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Episode 5: Patient Number 7

Written by David Tynan
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: November 1, 1997
Transcript revised: 4-3-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Arabic dialogue was transcribed with the assistance of Google Translate and the DVD script. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander


Zep - Steve/Steven Lyon
Lazlo - Stéphane Petit
              Vladic's henchmen

Jocko - Emile Abossolo M'bo
              hospital orderly in teaser

Vendor - Nabil Massad
              at newspaper kiosk

Little Girl - Antonia Corrigan
              under bridge

Businessman - Michael Morris
              attacked by Kyra at his car

Henry - Robert William Bradford
              at nurse's station, in teaser


Kyra - Alice Evans
              Patient Number 7

Milos Vladic - Michael Halsey
              Immortal hunting Kyra

Gaston - Mark Leadbetter
              Cardinal's man in flashback

Richard Albright - Donald Standen
              Kyra's mortal lover


Dupin - ??
              Cardinal's man in flashback

Tovic - ??
              henchman on 'power station' roof

Locations List:*
1. State Hospital - Hopital Beaujon, 100 Boulevard du Général Leclerc, Clichy [48.908125,2.310586]
2. Overpass culvert - unknown location
3. Vladic's chateau - Chateau de Saint-Rémy, Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines [48.616783,1.880728]
4. Backyard - unknown location
5. Near apartment - east end of Île Saint-Louis: Quai d'Anjou at Pont de Sully [48.850440,2.360108]; 1 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île [48.850613,2.359975]; Square Barye, 2 Boulevard Henri IV [48.850112,2.359991]
6. Apartment - 3 Quai d'Anjou (NE end of Île Saint-Louis) [48.851077,2.360078]
7. City street - unknown location
8. Warehouse - unknown location
9. Quay by barge - Quai de la Gare/Pont de Bercy [48.837342,2.374312]
10. Tavern - unknown location
11. Inn (establishing) - in domestic version only; unknown location
12. Attic room - unknown location
13. Apartment interior (estab) - unknown location
14. Observatory - Observatoire de Paris, 61 Avenue de l'Observatoire [48.836461,2.337214]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - WGN* (1998) & Syfy (2010) - these are probably the official Eurominutes

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the WGN tape.

NOTE: The Powers That Be were considering a spinoff show after this final season of Highlander: The Series was concluded. They wanted a female Immortal lead, and they used various episodes in this season to screen-test potential candidates... although ultimately they went with Elizabeth Gracen's Amanda as the title character for Highlander: The Raven.

This episode is one of the screen-tests, featuring Kyra. The others are Alex Raven (6x03: Sins of the Father), Katya (6x08: Justice), Reagan Cole (6x09: Deadly Exposure), and Katherine (6x10: Two of Hearts).

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Establishing shot: State hospital 1

Inside hospital 1

Jocko - [pushes metal cart to nurse's station, rattles bottle of pills at guard] Feeding time, Henry. I got red pills, yellow pills, big blue ones. The works.

Henry - So, uh, who gets the Happy Meal?

Jocko - Number Seven.

Henry - The chick with amnesia? [scoffs] And what makes you think she won't try to bite you again, Romeo?

Jocko - Because, fool, she has amnesia. She probably don't remember. 1

[In padded room, Kyra is strapped to hospital bed, stares blankly up at ceiling. Jocko pushes cart down hallway, enters Kyra's room.]

Jocko - [approaches slowly] Evening, Number Seven. [sits on edge of bed, waves hand in front of her face] Nobody home. Hell, girl, you don't even know where you are.

[Close on feet of two men striding down hospital corridor: combat boots (Lazlo) and cowboy boots (Zep).]

Jocko - [re: straps] You promise not to fuss, maybe I take these off for a while. What do you say? [Kyra continues to stare blankly at ceiling.] Guess that's a yes. Huh?

[Zep and Lazlo continue down corridor.]

Jocko - [runs his hand down Kyra's body] Good. You just relax now. [slips his hand up under her hospital gown] Let Jocko help you remember. Jocko is going to take care of everything.

[Zep and Lazlo approach nurse's station.]

Henry - [lowers newspaper] Can I help you?

[Zep shoots him. Lazlo grabs patient chart off counter.]

[Kyra continues staring at ceiling.]

