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Episode 3: Sins of the Father

Written by James Thorpe
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: October 18, 1997
Transcript revised: 3-9-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander


David Leiner - Aaron Swartz
              Alex's lover in teaser

Young Max - Dean Cook
              10 years old, in teaser

Cameron Stewart - Jay Simon
              Alex's lover in 1796


Malloy - ??
O'Keefe - ??
              Grant's henchmen


Alex Raven - Dara Tomanovich
              Immortal woman

Max Leiner - Ian Richardson
              David's son

George Thomas - John Scarborough
              Duncan's friend, a banker

Grant Thomas - Charles Daish
              George's grandson

Gerard LeBlanc - Joe Searby
              Immortal hunting Alex in 1796

Locations List:*
1. Warsaw ghetto - stock footage, unknown location
2. Warsaw ghetto, tenement apt, side street(s), warehouse - Centrale Thermique EDF factory, 6 Rue Ampère, Saint-Denis [48.922397,2.336017], street above stairs [48.923864,2.335414], street below stairs [48.923964,2.335817], street by building [48.924144,2.335919]
3. Park & carport - Château de Dampierre, 2 Grande Rue, Dampierre-en-Yvelines: park [48.704367,1.987017] & carport [48.704950,1.987389]
4. Parking lot - Venelle de l'Étang, Dampierre-en-Yvelines [48.704439,1.986031]
5. Castle ruins - near Château de Dampierre, Dampierre-en-Yvelines: ruins [48.703511,2.003456], Quickening [48.702864,2.000750]
6. Quay by barge #1 - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
7. Quay by barge #2 - quay next to Pont de l'Archevêché bridge [48.851307,2.351766]
8. Grant's family home - Château de Voisins, Saint-Hilarion [48.630417,1.755981]
9. Basement - unknown location, possibly at EDF factory
10. "Interesting space" - Esplanade de Paris: Axe Majeur de Cergy-Pontoise, 5 Rue de l'Esplanade de Paris, Cergy [49.042264,2.037739]
11. Astree Hotel - 3 Rue des Chênes Émeraude, Cergy [49.041033,2.072992], bridge [49.041186,2.073755], parking lot [49.040889,2.072856]
12. Germany flashback - unknown location
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - WGN* (1998?) & Syfy (2010) - these are probably the official Eurominutes

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the WGN tape.

NOTE: The Powers That Be were considering a spinoff show after this final season of Highlander: The Series was concluded. They wanted a female Immortal lead, and they used various episodes in this season to screen-test potential candidates... although ultimately they went with Elizabeth Gracen's Amanda as the title character for Highlander: The Raven.

This episode is one of the screen-tests, featuring Alex Raven. The others are Kyra (6x05: Patient Number 7), Katya (6x08: Justice), Reagan Cole (6x09: Deadly Exposure), and Katherine (6x10: Two of Hearts).

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Flashback - Warsaw Ghetto, 1942 - night 1

[Super: Warsaw Ghetto, 1942]

[Soldiers patrol the narrow streets.]

Captain - [offscreen] {You hunt.}

Soldier - [offscreen] Jawohl, Kapitän!

Translation: Jawohl, Kapitän! - Yes, sir, Captain!


Flashback - Warsaw Ghetto, 1942 - night 2

[Alex sneaks through the streets, carrying a package, avoiding the patrolling soldiers.]


Flashback - Warsaw Ghetto, 1942 - tenement apartment, night 2

[Young Max looks at photo of deceased mother, then watches his father David writing at desk.]


<Flashback - Warsaw Ghetto, 1942 - night 2 CUT

[Alex sneaks through the streets, carrying a package, avoiding the patrolling soldiers.]

Soldier 1 - [offscreen, in background] That way! That way!

Soldier 2 - [offscreen, in background] Over here! Over here!

[Alex climbs rickety staircase outside apartment building.]

Soldier 3 - [offscreen, in background] {??} search down there. {??} Hold him here.

Soldier 4 - [offscreen, in background] Against the wall.

Soldiers - [patrolling down the street] Schnell! Schnell! Check in there! Check in there!

Translation: Schnell! - Quickly!


Flashback - Warsaw Ghetto, 1942 - tenement apartment, night 2

[Close on piece of paper with handwritten names:

Helene Bres--
Mina Tareinbau--
David Krawsk
Ariel Rosenthal

David - [writes "Stein" next to "Gertrud"] Gisella Weisshaus, Elie Grotch, Rose Trilling, Benjamin Wall.


Flashback - Warsaw Ghetto, 1942 - night 2

Soldier 1 - [offscreen, in background] Up there! Up there!

Soldier 2 - [offscreen, in background] On the roof! They're on the roof!

Soldier 3 - [offscreen, in background] Take the stairs!

