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Episode 1: Prophecy

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: October 5, 1996
Transcript revised: 1-2-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander


Cassandra - Tracy Scoggins
              the Witch of Donan Woods

Young Duncan MacLeod - Jeremy Beck
              13 y.o., in flashbacks

Ian MacLeod - Matthew/Mathew Walker
              Duncan's father, in FB

Roland Kantos - Gerard Plunkett


Cop's Partner - ??
              sent after DM by Kantos


Andrew Beckmann - Deryl Hayes
              NYC P.I.

Partner - Kasper Michaels
              Beckman's partner

Mary Macleod - Anna Hagan
              Duncan's mother, in FB

Robert Macleod - Cluny MacPherson
              Duncan's 12 y.o. cousin, in FB

Neil MacGregor - Allan Clow
              villager in FB

Old Tom - Tom Heaton
              villager in FB

Cop - Ernie Pitts
              sent after DM by Kantos

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Highlander studio at 8651 Eastlake Dr, Burnaby [49.258054,-122.913533]: PI office interior, Dojo interior, Loft apartment interior, Police station exterior
1. New York City establishing shot - Brooklyn Bridge, NYC [40.704343,-73.9938]
2. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
3. Glenfinnan village - LSCR, by a pond (coordinates unknown)
4. Donan woods - Lower Seymour Conservation Range: location 1 [49.397492,-122.989731] & location 2 [49.398167,-122.9898] (approximately)
5. Rocky beach - Whytecliff Park, 7210 Arbutus Rd, W Vancouver [49.372618,-123.291793]
6. Cenotaph - Victory Square, 150 W Hastings St [49.282476,-123.109961]
7. Police station (establishing) - Jericho Hill Gymnasium & Pool, 4196 W 4th Ave [49.267265,-123.198109]
8. Alley - Cambie St alley, by Woodward's Development [49.282854,-123.109027]
9. Warehouse - unknown location
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Reruns on USA Network* (1998) & SciFi channel (1999) match the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with six exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Establishing shot: New York City - Brooklyn Bridge 1

[Super: New York City]

Detective agency office 0

<John - [in background] Good night.

Woman - [in background] Good night, John.

Kantos - [enters office] I am Roland Kantos. I'm looking for a client of yours. I hope you can help me.> CUT

Beckman - Client confidentiality. That's the issue. So if I knew this individual you were looking for, I wouldn't be able to--

Kantos - Cassandra. Her name is Cassandra.

Beckman - Never heard of her.

Kantos - [looks briefly down at Beckman's desk] And yours is Andrew Beckman. Well, Andy... That's really not good enough. [distorted] I know you wouldn't forget her: long hair, green eyes. A body that would stop your heart.

Beckman - [gives his head a quick shake, sits up] If I knew her, she'd be my client. If she was my client, I wouldn't talk to you about her.

Kantos - [distorted] Oh, yes, you would. If I wanted, you'd open your soul to me. If I wanted, you'd cut out your own heart. You'll tell me everything. Where she went. What she asked you to find. It's burning inside you. You can't stand it. Come on, Andy. I'm waiting.

Beckman - [under Kantos' control] She had to find someone. Acted like her life depended on it.

Kantos - [distorted] It does. What was his name?

Beckman - [under Kantos' control] Duncan MacLeod.

Kantos - [distorted] Where can I find him? [Beckman takes a card from his desk, hands it to Kantos.] One last thing. You have a gun somewhere. [Beckman reaches into a drawer, removes a gun & hands it to Kantos. Kantos looks at it, stops using the Voice.] A Sig Sauer. Bulky, but good. Personally, I prefer a Beretta. It's so much more elegant. [shoots Beckman]

Partner - [runs into office] Andy, what the hell is-- [quickly points gun at Kantos]

Kantos - [distorted] There's no need for that. Drop it. [The Partner drops the gun, under Kantos' control.] There's been a suicide.

Partner - [under Kantos' control] A suicide.