[Zep and Lazlo continue down corridor.]

Jocko - [runs his hand back up Kyra's body] Good. [jumps and turns as henchmen enter room] Hey, listen. I-I didn't do nothing! [Zep raises gun.] No, no! [Zep shoots him.]

Lazlo - There's something wrong with her.

Zep - [takes clip out of gun, blows on end of clip] You care?

Lazlo - She's not moving.

Zep - [puts clip back in gun] So much the better. [points gun at Kyra's head]

[Kyra comes out of trance at sound of gun clip being inserted, rolls away with a gasp as Zep fires. She fights them both off, runs out of room & down corridor. They follow.]


<Establishing shot: State hospital, night 1 CUT

Outside building, night 1

Man on police radio - [as police car drives past] This is an all points bulletin for the central district. A murder at the Hospital Central for the Criminally Insane. Suspect is Caucasian female, five foot six inches.

[Kyra peeks around corner of building at police car, then continues sneaking away once it is gone.]>

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Autoroute bridge, next morning 2

Under bridge 2

[Kyra is sleeping on ledge under bridge. Little Girl pokes Kyra with stick, jumps back when she wakes up.]

Kyra - Relax. It's okay. I-I was just-- I was sleeping.

Little Girl - Do you live here?

Kyra - No. It's not very comfortable. [looks around]

Little Girl - What's your name?

Kyra - I don't know.

Little Girl - How come you don't know your name? Everybody knows their own name. [Kyra shakes her head, unable to explain.] Are you sick?

Kyra - Maybe I am.

Little Girl - Then you should go home.

Kyra - Maybe I should. [gets down from ledge, walks off]


Establishing shot: Vladic's chateau 3

Inside Vladic's chateau 3

Vladic - [holding glass eye up to taxidermic lynx head] Ah, the eyes. My biggest problem, always the eyes. The claws are not so difficult, you see. Or even the... the teeth. These things... show only the anger and the rage. Easy stuff, really. With the eyes, it is different. The eyes are always the hardest. And you know why, Lazlo? No. Perhaps you, Zep. Because the eyes alone show intelligence. Something you wouldn't know about. The order was simple, yes? The objective clear. Medicated, lying in a hospital bed. A goddamn girl is all, and you can't even kill her and bring her to me.

Zep - But-- But, General Vladic, she -- she ran.

Vladic - Oh, my. Really? You expect her to stand and wait for a bullet like those miserable peasants in Karachi? You're supposed to be soldiers!

Zep - Sir--

Vladic - If we were still in the field, I would have you buried in the lime pit. And I wouldn't waste a bullet first.

Zep - But I don't think that she--

Vladic - Exactly! You follow orders. I want this girl dead. I want you to bring me her body. Start using YOUR eyes to find her now. Or maybe I decide you don't need them anymore.

Zep - General Vladic, sir, there's something wrong with her.

Vladic - Yes. Yes, she's still alive.

Zep - No, no, there is something more.


Near autoroute bridge 2

(resume previous scene)

[Kyra walks away from bridge.]

Zep - [voice-over] I don't think that she was hiding. I don't think that she knew us.

Vladic - [voice-over] Don't be stupid. How could she not know you?


Inside Vladic's chateau 3

(resume previous scene)

Zep - [motions with his hand] Lazlo.

[Lazlo hands over patient chart he grabbed from nurse's station counter.]

Vladic - [looks at papers] That's interesting. It seems our little problem has amnesia. She has no idea who she is. Smile, Zep. It makes your job that much easier.

Zep - How?

Vladic - Because without her memory, she will be forced to rely on instinct...


Under autoroute bridge 2

(resume previous scene)

[Kyra hides as police car drives past.]

Vladic - [voice-over] ...like an animal. Did you ever hunt a-- a big cat? Of course not. Until I turned you into soldiers, you couldn't flush a toilet.


Inside Vladic's chateau 3

(resume previous scene)

Vladic - A wounded animal is confused and frightened.


Backyard 4

Vladic - [voice-over] It goes to ground, to someplace it feels safe. Somewhere familiar. She's wounded.

[Kyra steals clothes (and shoes) from clothesline, then runs off.]


