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Episode 6: Money No Object

Written by James Thorpe
Directed by Rafal Zielinski
Aired: November 9, 1996
Transcript revised: 1-9-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student


Reynaldo - Alex Bruhanski
              body shop mechanic

Farmer - John Moore
              in flashback


Amanda Darieux - Elizabeth Gracen
              an Immortal thief

Cory Raines - Nicholas Lea
              an Immortal thief

Detective Dennis Tynan - Tim Henry
              investigating robbery

Sam Grinkhov/Gringkov - Tom McBeath
              owner of Money Express
    (Grinkhov = subtitles;
     Gringkov = shooting script)

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Highlander studio at 8651 Eastlake Dr, Burnaby [49.258054,-122.913533]: Loft apartment interior, Dojo interior
1. Money Express - 649 Front St, New Westminster [49.202217,-122.908435]
2. Rural roads - Richie chases Cory & Amanda: River Rd at Savage Rd [49.202906,-123.057926] & River Rd at No. 7 Rd [49.202006,-123.046789]; Richie dumped into ditch: No. 7 Rd between River Rd & National Ave, [49.201028,-123.046811]; plus unidentified locations - Richmond
3. Cory's storage yard - unknown location
4. Dojo exterior - back door of building, at end of Cambie St [49.284721,-123.108851]
5. Cory's cabin - unknown location
6. Classic car body shop - unknown location
7. Flashback roads - unknown location(s) (near Bordertown?)
8. Flashback barn, frontier town(s) - Bordertown, 144 Ave, Pitt Meadows [49.269909,-122.616809]
9. Flashback cemetery - near Bordertown, Pitt Meadows (unknown coordinates)
10. Parked Saab - 640 Clarkson St, New Westminster [49.203159,-122.909278]
11. Saab goes boom - unknown location
12. Warehouses - unknown location
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on USA Network* (1998) matches the official cut.
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with four exceptions.

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Money Express street corner 1

[Roger Bellon - "Street Corner" (rap)

{Inequality, let's be}
{Together let's live in harmony}

I like the way you move
I like the way you groove

Your mother told you
It makes you feel blue

You've got to feel the pain if you want to gain
So {hard} it, so we can get it started.

[Motorcycle carrying two people pulls up to curb, parks.]

RR - [takes off helmet] You have got to be joking.

Amanda - [takes off her helmet] I never joke about money, Richie, especially when it's mine. Besides, this place has atmosphere.

RR - Yeah. I can smell it from here. [Amanda laughs.] Amanda?

Amanda - What?

RR - What's wrong with a regular bank?

Amanda - Unfortunately, dear boy, regular banks are full of sad little men who would insist on knowing all the dreary little details of my overseas money transfer.

RR - So?

Amanda - So... behold the "Temple of No Questions Asked."

RR - Amanda...

Amanda - What?

RR - That's called fraud.

Amanda - No, Richie. That's called C.Y.A. Cover your assets. Now are you going to come in with me?

RR - No, thank you. I think I'm just going to stay with my bike.

Amanda - It's okay. [enters building]


Money Express street corner 1

Cory - [to clerk] Come on, fill 'er up. Relax, man. I'm not going to hurt you. [A bandanna hides Cory's face, and he is pointing a Tommy gun at the cashier, who is filling a bag with money. Cory senses 'buzz' as Amanda enters.]

Amanda - [realizes she's walked into the middle of a robbery] Uh-oh.

Cory - Amanda.

Amanda - [smiles] Cory? [Both laugh. Clerk hits alarm button under counter & alarm starts ringing.]


Inside Money Express 1

RR - [purchasing gyro from street vendor, looks up as Cory & Amanda run out of building] Hey!

Cory - [fires gun into air] {Kiss} the sidewalk! Stay where you are and nobody gets hurt! [fires into air again, then runs off, holding Amanda's hand. They climb into a Chevy van and drive away.]

RR - Amanda! [to himself as van drives off] Damn it.

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Rural road 2

Amanda - Whoo-hoo!

Cory - Was that a rush, or was that a rush? [kisses Amanda's hand, honks van horn in exuberance] Just like old times, isn't it?

Amanda - Yeah. Too old. You know, I haven't been in a getaway car since, uh... too long.

Cory - You miss it?

Amanda - Yeah, I do.

Cory - Uh-huh. You miss anything else?

Amanda - [smiles] Well--

[They both sense 'buzz', see RR following the van on his motorcycle.]

Cory - Mm-mmm. Well, he's a persistent little devil. You know him?

Amanda - Yeah, he's a friend.

Cory - Ahh, a friend. Well, let's just take a look at what kind of friends you're making these days.

[RR pulls his motorcycle alongside the van. Cory waves at him, then swerves the van toward him.]

Amanda - Wha-- What are you doing, Cory?

Cory - [laughs, swerves the van again] Oh!

[RR falls back as the van swerves onto another road. He catches up just as Cory swerves the van again, driving him off the road and into a drainage ditch full of water. Cory laughs at him.]

Amanda - What was that for?

Cory - Whoo! Well, maybe I want you all to myself.

Amanda - Well, I'm flattered, of course, Cory, but I think that's a little much.

Cory - Don't get your knickers in a knot. He's an Immortal. Takes a lickin', keeps on tickin'.

[RR wades through the water of the drainage ditch. Cory turns onto a gravel road. RR climbs out of the drainage ditch.]


Nearby storage yard 3

[Cory has parked the van & is wiping down the side mirror and door handle with a handkerchief.]

Amanda - Since when did you get so careful?

Cory - Since forensics got better. You know, it is getting harder and harder for an honest man to make a dishonest living these days.

Amanda - Mmm.

Cory - What are you standing there for? Come on. We're two minutes behind schedule already.

Amanda - "We"? No, wait a minute. No, I'm just an innocent bystander.

Cory - Oh, no.

Amanda - No.

Cory - Oh, no, no. No, no, no, no. Don't kid yourself, little sister. From the moment you jumped in the back of that van, you became an accomplice.

Amanda - No.

Cory - Mm-hmm. You and me, together again. Your cheeks are flushed.

Amanda - No, I-- It's just merely a, um, metabolic surge in reaction to an external stimuli. That's all it is. That's all it is. [Cory whistles sharply, leads her to a sheet-covered vehicle.] What now? [Cory clears his throat, 1 pulls sheet from mint-condition vehicle.] Oh, my God! The 'twenty-four Packard! I can't believe it!

