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Episode 8: Justice

Written by Michael O'Mahony & Sacha/Sasha Reins
Directed by Richard Martin
Aired: November 22, 1997
Transcript revised: 4-4-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander



Katya - Justina Vail
              an Immortal woman

Elena Moreno - Diane Bellego
              Katya's adopted daughter

Armando Baptista - Grant Russell
              Elena's husband

Lord William of Godfrey - Matthew Radford
              Katya's lover in FB

Lord Frederick of Godfrey - Godfrey James
              William's father, in FB


Mia Baptista - Rita Ghosn
              Elena's 7-yr-old daughter

Ramon Castillo - Tobias Raineri
              Elena's lover

José - Bernard Chabin
              Baptista's bodyguard

P.I. - Franck Boclet
              hired by Baptista


Paramedic - ??
              in Buenos Aires flashback

Young Elena (6) - Rita Ghosn
Young Elena (12) - ??
Young Elena (18) - ??
              in Buenos Aires flashbacks

Rolf - ??
              alehouse proprietor

Quigley - ??
              drunk alehouse patron

Locations List:*
1. Rooftop near fencing salon & salon interior - CIUP: Fondation des Etats-Unis, 15 Boulevard Jourdan [48.819697,2.339136]
2. Fencing salon exterior - CIUP: 17 Boulevard Jourdan [48.819475,2.337944]
3. Armando's chateau - 4 Avenue du Pavillon Sully, Le Pecq [48.897122,2.102786]
4. Buenos Aires building exterior, 1958 - CIUP: Maison de l'Argentine, 27A Boulevard Jourdan (south side) [48.819967,2.337583]
5. Catholic school exterior - CIUP: Fondation de Monaco, 47A Boulevard Jourdan (east side) [48.821325,2.332725]
6. Outdoor cafe - unknown location
7. Buenos Aires mansion - unknown location
8. Office building (estab) - unknown location
9. Armando's office - CIUP: Fondation Abreu de Grancher (Maison de Cuba), 59 A Boulevard Jourdan [48.820858,2.330783] & north end of building
10. Surveillance photo - ?? at CIUP ??
11. Buenos Aires mansion (estab) - 20 Rue Thiers, Saint-Germain-en-Laye [48.897097,2.101025]
12. Quay by barge #1 (estab) - Quai de la Gare/Pont de Bercy [48.837342,2.374312]
13. Quay by barge #2 - quay next to Pont de l'Archevêché bridge [48.851307,2.351766]
14. English alehouse & manor - Abbaye Notre Dame du Val, Mériel [49.078531,2.226772]
15. Streets - Avenue du Pavillon Sully, Le Pecq: gate at 3 Rue Bellavoine [48.895697,2.102214], looking southwest [48.897144,2.101983], & chateau entrance [48.897144,2.101983]
16. Quay by barge #3 - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - WGN* (1998) & Syfy (2010) - these are probably the official Eurominutes

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the WGN tape.

NOTE: The Powers That Be were considering a spinoff show after this final season of Highlander: The Series was concluded. They wanted a female Immortal lead, and they used various episodes in this season to screen-test potential candidates... although ultimately they went with Elizabeth Gracen's Amanda as the title character for Highlander: The Raven.

This episode is one of the screen-tests, featuring Katya. The others are Alex Raven (6x03: Sins of the Father), Kyra (6x05: Patient Number 7), Reagan Cole (6x09: Deadly Exposure), and Katherine (6x10: Two of Hearts).

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Rooftop near fencing salon 1

[Katya carries weapon case across roof, assembles compound crossbow, looks through scope.]


Inside Cole Hall Fencing Club 1

[Two sabre fencers salute, begin bout. DM scores three points. They salute each other again and take off their masks.]

Baptista - I never saw that riposte coming.

DM - Got lucky, I guess.

Baptista - No. That was more than luck, but I appreciate the lie. We haven't been formally introduced. [shakes DM's hand] I'm Armando Baptista.

DM - Duncan MacLeod.

Baptista - Ah.

DM - Baptista. Didn't you fence for Argentina in the '84 Olympics?

Baptista - Ah. And you? You fenced for?

DM - I gave up my amateur standing a long time ago.

