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Episode 2: Armageddon

Written by Tony DiFranco
Directed by Richard Martin
Aired: October 11, 1997
Transcript revised: 3-7-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher


Laborer - ??
              filling grave in teaser

Gardener - ??
              attacks DM in teaser

Young Bobby - ??
              12-year-old Robert Beaufort

Young Jackie - ??
              7-year-old Jackie Beaufort


Kronos - Valentine Pelka
              deceased leader of the Four Horsemen

James Horton - Peter Hudson
              deceased leader of the Hunters

Ahriman - Jean-Yves Tual/Thual
              little person in DM's meditation trances

Father Robert Beaufort - Dudley Sutton
              priest at St. Joseph's

Jackie Beaufort - Terence Beesley
              Robert's deceased brother

Locations List:*
1. Jackie's grave - near Abbaye Notre Dame du Val, Mériel [49.080939,2.224797]
2. Fight with gardener - CIUP: southeast of Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe, 37 Boulevard Jourdan [48.819975,2.335742]
3. Quay by barge - quay next to Pont de l'Archevêché bridge [48.851307,2.351766]
4. Church / old abbey - Abbaye Notre Dame du Val, Mériel [49.078531,2.226772]
5. St. Joseph's chapel - St. Julien le Pauvre [48.852087,2.346953]
6. Le Blues Bar - La Flèche d'Or, 102 Bis Rue de Bagnolet [48.859367,2.403058]
7. Seine around Notre Dame - NW side of Pont au Double [48.852835,2.348440]
8. City park - Square René Viviani, 25 Quai de Montebello [48.852110,2.347465]
9. Chateau grounds - Chateau de Saint-Rémy, Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines [48.616783,1.880728]
10. Cave, dry well - near Abbaye Notre Dame du Val, Mériel, exact location(s) unknown
11 Labyrinth - underground mushroom farm somewhere along Chemin du Ru, Mériel
12. Street outside church - CIUP: east side of Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe, 37 Boulevard Jourdan [48.820192,2.336286]
13. Joe's bedroom - CIUP: Maison de l'Argentine, 27A Boulevard Jourdan [48.819986,2.337517]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - WGN* (1998) & Syfy (2010) - these are probably the official Eurominutes

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the WGN tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Joe - [voice-over] Previously, on Highlander...


Flashback - Tomb in Iraq
(from "Archangel")

Jason - Are you afraid, Foster? [chuckles] We should all be afraid.

Allison - [voice-over] He believed the Zoroastrian myths of ancient Persia held the truth about--


Flashback - Inside apartment, night
(from "Archangel")

Allison - --a cycle of evil that comes to the Earth every thousand years.


Flashback - Tomb in Iraq
(from "Archangel")

Jason - [reads inscription on stone wall] "Ahriman."


Flashback - Tomb in Iraq
(from "Archangel")

[The statue is illuminated in red light as the spear held in its hand glows white and disappears. A beam of white light shoots from the statue's hand.]


Flashback - Quay by barge, night
(from "Archangel")

[Red fog surrounds Jason. He grabs at his neck, screams, falls to his knees. Horton watches from nearby.]


Flashback - Pay phone, night
(from "Archangel")

RR - [into phone] Look, I saw him. He's got Joe.


Flashback - Inside abandoned racetrack, night
(from "Archangel")

Kronos - [offscreen] I existed before time began.

Horton - I am Set!

Ahriman-Richie - I am Ahriman.

[There are two of each of them now, all circling around DM, laughing. DM fights Kronos off, turns, sees Richie behind him, swings his katana. Richie's body falls to the floor.]


Flashback - Inside monastery - secluded room
(from "Avatar")

Joe - [voice-over] Devastated by Richie's death, MacLeod went into seclusion on holy ground for a year, to grieve, to heal and to prepare for the battle with darkness he knew he would have to face.

[Kneeling on woven mat, DM picks up knife resting in front of small mirror. He uses the knife to cut his hair.]

DM - [voice-over] It wasn't an accident, Joe.


Flashback - Paris cemetery
(from "Avatar")

DM - Richie was murdered.

Joe - Don't you think I want to believe you?


Flashback - Paris cemetery
(from "Avatar")

Horton - All alone and no one to believe you. Why don't you just go back to that little monastery you've been hiding away in? I wonder what it would take to make you leave.


Flashback - Bridge near barge
(from "Avatar")

[Sophie walks along bridge, holding red rose. She stops at the railing, facing the river.]


Flashback - Bridge near barge
(from "Avatar")

[DM looks around.]

[Sophie jumps off bridge into river.]

Sophie - I'm Sophie Baines. Thank you for saving my life.


