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Episode 17: The Modern Prometheus

Written by James Thorpe
Directed by Adrian Paul
Aired: May 17, 1997
Transcript revised: 2-7-21


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I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability, plus I got some of the M.E.L.T. song lyrics from [http://motherearthlovetruth.tripod.com/Pages/e_lyrics.htm]. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher


Dr. Benjamin Adams / Methos - Peter Wingfield
              5,000 y.o. Immortal

Lord George Gordon Noel Byron - Jonathan Firth
              THE Immortal poet

Mike Paladino - Jeffrey Ribier

Mary Shelley - Tracy Keating
              in flashback


Maurice Lalonde - Michel Modo
              Macleod's friend, club manager

Jerry Garrity - Don Foran
              fan in teaser

Claire Clairmont - Katie Carr
              in flashback

Percy Bysshe Shelley - Christopher Staines
              in flashback

Hans Kershner - F. Braun McAsh
              K'Immie in flashback

Locations List:*
1. Concert hall/stage - unknown location (stock footage)
2. Backstage - unknown location
3. Eiffel Tower - Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole [48.857822,2.295140]
4. Warehouse(s) - unknown location
5. Paris nightclub - Brunch Le China/China Club, 50 Rue de Charenton [48.849961,2.373908]
6. Villa Diodati - Château de Voisins, Saint-Hilarion [48.630417,1.755981]; carriage chase [48.629975,1.758739]; carriage crash (unknown location)
7. Nightmare forest - unknown location
8. Byron's apartment - unknown location
9. Byron's apartment (estab) - unknown location
10. Street near apartment - Rue Moreau/Rue de Charenton intersection [48.850453,2.373203]
11. Rooftop - 2 Place du Caquet, Saint-Denis [48.936061,2.358928] with Basilique Cathédrale de Saint-Denis in background
12. Dressing room - unknown location
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

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~Bolded - SciFi channel (2000) only
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~Bolded - Syfy (2014) only

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Stadium - concert stage 1

[Rock band performs song by Marcus Testory.]

[M.E.L.T. - "Steps"

{Broken rents in the souls}
{?? to the flesh}
Step by step
{I wish to be relieved}
{And it hurts even more}
When you have to realize
That there's no destiny
No, there's no destiny
No, there's no...]

Crowd - [chanting] Byron! Byron! Byron! Byron!


Stadium - backstage area 2

[{So let's talk ??}]

[Byron strides down tunnel, flanked by two bodyguards wearing jackets emblazoned with "Byron and the Undead". Flash of band on stage. 1]

{It's a soul}]

[The bodyguards escort Byron through crowd of screaming fans and news photographers in parking garage.]

Jerry - Did you get my tape? I'm Jerry! Jerry Garrity! "End your confusion, / Love a man, not an illusion."

Byron - "I could never be all that you dream." [motions to bodyguards] Ca va.

Translation: Ca va. - It's okay.

Jerry - You listened to it.

Byron - I thought it was good. Come on, Jerry. Let's go for a ride.

Jerry - This is for real! [gets into limo]

Byron - As real as it gets. [gets into limo with bodyguards. Limo drives off. Vanity plate reads: BYRON 1]

{?? final ??}
And when it's up, you die
And when it's up, you die
And when it's up, you die
And when it's up, you die}]


Establishing shot: Paris skyline, night 3

Inside warehouse, night 4


<Byron - [standing in the rafters] Come on, Jerry! Spit out the fear and taste the glory! Just one more step.

[Jerry inches his way out along the metal truss, loses his footing, slips off. Byron grabs his hand, keeps him from falling.]

Jerry - Oh-Oh-Ohh! Help!

Byron - [as Jerry dangles] Feel it, Jerry! Revel in it! This is to be mortal and to seek the things beyond mortality! [pulls Jerry up onto the tress, laughs] The world is watching, Jerry. Can you fly?

Jerry - [takes swig from whiskey bottle] Sure. [Byron takes swig from bottle.] Can we talk about the music?>

Byron - Are you ready?

Jerry - Huh?

Byron - First we jump. Then we lay down some tracks. You and me. Damon and Pythias. [Jerry gives him a blank look.] Batman and Robin. <All you need to do is soar, Jerry, like an eagle. [Flash of concert crowds chanting: Jerry! Jerry!]> 1 CUT If you're not living, you're dying, Jerry.

[Flash of concert crowd chanting: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!] 1

Jerry - I'm cool.

Byron - Good.

[Sound of crowd chanting continues: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!]

Jerry - Batman and Robin.

Byron - No guts, no glory. [Flash of concert crowd.] 1 Geronimo!

[They jump, fall to warehouse floor below. Moments later, Byron revives, stands up.]