Kantos - [distorted] Yours. Right after you killed your partner. [leans closer, speaks directly into the Partner's ear] Suicide. [stands outside office, watching as, offscreen, a gun fires.]

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing A shot: Dojo, night 2

Dojo, night 0

[DM enters empty dojo, looks around. The last time he was here, he was under the influence of the Dark Quickening, threatening the lives of his friends. He stops momentarily by the climbing bars where Joe tied him up, then crosses the room and kicks at a punching bag. Moving further into the room, he suddenly senses 'buzz'.]


Loft above dojo, night 0

DM - [raises lift gate, sword in hand] Honey, I'm home. [No answer. He steps out of the elevator, ready for an attack from any direction. Still nothing.] Richie--? [Still nothing.] I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Cass - [hidden in the shadows] I know.

DM - Who are you?

Cass - [steps forward] Don't you know me, Duncan?

DM - [lowers sword, steps forward] Cassandra?

Cass - Have I changed all that much?

DM - No.

Cass - But you have.


Flashback - Glenfinnan Village, 1606 3

[Super: Scottish Highlands, 1606]


<Villager - [leading a cow] Come on. Come on. Move it.

Ian - This has to end. Three more sheep were savaged this morning on the upper pasture. That brings the total to eight! And that includes the ram!>

Neil - But how do we know it's a wolf? The Campbells have stolen from us before.

Ian - Aye! And when they have, have they left great bloody paw prints all over the fields? No. 'Tis a wolf, and a hungry one. And if we're not to go hungry ourselves, we've got to kill it!

Robert - [listening nearby] Did you hear that, Duncan? A wolf!

Young DM - Quiet, Robert, I cannae hear!

Neil - Aye, but no one's laid eyes on the beast. It comes and goes like a ghost. Back to its lair in the Donan Woods.

Ian - Then we'll follow it there, and we'll set out a lamb for bait. [off the others' reactions] Now, what ails ya? You're not afraid of a bloody great, overgrown hound, are ya?

Men - No. Of course not.

Neil - You are chief of this clan, Ian MacLeod, and I would follow you to the gates of Hell, if that's where you wanted to go, but the Donan Woods... Things happen there. There's been talk of a witch since before my grandmother's time.

Old Tom - Aye. And I have seen her. Aye. She waits for the one born on the winter solstice. She will devour him. And, aye, old she is, MacLeod. Old beyond your knowin'. With snakes for hair and eyes that glow like coals. It's she has been stealing your sheep.

Ian - What is stealing our sheep is a wolf, and we are going to kill it! Or would you have Old Tom, here, tell your wives why they're to starve this winter?

Old Tom - [turns away] Ah.

Ian - We'll start out tomorrow morn. And I'll hear no more talk of witches.

Young DM - [joins him] Father, I'll join the hunt. I'm not afraid of wolves or witches.

Ian - Good on you, Duncan. [ruffles his hair] You're a stout lad. But this is not boys' play. The men will go alone.

Young DM - But, Father!

Ian - No! You'll no' come tomorrow, Duncan, and that's an end of it! [strides away]

Neil - [stalks toward the boys] Only one thing a hungry wolf likes better than a lamb, Duncan MacLeod, and that's a young boy. [pulls his dirk] It starts with the softest parts, like here, or back here. [uses dirk to point to Young DM's belly, then his rump] And then it works it's way up to the hardest. Your head! [knocks Young DM on the head with the flat of the blade, laughs, walks away]

Young DM - [yells after him] I will not be afraid of any wolf!

Robert - [scoffs] That's a good one.

Young DM - And I suppose you wouldn't wet your kilt if you saw one.

Robert - Look who's talking! You wet yours when Debra Campbell looked your way.

Young DM - I did not.

Robert - You did to.

Young DM - It was raining!

Robert - I think you'd rather face the wolf than Debra Campbell.

Young DM - And I suppose you wouldn't want to face either one of them, would you, Robert?

Robert - I would too!

Young DM - Prove it, then. Hunt the wolf with me.

Robert - [nervous] You want to go to Donan Woods? I've never been there.

