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Episode 22: One Minute to Midnight

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: September 28, 1996
Transcript revised: 1-1-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher


Adam Pierson / Methos - Peter Wingfield
              Watcher / 5,000 y.o. Immortal

Jack Shapiro - Jesse Joe Walsh
              Watcher Tribune, Joe's friend

Jacob Galati - Steven/Stephen Tremblay
              Immortal, Mac's friend

Irena Galati - Romina Mondello
              Jacob's Immortal wife


Jean Dumar - Yan Epstein
              leads group chasing MacLeod

Arnaud Molari (Guard) - Zoltan Csala

Watcher - Olivier Vitrant
              in Dumar's group

Mikel - Michel Feller
              assailant in flashback

Magistrate - Xavier Gaillard/Jaillard
              of village in flashback

James Horton - Peter Hudson
              Watcher / head Hunter

Emile - Manuel Guillot
              Hunter, in FB with Horton

Locations List:*
1. Old factory, street/tunnel, outside funeral home - Place du Président Wilson, Meudon [48.821925,2.227892]; outside funeral home [48.821878,2.227711]
2. Shakespeare & Company bookstore - 37 Rue de la Bûcherie [48.852555,2.347168]
3. Bookstore cellar / stable / near funeral home - 1 Rue du Muguet, Theuville: stable [49.155817,2.072517], near funeral home [49.155956,2.072183]
4. Funeral home exterior - unknown location
5. Roof - 2 Rue Albert de Mun, Meudon [48.821172,2.225217], other roof [48.821283,2.224239]
6. Field/Woods - in Theuville, exact location unknown
7. Village - Rue d'Ousette, Theuville [49.153572,2.072019]
8. Travel rig - Rue du Cerf, Meudon [48.820806,2.224219]
9. Church (establishing) - St. Julien le Pauvre, [48.852087,2.346953]
10. Church interior - Chappelle Saint Claude de Theuville, Rue Angele de Bourbon, Theuville [49.153661,2.072825]
11. Funeral home interior - unknown location
12. Street - Rue Dumont d'Urville/D406 intersection, Meudon: street corner [48.818886,2.229375], bridge [48.819097,2.229239]
13. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de l'Archevêché bridge [48.851307,2.351766]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Reruns on USA Network* (1998) & SciFi channel (1999) match the official cut.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Joe - [voice-over] Previously, on Highlander...


Quay by barge

DM - [jogging along the quay, sees Dawson, stops jogging] Dawson?

Joe - [turns, sees DM] MacLeod! [A car screeches to a halt behind him.] Hey, watch it! [Two men jump out of the car, grab Joe & manhandle him into the car.] Ahh!

[DM runs toward the car. He grabs onto the luggage rack as it takes off past him. The car speeds down the quay, twisting and turning and eventually throwing DM off before racing away.]



Methos - It's not an Immortal. It's the Watchers.

DM - Dawson was taken by his own people? Why? Where is he?


Watcher HQ - Tribunal room in basement

Joe - Who ARE you guys?



Methos - The rumor is that the Watcher Tribunal are putting him on trial for treason. [leaves]


Watcher HQ - Tribunal room in basement

Tarvise - [stands, walks toward Joe] Joseph Dawson, you are charged with betraying your oath. With consorting with an Immortal and falsifying Chronicles.

Shapiro - How do you plead?

Joe - Jack, is that you?

Shapiro - [leans forward into the light] I wish I could say it's good to see you, Joe.

Shapiro - In the last three years, we've lost eighty agents. In the fifty years before that we've lost two.


Flashback: Alley near Seacouver bookstore
(from "The Watchers")

[DM & Joe walk down the alley talking (no sound).]

Shapiro - [voice-over] It's been just three years since you had your first little talk with MacLeod.


Watcher HQ - Tribunal room in basement

Joe - [scoffs] I don't believe this.

Tarvise - If we decide you are guilty, the penalty is death.

Shapiro - This trial is over.


Alley, night

[Jacob flicks switchblade, stabs David.]


Watcher HQ - Tribunal room in basement

Shapiro - Another Watcher has been killed.

Joe - Who?

Shapiro - [voice breaking] It was my son, MacLeod.

Nadia - We find them guilty as charged.

Joe - [to DM] They're going to blow my brains out tomorrow. Tradition. You gotta love it.


Watcher HQ - courtyard, dawn

[Tarvise cocks the hand gun & points it at the back of Joe's head. Joe crosses himself. Jacob fires his machine gun at the gathered Watchers. They all fall to his bullets, Joe included.]

DM - [goes to Joe, kneels beside him] Come on. [feels for a pulse] Oh, my God. You're alive. Come on, Dawson. Hang in there. Come on. Hang in there.


