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Episode 4: Glory Days

Written by Nancy Heikin-Pepin
Directed by Gérard Hameline
Aired: October 26, 1996
Transcript revised: 1-13-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher



Johnny 'K' Kelly - Ian Tracey

Betsy Fields - Marcia Strassman
              Joe's high school sweetheart


Bobby - Philip Heinrich
              Mr. DeLio's chauffeur

Dominic Delio - Bob Wilde
              owner of DeLio Enterprises

Guard - Aurelio DiNunzio
              at DeLio Enterprises

Big Gino - Mario Battista
              NY mobster, in flashback

Jimmy the Weasel - Robin Mossley
              at poker game, in flashback

O'Grady - Bob Dawson
              cop in flashback

Mr. Luca - Jim/James Crescenzo
              rival mobster in flashback

Tommy - Mike/Michael Kopsa
              Mr. Luca's goon

Roadie - Larry Morrison
              at storage facility

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Highlander studio at 8651 Eastlake Dr, Burnaby [49.258054,-122.913533]: Joe's Bar interior, Loft apartment interior
1. DeLio Enterprises - 666 Burrard St [49.285066,-123.119659]
2. EZ Store Self-Storage - unknown location (at filming studio?)
3. Joe's Bar establishing shot - Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
4. Puccini Appreciation Society alley - next to 440 Cambie St [49.281900,-123.109330]
5. Gino's club, Luca's warehouse - unknown location(s)
6. Betsy's hotel - Sutton Place Hotel, 845 Burrard St [49.282984,-123.123901]
7. Travel trailer - unknown location
8. Seacouver, night (establishing) - from Burrard Bridge, looking north (past 1011 Beach Ave from 1x05) [49.284469,-123.120383]
9. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
10. Loft window / Parking garage - between W Cordova and Blood Alley [49.283298,-123.107788]
11. Payphone & Foiled hit - 198 W Hastings St [49.282263,-123.109397]
12. Church - Christ Church Cathedral, 690 Burrard St [49.284469,-123.120383]
13. Billboards 1 & 2 - unknown location(s)
14. Billboard #3 - 23 W Pender St [49.281148,-123.105033]
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on USA Network* (1998) matches the official cut.
~Rerun on SciFi channel (1999) match the official cut, with three exceptions.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with multiple exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Outside DeLio Enterprises building 1

Bobby - [gets out of limo, opens passenger door] First one here again today, Mr. DeLio. [They enter the building.]


Inside building 1

[Bobby & DeLio walk past guard desk where Guard is asleep. Bobby clears his throat.]

Guard - [opens his eyes, sits up quickly] Morning, Mr. DeLio, sir.


[short time later, in 2nd floor hallway]

[Johhny lights a cigarette, waiting. He's wearing wire-fame glasses, a trench coat and a fedora. He grinds the cigarette butt on the floor and pulls out a gun with silencer as elevator dings. Bobby & DeLio exit elevator, walk down hall. Bobby sees Johnny waiting at end of hall.]

Bobby - [to DeLio] Do you know him, sir?

DeLio - [shakes his head] Take care of him.

Bobby - [steps forward] What the hell are you doing here? [Johnny shoots him. He falls.]

DeLio - [as Johnny advances on him] Whatever you want, it's yours. Name it. [backs toward elevators, presses both up and down buttons] I'll pay it. [Johnny shoots him. He falls against elevator door as it opens.]

Johnny - [spins gun, puts it away] Already been paid.


[meanwhile, in lobby]

[Sleepy Guard blinks up at monitor, sees man in hat and trench coat walk past hallway camera. Images changes to DeLio's body lying half in open elevator.]

Guard - [stares at monitor] Oh, my God! [He runs off, gun and radio in his hands.]


[meanwhile, in emergency stairwell]

[Johnny takes set of short stilts off his shoes.]

[Unknown artist - Hip-hop song

Time out... Time out
The look around]


<[meanwhile, in lobby]

[Guard runs to elevator, presses button frantically.]

[The brother just movin' groovin' bro']


[meanwhile, in emergency stairwell]

[Johnny forces air out of inflatable padding under his coat.]


[meanwhile, in lobby]

[Guard gives up on elevator, runs toward stairs.]


[meanwhile, in emergency stairwell]

[Time out
Check the business
Only attack the facts that I'm given]

[Johnny pulls baseball cap out of bag, puts it on backwards. He takes unattached suit pant legs off, revealing shorts underneath.]


[short time later, in lobby]

[Don't know, Don't know]

[Johnny rides a skateboard out of the building, carrying the bag containing his disguise.]

[Flip to the script
Quick back to the script
I get right down
Get right down legit]


Establishing shot: E-Z Store storage facility 2

Inside storage unit 2

[Johhny hums along to 1930's music.]