Young DM - Come on, where's your spine? You and me, Robert. We'll be heroes.

Robert - But-- You heard what your father said! He'd give us both a wood hidin'!

Young DM - Not if we kill the wolf first. What do you say?

[The two boys nod agreement, spit on their palms, & shake on it.]

Young DM - [as they run off] Come on. Let's go.


Flashback - Scottish Highlands, 1606 - Donan Woods, evening 4

[Camera follows the two boys walking though mist-shrouded woods. The boys walk toward the camera and startle as a wolf howls in the distance.]

Robert - What was that?

Young DM - 'Tis only the wind, Robert. Calm yourself.

Robert - I cannot. My head is filled with witches and wolves.

[They continue on, past the camera. 1 Camera follows the two boys walking through mist-shrouded woods.]

Young DM - [kneels, points to spot on ground] He was here! And this is where he'll return.

Robert - Duncan? Do you think the witch is real? Old Tom swears she is.

Young DM - [starts making a snare] Old Tom's as mad as a loon, when he's not drunk.

<[POV of wolf approaching them.]

Robert - But he swears he's seen her.

Young DM - He also swears he's seen the monster of the loch.

Robert - She could cast a spell.

Young DM - Ach, Robert. What would a witch be wantin' with us?> CUT

[POV on the boys.]

Robert - Still. She could cast a spell. What if she turns me into a toad?

Young DM - Who'd know the difference?

[POV of wolf approaching them.]

Young DM - Now help me with this. We've a wolf to catch.

[POV on the boys.]

Robert - You're sure that can hold him?

Young DM - Unless he carries a knife. There's no way he'll get out of it.

[Both startle as the wolf growls nearby.]

Robert - Oh, no! Oh, Jesus and Mary! What will we do?

Young DM - Run! Keep going! [The wolf chases them.] Run, Robert!

Robert - He's going to catch us, Duncan!

Young DM - [stops, picks up a stick] Back to the village! Go! I'll follow. [Robert runs off. Young DM holds stick up defensively as wolf approaches.] Come on. Get it over with.

[The wolf leaps at him.]


Flashback - Scottish Highlands, 1606 - Cassandra's hut, night 4

[Young DM wakes on bed in empty hut, looks around, 0 goes outside, finds Cassandra bathing in pool near hut. Cassandra emerges from pool & puts on a robe.]

Young DM - Are you an angel? Am I in Heaven?

Cass - Not for a long time yet. My name is Cassandra.

Young DM - The wolf... Why did it not kill me?

Cass - Perhaps because I didn't want it to.

Young DM - Are you the witch of Donan Woods?

Cassandra - Some say that. <Don't be afraid, Duncan MacLeod. CUT

Young DM - How'd you know my name?>

Cass - Who else was born on the winter solstice?

Young DM - They say that you're old... older than the Clan. CUT They say that you're evil. That you cast spells.

Cass - Well, now. I might cast spells... But do I look evil to ye, Duncan?

Young DM - [shakes his head, looks down] You look beautiful.

Cass - What was that?

Young DM - [looks up, speaks more confidently] You look beautiful.


Loft above dojo, night 0

(resume previous scene)

Cass - It's been a long time since that night. I often wondered what sort of man you'd become.

DM - I'm surprised you didn't just check your crystal ball.

Cass - Your road's been hard, hasn't it?

DM - Yeah, a lot's happened in four hundred years, but I survived.

Cass - I knew you would.

DM - Of course you did. So how'd you find me? Witchcraft?

Cass - Why bother? It's the twentieth century. I used a detective agency. I need your help, Duncan.

DM - Why?

Cass - Roland Kantos.

DM - One of us?

Cass - He's more than that. Much more. [gazes across loft] B


Rocky beach, morning 5

[DM looks at Cassandra as camera pans around them.] C

DM - It's not the Highlands, but it has its charm.

Cass - It's beautiful. I can see why you'd want to stay. [off DM's look, a frown on his face] Why are you looking at me that way?

DM - The last time I saw you I was thirteen years old... and you were a witch in the forest. I went back into that forest a hundred times, but I never found you. I convinced myself you were a dream.

