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Episode 6: Black Tower

Written by Morrie Ruvinsky
Directed by Richard Martin
Aired: November 8, 1997
Transcript revised: 4-3-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander


Devon Marek - Andrew Bicknell
              Immortal with a grudge

Margo - Rochelle Redfield
              'kidnapped' by Marek

Dice - Alexi Kaye Campbell
              computer geek

Abel Montoya - Luke D'Silva
Ruben Montoya - Julius D'Silva
              Spanish brothers


William Robert "Billy Bob" Shemp - Adam Henderson
              American bounty hunter

Jean Pierre Benoît - Alain Creff a.k.a. G.Z.U.
              French bounty hunter


Drummond - ??
              peasant in flashback

Cop - ??
              killed by Marek

Locations List:*
1. Quay by barge #1 (estab) - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
2. Quay by barge #2 - Quai de la Gare/Pont de Bercy [48.837342,2.374312]
3. Black Tower (estab) - stock shot, unknown location
4. Black Tower - 15-19 Rue Maurice Gunsbourg, Ivry sur Seine (east side of building) [48.814006,2.407083]
5. Scotland woods - exact location(s) unknown, near Abbaye Notre Dame du Val, Mériel [49.078531,2.226772]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - WGN* (1998), SciFi (2000) & Syfy (2010) - these are probably the official Eurominutes

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the WGN tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 1

Inside barge 2


[Unknown song plays indistinctly in background:

{Some say love will find me}

Margo - Saturday morning, three a.m.... I guess that makes it truth time. I hate opera.

DM - But they were your tickets.

{I see {??} the way you are}
{If you} have to live {the moment}

Margo - Okay, you're really going to pull this out of me, aren't you? Um... Here it is. I was just trying to impress you. It's pathetic, isn't it?

DM - Beautiful, yes. Sexy, absolutely. Pathetic? Not in this lifetime.

[If it {used to be a stranger}
{Or} someone I left behind]

Margo - You said you didn't get out much.

[{Someday I'll be right here}
{??} and looking forward]

DM - Not lately. [feeds her a piece of sushi]

Margo - Well, me neither.

[{Some say love was easing through your door}]

DM - So, Margo, what about the other day at the Louvre?

Margo - What?

[I'm {hoping} {??}
{Of a} {??}]

DM - The Seurat exhibit. I thought you said he was your favorite artist.


Margo - Uh-oh. I think I started something.

[And {I finally} {??}]

DM - Well, you can't blame a guy for wondering.

[It will be {??} {blessed}
{I can walk a million miles} {??}]

Margo - Mm. Listen, Duncan, I love the Louvre. CUT I shouldn't have said anything. I'm just out of practice, um, with this dating thing, you know.

[{I'm better off} {??} {the patience}
{And when} the time is right for me]

DM - Well-- You know what they say, don't you?

Margo - No. What do they say?

[{Love is all} {??}
{??} and {??} {forward}]

DM - Practice makes perfect.

[{Someday love will lead me to your door}]

Margo - Oh. [They kiss.] <That's a good plan. CUT So, you get the candles, and I'll get the lights.>

DM - Okay. [flicks lighter to light nearby candles.]

[I'll be standing on the corner
I'll be looking {through the door}]

[Margo watches, reaches for light switch, hears knock at door.] I'll get it.

[I'll be waiting for {you}
When you call my name {??}]

Margo - I'm right here. I'll get it. [goes up steps, opens door, looks outside] That's funny. There's no one here.

[DM shrugs, lights another candle.]

Margo - [offscreen, screams] Ah! Duncan!

[DM looks up. Margo is gone. DM runs out of barge.]

[{If you have to live the moment--}]


Quay by barge 2

Margo - [as Abel drags her away] MacLeod! [Benoit hits DM with a baseball bat.] Help me! [DM gets back up.] Who are you? Stop it! [As Abel drags Margo to nearby car, Benoit fires Uzi at DM.] Duncan! [DM dives across roof of barge to avoid being shot.] No! You're hurting me.

Abel - Get in the car. Get in the car. [They shove Margo into car, drive away.]

[DM runs onto quay, watches car drive off, looks down at small windup music box (red knight on black charger) left behind on the quay. He snatches it up, looks at label on bottom: KERAM Toys. He throws it down, breaking it, and the music stops.]

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Establishing shot: Black Tower, next morning 3

Outside tower 4

[DM strides toward entrance. Security camera watches his approach.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[On monitor, DM stops in front of door, looks around. Dice watches monitor. On monitor, DM enters lobby.]