Flashback - Quay by barge
(from "Avatar")

Joe - They found Sophie Baines in the river. She's dead.


Flashback - Outside Sophie's home
(from "Avatar")

[Andrew attacks DM.]

Sophie - Andrew! Andrew, stop it! [DM throws Andrew down, brings his hand back to strike. Sophie stops him.] Please, don't hurt him! He's my brother. He was just trying to protect me.


Flashback - Inside barge
(from "Avatar")

Horton - Think about it, MacLeod. I brought Sophie back from the dead. I could bring anyone back.

DM - It won't work. You can't tempt me.

Horton - Just say the word. Say yes.

DM - No!


Flashback - Park
(from "Avatar")

Sophie - But I don't understand. What do you want from me? I'm nobody.

Horton - You're perfect.


Flashback - Bridge near barge
(from "Avatar")

Sophie - He wants me to kill you. He offered me my life.

DM - How do I defeat him?

Sophie - I don't know. Every champion has to find his own way.

DM - Sophie, I need to know more. I need to know how. [is suddenly shot from offscreen, falls with a cry]

Sophie - [as Andrew raises machete] Andrew! He said I would do anything because I loved you! He was right. [jumps from bridge]

Andrew - [voice echoing] No!


Flashback - Paris cemetery
(from "Avatar")

DM - This thing is evil, Joe. I'm going to find it, and I'm going to destroy it.


Beaufort home - garden 1

Laborer - [puts last shovelful of dirt on grave] It's done.

Robert - Thank you. [kneels by grave] Good-bye, Jackie.

DM - [approaches] Father Beaufort?

Robert - Duncan? [stands] CUT

DM - It's good to see you. It's been too long.

Robert - Since we lost Darius. I miss those arguments. CUT

DM - I looked for you at the church. They told me about your brother.

Robert - I had to bury him here. They don't allow suicides on hallowed ground.

DM - I'm sorry.

Robert - We were children here. I broke my arm falling out of that tree. I-- I think Jackie cried more than I did. Our father died in the war, Mother a few months later. I turned to the church. 1 Jackie couldn't find peace, not even in death. CUT

DM - I just came to pay my respects. I had a few questions, but... it can wait.

Robert - God bless you, Duncan.

DM - And you, Robert.

Robert - Thank you. [walks off]

[DM walks back toward his car, past gardener bagging tree trimmings. Gardener picks up short-bladed scythe, attacks DM.]

DM - [defends himself with a spade] What are you doing? [Gardener continues attacking. DM knocks him down.] I don't want to hurt you. [Gardener collapses, dead.] 2

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Quay by barge 3

Inside barge 3

Joe - You sure you didn't hit him that hard?

DM - I didn't hit him at all.

Joe - Ahriman.

DM - And he could be anyone at any time.

Joe - Well, Mac, I've got Watchers turning down vacation to check on Ahriman. I really think if there's anything that can kill it, we're gonna find it.

DM - In the meantime, people are dying. Do they still think they're looking for this ancient Immortal?

Joe - Yeah.

DM - Well, tell them to be careful.

<Joe - CUT They're professionals.> They're always careful. Anyway, this is all we've got so far.

DM - Thanks, Joe. This would be hard without you.

Joe - No problem. I'll, uh, I'll call later. [heads toward door]

DM - All right. [translating passage from book:] "In answer to the guileful one, the deadly, the evil-doer Ahriman, Zarathustra said, 'Never will I renounce the good mind.'" [to himself] "Never will I renounce the good mind."

[Jittery camera flash of quay outside barge. As Joe exits barge, a snake appears on DM's laptop keyboard. DM grabs it and tosses it away. It explodes with a flash of red smoke when it lands and suddenly Horton is standing in its place.]

Horton - Somewhat theatrical, I agree. A thousand years ago, it would have been enough to have caused a panic in the streets.

DM - What do you want?

Horton - But this is the scientific age. People don't believe in demons and devils anymore. And maybe that's my best trick yet. [on laptop screen] All that technology, so much useless information. It's almost a sin to want to know so much. CUT

DM - Well, if it's so useless, why are you here? [closes laptop]

Kronos - [appears behind him, dressed in his Bronze Age outfit] So this is where you hide... with your books and your scrolls, like a frightened monk. I thought you were a better man than that, MacLeod. I thought you were a warrior like me. CUT

DM - I'm nothing like you.

Kronos - Oh, that's right. <You don't carry a blade any longer, do you? CUT What a pity.>

DM - Somewhere in here's the way to destroy you. [holds up book]

<Kronos - CUT Better men than you have tried. Stop now... and live.> You'll never know who's coming for you next. [disappears]


Beaufort home - garden 1

Robert - Why, Lord? Oh, Jackie was a good man. You've known his soul since he was a boy.