Byron - That was a very good try. [picks up his cane, laughing, walks away 1]


[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Paris nightclub, night 5

Woman - We're late, you guys. {Thanks for waiting.} 2

Inside nightclub 5

[DM, Joe & Methos are sitting at table, listening to Mike playing with band.]

DM - This kid's great.

Joe - We picked him up in London. He came to every show, every night.


[Methos & DM sense 'buzz' as Byron enters club.]

Methos - [smiles] Well, well. Look who's here.

Byron - [walks through club, shakes Maurice's hand] Good to see you, man. All right?

Joe - Byron.

DM - THE Byron?

Byron - [walks toward them, two Groupie Girls following him] Hey, Doc.

Methos - [stands to greet him] Hey.

Byron - It's been a long time. [shakes his hand]

Methos - You've become kind of famous again.

Byron - Yeah, I, uh, just can't seem to shake it. [chuckles]

Methos - [makes introductions] Uh, Duncan MacLeod. Joe Dawson.

Byron - [to DM] Any friend of Doc's... [They exchange a measured look. CUT Byron turns his attention to Mike, still playing his electric guitar with the band.] That kid's not bad. Who is he?

Methos - Ah, that's Mike. He's from London. [They sit at the table, applaud as Mike finishes song.]

DM - [as Mike comes over to them] You were great, Mike.

Mike - It's a rush!

Joe - Beautiful, man.

Mike - Thanks, Joe.

Byron - Great chops, kid.

Mike - [to Joe] I'm sorry. Hold on a minute. [goes to sit by Byron] You're who I think you are, aren't you? I've got every CD. Imports, everything. Man, I've been a fan of yours forever.

Joe - [leans over to Methos] You mean to tell me you knew him all this time and you never told me?

DM - Yeah... "Doc".


Flashback - Switzerland, 1816 - country road 6

[Super: Switzerland, 1816]

[Methos, in driver's seat of carriage, yawns loudly as Byron & Claire kiss passionately in rear seat of carriage.]

Byron - [looks up, laughs] It seems the good doctor grows weary of our entertainments.

Methos - As spectator, surely. As participant, never.

Claire - Doctor Adams, your effrontery shocks me.

Byron - You aren't shocked, are you? You would be if you saw him at his labors, cutting up corpses, up to his elbows in rotting flesh and maggoty entrails.

Claire - No! Truly!?

Methos - There are some questions about life that only the dead can answer.

Byron - Only the dead... and poets!

Methos - Well, then I shall have my answers when the Shelleys arrive.

<Byron - CUT Or rather, Percy Shelley and that woman, Mary, he calls wife that he seems so interested in seducing.>

[All three laugh as carriage approaches two girls by side of road.]

Girl - Oh, look! Byron!

Methos - My, what do we have here?

Claire - [as Byron stands, reaches out to the girls] Byron, sit down.

Byron - [quoting himself] "This band, which bound thy yellow hair, / Is mine, sweet girl! Thy pledge of love; / It claims my warmest, dearest care, / Like relics left of saints above." [tosses gold scarf to the girls as carriage passes them]

Girl - Oh, I caught it.

Methos - [as carriage moves away] Oh, I don't know what {they think ??}

Girl - I'll cherish it forever.

Methos - [sees small coach on road ahead of them] Whoa! [stops carriage as he & Byron sense 'buzz' from coach's driver. Byron taps his shoulder.] You know him?

Byron - Hans Kershner. He thinks I slept with his wife. [joins Methos on front seat of carriage]

Claire - Did you?

Byron - Of course!

Methos - [with a smile] Hold on.

Byron - [slaps reins to start carriage forward again] Haah!

Kershner - Hyah! Hold it there, you scoundrel!

Byron - Hyah! Come on! [turns carriage down side lane, Kershner in pursuit]

Kershner - You can't get away! You can't escape! Hyah! Hah!

Claire - Whoo!

Byron - [urges horses faster] Come on! Go on!

Kershner - Hyah! Hyah! Aah! Giddap! [They race past a lake.] Hyah! [The wheel of Kershner's coach hits a rock. Kershner goes flying as the coach tumbles over.]

<Methos - Next time, send your wife!> CUT


[short while later]

[Carriage passes through open gates of large villa.]

Byron - Am I as dangerous as my reputation, Doctor? [brings carriage to halt]

Methos - [laughing] You are mad, sir. Mad. Are you trying to get us killed?

Byron - You speak of death. Yet note how quickly your heart beats. You seem more alive than ever, sir!

[They walk toward villa together.]


Flashback - Switzerland, 1816 - Villa Diodati, conservatory 6


Byron - <[dramatic reading] "So to the last, and in the verge of our decay, some phantom lures such as we sought at first, but all too late, so are we doubly cursed. Love, fame, ambition, avarice, 'tis the same. Each idle and all ill and none the worst. For all are meteors with a different name, and death the sable smoke who vanishes in the flame."> [closes book with a flourish. Claire and the Shelleys applaud.] It's all drivel! [throws book to the floor] My God, I bore even myself.

