, hmm?

Geiger - Thank you, sir.

Stern - Now... [sits down] What exactly did you tell them?


Paris street 7


<DM - [walking past green Chevy van parked at curb] Didn't know there were so many green Chevys in Paris.

Amanda - I know. What is this, the fifth one we've checked?

DM - Yep.> Well, look on the bright side. At least we're not in Detroit.

[Amanda sees a man walking toward them on the street. Slow-motion as he unzips his jacket and reaches inside.]

Amanda - [pulls DM into a crouch beside their car] Get down.

DM - What are you doing? [Amanda pulls him around the front of the car as the passerby crosses behind the car to the sidewalk] Get off me.

Amanda - Come on. [crouches with DM as the man walks past them. The man puts a stick of gum in his mouth. DM gives Amanda a look as they stand back up.] Sorry.

DM - Getting a little paranoid, aren't we?

Amanda - I guess it's pretty obvious, huh? It's just, you know, they could be anywhere -- they could be in the streets, in the shops. It could be anybody. [DM opens car door for her.] Is this what it's like to be mortal?

DM - Only when someone's trying to kill you. Come on. We'll check the last one and then we'll call it a day.

Amanda - [gets into car] Okay.


Kelly's house 8

Man on Television - [offscreen, in background] - It's good to have met you. If you will give it some time, A I'm sure we can come to some arrangement. [Unidentified man enters through kitchen door as television continues in background.] We and the British are only asking for a few acres of your land for our settl--

Kelly - [jumps out of doorway, pointing gun at intruder] That's a very good way to get yourself killed. [lowers gun] <Grab a beer. CUT [goes back into living room. Unidentified man opens fridge door, grabs a bottle of beer, removes cap.] The football game will be on soon. [sits in recliner in front of TV] So, when are we going after the bitch again?

[Unidentified man shoots him in the back through the back of the chair, then goes back to kitchen door, looks out at DM & Amanda getting out of car. He drops the beer bottle. When DM pushes open the kitchen door, it catches on the broken glass on the floor.]

DM - Hello? [enters] Hello?>

Amanda - [when they find Kelly dying on the floor in the living room] This is him! This is one of the guys who tried to kill me. Yeah.

DM - [hears engine starting, looks out window] Stay with him. [jumps out window, runs after fleeing car but doesn't catch it]

Amanda - What do you want? Why were you trying to kill me?

Kelly - I want... [gurgles, reaches for the crystal pendant she is wearing around her neck] Crystal. [dies]

[Amanda looks up, clutches pendant as she reacts. B]


Inside barge 6

<DM - You're getting obsessed, Amanda. Why don't you put that away?> CUT

Amanda - [looking at her crystal pendant] Well, at least now it makes sense.

DM - Yeah, if you call dying over a piece of glass sense.

Amanda - Well, obviously not everyone shares your opinion of its value.

DM - Oh, Amanda, you've lived for over a thousand years. How many times have you seen real magic?

Amanda - MacLeod, I was an illiterate thief starving on the street before Rebecca found me and made me her student. This is all I have left of her. Magic or not, no one's going to take this from me.


Flashback - Rebecca's abbey, 850 A.D. - bedroom 9

[Super: 850 A.D.]

[Amanda sits in chair at desk, trying it out, then wanders around the room, looking in several containers. She pries open the lid of a large wooden chest with a handy dagger, finds a large, round, faceted crystal inside.]

Rebecca - [from doorway] Quite something, isn't it? [Amanda turns, startled. Rebecca holds out her hand for the crystal.]

Amanda - [Cockney accent] It's beautiful. I've never seen anything like it.

Rebecca - It's one of a kind. [takes crystal from her]

Amanda - It looks like something a king would wear.

Rebecca - No, it's, uh, rarer than that. When each of my students leaves me, they take a piece of this with them. It keeps us together. One day, I will tell you all about it.

Amanda - [Cockney accent] Well, why not now?

Rebecca - Because you're not ready. [puts crystal back in chest]

Amanda - [Cockney accent] You mean I'm not good enough.

Rebecca - No. Because you're not ready. [closes lid of chest] Amanda... nothing that is to be yours will be kept from you. 2


[later, night]

[Amanda slips out of bed, grabs her satchel, slides into a pair of softskin shoes, shoves some bread and apples from nearby table into the satchel, grabs her cloak & sneaks out of the bedroom & up the stairs, leaving Rebecca still asleep in the bed. 3 In the room with the wooden chest, she takes the crystal out & wraps it in a cloth. Making her way through the abbey, she stops when she senses a 'buzz', sees Rebecca waiting in the hallway in front of her.]