Mother - [offscreen] Bobby! Jackie! Lunch is ready!

[Scene shifts to flashback of Robert and his brother as children.]


Flashback - Beaufort home, 1947 - garden 1

Young Bobby - Coming, Mama.

Mother - Bobby! Jackie! Ready!


Beaufort home - garden 1

(resume previous scene)

Robert - He would've given the world for his daughters if he could.

[Scene shifts to flashback of adult Jackie sitting in lawn chair while his two young daughters play on nearby swing.]


Flashback - Beaufort home, 1985 - garden 1

Robert - [voice-over] But he was sick. A disease of the heart and soul had stripped him of his humanity and left him empty. Nothing could help him -- not doctors, not prayer.


Flashback - inside barren room, earlier that week - night 4

[Robert cradles Jackie's dead body as bell tolls.]

Robert - [voice-over] We gave him nothing. Now, for his one moment of weakness, I have to condemn him?


Inside St. Joseph's Chapel 5

[Blood bubbles up in holy water font as Robert stands in front of altar.]

Robert - [voice-over] CUT Oh, tell me, God. Must I damn my brother to love you?

[Holy water overflows the font.]


Establishing shot: Le Blues Bar 6

Inside bar 6

Joe - [enters, carrying small package in his hand, humming to himself] "Mmm, I got to find..." Hey. Can I help you? [Man at bar turns to face him -- it's Horton.]

Horton - I believe the question, Joseph, is: Can I help you?

Joe - James.

Horton - Here. Take this. You look as though you need it. [sets glass of whiskey on bar between them. Joe quickly shoves the package into his coat pocket.] How's my family? I gather Lynn's moved back to Chicago.

Joe - You're not real.

Horton - You were best man at my wedding. I'm your sister's husband.

Joe - I buried you.

Horton - Joseph, Joseph. How little you understand.

Joe - What is it you want?

Horton - To help. The Watchers have always been our brothers and sisters, our family. When you lost your legs in Vietnam, they saved you. They gave you another chance. And how do you repay them? You use them. You lie to them. You make them the tool of an Immortal.

Joe - You are an illusion.

Horton - No, Joseph. I'm your conscience. Save yourself. Let MacLeod fight his own battles.

Joe - Go to hell!

Horton - I have. Watchers don't interfere, and if they do, they die.

DM - [enters bar] Hey, Joe. You look like hell.

Joe - Yeah. Funny you should mention it.

DM - What?

Joe - Nothing, nothing, nothing.

DM - You said, um, your people found something I should see.

Joe - Actually, it just hasn't arrived yet.

DM - Are you okay?

Joe - Ah, yeah. Why shouldn't I be?

DM - Because of what we're facing.

Joe - No, I'm-- I'm fine. I'm fine.

DM - All right then. Call me when you get something. [starts to leave]

Joe - Mac! I forgot. [pulls package back out of his coat pocket] I -- I do have something here. One of my guys-- Well, he found this in a museum in Bolivia. It's some kind of a talisman. The native shamans used it in their vision quests. [unwraps talisman, shows it to DM. It's engraved with the Y shape surrounded by 3 dots.] It's the same symbol we found before.

DM - Thanks, Joe. CUT [takes talisman, leaves]


City park entrance 7

[DM enters park, where anyone could suddenly become Ahriman.


City park 8

[He passes a street performer wearing a red suit and white top hat, holding a large red flower and moving slowly like a clockwork man. Two boys run past DM wearing masks - one a red devil, the other a pig's head. Pig-boy squeals as he passes DM. DM pauses a moment to watch a sword-swallower carefully extracting the sword he's just swallowed. The man points the sword at DM ominously, but then gives a small nod and lowers it, to scattered applause. DM flicks a coin into a hat on the ground in front of the man.] 2


Establishing shot: St. Joseph's Chapel 5

Inside St. Joseph's Chapel 5

DM - Robert? [Robert is sitting in a chair, lost in thought.] Robert?

Robert - Oh, Duncan. What can I do for you?

DM - Um... Sorry to trouble you. I know it's not a good time, but I need your help.

Robert - Oh, it's nothing. I'm just a little distracted. What do you need? 3

DM - Are you still the archivist of the order?

Robert - Yeah.

DM - I'm looking for anything you might have on the nature of evil.

Robert - [laughs] That's just about everything in the collection. Would you prefer to narrow that down a little?

DM - Do you believe in the devil?

Robert - You're serious. Do I believe in horns and a pitchfork? No. But do I believe that evil is an entity loose in the world? Yes. I see its works everywhere. Whatever books or scrolls are of use to you, you're welcome to them.