Inside Vladic's chateau 3

(resume previous scene)

Vladic - And she will go to ground. [taps map of Paris displayed nearby] Here.


Near apartment 5

Pickup driver - Are you sure this is where you want to go, miss?

Kyra - [looks around, gets out of pickup] No.

[Pickup drives away. Kyra continues looking around, 2 wanders down street. She reaches apartment entrance. Black-and-white flash of gun firing, Richard being shot. Milos is firing the gun. Kyra walks past apartment entrance warily. 6]


Street near apartment 5

[Kyra walks down sidewalk, 3 sees businessman pulling briefcase out of parked car. He opens briefcase, pulls out a gun.]

Kyra - [runs toward man, yelling] Don't! [kicks object from his hand, wrestles him against side of car]

Businessman - What are you, crazy or what? Hey, just what do you think you're doing, lady? What the hell's the matter with you?

Kyra - [looks at cell phone lying broken on pavement] I thought it was... a gun. [runs off]

Businessman - Geez, look at this thing! [picks up broken cell phone] It's my phone.


Park near apartment 5

Vendor - [into phone] Na'am. Na'am... [chuckles] In sha'allah. Hey. [chuckles] Okay. {It's all right.} [sees Kyra looking at stack of Arabic newspapers] E'n eya am'chi-el'ness haji. [ends call]

Translations: na'am - yes; In sha'allah - God willing (according to Google translate); E'n eya am'chi-el'ness haji. - I have to go. A customer. (according to shooting script)

Kyra - [in Arabic] Safi, r'lass-jibli el rhout. [looks closer at paper] Thursday.

Translation: Safi, r'lass-jibli el rhout. - That's okay. I just want to know what day it is. (according to shooting script)

Vendor - You speak Arabic?

Kyra - [pauses, caught off guard] I guess I do.

Vendor - You guess? You mean you don't know if you speak Arabic or not? Go on. You buy something or you get lost.

Kyra - A paper, the Times. That one there. [points behind him. He looks over his shoulder and she grabs handful of Mars bars from display, stuffs them down her pants.]

Vendor - [turns back around, puts paper down] Well?

[Newspaper inset: The Tribunal

Paris, Thursday, August 14, 1997

Woman Sought In Hospital Killings

many high-level Chinese-American talks over the past four years. "The premise is one of improving the relationship," he said, "as opposed to two years when you sat through long diatribes about containment."
By Kenneth J. Cooper
Washington Post Service

NEW DELHI -- The two countries were cut from the same Asian sub-continent, clumsily freed by a European colonial power at the same tumultuous moment a half-century ago. But the political course of each country since then could hardly be more different.
  The much bigger and diverse one, {??}a, has evolved into the world's {??} democracy and one of the few {??]oping nations to sustain a mul-{??} A {??} India {??}]

Kyra - [reacts to seeing her picture below the headline] You know, I've changed my mind. I won't take it after all. I've got no money. [She starts to walk away. Vendor looks at picture, starts dialing his phone. She looks back, reacts.] Oh, you're not calling the police, are you? No! Please don't call the police!

Vendor - Only my brother. A moment, please.

Kyra - No. No, please don't call the police!

Vendor - It's nothing. I swear.

Kyra - Please don't call the police! Please! [kicks at the kiosk. It falls apart. She runs off.]

Vendor - [cowering] Police! Police! 4


City street 7

[DM walks down sidewalk, looking at newspaper. Kyra walks along nearby street. DM and Kyra both sense 'buzz'. DM looks around. Kyra reacts to 'buzz', continues walking toward street corner.]

DM - [as Kyra appears around side of building in front of him] Kyra. [She stares at him.] It's me... MacLeod.

Kyra - Behind you!

[DM turns to look & Kyra runs back the way she came. DM follows her.]


Warehouse 8

[Kyra runs into warehouse. DM follows.]

DM - [looks around warehouse] Kyra. Kyra, what's going on? Kyra, at least come out and talk to me. Kyra? Kyra? [Kyra hits him in the stomach with a length of pipe, runs off again.] Oof! What was that for? Kyra. [She swings pipe wildly at him. He ducks, grabs her.] I'm not going to hurt you. Kyra, what's going on?

Kyra - You know me?

DM - We were friends.

Kyra - Friends? Then why did you chase me?