Amanda - [gasps] Rebecca!

Rebecca - You wouldn't want to leave without this. [throws sword at Amanda's feet] But if you want to leave with that crystal, you're going to have to fight me for it. I will not allow you to steal from me!

Amanda - [Cockney accent] I don't want to fight ya. I can't fight ya.

Rebecca - Then give back the crystal... and stay. Finish what you started. Learn!

Amanda - [Cockney accent] I don't understand. CUT

Rebecca - Has nobody ever forgiven you before? [Amanda shakes her head.] Then it's a very important lesson indeed. [holds out her hand. Amanda reaches into bag, C gives her the crystal.]

Amanda - [Cockney accent] You mean it? I can stay?

Rebecca - You can stay. Come on. [guides her down hallway] It would have been worth nothing to you if you HAD stolen it, Amanda. One day you'll earn it, I promise -- and then it'll be worth everything in the world to you.


Inside barge 6

(resume previous scene)

Amanda - One of us is behind this. An Immortal who wants these crystals as much as Luther did.

DM - Amanda, even if someone did believe they were magic, what good would one piece do them?

Amanda - Yeah, but what if they had them all? But who would know where Luther hid them? We were the only two people there when he died.

DM - [glances out porthole, pauses] Somebody was. Someone who didn't want to be seen... someone who's always around.

Amanda - Watchers.

DM - Watchers.

Amanda - Oh, those damn graverobbers. It's probably in that mausoleum they call their headquarters, you know? They probably took the crystals off of Luther's body before it was even cold. [gathers up her coat & bag]

DM - What's going on in that head of yours?

Amanda - That I don't like people trying to kill me. And that it really pisses me off / I don't like D that they have Rebecca's crystals in the first place. (SciFi censored the "pisses me off" phrase by dubbing over it. Normally they just cut the audio for the 'offensive' word.)

<DM - CUT Yeah, and maybe a part of you believes that they really are real, and you want to take a shot at being invincible? [Amanda is quiet, doesn't deny it.]> Amanda, don't lose your head over a fairy tale.

Amanda - It's my head. [leaves]

DM - [voiceover, thinking] Was the crystal really worth Rebecca's life?


Flashback - Luther's quarters - ancient stone sauna
(from "Legacy")

Luther - It's worth any amount of lives.

DM - Whoever has the crystal becomes invincible. Is that it?

Luther - So you know.

DM - It's a myth, Luther, a story told by bored people around campfires.

Luther - You're Immortal, MacLeod. How can you deny that sort of power exists? And how could you not want it if it did?

DM - There's only one thing I want. [draws his sword]

Luther - Do you have the crystal?

DM - No.

Luther - Come back when you do.


Flashback - Abbey ruins
(from "Legacy")

Amanda - [holds up jewelry bag] You want the crystal, Luther? You come and get it.

[Amanda & Luther fight. Luther gets Amanda down at his mercy, takes bag from her.]

Luther - Say hello to Rebecca for me.

DM - Not yet. [reaches into his pocket, pulls out crystal] You said come back when I had it. [Luther upends jewelry bag, dumps out fake crystal. DM swings crystal tauntingly from its chain.] It's the last crystal, Luther. Here, it's yours . . . if you can go through me.

[They fight, ending up on top of a huge stack of hay bales. DM slashes Luther across the abdomen, beheads him.] 4


Inside barge 6

(resume previous scene)

[DM reacts to memories.]


Footbridge near barge 6

[Geiger is watching the barge through a pair of binoculars.]

Stern - [spins him around, pissed] What the hell are you doing here, Geiger? You don't watch Amanda any more.

Geiger - Yes, sir. I know, sir.

Stern - You better have one hell of a good explanation or you're out, for good. Well?

[Meanwhile, unseen by the two men, Amanda leaves the barge.]

Geiger - I heard it would take Amanda's new Watcher, sir, a couple of days to get into Paris.

Stern - That's why I'm here. Now why are you?

Geiger - I thought... I wanted to prove to you, sir, that I could still work this field. Sir, I can watch Amanda. I'm not some lame idiot that deserves to be behind a desk.

Stern - Go home, Geiger. We'll talk about this in the morning.