Soldier 4 - [offscreen, in background] Come over here!>


Flashback - Warsaw Ghetto, 1942 - tenement apartment, night 2

Alex - [runs inside] We must hurry.

David - Alex?

Alex - [unwraps package] Put it on. [pulls out Nazi uniform]

David - No, thank you.

Alex - It's our only hope that we've got to get past them.

David - I have to finish this first.

Alex - If they find you, they will kill you.

David - Compared to this, my life means nothing.

Alex - Not to me.

David - My sheina shiksa. [to Young Max] Max.

Translation: sheina shiksa - [Yiddish] beautiful (non-Jewish) woman

Young Max - Yes, Papa?

David - If something should happen to me, I want you to use this to restore our people. [hands list to Young Max]

[People run around outside, fleeing from the soldiers.]

Young Max - Yes, Papa.

Alex - I love you, David. [kisses him]

David - [hears soldiers getting closer] Max, get in the secret place. Hurry. [grabs list] Only this is important. [hands list to her]

Alex - There's no more time.

David - Protect Max and finish this.

Alex - David.

David - [kisses her again] Nothing matters more than this.

[They look at the paper in her hand, kiss again. Soldiers burst through the door and start firing machine guns in the air.]

Soldiers - Who's there? Come over here! Schnell! Schnell!

Translation: Schnell! - Quickly!

[Alex fights soldiers, grabs gun. More soldiers enter apartment, shoot David and Alex, leave apartment. Young Max creeps out of hiding place, finds Alex and his papa dead.]

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Park 3

[DM and his friend are playing pétanque.]

DM - [throws boule, hits George's boule away from cochonnet] Your turn, George.

George - Uh-huh. [throws boule horribly]

DM - Oop.

George - Please, Duncan, there's no need to state the obvious.

DM - Everything okay?

George - What? No, I'm fine. I just don't like being retired. One minute, you're changing your grandson's diapers. The next thing you know, he's managing your bank. [throws another boule, somewhat better] But I'll tell you, that kid could find a penny at the bottom of the ocean. CUT Tell me, Duncan, do you think it's only good deeds that define a man's soul? [another horrible throw]

DM - Why do you ask, George?

George - Oh.

DM - Something troubling you?

George - Just too much time on my hands. Finally catching up on my reading. You know, great tragedies of good men and temptation. Dickens, Goethe... Mickey Spillane.

DM - This will make three, George. [throws his last boule, which rolls right up against the cochonnet] Ooh!

George - Ah, enough. Enough. Have pity on this poor old man. [laughs] CUT

<DM - Well, just this once. [collects the boules and cochonnet]

George - Yeah, but it's not just this once.

DM - Well, here you go, George. [hands some of the boules to him]

George - Thanks, yeah. Did we have money on this?

DM - Mm. Let me think. Mm-mm, possibly.

George - How much?

[In distance, two men (Malloy & O'Keefe) watch them leave.]

DM - [laughs] Should I name a figure?

George - [walks with DM to door in stone wall] No. No, no, no. No, I'll name a figure. [They both laugh, go through doorway.]


Parking lot 4

George - [finishes putting on his jacket, takes boules back from DM] Mm-hmm.

DM - There you go, George.

George - Right.

DM - You'll need those next week.

George - Mm-hmm, yeah. [as church bell tolls nearby] Uh-oh.

DM - [as they walk to George's car] How's, uh,* ahem, Grant doing?

George - I just hope he meets a nice girl one day. I could do with some grandchildren. 1

DM - Should I name a figure?

George - [as they walk to George's car] No. No, no, no. No, I'll name a figure. [They both laugh.] 2
(In the domestic/cable version, these lines from the end of the previous scene replace the audio at the new beginning of this scene, starting at * above.)

DM - [senses 'buzz'] Stay out of trouble, George.

George - What sort of trouble can a man at my age get into? [laughs, gets in car]

[DM walks down to where his Land Rover is parked, waves to George.> George starts his car... and it explodes. DM ducks behind his jeep in reaction, then looks up at the conflagration. He runs back up to the burning car, but the flames are too hot. There is nothing he can do. 3]


Nearby side street (upper level) 2

[Alex walks over to car, gets in.]

Max - [in driver's seat] Well?

Alex - He's dead, Max.

Max - Now we talk to the boy. He has to know about this. That money is ours. We must have it back, whatever it takes. We never forget. CUT

<[Flashback to Warsaw Ghetto tenement apartment.
David - Max, when the war is over, you know what to do with this list, right?
Young Max - Yes, Papa.]

[Close on Alex's face as she remembers.]>


Parking lot, short time later 4

(resume previous scene)

Grant - I can't believe this. A bomb. Did you hear that? They told me it was a bomb.