Cass - How could you know? How could you know I was Immortal or... see what you would become?

DM - But you knew?

Cass - I knew the moment I lay eyes on you... that you would fulfill the prophecy.

DM - Like you said, this is the twentieth century. I left prophecies behind with the witches and the fairies.

Cass - Duncan, listen to me. The prophecy tells of a Highland foundling born on the winter solstice who passes through darkness into light and survives to challenge the voice of death.

DM - Really? Is this before or after I slay the dragon?

Cass - Duncan, this is real! I've waited centuries for the time to be right.

DM - Is this Roland part of this prophecy?

Cass - Yes.

DM - He's right behind you?

Cass - He always is. [Both react to 'buzz'.] It's him.

[Up on the cliff rocks, Roland draws his sword, points it at DM.]

DM - [to Cassandra] I guess he doesn't like me.

Cass - We've got to leave, now! [DM gives her a look, walks toward Kantos.] What are you doing?

DM - Well, I guess asking him to dance is out of the question.

Cass - Duncan, you don't understand. You can't win!

DM - [draw his sword] Your confidence is overwhelming.

Kantos - [as DM starts up the steps cut into the clifside] Duncan MacLeod?

DM - [smiles] Ah, very good.

Kantos - Roland Kantos. I've been looking for you for a very long time.


Flashback - Glenfinnan Village, next morning 3

<Kantos - [voice-over] Three hundred and ninety years, to be precise. I thought I had you at one point, but the witch made sure you weren't around.> CUT

Ian - They've checked the fens and the fields, as far out as the tide flats. Nothing.


Mary - Something terrible has happened, Ian. I feel it.

Old Tom - It's the witch. She's taken 'em.

Ian - Shut up, you old fool.

Old Tom - [quietly] She's taken 'em.

[Two clansmen haul Robert over to them.]

Ian - Robert MacLeod! You'd better have a good story to tell me and no mistake! Where's Duncan? Where's my son?

Robert - Still there. The wolf! The wolf!

Ian - [shakes him] Out with it! What about a wolf? What? Tell me!

Robert - We tried to catch the wolf. It caught us!

Ian - [Neil] Ready the men. Neil, now! [releases Robert, turns to Mary] Mary, trust in God. We'll find him.

Kantos - [rides up on horseback] I am Roland. I wish to speak to the village chieftain. [to Ian] I think you have that honor.

Ian - I have. Ian MacLeod. We have urgent business here. We have no time.

Kantos - Not even for a lost son? Some years ago, robbers killed my wife and stole him. He was only a baby. I fear he may have been sold. Or left as a foundling. He'd be thirteen now. Like that one. [looks at Robert] But that's not him. I'll know him when I see him.

Ian - I cannot help you. There are no foundlings here.

Kantos - Then I'll keep looking. I swore it on my wife's grave.

Mary - But surely, after thirteen years, you wouldn't even know him.

Kantos - I'll know him, and I'll find him. However long it takes. [rides off]

Mary - [quietly, to Ian] I love Duncan as if he's me own son, but you know he's a foundling! What if it's Duncan he seeks?

Ian - Duncan is our son. He always will be. If he still lives. [to clansmen] Come on! Robert! Take us to where you left him. Go on, get on. The men head off away from the village, leaving Mary alone. She walks off down a different dirt path.


[short time later]

[Mary walks to a clothesline, picks up wicker basket. 2 She walks past sheets already hanging, sets basket down and pulls out a blanket. Roland confronts her.]

Kantos - About the foundling, Mary.

Mary - I know nothing.

Kantos - Tell me.

Mary - You've had your answer. There's nothing more to tell.

Kantos - [distorted] A boy... found on the winter solstice -- a foundling child.

Mary - No. No, there was none.

Kantos - [distorted] I don't believe you. Open your heart to me, Mary. Tell me what I need to know.

Mary - [resisting] I know nothing.

Kantos - [distorted] Tell me. [grabs her hand] You know you must. Where is he?