Inside tower - lobby 4

[DM looks around. Lettering on wall reads: KERAM ENTERPRISES. <DM walks through lobby, senses 'buzz'. CUT Promo display for computer video game "Revenge of the Endless Prince" stands near elevator alcove -- a red knight on a black charger, like the toy left behind on the quay.> Marek drags gagged Margo out of elevator alcove, points gun at her head.]

DM - Devon Marek.

Marek - Long time, Duncan.


Flashback - Scotland, 1634 - woods 5

[Super: Scotland, 1634]

[A Scottish peasant, Drummond, runs through forest. Marek chases him on foot. Drummond rolls down hill, gets up, keeps running. Marek runs down hill, looks for Drummond. Drummond attacks Marek with tree branch. DM rides up on horse, watches fight. Drummond stabs Marek with knife, runs off. DM rides over, dismounts, senses 'not-quite-buzz', looks down at Marek with a frown.]

Marek - What are you staring at, you savage? Don't touch me.

DM - I would've thought a man in your position would have better manners.

Marek - I do not need manners. I am Devon Marek, son of the Duke of Willoughby. I need a surgeon.

DM - Fine. Then I'll be off. Should only take a few days for them to find you. [starts to lead his horse away]

Marek - Wait! Wait. [DM stops, looks over his shoulder.] I have not given you permission to leave. I do not wish it, but you will give me aid. I command you! [DM starts walking away again.] Pl-Please, help me.

DM - [returns to Marek] That's better. [kneels beside him] Let me see, man. [examines wound] I'm afraid there's nothing anyone can do. You'd best make your peace with God.

Marek - I shall not die. I shall not die. [dies]

DM - Yes, you will.


[short time later]

[DM pushes stick cross into ground as marker for shallow grave, senses 'buzz', looks down at grave as Marek pushes his way out of the dirt with a groan.]

Marek - [coughs, gags, sits up] Are you a madman? You would bury a man not yet dead?

DM - You WERE dead.

Marek - Go fetch a surgeon.

DM - Look to your wound. [Marek looks down at his healed chest.] My teacher always told me that I'd know another Immortal, even one that did nae know it yet.

Marek - What is this? You are a seer? A sorcerer?

DM - No. Connor, my teacher, told me I would always get this feeling. The same one as I got from you, but it was different. Didn't recognize what it was.

Marek - [stands up] What you sensed... was greatness. [walks off]

DM - [to himself] What I sensed, you pompous ass, was immortality.


Inside tower - lobby 4

(resume previous scene)

Marek - Look around you, MacLeod. I told you I'd accomplish great things.

DM - [doesn't look around] You make toys, Marek. Get over it. [pulls music box knight out of his pocket] I got your message. [throws toy on the ground]

Marek - You were wrong about me, MacLeod. Always.

DM - Was I? Then why are you hiding behind a woman?

Marek - Who's hiding? I'm just setting the bait for the hunt. Allow me to introduce my other guests, MacLeod. I believe you have already met Monsieur Benoit. [Benoit steps into view, holding a laser rifle. CUT] The butchers of Basque: the brothers Montoya. [Abel & Ruben come down staircase at back of lobby, also carrying guns (according to the shooting script, an Uzi and an M16).] Over fourteen years, they've combined for fifty-seven successful kills. CUT And then, of course, there's our friend from the States, Mr. William Robert Shemp. I'm sure you can call him Billy Bob. You see, all his friends do. [Shemp steps into view, with a shotgun on his shoulder.] CUT Mr. Shemp here is the finest bounty hunter ever to come out of the South. He'll kill anything for a price. I mean, just ask his father. CUT

Shemp - [lowers shotgun to point at DM] Let's get this show on the road.

Marek - The rules are very simple, MacLeod.

DM - Since when did you play by the rules?

Marek - They're not for me, they're for you.

DM - There are other rules. We both know them.

Marek - In your world. In here, I write the rules, and they change with the game. Now, today, it's hide and seek. You see, I hide this gorgeous young creature here, and you try to find her.

DM - Cut the games, Marek. It's me you want. I'm here.

Marek - Oh, now, where's the sport in that? Now, of course, while you're looking for her, my friends here will be looking for you. CUT

Dice - [over P.A.] Boss, we're running a little behind schedule.

Marek - This game's mine, Dice.


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

Marek - [on monitor] I say when and I say how.

Dice - Right. Cue me for the start.


Inside tower - lobby 4

(resume previous scene)

Marek - You... have sixty seconds to start running.

DM - Don't be ridiculous. Face me, Marek.