Geiger - But--

Stern - Go! CUT <It's best if we keep this between us.

Geiger - Yes, sir. [leaves]>


Establishing shot: Watcher HQ, night 3

Inside Watcher HQ - hallway, night 2

Amanda - [moves quietly down hallway, lifts corner of rug] Pressure sensors -- who do they think they're kidding?

[Amanda moves further down hallway, puffs on cigar, blows smoke at doorway, revealing a red laser beam. She steps over the beam into the Director's Gallery, senses 'buzz'. Methos turns toward her, the Methuselah crystal in his hands.]

Methos - Amanda?

Amanda - You bastard. E [draws her sword] You can't trust anyone.

Methos - I don't know what you're talking about.

Amanda - You tried to have me killed, you son-of-a-bitch! F

Methos - Don't be ridiculous. I just want this crystal.

Amanda - No. They're mine! [She swings at him. He jumps back, dropping the crystal & stepping on one of the pressure sensors, setting of an alarm.] This isn't over. [Both run from the room, in opposite directions.]


Establishing G shot: Quay by barge, next morning 6

Inside barge 6

DM - There is no way Methos sent those men. Not a chance.

Amanda - Why not? It's perfect. It's wily, it's devious, it's... just like him.

DM - Why would he? He wouldn't even get the Quickening.

Amanda - Yeah, but he'd get the crystal.

DM - It's not his style.

Amanda - Oh, come on. He's five thousand years old. You're going to tell me you know everything that's in this guy's head?

DM - No, of course not.

Amanda - Look, those crystals can make an Immortal totally invulnerable. Who wouldn't want them?

DM - Not at that price.

Amanda - Look. You know what, that's you. You think he shares your overgrown sense of honor?

DM - I'll talk to him.

Amanda - Where is he?

DM - Me first.


Gardens 3

DM - [as Methos walks up] You're late.

Methos - I'm here. What's so important?

DM - A crystal.

Methos - News travels fast.

DM - Don't tell me you're buying that stuff about invincibility and magical powers.

Methos - Do you know anything about the Methuselah Stone, MacLeod? There've been stories about its power since before I was born. Whoever has it lives forever.

<DM - Yeah, but our immortality doesn't work like that. You know that. CUT

Methos - No, OUR immortality doesn't.> You know anything of its history? It belonged to Methuselah. He lived to be over nine hundred years.

DM - Says who?

Methos - Before Methuselah died, he gave it to his grandson, Noah. Now Noah survived the Great Flood.

DM - Why are you doing this? You've lived this long without it. Why do you need it now?

Methos - Alexa. She's in a hospital in Geneva. She doesn't have long.

DM - You knew it had to be this way.

Methos - Yeah. From the first moment I saw her. Is that supposed to make it easier? Is that supposed to make it okay?

DM - [quiet] No.

<Methos - CUT If there is one chance that I can save her, then... I have to try.>

DM - Yeah, but how much is the stone worth to you?

Methos - My life.

<DM - And anybody else's? CUT

Methos - Amanda attacked ME last night.

DM - Yeah, and somebody tried to take her head a few nights ago.

Methos - Well, it wasn't me.

DM - Yeah, they were mortals, I know.> [sighs] She thinks that you sent them to get the last piece of the crystal.

Methos - [hurt] I think I'd better go.

DM - Methos... [follows after him] Methos. Just... tell me you didn't do it. CUT

<[Methos gives DM a look. DM frowns back. 5 Methos walks away.]>


Barge - on deck 6

Amanda - You've got to be kidding, MacLeod. The woman he loves is dying. He wants these crystals to save her. And you just want the three of us to sit around and talk about it?

DM - He didn't send them.

Amanda - [sighs] What would you do if you had the chance to save the woman you loved? Who wouldn't you lie to? Who wouldn't you kill? What if it was me?

DM - I wouldn't betray a friend.

Amanda - Well, he's not you.

DM - Look. Just talk to him.

Amanda - Okay, I will, but not with you. Alone. And I choose the place. Not holy ground.

DM - Amanda, why are you doing this?

Amanda - Because I'm tired of being afraid.


Flashback - Rebecca's abbey, 853 A.D. 10

[Super: 853 A.D.]

Amanda - [runs up exterior stairs] Rebecca! Rebecca!

Rebecca - [exits abbey] Amanda?

Amanda - You must hide me, quickly.

Rebecca - What's wrong?