<Old factory 1 CUT

Shapiro - [pacing on stage, in front of assembled Watchers] You all know what that bastard's done. How Duncan MacLeod murdered a dozen of us in order to save one traitor. We've been hurt, but we're still alive. The Watchers live. And while we do, while there's breath in one of us, everything stops except for one mission. We find MacLeod -- and Dawson -- and when we do, we eliminate them.

[Methos, in the crowd, glances around nervously.]>

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Street, night 1

DM - [passes man on otherwise empty street] Good evening. [Man doesn't respond.] Maybe not.

[DM continues walking. The man is now following him, flanked by a second man nearby. DM jumps over a wall as more stalkers appear. They pull out guns, shooting at him. He's hit but keeps going, grabbing one of the men (Jean Dumar) and holding him hostage.]

DM - [holds Dumar's gun to his head] Back off, or he's dead.

Dumar - Shoot him! Shoot him anyway!

[DM pushes Dumar aside, shoots at the Watchers facing him, runs away through tunnel.]

Dumar - [to other Watchers] Get after him. Get after him! [realizes DM has escaped] Damn it! There's three of you. He's alone. Keep after him! Move! [pulls out phone as Molari leaves, places call] It's Dumar, Mr. Shapiro. He got away... I don't care how smart he is, sir. We'll find him. And we'll kill him. [disconnects call, is suddenly atacked from behind and garrotted... by Jacob Galati.]


Establishing shot: Shakespeare and Company bookshop 2

Cellar 3

Joe - Is there anything to drink in here?

DM - No, not a thing. [opens nearby wine rack doors]

Joe - Oh, I mean besides that wine. I'm brushing my teeth with the stuff.

DM - Yeah, well, when you're holed up in a wine cellar, you take what you can get. How about the '27 Latour. <I hear it's a wonderful year for brushing teeth. CUT

Joe - I'm certain it's lovely.> [levers himself painfully upright on the bed] Listen, in another week, I'm going to be crawling the walls. All of these spiders are starting to look familiar to me.

[DM senses 'buzz' as Methos enters.]

Methos - It's okay. It's only me. Couldn't get grapes. [tosses Joe bag of crisps]

Joe - Thanks.

Methos - [as DM looks through his bag of groceries] How's the patient?

DM - Well, hates the food, criticizes the wine. I'd say he's back to normal.

Methos - I suppose an improvement was too much to ask for. Let's have a look at ya'.

Joe - [resigned] Yes, Doctor. [unbuttons his shirt]

Methos - You know, considering how shot to pieces you were, it's amazing you're still alive. [kneels, starts removing bandage]

Joe - Ow! Considering who's treating me, I'd say it's a miracle. Watch out. Ah! 1 Where did you say you studied medicine?

Methos - Heidelberg, 1453.

Joe - Did you major in medicine or dueling?

Methos - Both. [finishes checking wound] A couple more days, you'll be able to travel. [puts new bandage on]

Joe - Well, you don't have to look quite so happy about it.

<Methos - [stands, raises his voice to DM] You know that run-in you had with the Watchers the other night?

DM - Yeah.

Methos - [turns back to Joe]> CUT Jean Dumar -- he was killed the same night. I'm sorry, Joe. I know he was a friend of yours.

DM - Hey, it was the other Immortal.

Methos - Yeah, well, you try telling that to Shapiro, 'cause he's convinced it was you. Really, guys, the time's come for you two to start a new life somewhere. Bora Bora is very nice this time of year.

DM - Yeah, well, send me a postcard. I'm not leaving.

Methos - Does the term "self-preservation" mean anything to you, MacLeod? Look, you are under a death sentence!

DM - Yeah, and I will be until they figure out that I'm not the killer. Where's Shapiro?

Methos - Right at the moment? Busy trying to kill you.

DM - Where's Shapiro?

Joe - Look, don't make it easy for him, Mac.

DM - Look, I'm making it easy for him because that's where the killer will go. CUT <Now, where is he?

Methos - They're hiding out in a mortuary on the Left Bank.>


Establishing shot: Pompes Funebres entrance gate 4

Building rooftop 5

[DM sneaks across the roof, carrying a small sniper gun.]

Man - [on ground below, to two other men] All right, I'll take the left side.

[The three men split up. DM sees man with gun on the roof of a nearby building, taking aim at the men on the ground. DM aims his gun, then senses 'buzz'. Man on nearby roof reacts to 'buzz' as well. DM looks through sniper scope -- it's Jacob Galati.]

DM - [lowers his gun, whispers to himself] Jacob? [Jacob sees DM, raises his hand in a sort of wave.] Jacob? [shakes his head in denial] Not Jacob.


Flashback - Europe, 1847 - Gypsy camp 6

[Super: Europe 1847]

Jacob - Come on, MacLeod. My horse pulls this thing every day.

DM - [straining to lift wagon] Your horse has twice as many legs. Or didn't you learn how to count?

Jacob - Yeah, well, you'll just have to try twice as hard.