[Gregorian Chant of "Kyrie Eleison" (from "Song of the Executioner") begins playing in the background.]

DM - Thank you.

Robert - Evil can take many forms, Duncan. The church believes there's only one sure way to destroy it -- through faith.


<Establishing shot: Field near cave 9

Inside cave 10


Joe - Henri! Michelle! [to DM] They were supposed to meet us topside. They were really excited about this find.> This cave is pre-Roman, pre-Gallic, even. Six, seven thousand years old. Some kind of a-- Some kind of a holy site.

DM - [sees drawings on cave wall] Look at this. Ahriman, or whatever these people called it.

Joe - Yeah, well, I don't get it, man. They were supposed to meet us here.

DM - [examines drawings of stick figures surrounding stick-monster] Look at this. Looks like they're fighting it.

Joe - Uh-huh. And who's this? [re larger stick figure holding a sword]

DM - Must be their champion. [walks further into cave, examines next drawing] Now what? [Stick-monster is standing over 'dead' stick figures.]

Joe - Looks like they lost.

DM - [re larger 'champion' stick figure] Yeah, but he's still standing... and he's unarmed. [goes to final drawing. Stick-monster is gone & stick figures are bowing to 'champion'.] They did it. They must've beaten him. CUT [reaches for camera as Joe briefly studies mystic 'Y' symbol on cave wall, then walks farther into cave]

Joe - [finds his missing Watchers] Dear God, no! [DM joins him, looking at Henri and Michelle's bodies sprawled among the rocks.]


Establishing shot: Le Blues Bar 6

Inside bar 6

[Joe is sitting at a table, alone, when the entrance doors suddenly swing open on their own. Joe looks around, startled.]

Horton - [appears behind Joe] I didn't kill them. You did. CUT

Joe - Like hell!

Horton - Exactly. Look.

[Images appear in darkened stage area of bar. Flashlights illuminate stone statue of Ahriman in tomb.] 11

Joe - Maguire and Rosenthal. No. They're in Iraq.

[Man in image sets down lantern in front of statue.] 11

Horton - Maguire still owes you thirty dollars from that last game of poker you played, doesn't he? And Stacey Rosenthal's been trying to get up the courage to invite you to dinner for the last three years. Do you realize what you're doing, Joseph, sending innocent men and women into dangerous situations that don't concern them?

[Flash of light explodes into flames behind the statue. The two Watchers jump, seek cover.]

Maguire - Get back! Get back! Get in close! [Maquire and Rosenthal huddle together.] 11

Horton - Joseph, they're dying, in agony, all because of you. You sent them.

[Offscreen, Maquire screams.]

Joe - This is another one of your goddamned illusions!

Horton - Is it? [hands Joe his cell phone] Your telephone is going to ring in ten seconds. Ten seconds, Joseph.

[Maguire and Rosenthal cower together as more explosions occur.] 11

Horton - Mind if I smoke? [takes drag on cigarette]

[Maguire and Rosenthal continue to huddle together. 11 Dawson's telephone rings.]

Joe - [answers phone] Dawson. [listens a moment, then ends call]

Horton - I tried to tell you. If you interfere, people die. But it's not your fault, Joseph, not yours at all.


Establishing shot: St. Joseph's Chapel 5

Inside St. Joseph's Chapel 4

Robert - [sees curtains moving at confessional booth, enters priest's side, closes curtain] Have you come to confess your sins? Have you come to ask forgiveness?

Kronos - [in confessional booth, dressed in his Bronze Age outfit] CUT Tell me, Father. Which is better, murder or suicide? See, I'd say murder. I could rip out someone's beating heart, confess to you, and you would have to forgive me, wouldn't you?

Robert - Only God can forgive.

Kronos - As for suicide, tell me. Did God forgive your brother when he slashed his wrists? I didn't think so.

Robert - My brother is in God's hands.

Kronos - Your brother is in hell, Father, tormented for eternity. Can you see him there, tortured, in agony, while the murderers who cry, "Oh, please forgive me," they enter the land of milk and honey. Isn't that what your church has decreed for all suicides?

Robert - The church prays for his soul.

Kronos - [chuckles] And does the church pray for murderers too? Do you still pray for your sainted Father, Darius? Because he was a murderer, too, you know, and a rapist -- and a defiler of your holy places. And then one day, he became a priest, and he whitewashed his evil soul. But the stain still lies there underneath. 4

Robert - How do you know that? Who are you?

Kronos - I think you know who I am, and I think, Father, that if you look deep down inside yourself, you will come to recognize WHAT I am.