[Roger Bellon/Bill Panzer - "Everything a Boy Should Be"

A tiny hand wrapped 'round your fingers]

Johnny - [sings along with recording] "Squeezing tighter every day." [combs his hair back, checks his reflection in a mirror]

[Just like you thought he would
Tall and straight and good--]>

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing A shot: Joe's Bar 3

Joe's Bar 0

[Audience applauds as blues band finishes a song.]

Female patron - Yeah. Be back in a second. [picks up her purse, leaves seat by stage, walks past DM sitting at bar]

DM - [to Joe] They're good. Where'd you find them?

Joe - Some dive down by the waterfront. They were playing for lap-dancers.

DM - So, Joe Dawson to the rescue?

<Joe - CUT Hey! Just like the Lone Ranger, man.> [sees Betsy enter bar] Can't be.

DM - Something wrong?

Betsy - [smiles when she sees Joe] Joe? Joe Dawson?

Joe - [stunned] At your service.

Betsy - I can't believe it! What are you doing here?

Joe - You didn't see the sign on the door?

Betsy - <Well, yeah, I saw it. I came in to make a phone call.> CUT This is yours? Oh, it's great.

Joe - Yeah, it is. It really is, huh? Here, uh, here, let me get you something.

DM - [clears his throat, motions to bar stool] Um, please.

Joe - Oh, I'm sorry. MacLeod, this is Bette Fields.

[DM holds his hand out to shake hers.]

Betsy - [attention focused on Joe] "Bette." Nobody's called me that since high school. [turns to DM, holds out her hand] Most people call me Betsy. Hi.

DM - [shakes her hand] Hi. I'm Duncan MacLeod. It's very nice to meet you.

Joe - [hands Betsy a drink] Here. You look incredible. I mean -- You haven't changed a bit.

Betsy - [pleased] Oh, liar.

Joe - Tom Collins, no fruit.

Betsy - You remembered.

Joe - Like it was yesterday.

Betsy - Oh, God, Joe. How are you doing? I want to hear everything.

Joe - Everything, huh? Well, you know, I'm a little busy right now.

Betsy - Well, how about dinner?

Joe - Um... Somebody's got to watch the joint, you know?

Betsy - Okay. Lunch, tomorrow.

Joe - Yeah, but see, this beer tap's leaking, and I made plans, and I've got to go out to my storage locker. I've got to pick up some parts, some tools.

Betsy - No, it's-- it's okay. We'll just do it another time.

DM - Hey, I can pick up the part. It's no problem. You have better things to do.

Joe - But somebody's, uh, somebody's got to fix it still.

DM - Well, I can fix a beer tap. I've been around. [to Betsy] Well, for a while, anyway.

Joe - [with a forced grin] Yeah, thanks.

DM - Pleasure.

Betsy - Oh, then this is great! I have to go now, but I'll see you tomorrow, here, one o'clock.

Joe - One it is.

Betsy - Okay. Bye. [turns to DM] Thanks.

DM - [shakes her hand again] Nice meeting you.

Betsy - You, too.

Joe - Bye, Betsy. [She leaves.]

DM - [hops back onto bar stool] I think she likes you.

Joe - [sighs] You know, next time, MacLeod, do me a favor, okay?

DM - Mm-hmm?

Joe - And butt out.

DM - Am I missing something here?

Joe - [grabs key ring from behind bar] Locker fourteen, okay? Knock yourself out, pal. CUT

<DM - Are the tools in there?

Joe - Everything you need is in there.

DM - What's wrong with you?

Joe - I'll be back. [calls to bartender] Lou, watch the bar for me, will you? [walks away]

DM - [to himself] Ungrateful son of a "B".> 1


Establishing shot: E-Z Store storage facility 2

<Inside Joe's storage unit 2


DM - [stands in cluttered storage unit, tossing a football in the air, bumps into dress mannequin] Sorry. [turns, sees mannequin with black wig on it behind him, chuckles, then frowns] Not even going to ask. [looks around, examines model train]

[Johnny K enters storage facility. DM closes & locks Joe's unit, senses 'buzz', draws sword.> Johnny appears at end of hallway.]

Johnny - [laughs] Whaddya know? Duncan MacLeod.

DM - Johnny K.

Johnny - Surprised to still see me alive?

DM - A little.

Establishing shot: "Puccini Appreciation Society" alley 4

[Super: New York, 1929]

Flashback - New York, 1929 - Gino's social club 5

[Recording of music from Madam Butterfly by Puccini plays in background.]

Jimmy - I got a ten, says my luck is gonna change. [throws money into poker game ante. Big Gino & Player put money in.]

DM - Okay. Your ten and, um, yeah, let's make it interesting -- up ten.

Jimmy - Call.

[DM senses faint 'buzz', looks over at Johnny, who is standing nearby watching the game.]

Johnny - [notices DM looking at him] What?

