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Episode 8: Little Tin God

Written by Richard Gilbert-Hill
Directed by Rafal Zielinski
Aired: November 23, 1996
Transcript revised: 1-16-21


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher


Gavriel Larca - Andrew Divoff
              Immortal with delusions of godhood

Rev. Thomas Bell - Nathaniel DeVeaux
              Derek's pastor

Derek Worth - Roger R. Cross
              newly Immortal 'angel'


Luke Sarsfield - Steve Bacic
Enrique Grimaldo - Christopher J.P. Racasa
              Larca's Immortal 'angels'

Paco - Terry Barclay
              DM's Peruvian guide in FB

Coyantu - Kira Clavell
              Larca's wife in FB

Locations List:*
0. Scenes filmed at Highlander studio at 8651 Eastlake Dr, Burnaby [49.258054,-122.913533]: Joe's Bar interior
1. Reverend Bell's church - Christ Church, 16613 Old McLellan Rd, Surrey [49.108777,-122.761501]
2. Hospital establishing shot - St. Paul's Hospital, Comox St [49.280656,-123.12747]
3. Hospital morgue - unknown location, likely a set at Highlander studio (0)
4. Country road / cemetery - Bell Rd at Surrey Centre Cemetery, Surrey [49.108083,-122.762720]
5. Peru - unknown location
6. Larca's sanctuary - at corner of Old McLellan & 60 Ave, Surrey [49.111324,-122.759371] (torn down)
7. Joe's Bar establishing shot - Virtue/Reckert Studios, 770 Pacific Blvd [49.274936,-123.111030] (no longer there)
* Locations are in Vancouver unless otherwise indicated.
= link to location photos
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) Huge thanks to Gillian Horvath for providing the tape of the official domestic cut of this episode, as it was released by the studio for the US stations.

~Official Eurominutes are bolded.
~Rerun on USA Network* (March 1998) matches the official cut.
~Rerun on USA Network (Nov 1998) appears to match the official cut, with multiple exceptions (bolded and bolded). (Note: 1st Eurominute can't be confirmed, as the beginning of the episode was not recorded.)
~Rerun on Syfy (2010) matches the official cut, with multiple exceptions (bolded and bolded).

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for this USA Network tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Establishing A shot: First Baptist Church, night 1 CUT

Inside church, night 1

Choir - [rehearsing gospel song: Every Time I Hear the Spirit (public domain)]

Every time I feel the spirit
Movin' in my heart, I will pray-ay-ay
Every time I feel the spirit
Movin' in my heart, I will pray.

<Derek - [singing solo] CUT

On the mountain, my Lord spoke
Out of his mouth came fire and smoke.
All around me looks so fine
I asked my Lord if all were mine.

Derek & Choir - [singing]

Every time I feel the spirit
Movin' in my heart, I will pray-ay-ay
Every time I feel the spirit
Movin' in my heart, I will pray.

Derek - [singing solo] Feel the spirit.

Choir - [singing] Feel the spirit.

Derek - [singing solo] I can feel it.

Choir - [singing] Feel the spirit.

Derek - [singing solo] In the morning.

Choir - [singing] Feel the spirit.

[In the back of the church, Larca sits on a pew, staring at Derek.]

Derek - [singing solo] I can feel it.

Choir - [singing] Feel the spirit.

Derek - [singing solo] In the noontime.

Choir - [singing] Feel the spirit.

Derek - [singing solo] I can feel it.

Choir - [singing] Feel the spirit. Feel the spirit.

Rev Bell - [as song ends] Hallelujah and amen! Oh, you did a beautiful job. Thank you. Thank you very much. You did a beautiful job. [as choir members disperse] All right now, y'all take care. Don't forget Libby's cooking tomorrow night. Don't be late.

Male Choir member - Take care, yourself.

[Larca stands as choir members begin to leave.]

Rev Bell - See you tomorrow night. Libby's been cooking all week now. I want to see you there.

Female Choir member - Yeah, I'll see you later.

Rev Bell - Y'all be safe now, hear? Be safe. [shakes departing choir members' hands, collects choir robes from them]

Choir members - [chattering to each other as they leave] Derek, you sounded sweet up there, man. All right. see you later. You sounded good up there, brother.

[Larca quietly joins departing choir members.]

Rev Bell - Oh, you did a beautiful job. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Female Choir member - See you next week, Reverend.

Rev Bell - Ya'll take care.

[Man and woman follow Larca out of building.]