DM - Because you ran. We were friends. At least I thought we were. What happened to you?

Kyra - I don't know.

[Intercut of police car driving somewhere.]

Man on police radio - [as police car turns corner with squeal of tires] Five foot six. She's considered dangerous. Approach with caution.

[Kyra reacts to police siren wailing in distance.]

DM - What did you do? They're not after me. Now what did you do?

[Sound of tires skidding in distance. Siren cuts off.]

Kyra - I don't know. You understand? I don't know.

[Sound of car doors slamming in distance.]

DM - We'll talk about it afterwards. Come on. [DM starts to move away. Kyra stays frozen in place. DM looks back at her.] It's either them or me. Your choice, but you'd better make it fast. [holds his hand out to her. She takes it and they run.]


Under bridge near barge 9

Kyra - Kyra. Kyra. Kyra. There, you happy? It doesn't mean anything.

DM - Well, it's your name.

Kyra - Right. That's what you keep telling me.

DM - CUT Then what DO you remember?

Kyra - [closes her eyes, sees flash of padded room 1] A room. A white room. [closes her eyes again, sees flash of hospital bed, hospital corridor, metal cart with bottles of drugs on it 1] Chemicals.

DM - A hospital. Go on. Keep trying.

[Kyra closes her eyes again, sees flash of Zep pointing gun at her. 1 She gasps, stumbles back a few steps.]

DM - What is it?

Kyra - Oh, my God. There was a gun. [sees flash of Jocko's body on the floor] 1 There was a-- There was a body. There was a dead body. What does it mean?

DM - [quiet] You tell me.

Kyra - I can't! Don't you get it? I'm trying, but I can't get anything out of there. Oh, just forget it. Just forget it!

DM - Fine. You want to run? Go ahead. But where're you going to go? You've got no money. You've got no I.D. You don't even know who you are.

Kyra - I don't know who the hell YOU are. Why should I trust you? Give me a reason. Give me one good reason.

DM - Because there is no one else.


<Establishing shot: Vladic's chateau, night 3

Zep - [voice-over] She has amnesia. (This is NOT in the DVD version!)

Zep - [voice-over] We waited all day, and she did not show. 5

Inside Vladic's chateau 3 CUT

Vladic - But she will. It's only a matter of time. And when she does, you will be there.

Zep - Seems like a lot of trouble... [cocks gun] for nothing. [pulls trigger. Gun clicks on empty chamber.] 6 She can't remember anything. Forget about her.

Vladic - Sooner or later, she will remember everything and come for me. And it's always better to be the hunter than the prey. Always. [re: trophy animals] Ask any of them.

[Zep slams clip back into gun, leaves with Lazlo.]>


On deck of barge, night 9

[DM & Kyra are finishing a candlelight dinner al fresco.]


Kyra - [downs her glass of wine, reaches for DM's] You mind? [takes glass from him, downs it too] God, that hits the spot.

DM - I should hope so. [holds out serving bowl]

Kyra - [as she takes food from bowl] Tenth-century Moorish, Umayyad period. Nice piece.

DM - Yes, it is, but how did you know?

Kyra - I don't know. How DID I know? How COULD I know something like that? [DM gives her a look, taps his temple with a finger.] You're right. Maybe I'm a history professor or an antiquities dealer. Someone in the arts, museums, something like that?

DM - Maybe or maybe not.

Kyra - Right, the Immortal thing. Hold on. My name is Kyra. And you and I have known each other -- correct me if I'm wrong here -- four hundred years.

DM - Well, actually, it was more like three hundred and fifty.


Flashback - France, 1640 - tavern, night 10

[Super: France, 1640]

[DM, sitting at table, senses 'buzz'.]

Kyra - [bangs door open, enters, takes off travel cloak and hat, looks around] Wine, innkeep. And leave the bottle. [sits at empty table]

Gaston - Look, Dupin. It's one of the queen's loyal helpers.

Dupin - [scoffs] They send a woman to do a man's job?

Gaston - She'll be flat on her ass before the night is through. [Men in tavern laugh.] Or flat on her back.

DM - [stands] Gentlemen, I would take care how you address the lady.

Man - [offscreen, in background] Oh, who is he?

Kyra - These are no gentlemen. And the lady can take care of herself.