DM - Nothing. [to Player] Uh, you in? [Player shakes his head.] You beat three tens, Gino?

Gino - Nah. Mm.

Jimmy - Not good enough, MacLeod. Full house! [laughs, reaches for ante pile]

Johnny - Hey, Gino, for a sawbuck, I'll tell you where he got that hand. Whaddaya say?

Gino - What about it, Jimmy?

Jimmy - I'd say you got a mouth on you, kid.

Johnny - Yeah, and it's connected to a couple of eyes.

DM - [to Johnny] Hey, kid, get me a refill. It'll save you losing some teeth. [flips him a coin] It's worth a buck. [Johnny empties whiskey bottle into DM's glass.] Your deal, Gino. [as Johnny leaves room] Who's he?

Gino - Johnny K? He's just a neighborhood nobody. No friends, no family. I'm trying to keep him out of trouble.

Jimmy - You ain't tryin' hard enough, Gino. [stands up] I'm going to go get some air. [leaves]

Gino - Okay. Who's in?

DM - I'm in.

Flashback - New York, 1929 - "Puccini Appreciation Society" alley 4

[Jimmy exits club, takes out cigarette. Johhny K saunters down the alley toward him with a new bottle of whiskey wrapped in brown paper. Jimmy lights the cigarette. Johnny K hides, watches as car drives past & passenger guns down Jimmy.]


[meanwhile, inside club] 5

Gino - [as DM & Player react to hearing gunfire] That's all right. Don't worry about it. It's nothing.


[meanwhile, in alley] 4

[Johnny K watches car drive away.]


[short time later] 4

[Jimmy's body is covered by a sheet.]

O'Grady - Don't lie to me, punk.

Johnny - Like I told ya, I was takin' a leak. I had my back turned. Some kind of law against takin' a leak?

O'Grady - [slaps Johnny K] There is if I say so. B

DM - Hey, easy, officer. Why don't you give him some time to think about it. I'm sure he'll come up with something.

O'Grady - I want to hear from you... soon. [walks away]

DM - You saw the killer.

Johnny - Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.

DM - Hey, why'd you lie to the cops, Johnny? Whoever iced Jimmy will know they talked to you.

Johnny - I ain't no stool pigeon, that's why. This yap stays shut. The big boys like that stuff.

DM - Are you expecting some kind of promotion here?

Johnny - You think I'm gonna carry booze for that fat slob my whole life? Nah, I'm gonna be somebody.

DM - What, like Capone? Like Lansky?

Johnny - Yeah, just like 'em. Nobody screws with those guys. And one day, nobody's gonna screw with me.

DM - Hey, it doesn't have to be that way for you, Johnny.

Johnny - What, are you new in town?

DM - You've got much more of a future than you think.

Johnny - You some kind of priest or something?

DM - Hey, I'm just trying to help you out here.

Johnny - Oh, you want to help? Here. [tosses wrapped whiskey bottle to DM] Give that to Gino. Compliments of Johnny K. Tell him I quit.


Flashback - New York, 1929 - inside warehouse, night 5

[Golf ball hits 'Fairway Golf' backdrop hanging from ceiling.]

Mr. Luca - Fore!

[Another golf ball hits backdrop.]

Mr. Luca - [speaking Italian] {??}

[Knock sounds on door offscreen.]


Flashback - New York, 1929 - warehouse entrance, night 5

[Johnny K peers through window, 2 knocks again. Tommy comes to door.]

Johnny - You wanna tell Mr. Luca Johnny K's here to see him?

Tommy - Get lost, pipsqueak.

Johnny - He's gonna want to talk to me about what happened outside Gino's today.

Tommy - NOTHING happened.

Johnny - Yeah, right. Just like you weren't pulling the trigger when it didn't. [Tommy drags Johnny inside.] Hey, come on! Come on! Take it easy. Let go of the threads. I came to tell you not to worry. I know how to do the right thing. I do. Yeah. I know.

Tommy - [releases him] You're right. I think Mr. Luca's gonna want to see you, hm? Come on.


Flashback - New York, 1929 - inside warehouse, night 5

Mr. Luca - [checking his golf stance] Legs just like this -- the last switch. 3 [Tommy enters with Johnny K.] The hell is it, Tommy, huh? I'm practicing my backswing here!

[Tommy approaches, whispers in Mr. Luca's ear, then snaps his fingers, gestures Johnny K forward.]

Mr. Luca - So, what do you want, kid? You want to be one of my boys, huh?

Johnny - Yeah.

Mr. Luca - You know, some guys wouldn't like other people knowing their business. You know what I'm sayin'? A lot of guys would get steamed, even irate. But me, {??}. [Italian] 'Cause I know how to take care of business. Capisce?

Translation: Capisce - Understand

Johnny - Yeah, yeah, I heard that.

Mr. Luca - [hands golf club to his 'caddy'] Vito. [motions to Johnny] Come here. You ever play golf, huh?