Choir members - Hey, somebody going to 1 come over to my place for coffee. Hey, yo, I gotta go, man. See you in a while.>

Rev Bell - [shakes pianists hand, turns to Derek] Derek, that was absolutely great. You truly lift up your voice in a joyful noise.

Derek - Thank you, Revered Bell.

Rev Bell - Oh, no, don't thank me. Thank the Lord. He's the one that gave you your gift now.

<Derek - Amen to that. CUT


Outside church, night 1

Rev Bell - [sighs, shakes Derek's hand] All right.

Derek - It's nice to be here, Rev.

Rev Bell - Glad to have you here, Derek.

Derek - Thanks.> [walks toward road, humming]

[Headlights on nearby car turn on as car slowly drives toward Derek. Larca leans out driver's window & shoots Derek with a gun. Rev Bell comes back out of church, watches as Larca drives away, then runs to Derek.]

Rev Bell - Derek! Oh, no! [rolls Derek's body over] Oh, God, no, please. Please. Oh! No. No. Oh, God!


Establishing shot: Hospital, night 2

Inside morgue 3

[Larca enters, wearing a flowing white robe, his hands raised. He pulls back the sheet covering Derek's body and rests his hands on Derek's chest. Derek opens his eyes, gasps in a breath.]

Larca - Rise up, Derek.

Derek - [sits up] I'm alive.

Larca - You are.

Derek - [looks around, frowning] Where am I?

Larca - In the morgue.

Derek - [feels around on his unmarked chest] I was shot.

Larca - You were dead. But I healed your wounds so that you could glorify my name. I have brought you safely through the shadows of the Valley of Death, and I have called upon you to serve me in the holy war against my enemy.

Derek - Who are you?

Larca - I am God, Derek. I am God.

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Country road 4

[DM B jogs along road, senses 'buzz' as young Immortal steps out of bushes, pointing a sword at him.]

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Luke - I know who you are. [attacks]

[DM dodges Luke's clumsy attack, knocks him down, runs for the T-bird, using a remote to start the canvas top retracting. He grabs his sword from the back seat and senses another 'buzz'. Derek attacks from the side. DM fends him off, turns to face 3rd young Immortal wielding a machete and short staff.]

DM - You can't do this. This is against the rules!

Derek - Rules? This isn't a game.

[DM fights off Derek, runs away with the three Immortals chasing him. He hides behind a tree.]

Enrique - Split up. Split up. Get around him.

Derek - [on his own now, starts singing quietly to himself for courage] Every time I feel the spirit moving in my heart, I will pray. Every--

DM - [steps out of hiding, pushes Derek against tree with his katana] You know "Rock of Ages"? Huh? Who are you?

Derek - An angel of the Lord.

<DM - CUT Yeah, and I'm Father Christmas.> Move. [holds both swords at Derek's neck as they move away from the tree] Over here, boy. Good. All right, go. Go! [lowers swords, follows Derek into church cemetery] You're going to tell me what this is about.

Derek - [begins quoting Scripture] Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death... I will fear no evil, for Thou--

DM - [sticks Derek's sword point-first in the ground] I'm not going to hurt you.

Derek - --art with me. Thy rod and Thy staff--

DM - [brings katana back up to Derek's neck] Will you shut up? [Derek shuts up. DM lowers katana again.] You have no idea what you are, do you?

Derek - I told you.

DM - Yeah. You're an angel. So what does that make me?

Derek - You know what you are, Satan.

DM - [chuckles] I'm the Devil? You believe that? All right, bright eyes, if I'm the Devil, why did I bring you to holy ground? [Both sense 'buzz', look around.] CUT

Enrique - It's time to send you back to Hell.

DM - You know the rules. Put up your sword. This is Holy Ground. We can't fight here. [senses another 'buzz' as Luke arrives] Are you crazy? What are you doing? We can't fight here.

Derek - He's right. Remember what God said? Even the Devil can claim sanctuary here. [Another 'buzz'.]

Larca - Well said, Derek. [to all three youths] He speaks the truth, my children. Even the Devil fears Armageddon. [goes over to Derek's sword, pulls it out of the ground] Have I not told you my house cannot be used for battle? Do not be tempted to defile my holy place with blood. 2

DM - Larca.


Flashback - Peruvian jungle, 1830 5

[Super: Peru, 1830]

DM - Are you all right?

Paco - [gasping and occasionally coughing] A touch of fever. It's nothing that a good night's sleep on a soft bed won't cure.

DM - So when can we expect to find that bed?

Paco - It is not much further, Señor MacLeod. Perhaps tomorrow.

DM - So we're not lost?