Mary - [resisting] Hail Mary, Mother of God. The one you seek... is not here. [Kantos leaves.]


Establishing shot: Cassandra's hut, morning 4

Flashback - Scottish Highlands, 1606 - inside Cassandra's hut 0

Cass - [as Young DM wakes up] You were dreaming.

Young DM - Yes.

Cass - Of what?

Young DM - Nothing.

Cass - I see. Did you perchance dream that you were grown?

Young DM - I was a man, the leader of my clan, and...

Cass - And? Were you alone? [Young DM shakes his head.] You were with me. And what were we doing? [leans down, gently kisses him on the lips. A rooster crows.]

Young DM - Morning. I must go.

Cass - Not yet. There is someone in your village who wants to harm you.

Young DM - That'd be my father. He'll skin me alive!

Cass - Duncan, listen to me. This one is an enemy... and he means to kill you. Now, you cannot face him yet, but someday you must. And when that time comes, you must kill him.

Young DM - Then you really are a witch.

Cass - Do they not tell a tale in your village of a man in your grandfather's time that-- that died and yet came back to life?

Young DM - Of course! Connor MacLeod, but that's just a clan legend. It's just a story.

Cass - Some stories are true.

Young DM - I donnae understand.

Cass - Not yet, but you will. [closes her eyes, listening] It's time. [opens her eyes] Your people come for you. Go. Straight out from the hut, and they will find you. [as Young DM leaves] Duncan? [He turns back.] When the wolf came at you, you truly were not afraid?

Young DM - [shakes his head] No.

Cass - And why not?

Young DM - Because good must always triumph over evil. Did you not know that?

Cass - Perhaps I just needed to hear it from you. You need worry no more about the wolf. [hands him his knife] Your weapon.

Ian - [offscreen, in the distance, yelling] Duncan!

<Young DM - CUT [realizing] You're the wolf.>


Flashback - Scottish Highlands, 1606 - outside Cassandra's hut 4

[Young DM leaves hut.]

Ian - [offscreen, closer, yelling] Duncan! Duncan!

Young DM - Father! I'm here!

Ian - [appears out of morning fog] Duncan! Are you all right? The wolf didn't harm ye?

Young DM - I'm fine.

Clansman - Oh, lad.

Ian - [hugs Young DM] Of all your wildest notions... Are you daft, lad? A wolf could've tore ya apart!

Young DM - Yes, Father.

Ian - Out there, alone all night, your mother worried half to death! Anything could've happened, anything!

Young DM - But nothing happened, Father. [looks over to where Cassandra's hut was... nothing can be seen of it.] Really. Nothin'.

Ian - Aye. We'd best be getting back. That wolf can wait for another day. Come on. I'm not-- I'm not letting you out of my sight for a while. [to clansmen] Hey, he's here!

[As they depart, Cassandra's hut reappears amongst the trees.]


Rocky beach, morning 5

(resume previous scene)

Kantos - So you lasted, just as the prophecy foretold. You lived.

DM - You can live, too, if you walk away.

Kantos - I'm afraid I can't, MacLeod. The signs for the prophecy are all in place. You're all that stands in my way. Or don't you believe in signs?

DM - Oh, no. I believe in signs. "Don't litter." "Don't step on the grass." "No spitting."

Kantos - I prefer "Rest in peace."

DM - Okay, then.

[They fight.]

Kantos - Is that all you have, MacLeod?

DM - Oh, no. I haven't even started.

Kantos - [distorted] I don't think so. I think you're already finished. I think you're tired, MacLeod. Exhausted. Can't you feel it? You're fighting through quicksand. Your legs can barely move... Your arms feel like lead... Feel that? Gravity... sucking you down, making you small... I'm almost a giant. CUT Your sword is getting heavy... so heavy, you can barely lift it... you CAN'T lift it. [DM musters the energy to swing the katana, but Kantos blocks easily & cuts DM's side, laughing.] What do you say we call it a day? You don't want to fight anymore, MacLeod.

Cass - [a whisper in DM's head:] Resist.