Cory - [eyes Amanda] I've always enjoyed the distinctive allure of a classic chassis.

Amanda - Ooh, you silver-tongued devil.

Cory - [opens passenger door] Your chariot awaits, my queen.

Amanda - Oh, thank you. [climbs in]


Rural road 2

[RR has made it back up to the road. The Packard comes over a rise in the road, heading toward him. 2 It continues toward him.]

RR - [waves at the Packard] Hey, slow down! Hey! 3 [continues waving, realizes the vehicle isn't slowing down, dives out of the way, back into the ditch with a splash] Damn it!

Amanda - [as Cory laughs and keeps driving] Cory!

Cory - Oh!

Amanda - What?

Cory - Why, I think he smudged my hood ornament.


Inside Money Express 1

Det. Tynan - Well, Mr... Gringkov, is it? Look at it this way. At least nobody got hurt, and they didn't get away with much.

Gringkov - Yeah, yeah, a couple thousand, I guess. Too early to tell.

Det. Tynan - [to cops] Okay, boys, I think we've taken up enough of these folks' time today. I'll meet you back at the car. [as cops leave] Save me a donut. [to Gringkov] So what happened?

Gringkov - <[kicks stool over in anger] You tell me! CUT There was one-point-four mil in cash, and I want it back!> What I pay for you? So some lowlife can waltz through front door and clean me out!?

Det. Tynan - I already got the word on the street, and nobody knows nothing.

Gringkov - Then what the hell--

Det. Tynan - This guy came from nowhere!

Gringkov - I don't want hear no stinking excuses. All I know is I am one and half million poorer than I was this morning, and I am not happy man!

Det. Tynan - Don't worry. I'll make it right.

Gringkov - Yeah, you bet you make it right. You find money and bastard who stole it, or it is your ass. You like my English?

Det. Tynan - I got the message. [leaves] 4

Establishing shot: Dojo 4

Loft above dojo 0

RR - There's got to be something else we can do. [flips page in book of antique cars]

DM - Well, if you've got a better idea, I'm listening.

RR - [looking at photos in book] No. No. Wait. Mac, this is it.

DM - [takes book from him] 1924 Packard. You're sure?

RR - Oh, yeah, I'm sure. I got a real close look at that grill. What do you think he wants with Amanda?

DM - What do Immortals usually want with other Immortals?

Cory's cabin 5

[Cory crosses in front of picture frame as he 5 carries drinks in to Amanda.]

Amanda - Oh, nice. Nice. [takes drink] Mm, okay.

Cory - [sits beside her on couch] Oh, it's good to see you again.

Amanda - Yes, it is. It's great. Great.

Cory - You know, you always were a great-lookin' skirt.

Amanda - Skirt? Cory, you're living in the past. [Cory kisses her back as she leans forward.] What are you doing?

Cory - Well, some habits die hard. I can think of... one in particular.

Amanda - Look, Cory, I'm really flattered and everything, but I-- I can't, um-- I can't do this, okay? Um--

Cory - You're married.

Amanda - No, I'm um--

Cory - Well, then what?

Amanda - I'm the original serial monogamist, you know? One guy at a time.

Cory - The guy on the bike.

Amanda - [sighs, lets him think he's right] You know, I really should call home. He's probably really worried about me.


Loft above dojo 0

[Telephone rings. Nobody's there to answer it.] 6


Classic car body shop 6

RR - [enters shop with DM] Hello? Hello? [finds mechanic working on car] Hi.

Reynaldo - You made an appointment?

RR - No. We're looking for a 1924 Packard.

Reynaldo - I'm happy for you.

RR - Look, it's really important that we find it.

Reynaldo - Really?

RR - Yeah.

Reynaldo - You a cop or something?

RR - No.

Reynaldo - Then buzz off.

DM - [with French accent] Does he not know who I am?

Reynaldo - I give up. Who?

DM - I am Jacques Bérie! The greatest director of all France.

Reynaldo - You make movies?

DM - Movies?! I make film history!

RR - [playing along] You heard the man. Film history.

DM - I am desolate! I am destroyed!

RR - You are?

DM - I am!

RR - [to Reynaldo] He is.

DM - I, Jacques Bérie, am on the threshold of creating my greatest masterpiece. And yet, the gods, oh, the gods, they mock me. Ha! The only thing my creation lacks is a car. Mais, non, not just any car. It must be a 1924 Packard! [turns his focus on Reynaldo] You, monsieur.

Translations: Mais, non - But, no; monsieur - sir

Reynaldo - Me?

DM - You are also an artist. [grabs Reynaldo's hands] Look at these hands. The hands of a genius!

RR - Genius.

Reynaldo - [looks at his hands] Genius?

DM - But what good is a genius without the right tools?

Reynaldo - Uh, yeah. Right.

DM - [to RR] You see!? He understands.

RR - Of course he does.

DM - He knows my pain. [embraces Reynaldo] I love this man. I love him!

Reynaldo - A 'twenty-four Packard?

DM - Oui. Oui.

Translations: Oui - Yes

Reynaldo - There was this guy... was looking for a part. I'll go -- I'll go check the order book.

DM - Oh! Buddy!

Reynaldo - Genius. [leaves them]

RR - I'll applaud later.

DM - [drops the French accent] That'd be nice.


Outside Cory's cabin, evening 5

DM - [re antique car] Is that it?

RR - Yeah, that's the one. A

DM - [looks at hood of car] Didn't leave much of an impression.

RR - Oh, funny. Ha-ha.


Cory's cabin - living room 5

[Cory pokes at fire in fireplace, senses 'buzz'. RR & DM enter cabin.]

RR - Okay, buddy, where is she?

DM - Cory.

Amanda - [enters room] MacLeod?

RR - Amanda?

Cory - SERIAL monogamy, Amanda? Now, unless I'm seeing double, which I don't, I count two of them. [RR knocks champagne flute out of his hand. They exchange looks. Cory snaps his fingers.] Now I recognize you. You know, you look a lot different flying over the hood of a car.

RR - Yeah? How would you like to go flying through a wall!?

Amanda - He didn't mean anything by it, Richie. Did you, Cory?

Cory - Of course not. I don't know him well enough to dislike him yet.