Baptista - Really? How about lunch, MacLeod?

DM - Oh, I have a few errands to run.

Baptista - Oh, please. The least you can do is allow me to lose graciously, no? What do you say? My home, two hours?

DM - Why not?

Baptista - I'll leave you my card at the door.

DM - Okay, I'll see you later. [leaves]

Baptista - Good-bye.


Rooftop near fencing salon 1

[View through scope of DM exiting building. 2 Katya & DM both sense 'buzz'. DM looks around, 2 sees Katya crouched on roof of nearby building. DM walks away down sidewalk & Katya returns to watching the door of the salon through the scope. Baptista exits building. Katya aims scope's crosshairs at him. 2]

DM - I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. [walks across roof toward Katya] I don't think we've been introduced.

[Katya whirls around, shoots bolt at him, hitting him in the shoulder.]

Katya - [walks calmly over to him, carrying crossbow and case] Now we have. You're not my business, but if you ever get in my way again, you will be. [leaves]

[DM groans, gets to his feet, looks over edge of roof at Baptista getting into back of car. 2]

DM - Oh, my lucky day.

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Note: The end of Act One and beginning of Act Two were written in a different order than what aired. Follow the numbers preceding the affected scenes for the script order. (The act break in the script occurs between 2 & 3.)

Baptista's chateau - patio 3

Baptista - [into phone] <I didn't get into this business to make friends. This is my paper. If he's corrupt, I have to print it. People are dead because of him. We have to shut him down.> CUT Well, find a second source. Uh-huh. Yes. Well, pay him, if you have to, but nail it down, eh?

Mia - [holding a stuffed Corgi dog under her arm, tugs on Baptista's pants leg] Papa?

Baptista - Princess, please. I'm on the phone.

Mia - I hate my new school.

Baptista - [into phone] Sí. Un momento, eh? Un momento. [to Mia] Mia, honey. The schools in Europe, they are wonderful, no?

Translations: - yes; un momento - a moment

Mia - But I don't like it there. I want to go home.

Baptista - Mia, this is an important call. I have to talk to him. Why don't you take Maxim and go and play, and we'll talk later, yeah?

Mia - Okay.

Baptista - Okay. [kisses her cheek]


Baptista's chateau - front entrance 3

<José - [leading DM toward chateau] He's this way, on the patio. You made quite an impression this morning. CUT

DM - Nice place he's got here. Baptista must sell a lot of newspapers.

José - [chuckles] Enough.

DM - [as Mia runs past them] Hello.

José - That's Mia, Senor Baptista's daughter. [leads DM to patio]

Baptista - [into phone] I don't care who he knows in Congress. They'll come after us, we'll go after them.> It's all part of the game, no? But we print it. Sí­. Front page.


Baptista's chateau - front garden 3

[Mia winds her way through hedge maze next to chateau.] 1


Baptista's chateau - patio 3

(resume previous scene)

Baptista - [into phone] Eh? Well, tell those bastards they know where to find me, yeah? [ends call]

DM - I think they already have.

Baptista - What?

DM - [holds up crossbow bolt] Found you.


Baptista's chateau - back gardens 3

[Mia runs down concrete stairs to lower gardens. A rope is thrown over garden wall. Mia runs along the tall stone wall bordering the lower gardens. 2 Katya lowers herself down the rope. Close on Mia as she walks around round reflecting pool, giggles, throws some stones into the water. 3 Wider angle as Mia throws a final stone into the water and continues on.]


Baptista's chateau - patio 3

(resume previous scene)

Baptista - You're telling me that an assassin, a woman, was trying to kill me with this arrow?

DM - It's a crossbow bolt. It's not an arrow.

Baptista - Hmm.

DM - And it's designed to kill.

Baptista - And exactly how did you find it?


DM - Just lucky again, Mr. Baptista. Just lucky.


Baptista's chateau - woods 3

[Katya runs through woods around garden. Mia walks to rectangular reflecting pool, sits on stone step, throws rock into pool. Katya creeps through bushes, holding loaded crossbow. She 4 crouches & looks through scope at Mia.]

Mia - [sees Katya approaching] Katya! [jumps up & runs to her]

Katya - Mia! Oh! Little Mia. [hugs her] Ooh! Sweetie, I missed you so much.