DM - I'm sorry.

Grant - Why should anyone do this?

DM - I don't know. Did George have any enemies? Did he receive any threats lately?

Grant - Threats? Enemies? No.

DM - You're sure?

Grant - Everybody loved the guy.

DM - Not everybody.

Policeman - Pardon, monsieur, I have to ask you some questions.

Translation: Pardon, monsieur - Sorry, sir

DM - Yeah, just a moment. [to Grant] The police want to talk to me. Will you be okay?

Grant - Yeah. Yeah, I'll be okay -- right after they get the bastard that did this.

Policeman - Excusez-moi, monsieur.

Translation: excusez-moi - excuse me

[Grant walks off as DM joins policemen by George's burnt car.]


Nearby side street (lower level) 2

[Grant walks down steps & over to car. He gets in driver side and Alex rises up into view in back seat behind him.]

Grant - That's a neat trick.

Alex - Here's another one. [cocks gun] I've got a Sig Sauer P-Two-Two-Six nine-millimeter right behind your seat. Average muzzle velocity, roughly two thousand feet per second. Now I can only really guess where your spinal cord is, so it's gonna take a few shots before you become paralyzed for life. But, hey, what's a couple of kidneys between friends? [as Grant looks out car window] Never a cop around when you need one, is there?

Grant - Look, what do you want?

Alex - I want to finish what I started with your grandfather.

Grant - I don't have time for riddles.

Alex - I'm talking about the money.

Grant - Look, I've got a couple of hundred in my wallet. I mean--

Alex - Sixty million dollars. [Grant stammers for a moment, speechless.] You know, let me just bring you up to speed here. I've had a really bad day today. I'm a little moody. Cranky, you know? Could be P.M.S. or it could be because you're pissing me off so much, I won't be able to control myself.

Grant - Let's work something out.

Alex - That's better.

Grant - What do you want me to do?

Alex - Go over those bank records of yours and look for the name "David Leiner." Then we'll talk. [hands him a card] My number. And don't worry, 'cause I've already got yours. [leaves car]

[Grant starts engine and drives away. Alex senses 'buzz', sees DM. They look at each other a moment.]


Flashback - France, 1796 - old castle ruins 5

[Alex and Cameron are kissing on a blanket near the remains of a picnic.]

Cameron - You still haven't given me the answer.

Alex - I gave you the answer, Cameron, just not the one you want to hear.

Cameron - Marry me.

Alex - I can't.

Cameron - That's not nearly good enough.

Alex - It has to be.

Cameron - Tell me you don't love me. Go on. I'll never ask you again.

Alex - There are things you need to know about me.

Cameron - I know everything I need to know.

Alex - Do you? Do you know how old I am?

Cameron - What difference does that make?

Alex - My earliest memories are of my tribe, the Carvetii. We lived in Cumbria. My father was a warrior and my mother a priestess.

Cameron - What are you talking about?

Alex - My life. [Cameron sighs, rolls his eyes.] It was a good life... until the Romans came. The rest of the world wasn't enough for them. They had to have Cumbria. And for every one we killed, five more came. CUT

Cameron - [sarcastic] It's a lovely story.

Alex - It's not a story.

Cameron - And you think I'm actually supposed to believe that?

Alex - [kisses him] I love you. You are my heart. You are my soul. And what I am telling you is true. I am immortal. CUT [senses 'buzz']

Gerard - Alexis!

Alex - Gerard?

Cameron - [confronts Gerard] Explain yourself.

Alex - [to Gerard] Leave him alone.

Gerard - [knocks Cameron down, draws his sword] Your time has come.

Cameron - [grabs Alex's sword from discarded pile of clothes, faces Gerard] Back away from her!

Alex - Give me the sword, Cameron. [Cameron attacks Gerard. Gerard runs him through.] No!

[Alex runs to Cameron. Gerard attacks her and she grabs his arm, dislocates it and disarms him.]

Alex - [as Gerard runs off, holding his arm] You're a dead man, Gerard! [kneels by Cameron again, crying]

Cameron - [faintly] My love. [dies]

Alex - Oh, Cameron. [cries]

[DM, riding through nearby field, hears Alex's cry of anguish.]

Alex - [in distance] No!

[DM rides toward her. Gerard continues to flee on foot. Alex jumps on horse and chases him. Gerard runs to nearby stream. Alex catches up to him, dismounts, senses 'buzz' as DM joins the party. DM watches from nearby copse of trees as Alex confronts Gerard at the stream.]

Alex - You can't run away from me now, you bastard!

Gerard - No, please! I beg you!

Alex - You beg me? You've destroyed the best part of my life. All of his goodness and all of his light -- gone! The only man I've loved in a hundred years. And you beg me for life? 4

Gerard - No, please. I beg you.