Johnny - No.

Mr. Luca - You ever been a hundred and seventy yards out over the water? [Johnny shakes his head. Mr. Luca mutters in Italian.] Give me a five-iron, Vito. No, no, even a four. There are some situations you gotta use your mashie, huh? [reaches into golf bag, pulls out shotgun, aims it at Johnny]

Johnny - Come on, Mr. Luca. I -- I didn't say nothin'. Y-you can't kill me. I-I promise, I--

Mr. Luca - [shoots him] This is true. [Vito & others carry Johnny's body out.] CUT <Sometimes you gotta use your iron -- {eh, Vito?}>


Flashback - New York, 1929 - "Puccini Appreciation Society" alley, night 4

[Johnny K's body is dumped out of car. Car drives away.]


[at same time, in Gino's club] 5

[DM senses full Immortal 'buzz'.]

Gino - So, uh, what are you going to do, MacLeod?

DM - [throws his cards on the table] Think I'll call it a night.

Gino - Better luck next time.

DM - That's okay. [collects his winnings, stands] See you tomorrow, Gino, okay?

Gino - Yeah. [to other player] You in or out? [Other player puts money into ante.] Mm. How many cards? 4


[meanwhile, in alley] 4

[Johnny sits up, groaning, as DM approaches him. DM sits on bumper of parked car, waits for Johnny to notice him. Johnny shakes his head, looks around, sees DM, stands up.]

Johnny - Friggin' Luca tried to kill me.

DM - He did more than try. C

Johnny - No, no, no. He shot me, right here. I felt it.

DM - I know.

<Johnny - Who are you, anyway? CUT

DM - I'm an Immortal, like you.> Luca tried to shoot you, right? He shot you right there. He thinks he killed you, but he can't. No one can, unless they cut off your head... [draws his sword] ...with one of these.

Johnny - That's some kinda joke, right? This is Gino doin' this, right?

DM - Look at your gut.

Johnny - [lifts his shirt, looks at his unmarked abdomen] Geez Louise. This is really real, huh? This is real. They really can't kill me.

DM - Unless they use one of these. [holds up sword] This is the way you defend yourself against another Immortal.

Johnny - Ah, what do I need with a friggin' toad-stabber? I'm gonna get myself a tommy gun. D Take out three guys at a time, starting with Luca.

DM - You can't.

Johnny - No? Says who? Luca treated me like a chump, but I ain't no chump.

DM - Johnny, listen to me. There are things you've got to know. There are laws we live by.

Johnny - They can't kill me. That's all I gotta know. I got it made. Be seein' you, MacLeod! [leaves]

DM - [calls after him] Johnny... Johnny, you can't make it on your own.


E-Z Store storage facility 2

(resume previous scene)

Johnny - Bet you didn't think *I'd* last, did you?

DM - No.

Johnny - Ah. Wanna try me?

DM - It's nice to see you're still alive.

Johnny - You always were the Father Flanagan type, weren't you?

DM - Did you ever find a teacher?

Johnny - Nah, what for? Just watched a few pirate movies.

DM - Ah.

Johnny - What I needed to know, I learned.

DM - Yeah. Well, you take care of yourself, Johnny.

Johnny - Always do. [pulls out gun as DM walks away] MacLeod. [shoots DM, puts gun away] Sorry, MacLeod. In my line of work, nobody knows my face. Nobody knows what I look like. "Nobody" includes you. [raises his sword, is interrupted by someone entering storage facility] Damn! Be seeing you. [leaves]

[DM levers himself to his feet, leans against wall as two men walk past.]

Roadie - Hey dude, are you okay?

DM - Uh, yeah, I've been better.

Roadie - Musta been some party, man, get you bent out of shape like this.

DM - You said it. [Roadie laughs, slaps DM on the back, walks away.] I'll know better next time.


Inside Johnny's storage unit 2

DM - [enters, looks around] Very nice. [There are multiple guns displayed, racks of costumes/disguises.] Well, now we know your line of work... dear Johnny. 5


Establishing E shot: Joe's Bar 3

Joe's Bar 0

[Close-up of Joe bookkeeping while DM bangs around on the broken bar tap. Joe glances over, smiles to himself.]

DM - He's unbelievable. You should have seen him. It's like he's still living in the twenties... 6 and that locker. Ha. Costumes, weapons... He's an assassin, a real pro.

Joe - Yeah, I read about him in the Chronicles in the early years, but, uh, I don't know, he just disappeared. CUT

DM - And I almost let him take me.

Joe - Yeah, but he shot you in the back. I mean, that's not exactly kosher.

DM - I don't think "kosher" is in his vocabulary. He was a punk in '29 and he's still a punk now. CUT Okay then, there you go. Anyway. [motions for Joe to try the repaired tap]

Joe - [pulls tap. Nothing happens.] Well, it doesn't leak.