DM - [laughs, lets go of lever] I've got a better idea. Let's change places.

Jacob - [smiles] Thanks, MacLeod.

[Irena wanders amongst the wagons nearby. DM & Jacob sense 'buzz' as she approaches.]

<Jacob - That must be my bride.

DM - Irena. Oh, Jacob, you're the luckiest man alive.> CUT

Irena - MacLeod, how did he talk you into this?

Jacob - The same way I talked you into marrying me: passion... and persistence.

Irena - After sixty-five years, I grew tired of saying no. [to DM] So, when are you getting married?

DM - Mm. Married. [scoffs]

Irena - Half the girls in the camp have their eyes on you. They think you are going to waste.

Jacob - That is exactly why I'm putting him to work. Ready, MacLeod?

DM - Nuh-uh-uh. Even a horse has to stop for water.

Jacob - No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. Irena will get you some water. We have a wagon to fix. [to Irena] Irena? [pulls her to him, kisses her] Water. CUT

<DM - That's very sweet, but where did this "we" come from?

Jacob - [as Irena walks off, smiling] "We" have a wagon to fix.

DM - "We."

Jacob - Yes, you and me. "We."

[Irena picks up bucket from nearby campfire & walks away from camp.]

DM - [offscreen] You know, it's funny, Jacob, that whenever there's work to do -- or you want to borrow money -- I become family.

Jacob - [offscreen] I'm a Gypsy, MacLeod. What do you expect? Uh, have you got any money?>


Flashback - Europe, 1847 - stable near Gypsy camp 3

Mikel - [runs out stable door as Irena walks past] Help me, please! My friend's hurt. [as Irena hesitates] Hurry, he's bleeding! I can't stop it.

Irena - All right. [sets bucket down, follows him] Where are you going?

Mikel - This way. He's in here. Hurry.


Flashback - Europe, 1847 - Gypsy camp 6

DM - Why the hurry to move on? We've only been here a month.

Jacob - That's a month too long, my friend. CUT


<Flashback - Europe, 1847 - stable near Gypsy camp 3

[Irena & Mikel enter barn. Mikel grabs her, muffling her scream.]

Mikel - Okay. All right. Don't scream.


Flashback - Europe, 1847 - Gypsy camp 6

Jacob - Pass me the wine. The land's a sea, MacLeod, and we are its sailors.

DM - Wine? [plays keep away with the wineskin] This wine?

Jacob - Wine, yes. MacLeod, that doesn't belong to me.

DM - {??} I've noticed that you--


Flashback - Europe, 1847 - stable near Gypsy camp 3

[Irena struggles against Mikel as he forces himself on her.]

Irena - Get your hands off me! [screams]

Mikel - Don't move. Don't move.


Flashback - Europe, 1847 - Gypsy camp 6

Jacob - [chases DM around] Curse you! Stop, MacLeod! You see-- [hears Irena screaming] Irena! [takes off running] Irena! [DM follows him.]>


Flashback - Europe, 1847 - stable near Gypsy camp 3

Jacob - [runs toward barn] Irena!

[Inside barn, Irena raises her tear-streaked face, sensing their 'buzz'. Mikel runs out barn door, skids to a halt when he sees DM & Jacob, tries to run away, then pulls knife & tries to fend them off. DM grabs him & disarms him.]

Jacob - Where is she?

Mikel - I don't know what you're talking about! Let me go!

[Jacob runs into barn, finds Irena crying inside.]

Jacob - Irena?

Mikel - [as DM drags him into barn behind them] She wanted it... She called me in here!

Jacob - [to DM] Hold him.

Irena - No, Jacob! No, leave him!

Jacob - I'm going to make sure that you never hurt another woman again. [pulls out knife]

DM - No! Jacob, no! Not this way! No!

Jacob - This is the only way, MacLeod. This is an eye for an eye. This is blood for blood and shame for shame.

DM - No! Jacob, you do this, the whole camp will suffer! Let the law deal with this. Take Irena and go. Go. Go! I will deal with this. [Jacob & Irena leave. DM punches Mikel out.]


Flashback - Europe, 1847 - village street 7

Magistrate - You have no case.

DM - You can't set him free! He violated her.

Magistrate - [chuckles] Come now. She led him on with a promise of her favors and tried to pick his pocket.

Jacob - You liar!

DM - [holds Jacob back from going after the magistrate] If you have any honor at all, you'll look to it. You know what the truth is.

Magistrate - I know that when she could not rob him, she tried to stab him.

DM - How do you know that?

Magistrate - I know because he told me. Because I know what Gypsies are.

Jacob - If you don't do anything, we have our own system of justice, and our justice never fails.

DM - Jacob, let's go. Let's go.

Magistrate - Take your friend's advice, Tinker. Pack your tents and leave. Your kind is not wanted here.