Marek - [cocks gun] Fifty-nine. [starts moving with Margo back toward elevator alcove] Fifty-eight. <[Shemp cocks shotgun.] Fifty-seven. [Montoya twins cocks their guns.] Fifty-six. [Benoit cocks his gun.] Fifty-five, fifty-four-- [disappears into elevator alcove with Margo] CUT

[DM looks around at the four men pointing guns at him, backs away slowly.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[On monitors, DM continues backing away; a clock counts down from 14 seconds; the gunmen slowly advance toward DM.]

Dice - [offscreen] Thirteen, twelve, eleven, ten, nine, eight, seven, six--


Inside tower - lobby 4

(resume previous scene)

Dice - [over P.A.] --five, four, three, two, one. Play ball!

[DM dives through stairwell door as gunmen all open fire. They shoot at the closed door a while, then run forward.]

Abel - [kicks door open] {??, get the door!}

Benoit - This way.

Ruben - Go, go!

Shemp - Yeehoo!>


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

Marek - [enters room] Dice, pay attention.

Dice - [watching multiple monitors and recording equipment] Yeah. I know. I'm paying attention. Man, I'm multitasking.

Hunter - [in background, through monitor] I know what {??}. Go!

Dice - [adjusts knob on sound board] I don't get it. Well, I mean, I do-- No, I don't get it. Why are we going to the trouble of setting up a live-action simulation for this new game design, when we could just create a design sim on the computer? No, really. I don't get it.

Marek - No machine could ever take the place of reality. We need an accurate simulation. We've got to start with something that is virtually real.

Dice - I don't believe-- Oh, no. I do.

Hunter - [in background, over monitor] {??}

Dice - I think virtual is much cleaner than real. Much better. We're just begging to get "Betamaxed."

Marek - Just push the buttons, Dice.

Dice - Okay. No, that's fine. But the whole simulation is flawed. [Machine gun fire erupts in background, over monitor.] I mean, this guy gets a prize if he gets out of the building.

Hunter - [in background, over monitor] {??}

Dice - Generica, man. Big deal. It's not like he's really running for his life or anything.

[Gun fire and men yelling to each other continues in background, over monitors.]


Inside tower - stairwell 4

Benoit - There he is! [They shoot at DM as he jumps down stairwell, then chase him.] Get after him! [Shemp shoots at DM, steps back as others run past him.] Go, go, go, go, go! [Shemp laughs, follows them.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[On monitor, DM grabs fire extinguisher, bashes at locked door. He sprays extinguisher behind him, flees through door.]

Dice - Oh, man, that's hot. He got out. That's gotta be bonus points. Gotta be. Maybe even a level change. I can't believe he got out.

Marek - Of course he did, you fool. Now what kind of hunt would it be if it were over so quickly?


Inside tower - basement parking garage 4

Shemp - Nah, he's gotta come this way.

[The men search the area, trying locked doors, looking in trash bins.]

Benoit - Go on. He's got to be in here.

Shemp - Check around here. [shines light around dark corner]

Benoit - You can't hide, MacLeod!

[Shemp shines light along ceiling beams, 1 turns & shoots windows out of parked car. Car alarm starts blaring.]

Benoit - Shemp, did you find him?

Shemp - Ye-haw! [Abel & Ruben laugh with him.]

Ruben - It's all locked there. We're wasting our time.

Shemp - Come on!

[The three run off together, but Benoit moves slowly forward toward end of parking garage 2 by himself. DM jumps out of grate on wall, knocks Benoit down, then knocks him out with a length of pipe.]

Shemp - [runs back] What the hell was that?

Ruben? - Come on!

Shemp - Oh, shit, there he is!

[They shoot at DM, hitting him in the shoulder before he runs back into stairwell.]

Shemp - [as they chase him] Head upstairs.


Inside tower - stairwell 4

Shemp - He's mine!

Ruben - Only if you get him first.


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[Dice watches monitor as DM runs back up stairs toward lobby.] 3


Inside tower - lobby 4

[DM exits stairwell back into lobby.]

Marek - [over P.A.] Well done, Duncan. You're doing so well for a Highland savage.

[DM looks up, sees security camera watching him.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

Marek - [offscreen] I've got something else to show you, Duncan.

DM - [on monitor] You can't hide forever.

Marek - [offscreen] Let me direct your attention to the security monitors. [DM moves offscreen on monitor.] You can rescue her--


Inside tower - lobby 4

Marek - [over P.A.] --before the guard outside her door blows her brains out, and earn ten thousand bonus points. [DM looks at bank of security monitors showing Margo tied up & gagged, sitting in a chair in a room, and a security guard standing presumably outside the room.] Or you can put your tail between your legs and run home.

[Lobby door opens on remote, giving DM a clear path out.]