Alex - Beg all you want. You don't deserve to live.

Gerard - Mercy! Please, mercy!

Alex - Mercy, my ass. [beheads him, takes his Quickening]

DM - [after Quickening ends] Interesting style. Chasing an unarmed opponent on horseback and then taking his head?

Alex - Was he a friend of yours?

DM - No.

Alex - Then we have no quarrel, unless you choose to make one.

DM - Some other time.

Alex - Some other time.

[DM rides away.]


Side street (lower level) 2

(resume previous scene)

DM - [walks toward Alex] You responsible for this?

Alex - It's none of your business.

DM - Wrong. This time, it is my business. This time, it was a friend of mine.

Alex - Then we have a problem, haven't we?

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

Alex - Alex Raven. [gets on parked motorcycle] See ya around, Duncan MacLeod. [starts engine]

DM - Yes, you will.

[Alex rides off.]


<Establishing shot: Quay by barge 6 CUT

Inside barge 7

[DM is drinking tea and staring at his katana, still wrapped in a cloth. Sticks of incense burn at the opposite end of the low table.]

[Flashback to garden shrine in Japan, 1778 (from "The Samurai")
Hideo - [hands katana to DM] When it is over... the sword is yours.]

[Unknown artist - Unknown song

Just before the dawn
See me rising
Got to see me rising

Just before the dawn
See me flying
Got to see me flying

Heeeeeey aaaaaah
Aaaaaah, got to see me rising

{?? on me}
{the folks that know me}
{the soul deny me, yeah}

{?? on me}
Yeah, yeah

You were looking like the only child
You were looking like a broken child

You were looking like the only child
You were looking like a broken
child, Yeah
You were looking like the only
child, Yeah
Heeeeey, Lookin' like the broken child]

[Additional flashbacks (as song plays):

- Nosferatu jazz club - DM hides in alcove, waiting tensely as unknown Immortal approaches (from "Finale, Part 1")
- At Waverly's house - DM stalks Kurlow (from "Blackmail")
- Sulfur piles by the docks, evening - DM salutes Grayson (from "Band of Brothers")
- Loft above dojo - DM grabs up his katana, fights off Garrick (from "Shadows")
- Sulfur piles by the docks, evening - DM fights badly wounded Grayson (from "Band of Brothers")
- Dojo, night - DM performs kata with his katana in darkened dojo in front of large mirror (from "Shadows")
- Warehouse - Kiem Sun attacks DM from behind (from "Road Not Taken")
- Quay by barge, night - shadows on wall of DM and Xavier fighting (from "For Tomorrow We Die")
- Quay by barge, night - DM and Xavier fighting by barge gangplank (from "For Tomorrow We Die")
- Antique store - workshop - DM wiping down his sword while joking with Connor (from "The Gathering")
- Quay by barge (under bridge) - DM creeps up, swings at hidden Immortal, realizes it's Methos (from "Judgment Day")
- Inside MacLeod's Victorian - DM and Kanis fight (from "Leader of the Pack")
- Cape Schooner - DM and Axel fight on the dock (from "Rite of Passage")
- Japan - beach, dusk - DM & Kent fight in the water (from "The Samurai")
- Dojo, night - DM performs kata with his katana in darkened dojo in front of large mirror (from "Shadows")
- Japan - beach, dusk - DM stops Kent's blade between his palms, pushes the blade to the side, grabs the hilt and turns it around, impaling Kent (from "The Samurai")
- Train car warehouse - DM swings at Thorne atop one of the cars (from "The Cross of St. Antoine")
- Sea Witch II deck, night - DM jumps out into the open with his katana raised defensively (from "The Sea Witch")
- Empty grandstand - DM blocks Ward's attempt to behead him, slashes Ward across the chest (from "The Vampire")
- Construction site near Jill's apartment - DM and Keogh fight (from "Obsession")
- Woods near sanctuary - DM and Larca fight (from "Little Tin God")
- Dojo, night - DM performs kata with his katana in darkened dojo in front of large mirror (from "Shadows")
- At Waverly's house - DM fights Kurlow, dumps him in the pool (from "Blackmail")
- Warehouse docks - DM fights Karros (from "The Revolutionary")
- Boston hotel, 1896 - DM fights Axel (from "Rite of Passage")
- Near cemetery - DM fights Clay (from "End of Innocence")
- Abbey ruins - DM fights Luther, disarms him and slashes him across the abdomen (from "Legacy")
- Dojo, night - DM performs kata with his katana in darkened dojo (from "Shadows")
- Near cemetery - DM raises katana to behead Clay (from "End of Innocence")
- Abbey ruins - DM beheads Luther (from "Legacy")
- Desiree's cabin - DM beheads Crowley (from "Innocent Man")
- Warehouse docks - DM beheads Karros (from "The Revolutionary")
- Inside abandoned racetrack, night - DM turns, sees RR behind him, swings katana (from "Archangel")
- Dojo, night - DM finishes kata with his katana in darkened dojo in front of large mirror (from "Shadows")] 5

[DM picks up wrapped katana, puts it in nearby steamer trunk.]>


Grant's family home 8

[DM drives up, parks, walks up steps.]