[DM acknowledges her rebuff, sits back down. Kyra pours herself a drink.]

Gaston - [stands up] You've forgotten what it's like to be a woman. I think you need a real man to remind you. Hmm?

Kyra - [stands, looks around tavern] What men? All I see are a pair of miserable toads who work for the bastard Richelieu.

Gaston - CUT Cardinal Richelieu does the work of God.

Kyra - Somehow I doubt God spends much of His time in the sewers of France. [Tavern patrons murmur in background.] Tell me, 7 is it true Richelieu has syphilis? [Patrons gasp in background.]

Woman - [offscreen, in background, in shock] No.

Kyra - 'Cause if so, that's quite an accomplishment for a eunuch. Maybe he's not a eunuch. But you know I hear it's, um-- [holds up her pinky finger]

[DM chokes on his drink. Gaston and Dupin draw their swords. Gaston attacks Kyra. Sword fight commences. Kyra knocks Gaston down, goes after Dupin. DM calmly pours himself another drink as fight continues. Kyra disarms Dupin, knocks him down, turns to face Gaston again. DM continues to spectate, then Dupin walks past him holding a chair over his head, aiming for Kyra. DM slices at Dupin's arm with a knife, causing him to drop the chair with a cry.]

<Kyra - [holding Gaston down over a table] CUT And what do you call Her Majesty Queen Anne, our sovereign monarch?> I can't hear you.

Gaston - [unwillingly] A saint.

Kyra - And Cardinal Richelieu is? Go on, say it!

Gaston - [unwillingly] A bastard.

Kyra - [steps back, holds sword to Gaston's neck] A traitorous, stinking sewer rat of a bastard. [Gaston and Dupin run out of the tavern.] And don't forget it! [slams door closed behind them]

DM - I take it you have no real love for Cardinal Richelieu.

Kyra - You're very astute. A Scotsman, I take it.

DM - [with a bow] Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. [pours her a drink] And you are?

Kyra - [ignores the cup he holds out to her] Off to bed. Innkeep, a room for the night.

DM - I'm afraid it has already been taken, but I'd be happy to share it with you. Under strictly honorable circumstances, of course.

Kyra - Of course. Here. [flips him a coin] My share. [goes upstairs]

[DM watches her go, bites coin to confirm its authenticity, shrugs & pockets it, picks up his travel cloak, sighs.]

DM - [to himself] Get on with it. [follows her] 8


Establishing shot: Inn 9 11
(this is NOT in the DVD version!)

Flashback - France, 1640 - attic room, night 12

Kyra - [taking off her outer layers] There's only one bed.

DM - Then there's only one sensible course of action.

Kyra - You mean, kill the innkeeper?

DM - No, I mean, you take the bed, of course.

Kyra - Why "of course"?

DM - Because you're a lady. [bows to her]

Kyra - I'm beginning to realize why the English beat the Scots. We'll share the bed. Under strictly honorable circumstances.

DM - Oh. [clears his throat, begins to take off his outer layers] Strictly honorable. Very strictly. [goes to opposite side of bed, facing away from her as they both continue undressing] You picked a fight with those two on purpose.

Kyra - Tomorrow, the queen will pass by, and none of the cardinal's men will trouble her. I'm the queen's protector. I'm very good at my job.

DM - Apparently.

[Kyra is down to her shift and knickers. DM removes his undershirt. Kyra removes her stockings and slides under the covers of the twin bed.] 10

Kyra - I've never met a Scotsman before. Tell me, are they well-armed?

DM - [pauses in removing his trousers, clears his throat] What exactly do you mean?

Kyra - I mean, their swords, of course. What do you think I meant?

DM - Oh, well, your French toad-stabbers, they're fine for some, but they're kind of puny.

Kyra - You think them small?

DM - Ach, they're hardly worth your while. Now a Scotsman's weapon, that's another matter. [finishes undressing, gets under the covers on his side of the bed] Once it gets going, there's nothing that can stop it.

Kyra - Really?

DM - Aye. Two hands to hold the thing. [holds his hands up in demonstration] I doubt you could even hold it.

Kyra - Surely, you exaggerate.

DM - No, not a wee bit. Come to Scotland and I'll show you.

Kyra - Scotland?