<Inside tower - penthouse command post 4 CUT

DM - [on monitor, shakes his head, steps up to camera] You know me better than that, Marek.


Inside tower - lobby 4

[DM hefts security rope stand.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[DM knocks out security camera. Monitor blanks to snow.]>

Dice - Oh, man. That is way cool. You offer the hero the doors and he has to choose. Escape and get all his lives back, or save the damsel in distress and earn bonus points. I gotta tell you, boss. Until now, I never thought you were a real player.

Marek - [chuckles] Dice, I am THE player.


<[On computer monitor, Margo sits on chair in room, bound and gagged. On another monitor, a man stands guard.]

Shemp - [on monitor, in background] Check it out up there.

[DM wanders into view of another camera in the lobby.]

Marek - [offscreen] She's on level G-7, MacLeod.

DM - [on monitor] Really? [bashes camera with security rope stand. Monitor blanks to snow.]>


Inside tower - lobby 4

DM - [drops stand, takes off his jacket, wincing at bullet wound in his shoulder] Damn you, Marek. [sets jacket down, goes to elevator, enters & presses button to close doors] Oh! [grabs at wounded shoulder]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

Dice - [offscreen] Interesting choice.

Marek - There never was a choice. <You can set your watch by heroes. CUT Now start slowing it down and stop it at Area G-7.>

Marek - [typing on keyboards] Outside interference. Meta-force. Very nice.

Shemp - [on monitor, in background] He's on his way to G-7.

Dice - Who'd have figured you for a high-dome.



Inside tower - elevator 4

[DM reacts to elevator slowing down, hits buttons.]

Marek - [over P.A.] Today is the day--


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

Marek - [into microphone] --for settling scores, MacLeod.

Dice - You really get into this, don't you?


<Inside tower - elevator 4 CUT

[DM looks around, moves to stand in front of camera in corner of elevator.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

DM - [on monitor] You know, Marek, you're beginning to try my patience. [pulls camera off wall. Monitor blanks to snow.]


Inside tower - elevator 4

DM - [yanks camera out of wall] Bye-bye. [throws camera aside]>


<Inside tower - penthouse command post 4 CUT

Dice - High-five. The trashing of the camera-- real anger. Makes the character much more realistic. I never would have thought of that.

Marek - That's because your characters are just stick figures. No emotion. No passion. And never that moment of stark fear in their eyes before they die. You should try living in the real world for a while.

Hunter - [in background, over monitor] {??}

Shemp - [in background, over monitor] Go on, get, get!>


<Inside tower - elevator 4 CUT

[DM catches his balance as elevator starts moving again.]


Inside tower - 20th floor 4

[Montoya brothers stand ready as elevator dings and doors open. They begin firing immediately but elevator is empty.]


Inside tower - elevator shaft 4

[As gunfire continues below him, DM climbs cables in shaft.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[Dice adjusts knobs on sound board as gunfire comes through camera feeds in background.]


Inside tower - elevator 4

[Montoya brothers and Shemp enter empty elevator.]

Brother - {??}

Shemp - What the hell? [They all look up at ceiling of elevator.]

Ventriloquist (Montoya brother?) - Upstairs. He went up. (I don't know who is supposed to be saying this line. It is very obvious that NONE of them are moving their lips.)


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

Shemp - [offscreen, over monitor] Yo, chief, he ain't here.

Marek - [glares at monitor] Damn.>


Establishing shot: Black Tower 3

Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

Marek - How the hell could they let him get away?

Dice - You said you didn't want it to be easy.

Marek - Right.

Dice - Hey. It was just a technical analysis. I mean, when I see something bogus, I should tell you, right?

Marek - What do you see?

Dice - The whole elevator module looked too good to be real. I could tell it was fake.

Marek - [with a smug smile] Oh, really? [scoffs]


Inside tower - hallway 4

[DM tries locked door, grabs nearby broom & breaks head off, leaving wooden shaft as a weapon.] 4


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[Dice clicks through camera feeds on bank of monitors, finds DM in hallway.]

Marek - [into microphone] All right, he's on the move. He's going for her. Confirm.

Abel - [over com-link] I hear you.

Ruben - [over com-link] Me too.

Shemp - [over com-link] Don't get in my way, boys. This one's mine.

Dice - I am totally ambushed, man. He's gonna take the bait.

Marek - They always do. [laughs]


Flashback - Scotland, 1634 - woods 5

[Drummond walks through forest holding bow & arrow, hunting for food. He sees a deer, raises his bow & takes aim, not realizing the deer is tethered to a tree as bait.]

