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Episode 14: Duende

Written by Jan Hartman
Directed by Richard Martin
Aired: March 1, 1997
Transcript revised: 2-1-21


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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Richie Ryan - Stan Kirsch
              MacLeod's student


Otavio Consone - Anthony De Longis

Anna Hidalgo - Carmen Du Sautoy
              retired Flamenco dancer

Luisa Hidalgo - Deborah Epstein
              Anna's daughter

Theresa del Gloria - Dolores Chaplin
              DM's love interest in Madrid FB


Young Anna - Marie Vernalde
              in 1971

Rafael - Felipe Calvarro
              Anna's mortal lover in 1971

Duenna - Claudie Arif
              Tialita, Theresa's chaperone

Don Diego del Gloria - Arturo Venegas
              Theresa's father

Housekeeper - Monique Messine
              at Consone's house

Gilda - Elisa Tovati/Tonati
Isabella - Elsa Franco

Locations List:*
1. Dance studio & Club Hidalgo interior - Salle Wagram, 39-41 Avenue de Wagram [48.877144,2.297156]
2. Club Hidalgo exterior - CIUP: Bibliotheque de la Cite internationale, 17 Boulevard Jourdan [48.819519,2.338586]
3. Spanish nightclub & steam bath - La Casbah Restaurant, 18 Rue de la Forge Royale [48.851578,2.380650]
4. Spanish courtyard & villa staircase - l'École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, La Cour du Mûrier, 14 Rue Bonaparte [48.856983,2.334272]; exact location of staircase unknown
5. Street - CIUP: in front of Fondation Victor Lyon, 29 Boulevard Jourdan [48.819503,2.336392]
6. Quay by barge #1 - quay next to Pont de l'Archevêché bridge [48.851307,2.351766]
7. Anna's apartment (estab) - Hôtel Arturo Lopez, 12 Rue du Centre, Neuilly-sur-Seine [48.879605,2.252764]
8. Apartment interiors - CIUP: Maison de l'Argentine, 27A Boulevard Jourdan [48.819986,2.337517]
9. Quay by barge #2 - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
10. Consone's studio - CIUP: College Franco-Britannique, 9B Boulevard Jourdan [48.819017,2.340417]
11. Madrid (establishing) - unknown location (stock footage)
12. Park & Consone's house - Musée National de Céramique de Sèvres, 2 Place de la Manufacture, Sèvres: park [48.829092,2.222750] & house [48.827797,2.223347]
13. Grave & Duel - Grande Cascade du parc de Saint-Cloud, Domaine national de Saint-Cloud, Saint-Cloud: grave [48.837294,2.215917], duel [48.837705,2.216498]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - Syfy (2010 & 2014)
~Bolded - Syfy (2014) only

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Flashback - Madrid, 1971 - dance studio 1

[Super: Madrid, 1971]

[In the dimly lit room, Anna & Rafael perform a dance as other troupe members watch.]

Consone - Anna, let me see your passion. Let me feel it. That's it. Duende! [claps] Yes. [Dance ends.] You see? That is how you dance the Baile Grande. Magnifico.

Translations: Baile Grande - Big Dance; Magnifico - Magnificent

Young Anna - Thank you, Señor Consone.

Consone - Stay... I have a surprise for you. [turns to rest of troupe] My people, tonight, I invite you to share in the most joyous moment of my life. The moment when Anna Hidalgo consents to be my wife.

Troupe - [murmur in surprise] What?

Consone - Anna? Have you nothing to say to me?

Young Anna - Señor Consone... Otavio... I couldn't... I--

Consone - The shy bride. You will get over that soon enough, I promise you. And I will spend my life making you happy. [kisses her hand]

Troupe - [murmuring in background] Oh, my!

Young Anna - No, you don't understand. I'm already engaged... to Rafael.

Troupe - [murmuring in background] She told him!

Consone - Imposible!

Translation: Imposible - Impossible

Young Anna - And I'm carrying his child.

Consone - [grabs her arm] Puta! Whore! [slaps her, knocking her to the floor]

Translation: puta - prostitute

Rafael - Consone! Leave her!

Troupe - [in background] Ay!

[Consone grabs Rafael, holds up a knife, stabs him.]

Young Anna - NO!

Troupe - [in background] Consone!

Consone - [grabs Anna's hair, pulls her to her feet] For as long as you live, remember this... That was only the first cut.