[DM gives Mikel a glare as they walk past him. The crowd starts to jeer and taunt them.]

Mikel - All this over a Gypsy bitch. You would think she's never done it before.

[The crowd laughs.]

Jacob - What was that?

DM - [to Mikel] I'd shut your mouth if you know what was good for you. [to Jacob] Come on.

Mikel - I don't know much about the breeding value of horses -- especially Gypsy mares -- but I'd say hers just went up. I think you should pay me a stud fee.

[The crowd laughs. Jacob turns, walks to Mikel, whips out his knife & stabs him in the gut. The crowd erupts around them, beating Jacob & DM down.]



DM - [revives, sees woman stealing Jacob's boot] Hey! Get out of there! Hey, go! [chases her off, looks up at Jacob hanging dead from tree]



[DM carries Jacob away from village.]>


Flashback - Europe, 1847 - field, night 6

Jacob - [revives, coughing] Oh, what a way to die. You have any water?

DM - [tosses him a water canteen] Do you know what you've done?

Jacob - Yes. Yes. I killed a pig who wasn't worth God's effort. And a wrong has been righted.

DM - You think that's all there is to it? They know you're dead -- the whole camp. You can never go back.

Jacob - So be it. There's a price to pay for justice.

DM - Justice? Or pride? What about Irena? Did you ask her before you decided to change her life? Hasn't she suffered enough?

Jacob - She is my wife, MacLeod. She's a Gypsy, and she is an Immortal, and she will follow me after the camp moves on.

DM - Because you gave her no choice. You can't always think with your heart, Jacob. The end of a blade isn't the only answer.

Jacob - Well, you tell me another one. That was justice, MacLeod. It was blood for blood! And I would kill a thousand times more to see that done.

DM - Yeah, I think you would. I'll tell Irena where to find you.

Jacob - MacLeod, would you look on the good side? You can have our wagon when we're gone. [hugs him]

DM - I'd rather have both of you with me. Ooh. Be safe. [walks off]

Jacob - Where's my boot?

DM - Ah, never mind looking for it. One of the villagers took it.

Jacob - They call US thieves.

[Camera pans down to 2 campfire flames transition out of flashback.]


Building rooftop 5

(resume previous scene)

DM - [shakes his head again in disbelief, looks back over at nearby rooftop, finds it empty] Damn. [sneaks back across rooftop, is ambushed by Watcher who shoots him & pulls out a machete]

Jacob - [appears behind Watcher, shoots him] No more hunting today.

[DM dies.]


Establishing shot: Jacob's travel rig 8

Inside travel rig 8

[Jacob finishes playing a fast-paced Spanish guitar piece as DM revives.]

DM - Ah, play it. Don't beat it to death.

Jacob - It's called passion, MacLeod. If you'd been a real Gypsy, you'd know that.

DM - What I want to know is what you were doing up there?

Jacob - Hey, come on. Is that any way to talk to the guy who just saved your head? Not to mention your shirt. [tosses DM's mended shirt to him]

DM - Well, don't give up your day job.

Jacob - They're pretty well trained, I'll give them that. That one went straight through your lung.

DM - Yeah, tell me about it. [pulls the shirt on] You still haven't told me what you were doing up there, Jacob.

Jacob - I'm saving myself, MacLeod. I'm saving you. I'm saving all of us. Hey, look, MacLeod, there's a secret society of mortals out there who know we exist. They know exactly how to kill us.

DM - And you've been killing them.

Jacob - I'm defending our lives. They're monsters, man. They want to wipe us off the face of the planet.

DM - Jacob, you're wrong.

Jacob - You think I'm making this up? You think I'm crazy? Huh? I've seen them!

DM - Yeah, so have I. People with tattoos, here. [points to Jacob's wrist]

Jacob - You know about them.

DM - They're called Watchers. And they're not after all of us... just me.

Jacob - Well, I wish to God you were right, MacLeod, but you're not. You see, they've killed before.


Flashback - Europe, 1992 - forest clearing, night 6

[Super: Europe 1992]

Irena - [running with Jacob away from burning wagon] Why? Jacob, why? Jacob. [They run through the forest. Irena stops to catch her breath.] Jacob!

Jacob - Irena, come on! You have to keep running! Come on.

Irena - Our house. Everything we have...

Jacob - I'll build another one. Look, we haven't got much time. Now come on.

Irena - Who are they? Why are they doing this?

Jacob - I don't know who they are. Now come on. We have to keep running. We haven't got much time. Come on. Come on.

[They continue running, then find themselves surrounded by armed men.]

Horton - What did I tell you? Burn it, and then they will come.

Jacob - You did this?

Horton - [points sword at him] And I've only just begun. [to armed men] Gentlemen. [steps away from the two Immortals] Now! [The men open fire, 'killing' Jacob & Irena.]


[later, night]

[Jacob revives, tied to a tree.]