Grant - [standing at top of steps] Duncan, what gives?

DM - I have a few questions.

Grant - A little pressed for time right now.

DM - Oh, a couple minutes should do it. [Grant escorts him inside. He notices suitcases in foyer.] Mm. Going somewhere?

Grant - Out of town. Couple of days. The bank, the press. You know how it is.

DM - Yeah, yeah. You going alone?

Grant - Alone? Sure. Why?

DM - Oh, I just thought maybe she was going with you.

Grant - Who?

DM - The girl I saw getting out of your car today.

Grant - Girl? My car?

DM - Tall, beautiful, long hair. Kinda hard to miss.

Grant - Doesn't compute.

DM - Mm. Black Daimler, right?

Grant - Right car, wrong people.

DM - Friends don't usually lie to me.

Grant - Pull up a minute, Duncan. You asked. I told. You don't like it, too bad.

DM - [senses 'buzz', takes a quick look outside] Where is she?

Grant - [scoffs] This is getting a little old.

DM - Get going. Go on. Get out of here.

Grant - What are--

DM - Now. [shoves Grant out the door]

Grant - What are you doing?

[DM closes the doors behind him, goes in search of source of 'buzz'.]


Grant's family home - basement 9

[Timer counts down from 2859. Alex leans close, working on the device.]

DM - [enters basement] Move away from that.

Alex - MacLeod, you're like a bad penny.

DM - I said move away.

Alex - I'm in a bit of a hurry here, so why don't you just fetch us something cool to drink.

DM - Very cute. Maybe I should let you arm that bomb, too.

Alex - It's already armed. I'm trying to disarm it.

DM - Right. [takes tool from her]

[Alex steps back. DM looks at timer, now at 1679.]

Alex - [clears her throat] The yellow wire.

DM - [doesn't believe her] Maybe you've got a bridge for sale.

Alex - Have it your way.

[DM pulls a wire and beeping speeds up. Timer is at 0990 and dropping fast. DM looks over at Alex.]

Alex - The yellow wire. [DM pulls the yellow wire and the timer stops at 0001.] I told you.

DM - Well, now maybe you'll be a good girl and tell me about the rest of it.

Alex - Move it or lose it.

DM - Not until you talk to me.

Alex - I've got nothing left to say.

[DM takes escrima stick out of his coat, twirls it. Alex draws her sword.]

Alex - [as DM removes his coat] That's the best that you can do?

DM - We'll see.

[Alex attacks. DM fends her off. They move from basement to hallway. Fight continues.]

Alex - Not bad. Maybe I'll take some lessons sometime.

DM - You're gonna need 'em. [Fight continues. DM pins Alex against wall.] You were saying?

Alex - Say good-night, MacLeod. [knees him, hits fuse box to knock out the power, runs away]

DM - Damn. 8


Establishing shot: Grant's family home 8

Grant's family home - living room 8

DM - The truth, Grant.

Grant - Your guess is as good as mine.

DM - And you have no idea what she wants?

Grant - What? No.

DM - You're running out of excuses, and you're running out of time. [throws disarmed bomb in his lap]

Grant - Are you crazy?

DM - It's disarmed. I'm trying to save your life.

Grant - That bitch. She killed my grandfather, and she said she'd kill me, too.

DM - Go on.

Grant - A couple of years ago, my grandfather got the bank into leveraged bonds.

DM - That's a pretty risky investment for a conservative man like George.

Grant - Tell me about it. He wanted to retire big-time. The bottom line is they tanked. The bank was going under. We needed money, as in "cash" -- truckloads of it. Along come these businessmen, offered to bail us out. We don't ask any questions.

DM - Businessmen?

Grant - "International traders," according to them. Russian mafia, according to everybody else.

DM - And they were the ones who threatened George.

Grant - Not if he cooperated, but he couldn't keep it up. One day, he pulled the plug. He'd had enough.

DM - So why didn't you go to the police?

Grant - Scandal. The last thing George wanted was a run on the bank. Everything he'd worked for would be gone overnight.

DM - And what's stopping you now?

Grant - I don't know. How's fear? End of story. My bank, my problem. I'll handle it.

DM - You can't handle it.

Grant - No police.

DM - No. No police. Can you contact this woman?