DM - You dinna think I could bring it in here, did you? I mean, the bloody thing wouldn't fit through the door.

Kyra - Oh, you mean your sword.

DM - The claymore, of course. What did you think I meant?

Kyra - I--

[They both turn on their sides, facing away from each other.]

DM - Ow! [reaches between them, pulls out a stiletto]

Kyra - Oh, I'm sorry. [takes knife from him] That-- I-I don't-- [sets it aside. They return to their positions in the bed. After a beat...] MacLeod?

DM - Hmm?

Kyra - Can you sleep?

DM - No. You?

Kyra - No. [They both return to lying shoulder to shoulder on their backs.] Now why do you suppose that is?

DM - I have a theory. [They turn to face each other.] Shall I tell ya?

Kyra - Is it strictly honorable?

DM - [shakes his head] Mm-mmm.

Kyra - Show me then.

[They begin to kiss.]


On deck of barge, night 9

(resume previous scene)

Kyra - If you expect me to believe that, then-- then you're the one that should have been in the hospital. I think I'll take my chances alone. [starts to walk away]

DM - There's a birthmark on your thigh. Left leg. It's... inside. Shaped like a small butterfly.

Kyra - Turn around. [drops her jeans, looks at her thigh, gasps] Oh, my God! [pulls her jeans back up] So, you and me, we were really-- I mean, we were lovers? You were somebody I could-- [sighs] Please, I've got to know.

DM - Once. Just one night. We were... friends. But I haven't seen you in over a hundred years.

Kyra - Can't have been much of a night then.

DM - Oh, I don't know. I remember it.

Kyra - Okay, maybe you knew me, but all that other stuff. I just don't buy it. [DM hands her a short length of metal pipe.] What's this? [DM attacks her with his own piece of pipe. She dodges.] Stop it! [They exchange parries. She knocks his pipe from his hand. He grabs her wrist.] It's really true, isn't it?

DM - All of it.

Kyra - So, why can't I remember? I had friends, a life, people that loved me. How can you forget your whole life?

DM - It's called hysterical amnesia. When your mind can't handle things, it just shuts down. The good news is it's not permanent. You'll get your mind back.

Kyra - What if I don't want my memory back? What I if really killed those people?

[DM has no answer for her. CUT <She moves away from him on deck, tries to remember.]

[Flash of Kyra dancing with Richard to Symphonie fantastique in C Minor by Alberto Lizzio.] 6

[Kyra continues remembering.]

[Flash of Richard kissing Kyra's neck as she plays the piano.] 6

[Kyra continues remembering.]

[Flash of Kyra and Richard wrapped in sheets on bed, kissing.] 6

[Kyra continues remembering.]

[Flash of apartment interior. 13 Of the statue outside the front entrance that Kyra walked past earlier. 6]

[Kyra continues remembering.]>


<Street outside apartment, night 6 CUT

[Kyra walks down street. Outside apartment entrance, Zep lounges against side of parked car. Lazlo waits inside the car. Rock song plays on car stereo.]

[Heavy metal - unknown artist/unknown song

Dark clouds, dark {brown}
{??, ??}
{Woman, still the ??}

{Bring back, bring back}
{??, ??}]

Kyra - [peeks around corner of building at them] You.

[She moves closer while Zep is looking the other way.]

[{Drown myself in my ??}

When I say goodbye to you
Running to your {reasons} to change]

[She hides again when he moves to get in driver's side of car.]

[Turning in, turning in
Cross-road, cross-road
Music {??} to overload]

[She climbs drain pipe to apartment balcony.]

[Half-turn, half-burn
Right street, right dream
Turning {??} my {feet}]>


Inside apartment, night 6

[Kyra enters through balcony doors, looks around, 13 ducks under police tape.]

[Flash of Kyra playing the piano -- Symphonie fantastique in C Minor by Alberto Lizzio. Richard comes up behind her, kisses her neck. She continues to play, then takes his hand, stands, dances with him as symphony continues playing in background.]

[Kyra picks up picture frame with broken glass. Photo is of her with Richard. She moves through the apartment, breathing heavily, clutching the picture frame. She reaches broken balcony doors with police tape across them.]

Richard - [voice-over] It's time to go.