Irena - No! Please, don't hurt us. We've done nothing.

Emile - [guarding Jacob] Mr. Horton, this one's back!

Irena - Jacob. Jacob!

Horton - Look at him. As many times as I've seen this, it never ceases to amaze me... and disgust me. [holds up sword] But this could be interesting.

Jacob - No. You can't.

Horton - I'm afraid you're wrong.

Jacob - Why!? What have we done to you?

Horton - You live. That's more than reason enough. Your kind are a shadow on the face of the earth, a loathsome abomination. How dare you place yourselves above us?

Jacob - No, you're wrong. We don't.

Horton - There can be nothing greater than man. It is we who are born in God's image. You are a mistake. A freak of nature. You have no right to exist.

Irena - We've never hurt you. Please. Please. We don't even know you.

Horton - I was forgetting myself. James Horton. [to Jacob] I think your wife will be joining you soon.

Jacob - No!!!

Irena - No, please!

[Horton beheads Irena. CUT <Her Quickening goes to Jacob, freeing him from the tree. When the Quickening ends, he runs.]

Horton - Get him! [The men run after him.] I'll find you, Jacob! I'll have your head!>


Inside travel rig 8

(resume previous scene)

Jacob - That was my introduction to the Watchers, MacLeod. It took me a year to track down that symbol... and the animals that wear it. It wasn't easy. Most of those scum would rather die than talk.

DM - But one of them talked to you.

Jacob - [scoffs] Well, there's always one ready to give up a name or a place for an extra fifteen minutes of life.

DM - Jacob, you killed all those people.

Jacob - I executed them, MacLeod. For the murder they committed.

DM - Jacob, listen to me. The ones that killed Irena were an aberration. They were outlaws. Watchers don't kill. They're not murderers.

Jacob - No? No, well, that one today was doing a pretty damn fine imitation.

DM - Yeah, because he thought I was you! They think I'm the one that's been doing the killing!

Jacob - Yeah, well, all the better, MacLeod. Come and join me. We'll get rid of them twice as fast.

DM - No. You have to listen to me. They don't exist to kill. They were created to observe, to be historians.

Jacob - Historians? MacLeod, they murdered Irena! She was on her knees, begging, and they cut her head off! That is the only history that I care about. How can you defend these murderers?

DM - Because one of them is my friend.

Jacob - MacLeod-- MacLeod, I have a right to justice.

DM - You can lie to yourself, Jacob, but you can't lie to me. This isn't about justice, this is about vengeance.

Jacob - You know what she was to me.

DM - I know what she was. Can you stand there and tell me that she would have wanted any of this? You grieve for her. Can you imagine her grief if she knew what you've become?

Jacob - I am what they made me.

DM - No! Nobody made you a murderer, Jacob. You did that all by yourself. The men you kill... Do you think about their wives? Their children? Can you imagine THEIR grief? Irena would have.

Jacob - This, um-- This man-- this Watcher...

DM - His name's Dawson.

Jacob - Yeah, well, do you trust him?

DM - With my life.

Jacob - You know, Irena always said you were a good and honest man. I just thought you were a little naive.

DM - You'll meet with him?

Jacob - For Irena.


Establishing shot: Shakespeare and Company bookshop 2

Cellar 3

Joe - Forget it. The guy's a murderer. I won't meet him.

DM - Horton killed Irena in front of him. Then he tried to kill Jacob. He thinks you're all to blame.

Joe - So that gives him a license to kill?

DM - Look, Joe, just meet with him. Talk to him. Show him you're not like Horton.

Joe - People are dead, MacLeod! My friends! Because he thinks we're responsible?

DM - Well, can you blame him? Watchers killed his wife.

Joe - Horton killed his wife.

DM - Horton was a Watcher!

Joe - Horton is dead! And your friend is still killing. So when does this stop, MacLeod? When he's dead or when we are?

DM - Look, all I know is I'm tired of losing friends! We'll find another way!

Joe - You know, I don't think there IS another way.

Methos - Joe. Joe, we have to stop this, 'cause otherwise more people are going to die.

Joe - "We"?

Methos - Yeah. [holds up his wrist] Hey, I wear one of these too, okay? Or did you forget that?

Joe - I didn't forget. But we both know what you really are.

DM - Aw, come on, Dawson. Come on!

[Joe storms out.]

Methos - Stay, Mac. Mac, Mac! Look, I'll talk to him, okay?

DM - Yeah, well, you'd better, because if Shapiro or Jacob puts a bullet in his head, he's not the type to get born again.


Outside funeral home 1

[Three men carry coffin to hearse, load it inside. One of the men (Molari) touches the earpiece in his ear.] 4



Joe - [jumps as a hand lands on his shoulder] Damn it! Don't do that.

Methos - Look at that. Watchers, afraid they're going to be killed by Immortals, holed up in a funeral home. Is it just me, or is there some cosmic irony in that?