DM - Well, it's probably-- I just tightened it probably a little bit-- Don't you have a lunch or something to go to?

Joe - No, no, no, she's not going to come by.

DM - Why not?

Joe - Ah, I got -- I got things I've gotta do.

DM - You lied to her? To get out of lunch? Why?

Joe - Can you just forget it, Mac?

DM - Here. [pours Joe a drink]

Joe - I was eighteen years old, okay? All-City. All-State. We were the football hero and the prom queen. I would play all day, and we would dance all night.

DM - That sounds great to me.

Joe - It was the greatest. [drinks] It was thirty years ago.

DM - Yeah, so you're not eighteen anymore. Neither is she. What's the difference?

Joe - Well, see, she's still in one piece, you know?

DM - She doesn't know?

Joe - No. She's not going to know, either. I was the soldier boy that went off to war. We'll leave it at that.

DM - No, no, no, no. This has never stopped you before.

Joe - You should've seen me then, MacLeod. Man, I could fly. Damn it, I could do anything.

DM - You call her up, and you take her to dinner or lunch, doesn't matter which. 7 You can handle this.

Joe - No.

DM - Yes.

Joe - No, I can't. CUT

<DM - Yes, you can. Or would you like me to take her out?

Joe - Uh, no.

DM - Huh?

Joe - All right, all right. I'll phone her, okay? Point taken. Scotsmen. [finishes drink] And, uh, you can keep working on the beer tap, okay?

DM - [tweaks something under counter. Hissing/trickling noise begins.] Oops.>


Hotel lobby 6

Joe - [checks his tie in mirror on wall] Get a grip, buddy. It's like walking point. You can do this. It's no big deal.

Betsy - [walks over from elevators] Hi.

Joe - Hi. [kisses her cheek]

Betsy - Ooh, you smell good.

Joe - Thanks.

Betsy - [notices his cane] What happened? Hurt your knee changing the beer tap?

Joe - [hesitant] Betsy, um... I can't really hurt my knee. No knees. No legs either.

Betsy - Oh, Joe, how?

Joe - Vietnam.

Betsy - [takes a moment to absorb this] Why didn't you tell me?

Joe - I don't know.

Betsy - THAT'S why you didn't call. That's why you never got in touch with me. Oh, Joe. What did you think I'd do? [Joe can't look at her.] I just thought you'd met somebody else. I gave up waiting.

Joe - I figured you would. Hey, look, uh, you know, if you don't want to do this dinner thing--

Betsy - After all these years, do you think I'd give up on you now?

Joe - Okay. [follows her toward restaurant]


Hotel restaurant, night 6

Betsy - [laughing] Okay. Okay.

Joe - But Woodstock. I mean, I just can't believe that YOUR mother would've let you gone to that.

Betsy - Who says she knew?

Joe - Yeah, okay.

Betsy - Let's see. Who was there? Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Country Joe and the Fish... God, the shape I was in, I can't believe I remember who played. We were up to our knees in mud. There were five bathrooms for half a million people. You know, come to think of it, I don't think I had all that good a time. Aw, I wish you had been there.

Joe - Yeah, me too. Waded through a little mud myself that summer. 8

Betsy - Joe, I have a confession.

Joe - You gonna tell me you actually liked The Monkees?

Betsy - No. Well, yeah, but that's not the point. [sighs] It wasn't, uh, an accident that out of all the gin joints in the world, I walked into yours. I was on a plane, and I read an article about blues clubs in different cities. It mentioned your name. So I thought I'd take a chance.

Joe - You mean you came way out here to see me, after all this time? Why, Betsy?

Betsy - I didn't think you needed to ask. Joe?

Joe - You want to dance?

Betsy - Oh, you don't have to, really...

Joe - Hey, I know I don't have to. Do you want to dance? [Betsy smiles. They stand up.] I'll lead. No problem. And don't worry, I won't step on your toes. Okay?

Betsy - Okay.

[They hold each other close, swaying together.]


Inside EZ Store building 2

[DM looks around empty unit 16, holding toolbox.] 9

DM - [carries toolbox out of empty unit 16, walks to manager's desk] Hi, there. Um, I borrowed this from the guy in sixteen. He seems to have cleared out early. Do you have an address for him?


Establishing shot: travel trailer, night 7

Inside trailer, night 7

[DM lifts receiver on ringing phone.]

Johnny - [on phone] Hey, you know, I never went to school, MacLeod, but I can read you like a book. That's why I left you my address.

DM - Well, it's a nice place you got here, Johnny. I guess it's true what they say -- crime doesn't pay.

Johnny - [into cell phone, scoffs] I got money. A guy in my line of work can't afford to put down any roots. No face, no trace, [on phone] got it? Nothin' to tie me in.

DM - Where are you, Johnny?

Johnny - [on phone] Need a hint? [into phone] Read it in the funny papers.