Young Anna - [scratches his face, crawls to Rafael's body] You bastard, Consone! You killed my Rafael! Rafael! No!

[Consone removes his hand from his scratched cheek. The scratches disappear. As Anna continues to cry, Consone leaves the studio.]

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Club Hidalgo, night 2

Club Hidalgo, night 1

[Super: Anna Hidalgo, 25 years Later]

[An older Anna proudly watches her daughter dancing for the audience.]

RR - [sitting at table with DM] I'm sorry. It's a what?

DM - [quietly] The dance. It's called a soleares. [as Luisa continues dancing] She's telling how her lover left her... How she can't live without him.

RR - CUT She is amazing.

DM - [gives him a look] Put your eyes back in your head, Romeo. [pointing] That's Anna, her mother. So behave yourself.

[Luisa finishes dance with a flourish. Audience claps.]

RR - Bravo!


Anna - [moves to stand beside her daughter] You've been a good audience, but to merely watch Flamenco is not to know its spirit. For that, you must dance. [looks at RR] You, young man.

RR - [chuckles] No, no, no.

Anna - Come, I'm not asking you to bullfight.

RR - Uh, I'd love to, really, you know, but too many left feet.

Anna - I see. Then perhaps your friend, Señor MacLeod, will try?

RR - I'm sure he would love to. Come on, Mac. Don't be shy. Come on.

Anna - [as DM stands] Finally, a man with courage.

RR - Come on. Here, I'll help you with the coat. [takes DM's coat]

DM - Thank you.

RR - Go for it.

[DM steps out onto dance floor in front of Luisa as audience applauds.]

Luisa - [moves DM's arms above her head] Put your arms like this.

DM - Like this?

Luisa - Yeah, exactly. [Guitar begins playing.] Down. [brings DM's left hand down and around in a circle between them] Okay. [repeats with his right hand] Again. [takes a step back as he continues moving his arms] Yeah. [DM brings both his hands down together.] I think you've done this before.

RR - [to himself, watching from their table] Of course, of course.

[DM dances a flourish to the guitar music.]


Flashback - Madrid, 1851 - Spanish nightclub, night 3

[Super: Madrid, 1851]

[DM dances the zapateado of the Flamenco with gypsy partner. Theresa watches from the audience.]

Duenna - [to Theresa] We shouldn't be here. It's not proper.

Translation: duenna - an older woman acting as a governess and companion in charge of girls, especially in a Spanish family; a chaperone.

Theresa - You can leave whenever you want, Tialita.

Translation: Tialita - literally, 'little aunt'; likely an affectionate nickname

[Consone is sitting with group of men, smoking a cigar & watching DM & gypsy woman dancing. Dance ends. Audience claps, shouts 'Bravo!', throws coins.]

Theresa - Isn't he magnificent?

Duenna - We have to leave before your father sees us. [reacts as Theresa moves toward DM]

Don Diego - [as DM approaches the group of men] Bravo, Señor MacLeod. That was as finely danced as anything I have seen.

DM - Oh, you flatter me, Don Diego.

Don Diego - Where does a gentleman learn to dance like a gypsy?

Consone - Perhaps he WAS a gypsy... in a former life.

Don Diego - Tell me, Señor Consone, is your student as talented with the sword as he is with the dance?

Theresa - [rushes up to DM] You were wonderful.

Don Diego - Theresa! You shouldn't be here.

Duenna - I told her, señor.

DM - Ah, but, Tialita! The inspiration of a beautiful woman brings out the Flamenco in any man.

Duenna - It isn't a proper dance for an unmarried girl to see.

DM - Ah, so true, señora, so true. But the passion of Flamenco can only be truly appreciated by someone who knows the passion of life. I dance to her-- [dances a few steps, strikes a pose] --the woman of experience.

Duenna - [blushing] Señor MacLeod, such talk is indecent!

Consone - Talk of love is never indecent, Tialita. Surely you are not too old to remember what it was to be young.

DM - Perhaps I can escort you home. [offers Tialita his hand]

Duenna - [takes his hand] People will talk!

DM - Ah. Then we should have a chaperone. [looks at Theresa]

Theresa - [with a smile] But of course. [takes DM's other hand] Only to protect your reputation, Tialita.

[DM escorts both women out. Consone watches them leave.]


Flashback - Madrid, 1851 - courtyard 4

Theresa - [walking with DM as Tialita follows behind them] I think it has been years since a man's turned Tialita's head. Be careful you don't break her heart. A gentleman of Spain doesn't speak of love unless he has serious intentions.