Duke's liveryman - You, hunter! Stop right there! [chases after Drummond] I said stop! [Second liveryman cuts him off and together they tackle him to the ground, then throw him at Marek's feet.]

Marek - This deer belongs to me. And as you hunt IT, so shall *I* hunt you. [The men release Drummond and he runs off. The men move to go after him.] Stay. This prey is mine. [draws his sword] Return to the duke at once. [chases after Drummond] Run, rabbit, run.

[Drummond runs through the forest, picking up where previous flashback started. Marek chases him on foot. DM rides up on horse, watches fight. Drummond stabs Marek with knife. DM rides over.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[Marek smiles, watches hallway on monitor.]


Inside tower - hallway 4

Ruben - [as the three men walk down the hallway] Watch it.

[Abel opens a door, scans the room inside.] 5


Inside tower - large janitor closet 4

[DM enters, closes door behind him, goes to shelving unit holding various containers of cleaning liquids. He looks through the bottles.]

Shemp - [offscreen, from hallway] Hey, MacLeod.


Inside tower - hallway 4

[The Montoya brothers kick in doors on either side of the hallway.]


Inside tower - large janitor closet 4

DM - [reacts to noises from hallway, then pours contents of bottle into metal bucket] A little of this. [pours from different bottle] Little bit of that. [pauses, pours more from first bottle] Bit more of that. Oh, what the hell. [empties both bottles into bucket]


Inside tower - hallway 4

[Shemp saunters slowly down hallway, gun resting against his shoulder. He brings the gun down into position and 6 cautiously pushes door open, looks into room.]


Inside tower - large janitor closet 4

[DM grabs third bottle, pours some into bucket and mixture begins to hiss and bubble.]


Inside tower - hallway 4

[The three hunters continue cautiously down the hallway.]


Inside tower - large janitor closet 4

[DM grabs a roll of twine from shelf, pours powder from a box onto a clean rag.]


Inside tower - hallway 4

[Shemp tries the next door -- locked. He 7 spins and kicks door open. They continue down the hallway, kicking open doors on both sides. 8]


Inside tower - large janitor closet 4

[Humming to himself, DM runs a line of twine from the leg of the shelving unit across the doorway.]


Inside tower - hallway 4

Shemp - [offscreen] {Why don't you come over here?}

Montoya brother - [offscreen] {Where's he going?}

[Shemp walks down hall, 9 raises gun, kicks in another door.]


Inside tower - large janitor closet 4

DM - [to himself] Almost there. [suspends the rag-ball of powder above the bucket, hears the noises coming closer and has to stop himself before he accidentally sets off the trip wire across the doorway. He grabs his broom-pole and flicks the light switch off.]


Inside tower - hallway 4

[The hunters continue down the hallway.]


Inside tower - large janitor closet 4

[DM reaches around and turns key in closet door, locking it, just as Shemp tries the handle. DM grabs a paint can lid from nearby and sneaks to other side of closet.]


Inside tower - hallway 4

[Shemp looks over at Montoya brothers, shakes his head. Abel shakes his head at Ruben.]

Ruben - [quietly, motioning back down the hallway] Next floor.

Abel - Okay. [They start back the other way down the hall, giving up the search. Shemp stays where he is.]

Shemp - [quietly] Where are ya, boy?


Inside tower - white room 4

[DM comes out into empty room, still carrying paint can lid. He lifts tile trap door in floor, drops his broom-pole in, climbs in, then 10 tosses the paint can lid across the room.]


Inside tower - hallway 4

[Shemp hears clatter, kicks door in, cautiously enters. The Montoya brothers continue walking back up hallway on their own.]


Inside tower - large janitor closet 4

[Shemp steps on tripline, causing rag-ball to fall into bucket of liquids.]

Shemp - [as liquids begin to bubble over] Dang.

[The concoction explodes.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[Camera feed on monitor shows explosion.] (They seriously have a camera hidden there?)

Dice - This is great, man. It's just-- I'm telling you. It blows me away.

Marek - Are you telling me we lost him again?

Dice - Yeah, and the hillbilly's down. All we've got left are Spaniards.

Marek - That's more than enough, Dice.

Dice - This is the best beta simulation I have ever seen. I am talking EVER.

Marek - Right. Where is he now?

Dice - I don't know. Maybe-- Wait a minute. Oh, this is great. I'm picking up temperature variance in the air-conditioning system. Looks like he's in the A.C.

Marek - [into mic] Montoya.

Ruben - [over com-link] Yeah?

Marek - [into mic] Not you, your brother.

Abel - [over com-link] ¿Si?

Marek - [into mic] He's in the air ducts. [to himself] Run, little rabbit, run.