Paco - We will reach Huaral by tomorrow. Two days at the latest. The ruins are truly magnificent. You'll see. I've made this trip a thousand times.

DM - [to himself] Yeah, we're lost. [grabs Paco's shoulder] Wait.

Paco - What is it? [Two painted warriors rise from the bush ahead of them.] I hope they're friendly.

DM - Doesn't look like it. What tribe?

Paco - They should not be here.

DM - No, WE should not be here.

[Close on warrior holding spear, pan to warrior beside him, also holding spear.]

Paco - [whispers] If we fight, we have a chance.

DM - [quietly, looking around] I don't think so.

Paco - There's only two of them.

DM - That you can see.

[Paco looks at the two warriors. DM looks at the forest around them. 3 More warriors reveal themselves, surrounding them.]

Flashback - Peruvian jungle, 1830 - Moche village 5

<DM - I thought these mountains were uninhabited.

Paco - They're supposed to be.> CUT

DM - ¿Habla español? Fala português? Quechua? Quechua? Quechua? [to himself] Just you watch: they'll all speak English.

Translations: ¿Habla español? - [Spanish] Do you speak Spanish?; Fala português? - [Portuguese] Do you speak Portuguese?; Quechua - (name/language of native people of Peru - pronounced kesh-wah)

[They are stopped at the bottom steps of the temple. One warrior climbs the steps.]

<DM - These are not exactly the ruins I expected, Paco.

Paco - I'm sorry, Señor MacLeod. [coughs]> CUT

[DM senses 'buzz'. Larca comes out of temple, dressed in flashy metallic tunic and headdress, pauses at top of entrance steps. As DM & Paco watch, he continues forward, then stops again at top of temple steps. The natives kneel, bowing their heads.]

Larca - Rimasun.

Translation: Rimasun - Bring him forward. (according to shooting script)

Native - {Si la va.} C [start up the temple steps, pulling DM & Paco along behind them] {Si la va.}

Paco - What is it? What's happening? [The natives make them kneel before Larca.]

DM - I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Larca - I am Gavriel Larca, god of the Moche people.

Flashback - Moche village, 1830 - inside temple 5

DM - [as Coyantu pours wine for him] Thank you.

Larca - She understands nothing of your language or your world. All she knows, all she has ever known, is this village. She is called Coyantu. Born on the day of Coya Raymi, Festival of the Moon. It's a day of great celebration for the Moche. I saw her born. I watched her grow into this beautiful woman. And I shall cherish her until the day of her death.

DM - You're a lucky man.

Larca - To them, I am more than a man.

DM - You don't really believe that you're a god, do you?

[Larca looks at DM. DM looks at Larca.]

Larca - [to Coyantu] ¿Quién soy yo?

Coyantu - Usted es dios.

Translations: Quién soy yo - Who am I?; Usted es dios - You are god.

Larca - [to DM] You see.

<DM - I see she called you 'God', but it doesn't mean that you are one, does it?> 4 CUT

Larca - The Moche are an ancient people. Their arts and sciences rivaled the best of the Inca, yet they preceded them by one thousand years. Some of their traditions go back one hundred generations. They called me God. Who was I to argue?

[DM puts down goblet, goes over to examine golden figure adorning back of throne -- a man surrounded by lightning bolts.]

Larca - Remarkable, isn't it? [holds up pendant of similar image on his necklace] This one was cast fourteen hundred years ago.

DM - So you're not the first Immortal that these people have called God. That doesn't make it right.

Larca - What makes a god, MacLeod? What but the faith of his followers? And they do need faith.

<DM - CUT Faith in you.>

Larca - Look around, MacLeod. For three hundred years I have protected them. Kept them hidden from the likes of Cortez and those other butchers. They survive because of me. They have become strong and remain free.

DM - They may be strong, but they're not free. They're your slaves.

Larca - And I am theirs. They are my people. They choose to worship me. And in return, they are cared for. Is that not a god's covenant with his chosen?

DM - I think you've been in the jungle too long. D

Larca - Will you challenge me because of this?

DM - [drinks from goblet] I have no fight with you, Larca.

Larca - Good. Then you may leave in the morning.

DM - If you do not mind, I think we will leave now.

Larca - [voice echoing] I said YOU may go. Your guide stays.

DM - Paco goes with me.

Larca - [voice echoing] There is a reason why the word for stranger and enemy is the same in the Moche language. My people have survived because we have remained hidden from the outside world. A man like you can be trusted with a great secret. A man like that...