DM - Neither does a gentleman of Scotland.

Theresa - All my life I have been accused by my teachers of being too forward and outspoken. Of having too many opinions for a young woman. Do you think I'm too forward or have too many opinions?

DM - No.

Theresa - Good. Then it won't shock you when I tell you that I love you. I've been in love with you since the very first moment I met you.

DM - But you know nothing of me.

Theresa - I know what I feel. My father has a very good opinion of you. Even though you're a foreigner. Do you love me?

DM - You know I do.

Theresa - Then you will ask for my hand?

DM - Good opinion or not, your father will want you to wed someone from a noble Spanish family.

Theresa - Will you ask?

DM - [quietly] You know not what I am.

Theresa - I know enough. I know what I feel when you touch me. I know when I look in your eyes that you love me. Nothing else matters. We'll have a lifetime to learn each other's secrets, won't we, mi amor? What else is marriage for?

Translation: mi amor - my love

Duenna - [as DM leans in for a kiss, interrupting them] Theresa? It's getting chilly. Time to go in.

Theresa - Un momento, Tialita. [to DM] Talk to him. [He nods. She gives him a quick kiss & leaves with Duenna.]

Translation: un momento - one moment


Outside Club Hidalgo, night 2


<RR - [leaving club with DM] Now, don't get me wrong. I am impressed. It's just that you'd think that over four hundred years, you'd probably acquire some skills.

DM - [chuckles] Well, I think my zapateado was a little rusty.>

RR - Gee, Mac, I'm real sorry to hear about that.

DM - Well, if you want some lessons, I can get Anna to give you some.

RR - I thought Luisa was the dancer.

DM - Luisa's good, but Anna was the best.

RR - So what happened?


<Flashback - Paris, 1986 - Street 5 CUT

DM - [voice-over] Car accident. Twenty-five years ago, Anna and her partner, Rafael, were Flamenco's royalty. After he died and Luisa was born, Anna moved to Paris to open the club. I didn't know her then, but, wow, could she dance.

[Anna, wearing a red coat, walks down street carrying bouquet of roses. She steps off curb to cross street.]

DM - [voice-over] Then about ten years ago, there was a hit and run.

[Car comes down street toward Anna.]

DM - [voice-over] She never danced again.>


Outside Club Hidalgo, night 2

(resume previous scene)

RR - Man, that sucks. But I still think I'm going to pass on those lessons. you know, my "zapper" is a little rusty.

DM - [enunciating] Zapateado.

RR - Oh, yeah. Whatever.

Luisa - [at foot of stairs] No. Leave me alone, Mama. I'm going!

Anna - It's three o'clock in the morning!

Luisa - So what? Mom, I'm twenty-four years old! Stop treating me like a child!

Anna - Then stop acting like one! Luisa, you have a great gift, but you mistreat it. You need rest and practice.

Luisa - What I need is a mother who stops living her life through me.

Anna - You are my daughter!

Luisa - But I'm not you, Mom, and you can't be me. It's not my fault you can't dance anymore. I didn't make you a cripple! [Anna slaps her.]


[DM steps forward to intervene, then senses 'buzz' as limo pulls up to curb. Luisa gets into limo as DM & RR come down steps toward Anna.]

Anna - Luisa! LUISA! [Limo drives away.]

DM - Anna. Let me drive you home.

Anna - Oh, no, no. It's all right, Duncan.

DM - You're sure?

Anna - Yeah. Sí. Buenas noches. [walks away]

Translations: - yes; buenas noches - good night


[meanwhile, in limo]

Luisa - I love her, but she makes me crazy. You know, she treats me like I'm still a kid. Like I need a chaperone or something.

Consone - [leans over, clinks his champagne flute against hers] I'll be your chaperone. [They both raise their glass to their lips, sip their champagne.] That man with your mother... do you know him?

Luisa - Just one of her old friends. Duncan MacLeod.

Consone - I don't suppose you happen to know where he lives?

Luisa - Why do you care about him?

<Consone - CUT {Suddenly}, telling you... he is the last thing on my mind.> [kisses her] 1


Barge - on deck 6

RR - [carries small pails of bitumen pain across barge roof to where DM is sitting] You know, Mac, 2 just because this guy is rich and he's Immortal, does not necessarily make him a bad guy.