Amanda - There is a man. He is pursuing me.

Rebecca - A man? What sort of man? Has he challenged you?

Amanda - For three days and nights I've been running, and he always finds me.

Rebecca - Is he an Immortal? [Amanda nods.] Did I train you all those years for nothing?

Amanda - I can't fight him.

Rebecca - Because you're afraid, I know. Amanda... Fear isn't something that lessens through time, it grows. Can you live for an eternity with that gnawing away inside you? Even if he goes away, there will be another and another. 6 Coming here is no answer.

Amanda - But I thought -- I thought you said holy ground is our refuge.

Rebecca - And so it is. But you can't hide here forever, nor can you run here every time you meet another Immortal.

[Both sense 'buzz' as Saxon warrior rides up below them, draws sword.]

Amanda - Rebecca, please. I can't, I'm not good enough.

Rebecca - Will you run all your life? Choose your ground, choose your weapon, and face what is to come. You're more than good enough. [Amanda looks over wall at Saxon, takes out her sword.] Go.


Inside barge 6

Amanda - If I don't buy his story, one of us dead -- and you can't be the referee this time.

DM - Yeah, but listen to him before you do anything stupid.

Amanda - All he has to do is convince me. [holds up her crystal pendant] Look, I want you to keep this, just in case. [He takes it. She kisses him.]

DM - You be careful.

Amanda - Mmm. [leaves] H


Trainyard 11

[Amanda is walking through empty train yard when 18-wheeler cab drives toward her, honking. She starts to run. The truck driver shifts gears, chases Amanda between rows of train cars, honking at her. I Amanda glances quickly over her shoulder as driver shifts gears again, then she dives under the train cars right before it hits her. Getting to her feet on the other side of the train cars, she is chased again, this time by a car. The driver shoots at her, chasing her until the tracks narrow down too much for the car to continue. Amanda crosses over to another row, then enters a building, where she stops to catch her breath. She senses 'buzz' as Methos appears. She draws her sword & stalks toward him.]

Methos - [frowns] What are you doing?

<Amanda - I came to talk, and you set me up again! CUT

Methos - What!?>

Amanda - Even if you kill me, Methos, you're not going to get my crystal.

Methos - Amanda, I need the crystal.

Amanda - Not a chance! [attacks, their blades clashing together]

<[Methos fends her off, jabs at her, then climbs onto nearby train car. She follows him across car and back down to the ground, attacks again. 7 He backs away. Her sword hits a pipe, releasing a plume of steam. He climbs across another car. She follows.]

Methos - Don't do this. CUT

Amanda - Shut up and fight.>

[She attacks again. He fends her off. J He parries, lunges, then disarms Amanda, knocking her to the ground, & holds his sword at her neck.]

Methos - You fool!

Amanda - At least I don't betray my friends. Who's it going to be next? MacLeod? Huh? You going to kill him next? Just go ahead and kill me if she means so much to you.

Methos - [swings sword up for killing stroke, holds it there a moment, fighting his emotions, then throws it aside & drags Amanda to her feet] You understand nothing. Three weeks ago, we were standing on the beach on Santorini watching the sun rise on the Mediterranean... Now she is lying in a hospital in Switzerland breathing through a tube. You think it takes courage to do what we do? Face another Immortal with a sword, knowing only one of you will live? You try being her! You try living one year knowing that your time is running out. Knowing that when it comes to the final fight, however much you train, whatever tricks you have, you still lose! That's the way it is for them. So little time for them to see anything or do anything. [turns away, picks up his sword]

Amanda - Methos!

Methos - [spins around, pointing sword at her] What!?

Amanda - [quietly, moving toward him] I'm sorry. I'm sorry. [pulls him into a hug] I'm sorry.

[Methos howls in grief, sobs quietly, then pulls himself together & follows Amanda out.]


Establishing shot: Watcher HQ, night 3

Inside Watcher HQ - hallway, night 2

Methos - Okay, we have six minutes while they change over shifts. I haven't seen a vault this tough since I worked with Butch and Sundance.

<Amanda - [looks at metal bars blocking doorway into gallery room] Laser sensors, titanium bars. This isn't going to be easy. CUT

Methos - Try impossible.

Amanda - Have a little faith.

[A cat meows offscreen. They look behind them, see a tabby cat run under a table.]

Methos - I'll get the cat.

Amanda - [at same time] Get the kitty.