Mia - I missed you, too.

<Katya - [chuckles] You're so sweet. You look lovely. Is this a new dress? It's so beautiful.> CUT

Mia - I have a new puppy. See? He's a Corgi. [holds up her stuffed animal]

Katya - Oh, wow. He's so cute. You know, the queen has exactly the same kind of dogs.

Mia - I knew that.

Katya - Makes him kind of royal, don't you think?

Mia - Yeah.

Katya - Yeah? 5 Mia, sweetie, where's your father?


Baptista's chateau - patio 3

(resume previous scene)

Baptista - We fence, I invite you to lunch, and you turn up with a story right out of, uh, 'Mission Impossible'. And I'm not supposed to be skeptical, huh?

DM - Skeptical is fine. Stupid isn't.

Baptista - I'm not stupid, Mr. MacLeod... or gullible.

<[Katya creeps through bushes, holding loaded crossbow. She crouches.] CUT

DM - [senses 'buzz'] It's her.>

Baptista - What?

DM - She's here. [walks away]

Baptista - [to José] Mia. Mia's down there. [They follow DM down the hill to the lower gardens.]

DM - [grabs Mia as she runs past him] There was a woman here. Did you see her? This is important. Did you see anyone?

Baptista - You're scaring her.

[View through crossbow scope of DM talking to Mia.]

DM - It's all right. It's okay. It's all right. Don't be scared. [to Baptista] She was here.

Baptista - [crouches in front of Mia] Mia, did you see anyone?

[Katya lowers crossbow.]

Mia - Just me and Maxim.

Baptista - Okay. Come. We'll go back to the house. CUT [to DM] Lunch is over. [to Mia] Come.

[José follows them back to the chateau. DM remains looking out over grounds. DM's POV of lower gardens. DM frowns, walks back toward chateau.]


<Baptista's chateau - front entrance 3 CUT

[DM walks past the chateau, senses 'buzz' again. Near rectangular reflecting pool, Katya senses 'buzz'. She has a sword now instead of the crossbow. DM continues walking past chateau. Katya walks along garden wall.] 6


Baptista's chateau - woods 3

[DM approaches rectangular reflecting pool, carrying his katana.]>

DM - Who are you?

Katya - The name is Katya. [attacks him. They exchange parries, move around a tree. 7 They exchange a couple parries, then Katya kicks at him. He blocks her and kicks back.] You should have gotten out while I gave you the chance.

DM - That was a chance?

Katya - If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead.

DM - Maybe. [Fight resumes.] Why are you trying to kill Armando Baptista? [Fight continues. DM knocks Katya to her knees.] Why are you trying to kill Armando Baptista?

Katya - Because he killed Elena!


5. Flashback - Buenos Aires, 1958 - sidewalk, night 4

[Super: Buenos Aires, 1958]

<DM - [voice-over] Who is Elena?

Katya - [voice-over] She was my daughter.

Man - [exits building, raises his hand] Taxi!

Katya - [voice-over] I found Elena Moreno in Buenos Aires. Millions of people, and she was alone, barely surviving. [Flashback-Katya exits building, sees 6-year-old Elena sitting on the ground.] She was only six years old.> CUT You should've seen her. She was tiny, starving, begging for scraps, living on other people's garbage. CUT There was something in her eyes, something that reached out and grabbed my soul. [Flashback-Katya looks at Flashback-Elena.] All she knew was her name and that her parents didn't want her. [Flashback-Katya crouches in front of Flashback-Elena.] I couldn't walk past her. [Flashback-Katya takes Flashback-Elena's hand, pulls her to her feet.] Sometimes, I would make-believe that she was part of my own flesh and blood. And maybe because I could never have children of my own, I wanted to be the best mother in the world.


5. Flashback - 1964 - sidewalk in front of Catholic school 5

[12-year-old Elena waves, runs down sidewalk.]

Katya - [voice-over] I wanted to give her back some of what she had given me. [Flashback-Katya and Flashback-Elena hug.] I watched her grow up.