Grant - I have a telephone number. That's all.

DM - Then call her. It's time to set up a meeting.

Grant - Okay.


"Interesting Space" 10

[Alex rides motorcycle up to where DM is waiting among the twelve columns overlooking a panoramic view toward Paris.]

Alex - We've got to stop meeting like this.

DM - And you've got to stop trying to blow up my friends.

Alex - I don't suppose you'd believe me if I said I had nothing to do with it.

DM - Not at the moment.

Alex - [draws her sword] One more time? [is shot from behind by Grant]

Grant - [comes out from behind column] Good thing I followed you.

DM - What are you doing here?

Grant - She had a sword in her hand. She was gonna kill you.

DM - I could've handled it. You didn't have to shoot her. [takes gun from him]

Grant - You're welcome. What the hell was she doing with a sword anyway?

DM - Let's get you out of here. [leads Grant away]

[Alex gasps back to life, gets up, looks around.]


Establishing shot: Astree Hotel 11

Inside hotel suite 11

Grant - That bitch killed my grandfather. And she said she'd kill me, and she was about to nail you. And now she's dead. Now, what is your problem?

DM - Look, if she's part of the Russian mafia, maybe they'll send someone else.

Grant - Great. How long do I have to stay cooped up here?

DM - I'll let you know.

Grant - Duncan?

DM - Yeah.

Grant - All this, um-- Our little secret, right? The whole world thinks my grandfather was a hero.

DM - [nods] I'll try and keep it that way. [leaves]


Quay by barge 7

DM walks down quay toward barge, senses 'buzz'. He looks around, doesn't see anyone, cautiously enters barge.]


Inside barge 7

[DM enters, finds Alex waiting inside.]

Alex - At least you didn't kill me while I was dead.

DM - For the record, I had nothing to do with you getting shot.

Alex - Now who's got the bridge for sale?

DM - You're not going to kill Grant.

Alex - Kill him? You're worried about ME killing HIM? First of all, that son of a bitch just shot me. And secondly, I'm trying to keep him alive.

DM - Why?

Alex - [as Max enters barge] I'll let Max tell you. [Max joins them.] Duncan MacLeod, Max Leiner. I think it's time you two should meet.

DM - [to Max, in Russian] {Chello-vee-eka kat-or-ah-vah vweh oo-bee-lee bwil my-eem droo-gum.}

Translation: The man you killed was my friend. (according to shooting script)

Alex - He didn't kill anybody, and he doesn't speak Russian.

DM - Then why are you interested in Grant and the bank?

Alex - Because they stole sixty million dollars.

Max - It's true, Mr. MacLeod.

DM - Come again?

Alex - Blood money. The Nazis killed David, Max's father, and they left me for dead.

DM - [re: Max] He knows about us?

Alex - Yeah, he knows.


<Flashback - Warsaw Ghetto, 1942 - night 12 CUT

Kapitan - [offscreen] Hurry, Hans!

Soldier - [offscreen] Jawohl, Kapitän!

Translation: Jawohl, Kapitän! - Yes, sir, Captain!

[Nazis climb on motorcycles and into vehicles, preparing to leave.]


Flashback - Warsaw Ghetto, 1942 - tenement apartment, night 2

[Young Max climbs out of hiding place, kneels beside his dead father, then reaches over toward Alex.]

Alex - [revives with a gasp, startling Young Max] I'm all right. See? I'm alive.>

Young Max - But how?

Alex - Max, can you keep a secret? [Young Max nods.] I'm not like other people.

Young Max - You mean you're an angel.

Alex - No, no. I'm not an angel.

Young Max - Yes, you are.

Alex - Max, listen to me.

Young Max - Like the one who came to Abraham to wrestle Jacob. Papa said you'd come to protect us. I just had to believe. [touches blood on her coat where she was shot] Now I believe.

Alex - Well then, if David said it, it's true. I'll protect you, but you've got to keep it a secret, okay?

Young Max - I can keep a secret.

Alex - I know you can. [sniffles, smiles through her tears] You know, you've got your father's eyes -- strong ones, good ones. You're going to be an important man. And he's going to be so proud of you.

Young Max - Then I can protect you.

Alex - I'd like that.

Young Max - Alex?

Alex - Yeah?

Young Max - I won't tell. 6 [She hugs him.]


Inside barge 7

(resume previous scene)

Alex - And he's kept it a secret for all of these years.

DM - Not many survived the Warsaw Ghetto.

Max - I had to. [pulls piece of paper from suit pocket]

DM - What's that?

Alex - Not "what". "Who."

Max - "Gisella Weisshaus, Elie Grotch." [holds up paper to show DM the handwritten names on it] "Rose Trilling, Benjamin Wall, Alex Bermann, Bert Linder." I know them all by heart.