Flashback - inside apartment 6

[Kyra is balancing on top of the balcony railing as Richard moves suitcases in the bedroom.]

Richard - CUT Now, I really wish you wouldn't do that. What if you fell?

Kyra - [hops down from railing] You know I'll only bounce. [joins him in apartment] But anyway, I prefer the view from in here. [kisses him]

Richard - Mm.

Kyra - [sing-song] We're going to the countryside. You won't be in international court anymore. No more microphones. No more threats. No more reporters.

Richard - Good God, how will we spend our time?

Kyra - Leave the diversions to me. You've earned it after six months on the bench.

Richard - Six months or six years would have been worth it. Vladic is going to prison for the rest of his life.

Kyra - He's an Immortal, Richard. It won't be forever. If I'd had my way--

Richard - I know, you would have had his head. But his crimes were against humanity, and humanity's punished him.

Kyra - I know. Look, for a month, we forget all that, huh? No more courtrooms. No more criminals.

Richard - And no guns?

Kyra - [holds up her arms, turns in a circle for his perusal] Not even a small one. The only problem--

Richard - Hmm?

Kyra - Running out of champagne. [kisses him again] Or oysters.

Richard - [another kiss] Mm.

Kyra - Or Black Sea caviar. [another kiss, then starts unbuttoning his shirt]

Richard - Um, weren't we leaving?

Kyra - Practice.

[They kiss again.] 11



Inside apartment, night 6

(resume previous scene)

[Kyra, remembering, sobbing, looks at photo in broken frame.]


Flashback - inside apartment 6

(resume previous scene)

Kyra - [as phone rings] Ah! [points at Richard] Don't move. [picks up phone, into phone] Hello?

Richard - [hears knock at door] Always late, huh? [Knock repeats.] Yeah, just a second. I'm coming.

Kyra - [into phone] Yes, he is, but we were just about-- Sorry. What did you say? When? [senses 'buzz'] Richard!

[Richard opens front door. Vladic enters pointing gun at him.]

Kyra - No!

[Vladic and Zep shoot Richard. Richard falls to the floor.]

Kyra - No!

[More men enter the apartment. Kyra throws herself through closed glass balcony doors & off balcony railing as they fire at her.]


Inside apartment, night 6

(resume previous scene)

Kyra - [crying] I should have known. I should have been ready. Oh! [gets up, sets picture aside, takes case out of wardrobe, opens it, removes gun]


Street outside apartment, night 6

[Zep and Lazlo are still sitting in parked car, listening to rock music.]

[Rock music - unknown artist/unknown song

All I {ever} wanted
was to {??}
{where I go and} when I die]

Kyra - [appears suddenly at driver-side window] Looking for me? [holds up her gun] Mine's a forty-four, modified.

[{Going to} shine brightly {??} nightly
{Make your way up} in the sky]

Kyra - Go right through you. Probably kill your partner too. Of course, I'm only a girl.

[Now I {heard a screaming}
{Over money ??}]

Kyra - Might lose my nerve. Might even miss.

[Then I feel the thunder
{Coming down} from under

Kyra - [re: Lazlo's gun] What have you got there? [shoots through car door, kills Lazlo]

Zep - Jesus.

Kyra - But not this time. Take that back to Vladic and tell him I want to see him. Go!

[Zep starts engine, drives away with squeal of tires.]


<Establishing shot: Vladic's chateau, night 3 CUT

[Thunder rumbles.]

Zep - [voice-over] And she shot him through the door!>

Inside Vladic's chateau 3

Zep - [throws his hands in the air] Ah!

Vladic - What the enemy least expect. A good tactic. [nods] It's better this way.

Zep - Oh? How?

Vladic - Because now she will come to me. Now we fight on my terms, on my ground. And this time I will kill her. <Call. CUT Tell her we meet at the observatory.> [hands phone to Zep]

Zep - [turns phone on] What time?

Vladic - Doesn't matter. We'll already be there.


Quay by barge 9

DM - [senses 'buzz', sees Kyra approaching] So, you're back. What about all that happened in the papers?

Kyra - [wearing her own clothes now] Not me. His name is Vladic.

DM - Milos Vladic?

Kyra - He called genocide "military victories".

DM - And after the trial, the chief judge was murdered. Albright.