Percy - I thought it was wonderful, Lord Byron. <You are too critical of your poetry.> CUT And for the evening's entertainment... [holds up opium pipe]

Byron - It'll take more than Morpheus' smoke to quiet me today, Shelley.

Mary - [to Methos] I trust you had a pleasant journey this afternoon, sir.

Methos - Only if one enjoys dancing near the halls of death, Mrs. Shelley.

Claire - I LOVE to dance.

Byron - [to Methos] What have you to quiet a troubled soul, Doctor? For mine has been wounded in life's battles.

Claire - You cannot wound a spirit. How ridiculous, Lord Byron.

Byron - Shall we test your theory, my little nymph? [grabs up pistol from nearby] Shall I kill you here and now? [points it at Claire]

Claire - Lord Byron, no.

Methos - I think you've taken this jest far enough.

Byron - [glances at Methos, turns back to Claire, still pointing pistol at her] Shall I watch your spirit rise up before me? And pluck it from the air?

<Claire - I only-- CUT

[Byron strides to her, grabs her and kisses her. She pushes him away, sinks onto a bench, dizzy.]>

Byron - Shelley, the laudanum. [Percy hands Claire a vial of laudanum.] Next time, preserve your ignorance for one more deserving than I.


Flashback - Switzerland, 1816 - Villa Diodati, drawing room - night 6


<Byron - Is there 3 no relief to this eternal boredom? We need better diversions.

Methos - What exactly did you have in mind?

Byron - New stories.> I say we call forth the armies of the night, and do them battle, soul to soul, till they, or we, cry, "Hold, enough," and give over the field.

Claire - Sounds thrilling.

Methos - Sounds morbid.

Percy - Stories of horror... to bring forth our own ghosts from deep within us. From those dead humors rattling around the midnight of our souls.

Byron - Yes, yes, but who shall be first to amuse and frighten us tonight? The quiet Mrs. Shelley, perhaps?

Mary - You mock me, sir, yet I have felt death. I've held it in my arms. I hope never to feel the like again.

Byron - Yes, but feel it you did. In tasting grief, in tasting fear, is that not the time we truly live? [Mary nods slowly.] And so, fair muse, what ghosts have you to share tonight?

Mary - I'm -- I'm afraid my imagination fails me at present.

Byron - Ah, but look, dear lady. Your neighbor greedily gulps the nectar of creativity itself. [holds vial of laudanum as Claire drinks from it]

Percy - [takes vial from Byron] Drink the laudanum, my love. Drink. [Mary takes vial from him.] To stimulate your imagination, my dear. [Mary drinks, gets up, gasping. Methos rises, twirls her around, then eases her to the floor as she collapses, coughing.]

Byron - What melodrama is this?

Methos - Your wife has had enough, sir.

Percy - Take care of her, good doctor. Into your hands I commend her spirit.

[Methos scoops Mary up, carries her from the room. Byron & Claire kiss passionately nearby, ignoring them.]


Establishing shot: Villa Diodati, night 6

<Dream sequence 6 CUT

[Flash of desolate forest in black and white.] 7

[Mary lies on a bed, gasping as she dreams.]

[Same forest. Camera pans around to dark silhouette of a man in the distance among the trees.] 7

[Mary, on the bed, tosses her head, still dreaming.]

[In the forest, dream Mary looks down at her white shift caught on a tree branch. The man is closer to her.] 7

[Mary sits up, waking from the nightmare. She sees a small girl by the window, crying.]

Mary - [gets out of bed] Clara?

[The girl turns toward her. Her face is partially covered with feathers and she has a beak instead of a nose. Mary backs away in horror as lightning flashes through the window.]


Flashback - Switzerland, 1816 - Villa Diodati, bedroom - night 6

Mary - [sits up in bed with a cry. Methos goes to her.] My baby Clara. I dreamt she came back to life. She had a beak for a mouth. And I was in the forest. There was a man -- a monster, a beast. I couldn't tell what it was.> Sometimes... Sometimes I w-- I wonder who's the more unhappy... those who die? Or those who live. [succumbs to sleep once more]

Methos - [strokes her hair] Perhaps, dear Mary... death is not truly journey's end, but just another turn in the road. If we believe that, we can live without fear.

Byron - Bravo. Bravo. [walks toward bed]

Methos - [whispered hiss] Be still!

Byron - [looks down at Mary] Still. So still. Almost like... death. [sits on bed opposite Methos, leans over Mary] Yet look! She stirs. Is she not beautiful? [runs his hand down her body]

Methos - That she is. [plucks his hand away] Now let her rest.