Alex - People hid their money in foreign bank accounts... before their families were rounded up and taken to the camps.

DM - And you think George Thomas's bank was one of them?

Max - They have millions of dollars stolen from our dead, and they deny it.

Alex - That's where Grant comes in.

Max - [scoffs] He's just like his grandfather. Tries to bury me under paperwork. Doesn't realize he's dealing with a human shredder.

DM - Yes, but there must be some way to trace the money -- some proof, some records.

Alex - There's a safe somewhere in Grant's house. That's what I was looking for before I found the bomb and you just crashed my party.

DM - Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I remember, I remember. But I've known George and Grant for years.

Max - Mr. MacLeod, I am an old man. Many things I have seen. Some things I still cannot speak of. I have looked into the face of darkness. Do you know what that face looks like? It looks like you. It looks like Alex. It looks like me.

Alex - [as DM turns to leave] Hey. Where are you going?

DM - To find out why Grant lied to me.

Alex - Go home, Max. Wait for me there. [follows DM out]


Establishing shot: Astree Hotel 11

Inside hotel - hallway 11

Alex - We make better friends than enemies, MacLeod, now that you finally trust me.

DM - Who says I trust you? Why are you doing this?

Alex - 'Cause I loved Max's father. Because it needs to be done.

DM - That all?

Alex - It's enough.


[DM knocks on door to room 306. The door swings open.]

Alex - Sure you got the right room?

DM - I've got the right room. [enters room, calling out] Grant? [is shot by someone inside room, stumbles back out into hallway]

Alex - [sarcastic] You got the right room, huh?

DM - Go. [slumps to the floor]


Inside hotel room 11

[Alex enters room, looks around, sees open window, looks out, sees man (Malloy) running away. Alex jumps out of open window. In hallway, DM 'dies'.]


Outside hotel 11

[Alex chases Malloy onto bridge, tackles him. They fight hand-to-hand. O'Keefe drives onto bridge, shooting at Alex from car window. She jumps over edge of bridge as Malloy gets in car.]

Malloy - Go! Go! Go!

[Car drives across bridge and away. Meanwhile, Alex dangles from the side of the bridge, over traffic below. She pulls herself back up and over the bridge rail, looks around.]


Establishing shot: Grant's family home 8

Grant's family home - large room 8

[DM opens cabinet door, revealing safe inside.]

Alex - I knew it. Now we can match the deposit records to the account numbers on Max's list.

DM - Yeah, and then they get the sixty million dollars. [as Alex pulls brick of plastique out of her bag] What are you doing with that? You want to open this thing or send it into orbit?

Alex - Well, you got any better ideas? Let's hear it.

DM - Yeah, if you've got a nail file.

Alex - What?

DM - [sighs, squats in front of safe with Swiss army knife, nail file extended] Watch and learn. [sands the tips of his fingers with the file]

Alex - This I've got to see.

DM - Shush. [puts knife away, leans close to safe and starts turning the four small brass knobs on the door, listening to the tumblers clicking, eventually opens door]

Alex - [impressed] Where'd you learn how to do that?

DM - A friend. It's empty.

Alex - It's empty?

Grant - [enters room, pointing gun at them] I could have told you that.

Alex - I told you, MacLeod. What do you expect from a guy who shoots a woman in the back? But you don't listen, do you?

DM - Would you be quiet? At least for ten seconds?

Grant - What the hell does it take to kill you guys?

Alex - Why don't you come and find out?

DM - Tell me, Grant, why'd you kill your grandfather?

Grant - Conscience.

Alex - [Laughs] Conscience?

Grant - Not mine. His. The old man was only getting older, didn't want to meet Saint Peter with pockets full of stolen money.

DM - He was gonna give it back?

Grant - Yeah. She actually convinced him it was the right thing to do.

DM - So you blew him up.

Grant - [as Malloy and O'Keefe enter room behind him] Duncan, I'm a banker. I don't do bombs. They do bombs.

DM - And they were the ones that planted one in here.

Grant - I had to throw suspicion off me. Shame you disarmed it.

DM - So there is no Russian mafia.

Grant - Sure there is. Somewhere. CUT <Time to go for a little swim.>


Grant's family home - carport 3

DM - You know, this is completely and utterly your fault.

Alex - Excuse me? I was the one who's been right all along.

DM - Oh, yeah, if you think that's right.

Alex - Who said pull the yellow wire?

DM - I did.

[They both turn as one and fight Malloy and O'Keefe, knocking them out.]

Alex - Now what?

DM - Grant thinks we're dead. There's only one person that can link him to the money.


Warehouse 2

Max - Killing me will change nothing, you fool. There are hundreds more who will come when I'm gone. All those souls, those voices. Do you have enough bullets for all of them?