DM - No, I know. But I'd feel safer knowing who it was.


[Taxi pulls up near barge. Anna gets out. DM goes to meet her.]

DM - Anna, what's wrong? Luisa?

Anna - She never came home last night.


Inside barge 6


DM - Anna, I know everything that you want for her, but... but you can't force her to dance. CUT Do you know anything about this guy she's seeing?

Anna - Nothing... She won't even tell me his name. She used to tell me everything.

DM - [senses 'buzz', flash of Consone outside the barge] There's something I've got to do outside, Anna. Um, Richie will keep you company. All right? Be back in a moment. [leaves] CUT

<RR - So, Mac tells me that you taught Luisa how to dance.>


Quay by barge 6

[DM walks across barge deck and 3 jumps down onto quay.]

Consone - [plucking petals from a flower] She loves me... She loves me not. [holds flower to his nose, smelling it] She loves me. [tosses flower aside] Is that furious look really meant for me?

<DM - Who else, Consone?

Consone - A great Spanish name. You make it sound like you're cursing.> CUT

DM - Where's Luisa Hidalgo?

Consone - Where she wants to be. With me, of course.

DM - You brought her here?

Consone - I thought you had hopes of becoming a gentleman someday, MacLeod... but here you are, living in a dump on the river. You're still gitano -- a gypsy.

Translation: gitano - a Spanish male gypsy

<DM - CUT If you've come here for me, let's go.>

Consone - I remember you as clumsy, MacLeod. Not stupid.


Inside barge 6

(resume previous scene)

RR - So this, uh, duende... this happens all the time?

Anna - Not every time. The true duende is rare. It happens when the dancer is beyond being tired. So exhausted he can't think. He can't stop either. The spirit of the dance enters you. For a moment, time stops, pain stops... your body seems to move by itself. It is then that the dance can be truly perfect. [looks out porthole] My God! Consone! [drops her teacup, breaking it]


Quay by barge 6

(resume previous scene)

Consone - I'm not here to fight with you, MacLeod. I'm here to offer a simple choice. Stay away from the Hidalgos or die.

Anna - Consone! You!

DM - Anna.

Anna - The police stopped searching--

DM - Anna.

Anna - --but I have found you. Monster! ¡Diablo! You killed him! You killed my Rafael!

Translation: diablo - devil

DM - [holding her back] What?

Luisa - [gets out of limo, runs to Anna] Stop! Mama, stop! Are you crazy? Stop!

Anna - He killed Rafael! He killed your father! He's your {??}!

Luisa - Are you crazy? Mama, you're crazy! That was twenty-five years ago! Look at him. Look! Think, Mama. How can it be the same man?

Anna - But he looks exactly-- Oh, I'm sorry.

Luisa - Don't touch me! Stay out of my life!

Anna - No. Come back, Luisa. I'm sorry!

[Anna goes back to limo.]

DM - Anna. Anna. Richie, take her home. Anna, go. Go. Go.

RR - [pulls Anna away] Come on. Come on.

Consone - Maybe therapy would help.

DM - I'll see you soon.

Consone - Wrong choice. [gets into limo with Luisa]


Establishing shot: Anna's apartment building 7

Anna's apartment 8

RR - Can I get you some more tea, maybe some coffee?

Anna - I was so sure it was him. I was certain. I don't understand.

RR - You know something? Let's forget the coffee. We'll just go with something stronger. [picks up brandy bottle from liquor cabinet] You know, Anna, they say that everyone has a double somewhere. [pours two shots]

Anna - But he looked so much like Consone! But that's impossible, no? He'd be much older now... almost sixty.

RR - Well, then, there. You see?

Anna - But I felt it inside, like a knife. [RR downs a shot.] It was him. The look... the voice. The same arrogance that told you whatever you were was nothing compared to him. But it couldn't be him!

RR - [carries other shot over, sits by her] Anna, you are just going to make yourself crazy.

Anna - Maybe I already have.

RR - Oh, come on. [sets shot on coffee table] Don't say that. Listen. Sometimes something seems impossible, but it's not. It's just-- It's just the way it is.

Anna - What way is this, Richie? How could this be possible? 4


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 9

Inside barge 6

DM - What did you tell her?

RR - What could I tell her, Mac? She's afraid she's going crazy. I mean, her mind tells her it can't be him, but in her gut, she knows it. She just knows it.

[DM opens sword case, picks up dagger resting inside, and then its companion sword.]