Joe - I think it's just you. I'm not laughing. Are you trying to give me a coronary?

Methos - No, just making a point. If Shapiro's men see you, they're going to kill you, man.

Joe - Yeah. Maybe.

Methos - Has everyone gone crazy? Did you hear what I said?

Joe - I have got to convince Shapiro that it's Jacob killing Watchers and not MacLeod.

Methos - I see. Well, to do that, you have to talk to him. They're not going to let you near the guy.

Joe - No. Not on my own... Adam.

Methos - No. [Joe gives him a look.] Give me one good reason.

Joe - Revenge.

Methos - Gave it up.

Joe - Well, then save my ass.

Methos - We're not that close.

Joe - Well, how about MacLeod? The Watchers want to kill him. And they eventually will kill him, unless he learns the truth about who killed his son.

Methos - But then they go after Jacob. 3 [The Watchers close the hearse door, walk away.] 4 The guard is armed. There's probably half a dozen of them on the roof as well.

Joe - Not to mention the new password that we don't know about.

Methos - I wouldn't worry about the password. They're going to shoot you on sight anyway.

Joe - You know, I think I've had just about as much irony for one day as I can take. What we have to do is figure out a way to get inside.

Methos - Brilliant. Got any ideas?

Joe - Ironically enough, I do.


Pompes Funebres entrance gate 4

Methos - [approaches gate] Excuse me. [Molari is standing guard at the gate, walks toward them.] Adam Pierson. [re Joe, standing behind him] Uh, I guess you know who this is.

Molari - You saved us a lot of trouble, Pierson. How did you get him?

Methos - Ah, try that the other way 'round.

Joe - [briefly moves gun where Molari can see it, then returns to pointing it at Methos' back] You get Shapiro for me. Now!

[He jabs Methos with the gun. Methos flinches. Molari leads them to the gate, opens it.]

Methos - [whispers over his shoulder to Joe] Would you be careful with that thing? It might go off.

Joe - Yeah. We're in a good place for it. Ha. I mean, consider the irony. [Methos gives him a look.] Come on. [They follow Molari through the gate and face off against a group of Watchers on the other side.]


Establishing shot: St. Joseph's Chapel 9

Inside church 10

[Jacob strikes a match, lights the two candles at the altar. DM enters church behind him.]

Jacob - Do you believe in heaven, MacLeod? I do, because I've already been in hell. [turns to face him] 4 So, where is he, this friend of yours -- this tame Watcher who's supposed to change my mind?

DM - He wouldn't come.

Jacob - Ha. Oh, this surprises you?

DM - Jacob, you slaughtered his friends. You shot him. You expect them not to fear you?

Jacob - No. No, I want them to fear me. To know what Irena felt. I want to see that look in their eyes. And then I want to watch them die.

DM - Jacob, I wish to God that had never happened, but you can't blame them all for Irena's death.

Jacob - They're all guilty, MacLeod. All of them! They all wear it. Look. [bares his wrist, holds it up] They all wear the sign of the beast. And like the beasts they are, I hunt them.

DM - Now maybe they'll hunt you.

Jacob - Your friend? You told me you could trust him.

DM - I needed his help to stop this.

Jacob - I'll tell you when this stops -- after I've killed them all.

DM - You can't kill them all, Jacob.

Jacob - I can try.

DM - Listen to yourself. Listen to yourself. You sound like Horton.

Jacob - Blood for blood, MacLeod. Tell your friend, if he gets in my way, he's dead. [leaves]

[Camera zooms in on DM & swings around to his face as he reacts with frustration.]


Inside funeral home 11

[Molari enters, goes to Shapiro, whispers in his ear.]

Shapiro - [stands, 5 walks around desk as Joe & Methos enter] Joe. [chuckles] You can drop the hostage act. You won't shoot. Pierson's your friend.

Joe - You know, we were friends too, Jack. That didn't stop you from ordering my death.


Shapiro - Even if you kill me, Joe, you're not going to get out of here alive. You know that? CUT

Joe - I didn't come to kill anyone, and I don't want to die. I came here to talk.

Shapiro - You think that gun is going to change my mind?

Joe - [holds the gun out. Shapiro takes it from him.] Just hear me out, Jack. Give me ten minutes. I don't think that's too much to ask of an old friend.

Shapiro - I'll listen. CUT


Cellar 3

DM - How could you let him do that?

Methos - It was a simple choice -- Jacob Galati or you. And since I don't give a damn about Jacob Galati, it wasn't that difficult to make it.

DM - Yeah, I guess it wasn't!

Methos - I'm a pragmatist, MacLeod. The Watchers wanted the real killer, and I want to keep you alive. You can't have it both ways.