[Amanda turns back to the 'vault', Methos goes for the cat. The cat jumps (is thrown) onto a side table, knocking a coffee mug off.]

Methos - [grabs mug before it hits the floor] Not the carpet, not-- Nice kitty. Nice kitty... [Amanda uses night-vision goggles to aim a laser beam through the barred doorway at a sensor across the room.] Please, kitty. Don't step there, kitty. No! Not the alarm! [lifts cat off side table] Come here. [Cat struggles.] Oh, don't-- d-d-d-d [Cat yowls, Methos drops it.] Ah! Oh!

Amanda - [distracted from her efforts, hisses] What are you doing?

Methos - [hisses back] I'm trying to get that cat!

[Amanda turns back to her task. The cat screeches offscreen. Amanda gets the beam lined up, K pulls the trigger, fries the sensor. Methos reappears with the cat in his arms as the bars slide open.]

Methos - Okay, let's get it.

Amanda - Uh, get rid of the cat.

[Methos goes back down hallway as Amanda puts away her equipment & enters gallery.]



Stern - [watching Amanda on security camera feed] Well, well, what have we here?



Amanda - [walks toward pedestal displaying the Methuselah Stone] There you are. [lifts stone off pedestal]

Stern - [from behind her] One move, I shoot.

Amanda - [turns, sees Stern pointing gun at her]> Aren't you the bright boy. [Geiger runs into room.] If it isn't the idiot. You know, I'd like to, uh, stay and chat with you boys, but, um, I really must go.

Stern - I can't let you leave with the crystal.

Amanda - Then shoot me.

Methos - [behind Stern] Stern! [throws cat at Stern's shoulder, distracting him] Go! Go! Get out of here! [Amanda punches Geiger & goes for the exit. Methos wrestles with Stern, trying to get his gun away. Stern shoots him in the chest. Amanda hears the gunshot & turns back.] Go! Go! [Amanda runs. Methos falls to the floor, dead.]


Establishing shot: Watcher HQ, night 3

Inside Watcher HQ - gallery, night 2

Geiger - I've searched the grounds. She's gone. [enters gallery, sees Stern pointing gun at a no-longer-dead Methos] Bloody hell. He's Immortal.


Inside Watcher HQ - Stern's office, night 2

Stern - All this time, hmm? Making believe you were one of us. Using us. Laughing at us.

Methos - No one was laughing.

Stern - Why?

<Methos - CUT It was a way to keep track of the others, to stay clear of them. I was playing a charade, but it wasn't to betray you. I respect you.> You have a -- a sense of purpose, a dedication to history.

Geiger - Oh, and that's why you and Amanda stole the crystals? Because you admired our dedication to history?

Methos - No, I wanted the crystals because someone I love is dying.

Stern - Oh, stop lying, Adam, or whatever the hell your name is.

Methos - I'm not.

Stern - Do you realize what you've done? I've dedicated my whole life to being a Watcher. We trusted you and you've destroyed us.

Methos - Why would I want to destroy you? I have been with you for ten years. I'm not about to go telling anyone now.

Stern - How can I believe a man whose whole life has been a lie? An Immortal among us... who knows us... It's our worst fear. There's only one way I can be sure of you. [to Geiger] Get me a sword. Now!


Inside barge, night 6

Amanda - [putting pieces of crystal back together] Methos is five thousand years old. He's a really good fighter. I think he can take care of himself, don't you?

DM - Yeah.

Amanda - Would you let me have my, uh, crystal for just a minute?

DM - They know what he is and how to kill him.

Amanda - I know. I can't believe he took that bullet for me.

DM - But he did.

Amanda - Don't you just even want to see if this works?

DM - I want to get him out of there.


Inside Watcher HQ - Stern's office, night 2

Geiger - You're not really going to do this?

Stern - If you haven't the stomach for it, get out. 8 [pushes Methos forward slightly] I take no pleasure in this.

Methos - Cut clean.

[Stern raises the sword. Methos closes his eyes. A tense beat.]

Geiger - Wait!

Stern - What now?

Geiger - The crystal.

Stern - [impatient] What about it?

Geiger - Look, if Luther was right, then it's a far greater danger than he is.

Stern - [lowers sword, considering] Because of us, Amanda will become invulnerable. We'll have changed the Game forever by our interference. We've got to get it back.

Geiger - She'll never give it to us.

Stern - [looks at Methos] Maybe there's something she wants.