RR - Why, I oughta--

DM - Easy, Richie.

Cory - Hey, kid. What's the big deal? You're an Immortal, right? It's all in fun.

RR - All in fun? Huh? Are you nuts?

Cory - Let's just everyone relax. As you can see, the young lady is in no immediate-- immediate physical jeopardy.

DM - Well, obviously not. In fact, she's... positively glowing.

Cory - Look, I was going to suggest that we dive into the old hot tub. There's room for two more.

[RR laughs incredulously.]

DM - Well, you can count me out. You know what they say, don't you? Two's company, and four's... not sanitary.

Cory - [to Amanda] You know, I think he's still jealous.


Flashback - Missouri, 1926 - dusty road 7

[Newspaper inset - 'Missouri News' headlines:
Cory Raines Makes Most Wanted List
Housing Prices Escalate
Bradford Plans No Appeal
Hero To Return Home
Building To Get Renovations]

[Super: Missouri, 1926]

Amanda - [driving convertible roadster] Rules are made to be broken. So are contracts.

DM - Yeah, but we signed on with Barnum and Bailey for a year. We can't just leave. I mean, where are they going to find an act as good as us?

Amanda - Let 'em use that third-rate lion tamer. The "Amazing Amanda" takes second billing to no one.

DM - [shrugs] I thought he was pretty good.

Amanda - [floors the gas pedal] And having me do that tacky fortune-teller scam in between shows!

DM - [re fortune-teller costume Amanda is wearing] You look great. I mean, with that turban and -- and, you know, the crystal ball... [Amanda pulls turban off her head & tosses it into back seat of car.] You could've fooled me.

Amanda - [sighs] Is that what I spent sixty years perfecting my tightrope technique for? Well, is it?

DM - [staring at road ahead of them] Uh, Amanda, maybe you should slow down just a little bit.

Amanda - You know, you're not listening to me. [fails to notice cows in the road ahead] I don't think you care. You don't care how depressed I get working those one-pump towns night after night. I mean, where's the glitz? The glamour? The Great White Way?

DM - [grabs the wheel] Stop! [Car stops before hitting the cows.] What are you, blind?

Amanda - I saw them.

DM - Of course you did.

Amanda - You're a little edgy today, aren't you?

<[They sense a 'buzz'.] CUT

DM - Can't be coming from the cows. [points] There. [They watch as two vehicles drive toward them.] Looks like an armored truck. 7

[Armored truck stops on other side of cows. Another roadster pulls up behind it.]

*Amanda - Really?

DM - Don't get any funny ideas, Amanda.

Amanda - Moi?8 (The audio for these 3 lines, marked by *, is removed from the video footage of the domestic version.)

Translations: Moi - Me

Cory - [gets out of roadster, jogs toward armored car] Excuse me, gentlemen.

DM - What's he doing?

[Cory drops a smoke bomb into armored car.]

Armored car driver - What the--!

Cory - [points gun at guards in armored car] Get out! Out! Get down!

DM - Oh, no. [gets out of roadster]

Cory - Get out of the car! Get out!

DM - Not now.

Cory - In front. Thank you. Sir, get down. [Security guards kneel beside armored car.]

DM - We don't want to get involved in this.

Cory - Sorry, fellas.> It's all in the name of charity. [DM & Amanda watch as Cory takes money bag from back of armored car, takes out a few bills.] <Here's a little something for your troubles. CUT

DM - [to cow] Excuse me. [to Amanda] What does he think he's doing?

[Cory whistles sharply to get Amanda's attention, doffs his cap, bows to her. She gives him a little wave and a smile.]

DM - [to Amanda] Stop flirting.> That Immortal just robbed that armored car.

Amanda - So? He saw it first. Come on. We've still got fourteen hours to get to Chicago.

<DM - [as Cory drives away, whistling] I'm driving.

Amanda - No, you're not driving.

DM - Yes, I am.

Amanda - No.

DM - I'm not going to let you drive this car. [Amanda sighs, scoots over to let him drive.] Not gonna hit any more cows walking along.

Amanda - Do you know how to work this?

DM - I know how to work it. I hope. Is that--

Amanda - [points] This way. No, this way. [DM starts engine.] There you go.

DM - See? [Gears grind loudly as he puts car in gear.]

Amanda - Be careful. It's my new car.

DM - Oh, I like your new car.


[short time later]

DM - [still driving Amanda's car along dusty road] But you love the big top.

Amanda - Ten bucks a week doesn't cut it. I'm not going back.

DM - Yeah, but don't you remember the crowd? [chanting] Amanda! Amanda!

Amanda - I'm not going back.

DM - Oh!> CUT

Amanda - How much do you think he made?

DM - He didn't make it. He stole it.

Amanda - Oh, picky, picky. [gasps, points] That's his car! [A barn sits by the road ahead of them.] 8

DM - So?

Amanda - I want to meet him.

DM - Why?

Amanda - Please. Pretty please...

[DM gives her a look, pulls to a stop by barn. 8]


Flashback - Missouri, 1926 - dustbowl farmhouse 8

Cory - Hey, stay in good health, yeah?

Farmer - [holding bag of money] We'll never forget you for this, Mr. Cory.

<Cory - Okay. [laughs, slaps Farmer on back]

Farmer - Crops died off. The government left us flat. If it wasn't for you, we'd have starved. God bless you, son. [Farmer's wife kisses Cory on the cheek as she & their children follow Farmer.]

Farmer - [offscreen] Good-bye.

Girl - Bye. God bless you.> CUT

Cory - [introducing himself to Amanda & DM, who are now standing nearby] Cory Raines. [kisses Amanda's hand]

Amanda - Amanda. Um, they actually call me the Amazing Amanda.

Cory - [smiles at her] I'll bet they do.

DM - [rolls his eyes] Yeah, they call me Duncan MacLeod. [re the money] So you're giving it away, huh?

Cory - Ah, well. What else is it for, yeah? I'm giving this family hope. A chance to move west to California, start a new life.

DM - Oh, brother... Spare me the violins.

Cory - Well, all right. I haven't taken all the bank's money. They've got lots left.

DM - [chuckles] So do you. [pats money bag Cory is holding]

Cory - Think of me as the Robin Hood of the 1920s.

DM - Well, I got news for you, Robin. This isn't Sherwood Forest. And you're not stealing from the rich. You're stealing from banks. Banks that hold other people's money. People like them.