[DM looks around trailer, sees box wrapped in newspaper comics sitting on table. He kicks trailer door open.]

[Johnny laughs into cell phone.]

[DM runs away from trailer. Trailer explodes.]



Establishing F shot: Seacouver skyline, night 8

Betsy's hotel room 6

Betsy - [enters room with Joe] 10 I had a great time. [sits on love seat] I haven't had this much fun since, uh... [laughs as Joe sits next to her] Since you.

Joe - Oh, believe me, the pleasure's all mine.

Betsy - Not all of it. [leans forward, kisses him] Oh my.

Joe - Gee, Betsy, I-- I never expected to-- [exhales] I think I'd better leave. Okay?

Betsy - Why? Is it past your bedtime?

Joe - No.

Betsy - Midnight auditions at the club?

Joe - No.

Betsy - Oh, I know. It's that beer tap. It's broken again, isn't it?

Joe - No, it's just...

Betsy - What?

Joe - You know.

Betsy - No. I don't know.

Joe - It's just all moving kind of a little fast. I -- I don't know if it's such a good idea.

Betsy - It is if you want it to be.

Joe - It's not that simple.

Betsy - Right now, it is. Do you want this?

Joe - Yes. [pulls her in for another kiss, reaches back to turn off the table lamp]


Establishing shot: Dojo 9

Establishing shot: exterior view of loft window 10

Loft above dojo 0

[DM hides in corner of kitchen, next to window.]

Joe - [enters loft, beaming] Duncan MacLeod! The man I've been looking for.

DM - What, did you swallow a canary or win the lottery?

Joe - [chuckles] Better. Way better. Betsy.

DM - [grabs glass from shelf] I'm happy for you. [ducks down to stay out of sight of the window]

<Joe - You know, you were right, MacLeod. It was incredible. Just incredible. CUT

DM - [takes jug of orange juice out of fridge, still squatting] Well, I hate to say "I told you so," but I told you so.

Joe - What are you doing?

DM - [pours juice in glass] I'm pouring myself some orange juice. [puts jug back in fridge] Listen, I'd love to chat, but I have a few things on my mind.>

Joe - Johnny K.

DM - Yeah. [stands] Seems he has plans. [moves quickly past window, joins Joe by sink]

Joe - And they include you?

DM - Well, a shorter version of me, yeah.

Joe - That snot-nosed little punk.

DM - Yeah, he's hunting me. First he shot me, and then he tried blowing me up.

Joe - What? A bomb?

DM - Yeah, he's hunting me from afar. And he's not playing by the rules. He could be out there right now with a high-powered rifle.

Joe - A rifle? [moves quickly away from the window] So what are you going to do? Just sit here?

DM - No, I thought I'd go out there and let him shoot me.

[Phone on wall by window rings. DM picks up receiver.]

Johnny - [on phone] Hey, MacLeod. [in phone booth, into phone] How you doing? I hope you got cable, 'cause I can wait a long time. 11

DM - [into phone] Well, I've got books. Maybe you should try reading, Johnny. You might learn something.

Johnny - [on phone] Ah, what for? You taught me all I need to know, MacLeod.

DM - [into phone] Listen, I have a proposition for you.

Johnny - [into phone] Yeah? You? What have you got that I want? Besides your head? 11

DM - [into phone] You're a hired gun, right? What if I hire you to point to somewhere else?

Joe - MacLeod?!

[DM motions him to be quiet.]

Johnny - [on phone] Maybe. [into phone] For two hundred G's. 11

DM - [into phone] Two hundred is way too much. I can't raise that. Um, how about a hundred.

Johnny - [into phone] I might consider it. 11

DM - [into phone] Okay. Meet me at Christ Church at three.

Johnny - [on phone] You're a smart man, MacLeod. You know when to cut your losses. [into phone] But I'm warning you, don't screw with me. 11

DM - [into phone] Wouldn't dream of it. [hangs up] Johnny.

Joe - So what, are you going to really go through with this?

DM - You bet. So are you. 11


Inside church 12

[Johnny wets his comb in holy water font, slicks back his hair, walks over to where DM sits waiting in a pew.]

DM - Anybody ever tell you how to behave in church?

Johnny - Ah, I never took too good to Sunday School.

DM - Oh, yeah, I forgot. Johnny K. Gonna be the toughest guy in the neighborhood.

Johnny - Oh, not just the neighborhood, MacLeod. Luca found out the hard way. I got three grand for taking him out. You should've seen him. He was down on his knees begging away like a little baby crying. I popped him and three of his goofs, just for the hell of it.

DM - You felt nothing?

Johnny - [scoffs] You kidding me? I felt great. I felt-- I felt like God. I am the master of life and death.

DM - No, no, no, no, no, no. You're a pathetic little punk, Johnny.

Johnny - Watch your mouth, MacLeod.