Inside tower - cubicles 4

[DM crashes through ceiling tiles into office space. On monitor, Margo reacts to the noise, still bound and gagged in her solitary room. DM looks around, reacts to having fallen through the ceiling.]


Inside tower - hallway 4

[Security guard reacts to the noise, goes to investigate.]


<Inside tower - cubicles CUT

[DM hides behind shelf, grabs toy off shelf. Guard enters room. DM engages the toy, sending it flying into the air. The guard turns toward it and DM knocks the shelf over onto him, knocks the gun from his hand with his broom-pole, and after a brief fight, knocks him out.>


Inside tower - hallway 4

[DM goes down the hall and tries to open the door the guard was standing by. It is locked. He kicks it open and runs in to Margo. He unties her, looking up at security camera on wall.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[Marek and Dice watch the monitors.]

Margo - [offscreen, over monitor] Oh, God, Duncan. Thank God you're here.


Inside tower - Margo's room 4

DM - You all right?

Margo - [sees bullet hole & blood on shoulder of his shirt] You're hurt.

DM - No, I'm fine. Let's go. Go.

Margo - What the hell is going on?


Outside tower, evening 4

[Cop making his rounds, tries locked doors of building, whistling. The next door he tries opens.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[Monitor shows cop looking around, entering building.]

Dice - Isn't this a little late in the game to be adding a new character?

Marek - I sure as hell didn't put him in there.

Dice - It must've been me. [changes feed to show lobby] So, I get character creation royalties?

Marek - Shut up, Dice. The next time you leave a door open, I'll have your head. [storms out of room. Dice watches cop in lobby on monitor.]


Inside tower - lobby 4

Cop - [looks around lobby, calls out] Hello?

[Marek walks out of elevator alcove, shoots cop.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[Dice reacts to watching Marek kill cop on monitor.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

Dice - [as Marek returns] That cop was no player persona.

Marek - You got a problem?

Dice - You really aced him.

Marek - How very observant of you.


Inside tower - hallway 4

Margo - Why is he doing this? What does he want from me?

DM - If it's any consolation, it's not you he's after. It's me.

Margo - What did you do to him?

DM - Nothing.


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

Dice - Hey, I didn't sign on for this, dude. [reaches shakily for his backpack]

Marek - Get back to work.

Dice - You are a nut bar, and I am so out of here. [starts grabbing his snacks off the table and shoving them in the backpack]

Marek - You listen to me, Dice. [holds gun to his head] Now you make me a lot of money. It would be a waste to blow those idiot savant brains all over this room.

Dice - You'd shoot me? You wouldn't shoot me. [Marek cocks gun.] You'd shoot me.

Marek - That's better. Now, you put your butt back in the chair, and you be a good little geek. [Dice sits back down.] 11


Inside tower - hallway 4

Margo - Listen, I think I have the right to know. You must have done something to him.

DM - I helped him once.

Margo - Oh, well, that explains it, doesn't it?

DM - It's a long story. Let's get out of here.


Flashback - Scotland, 1634 - woods 5

Marek - [shows off fencing moves] You see? There is nothing a Highland savage could teach a gentleman of swordplay.

DM - Aye, I know. You've trained with the best swordsmen in the duke's court.

Marek - And beaten them. That is why I am sent here to mind these dreary holdings in Scotland.

DM - CUT When an Immortal comes for your head, he'll nay be impressed by your fancy, high-falutin' sword work.

Marek - I shall have help. Is that not why one has retainers?

DM - [sighs] There are rules, Marek, by which you're honor-bound.

Marek - Don't bore me, MacLeod. Your rules were not made for one such as I.

DM - They are not my rules. They're meant for all of us. To each and every Immortal alive.

Marek - When I shall have my inheritance, I shall build a castle that no Immortal can penetrate. Unless by my request. Will that not be sport? To have a prey I can kill again and again.

DM - There must be way too much bone in your royal head for you to understand. There will be no inheritance, nor dukedom. To the world that knew you, you're dead. You'll have to leave this life and start a new one.

Marek - Impossible. It is only the wretch that stuck me that knows that I am dead.

DM - Aye, and all those he's told. [takes a drink from canteen, holds it out to Marek] Water?

Marek - [takes canteen, then knocks DM off edge of cliff] I'd come down for your head, MacLeod, but it's an ugly climb, and I have other business. [tosses canteen aside, goes to DM's horse, mounts & rides off]


[some time later]

[Marek stands over Drummond's body, senses 'buzz'. DM jumps down into ravine in front of him.]

Marek - [re Drummond] Now no one shall know but you and I, and I shall have my inheritance.