Cory - Nobody's getting hurt. And I'm doing a little good for the common people.

DM - [leans down, looks at engine of Farmer's truck] Yeah. Block's cracked. What now, Robin?

Cory - [sighs, thinks a moment, pulls key out of vest pocket] Here you go. Catch. [tosses key to Farmer] You take care of her, and she'll take care of you.

Farmer - Thank you. Come on, kids. Let's try her out. Here we go. Next stop: California.

Farmer's Wife - Oh, thank you. Come on, kids.

Amanda - Cory, that's the most unselfish thing I've ever seen.

DM - So I guess now you'll be wanting a ride, huh?

Farmer - Thanks again, my friend.

Farmer's Wife - [to child] Close the door.

Cory - [to DM] Oh, see, now you got the idea. [re Amanda's roadster] Nice.

DM - Okay, get in. [as Cory reaches for passenger door] In the back. [to Farmer] If I were you, I'd switch the plates before you hit the main road. They're probably a little hot.

Cory - [climbs into jump seat] That's a minor detail, Mackie-boy. A minor detail. CUT

<DM - [to Amanda, sotto voce] See, I told you. What have we gotten ourselves into? We don't even know this guy. [drives off as Farmer's family whoop & whistle] Yeah, woof, woof.> 9


Flashback - Missouri, 1926 - dusty road 7


<Cory - Nothing like the open road. Does this thing go any faster at all?

[Amanda laughs. DM whistles 'My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean', ignoring Cory. Cory starts whistling along. DM gives him a look.]

DM - Uh-oh. Uh-oh. [Two police cars block the road ahead. Four policemen with guns position themselves to shoot.]

Amanda - Uh-oh.

[DM stops roadster.]

Policeman #1 - [offscreen] If he moves, blast him!

DM - [as another police vehicle blocks the road behind them] Oh, brother.

Policeman #2 - Hold it there, mister!>

DM - Well, it look's like the party's over.

Policeman #2 - Nobody move!

Amanda - [sighs] Doesn't look good.

Cory - Come on. "Doesn't look good." Where is your sense of adventure?

DM - Well, I'd say right now, it's about ten to twenty years behind bars.

Cory - Don't worry. Okay? I've always got a plan.

DM - Well, now would be a good time.

Cory - [as police advance toward them] I got it. You two are my hostages, see? And you didn't have -- you didn't have anything to do with -- with the robbery. That's it exactly! Perfect! And you two get off scot-free.

DM - Yeah? And what about you?

Cory - I'll be waiting for you two to dig me up.

Policeman #3 - Y'all stay right there!

DM - [to Amanda, sotto voce] I'm not digging him up.

Cory - [walks to front of roadster] Okay! [fires tommy gun in air]

Policeman #3 - Don't move!

Cory - [points gun at DM & Amanda] Freeze or I'll blow these hostages into swiss cheese!

Policeman #3 - Drop the gun, boy!

Cory - Whoo! You'll never take me alive, coppers!

[DM & Amanda duck as the police open fire on Cory.]

Policemen - [after shooting stops, to DM & Amanda] Y'all stay put in the car there! Hold it right there! Put your hands up!

Amanda - [playing it up] Oh, my God! I am so glad you shot that man! He was gonna kill us! He was gonna kill us!

DM - [takes Amanda in his arms] There, there. There, there, dear. It's all over now. [pats Amanda's shoulder as she mock sobs]


Flashback - Missouri, 1926 - cemetery 9

Amanda - Can't we dig any faster?

DM - "We", huh? [Shovel hits wooden coffin with a thud.]

Amanda - Ah.

Cory - [inside coffin, knocks, groans, sputters] It's about time!

DM - You know, it would really serve him right... [raises shovel]

Amanda - Ah, ah, ah! Don't you even think about it. [bends down to lift coffin lid] We're coming, Cory.

Cory - [muffled] All right.

DM - [bends to help] Ready? [They toss the coffin lid aside. Cory stands up, groaning.]

Cory - God. For a minute there, I thought you guys weren't coming. I was dying in there.

Amanda - It never crossed our minds.

DM - Yeah, speak for yourself.

Cory - [thinks he's joking, laughs] The guy's a riot. You know, I got an idea. [Amanda hands him his flask.] Oh, I love you. [takes a drink] What do you say we run this racket all over the country!

[DM reacts with a fractionally longer 10 look.]

Amanda - Brilliant!

DM - Stupid!

Cory - But we'd make a fortune.

DM - We'll get caught.

Cory - Well, yeah, of course we will. Then... dig us up and start all over.

DM - [to Amanda] You're not actually listening to this maniac, are you?

Amanda - Well, why not? I mean, it beats fortune-telling for rubes.

DM - Well, if that's what you want, go ahead.

Amanda - Great!

DM - But just don't expect me to come along on your suicide junket.

Amanda - So... you're telling me you don't want to go with me?

DM - If that's what you want.

Amanda - Well, if you want me to stay, just tell me.

DM - It's up to you.


Amanda - Fine. Fine.

DM - Fine.

Amanda - [to Cory] It looks like it's just the two of us.

Cory - Yeah.

DM - Fine.

Cory - Just you and me, doll face. [over his shoulder as they walk away] So long, Mackie-boy! CUT

<DM - Okay. Yeah.

Amanda - Yeah, we're going to have a lot of fun.

Cory - It could have been fun!

DM - Yeah, you do that.

Amanda - Lots of fun!

DM - Lots of fun. Fun.

[Amanda whoops as Cory gets in roadster.]

DM - [scoffs] You're letting her drive? I wouldn't do that if I were you. [Amanda starts engine.] Well, have fun. Bye.

Amanda - [yells back at him] Don't forget to fill in the grave! [drives off]

DM - Amanda-- [starts running after them] Wait! Wait, wait! Hey, hey, hey, hey! We can talk about this!>


<Flashback - five state robbery spree, 1926 CUT

[Inside bank] 8

[Female employee puts bags of money from till into Cory's bag.]


[Country road] 7

[Police vehicles chase getaway vehicle down road. Cory opens passenger door of getaway vehicle, fires tommy gun at police vehicles. Police fire back. Inside car, Amanda laughs, smiles (no audio).]