DM - Yeah, you're right. You can't have it both ways. You're either one of them, or you're one of us. Got it? [leaves]

Methos - Oh, y--


Outside Jacob's travel rig 8

[Jacob walks down sidewalk toward rig. Joe stands on nearby street. 12 Jacob enters rig.]

Watcher - [lurking nearby, speaks into lapel mic] Mr. Dawson, he just arrived at his trailer.

[Jacob looks out rig window, sees Joe, 12 crosses to other side of rig & jumps out other window. He sneaks around the rig & jogs down the sidewalk.]

Watcher - [into lapel mic] He's on his way.


Street near Jacob's travel rig 12

[Jacob sneaks up behind Joe, holds a gun to his back.]

Joe - You're good.

Jacob - You're dead.

Joe - [as Jacob pats him down] Look, Jacob, I'm -- I'm sorry about Irena.

Jacob - You mention her name one more time, and I'm not going to kill you, you're just going to wish I had.

Joe - I'm unarmed, all right?

Jacob - Who the hell are you?

Joe - Joe Dawson.

Jacob - The one MacLeod told me about. His friend.

Joe - That's right. Now, the Watchers just took MacLeod a half an hour ago, and they're going to kill him.

Jacob - Tell them they got the wrong man.

Joe - They're not going to believe me. YOU are his only chance.

Jacob - Where is he?

Joe - I'll take you there. [Jacob hesitates.] I thought he was YOUR friend. Come on. [Jacob follows him across the street. A young woman walks up behind them, shoots Jacob in the back.]

Jacob - [as he dies] You bastard.

Joe - You got that right.

[One of the funeral home hearses screeches to a halt next to them. Watchers get out, load Jacob's body in the back & drive off.]


Inside funeral home 11

Joe - You double-crossed me, Shapiro. We had a deal. I don't like this.

Shapiro - You don't have to. I mean, look on the bright side, Joe. You proved your loyalty. You're back in the Watchers.

Joe - Jack, I brought him here so you could listen to him. Hear his side!

Shapiro - We'll hear what we need to. [Cell phone rings. Shapiro answers it.] Yeah. [to Joe] Guess who's here.

[DM is escorted in.]

Joe - MacLeod, what the hell are you doing? They know you're not the killer.

DM - It's not what I'm doing. It's what he's become.

Shapiro - [laughs] And what exactly have I become?

DM - A killer, like Horton.

Shapiro - Ho! Listen to this -- a lesson in ethics from our good friend Duncan MacLeod.

DM - I know you lost your son. But Jacob lost his wife. None of this will bring either of them back. Call it off while there's still time.

Shapiro - No.

Jacob - [led into room by several more Watchers] MacLeod. I'd shake your hand, but these people have other ideas. I've already met your good friend, Joe Dawson. The guy you trusted with my life.

DM - You son of a bitch, Dawson.

Shapiro - Keep him here. Bring me the blade.

DM - No! Wait!

Joe - Stop. You can't do this.

Shapiro - You watch me.

Joe - There's got to be another way.

Shapiro - Well, there isn't. Now, you can stay, or you can go.

DM - You use that blade, you destroy your oath.

Jacob - I hate to break it to you, Mac, but I was right.

DM - Nothing will ever be the same between the Watchers and the Immortals.

Joe - Listen to him, Jack. You do this, and you throw away everything we stand for!

Jacob - Blood for blood, MacLeod. Remember... Blood for blood.

Shapiro - You see? [takes sword from Watcher] He understands.

DM - You use that sword, you'd better use it again on me.

Shapiro - [to guards] If he moves, shoot him.

DM - Don't do this! [Shapiro pushes Jacob out of the room.] Dawson!

Joe - Jack!

[DM takes down the guards holding him, runs toward the other room. He's too late.]

DM - NO! [takes Jacob's Quickening, collapses to the floor]

[Shapiro comes back into room, holding sword, leans over DM.]

Joe - [points gun at Shapiro] All right. Put it down, Jack. This is not about MacLeod. [to DM] Come on, Mac, please. Let's go. [as Shapiro raises sword] I will kill you, Jack! [to DM] Come on, Mac. Please. Please. Let's go.

Shapiro - This is not over.

Joe - You'd better hope to God that it is.


Outside building near funeral home, night 3

Methos - [runs to them] Mac! M-- I'm sorry.

DM - You're sorry?

Joe - Mac... Mac, I was just supposed to get him there so they could talk to him. Jack set me up. They weren't supposed to kill him. You've got to believe me!

DM - It doesn't matter what I believe.

Joe - It does to me.

DM - Either way -- Either way, he's dead.

Joe - Mac, I did it to save you. [DM walks away from them.] Where are you going? It can be over now. It's got to be over! [to Methos] Stop him. Stop him!

Methos - Why?

Joe - Well, if he goes after Shapiro, the Watchers are going to go after him!

Methos - Well, what about you, Joe? Who do you going after? I am five thousand years old. I don't know who I am anymore. I just helped set up one of my own.