<DM - [swaying] CUT I swear he will tell no one.>

Larca - [voice echoing] Will you remain with him every hour of his life to be sure of that? I'm sorry, but our law is clear. E

DM - [realizes he's been drugged] The wine.

Larca - [voice echoing] A local concoction designed to keep even an Immortal subdued.

[DM falls over, unconscious.]


[sometime later]

[DM regains awareness, sits up. Villagers can be heard chanting outside.]

Villagers - {Tovah! Tovah! Tovah!}

[Outside, villagers carry Paco toward the temple, chanting.]

Paco - No. No, please.

[DM is tied to a post inside the temple, watches as villagers haul Paco up onto a stone slab.]

Paco - No! {Let me go!} Why are you doing this? {No, please, no!} No! Please, no!

[Lara strides toward him, carrying a sword.]

DM - Larca, no!

[The villagers chant louder. Larca raises the sword.]

DM - No!

[The villagers stop chanting. A hush falls over the crowd. Paco's cries stop abruptly. The villagers cheer. DM turns away, stops struggling against his bonds. He looks back toward the sound of cheering with a frown, turns away again. 5]


[later, night]

DM - [as Larca approaches him with the sword] And now it's my turn.

Larca - Only if you won't listen to reason.

DM - You can't reason with murder.

Larca - This wasn't murder, it was ritual sacrifice. With his death my people take the strength of the enemy. That is the Moche tradition.

DM - Well, we have traditions of our own. I told you I didn't have a reason to fight you, Larca. Well, now I do.

Larca - And if I lost? Would you stay and care for my people?

DM - I'll not play God.

Larca - I thought not. In a week we celebrate Coya Raymi, Festival of the Moon. The Moche worship a god who holds a sword in one hand and a severed head in the other. [grabs back of DM's head] He is called "The Decapitator". And at the Festival of the Moon, they shall see his powers.

Church cemetery 4

(resume previous scene)

DM - He's not a god! He's an Immortal. We're all Immortals.


Larca - Leave us. I will speak to the Evil One alone.

Enrique - But--

Larca - It is my will.

DM - [to the youths] His power is no greater than ours. Or yours. [as the youths leave them, to Larca] Your will? What have you been teaching them?

Larca - To serve God and Heaven in a holy cause.


DM - You fight your own battles, Larca. You and me, now. Off holy ground.

Larca - I think not. My disciples do battle for me. And they shall have your head. And the one who takes it will offer his own up to me.

DM - Oh, yeah? Three on one. What about honor? Does that mean nothing to you? F

Larca - You destroyed everything I built, everything I loved. You turned my people against me. I shall have my sacrifice. [turns away, pushes tree branch aside, G walks off H]


Establishing shot: Larca's sanctuary 6

Inside Larca's sanctuary 6

Larca - I am the One who made you. I breathed and your lungs filled with life. I whispered and gave you purpose. Is this not true?

'Angels' - Yes, my Lord.

Larca - You have not yet felt the sting of my rage. The bitter salt-water that wells up in these eyes would drown you in guilt and seize up the very marrow in your bones. Am I not Power?

'Angels' - Yes, my Lord.

Larca - Then cry mercy unto me! 6 For I am angered beyond rage at your failure to bring me the head of Satan! I smell doubt. CUT Derek? Do you have doubts?

Derek - No. [shakes his head]

Larca - Your tongue is thick with lies, and they catch in your throat.

Derek - I've been thinking.

Larca - Yes?

Derek - About MacLeod.

Larca - [sharply] Satan.

Derek - He could have killed me. Why didn't he?

Larca - Because I wanted it so. You are under my protection, Derek. Have you lost your faith? Did I not give you life?

Derek - I'm sorry.

Larca - Sorrow is not enough. I You must believe, and you must believe absolutely. CUT

<'Angels' - Yes, my Lord.>


Establishing shot: Joe's Bar, night 7

Joe's Bar, night 0

Joe - Larca's Chronicle here goes back to fifteenth century Portugal. Dig this. It says he was a lawyer at the time.

DM - Interesting choice.

Joe - Really. After that, he became one of the king's royal guard. By 1510 he was a pirate on the high seas.

DM - How DO you Watch a pirate?

Joe - Well, you become one. [off DM's look] Hey, who says a Watcher can't be a pirate?

DM - Oh.

Joe - Say your guy likes the opera. You go to the opera. Say your guy takes a -- takes a notion to go to the New World, huh? You grab a handspike. You sign on.

DM - You trying to tell me something here?