Kantos - [distorted] You can rest. Just close your eyes.

Cass - [a whisper in DM's head:] Resist.

Kantos - It's so easy.

[He prepares to behead DM. At the base of the cliff, Cassandra screams, interrupting them. Kantos swings, DM dodges & falls off the cliff. Cassandra runs to him, helps him into the T-bird, & drives them away.]

Kantos - [watches car drive away] Sooner or later. It doesn't matter. [staggers back to sit against the rocks, exhausted D]


Loft above dojo 0

Cass - [exits lift with DM] I told you he was dangerous.

DM - Well, dangerous or not, he's going to be coming.

Cass - Mmm. Using the power tires Roland. He'll need to regain his strength. We have a bit of time.

DM - What was that back there? What was he using against me? And don't tell me "magic".

Cass - Well, call it what you want. The power of suggestion. A -- A trick... learned over a thousand years.

DM - Is this trick something you taught him?

Cass - <Roland was my student. Ages ago. CUT Once he realized there was nothing more I could teach him, he tried to kill me. I was stronger then he, then. I'm-- I'm not anymore.> It's the prophecy, Duncan. You're the only one who can beat him.

DM - Do you still believe that?

Cass - So far, it's all come true.

DM - So, if you saw my future, did you see the life I'd lead? Did you see my father disown me? Or did you see Tessa dying for a chunk of change? If you saw all of that, why didn't you warn me?

Cass - It's not that simple. I wish it were.

DM - No?

Cass - I see only glimpses, only fragments. There's never the whole.

DM - Do you see my death?

Cass - I see death, Duncan.

DM - Whose?

Cass - I don't know.


[meanwhile, downstairs]

[Kantos enters empty dojo. He senses 'buzz' at same time as Cassandra & DM do, upstairs.]

Kantos - Hello, witch.



Cass - It's Roland.

DM - I thought you said he needed more time.

Cass - He should've. He must have become stronger. We have to hurry, Duncan.

DM - I'm not going to run.

Cass - You're not running. [distorted] You're not running. You're using your strength. Saving me from him. [as Kantos rides the elevator up from the dojo] Our only chance is to leave.

DM - I can't.

Cass - [distorted] You must. Now.

Kantos - [raises gate on lift, enters loft] MacLeod? [looks around empty loft, finds photo of DM & Tessa & tears it in half, discarding the portion with Tessa] Three can play. [puts torn photo in pocket, turns, pulls out sword, goes to spiral staircase out of loft]


Interesting holy ground (cenotaph) 6

<DM - So now I get a double dose of it, huh? What was that back there?

Cass - I can't let him harm you.> 3 CUT

DM - Look, I don't like being controlled. Not by Roland, not by you, not by anyone.

Cass - What other choice was there? He would have killed you.

DM - Maybe.

Cass - Duncan, you felt his power. The prophecy is at hand.

DM - Power or no power, this is holy ground. He can't harm us here.

Cass - And none of us can avoid our fate. "An evil one will come to vanquish all before him. Only a Highland child, born on the winter solstice, who has seen both darkness and light, can stop him. A child and a man."


Establishing shot: Police station exterior 7

Behind police station 0

Cop - [as Kantos approaches] Something I can do for you?

Kantos - I'm looking for someone.

Cop - Missing Persons is downtown. [to partner] So I said to her, "You're doing sixty in a forty-five." And she's driving in this bikini top that's like two strings and a band-aid. [Kantos holds photo in front of him.] Would you go away?

Kantos - [distorted] His name is Duncan MacLeod. He's armed and dangerous. He'll be hiding in a church or cemetery. Somewhere close. You must find him and bring him to me.


Interesting holy ground (cenotaph) 6

(resume previous scene)

DM - We make our own destinies. Nothing's written.

Cass - Really? Tell me, did you pass through darkness into light?

DM - Everyone does.

Cass - Not like you, Duncan. CUT You've seen the darkest places in men's souls. You've been there and survived. Duncan, you're the one. I knew it in that forest. I know it now. You do believe me?