[Newspaper inset: 'Oklahoma Star' headlines:
Preparing for Record {Harvest}ing Season
'Get-Away' Duo Leaving Trail of Mayhem
Structural Materials Have High Valuation
Highway Plans Announced]


[Country road] 7

[Police vehicles chase getaway vehicle down road.]


[Still image of Amanda in period outfit holding a small boxy camera.] 8

[Photo of Cory holding bag of money, smiling.] 8

[Photo of Amanda posing with tommy gun and cigarette.] 8


[Country road] 7

[Police vehicles chase getaway vehicle down road.]


[Outside small town bank] 8

[Amanda & Cory jump in getaway vehicle.]


[Photo of Amanda taking photo of Cory holding fistful of bills.] 8

[Photo of Amanda taking photo of Cory holding up tommy gun and revolver.] 8

[Still image of Amanda & Cory posing together with tommy gun.] 8


[Country road] 7

[Police at roadblock fire guns. (from previous scene where Cory pretended DM & Amanda were his hostages)]


[Newspaper inset: 'Kansas Gazette' headlines:
Marshal Promises Speedily Settlement
Dangerous Duo Secret
Police Drop a Historic Whistle
Governor Says it was Great Fun
Arrest Promised: Governor Explains Wishes to {Avoid} a M{??} Fight]



[DM digs up grave.]


[Country road] 7

[Police vehicles chase getaway vehicle as Cory & police shoot at each other.]


[Photo of Cory posing with tommy gun.] 8

[Photo of Amanda sitting on fence, posing with tommy gun.] 8

[Cory & Amanda lying on the ground, smiling at each other. (reused in newspaper inset later)] 8

[Cory drinking from silver flask.] 8

[Still image of Cory posing with police officer. Officer is holding a money bag with his hands up. Cory is pointing revolver at him. Both face the camera, smiling.] 8

[Still image of Amanda sitting on fence, caught mid-laugh.] 8


[Cemetery] 9

[Establishing shot, then DM digging up grave.]

[Cory blinks as coffin lid opens. Again, Cory blinks as coffin lid opens.]


[Inside bank] 8

[Female employee puts bags of money from till into Cory's bag.]


[Road at cemetery] 9

[Cory & Amanda jump in Amanda's roadster, drive away. (from previous scene at cemetery before montage)]


[Cemetery] 9

[DM digs up grave. Cory stands up in opened coffin, brushes himself off. (from previous scene at cemetery before montage)]


[Country road] 7

[Police vehicles chase getaway vehicle down road. Cory shoots tommy gun at police vehicles.]


[Photo of Amanda posing with tommy gun in front of Yarnell's General Mercantile.] 8

[Photo of Cory & Amanda posing by fence. Cory holds the tommy gun while Amanda fans a handful of bills.] 8

[Photo of Cory posing by fence with tommy gun, cigar in his mouth.] 8

[Still image of Cory & Amanda posing. He holds the revolver; she has the tommy gun.] 8


[Country road] 7

[Police vehicles chase getaway vehicle down road.] 11


[Outside small town bank] 8

[Cory walks out of bank with bag, bows to people outside.]


[Country road] 7

[Police vehicles chase getaway vehicle down road.]


[Photo of Amanda posing by fence, holding cigarette.] 8

[Photo of Amanda posing by fence, holding tommy gun.] 8

[Still image of Amanda & Cory coming out of small town bank.] 8


[Country road] 7

[Police vehicles chase getaway vehicle down road. 12 Inside car, Amanda laughs, smiles (no audio).]



[Shovel digging in dirt.]


[Small town] 8

[Cory exits bank, kicks his heels, walks down street to getaway vehicle parked in front of general store. He raises his gun in greeting, smiles. 13 Amanda is waiting at the vehicle with tommy gun, smiles 14 at him. Cory continues walking past general store. Amanda shakes her head at him, no longer smiling. Cory turns. Man with gun shoots him, hits money bag. Cory looks down at bag. 15 Cory turns, is shot multiple times, falls down. 16 Amanda watches from beside the vehicle. 15 Amanda cries "Cory" (no audio), runs toward him, raising tommy gun. She is gunned down, collapses near Cory. 17]

[Photo of Cory & Amanda posing with guns in front of roadster. Bullet holes appear in the photograph.] 18

[Cory & Amanda lie dead in the street in front of the general store.]


Flashback - 1926 - cemetery 9

DM - [to grave nearest him] You can wait. [tromps over grave to one beside it, sighs] I'm getting tired of this, Amanda. This is the last time. [starts digging with shovel]



DM - [standing in road as vehicle drives away into cloud of dust] I told you, it's the last time!

Cory - [calls back] See ya later, Mackie boy!

Amanda - [calls back] We'll write!

DM - [to himself] Get someone else to dig you up. I'm not doing this anymore. Better things to do.


[Newspaper inset: 'South Dakota Courier' headlines:
Five State Spree Ends in Bloody Battle (with photo below of Amanda & Cory lying side by side on the ground, eyes closed)
City Budget Shows Soaring Increase
Building Proposals to Aid in City Development
{Demos by} Louisiana Have Big Edge
Industry Talks Trade
Industry Has Good Month / Other States Fall Short]>


Cory's cabin - living room 5

(resume previous scene)

Amanda - [squirms, laughs as Cory squeezes her side] Don't.

Cory - Those were the good old days, huh?

DM - Yeah? Are you nuts? How many times did you get shot?

Cory - Oh, I don't know. Um, more than Bonnie, less than Clyde. [Amanda laughs again.] What's the difference?

DM - Come on, Richie. Let's go. [starts walking out of cabin with RR, turns back] Amanda.

Amanda - [quietly] Take that. [hands Cory her champagne glass] That's okay.

Cory - Amanda... think about tomorrow.

[DM follows Amanda out.]


Outside Cory's cabin, evening 5

RR - I mean, how can you like that guy? Everything to him is just one big joke.

Amanda - Well, that's sort of why I like him.

DM - Uh-huh.

RR - Yeah.

DM - What did he mean about tomorrow?

Amanda - [pretends innocence] T-Tomorrow?

DM - Yeah, tomorrow.

[All three Immortals get into T-bird.]

Amanda - Well, um, he sort of wants me to do this job.

DM - What kind of job?

Amanda - The Federal Reserve.