Joe - You remember a guy named, uh, Rodney MacFergus? He was in your regiment at Waterloo. He sailed with you to America in 1816.

DM - You mean that short guy, with the weak stomach, hung over the rail all the time?

Joe - He traveled with you as far as Montana. Then he put in his request for retirement. Said he'd had enough of travel. I think the Watcher pension at that time was, uh, five acres and five head of cattle.

DM - Great. But what about Larca?

Joe - Yeah. Okay, it says that he landed in Peru with Pizarro in 1526. Disappeared about eighteen months later. They thought maybe a tribe of headhunters got him.

DM - No, he got them.


Flashback - Moche village, 1830 - night 5

[Many of the villagers are now sick with Paco's fever. Many more have already died and are being burned in a funeral pyre.]

Coyantu - Are we all going to die, my Lord?

Larca - No. I will not permit it. Tomorrow is Coya Raymi. I shall take MacLeod's head and the sky shall open up with my miracle.

Coyantu - Please, my Lord. Don't wait. So many have been lost already. So many more will die by tomorrow. Our people ask why our god has not protected us from all of this.

Larca - Do you question me?

Coyantu - No, my Lord. I beg you. If it is your will, then heal us. Heal me. I, too, have the sickness. Please.

Larca - It shall be so. I swear it. [He pulls her head against his shoulder, pets her hair.]


Flashback - Moche village, 1830 - inside temple, night 5

[Camera pans down from DM's bound hands to his drugged face. 7 His head lolls forward as Larca approaches.]

Larca - It is time.

DM - Taking my head, Larca, won't change anything.

Villagers - [begin chanting in distance] {Tovah! Tovah! Tovah!}

DM - [as two of Larca's men untie him] They're dying, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Larca - You brought the sick one here. You have destroyed my people. We should have killed you in the jungle and left you to rot. [to men, in native tongue] {Jacsuel}

DM - You should have left us alone. We didn't ask to be dragged into your village. It was your damn ritual that killed them. Your blood sacrifice.

Villagers - {Tovah! Tovah! Tovah!}

[DM is pulled outside and forced onto the stone altar.]

DM - Your people didn't get his strength, Larca. They got his fever.

Larca - Your Quickening will cure them.

DM - It won't.

Larca - We will see. [raises sword]

[One of the warriors uses a blowgun to shoot Larca in the neck with a dart. As he staggers and falls, the villagers cheer.]

DM - [voice-over] Larca promised to protect them. When they saw he couldn't, they turned on him.

[DM rolls off the stone slab, grabs the sword, runs away.]


Establishing shot: Joe's Bar, night 7

Joe's Bar, night 0

(resume previous scene)

DM - I barely got out of there alive. I had no food, no water. It took me almost a week to reach Huaral. If I hadn't been Immortal, I wouldn't have made it. Is there anything else on Larca since that time?

Joe - No. There is nothing after 1528, 'til about two years ago. He showed up in Lima.

DM - Well, what about his "disciples"?

Joe - No. Zero. Come on. You know there have been a lot of shake-ups in this organization in the last couple of years.

DM - Yeah.

Joe - We just never got a full-time guy on him. 8 He showed up in Lima.* But do you think that punk really would have taken you on holy ground? (* This line replaces the 'full-time guy' line in the domestic version.)

DM - Yes. He was ready to kill me, Dawson, on holy ground. God only knows what would have happened.

Joe - You know, in ALL our records, there's only one mention of an Immortal killing on holy ground.

DM - Yeah?

Joe - Well, it's never been confirmed. It's-- I don't know, it's more of a legend... about two guys going at it in a temple in Italy.

DM - Yeah? And?

Joe - It was in Pompeii. 79 A.D.

DM - The volcano.

Joe - Who knows? J But you know, right now, you've got other things to worry about. Like those punks going at you, three on one.

DM - Yeah, well, it can't be their fault. They can't know the rules. Larca's convinced them that he's God. He's probably told them that he's the one that made them Immortal. CUT

Joe - Well, if they think he's God, and you're the Devil... Faith can be a very powerful thing, MacLeod. K

DM - Yeah, well, I have to talk to them, without Larca.

Joe - Well, how do you do that?

DM - You know, I caught a name. It was, uh... Derek. That's it. If he's new and he died around here...

Joe - The obituaries.

DM - Yeah.

Joe - What if you find him?

DM - Well, I'll talk to him. Tell him what he is. What his god is. I don't want to kill him.

Joe - What if he doesn't listen to you?

DM - Then he may have to die. [leaves] L



Establishing M shot: First Baptist Church 1

Inside church 1

Derek - [singing "Amazing Grace"]

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound N
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now I'm found...