Byron - Ah, but does she want to rest? I say we take her, and push the bounds of our passion to heaven itself.

Methos - And I say we leave before we push the bounds of decency.

Byron - Decency means nothing. All that matters is this moment, the three of us here, in this room. Look at her. [takes Methos' hand, places it on Mary's chest] Feel her hunger. What is the point of living if we don't taste what life has to offer us?

[Byron runs his hand over Mary's body again as she moans in her sleep. Methos gently caresses Mary's neck and the ruffles of her nightgown, then pulls away.]

Methos - Enough. [gets up, walks around bed to Byron. Byron leans over, kisses Mary.] I said, enough! [pulls Byron away]

Byron - How dare you! This is my home, my life. I will do with it as I choose. Unless, of course, you choose to stop me. [pulls sword from his cane, points it at Methos]

Methos - Put it away and let her be. I would rather have your poetry than your head.

Byron - Very well. [sheaths his sword] As a favor to you.

[Byron bows his head slightly. Methos pointedly replies with a slightly deeper bow. Byron grins, bows even more deeply. Methos smiles, one-ups with a final deep bow.]


Outside nightclub, night 5

Mike - Man, that was amazing. It was like Jimi Hendrix was in my head, and I was just playing along.

Joe - Do you want to open for us tomorrow night? Maurice says it's okay.

Mike - Of course, man. I'll do-- I'll do whatever it takes.

DM - You already did what it takes.

Joe - All right. So come by in the morning. We'll run a couple of tunes, and we'll see how it feels.

Byron - Hey, Mike... You wanna come jam?

Mike - You're serious?!

Byron - I'm only asking once.

Mike - Yeah, sure!

Joe - Okay, I'll see you in the morning, all right?

Mike - I'll be there, man. I can't believe this is happening to me.

Joe - Take it easy, all right? Don't get crazy.

Byron - Now or never, Mikey!

Mike - Okay, yeah, uh-- I gotta go. [leaves]

DM - [to Methos] He's an arrogant son-of-a-bitch.

Methos - A lot of geniuses are. He's connected. He could make that kid's career with one phone call.

Joe - Yeah, he's in the big time now.

[Byron's limo drives off.]


Warehouse, night 4

Byron - [sitting on metal truss with Mike] How do you feel?

Mike - I'm too scared to think.

Byron - Of course you are! You're scared to death! Suck it in, man! Savor the fear!

[Byron's two groupie girls cavort below them.]

Groupie Girl - Jump!

Byron - You can do this. Look deep. Let it fly. [Mike shifts forward on the truss.] That's it! <Life! Death! Fear! CUT [Mike loses his grip, starts to fall. Byron grabs him.] Hang on, Mike! [pulls him back up]> Now you're alive. Now we play.


Byron's penthouse loft, night 8

[Open on sitting area as electric guitar plays offscreen. 4 Cut to Mike jamming on his electric guitar in bedroom as Groupie Girl 1 dances. Byron makes out on the bed with Groupie Girl 2. Mike stops playing. Byron looks up from kissing Girl 2. Girl 1 collapses to the floor.]

Byron - Bravo. You're the man.

Girl 1 - [on the floor] Come play with me, Mikey.

Mike - You really think so?

Byron - I said so, didn't I? [to Girl 2 in his lap] Didn't I say so?

Girl 1 - I'm going to come play with you. [crawls across floor to Mike] Oh, yeah.

Byron - So, uh, you're gonna run by the studio tomorrow night and lay down a few tracks, meet some people?

Mike - You know it, man.

Byron - [holds small tray up] Nightcap, anyone?

Mike - No, I'm okay. I'm okay. I've gotta get going.

Byron - That's cool.

Girl 1 - [pouting] Mikey!

Mike - So what time tomorrow?

Byron - You know, actually, tomorrow's a little busy. So, uh, maybe I'll get my manager to send by a couple tickets for tomorrow night's show.

Girl 1 - Oh, Mikey. Please?

Girl 2 - Stay and play. Can't you play with me? I'm a lot of fun.

Byron - [sidles up to Mike's side, leans in close] You don't know what you're missing. [waves small packet at him, smiles]

Girl 1 - [offscreen, as Mike takes packet] Come on, baby. What's the story?

Byron - You're the man. 5


Establishing shot: Nightclub, next morning 6 5

Inside nightclub 5

[Joe is playing with two band members when Mike stumbles in. Joe motions for the others to stop playing.]

Mike - Hey.

Joe - You're late, brother.

Mike - Sorry.

Joe - You know, you don't want to do this, we don't have to.

Mike - No, no, no. I'm ready. I'm ready. Take a look. [plugs his guitar into amp]

Joe - [impatient] Come on, tune it up. Okay? [Mike plays some notes.] You with us?

Mike - Yeah.