Outside St. Joseph's Chapel 12

[DM drives up in Land Rover, parks.]


Inside St. Joseph's Chapel 4

DM - [enters chapel] Robert? [looks around] 5 5

Kronos - [in confessional booth, to Robert] Look at me.

Robert - No.

Kronos - Are you afraid to look into the face of evil? Afraid that your God can't protect you, even in his own house? [disappears]

Ahriman-Robert - [replaces Kronos] Soon, priest, you will be mine. [disappears]

[Robert hides his face in his hands, then crosses himself.]

DM - [sees Robert exiting confessional booth] Father, you all right? [Robert looks in other side of booth.] Who are you looking for?

Robert - Nobody. I -- I must've dozed off. If you don't mind, Duncan, I'll go and lie down.

DM - It wasn't a dream. He was here.

Robert - There is nobody here. This is God's house. What evil we find here, we bring ourselves.

DM - You felt it. You saw him, didn't you?

Robert - What can I do?

DM - Help me fight him. Have you ever seen any of these before? [shows Robert photos of cave drawings]

Robert - No. Oh, wait a second. Maybe that-- [starts to point to photo of symbol and photos all explode into flames. Robert crosses himself again.] Let's go and find that symbol. [starts toward doorway. Sudden breeze blows doorway curtains around.] I think we'll use another door. 6


On deck of barge 3


DM - We went back through the archives. The symbol turned up in the writings of an ancient German mystic. To him, there was a force of hate that could only be defeated by love.

Joe - Fine for Gandhi, but what about us? What else did he say?

<DM - Nothing. CUT Seems he died before he could finish his memoirs.>

Joe - Oh, that's great. So what do we do? Sit and contemplate our navels while the whole world goes to hell?

DM - What happened, Joe?

Joe - Nothing happened.

DM - He came to you, didn't he?

Joe - I've got four Watchers dead already. I'm pulling my people out.

DM - It's okay, Joe. It's my fight.

Joe - Well, I didn't say *I* was pulling out. Mac, the answer's out there. You and I, we've got to find it. CUT

<DM - Thanks.>


Beaufort home - garden 1


<Robert - [pulling weeds from grave] I'm sorry to disturb you, Jackie, but if I don't pull these, they'll choke the whole garden.>

Jackie - [appears beside him] Bobby.

Robert - Jackie? [approaches slowly, hugs him] Oh, dear God, it's you.

Jackie - Help me, Bobby. Please.

Robert - Help you? How can I help you?

Jackie - I'm damned.

Robert - No.

Jackie - God's turned his back on me.

Robert - No.

Jackie - Oh, God isn't love, Bobby. He's... vengeance... and hate. He's abandoned me, and he'll abandon you too.

Robert - Oh, no. God will forgive you.

Jackie - There is no forgiveness. There is only pain. Help me, Bobby, please.

Robert - [crying] Help you? How can I help you? Jackie. [looks up -- Jackie is gone.] Jackie? Oh, Jackie! [continues to cry] Oh, God.


<Establishing shot: St. Joseph's Chapel, night 5

Inside St. Joseph's Chapel, night 4 CUT

[Robert is tormented by voices and memories.]

Jackie - [voice-over] Help me, Bobby!

Kronos - [flashback to confessional booth] Your brother is in hell, tormented for eternity.

Jackie - [flashback to graveside] There is no forgiveness. 1 There's only pain.

Robert - [voice-over] {??} And we weren't there.

Jackie - [flashback to graveside] God isn't love, Bobby. 1 [disembodied voice] He's vengeance!

Ahriman-Robert - [flashback to confessional booth] Soon you'll be mine.

Robert - [voice-over] Why do I have to damn my brother to love You?

Kronos - [flashback to confessional booth] Are you afraid to look into the face of evil?

Robert - [tormented by the voices, runs up staircase, comes face to face with Kronos] No! No!>


Joe's bedroom, night 13

[Red fog billows down the stairs into the room, waking Joe.]

Horton - [floating above Joe in the bed] You've done very well, Joseph. [Joe sits up with a yell. Horton disappears, reappears across the room.] I'm glad you've come to your senses about the Watchers. So I've come to offer you a small gift. [stands next to Joe's prosthetic legs near bed]

Joe - Yeah, well, keep the gift.

Horton - No. I think you'll want this.

Joe - Really? What's the hook?

Horton - No hook. Just say no to MacLeod when he asks you to violate your Watcher oath and help him.

Joe - When pigs fly.

Horton - Hm. Fly. You used to fly, Joseph. Do you remember? They used to call you the flier. [runs his fingers along the top of prosthetic leg] Do you remember running on the beach? Do you remember thousands screaming your name as you scored yet another touchdown? Do you remember what it was like to wrap your legs around a beautiful woman?