RR - What are you doing with those?


Flashback - Madrid, 1851 - Consone's studio 10

Consone - [stops same sword with his dagger] Hold.

Man - [in background] Uno.

Translation: Uno - One

Consone - Wrist.

Man - [in background] Next position...

Man - [in background] Dos.

Translation: Dos - Two

Consone - Again.

[The studio has large squares painted on the floor, with a circle and multiple guidelines marked inside.]

Man - [in background, at another square] Tres.

Man - [in background] Watch your hands. {??}

Man - [in background] Cuatro.

Translation: Tres. Cuatro. - Three. Four.

[Consone & DM salute each other, begin to fence. They stop with DM's blade pointed at Consone's chest.]

Consone - [looks down at DM's sword] Yes. The line is direct. The master of the destreza is like a surgeon. [moves DM's blade aside with his dagger] Now, extranjero! Control. This is gentleman's work, not like your gypsy dance.

Translation: extranjero - foreigner

[They resume their practice, until DM manages to draw blood from Consone's shoulder.]

DM - Whatever works.

[DM comes at Consone again. This time Consone knocks DM's blades aside, steps in close, and buries his dagger in DM's gut.]

Consone - You're a good student, but you have much to learn.

DM - That wasn't necessary.

Consone - Are you the master, now?

DM - No.

Consone - [withdraws his dagger] You must be relentless. If this were a fight to the death, would you let a dagger in the ribs stop you?

DM - No, I would not.

Consone - Muy bien. The lesson is over. The art of the swordfight lies not only in winning -- it lies in not losing. CUT The champion is the man who fights until the final stroke.

Translation: muy bien - very good


Flashback - Madrid, 1851 - steam bath 3

Consone - You have good instincts, MacLeod. You never make the same mistake twice. If I had another year, I would make a real swordsman of you.

DM - I'm thinking of staying in Madrid a little longer.

Consone - Are you? I thought you had too much of the gypsy in you.

DM - Theresa wants me to propose marriage.

Consone - A young woman of quality does not discuss such things.

<DM - This one does. I know marriage isn't an easy thing for any of us. How long can we go before someone notices we're not getting any older? CUT

Consone - Perhaps you fail to understand our customs.

DM - No, I know, I know. We'll have to travel. She'll have to give up everything that she loves. She wants me to give her children. I can't give her those.>

Consone - Theresa is not for you! She is of noble blood.

DM - [laughs, slaps Consone on the shoulder] I'm the son of a clan chieftain.

Consone - You are the son of a barbarian. You are a foreigner -- an extranjero. No, no, you forget her, my friend. She is not for you. I have already spoken to her father.

DM - Perhaps you should have spoken to the lady first.

Consone - She will do as her father instructs.

DM - You would ask her to deny her heart?

Consone - Theresa deserves a gentleman. And if she does not love me now, one day she will.

DM - You're wrong, Consone. You're so wrong.

Consone - You are finished in Madrid. Leave tomorrow, or you will die. The choice is yours. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Madrid, 1851 11

Flashback - Madrid, 1851 - courtyard 4

<Theresa - [offscreen] No, Papa! I can't marry him!

Don Diego - [offscreen] Theresa, I am your father, and you will do as I say. My decision is final!> CUT

Theresa - [offscreen] Never! I'd rather die!

DM - [enters courtyard] Theresa!

Theresa - [enters courtyard, runs to him] Duncan! You are too late.

DM - Consone. I will speak to your father. I'll make him see reason.

Consone - [enters courtyard] He already has. His daughter will marry one of Madrid's finest gentlemen. Leave. [DM shakes his head.] She's my betrothed. CUT

Theresa - No! I'll never marry you! I hate you!

Consone - [to DM] I warned you. Let's see if the barbarian can die like a gentleman.

DM - Theresa, go.

Theresa - No. No, don't do this. Otavio, you mustn't. He's your friend.

Consone - No more. [pushes her aside]

[The two Immortals remove their coats and draw their swords and daggers. Swordfight begins. Consone stabs DM.]

Theresa - [watching from nearby] No!

Consone - [raises his sword to DM's neck, whispers] Now you die.

Theresa - [runs to DM] No! Wait!

Consone - Leave us!

Theresa - Spare his life, and I'll marry you.

DM - No! [tries to fight back. Consone punches him in the face, knocking him down.]

Theresa - Kill him, and I'll be in a convent by nightfall.