Kyra - Richard. Richard was his name. Did you ever meet someone truly good, MacLeod? Someone who didn't want money or power or glory? Somebody beyond temptation and corruption?

DM - You were his bodyguard.

Kyra - I did a hell of a job, didn't I?

DM - And there's more?

Kyra - That's how it started. God, I loved him. Richard believed, MacLeod. Believed like-- like nobody I've ever met before. Justice, compassion -- they were his gods. Being with him was like being inside a warm, bright light. For ten years, MacLeod. I wanted it never to stop. And then, somebody stopped it. Do you know what that feels like?

DM - Yeah, I do.

Kyra - MacLeod, if I don't come back from this, and you run into Vladic--

DM - I'll make it a point.

Kyra - Thanks. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Observatory 14 CUT

Inside observatory 14

[Vladic sits alone at small table, polishing his sword.]


Roof of observatory 14

[Tovic comes down ladder from higher point on roof, carrying a gun. Kyra peeks over edge of roof at Tovic and Zep. Tovic looks over edge of roof at ground below, continues patrolling. Kyra climbs onto roof, stealthily crosses roof. Tovic sees 100 Franc bill lying on roof, leans over to pick it up. Kyra kicks him down, knocks him out. Zep runs toward noise as Kyra drags Tovic out of sight. Zep fires his gun blindly across roof. Inside observatory, Vladic reacts to hearing gunfire. Zep sees a hand reaching up, fires gun again, kills Tovic. Zep yells in frustration.]

Kyra - [comes up behind him, points gun at back of his neck] Nice shooting.

Zep - What?

Kyra - But then you like it when they can't get away, don't you?

Zep - Oh, yes. Especially when they're judges. It's so much better.

Kyra - Move! [walks him across roof at gunpoint]

Zep - Wait. Wait! [Kyra pushes him toward edge of roof. He turns, kicks gun from her hand. She grabs his leg, pushes him over edge of roof.] Ah, wait. [hanging from edge of roof] Wait!

Kyra - Are you sorry?

Zep - What?

Kyra - Are you sorry for what you've done?

Zep - Sorry is for a woman, children and sheep. [spits] I sorry for nothing.

Kyra - Then I won't be either.

Zep - Wait. 12 What are you doing? [Kyra hits him with butt of gun, knocking him off roof.]


Inside observatory 14

[Vladic hears Zep yell as he falls, thud of body hitting ground. He puts his sword down, picks up walkie-talkie.] 13

Vladic - [into walkie-talkie] Zep? [static] Zep? [static] Tovick, report.

Kyra - [on walkie-talkie] I'm sorry, but all scumbags are currently unavailable.

Vladic - [into walkie-talkie] Where in hell are you?

Kyra - [on walkie-talkie] Imagine, a big general like you, a real war hero, and those two are the best you could come up with? [Vladic senses 'buzz'. Kyra laughs on walkie-talkie.] There's no one home, Vladic. You're lost. You're alone. [Vladic looks around. Kyra enters room, talks to him face-to-face.] How does it feel? [He lunges for gun on table. She knocks it away with her sword.] No more guns. No more psychopaths to do your dirty work. Just you and me... [Her eyes flick to her sword.] ...and this.

Vladic - You had your chance. Your courts, your judges. No one had the will or strength to stop me. Vladic is still here.

Kyra - Yes, that was my big mistake, but I'm here to fix that.

Vladic - Your mistake was coming here. A woman trying to do a soldier's job.

Kyra - A soldier? Is that what you call yourself?

[Swordfight begins. She punches him, kicks him in the gut. He rallies. She kicks him again, then slices his arm, knocks him to his knees, holds her sword at his neck.]

Kyra - I was a soldier for a thousand years. You're no soldier. You're a butcher. [beheads him, takes Quickening]


Quay by barge 9

DM - It's good to see you.

Kyra - It wasn't the justice Richard believed in, but it was justice. It'll have to do.

DM - What about the police? They'll still want you for questioning.

Kyra - I'll keep moving, keep looking around. There's always someone who needs protection. You know how it is.

DM - Kyra, if you ever need anything--

Kyra - Thanks. But the lady can take care of herself. [kisses him]

DM - I remember.

<Kyra - So do I.> CUT [leaves]


End of "Patient Number 7"

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