DM - All I believe is that Roland wants my head. 4 Teach me, like you taught him.

Cass - I can't. I can't. With Roland, the gift was always there.

DM - Then what? What do I use?

Cass - Use the prophecy. If you're the man, who's the child?


Scottish Highlands, 1606 - Cassandra's hut 0

[DM suddenly finds himself standing in the middle of Cassandra's hut. He turns, finds Young DM standing behind him.]

Young DM - Who are you?

DM - [smiles] You. [realizing] You're the child.

Young DM - I'm no child. I'm a chieftain's son. I am going to lead our clan to glory. I will be a great warrior.

DM - Yes, you will be a great warrior.

Young DM - Why are you here?

DM - I don't know.

Cass - [enters hut] Who are you talking to? [DM can no longer be seen in the hut.]

Young DM - The man I become.

Cass - And did you like what you saw?

Young DM - Aye. [looks around for DM, but he is gone] 5


Interesting holy ground (cenotaph) 6

(resume previous scene)

DM - [looks around sharply, disoriented] Did you do that?

Cass - I helped. What happened? What did you see?

DM - Me as the child.

Cass - "The child and the man." The prophecy.

Cop - Duncan MacLeod? [points gun at him] Don't move! Freeze right there!

DM - [raises his hand as another cop comes up behind him] What's this about?

Cop - Cuff him.

Cass - It's Roland. He knows we're here. He's using them!

DM - [fights cops off, grabs gun from one of them] Freeze! Drop it. Drop it. [to Cassandra as Cop lowers gun] Can't you do something about this?

Cass - No. Go, Duncan! Now!

[DM takes off running through cemetery. Cops chase after him.]


Nearby alley 8

[DM runs down alley, gets hit by a cop car pulling in.]

Cop - [cuffing DM's prone form] Get up. Get up. Let's go.

[The two cops haul him up and drag him to the car, load him in, & drive away. Cassandra watches from the alley entrance. 6]


Outside warehouse 9

Cop - [pulls DM out of squad car] Get up. Let's go.

[Cop & his partner drag DM into the warehouse.]


Inside warehouse 9

DM - Hey, Roland. You miss me? [Cop punches DM in the stomach twice.]

Kantos - Cuff him.

[Cop punches DM again, cuffs him to metal pipe.]

Kantos - [distorted] You've done well, but now it's finished. Time to forget. You chased a robbery suspect. You turned up nothing. Saw no one. There's no one here. You hear nothing... see no one. You never saw this place. You never saw me.

Cop - [walks away, returning to conversation with his partner] I swear, two strings and a band-aid. And then she says to me, "Can't we work--"

DM - [calls after them] Officer, wait! Wait!

Kantos - They can't hear you, MacLeod. As far as they know, you don't exist. Soon they'll be right.

DM - You waited four hundred years for this?

Kantos - A little ignominious, I know. But if it hadn't been for that witch, I would have got you when you were thirteen. There's something about children. Their innocence, their honesty... It gives me the creeps. I'll be back, when I'm ready. [spins out of the way as DM lunges at him, laughs, drops handcuff key on the floor just out of reach, leaves.]

DM - [stretches a foot out to get the key, unlocks the cuffs, looks around warehouse interior] We should call Architectural Digest. They'd do a spread.


[later] 7

DM - [strikes a match, lights a candle] Nothing is written. Nothing. I know. [blows out match, then looks up & gets to his feet warily. Camera pans around to reveal Young DM standing in front of him.]

Young DM - Are you a dream?

DM - No. [moves forward, lifts his hands to touch Young DM's raised hands. Electricity crackles & they both pull back sharply.]

Young DM - You're real.

DM - Maybe we both are.

Young DM - Cassandra promised I'd live a long time.

DM - Maybe not too much longer.

Young DM - But you've grown-- I've grown into a great warrior. Who could ever defeat you?

DM - That doesn't matter right now. There's much we have to talk about. Much you have to learn.

Young DM - About my future?

DM - Yes.

Young DM - Do I win many battles?