Consone - Renounce him. Swear never to see him again, or ever speak of him.

DM - Theresa, don't promise him anything.

Theresa - I swear.

DM - Theresa...

Theresa - I have given my word. Now go.


Park 12

RR - Mac, it just looks like a big circle.

DM - It's a lot of things. [begins practicing sword moves within the circle] It's a discipline. A state of mind.

RR - And you expect him to stand in this thing while you fight?

DM - Consone was the master of the circle. This was his world. He'll come.

RR - Why don't you just go after the guy? What do you want to play his game on his turf for?

DM - Because it all comes back to this.

RR - Yeah, but, Mac, this isn't poetry. It's a fight to the death! Why do you want to give him an edge you don't need to? If Consone beat you before, he might beat you again.

DM - [stops moving, holding a position] I'm better now. [starts moving again]

RR - Yeah, but... maybe he is, too.

[DM continues moving around circle, straightens and holds position again. 5]


Establishing shot: Anna's apartment building 7

Anna's apartment 8

DM - [looking at framed photographs on wall] Yes, they were wonderful, Anna. Fandango, soleares, and the Baile Grande. I heard no one moved quite like you. No one.

Anna - I was pretty good, wasn't I?

DM - Yeah.

Anna - I thought my Luisa would be better.

DM - She will be.

Anna - She's all I have left, Duncan. I don't want to lose her. Even if she never danced again.

DM - You won't lose her. 6 Are you certain you don't know where he lives? [She shakes her head.] What about where he takes her?

Anna - Nothing.

DM - How about the other dancers in the company?

Anna - They tell each other everything. But they're her friends. I'm the boss. They'll never tell me. And they've seen you with me before. They know we're friends.

DM - [offscreen] Don't worry, Anna. I have ways to find him. (this replaces DM's offscreen line below in the cable versions)

DM - [offscreen] Hmm. It does cause a problem, doesn't it? 7 [sets glass on table, stands] Then we'll just have to find someone they don't know, won't we? [leaves apartment]


Dancers' apartment 8

Gilda - [doing aerobics to workout video, hears knock at door] It's unlocked, Manuel!

Isabella - [comes out of bedroom wearing a towel] I'll get it. [opens door]

<RR - [re towel] CUT Oh, heh! I hope I haven't come at a bad time.>

Isabella - Who are you?

RR - Richard Redstone. [shakes her hand] Nice to meet you. [Her towel starts to slip & she grabs at it.] Oh! I'm sorry.

Gilda - [comes up behind them] Richard who?

RR - I, uh, I saw you down at the Club. I got your address from one of the musicians there. What's his name? Um--

Gilda - Ramone?

RR - Ramone. Ramone. That's it. Anyway, he said you might be interested.

Gilda - In what?

RR - In a job. You see, I need three flamenco dancers for my hotel. It's, uh, free room and board, good pay, and, um... private dressing rooms. What do you say?

Gilda - Maybe.

RR - Well, good. Good, good. But there were three of you before. Where's the other girl? Is she here?

Gilda - Luisa's not here. There are just two of us right now.

RR - Hmm. That could be a problem. Is there any way I can get in touch with her?

[Isabella & Gilda exchange a look.]

Gilda - We don't know where she is. Sorry.

RR - Oh. All right. Well, thanks anyway then. Too bad.

Gilda - Wait... She made us promise not to tell anyone, so...

RR - Well, ladies, she'll never know it was you who told me. Oh, come on. You gotta trust me.


Outside Consone's house 12

[DM drives 8 up, parks, 9 walks toward house. 10 CUT He stops as housekeeper exits house.]

DM - [to housekeeper coming down front steps] Uh, excuse me. I'm looking for Señor Consone.

Housekeeper - I am afraid no one is here.

DM - Do you know where I can find him?

<Housekeeper - Are you a friend of his? CUT

DM - We go back a long way.

Housekeeper - Oh, you came for the wedding. But you're too late. [Her last sentence echoes.] (continued below)


Flashback - Madrid, 1853 - courtyard 4

DM - Señora.

Duenna - You are mad, señor. What are you doing here?

[Super: Madrid, 1853]

DM - I've come to see Theresa.

Duenna - Señor Consone will kill you if he sees you. Please, ride on. Leave this place.

DM - Not until I talk to Theresa. Just for a moment.

Duenna - Impossible.

DM - Then take her a message from me, please.