Joe - No. No. No.

Horton - [quietly] I can help you fly again.

Joe - [crying] Please don't. Don't do this.

Horton - I can give you back your wings.

Joe - No.

Horton - [stares intently at the bed for a moment] Joseph, look at them. [Joe moves his legs under the covers, cries out in frustrated anguish.] They're yours, Joseph. Go on. Move them. [Joe moves to sit on the edge of the bed, his bare feet settling on the floor.] That's right, Joseph. You can take them for a spin. [Joe stands up.] You can even take them dancing if you want. They're yours. They're real. All you have to do is keep your vow... and give me MacLeod.

Joe - [crying] I can't. I won't. You son of a bitch! [falls to the ground as Horton takes back his 'gift']

Horton - Oh, well. [re prosthetic legs] I suppose you'll be needing those... for now. [leaves]



Establishing shot: Le Blues Bar 6

Inside bar 6

Joe - Legs, MacLeod. He offered me my -- my legs. [scoffs] Can you believe that?

DM - I can believe anything about him.

Joe - As if I would sell my soul for a simple goddamn pair of legs.

DM - Some people would have.

Joe - What the hell? If I didn't want it so bad, it wouldn't be a temptation, would it?

DM - I'm sorry.

Joe - [sniffles] Okay. [claps his hand together] Let's see what we've got, huh? We've got, uh, we've got a mystic symbol. We've got some ancient cave paintings. Some old German saying all we need is love.

DM - The answer's got to be in there somewhere.

Joe - This is the last shipment I got from my people before I pulled them out of the field.

DM - [picks up small metal bowl] Where'd this come from?

Joe - What? That candy dish? Some old monastery in the Himalayas.

DM - I've seen this before. It's a Tibetan singing bowl. [shows Joe the mystic 'Y' symbol painted in the bottom of the bowl]


On deck of barge 3

[DM kneels on roof of barge, using singing bowl as meditation aid.]


"Ethereal space" / Old abbey 4

DM - [appears in center of large room] Show yourself.

Ahriman - [appears in a red glow, as a little person sitting on a swing] Been waiting a long time for you to come out and play. [throws red ball at DM. DM catches a human skull. He drops it and it shatters on the stone floor before vanishing.] That's okay. Soon I'll be playing with yours. [gets off swing, vanishes] [offscreen] I've got all kind of toys. [kneeling by doll-sized casket at DM's right side, holds up doll dressed in white gown] Tessa. [reappears on other side of DM smoking a pipe] Hugh Fitzcairn. [reappears at DM's right side again, holding a model of a suit of armor astride a horse's metal armor] Darius. And if you remain silent, I'll have that other priest you're so fond of. 7 [offscreen] Till then... [kneels by doll's casket again] I'll play with this. [lifts red rubber ball out of casket] I think I'll call it Richie. [tosses the ball across the room, reappears to catch it, although the ball is blue now] Richie. [tosses the ball away, catches it as a green ball in another location] Richie. [laughs, reappears elsewhere holding blue ball] Richie. [reappears elsewhere holding green ball] Richie. [voices overlapping] Richie. Richie. Richie, Richie, Richie. Richie, Richie, Richie. Richie.

DM - Stop.

Ahriman - [holding yellow ball] You stop me! [continues to jump about with different colored balls, voices overlapping] Come on. Stop me. Stop me. Like you stopped Richie. Richie's dead. Richie's dead! Richie's dead! Richie's dead! You knew you were killing Richie. I think you liked it. [DM's katana appears in his hand.] Ohh. [drops purple ball, spreads his arms wide, voices overlapping again] Richie killer. Richie killer. Richie killer. Richie killer. Richie killer. Richie killer. Richie killer. Richie killer. [DM raises his katana to strike Ahriman.]


Labyrinth 11

Kronos - [blocks DM's sword with his own blade] CUT Why not try me? [They begin fighting. DM knocks Kronos down, stabs katana at his chest. Kronos disappears, the katana driving point-first into the ground instead.]

Ahriman - [offscreen] Duncan, this way!

Kronos - [offscreen] Come take my head.

Ahriman - [offscreen] Duncan, this way.

[Other voices overlap around DM. (Horton and Charlie possibly among them)]

RR - [voice-over] Mac!

Man - [voice-over] MacLeod!

Man - [voice-over] Mac.

Tessa - [voice-over] Mac! Mac! Duncan?

Kronos - [voice-over] Come to me. I'm here.


Dry well 10

[DM finds himself at the bottom of a well, the voices echoing around him.]

Man - [voice-over] MacLeod!