Joe - All right. Let's give it a whirl. Two, one, two, three. [Band starts playing again. Mike's efforts are discordant. Methos & DM exchange a look. Joe stops the music with a wave of his hand.]

Mike - What?

Joe - [sighs] Why don't you get a little sleep? Okay, Mike? We'll try this later.

DM - Tough night?

Mike - No, uh, uh -- yeah. Yeah, it was hot. Byron thought I was great. I was flying.

DM - Yeah, it looks like you still are.

Joe - Hey, uh, he give you a little something to help you fly?

Mike - What are you trying to say?

Joe - Look, maybe this is none of my business...


Mike - We're talking about Byron here. You should be happy for me, not bitching at me. All right? I'm out of here. [unplugs his guitar, storms out]

Joe - Take five, guys. [goes over to Methos & DM] Well, boy, oh, boy, I sure screwed that up.

DM - Somebody did. CUT <I'm going to talk to Byron.

Methos - Wait. I'll go with you. [to Joe, as DM waits by the exit] Worried about the kid, huh?

Joe - Yeah. He's in a tough spot.

Methos - To make great music, you have to experience life.

Joe - The good and the bad, huh? Hallelujah.

Methos - Sometimes the man is not as strong as the music. [leaves]>


Establishing shot: Byron's apartment building 9

Byron's penthouse loft 8

Byron - [ranting at his manager] Life, my friend, is in the details. I like almonds, not cashews. Almonds. Shelled, roasted, unsalted. And fed to me by women... Tall, beautiful women with long, black hair. I know you want to make me happy. [Manager scampers out, past Methos & DM.] Afternoon, boys.

Methos - Still lacerating the help, I see.

Byron - It's good being the star.

DM - You and Mike had quite a session last night.

Byron - Yeah. Kid's got a good shot.

DM - That's why we're here.

Byron - [offers cocaine tray to them] Got to rev the engine or you're just idling. Don't understand how you guys can live without it. [snorts some coke]

DM - Just fine, thanks. 7 So did Mike until last night.

Byron - Oh! That's better. Immortality gets pretty damn dull after the first couple of centuries, doesn't it? What's the secret, Doc? What do you do when there's nothing left but the dark, cold emptiness that stretches out for centuries behind you... and when you look in the mirror, all that you see is the abomination that you are?


Flashback - Switzerland, 1816 - Villa Diodati, hallway - night 6

[Servant leads Saanen goat past Mary, standing outside drawing room.]

Byron - [offscreen, in drawing room] The sun will set and oppose the enemy.

Methos - [at top of staircase, calls down to Mary] Shall we? [descends stairs]

Mary - I confess, I'm afraid to go in.

Methos - It's just his way of being entertaining. They're only ghost stories.

Mary - Told by master wordsmiths. Lord Byron's words will live forever. What have I to offer in such company?

Methos - Your heart. Your dreams. Your nightmares.

Mary - Is that where you found your story? Pray, tell me.

Methos - Not now. Come. Let us show Byron and Shelley that they do not have the only creative minds of the day. 8


Flashback - Switzerland, 1816 - Villa Diodati, drawing room - night 6

[Claire is pouring wine down her leg for Percy to catch in his mouth as it runs off her foot.]

Methos - [voice-over] Come. Let us show Byron and Shelley that they do not have the only creative minds of the day. (This line is moved here in the cable versions.)

[Byron is lounging on cushions piled on the floor nearby, watching Claire & Percy. He gets to his feet as Methos & Mary enter.]

Byron - Ah. We'd almost despaired of your company. Hark, Percy! The good doctor is in love with your Mary. What do you say to that?

Percy - [gets to his feet] I say run! And fleet be thy feet. Fly from love, that horned beast that impales all men! [pulls Mary down to the cushions, kisses her]

[Byron & Methos sense 'buzz'.]

Byron - [to Methos] It seems my destiny awaits. [louder, to the others] With your permission, my friends. I take my leave. [Methos follows him out. Mary watches them go, as Percy begins kissing Claire.]


Flashback - Switzerland, 1816 - Villa Diodati, hallway - night 6

Methos - The jealous husband?

Byron - Uh-huh. [walks to front door, where Kershner is waiting, looking through the glass. Byron opens front door] Hans, my good friend! Come in, man, and warm thy sodden self by my fire.

Kershner - [backhands Byron] That is for my wife. And zis is for me. [draws his sword] Defend yourself!

Byron - Alas, my good man, I am but a poet, not a warrior.

Kershner - What you are is a cuckolding cripple.

[Kershner goes back outside. Byron clenches his jaw in anger.]

Methos - You are not ready for this. Give way. [Byron gives him a look, goes out.]


Flashback - Switzerland, 1816 - Villa Diodati - night 6

Byron - Try me, and you shall see a poet's mettle. 9

Methos - Think, man, who you would kill. Would you be Lord Byron's murderer?