Inside barge, night 6

DM - [hangs up phone] They want to trade.

Amanda - For the crystal? What if it's real?

DM - Go ahead. Take it... [holds out her pendant] Let him die.

Amanda - [reaches for it, stops, grimaces] Oof, damn, you're a pain in the ass. L


Rural bridge, morning 12

[Sign on side of building by bridge reads:
{upper part of sign not visible in episode, taken from Google Street View of building}

Vente de Bateaux de Plaisance
Achat Vente Neu & Occasions

[Camera follows black sedan driving past building, M past traffic signal & onto bridge. Car stops. Stern, Geiger (carrying a sword), & another man (with a gun) get out. Methos is tied up in the backseat. Amanda stands at other end of bridge, waiting. Stern walks a few paces toward her.]

Stern - Do you have it?

Amanda - You first.

[Stern motions to Geiger. Geiger opens car door, helps Methos out. The man with the gun jogs across bridge toward Amanda.]

Stern - Now you.

[Amanda unwraps cloth around the crystal, holds it up.]

Watcher - [stops close enough to see it, calls back to Stern] Yes.

[Suddenly, Geiger pulls a gun & shoots Stern in the back. Another gunshot comes from somewhere, taking out the 3rd Watcher. An armed man appears behind Amanda at her end of the bridge. Another joins Geiger.]

Geiger - I never really liked him anyway. [calls across bridge to Amanda as his man moves toward her] I believe we have a transaction to finish.

Methos - You planned all this?

Geiger - [walks Methos toward Amanda, holding sword at his neck] Why do you think I became a Watcher? It sure as hell wasn't to spend the rest of my life looking through bloody keyholes at you. It was to be you. An Immortal. To figure out how you do it. [Geiger's man escorts Amanda at gunpoint toward them.]

Methos - We don't use the crystal.

Geiger - Yeah. That's why you were trying to steal it.

Methos - How many lives is it worth, Daniel?

Geiger - As many as it takes. And don't give me that holier than thou crap. How many people have you killed to stay alive?

Methos - It's not the same.

<Geiger - CUT It's never the same, is it? It's always the same with you people, though. You and your kind kill each other every day, and you glorify it that you're in some Game. Well, this time, I'm in that game, too.> [shoves Methos aside, walks up to Amanda] And this is my prize. [Amanda hands over the crystal. Geiger looks at it, then at her.] And yours?

<Amanda - You know what? I forgot it. CUT

Geiger - [laughs quietly, gives his sword to the man holding Methos] I want that crystal now, or he dies. Amanda, I may be young, but I fooled the lot of you, and I really... am not an idiot. [punches her in the face, raises his voice] MacLeod, now, or he dies.>

[MacLeod steps out onto bridge at Amanda's end, approaches them.] CUT

Geiger - I'm disappointed, MacLeod...

DM - Are you?

Geiger - After all I've read about you, I thought you might come up with something better.

<DM - Well, I'll have to try a little harder next time. [holds up crystal] Is this what you're looking for? CUT

[DM throws crystal at Geiger, who scrambles to pick it up. DM exchanges look with Amanda, who pulls out a trigger switch & holds it ready. Methos sees it, sees DM has one, too. Geiger puts the last crystal in place and the crystals meld into a circular, faceted stone.]

Geiger - Kill them.>

[Amanda triggers explosion at her end of the bridge. Methos, DM, & Amanda all fight against Geiger's men. One of them shoots DM. Amanda shoots Geiger & he drops the pieces of the crystal into the river, then falls in after them. Amanda & Methos run to where he fell in, find a single piece of the crystal lying at the edge. Geiger & the rest of the pieces have sunk out of sight. Amanda picks up the crystal, then they help DM to his feet & make their way off the bridge. N]


Street, night 13

Methos - [carrying O bag P to car] My flight back to Geneva leaves at ten. She'll never know how close I came.

DM - She'll know how much you love her.

Methos - As much as I can, for as long as she lives.

DM - Here. [takes Methos' bag]

Amanda - Methos, I know this doesn't have the magic, but, um... I don't know, I was thinking maybe you'd take it for good luck?

Methos - [opens car door] You keep it. Think of us, huh?

Amanda - I will. Courage, courage. [kisses his cheek]

[Methos gets into Volvo, drives off.]

DM - Godspeed, my friend. Godspeed.


End of "Methuselah's Gift"

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