DM - You know how I know what a big guy you are? I asked your friends. Oh, no, I'm sorry. You don't have any friends, do you? CUT

Johnny - Well, you know what? I don't need anybody. I don't need friends, I don't need women, and I especially don't need you. All I want is my money.

<DM - [makes a show of patting his pockets] CUT Oh, no! I've left my wallet in my other pocket. [pulls out handful of spare change] Well, will this do? [yanks his hand back as Johnny swipes at it] Not fast enough.>

Johnny - You're a regular comedian, aren't you? Hey, funny guy, you know how many guys I killed? Funny man, funny boy, you know how many? Two hundred and forty-nine. You don't get it, do you?

DM - [stands, grabs him by the throat] No, you don't get it, little man. If you don't play by the rules, then we play another game. Okay? Now, run along, little man. [shoves Johhny away]

Johnny - You're a dead man, MacLeod.

DM - I'm scared.

Johnny - You're dead. Dead man. [leaves. DM turns, walks back toward pews. 12]


Outside church 12

[Johnny exits church, walks past wedding reception guests. Joe is standing among the guests, takes Johnny's photo with his camera.]


Busy street 11

[Johnny pushes street vendor hot dog cart down sidewalk.]

[Roger Bellon/Bill Panzer - "Everything a Boy Should Be"

Just like you thought he would
All that's great and good
Everything a boy should be]

[Inset: Johnny's photo comes together with the words "Have you".]

[Johnny squats down, pulls gun out of cart & assembles it.]

[Those smiling eyes so loving
So right for turtle-doving]

[Inset: "SEEN THIS MAN?" completes the image.]

[Are closed and shuttered now
Forever more]

[Johnny aligns gun sights. In the crosshairs, a man exits a building, greets another man by a car.]

[Just the kind to wonder
If more love and understanding]

[Large truck blocks Johnny's view of the men. The previous inset image is plastered on the side of the truck.]

[Might have softened him
And changed the score]

[Johnny reacts to seeing the photo of himself, hastily disassembles gun.]

[Only a mother can see him now]

[Photocopies of the image are being placed under the wiper blades of parked cars and stuck to sides of garbage bins.]

[Living lonely in the memory]

[Johnny pushes the hot dog cart down the sidewalk. Sees a billboard in front of a building with the image. 13 He squints at it, sees another billboard across the way. 13]

[Just like you thought he would
Tall and straight and good]

[A third billboard displaying the same image.] 14

[Everything a boy should be]

[A row of photocopies adorning a wall. His face is plastered everywhere.]


Loft above dojo 0

DM - [sings quietly to himself while tinkering with model train set] "I've been working on the railroad..." [hums the next bar] "Just to pass the time away..." [answers phone when it rings] Hello.

Johnny - [on phone] I'm going to kill you, you bastard.

DM - [into phone] Hey, Johnny! Nice of you to call. Well, took almost seventy years, but you're finally famous. I hope you appreciate it. Oh, by the way-- [clears his throat] How many people do you figure know your face now? A thousand? Ten thousand? Oh, and I'll let you into a little secret. You're fame's going to spread. The newspapers are coming out soon.

Johnny - [on phone] MacLeod, you're a dead man.

DM - [into phone, scoffs] I think I've heard that one before. CUT [hangs up phone]


Joe's Bar 0

Joe - [working on stage lights when Betsy enters] Hey! Look who it is. My shining star. It's a little bit early, but, uh, give me five minutes, okay? I'll clean up and then, uh, a little dining, a little dancing, and a little who knows what.

Betsy - [sighs] Ah, it sounds great, but, um, I can't. I have to go home.

Joe - What do you mean? You said you'd be here till Friday.

Betsy - Something came up. Business. I have to go.

Joe - [looks down] Okay, sure, fine. CUT

<Betsy - I'll call.

Joe - [still looking down] Yeah, well, you know where to find me.

[Betsy sighs again, walks away. Joe finally looks up, watches her leave. G]>


Loft above dojo 0

[Camera pulls back from close-up on DM soldering wires as Joe raises elevator gate and H walks into loft]

DM - Grab a seat. [re toolbox, etc] Look, I'll have all this stuff back tomorrow.

Joe - You can hang onto it. I'm in no hurry. Those pictures work?

DM - Oh, like a charm. Sent him right over the edge. [dials number on cell phone]

Joe - [unenthusiastic] Yeah, great.

DM - Listen, you should leave, Joe. It's not going to be safe around here for a while. [Phone rings. DM picks up receiver on wall by window.]

Joe - [sighs] She's gone, MacLeod. She's leaving me. [DM sets down phones, gives Joe his full attention.] What the hell was I thinking, huh? I should have known.

DM - Known what?

Joe - What do you think? <I'm damaged goods, okay?> CUT

DM - Have you talked to her? Have you asked her why she's leaving?