Byron - He shall be Lord Byron's first conquest.

Kershner - Well, then, try me, boy.

[They face off and begin fighting. Byron gives way as Kershner attacks, then steps forward and around him, attacking in turn. Kershner dodges, invites him forward, gives ground as Byron attacks. 10 Close on Byron as he pauses to catch his breath. Fight continues.]

Kershner - {Come at me. Aah.}

[Mary peeks around a corner of villa just as Kershner stabs Byron. Byron returns the favor, stabbing Kershner with his cane, then beheads him with his sword. Mary runs to Byron as he collapses. Methos lowers him to the ground, then pulls Mary away as the Quickening begins. Lightning hits Byron's hands, moving them around. Close on Mary watching in shocked amazement. Byron's hands lift, then his body is raised off the ground as the Quickening continues. Pyrotechnic explosions begin 11 to shower huge gouts of sparks in the background. Lightning continues to hit Byron's floating body as pyrotechnics continue. Methos hugs Mary close, trying to protect her from the showering sparks. Close on Mary, her eyes wide as she reacts. More lightning hits the body and an even larger spray of sparks erupts in the background. 12 As those sparks die down, one last explosion of pyrotechnics erupts before Byron's body slowly lowers toward the 13 ground 14]


[moments later]

[Mary is kneeling beside Byron. He moves slightly, and she gasps in shock & stumbles over to join Methos.]

Mary - How? He lives! Yet I thought--

Methos - It was a trick of the storm.

Mary - I am not Claire! Do not speak to me like a fool. I've seen him die, and live again. While my daughter Clara lies buried in her grave. How can he live while my flesh and blood turns to dust? Explain!

Methos - There is no explanation. He is not governed by the rules of mortal flesh. He is of a different kind.

Mary - How do you know this? How can you know it?

Methos - Because I am like him. Immortal. I beseech you, tell no one of this. We must live in secret.

Mary - [nods in understanding] Or you would be hunted.

Methos - For the perversion of nature that we are.


Mary - Poor, tormented creature. [Flash of man in dream forest. 7 Flash of black-and-white 'Frankenstein' face.] The sad hero of a never-ending story. Resurrected by lightning to eternal life... and eternal loneliness. [reaches out a hand to gently caress his cheek. Behind them, Byron gets to his feet.]

Byron - An interesting bit of entertainment this was, I'll wager. Come, there's a fire inside, and stories to tell... if you have one.

Mary - I do. Mine will be about the anguish of immortality.

Methos - And what will you call your story, Mary Shelley?

Mary - "Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus"... [looks over to Byron walking back to the villa. Flash of man in dream forest. 7 Flash of black-and-white 'Frankenstein' face.] A man born of fire.


Byron's penthouse loft 8

Byron - [reading from book] "Light, feeling, and sense will pass away; and in this condition must I find my happiness." [looks up at 'Frankenstein' poster on wall] "Frankenstein," gentlemen. Mary Shelley's greatest work. [off their silence] The point is that we are all Frankenstein's monster, doomed to walk the frozen tundra for eternity. Or the streets of Paris, as the case may be. [holds up packet of white powder] But at least this gives us the illusion of life.

DM - If you think that's what life is all about, then you're already dead.

Byron - [scoffs] So speaks the hero.

DM - You listen to me. This is no illusion, no poetic fantasy. This is real, and it's a warning. Leave the kid alone. [leaves]


Nearby street 10


DM - Your friend's a mess.

Methos - He's a genius.

DM - He's pathetic.

Methos - It's very easy to think that way. Did you ever starve to death, MacLeod? Byron feels hunger like that every day. Twenty thousand people screaming his name; it's not enough to fill the hole inside him. He always wants more. He always NEEDS more. You should try it sometime.

DM - Yeah, well, I know what it's like to be empty. It's no excuse.

Methos - "She walks in beauty, like the night / Of cloudless climes and starry skies."

<DM - CUT "And all that's best of dark and bright / Meet in the aspect of her eyes." Yes, I know the poem.>

Methos - How do you think like that, how do you write like that, and not be a little... larger than life? 15 You know, Charlie Parker, van Gogh, Mozart. Messed up guys.

DM - Yeah. DaVinci. Bach. Normal guys. And still great artists.

<Methos - CUT Yeah, and Byron is also a great artist. He's given the world great poetry.>

DM - But at what price?


Rooftop, night 11

Byron - [holding onto lightning rod during a thunderstorm] Yahhhhhhhh! [Lightning flashes.] Come on, old man! Come and get me! Are you still there?! Missed me! [Mike approaches below him.] That's the difference between you and me, kid. I embrace life, and you run from it! "Daddy" doesn't want you playing in my sandbox!

Mike - I didn't tell them to come. I swear.