DM - Yeah, you win many battles.

Young DM - Then I'm a great chieftain.

DM - It’s different.

Young DM - I bet I marry Debra Campbell.

DM - I wish you had.

Young DM - Well, then I'll find someone more beautiful and we'll have many strong sons. [DM shakes his head sadly.] Daughters?

DM - [sadly] You'll see.

Young DM - This other warrior... are you afraid of him?

DM - Yes. He has a power I don't possess, and I don't know how to defeat him.


Young DM - You'll win, because you're good, and good always wins over evil. Did you not know that?

DM - It's a little more complicated than that.

Young DM - It's never more complicated than that.

DM - Yes, it is. He has a magic in his voice. If I listen to it, I'm dead.

Young DM - Then don't listen. [fades away]

DM - No. Wait a minute. What do you mean? No. We haven't fi--

[Young DM is gone. DM picks up the lit candle, looks at it, tilts it so candle wax drips onto other his hand.]

Young DM - [voice-over] Then don't listen.


Establishing shot: Warehouse exterior 9

Inside warehouse 9

[Kantos enters warehouse. DM faces him eagerly & draws his katana.]

DM - Finished your beauty sleep?

Kantos - We're making history here, MacLeod. No point in rushing it.

[He lunges at DM, who dances back. They begin to fight.]

Kantos - [distorted] Do you feel that, Highlander? That's your arm, growing weaker. The muscles, giving up. You're tired... weary... You're finding it hard to focus. [goes at DM again, who holds his own, then stumbles backward] Your legs are getting numb... frozen... [exchanges more blows] Your arms feel like lead. Moving is pain. Moving is agony. [DM continues to fight him off.] Your sword is getting heavy, too heavy to lift. [DM blocks his attacks, rolls under the metal pipes.] This cannot be! The prophecy... [from DM's perspective, muffled] ...must be fulfilled!

[DM blocks his blade, slashes him with the katana, waggles his eyebrows at him.]

Kantos - [normal voice] Impossible. CUT

<DM - [beheads him, then digs the candle wax out of his ears] Couldn't hear a word you said, Roland. [takes Quickening]

[As Quickening ends, faces & images appear in the air around DM:]

Cass - [face appears] "An evil one will come to vanquish all before him. Only a Highland child, born on the winter solstice, who has seen both darkness and light, can stop him."

Young DM - [face appears] I will be a great warrior. I bet you marry Debra Campbell.

[Brief images of Debra running to greet DM, Debra smiling. (from "Homeland")]

DM - [voice-over, with image of celtic bracelet falling] No! Debra! (from "Homeland")

[Establishing shot image of Glenfinnan village, then of DM dying. (from "Family Tree")]

DM - [sitting up] It is a miracle! (from "Family Tree")

Ian - [face appears] You're not my son! (from "Family Tree")

DM - [running after Ian] Where do I come from? (from "Family Tree")

Young DM - [face appears] You'll win, because you're good, and good always wins over evil.

Cass - [voice-over] "A child and a man."

[DM lowers his arms and drops his head down. E]>


Loft above dojo, night 0

[Close on candle flame, then camera pulls back to reveal F DM looking at candle.]

Young DM - [voice-over] I faced a wolf, and I'm thirteen. I'm a chieftain's son. I'm going to lead my clan to glory.

Cass - What would you have said to him?

DM - I don't know. Maybe I could've warned him about the life he was going to lead.

Cass - What could you have said? Don't feel? Don't grow? Don't live with hope?

DM - Probably not. So... The prophecy's fulfilled. Now you leave.

Cass - Well, there is one more thing. [goes to him, begins unbuttoning his shirt]

DM - Is this part of the prophecy?

Cass - No. [removes his shirt, runs her hands over his chest] This one's for me. [kisses him. He stops her.] Is something wrong?

DM - [shakes his head] No. [runs his hand down her cheek, neck, shoulder] Just making sure you're real. [moves the straps of her dress off her shoulders. The dress falls to the floor as he kisses & embraces her passionately.]


End of "Prophecy"

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