[Rev Bell enters church, starts singing quietly with Derek.]

Derek & Rev Bell - [singing] Was blind but now I see.

Rev Bell - Derek?

Derek - Yeah, Rev, it's me. Crazy, huh?

Rev Bell - Is it really you?

Derek - I shouldn't'a come back here. I didn't know where else to go.

Rev Bell - But how? I saw you die.

Derek - I did die.

Rev Bell - [puts his hand on Derek's shoulder] I'm not dreaming.

Derek - Do you believe in miracles?

Rev Bell - How could I not? [hugs Derek] Lord in Heaven, how could I not, when the Lord has brought you back to us?

Derek - Reverend.... Why would God choose me? Of everyone in the world, why would God choose to bring me back?

Rev Bell - CUT Only God knows his purpose, Derek. But I know your goodness.

Derek - What does that mean?

Rev Bell - You have a good heart, Derek. You always have.

Derek - What if my heart tells me one thing... and God tells me another? What if God tells me to kill?

Rev Bell - Are you sure it's God telling you to do these things?

Derek - Yes. He brought me back to life. He healed me with his touch. Reverend Bell, I'm scared. O

Rev Bell - Derek, God is love. God is not fear.

Derek - Reverend, you don't understand. The God I'm dealing with... this God hates. [senses 'buzz']

Rev Bell - Derek, what is it?

Derek - Someone's here. One of God's warriors... or one of Satan's. We can feel each other coming. [DM enters church.] Reverend, I think you should go. [to DM] What do you want?

DM - I have to talk to you alone.

Derek - I've got nothing to say to you.

DM - Yeah, but there are things you have to hear. Reverend, I really think you should go.

Rev Bell - I'm staying.

DM - Reverend, I swear I won't hurt him, but only he can hear this. I'm trying to save his life. Look to your heart and ask it if it can trust me.

Rev Bell - I won't be far. [leaves church]


Inside Larca's sanctuary 6

[Larca lights a candle, senses 'buzz'.]

Larca - [without turning around] I sense only two of you. Where is Derek?

Enrique - We don't know.

Larca - The time is near when you shall face MacLeod again.

Enrique - And this time he'll die.

Larca - One of you will draw him into battle alone.

Luke - One of us alone doesn't stand a chance.

Larca - Exactly. The Devil will claim the victory. And when he takes the head of one of my chosen, all of my goodness will flow into him, and bring him to his knees. While he's weak, you must strike his head from his shoulders. Then you shall come to know the true glory of your God. I will reward you. One of you will die the noblest death in my service.

Enrique - Who? Who will die?

Larca - Derek will be my martyr. 9


Inside church 1

(resume previous scene)

DM - You have to know who and what you are.

Derek - I know what I am.

DM - No, you know what Larca told you. He's lying to you.

Derek - I won't listen to you.

DM - You have to listen to me. Derek, you're not an angel, and I'm not the Devil. We're Immortals, like Larca. We have our own battle, but it's -- it's not like this.

Derek - God brought me back to fight you.

DM - No. Larca is not God. And he did not bring you back.

Derek - He chose me!

DM - No, he didn't choose you. He's lying to you, using you.

Derek - He protects me from you. He protects me from death.

DM - What you are protects you from death. If someone cuts off your head, you'll die like anyone else. Just like Larca. Just like me. He's no different than you or I.

Derek - No! You're lying! [runs out of church]

DM - Derek! [follows him out]


Outside church 1

[Derek runs out of church, past Rev Bell.]

Rev Bell - [to DM] What did you do to him?

DM - Nothing.

Rev Bell - Then why did he run?

DM - Because I told him the truth.

Rev Bell - Which is?

DM - I'm sorry, Reverend.

Rev Bell - Listen. You have to tell me. I have just witnessed a miracle, and I need to know why.

DM - I can't.

Rev Bell - Look. I swear before God I will not tell anyone what you tell me. Look. A minute ago you asked me to ask my heart if I could trust you. Now I'm asking you the same.

DM - It's a long story.

Rev Bell - I like long stories.

DM - You would. Maybe we should do this inside. [starts walking with Rev Bell back to the church] It's about Immortals, men who live forever unless... they're beheaded. Men like me.

Rev Bell - [stops DM] Um, instead of doing this in the church, maybe we can do this someplace where I can get a drink.


Establishing shot: Joe's Bar 7

Joe's Bar 0

Rev Bell - Derek was in fifteen foster homes by the time he was ten.