DM - [gives her a look] The Federal Reserve. [puts T-bird in gear, drives them away]

Det. Tynan - [steps out of nearby bushes, dials cell phone, speaks into phone] Gringkov. Yeah. I found our boy. But we're gonna need some more bodies. [looks over at cabin] 19


Loft above dojo 0

DM - You're not actually thinking of helping Cory rob the Federal Reserve, are you?

Amanda - So what if I am?

DM - Because it's not some Ma and Pa outfit out of Hicksville. You're talking about the Federal Reserve!

Amanda - Oh, come on, MacLeod. It's not the whole Federal Reserve.

DM - Oh, well, that's a relief.

Amanda - It's more like a, you know, a Federal Reserve truck. A small one. And, look, Cory has promised that no one, no one, no one is going to get hurt.

DM - Oh, he guaranteed you that, did he?

Amanda - Yeah. Yeah. He has a plan.

DM - Oh, he would!

Amanda - You know what? I think you are jealous.

DM - I'm not jealous.

Amanda - Yes, you are.

DM - No, I'm not.

Amanda - Why not?

DM - Because Cory thinks this is a big game. That's why. I mean, you get shot, you die, and bingo, you pop back up again. Immortality is a gift. It's not a game. You don't run people over just for fun. [to RR] Right?

RR - Absolutely right. Not that I'm taking sides or anything.

DM - Look, you get in over your head, don't come looking to me to bail you out.

Amanda - What are-- What are you saying? Are you throwing me out?

DM - I didn't say that.

Amanda - No, I think that's what I heard.

DM - Hey. Hey, hey. Wait a minute. You don't need the money.

Amanda - I'm not going to stay where I'm not wanted.

DM - Hey! I didn't say I didn't want you here.

Amanda - I know what I heard, and I don't need to be told twice. [storms out]

DM - Amanda!

RR - Smooth. Very, very smooth. [DM gives him a look.] I'm taking notes.


Inside dojo 0

DM - Amanda!

Amanda - What?

DM - Why are you doing this?

Amanda - Why shouldn't I do this?

DM - Because it's -- it's -- it's dangerous and it's stupid.

Amanda - Oh, great. Now I'm stupid, as well?

DM - No! Look, please, I--

Amanda - Please what? Please don't rob the Federal Reserve. Please stay away from Cory? What?

DM - What you do with Cory is your business.

Amanda - Exactly.

DM - Look--

Amanda - What? Are you going to stop me?

DM - No.

Amanda - Then get out of my way.

DM - What do you want from me?

Amanda - You know what, MacLeod? It is amazing. We have known each other three hundred and fifty years, and you still don't know. [leaves] 20


Cory's cabin, night 5

[Close on front door. A hand reaches up, 21 knocks on the door. Cory opens door, smiling.]

Cory - Well, well, well. I thought you said you weren't interested.

Amanda - [enters cabin] Mmm... I say a lot of things, you know? Just changed my mind.

Cory - [follows her into cabin] Well, it's a woman's prerogative.

Amanda - Mm-hmm.

Cory - Okay, well, then, um, let's -- let's get down to business.

Amanda - Uh, yeah. Let's go see those plans of yours.


Establishing shot: Cory's cabin, night 5

Inside cabin, night 5

Amanda - [lying on couch, reading a magazine, senses 'buzz' & sits up, whispers to herself] I knew you'd come.

RR - [enters cabin] Amanda.

Amanda - Richie? Where's MacLeod?

RR - Where's Cory?

Amanda - He's out. What're you doing here?

RR - I'm trying to stop you from making a big mistake.

Amanda - Well, you can just forget it, because I'm going to do the job, and that's that.

RR - No, no, no, Amanda, I'm not talking about the heist. I'm talking about you and Mac.

Amanda - Richie, you're wasting your time.

RR - Look, Amanda, you don't really want to be with Cory. You're just doing it to get back at MacLeod.

Amanda - Well, thank you for your insight, Oprah. But you're wrong. You know? I'm missing the good old days. You know, the running from town to town, one step ahead of the cops. All that good stuff. You know.

RR - I know Mac comes on a little strong, but that's only because he cares about you.

Amanda - Did he send you here to tell me that?

RR - [shakes his head] No.

Amanda - Well, you see, that's the difference between MacLeod and Cory. You know, a woman wants to be wanted. Not just a woman... EVERYONE wants that.

RR - But he does want you.

Amanda - Then why didn't he tell me to stay.

RR - Because, Amanda, dear, nobody actually tells you anything.

Amanda - That's beside the point. No. This is the right thing to do. You know, it's time to cut loose and have some fun. Do you want to come along?


[short time later]

Amanda - [pointing at map on table] Okay, this is the armored car route.

RR - Yeah, so?

<Amanda - CUT And this is where we're going to stop it.>

RR - Because...

Amanda - Because at that moment, a nearby car will choose to explode. Boom!

RR - And that's where Cory is.

Amanda - Right. He's out wiring the dynamite as we speak.


<Alley, night CUT

[Cory leans over car's engine, presses button on timer box, looks at bundle of dynamite sitting on engine.]>


Inside cabin, night 5

(resume previous scene)

RR - You're really going to go through with this.

Amanda - Why not? It's an elegant, simple little scheme, you know? We pull the armored car over, we gas the security guards and make off with the loot, and nobody gets hurt.

RR - Amanda, you don't know that for sure.

Amanda - Come on, tiger. You didn't used to be such a Boy Scout. Don't you miss the thrill of a plan well-laid? A lock well-picked? You know, the adrenaline high. Or maybe you've forgotten?

RR - No, no, I remember -- being terrified, never knowing who to trust, always wondering if today'd be the day that I'd bite it. Amanda, I've been there and I've done that, and I'm definitely staying very far away from anything that has to do with Cory.

Amanda - Cory is a pro.

RR - Cory is an ass.

Amanda - You're just saying that because he ran over you.

RR - Twice.

[They are interrupted by a pounding on the front door.]

Det Tynan - Open up! It's the police!

Amanda - [quietly] Go, go, go, go! [turns back suddenly] Oh! The map! [grabs the map, shoves it at RR as she's grabbed by police barging into cabin]

Det Tynan - Freeze! [fires gun at fleeing RR, runs to patio door, stops, turns back to Amanda]

Amanda - [to cop holding her] Let go of me!

Det Tynan - Well, then. I'm sure he'll come back for a little spitfire like you.