Grant - No. Just enough for you. CUT

<[Max gets in passenger side of car as DM's Land Rover drives up with a screech. Grant shoots at Alex and DM as they get out, then runs off. They chase him, take cover as he shoots some more. Eventually he runs out of bullets.]

DM - [walks toward him] What are you going to do now, Grant? [as Grant backs away toward ledge] Grant, no!

[Grant falls off ledge, screaming, and lands on floor below, dead.]>


Grant's family home - living room 8

DM - Well, that's it. We searched the whole house.

Max - Without those ledgers, all is lost.

Alex - They must be somewhere here. Are you sure he didn't mention anything to you, MacLeod?

DM - Nothing that would do us any good.

[Flashback to DM playing pétanque with George:
George - Tell me, Duncan, do you think it's only good deeds that define a man's soul?] 3

[Flashback to DM playing pétanque with George:
George - Finally catching up on my reading. You know, great tragedies of good men and temptation. Dickens, Goethe. 3 [echoing] Goethe.]

DM - [to himself] Good men... and temptation.

Alex - What are you talking about?

DM - A story of a good man tempted. "Great tragedies of good men and temptation." That's what George said. [starts scanning books on shelf]

Alex - [joins him] Or a good doctor.

DM - Tempted by the devil.

Both - [together] Faust.

DM - [pulls book from shelf] Here. [flips through pages of book, finds folded piece of paper. They look at it, take it over to Max.]

Max - Don't tease an old man.

[DM hands him the paper. He pulls out his own list, compares them.]

Max - "Gisella Weisshaus, Elie Grotch. Rose Trilling, Benjamin Wall." Oh, my God.

Alex - All the names and secret numbers. They match. [as DM finds another piece of paper in the book] What is it?

DM - Looks like a confession.

Alex - From George Thomas?

DM - All the names and dates. The whole money trail. [hands letter to Max]

[Inset of handwritten confession:

I, George Thomas
hope that this document will
permit the restitution of their
money to those Jewish families
who deposited their savings,
unaware of what would happen
in the future. Gisella Weisshaus
Elie Grotch
Rose Trilling
Benjamin Wall
Alex Berman
Bert Linder
Wanda Grunstein
Sacha Gruber
Sarah Wertheimer
Helene Bressler
Rachel Stein
Mina Tanembaum
David Krawezick
Ariel Rosenthal
Gertrud Stein
Joseph Rosenberg
Abraham {Graubaum}
Isaac Bolstein]

Max - At last.

DM - Looks like you'll be able to trace everything -- all the money, Max.

Max - For years, I hated myself for being alive. Why was I spared? Why did I survive when so many better people perished? Now I know. All those left behind, all those poor souls... finally laid to rest.

DM - All those souls. [re: George's confession] And maybe one more.


Parking lot, night 11

Alex - What are you thinking?

DM - Just thinking about George. He was a good man. He was kind. He was generous. Now history's going to remember him a different way.

Alex - I wonder what it was like being him, knowing what he had known for all those years, building his whole life on other people's graves. How can one survive with all that guilt?

DM - The same way we do.

Alex - What do you mean?

DM - How many people have died because of us?

Alex - It's different.

DM - Is it? Can you justify every person you've ever fought and everyone you've ever killed?

Alex - If I've killed unnecessarily, I didn't know so at the time.

DM - Mm. We rewrite our history all the time because we have to. We rationalize our cruelty... so we can look in the mirror and face ourselves. Perhaps that's what George did. Maybe that's how... he became the man I knew.

Alex - And who was that?

DM - A man who donated a small fortune to building libraries and schools and hospitals. It made a difference in many people's lives, you know.

Alex - CUT What he did was out of guilt, not compassion. And if he was a noble creature, he would've returned the money years ago.

DM - Maybe he couldn't face it. Maybe he couldn't face where he came from... till you made him.

Alex - And his own grandson killed him because of that.

DM - What goes around comes around. 7 CUT


Quay by barge 6

DM - [playing pétanque with Alex] Your friend from Warsaw would have been very proud.

Alex - David. It was fifty years ago -- a heartbeat for you and me. I hope he's watching this from somewhere. [throws boule, hits DM's with a clank]

DM - That day we met in the forest. The man you beheaded...? [throws boule]

Alex - He killed someone, someone I loved very much.

DM - I'm sorry. [Alex throws another boule, winning the round.] I thought you said you hadn't played this before.

Alex - Beginner's luck.

DM - Oh. [They collect their boules.] You hungry?

Alex - I've made other plans. [hands boules to him]

DM - Some other time?

Alex - Some other time. [kisses his cheek, leaves]

DM - [to himself] Some other time.


End of "Sins of the Father"

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