5. <Flashback - 1970? - outdoor cafe 6

[18-year-old Elena blows out candles on birthday cake.]>

Katya - [voice-over] She was beautiful. <[CUT Cafe patrons applaud as Flashback-Elena smiles.]> And when she was old enough, I told her the truth about me. [Flashback-Katya kisses Flashback-Elena's cheek.] We kept moving so that the world wouldn't know I wasn't getting any older. I went from being--


5. <Flashback - Buenos Aires, 1996 - Baptista's mansion - living room 7 CUT

[Elena asking Katya to help her get more ice (no sound).]>

Katya - [voice-over] --her mother to being her older sister, to her younger sister, but she was always my little girl.


2. <Baptista's chateau - gardens 3 CUT

(resume previous scene)

[DM steps back, lowers katana. Katya stands up.]>


1. Flashback - Buenos Aires, 1996 - Baptista's mansion, night 7

Man - [offscreen] Sí. Muy bien.

Translations: - yes; muy bien - very well

[Officer gets out of police car, jogs into house.]

[Super: Buenos Aires, 1996]

[Paramedics wheel gurney out of house. Katya drives up to house.]

<Katya - [voice-over] I came to her home one night. Armando Baptista had shot my beautiful baby.> CUT

Katya - [gets out of car] Elena! [runs to ambulance] Elena!

Paramedic - [stops Katya] No, señora--

Translations: señora - ma'am

Katya - Get out of my way! [climbs in back of ambulance]

Paramedic - {Spanish}

Elena - [weakly] Mama.

Katya - Elena. You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be all right. Okay? You're gonna-- You're gonna be fine.

Elena - I feel bad. Am I dying?

Katya - No, baby. I'm not going to let you die. You're going to be fine, okay?

Elena - Mama?

Katya - Yes?

Elena - Mama, stay with me.

Katya - I'm here. I'm not going anywhere.

Elena - Stay with me. [dies]

Katya - No!


6. Baptista's chateau - gardens 3

(resume previous scene)


DM - Why didn't you go to the police?

Katya - Oh, there were police and a judge and a jury, but in places like Argentina, a man with important friends--

DM - He walked.

Katya - [sighs] Mortal law failed, MacLeod, but I won't. My little girl will have justice. [walks away]


Note: The end of Act One and beginning of Act Two were written in a different order than what aired. Follow the numbers preceding the affected scenes for the script order. (The act break in the script occurs between 2 & 3.)

3. Baptista's chateau - back yard 3

Baptista - I'm sorry if that man scared you, Mia, this afternoon. You like playing with your new dog?

Mia - Maxim's not just a dog. He's a royal dog.

Baptista - Oh. Because you own him?

Mia - No, silly. Because the queen of England has lots of them.

Baptista - Really? Who told you that?

Mia - [makes zipping motion with her fingers across her lips] It's a secret.

Baptista - I see. Oh. Did the queen ask you not to tell? [Mia shakes her head.] No? The king? [Mia shakes her head.] No. I, uh-- I give up, Mia.

Mia - Aunt Katya-- [slaps her hand over her mouth]

Baptista - Mia, when did you see Aunt Katya?

Mia - I wasn't supposed to tell.

Baptista - The man was right? She was here? This afternoon? [to José, standing nearby] José.

José - Yes, senor.

Baptista - [walks over to José] Katya's in town. Find her -- and dig up all you can on Duncan MacLeod.

José - Okay, sir. [leaves]

Baptista - [looks around, then down at Mia, goes back to Mia] Mia, come. Come. Let's go. [leads Mia back toward chateau] 8

4. CUT

Establishing shot: office building 8

El Diario De Buenos Aires (The Newspaper of Buenos Aires) - lobby9

Baptista - [enters lobby, where DM is waiting] I'm a busy man, MacLeod. I don't have the time.

DM - Make the time.

Baptista - I don't think so. [walks away]

José - [to DM, blocking him with his arm] The door is this way, senor.

DM - Elena Moreno. [knocks José's arm aside, moves toward Baptista. José grabs his shoulder.]

Baptista - [sharply] José. Show Mr. MacLeod into the office, but first, make sure he's comfortable.

<DM - CUT [spreads his arms wide as José pats him down] He said comfortable.>


El Diario De Buenos Aires - Baptista's office9

[Camera pans from photo of Elena & Baptista on desk to Baptista sitting in desk chair. Wide shot as José escorts DM into office. Angle from above as DM walks toward desk.]