DM - And then he found you?

Rev Bell - Then he found God. I just happened to be there at the time. Oh, that boy didn't have to be taught to believe. He took to it natural, like coming home. And when he sings... ahh, you can feel the Lord coming down just to listen. Then he died. It took a whole lot of praying on my part to believe that was God's will. But he DIDN'T die.

DM - Yeah. Larca knew about Derek's faith. He counted on it to manipulate him.

Joe - Guy got a taste for being worshiped. That kind of power is addictive. It's got to be a real temptation for any Immortal.

DM - Or any man.

Rev Bell - This man, Larca. Does he have long hair, cold dark eyes that seem to look right through you?

DM - You've seen him?

Rev Bell - I saw him kill Derek. He took him away from everything and everyone he loved, to make him into this thing, this killer. And he thinks he has the right. [DM nods.] 10 If this man can convince Derek to follow him, to believe he's God.... What if he's not the only one? What if others have done the same? Does that mean that everything that I believe is based upon a lie?

DM - Uh, Reverend, no. It doesn't mean that. Larca's the lie.

Rev Bell - What if he gathers more followers? A hundred... a thousand. He has to be stopped.

DM - He will be stopped.

Joe - Yeah, if you can get near him. Look, I put some people on this, and they found out that he has rented that chapel next to the old St. Paul cemetery.

Rev Bell - Holy Ground. [to DM] He'll be safe from you.

DM - Not for long. Uh, Reverend, I'll take you home.

Rev Bell - No, no, I think I'd rather walk.

Joe - [shakes Rev Bell's hand] Nice to meet you, Reverend.

Rev Bell - Thank you.

DM - Uh, Reverend. Um, just want to thank you for trusting and believing me.

Rev Bell - [shakes DM's hand] Faith is my specialty. [leaves]

DM - [to Joe, off Joe's look] What? I'm going out there.

Joe - To the chapel?

DM - Mm-hmm.

Joe - MacLeod, it's going to be four on one.

DM - Hmm. That makes five. CUT

[Joe sighs, shakes his head. P]


Establishing shot: Larca's sanctuary 6

Inside Larca's sanctuary 6

Larca - To be ready for your battle, my child, you must be cleansed of all doubts. You must be pure in heart, pure in belief, and pure in strength. Your eternal reward awaits. Are you ready to die for your God?

Derek - [kneeling in prayer, looks up at Larca] I'm ready.


Outside Larca's sanctuary 6

[Rev Bell walks toward chapel, humming 'Amazing Grace', carrying a machete in one hand and a gun in the other.]

Rev Bell - And he said, "I will strike down upon them with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy thy brothers." [starts humming again]


Inside Larca's sanctuary 6

Larca - [as Rev Bell enters] Who dares?

Derek - Reverend Bell! What are you doing here?

Rev Bell - Derek, what are YOU doing here? You know this man isn't God. [to Larca] What did you tell him? Did you tell him he'd go to Hell if he didn't follow you?

Larca - I offered him my love and my protection, and I gave him eternal life. What more can a god do for his soldiers?

Rev Bell - You're not God. You're an abomination. [raises gun]

Derek - Reverend, no! He'll kill you!

Rev Bell - He can't. He may be safe from MacLeod on holy ground, but he's not safe from me. CUT [shoots gun. Enrique jumps in front of Larca, taking the bullet, and dies.] Oh, Lord.

Larca - [to Luke] Stop him. Now!

[Rev Bell raises the gun again. Luke jumps backward. Derek steps in front of Rev Bell.]

Rev Bell - Get out of the way, Derek! Derek, move out of the way.

Derek - I can't let you do this.

Rev Bell - Derek, get out of the way.

[Larca takes gun from Rev Bell. Rev Bell looks at Derek. Derek looks at Rev Bell.]

Larca - [points gun at Rev Bell] Drop it. [Rev Bell drops the machete.] Take him outside, Derek. Beyond the cemetery. Go.

[Derek escorts Rev Bell out of the chapel. Luke slings Enrique's body over his shoulder, carries him out. Larca follows.]


Woods near sanctuary 6

Rev Bell - Derek, don't do this.

Derek - I'm sorry, Reverend. 11

[They stop in a clearing. Luke lowers Enrique's body to the ground.]

Larca - You did very well, Derek. You proved yourself a faithful servant. [looks down at Enrique's body] Enrique gave his life in my service. I shall reward him. [raises his hands (still holding the gun), kneels by body. Close on Enrique lying dead on the ground. Larca puts his hands on Enrique's chest (gun is gone).] Live again, my son. Your God commands it. [Close on Larca's hands on Enrique's chest. Q Close on Derek watching. Enrique coughs, opens his eyes, sits up.] As for you, Luke. You failed me when I needed you most. You lost your faith.