Duenna - [sighs] Señor MacLeod, you don't know what you ask.

DM - Tell her I haven't forgotten her. I cannot forget her. She hasn't been out of my heart for the past two years. [tearfully] Please, señora, just for a momentito. CUT

Translation: momentito - little moment

Duenna - Come, Señor... prepare yourself. [leads him away]


Flashback - Madrid, 1853 - grave 13

Duenna - [as DM kneels by gravestone] Only three months ago. I shouldn't have told you. Better you should think of her as you knew her. But she is happier now. I'm sure of it.

DM - How?

Duenna - An accident.

DM - What kind of accident?

Duenna - The stairs.


Flashback - Madrid, 1853 - Consone's villa 4

Duenna - [voice-over] She must have slipped.

[Consone pushes Theresa down the stairs.]


Flashback - Madrid, 1853 - grave 13

(resume previous scene)

DM - Was she alone when it happened? Was HE with her?

Duenna - No, señor, you mustn't say such a thing.

DM - Tialita, tell me the truth.

Duenna - No one saw anything.

DM - Tialita!

Duenna - We only heard. But she never stopped loving you. It's made the señor insane with jealousy.

DM - Where is he?

Duenna - No, señor, you mustn't.

DM - Tialita, when she was alive, I promised to honor her vow. Now I will avenge her murder.

Duenna - Señor, no!

DM - Why?!

Duenna - She gave her happiness to spare your life. It was her dying wish that you were safe.

DM - I cannae just ride away!

Duenna - If you don't, then my Theresa died for nothing. Nothing! I beg you, señor, for her, for my Theresa, ride away. [DM kneels by grave again.] Live, señor. Live. [leaves]

[NOTE: gravestone plaque reads: THERESA DEL GLORIA CONSONE / {??} / 1829-1853 / {??}]


Outside Consone's house 12

(continued from above)

Housekeeper - But you're too late. Señor Consone and Luisa got married this afternoon. Señor Consone gave me a week off.> Newlyweds -- you know how it is.

DM - Well, I came and brought him a gift, too.

Housekeeper - Oh. Would you like to give it to me? I'll make sure he receives it.

DM - No, thank you, señora. I... would like to give it to him personally.

Housekeeper - As you wish. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Club Hidalgo, night 2

Inside Club Hidalgo 1

[Anna makes her way through the darkened club, leaning heavily on her cane.] 11

Consone - [sitting at a table in the dark] That does look awkward. [Anna turns lights on.] Tell me, does it hurt? Does it bother you every day? How did it happen?

Anna - It was an accident.

Consone - That's right, Anna, a terrible accident. September, 1986, on the Rue de Madelaine. You were wearing a red coat. [Flash of Anna in red coat, carrying bouquet of roses.] 5 You looked lovely. [Flash of Anna crossing the street. A car speeds toward her.] 5 Maybe it was the birds that made you turn, or maybe you heard the roar of the car. [Flash of car speeding toward her. The roses go flying across the cobblestones.] 5 You were too late.

Anna - No!

Consone - Tell me, do you still move with the same passion? The same fire? How is your dancing, Anna? [Anna screams, swings her cane at him. He grabs her arm. She falls to her knees.] Such behavior. Is that any way to greet your new son-in-law?

Anna - You-- You didn't. No, no. It's not you. It can't be you. This is not possible.

Consone - Luisa was such a lovely bride. Pity she'll die so young.

Anna - Oh, no! Not Luisa! No, no! She's innocent!

Consone - She is the spawn of the two who betrayed me. Remember? I told you Rafael is only the first cut. [Flash of Consone stabbing Rafael.]

Anna - Kill me, not Luisa! Kill me instead!

Consone - You, Anna? [drops her cane on the floor] I killed you that day in the street.

[Flash of Consone getting out of car. He looks at the roses dropped on the ground, gets back into car.] 5

[Consone stands, puts on his coat, leaves. Camera circles in on Anna sobbing on the floor of the 12 club. 13]


Establishing shot: Consone's house 12

Outside Consone's house 12

Luisa - [gets out of her car, walks toward house, 14 pulls keyring from her pocket, sees DM] Duncan.

DM - Where's Consone?

Luisa - Did my mother send you? Look, I love her, but she can't keep doing this.

DM - Where is he?

Luisa - He had an errand to run. He'll be home soon.

DM - Look, we're going to get your things, and I'm going to take you away from here. You don't know what he is.