Amanda - Let go of me. 22


Intersection, dawn 10

[Cory peeks out from hiding spot at Saab parked by curb nearby.]

[Inset of countdown on timer: 00 02 11... 00 02 10... 00 02 09... 00 02 08... 00 02 07...]

Cory - [senses 'buzz', smiles] Doll face? [turns, gets punched in the face by DM]

DM - Oh, I've waited seventy years to do that.

Cory - What's that for? Where's Amanda?

DM - Amanda. [punches Cory again] She's been arrested, thanks to you.

Cory - Let's just talk this out for a second, okay? First, what do you mean 'arrested'? Where?

DM - In your cabin.

Cory - Oh, now, well, this puts a little kink in things.

DM - Yeah, well, you know what? I'm gonna put a little kink in your ass! [grabs Cory by the ear, twists] Right after you help me get her out.

Cory - Ow! Yeah, you know, I would love to, but we've got us a little -- a little situation here.

DM - What kind of situation?

Cory - Well, at 8:29 an armored car comes by here, and, um, I -- I set that Saab to blow at, um, 8:28. So--

DM - [raises his head as he hears music nearby] Uh-oh.

[A marching band appears down the street, playing John Philip Sousa's "Semper Fidelis March". They march toward the Saab.]

DM - We have to disarm the car. Come on!

Cory - No, there's no time!

DM - What do you mean, there's no time?

Cory - Disarming the car wasn't really in the plan.

DM - The plan!?

[Inset of countdown on timer: 00 01 28... 00 01 27... 00 01 26...]

[The marching band continues toward them.]

DM - Give me the keys.

Cory - No.

DM - Give me the keys!

Cory - What? No!

DM - Give me the keys! [grabs the keys, runs for the Saab, jumps in, tries to start the engine] No, no, no. Come on, come on, come on. [gets engine started & peels out with a screech of tires, speeding past the band]

[Cory runs to the T-bird. In the Saab, DM makes a left turn, keeps driving. Cory follows in the T-bird.]


Road out of town 11

[DM is driving through a rural industrial area, looking frantically for somewhere to park the Saab before it explodes.]

[Inset of countdown on timer: 00 00 41... 00 00 40... 00 00 39... 00 00 38...]

[Cory is still following in the T-bird. He glances at his pocket watch. 8:27:33 -- less than 30 seconds left.]

[DM pulls the Saab off the road. Cory stops the T-bird a short distance away, watching.

DM - [struggles to open Saab's door] Oh, no.

[The handle breaks off in his hand. He turns to glare at Cory through the Saab's window, mouths "I hate you." He closes his eyes, cringing.]

[Inset of countdown on timer: 00 00 02... 00 00 01... 00 00 00...]

[The Saab explodes.]

Cory - Yowzah! [as DM, propelled from the car by the explosion, crashes to the ground in front of the T-bird] Ooh. [to camera] That's gotta hurt.

[DM claws his way upright B against the hood of the T-bird, reaching toward Cory, then falls back down, unconscious.]


DM - [as Cory reaches a hand out to help him to his feet] Don't even touch me.

Cory - Oh, come on. Mackie-boy!

DM - [levers himself to his feet against the front of the T-bird] And don't call me Mackie-boy.

Cory - Oh, yeah, yeah, no problem. No, hey, no hard feelings, all right?

DM - [advances on Cory, using the T-bird as a crutch] Oh, no. Why let a little thing like being blown up come between us, huh? [lunges at Cory]

Cory - [runs around the back of the T-bird] No, no, no, no, no! Wait! It's all in fun! It's all in fun! [DM pins Cory against the T-bird.] Wait a second. Think about it. You can't kill me! You can't kill me! You need me to get Amanda out, yeah?

DM - I really hate you.


Establishing shot: Loft above dojo 4

Loft above dojo 0

RR - First, you run me off the road. Then, you get Amanda arrested.

Cory - Hey, I did not get Amanda arrested.

RR - Oh, yeah? And now you've blown up Mac!

Cory - Blown him up. He's hardly the worse for wear.

RR - You want to try it?

Cory - MacLeod, please, can you--

RR - I've got your {??}. Come on, Let's go.

DM - Shut up! [into phone] Yeah, okay. Thank you. 23 Yeah. [hangs up phone] The police don't have Amanda.

RR & Cory - What?

DM - Yeah, they're, uh -- Everybody's got the same story. No leads in the robbery case. No arrests. No suspects in custody. No Amanda.

RR - [looks pointedly at Cory] Hmm. Well, if the police don't have Amanda, then who does?

DM - Exactly.

RR - Hmm.

DM - Cory?

Cory - Yeah. Oh. [sighs] You know, you're not-- You're not really going to like this very much.

DM - [with a dry laugh] I'm sure I won't.

Cory - Sam Gringkov.

DM - Who?

RR - Excuse me?

Cory - Sam Gringkov.

DM & RR - You stole from Sam Gringkov?!


Establishing shot: Grinkov's warehouse 12

Inside Grinkov's warehouse 12

Amanda - [tied to post in warehouse] What is that horrible stench? Oh, of course. It's a rotten cop.

Gringkov - [as Det Tynan takes threatening step toward Amanda] No, no, no, no. Don't damage insurance policy.

Amanda - Mmm. Obviously a gentlemen of discretion... though somewhat dubious fashion sense.

Gringkov - Your partner took something that didn't belong to him. Namely, my money. [leans in close, threatening] And I want it back.

Amanda - Ugh. You know, you really should brush after lunch.

Det Tynan - And you really should learn to shut your mouth.

Amanda - Just relax, Fido, okay? [to Gringkov] Look, my hands are tied. You'll have to dial.


Loft above dojo 0

DM - [into phone] Mmm-hmm. Yeah.

<Cory - MacLeod, this is totally ridiculous.

RR - [tying Cory up in a chair] You are staying put.> CUT What were you thinking stealing from Sam Gringkov anyway? You know, you're not a thief, you're an idiot.

Cory - Excuse me?

RR - You heard me.

DM - [off the phone] Okay, okay, okay. This is how it works. Richie and I give back the money, and he gives back Amanda.

Cory - Yeah, no can do.

DM - Come again?

Cory - Well, I gave the money away.

RR - Yeah, right. I suppose to an orphanage, huh?

Cory - Actually, yes. The Little Angels Orphanage just across town. You can check it if you want.