Joe - I did not know they were going to kill him.

Methos - You keep telling yourself that, Joe. Maybe you'll start to believe it. [walks away]


Establishing shot: Outside funeral home, night 4

Inside funeral home, night 11


Shapiro - Man, you screwed up good.

Joe - You stupid son-of-a-bitch, you don't even know what you've done.

Shapiro - I guess you're going to tell me.


Outside funeral home, night 4

[DM sneaks through the shadows.]


Inside funeral home, night 11

Shapiro - Well, thanks for the advice, Joe. When your friend Duncan MacLeod gets here, we'll just have to deal with him.


Outside funeral home, night 4

[DM sneaks through the shadows.]


Inside funeral home, night 11

Joe - If he wants you dead, Jack, you are dead.

Shapiro - [laughs] Oh, I think you overestimate Duncan MacLeod. He won't be that hard to kill.


Outside funeral home, night 4

[DM quietly takes down a guard.]


Inside funeral home, night 11

Joe - We're Watchers, Jack. We don't kill immortals.

Shapiro - You're dancing a little close to the edge, Joe. I think it's time you went back to the States.

<Joe - No, no. Either we end this now, or there's going to be a full-scale war.


Outside funeral home, night 4

[DM sneaks through the shadows.]


Inside funeral home, night 11

Joe - Even if you get MacLeod, you think his friends won't come for you? They will come for you. They will come for all of us! Jack, you have made us what we have always sworn not to be -- a threat to them.


Outside funeral home, night 4

[DM sneaks through the shadows.]


Inside funeral home, night 11

Shapiro - You underestimate us, Joe. We know who they are. We know who their friends are. We know where they live. Hell, we even know what they had for breakfast. It won't be that hard.


Outside funeral home, night 4

[DM sneaks through the shadows, takes out another guard.]


Inside funeral home, night 11

Shapiro - There's the door, Joe. Use it.

Joe - Oh, my God. You don't understand anything I've said.

Shapiro - No. You don't understand anything I'VE said. We protect our own. I failed once. It will never happen again.

Joe - Your own. Well, how many people have to die to pay for your son?

Shapiro - You're through, Dawson. Get the hell out while you still can.

Joe - You go to hell!

Shapiro - YOU go to hell!> CUT [raises his voice] Security!

DM - [kicks door open] Little late for that, Jack. [stalks into room]

Shapiro - What do you want? [runs for his desk, paws in drawer, then raises his hands as DM points a gun at him]

DM - I want blood for blood.

Joe - Don't do it, MacLeod. Don't do it.

DM - CUT [re Shapiro] He wanted it this way -- Judging us, killing us. So ready to kill, so ready to die -- just like Horton, huh? And for what? For who?

Shapiro - For my son. For David. I'd kill you all.

DM - You didn't kill Jacob for your son. The dead don't want revenge. They want NOTHING. They feel NOTHING! CUT <Horton made Jacob a killer. And you killed him. And now Jacob's made you one. [raises gun again, points it at Shapiro's head]

Joe - [points his gun at DM] MacLeod, you've got to leave him alone!

Shapiro - Shoot him, Joe.

Joe - [to Shapiro] I'll shoot you!

DM - [to Joe] He dies now.

Shapiro - No! No!

Joe - [to DM] Let him go! Let him go!

Shapiro - [to Joe] Shoot him!

Joe - [to Shapiro] Shut up!

Shapiro - No! No!

Joe - Please, no more. MacLeod, this has all got to end right here. Right here.

DM - You listen to me, Jack. You listen real hard. You're going to tell me how it's going to be. You want war? You want to bury some more of your friends for something that Horton started? Or do you want peace?

Shapiro - [in a small voice] Peace. Peace.

DM - [gives a small nod, then shoves Shapiro into an empty coffin] The killing ends here, or I swear it's only just begun! [Jack cringes away. DM shoves the lid on the coffin, closing him in it.]

Shapiro - No! No!

[DM & Joe exchange a weary look. DM turns to leave. Armed Watchers run into the room.]

Joe - It's over. Let it be.

[DM tosses his gun into nearby flower arrangement, gives Joe one last look & walks out. The Watchers let him go.]> 6


Quay by barge 13

[DM walks down quay toward barge.]

Joe - Hey, Mac. War's over. [DM walks slowly toward him.] Jack's out. I'm back in. And I think we're going to be able to put the Watchers together again.

DM - I'm happy for you.

Joe - Have you, uh-- Have you seen Methos? I went by his place. He's gone, and nobody has any idea where he is.

DM - Are you surprised at that? Is there something you wanted?

Joe - I don't know. I thought maybe I could, uh, buy you a drink.

DM - No, thanks. [walks away toward barge]

Joe - [calls after him] Maybe later.


End of "One Minute to Midnight"

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