Joe - What for?

DM - Because. Don't you think you owe it to yourself?

Joe - Who are you -- Dr. Ruth?

DM - No, I ain't Dr. Ruth. Look, we can take this up later. I'm expecting some target practice.

Joe - Well, good. Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll shoot me.

DM - You talk to her. Talk to her, okay?

Joe - [quietly] Yeah. [leaves. DM watches him go, turns back to project on counter.]

DM - Okay, Johnny. Let's see what you got. 13


Betsy's hotel room 6

[Joe watches Betsy pack from open doorway, knocks on door.]

Betsy - Tell the driver I'll be right down.

Joe - Sure, if you want.

Betsy - [turns, smiles] Joe... I wasn't expecting you.

Joe - Hope you don't mind.

Betsy - No, I was just finishing packing.

Joe - I guess maybe I should have called first, huh?

Betsy - It's not like we're strangers, Joe.

Joe - Good. I thought so. [hands her a small jewelry box] Something to remember me by.

Betsy - This isn't necessary.

Joe - I think I know what's necessary.

Betsy - [opens box, admires gold brooch inside] Oh. It's beautiful. [looks at him] 14 Are you okay?

Joe - I thought I was, you know. See, what I think is necessary for you... I guess for most people, for that matter... would be -- would be legs, huh? I mean, one or, preferably, two, right? [exhales] Look, I need to know, Betsy. Is that why you're leaving?

Betsy - Oh, no. Oh, God, no. I should have told you from the start. I just couldn't.

Joe - Told me what?

Betsy - [takes ring out of her purse] I'm, um, I'm not Betsy Fields anymore. [slides wedding band on her ring finger, moves diamond ring from her middle finger to join the wedding band] I'm Betsy Mitchell. 15

Joe - You're married.

Betsy - All these years, all this time, I just kept thinking about you. And when I found out where you were, I had to come. It took me two months to work up the nerve. CUT I'm so sorry.

Joe - No. Don't be sorry. [in response to knock at door, calls out] We don't need a taxi, okay? [to Betsy] I'll drive you to the airport. CUT <Come on, let's go.>


Exterior view of loft window 10

[Roger Bellon/Bill Panzer - "Everything a Boy Should Be"

A tiny hand wrapped 'round your finger]

Johnny - [watching window through gun scope] All right. All right. Hold it right there, MacLeod. Don't-- [DM's silhouette moves out of range.] Damn!

[Squeezing tighter every day]

[Johnny is in parking garage across from dojo. He sees DM's silhouette move past window again, again it moves out of range.]

[Just like you thought he would]

Johnny - Come on. Two seconds, that's all I need.

[Tall and straight and good
Everything a boy should be]

[Johnny takes out cell phone, dials loft number.]

DM - [on phone, as silhouette stops in front of window] Hello, this is Duncan MacLeod.

Johnny - Not anymore. [shoots gun, watches silhouette fall over] Now time for the slice-and-dice. [senses 'buzz']

DM - [steps into view, holding cell phone & sword] I lost you, Johnny. I think we got a bad connection.

Johnny - I got nothin' to say to you, MacLeod.

DM - Fine.

Johnny - You think I'm scared? [draws his sword] I'm not! CUT

<[They fight. Johnny ducks out of sight among the parked cars.]

DM - Johnny, Johnny! [blocks taser with katana, knocks it out of Johnny's hand] Nice try, Johnny! Swords, Johnny. Remember? That's how we do it. [Fight continues.] How many you killed now, Johnny? Two hundred forty-nine, wasn't it?

Johnny - Make it two-fifty. [Fight continues. Johnny pulls out a knife.]

DM - Drop it. [knocks knife from his hand] I said, "drop it!" [disarms Johnny, hauls him onto hood of car] Get up there! Guess you didn't make two-fifty. Too bad. [beheads him, takes Quickening]>


Establishing shot: exterior view of loft window 10

Loft above dojo 0

[Camera pans down from bullet holes in window to the model train, train tracks, & the dress mannequin from Joe's storage unit laying in a pile on the floor. I]


Loft above dojo, next day 0

[DM puts model train track in box, J reaches for another stack of train tracks as Joe exits lift.]

Joe - [chuckles] Well, now I know why I've been saving that thing.

DM - Yeah, it came in a little handy.

Joe - It's funny, you know? I really thought the risk was all mine. Turns out I was wrong.

DM - About Betsy?

Joe - She's married. Got this nice family. Thirty years later, she's still in love with me.

DM - I guess it must be the beard. [They share a smile.] CUT

Joe - [picks up old football] What, uh, what'd you need this for?

DM - Uh, no reason.

Joe - [smiles] Go long, MacLeod.

DM - Yeah?

Joe - Oh, yeah.

DM - Got it! [jumps to catch football as Joe throws it] Oh!


End of "Glory Days"

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