Ahriman - [voice-over] Don't forget the {??}.

Voices - [overlapping] A little help? Hey! MacLeod?

Man - [voice-over] MacLeod!

RR - [voice-over] Mac.

Fitz - [voice-over] MacLeod.


On deck of barge 3

Joe - Mac! MacLeod! [touches DM's shoulder, breaking him out of his trance] I've been calling you for hours. My God. How long have you been like this?

DM - I don't know. <There was this thing. CUT I was -- I was fighting it. And it was goading me.> It was as if it was feeding on my anger. The more I hated, the more I was lost. I could've been trapped in there forever. CUT Whatever this-- Whatever this thing is, Joe, it doesn't have a physical form. [has a sudden thought, runs off]

Joe - [yells after him] Where are you going? Mac?


Establishing shot: St. Joseph's Chapel 5

Inside St. Joseph's Chapel 5

[Camera approaches altar down center aisle, closing on Robert and Jackie sitting/kneeling on floor at base of altar.]

Jackie - Bobby, you promised. You promised Mother you-- you'd take care of me.

Robert - If I couldn't save you when you were alive, how can I save you now?

Jackie - I thought you'd understand. 8 I thought you'd WANT to help me.

[Camera approaches altar down center aisle, closing on Robert and Jackie sitting/kneeling on floor at base of altar.] 9 (This shot, not in the DVD version, starts closer to the altar than where the start-of-scene DVD shot ends.)

Robert - Jackie, what do you want from me? What can I do?

Jackie - [holds out folded straight razor] Come with me, Bobby. Please. I'm so alone.

Robert - Oh, no. No. It's a mortal sin.

Jackie - God is a lie, Bobby. Can't you see? You've wasted your whole life on a lie. We'll be together, like-- like when we were kids. CUT

[Robert unfolds razor, holds it to his wrist.]

DM - [enters chapel] Stop! Robert, don't.

Jackie - Bobby, I'm afraid. Make him go away.

Robert - Leave, Duncan.

DM - You can't do this.

Robert - Get out. I said get out. I have to do this. I've lost my brother. I've lost God. I've lost my life.

DM - Why? Because he says so? This is not your brother. Jackie's dead. Whatever he needs, you can't give him. [sighs] But this-- this thing wants your soul.

Jackie - Don't listen to him, Bobby. He just wants to keep us apart.

Robert - Don't you see, Duncan? I've lost my faith.

DM - Look at me. [Robert shakes his head, holds razor to his wrist.] Robert, look at me. [Robert looks up.] It doesn't matter if you've lost your faith in Him, because He hasn't lost His faith in you. CUT Give me the knife. Give it to me. Give it to me. [takes razor from Robert. Jackie fades away.]

<Young Jackie - [at side of chapel, kicks ball to Young Bobby] Here, Bobby.

Young Bobby - Go for the goal. [picks up ball, walks with Young Jackie, fades out of existence]> CUT

[Robert begins crying. DM comforts him.]


Establishing shot: St. Joseph's Chapel 5

Inside St. Joseph's Chapel 5


Robert - I would have damned myself if it wasn't for you.

DM - No. That's what it wants you to think. The only power it has over us is the power we give it.

Robert - Duncan, everything I've read says it is useless to fight it, that it feeds on our hate and fear. That its very presence breeds hate and fear. How can we destroy something that thrives on destruction?

DM - [in realization] Peace, Father. "Never will I renounce a good mind." It was there all the time. Peace. CUT

Robert - What?

DM - I have to do this by myself. You have to leave now. I need to know you'll be safe.

Robert - Isn't there anything I can do?

DM - Pray.

[Robert leaves. DM begins Chi Gung meditation.]


Labyrinth 11

[DM opens his eyes, looks around.]

Ahriman - [appears in front of him] Oh, good. You're back.

DM - You've lost.

Ahriman - Let's play. How about guns? [Gun appears in DM's hand.] Yes, yes. Shoot me. [DM tosses gun to the ground, where it disappears.] That's not fair. How about, uh-- How about your old friend? [Katana appears in DM's hand.] That's it.

DM - [throws katana point first into the ground, where it disappears] Game's over. Your time is up. [begins Chi Gung again]

Ahriman - No gun. No sword. How are you going to fight me?! Are you going to huff and puff and blow my house down?

DM - [voice-over, as he continues Chi Gung meditation] I become one with everything. I become one with you.

Ahriman - Too bad you didn't think of that before you killed Richie!

DM - [voice-over] I become everything. Therefore, I become nothing.