Luke - [backs away] I couldn't help it.

Larca - Silence! Kneel before me. Kneel. [Luke kneels, bows his head, crying. Larca moves to stand behind him, arms raised.] I shall cleanse you of your sin, my son.

Luke - Thank you.


Road near sanctuary 6

[DM drives T-bird toward chapel, parks, gets out.]


Woods near sanctuary 6

(resume previous scene)

[Larca draws sword, beheads Luke, takes Quickening.]


Outside Larca's sanctuary 6

(resume previous scene)

[DM walks through cemetery.]


Woods near sanctuary 6

(resume previous scene)

Rev Bell - [as Quickening continues] Our Father in heaven, deliver us from sin.


Outside Larca's sanctuary 6

(resume previous scene)

[DM sees Quickening lightning, runs toward it.]


Woods near sanctuary 6

(resume previous scene)

[Quickening ends.]

Larca - Step away from the preacher.

Rev Bell - [continues praying] Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

Derek - No.

Rev Bell - [continues praying] Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done--

Larca - Step away.

Rev Bell - [continues praying] --on earth as it is in heaven.

Derek - No.

[Larca raises gun, points it at him.]

Rev Bell - [continues praying] Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses.

Larca - It is written, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." Step away, Derek. I command it. I command it! [shoves Derek aside, points gun at Rev Bell.]

Rev Bell - May God have mercy on you both.

Larca - I am God! [senses 'buzz']

DM - [tackles Larca to the ground] Reverend, get out of here! [throws gun aside] Go! [Rev Bell takes off running. DM draws katana, faces off against Derek & Enrique.]

Larca - Enrique, Derek... Serve me well.

Derek - [turns his sword on Enrique] Put it down.

Larca - What are you doing?

Derek - If you're God, you don't need us. [to Enrique] I told you once. [knocks Enrique out with the hilt of his sword]

DM - Well. I guess it's just you and me. By the rules.

Larca - [picks up his sword] Because of you, all my people died. They took their revenge on me. <I was entombed for one hundred and fifty years. [attacks] CUT

DM - You set yourself up as a god, Larca. You got what you deserved.

[Fight continues, out of woods, toward chapel/cemetery.]

Larca - I have waited a long time for this, MacLeod.

[Fight continues. DM stabs Larca in the gut.]

DM - Too bad.

Larca - I am God!

DM - No, you're not.> [beheads Larca]

[Sky darkens. Clouds speed overhead. Derek watches as Quickening begins. Two bolts of energy hit DM, then a third. Derek looks around in shock as Quickening continues. Quickening energy forms Moche Decapitator's crown over DM's head. Then stylized lightning bolts burn into the ground around him. Gold figure from Moche throne flashes over DM's face. DM stands in a circle with stylized lightning bolts like the rays of a sun. R The last bolt of energy hits DM and the Quickening ends.]

DM - [looks up as Enrique approaches from woods] I have no fight with you. Unless you make one.

[Enrique runs off. 12 DM stands up. Derek approaches him.]

Derek - Forgive me. CUT

DM - You're an Immortal, Derek, as I am. You're going to have to learn what that means. But that doesn't mean that we're gods. Not now, not ever. Come on. [leads Derek away]

[Cross on chapel glows with residual Quickening energy. S]


Joe's Bar 0

DM - [reading from a postcard] "Dear MacLeod, Derek is doing okay, and the kid's got one hell of a slider. Regards, Carl Robinson."

Joe - Really? Well, you know, uh, Reverend Bell says that Carl has one hell of a baritone. [hands DM a second postcard]

DM - You made him a Watcher?

Joe - Uh, let's just say a... special correspondent. Opportunity knocked.

DM - I guess that's one way of making sure he won't tell what he saw.

Joe - Were you worried that he would?

DM - No.

Joe - You know what he said... that, uh, that some of the gods and prophets of history were just Immortals with delusions of grandeur, like Larca?

DM - He was just upset.

Joe - Yeah, but is it a possibility?

DM - No, it's not.

Joe - Well, how can you be so sure?

DM - [pours them both a shot] Well, I can quote a whole bunch of people, Joe, but it basically boils down to one thing.

Joe - And that is?

DM - Faith, Joe. Faith. [knocks back his shot, swallows T]


End of "Little Tin God"

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