Luisa - I know enough.

DM - What if I told you he'd been married before?

Luisa - So what?

DM - That the person that he married meant a great deal to me.

Luisa - I think you should leave now.

DM - He killed her.

Luisa - You're as crazy as my mother.

DM - Your mother isn't crazy. [senses 'buzz' as Consone's limo nears house, shoves Luisa through front door] Get inside.

[Limo pulls up in driveway. Consone gets out. Inside house, Luisa sits on staircase, eavesdropping on the conversation outside.]

Consone - Highlander. I always seem to find you sniffing around my women.

DM - Theresa was never yours.

Consone - Don't flatter yourself. She never thought of you again.

[Luisa is still eavesdopping.]

DM - No, no, no, Consone. What you mean is she never SPOKE of me again. She thought of me. She thought of me every night. Every time you touched her. Every time you looked at her. That's why you killed her.

Consone - Young women, they wither and fade so quickly. Theresa was no different. [Luisa is still eavesdropping.] Yes, I killed her. [holds up his left hand, showing off wedding band] Have you met the new Señora Consone? [Luisa is still eavesdropping.] She is quite a beautiful flower, is she not?

DM - You know, Consone, I'd forget about her. I sent her home to her mother.

[Luisa is still eavesdropping.]

Consone - [chuckles] Imposible! Luisa is mine!

Translation: Imposible - Impossible

DM - [laughs] You think any woman would stay with you once they knew what you were?

Consone - She can run all she likes. If it takes another twenty years, I'll find her.

[Inside the house, Luisa bows her head, heartbroken.]

Consone - If she has a husband, I'll kill the husband; if she has a daughter, I will seduce the daughter.

Luisa - [runs out of the house] You son-of-a-bitch! You-- No!

DM - [holds her back] Easy. Easy.

Consone - That was a mistake.

Luisa - No!

Consone - It's too bad. For both of you.

DM - Luisa, go.

Luisa - You--

DM - Go!

[Luisa runs off.]

Consone - [calls after her] I'll find you! [to DM] And I will have her. And your noble sacrifice will be for nothing.

DM - Who said anything about sacrifice?

Consone - [chuckles] Bravo, extranjero. [motions with his hand for DM to precede him]

DM - After you.


Near Consone's house - The Mysterious Circle 13

[DM & Consone approach the circle, carrying their swords and daggers. They move to opposite corners of the marked square, salute each other, and begin. Dusk is falling, and so is the rain. They continue to fight until it is fully dark and raining hard. Fight continues in the pouring rain. 15]

DM - [as fight pauses, holding his pose] Still think you could make a swordsman out of me, Consone?

Consone - You were born a pig farmer. You'll always be a pig farmer. [They continue. Consone stabs DM with his sword.] And now you die a pig farmer.

[<CUT Consone moves to pull his sword back. DM grabs the basket and pulls the sword forward, impaling himself fully. His sword thus trapped, Consone tries to hit DM with his dagger. DM grabs the dagger from him and uses both daggers to behead Consone.> As Consone falls, his sword is pulled from DM's body. DM falls to his knees as Quickening begins. Fireworks and flames light up the area until the Quickening ends. 16]


Anna's apartment 8 CUT

[Camera pans 17 up from vase of red roses to Anna & Luisa sitting quietly together. They hear a knock at the door. Anna opens the door. DM enters.]

Luisa - Duncan, what happened?

DM - You don't have to worry about Consone anymore.

Anna - Did the earth open up and swallow him? Did a mountain crumble on top of him and bury him?

DM - Not exactly.

Anna - Then she's not safe.

<Luisa - CUT Oh, Mama, what should I do? I can't believe I married him.>

DM - You're a widow.

[Both women look at him in shock.]

Luisa - But how?

Anna - We won't ask any more. [takes DM's hand, kisses it]

Luisa - [whispers] Oh, Mama. [hugs Anna]

[DM watches them for a moment, then quietly leaves.]


<Establishing shot: Quay by barge 6 CUT

Inside barge 6

RR - So, you beat the master at his own game, huh?>

DM - Consone thought the fight was all about control. About mastering every step and every move. But... You know, there's a place in the dance when you just forget about dancing. When you do things beyond what your body has learned, that is beyond what your conscious mind is capable of.

RR - Duende.

DM - Yeah.

RR - I'm learning, Mac.

DM - Duende.


End of "Duende"

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