DM - Then you shall have to silence me as well. [draws his sword]

Marek - As you wish.

[They fight. DM stabs Marek, prepares to take his head.]

Liveryman - [offscreen, in distance] He's hurt Lord Marek! [DM starts toward his horse.] You there! Halt! [DM exchanges a quick parry with the second liverymen, punches him out, goes to his horse.]

Liveryman - [kneeling by Marek] Oh, my God. His Lordship is dead. [DM gallops away.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[Marek watches monitor as DM escorts Margo down hallway and takes out the security camera. Monitor blanks to snow.]

Dice - He's moving through skill levels faster than Yahoo! on a web site. He's awesome, man.

Marek - Do I detect your excitement waning, Dice, or your loyalty?

Dice - No. Yeah. What I'm saying is... he's almost here.

Montoya brother - [offscreen, over monitor] Check down here.


Inside tower - executive office 4

[Margo & DM enter office. Margo reaches for phone on desk.]

DM - What are you doing?

Margo - I'm calling the police.

DM - I doubt it. [looks at floor lamp]

Margo - [re phone] It's dead.

DM - Marek has control of everything. The phones, the elevators. Security.

Margo - Oh, my God. He's insane.

DM - Yeah, that's putting it mildly. [yanks cord out of electric pencil sharpener on desk]

Margo - So we're just supposed to sit here and wait for those goons to come and get us now?

DM - Yes... and no. [yanks cord from floor lamp]

Margo - Duncan, I hate to interfere, but do you think this is really the time to be redecorating?

DM - I've got an idea.

Margo - Ideas are good, but guns are better.

[Montoya brothers make their way down hallway outside office.]

DM - Up on the desk. [takes her jacket off]

Margo - What?

DM - Get up on the desk until I tell you it's safe.

Margo - Safe? Okay, I like safe.

DM - [hangs jacket on coat rack] Here, pull this apart while you're waiting. [hands her the electrical cords]

Margo - Okay. Why not? [starts separating wires from electrical cords]


Inside tower - hallway 4

Abel - They have to be here somewhere.

Ruben - We're on the right floor.

Abel/Ruben - [together, indicating opposite directions] I'll go this way. You go that.

Ruben - [sucks his teeth] I don't like this.

Abel - Like what?

Ruben - How easy he took out Benoit and the American.

Abel - You compare us to them?

Ruben - Not the Frenchman.

Abel - The Americano. [scoffs] We could never trust them. They are-- They are--

Ruben - They are not brothers.

Abel - Amateurs.

Ruben - Exactly. The million dollars was meant for us.

[They see a shadow moving through office window.]

Abel/Ruben - [together] It's mine. I heard it first.

[They run to the office door. Ruben steps in puddle of water spilling out from under door, reaches for doorknob.]

Abel - Watch out. The water.

Ruben - What? [laughs] What's the matter, hermano? Can't swim? [grabs doorknob, gets electrocuted, falls to the floor]

<Abel - [grabs Ruben's gun] Tu eres muerto! CUT

Translations: hermano - brother; Tu eres muerto! - You are dead!

[Abel fires both guns into office. Margo is hiding in an alcove behind a small table, out of range. Abel enters office, turns toward her. DM jumps down from above the door, tackles Abel, breaks his neck.]>

DM - [to Margo] You okay?

Margo - Um, oh yeah, I'm fine.

DM - You wait here.

Margo - Wait a minute. Duncan, wait a minute. W-Where are you going? What are you doing?

DM - It's better if you wait here.

Margo - Oh, no you don't.

<DM - I know what I'm doing. CUT

Margo - I'm coming with you.>

DM - No. You'll be safer here. Margo, I'm sorry about all of this.

Margo - CUT I have to say this has been a hell of a date.

DM - Trust me?

Margo - Yeah. With my life. [kisses him] Be very careful. You're very valuable to me.

DM - [smiles, kisses her, steps through broken glass of office door, jokes:] Lock the door behind me.



Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[On monitor, DM walks out into hallway.]

Dice - [offscreen] I think this isn't-- No, I do. I do think this isn't good.

[DM enters command room, sword in hand.]

Marek - It took you long enough.

Dice - [walks toward DM] Look, guys, you're taking this reality thing way too far. [DM punches him in the face & he collapses.]

Marek - I lost everything because of you.

DM - You lost nothing.

Marek - I lost my whole world, and it's taken me nearly four hundred years to get it back. But you look around, MacLeod. I've built an empire.

DM - Well, you went to enough trouble trying to find me, Marek. All you ever had to do was ask. [is shot from behind, staggers, turns, sees Margo entering room with gun pointed at him]

Margo - Sorry, Duncan, but a girl's gotta pay the bills.