Byron - Details, kid!

Mike - They just don't get it.

Byron - Well, of course they don't get it. They never will. Because they're dead and they don't even know it. The world is full of small men with small dreams. What do you want, Mike? Are you ready to grab onto life with both hands and squeeze it 'til it screams for mercy?

Mike - I'm ready.

Byron - I don't think so. You want to play in the big time, you've gotta be a big boy. Go home, kid. I said go home! [turns back to the storm as Mike leaves, crushed] Come on! What are you waiting for? Yahhhhhhhh! [Lightning flashes again.]


Outside nightclub, night 5

Mike - [walks up to Joe & DM] Hey, thanks for nothing, guys.

DM - What's the problem?

Mike - Did I ask you to mind my business? Stay the hell out of my life. [re Joe] If he wants to play in little clubs like this for the rest of his life, that's fine. That's fine. Okay. I'm not. All right? [storms away]

DM - [chases after him] Hey, Mike! Mike! CUT You think Byron gives a damn about you? You think he cares whether you live or die?

Mike - He's my shot.

Joe - Yeah, maybe. [Mike turns away again.] Hey, Mike. You're still opening for us in a couple of hours, all right? [Mike hesitates a moment, then leaves.]


Byron's penthouse loft, night 8

[Alexandra Gord - "Hooked"

Keep your mouth shut
I'm hooked
I'm hooked]

[Byron yells, throws glass objects around, breaking them, snorts powder off coffee table. Mike enters loft.]

[I can't turn you off
You {leave behind} a smoking gun]

Byron - So, Mummy say you could come out and play?

[I wanna get rid of you]

Mike - I don't need anybody's permission.

[{Well, I've} something new]

Byron - By George, I think he's got it.

[{Why don't you just admit it, you little girl}]

Byron - Let's celebrate. [picks up metal case, opens it]

[{Little girl ??}]

Byron - Name your poison.

[{Yet last ??}]

Byron - Now, Mike... [takes out syringe] I hope you're not going to let me down again.

[{??}] [Byron stands, holding syringe, waiting for Mike's decision.]


Outside nightclub, night 5

[Camera pans 16 down as Joe exits nightclub as patrons leave.]

DM - [hurries across street to him] Mike never show up?

Joe - No. What the hell. I should have figured. I mean, who would choose my life over Byron's?

DM - You would.

Joe - Yeah. But he wouldn't be in this spot if it wasn't for me.

DM - Don't hold yourself responsible for him.

Joe - Hey, you would. CUT

DM - I'll see you later. [heads down the street] CUT


Byron's penthouse loft, night 8

[DM storms into penthouse. It is dark and quiet. He finds Mike on the floor by the couch, dead, a needle mark on his arm and an empty liquor bottle beside him.]

DM - Damn him. Damn him! [throws bottle against Frankenstein poster, breaking the protective glass and leaving a red 17 stain 18]


Stadium - concert stage 1

Crowd - [chanting] Byron! Byron! Byron! Byron!


Stadium - dressing room 12

Byron - [looks up as Methos enters] Hey, Doc. It's gonna be a killer show tonight.

Methos - I'm not here for the show.

Byron - Well, uh, the party doesn't start 'til later, but, uh, hey, make yourself at home.

Methos - Leave town.

Byron - Say what?

Methos - MacLeod's going to be coming here. I'm telling you as an old friend, that it would be a good time to go on tour... in another country.

Byron - And disappoint my fans? I told you, I've got a show to do.

Methos - Used to be more than a show. There was a time when you were reaching for the heavens.

Byron - There is no heaven. It's just an illusion for fools and innocents. I have no hope, no dreams, no poetry left. All I feel is this raging hunger. And all I hear is my own voice, screaming my failure. You know what I've become.

Methos - Yes. I know.

Byron - But you know who you are, Doc? Eh? You're the guy in the audience, and I'm the guy on the flying trapeze. Who do you think's having more fun?

Methos - Who do you think's going to live longest?

Byron - Who cares!

Methos - I do.

Byron - Do you want a tombstone that says, "He lived for centuries." Or do you want one that says, "For centuries, he was ALIVE!"

Methos - You're not listening to me. I don't want a tombstone.

[Rock music begins playing in the distance.]

Byron - You hear that? They're playing my song. [grabs guitar, leaves]


Stadium - backstage area 2


<[Offscreen, rock band performs song by Marcus Testory.]

[M.E.L.T. - "Follow My Voice"

[After the first death
there is no other
if you're a believer
and if your god forgets all about your sins
you'll go straight to paradise]

Methos - [as DM approaches] Paladino's dead. I know. Byron didn't force him to do anything.>

[And if not you'll burn in hell]

DM - That's a load of crap. Mike's dead because of Byron.

Methos - No, Mike is dead because of Mike.