Ahriman - Come on. Be a man. I dare you! [causes flames to explode around DM]

DM - [voice-over, as he continues Chi Gung meditation] Therefore, you are nothing. Without my anger, you have no substance. [Ahriman growls in anger at being ignored.] Without my pride, you have no form. [Ahriman backs away, growling.] Without my hate, you have no being.

[Ahriman leaves.]


Inside St. Joseph's Chapel 5

<Horton - CUT Maybe we can find something a little more impressive, MacLeod.>


Labyrinth 11

[Kronos yells, runs at DM with sword.]


Inside church 4

[DM continues Chi Gung meditation, avoiding and blocking Kronos' attacks. CUT Eventually, Kronos lunges forward, running his blade through DM's chest. DM continues his meditation, undisturbed. Kronos disappears. Horton roars in anger. DM turns to face him.]

DM - It's time for you to leave.

Horton - I've only just begun.

DM - You have no place here.

Horton - I'm a part of you now.

DM - You always were.

[Horton moans. Scenes flash by in rapid succession:

- Ahriman statue shooting bolt of white light at Foster, killing him
- Horton's face
- Horton in red fog at top of stairs by quay
- RR frowning up at top of stairs
- Jason being strangled by red fog
- DM & RR running to Jason's body
- grave stone for 'JAMES HORTON / 1945-1993'
- DM & RR standing with cemetery official at Horton's empty grave
- DM confronting Joe at airport, Horton's coffin between them
- Kronos smiling
- Horton's desiccated corpse in opened coffin
- Horton with glowing red eyes
- dead body in morgue (bald guy) with glowing red eyes
- red fog approaching barge
- DM confronting Kronos in barge
- Methos with DM on quay after DM confronts Kronos in barge
- Watcher symbol drawn in notebook, "connection with watcher?" written underneath
- red fog appearing near Landry's apartment
- page of Jason's journal: "The next warrior / MAC LEOD"
- drawing of Ahriman statue in Jason's journal
- DM taking hermit's Quickening
- Allison watching television 'bleeding'
- Ahriman-Jason setting apartment on fire, killing Allison
- Ahriman-Allison appearing to DM on barge
- Horton holding Joe at gunpoint in back of car
- DM confronting Ahriman-Richie at racetrack
- DM attacked by collection of Ahrimans at racetrack
- DM beheading RR
- establishing shot of monastery
- DM performing Chi Gung in monastery
- Inside barge (from "Prodigal Son") - DM & RR about to hug. (After DM tells RR he missed him.)
- Outside a theater, night (from "Reluctant Heroes") - RR & DM walking past sign reading: FOREIGN FILM Festival.
- DM performing Chi Gung in monastery
- Steps near bridge, dawn (from "Prodigal Son") - DM handing bottle to RR.
- DM performing Chi Gung in monastery
- RR's gravestone: RICHIE RYAN / 22 YEARS / FRIEND
- Joe attacking DM in nightmare
- DM waking from nightmare
- Sophie smelling red rose
- Flower vendor's eyes glowing red
- White rose 'bleeding'
- Horton confronting DM at cemetery
- bridge near barge, Sophie in the water, DM diving after her, talking on quay
- red rose floating on river
- Sophie's dead body by river
- DM talking to Andrew at gate
- Sophie talking to Horton in car near her house
- Andrew attacking DM
- car chasing DM
- Horton in Sophie's house
- Sophie running over Horton
- Sophie's body at morgue]

[Horton shakes violently, disappears in a flash of white light.]


Inside St. Joseph's Chapel 5

[DM opens his eyes, sags in relief.]


Establishing shot: Le Blues Bar 6

Inside bar 6


Joe - You know, you never did tell me how you beat this bastard. What did you have to do?

DM - Nothing. There's a thought in the Kabbalah that Armageddon, the ultimate fight between good and evil, will be fought within one soul.

Joe - And yours is the soul? That's why you're the champion?

DM - Maybe. All I know is that evil exists in all of us, Joe. When we deny that, we give evil power. Ahriman said it himself. His greatest trick was to convince the world he didn't exist. Well, he does. He exists in all of us. Once I accepted that, I was able to defeat him.

Joe - Armageddon in Darius's church. How's Father Beaufort doing? [pours them drinks]

DM - Finding his faith. [picks up glass] To faith.

Joe - To the champion. [They clink glasses, drink.]

DM - Ooh. It's been a while. Well, I'd better get going. Take care, huh?

Joe - Yeah. Hey, will you, uh-- will you do me a favor? Will you please take this? [holds out katana] Just so I know you'll be here when I get back. Come on. You have avenged Richie's death. Mac, you've defeated Ahriman. You're still Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. Take it, please.

[DM takes the sword as "Bonny Portmore" instrumental plays in the background.]


End of "Armageddon"

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