[Marek smiles, starts toward him. DM runs, throws himself out window. Marek looks out window at DM sprawled on lobby floor below.] CUT

<Margo - [ejects clip from gun as Marek walks over to her] Well, he's dead.

Marek - Is that your professional opinion?

Margo - Yes, it is.

Marek - I wish it were that easy.

Margo - Well, you got your body. Where's the money?

Marek - It's not over yet.

Margo - Look, we had a deal.

Marek - Yes, and the job's not done.

Margo - Oh, what are you trying to pull? You know no one could survive a fall like that.

Marek - Yes, you're right. You're, um, absolutely right. [stands behind her with a hand on her shoulder, pulls out a gun with his other hand]>



[moments later]

[Dice pulls himself to his feet, glasses askew. He looks at monitor, sees Margo lying dead in lobby next to DM.]


Inside tower - lobby 4

[Marek approaches cautiously, sword out, but sees only Margo's body.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[On monitor, Marek stands by Margo's body, looks up toward camera/penthouse window. Dice turns away from monitor, walks woodenly toward exit. DM grabs him by the throat, pushes him back into room.]

Dice - [stammering] Y-You're supposed to be a game.

DM - [pulls Dice in close] Is this real enough for you?

Dice - I didn't know.

DM - You didn't know?

Dice - Yes-- No. I did not. I-I didn't. It's not my fault. It was just supposed to be a simulation.

DM - A simulation? [shoves Dice away] People are dead. Real people. Not virtually real.

Dice - I didn't know he was playing for keeps in meat space. How could I? Please don't kill me. It was all Marek. He's a madman. He's gone completely postal. Please, you've got to help me.

DM - Help you? You were trying to kill me.

Dice - Not you. [points to monitor] Him. <[CUT Monitor plays recording of DM in basement parking garage, being shot.]>

DM - That IS me.

Dice - Yes, I know. I know now. I'm sorry.

DM - Get out of here. [pushes him away]

Dice - Where am I going to go? He's gonna find me, and then it's game over.

DM - All right-- you help me, and I'll help you.

Dice - Anything.

DM - Get me that chair.

Inside tower - lobby 4

[Marek looks around, jumpy, then runs back toward elevator.] 12


Inside tower - elevator 4

[Marek enters elevator. Doors close with a 'ding'.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

[DM looks at Dice, nods. Dice presses a button.]

DM - [into mic] Welcome back--


Inside tower - elevator 4

DM - [over P.A.] --to your kingdom, Marek.

Marek - Dice?!

DM - [over P.A.] No. [into mic] No Dice. [over P.A.] I'm waiting for you now, Marek.

Marek - [presses elevator buttons but nothing happens] Dice, where the hell are you? [over monitor] Get me off this elevator.

DM - [over P.A.] I thought you wanted to play?

Marek - [realizing] MacLeod.

DM - [into mic] It's my game now. My rules. [presses button. Elevator starts moving.]


Inside tower - penthouse command post 4

DM - [pointedly, to Dice] Good-bye.

[Dice leaves.]


[short time later]

Marek - [enters command post] I'm here, MacLeod.

DM - [stands to face him] Just the way it's supposed to be. Just you and me.

Marek - I told you before. Your rules don't apply to me.

DM - They do now. [Fight begins. DM disarms Marek.]

Marek - Now you wouldn't kill an unarmed man, would you? And I was telling Dice what a hero you are. How different are we really?

DM - Go ahead. Pick it up. [steps back]

Marek - [grabs up his sword again] That was a really big mistake, Duncan. You can rest assured, I wouldn't offer you the same courtesy.

DM - Yeah, that's the difference between you and me.

[Fight resumes. DM wins easily, beheads Marek. CUT <Quickening is shown through the monitors: one, then two, then row of three, then 2x2 filling the screen, to 3x3, to approximately 4x5 (with outer edges cut off), then a 5x5.5 grid with a single image of DM's face spread over it as Quickening ends. All that technology in the room, and they didn't blow up any of it.>]



Inside tower - lobby 4

[M.E.s wheel out Margo's body on a gurney. DM & Dice are standing outside with a few onlookers.]

Dice - You've got to admit. It would've made a great game.

DM - You never even saw me. You got that?

Dice - No dice.

DM - No MacLeod.

Dice - That's what I mean.

DM - Not here, not on your monitors.

Dice - Nowhere.

DM - Not even in your wildest imagination.

Dice - Man, I never go there.

DM - Right. [walks off]


End of "Black Tower"

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