[So you better believe your god's priests]

Stagehand - Move it, buddy! Comin' through, bud. [DM & Methos move out of the way.]

[If you wanna save your soul
Don't think twice
Follow their prayers
Follow their laws]

DM - The kid idolized him. Maybe he didn't pull the trigger, but he sure as hell put the gun in his hand. "To live like me, you have to be like me"? Come on, Methos. Mike couldn't do that. He wasn't Immortal.

[and destroy in the name of your god
kill in the name of your lord
die in the name of your god...]

Methos - Which is not Byron's fault. [DM walks away.] Mac. Mac, wait! [follows after him] Think-- Think-- Think about the poetry. Think about the music that he's made. Think about the music that he will still make. You going to kill all that as well?

[Or follow my voice

DM - And what about Mike? What music could he have made?

[Methos has no response, steps aside.]


[short time later]

[Flash of concert crowd 1 as Byron's band finishes performing and returns to backstage area. Byron senses 'buzz', see DM waiting for him nearby.]

Bodyguard - Want me to take care of him?

Byron - [waves them away] Leave me. Go on.

Band member - All right, let's get outta here. Let's go. Give him some room. Come on. [They continue down tunnel.]

Byron - [approaches DM] Let me guess. You want an autograph. [Crowd can be heard cheering in background.] You hear that?

Crowd - [chanting, in background] Byron! Byron! Byron! Byron! Byron! Byron!

Byron - They love me.

DM - Doesn't help, though, does it? Tell me, is there anything you despise more than yourself?


<Warehouse 4 CUT

Crowd - [in stadium, chanting] Byron! Byron! Byron! Byron! 1

[DM follows Byron to area near stadium. They fight. Byron uses both his sword and its cane sheath until DM grabs the cane away from him.]

DM - Well, guess you won't be needing this. [tosses cane aside] Makes us even.

Byron - No. [slides gun from his sleeve, shoots DM in the foot] Now we're even. [tosses gun aside] "Foiled, bleeding, breathless, furious to the last, / Full in the centre stands the Bull at bay!"

Crowd - [in stadium, chanting] Byron! Byron! Byron! Byron! Byron! Byron! 1

Byron - [continues quoting as they fight] "Mid wounds, and clinging darts, and lances brast, / And foes disabled in the brutal fray." [cuts DM on the shoulder, laughs] "And now the Matadores around him play, / Shake the red cloak, and poise the ready brand." [Fight continues.] "Once more through all he bursts his thundering way-- / Vain rage!"

DM - [grabs Byron's sword arm, katana against Byron's neck] "The mantle quits the conynge hand, / Wraps his fierce eye -- 'tis past -- he sinks upon the sand." [whirls, beheads Byron. Rock song starts as Quickening lifts DM off the floor.]

[M.E.L.T. - "Alpha Et Omega"

[You're the one that was]

[Flash of crowds in stadium.] 1

[You're the one that is]

[DM continues to hover above floor, wrapped in Quickening energy. Flash of crowds in stadium. 1]

[You're the one that always will be]

[Quickening energy drops DM, Quickening begins. Quickening is interspersed with flashes of rock concert and concert pyrotechnics, 1 along with flashes of scenes from episode:

-Byron on roof in lightning storm.
-Byron driving carriage with Kershner in pursuit.
-Byron in penthouse loft.
-Byron and Claire kissing passionately in Villa Diodati drawing room.
-Byron fondling Mary as she sleeps.
-Byron in penthouse, snorting cocaine.
-Jerry jumping from warehouse truss.
-Byron in penthouse.
-Byron breaking things in the penthouse.
-Byron backstage after the concert.]

[Rock song continues throughout Quickening.]

[No one mortal is able to lift your veil

I can see your light in the distance
I can see you shine in the distance

Isis, mighty mother
I can feel your presence
I know you're with me
I know you're with me
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know,
You're with me

Dead but undead I'll be
Osiris is my name
And our love
And our love
I can see your light in the distance
And our love
I can see you shine in the distance
And our love
And our love
Conquers all]

[Quickening ends. DM stands up.]

[I can see your light in the distance
I can see you shine in the distance
I can see your light in the distance
I can see you shine in the distance]>

[DM starts to walk away. 19]


Inside closed nightclub, night 5

[Methos lifts his head from his folded arms as Joe plays guitar in background. 20 Methos grabs bottle from bar, walks over to table, sets bottle on table, 21 sets glass on table, pulls up his sleeves and sits down, senses 'buzz' as DM enters club.]

<Methos - CUT Matter and anti-matter. Byron knew that, too.> His life had become one long tragedy.

DM - [joins Methos at table] We all know how those end. CUT

<Byron - [voice-over] "My task is done. My song has ceased. My theme has died into an echo. It is fit.">


End of "The Modern Prometheus"

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