RR - Oh, my God!

Cory - Come on, you guys. You know what it's like.

RR - No, what's it like?

Cory - You know what it's like growing up in one of those places, man? No money, no toys, no love.

RR - That's a real pity.

DM - Okay, Mother Teresa. How are you going to give the money back to Gringkov?

Cory - Okay, well, I thought that you could float me the cash. Strictly-- Strictly a loan, of course.

DM - Oh! One point four million dollars?!

RR - That's a lot of dough.

Cory - Yeah, all right. Um-- Yeah, recession. Okay. All right.

<DM - You know what? I think it's time for you to leave. Can you fly?

Cory - What?

DM - Richie, give me a hand.

RR - Absolutely.

Cory - [as they lift the chair Cory is in] No, no, no, no! No, I've got a plan.> CUT I've got a plan. See, we go for the Federal Reserve truck again tomorrow--

DM - [as RR helps him carry chair toward window] No. No.

Cory - Come on. It was a beauty of a plan, right? Except for the -- the little timer thing.

DM - Wait, wait, wait, wait. [They set Cory's chair down in front of the window.] I've got a better idea.


Inside different warehouse (not Gringkov's) 12

Cory - Listen, there's got to be a better way. [DM & RR continue stuffing his vest pockets with dynamite.] I mean, work with me here. Let's -- let's be creative.

DM - Shut up.

Cory - Yeah?

DM - Shut up.

Cory - Because--

DM - Shut up. Here's the detonator. [tucks detonator in Cory's breast pocket] Boom!

Cory - It's a fake one, right?

DM - Trust me. I've got a plan.

RR - [opens briefcase, shows off stack of "bills" -- only a few on top are real] It's not bad, huh? Hopefully they won't look too close.

DM - Yeah. Well, hopefully they won't have the time. [closes briefcase, hands it to Cory] Okay, Cory boy. We have ignition.

RR - [as Cory exhales & moves out] See ya, buddy.


Inside Grinkov's warehouse 12

Gringkov - What gives?

Cory - Um, you give up Amanda, and I give you the combination to the briefcase.

Gringkov - [pulls out gun] Screw combination.

Cory - Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. See, any attempt to tamper with the lock will detonate the contents.

Det Tynan - He's bluffing.

Cory - It's your call. [clicks his tongue like a clock ticking, looks out window] It is mild weather for this time of year, isn't it?

Gringkov - Okay, uncuff her and get her out of my sight.

Amanda - [as Det Tynan uncuffs her from the pole] I'm hurt.

Gringkov - [offscreen] Easy.

Amanda - Thanks. Uh, Cory, you coming with me?

Gringkov - He stays.

Cory - Right behind you, doll face. [Amanda leaves.]

Gringkov - The combination.

Cory - Oh, all right. Let me see if I can remember how that goes. Right. Um, three, two, one... [unzips his jacket, revealing explosive vest] Boom! Can you say "incendiary device"?

Gringkov - You wouldn't.

Cory - [pulls out pocket watch] You've got... sixty seconds. Oh, and could you leave the money on the way out, please?


<Outside Grinkov's warehouse 12 CUT

[DM & RR hide nearby, watching Gringkov's warehouse. Amanda joins them.]

DM - Well? Don't I even get a kiss? [Amanda kisses his cheek, then RR kisses her cheek.]

Amanda - I think it worked. I think.>


Inside Grinkov's warehouse 12

Gringkov - You're bluffing.

Cory - [checks pocket watch] Forty-five seconds to go.

Det Tynan - Hell, it's not my money. [runs out of warehouse]


<Outside Grinkov's warehouse 12 CUT

RR - [sees Det Tynan fleeing warehouse] Oh, yeah.

Amanda - [claps her hands] Yeah, it did work.

DM - Yep.

Amanda - Good plan. [leans over to kiss DM again just as he turns toward her, bonking her nose] Ow!

DM - Oh, baby, I'm sorry.>


Inside Grinkov's warehouse 12

Gringkov - You're not that crazy.

[Cory uses cigar to light fuse on stick of dynamite.]

Gringkov - No. No, no, no! [runs out of warehouse]


<Outside Grinkov's warehouse 12 CUT

[Gringkov flees from warehouse.]>


Inside Grinkov's warehouse 12

[Cory removes burning fuse from stick of dynamite, puts stick back into vest pocket.]


Outside Grinkov's warehouse 12


<Amanda - It's brilliant.

DM - Yep.

Amanda - Brilliant plan.

DM - Thank you. [Cory exits warehouse. DM give him two thumbs up. Cory flings his arms wide in triumph.] Well, now for the grand finale. [Cory walks toward them. DM pulls a device out of his pocket.]>

RR - You didn't.

Amanda - You wouldn't. [Cory continues walking toward them.] Would you?

RR - Oh, come on, Mac. Let me.

DM - No, no, no, no. [Cory continues walking toward them.] This one's all mine.

Amanda - [in anticipation] No. [covers her face with her hands]

<[Cory walks behind a small shed as DM pressed the trigger. The shed explodes.] CUT

RR - Oh!

DM - Oh!

RR - I bet that hurts, Cory. Mmm!>

Cory - [coughs, staggers toward them] Hey! What the hell was that for?

DM - It's all in fun, Cory boy. It's all in fun. [shrugs, grins smugly]

[Cory wobbles, drops out of frame, unconscious.] C


Loft above dojo 0

[Camera pans from back of elevator D to front as DM lifts gate.]

DM - [exits elevator, sees Amanda's packed bag, takes two step24 forward] Somebody leaving?

Amanda - Yeah, um-- Well, Cory already blew town.

DM - Ah.

Amanda - Said he had a plan. And I think that I should, um, you know, hit the road, too. At least until Gringkov stops looking for me.

DM - I wish you could stay.

Amanda - [smiles, puts down bag, walks to him] That was really nice to hear. [kisses him] But I think I should go.

DM - Well, of course you should.

Amanda - [picks up bag, walks toward elevator, turns back] Hey, Mackie boy. See you in Paris?

DM - [with French accent] But of course, chérie, but of course. [blows her a kiss. She enters elevator, pulls gate down.]

Translation: chérie - dear/sweetheart

[DM waves goodbye, takes off jacket, walks over to window, 25 sits on windowsill.]


End of "Money No Object"

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