Baptista - Before we discuss Elena, let's talk about you.

DM - There's nothing to talk about.

Baptista - [holds up file] You'd be surprised. [puts file back on desk] Duncan MacLeod, born in Glasgow in 1962, at a St. Alistair's Hospital, which burned down in 1966... 9 Duncan MacLeod... [Wide shot of DM standing in front of Baptista's desk.] ...born in Glasgow in 1962... [Angle from above of DM standing in front of desk.] ...at a St. Alistair's Hospital, which burned down in 1966...* 10 [DM sits down.] ...conveniently destroying all the original records. Your parents, John and Mary, die in a car accident when you were still a child. So, you were raised by a maiden aunt in America. (*this is an alternate series of camera shots, NOT in the DVD version)

DM - Judith. I still miss her.

Baptista - Mm. But she dies of a stroke when you're seventeen. It's amazing how everyone who knew you as a child seems to be, eh, unreachable... or dead.

DM - It's a sad story.

Baptista - Mm. Was it Oscar Wilde who said, "Losing one parent is a tragedy."

DM - "And losing both is carelessness." Oscar was a cynic.

Baptista - And you, Mr. MacLeod, are a liar. I've been in the newspaper business all my life. I can smell a fake, and you, my friend, stink.

DM - She's out there and she's coming. And there's nothing you can do to stop her.

Baptista - Why is my life so important to you, huh?

DM - All life is important to me, Mr. Baptista, even Elena Moreno's. Why did you kill her?

Baptista - [picks up framed photo of him and Elena from desk] CUT <Elena and I had been married for ten years. Ramon Castillo had been my right arm for nearly as long.>


Flashback - Buenos Aires, 1996 - Baptista's mansion - living room 7

[Super: Buenos Aires, 1996]

Baptista - [as Ramon enters] Ah. Ramon.

Ramon - I have the final itinerary. [hands sheet of paper to Baptista]

Baptista - [looks at paper] Ah. Paris, Nice, Rome, Venice. Nine cities in twelve days, huh? You tryin' to kill me, eh?

Ramon - I have to keep the advertisers happy.

Baptista - Ah. I think I taught you too well, no?

Elena - [enters] What time is the car coming?

Baptista - I'm driving myself to the airport, so we have a little time.

Elena - Good.

Katya - [enters] Now, you're sure that it's okay if Mia stays with me tonight, right?

Elena - Yeah.

Katya - Yeah. The, uh, housekeeper will be with her during that dinner thing I have to attend, but she'll be asleep by then anyway. [goes to sideboard to pour a drink]

Elena - She's been looking forward to it for weeks. I'll be fine.

Ramon - [joins Katya at sideboard] You look great. You mind if I help myself?

Katya - No, not at all.

Elena - [joins them at sideboard] I think we need more ice. Katya, a little help?

Katya - Sure. What, for ice?

Elena - Yes, please.

Katya - Okay.

[Ramon and Baptista both watch as the two women leave together.]


Flashback - Buenos Aires, 1996 - Baptista's mansion - patio 7

Elena - How could you do that to me?

Katya - Do what?

Elena - Put the moves on Ramon like that.

Katya - [scoffs] Me? It's not my fault he can't keep his hands to himself.

Elena - Just stay away from him.

Katya - [covers her mouth with her hand in realization] Elena, what are you doing?

Elena - Ramon makes me feel beautiful. [Katya sighs.] He makes me feel young. Some of us can't stay twenty-seven forever.

Katya - Does Armando know?

Elena - Mama, I've only one short life. Let me live it.

Katya - Please, be careful, Elena. And-and think of Mia. [sighs] You know he'll find out. They always do. [Elena gives her a wry grin. Katya sighs again.]


Flashback - Buenos Aires, 1996 - street corner 9

Baptista - [looks at black-and-white photos of Elena and Ramon together 10] Ramon, how could you do this to me? [breathes in, exhales] I can't believe it.

P.I. - Pictures don't lie. I'm sorry, senor. Want to see more?

Baptista - No. [puts photos back in envelope, hand P.I. a wad of cash]

P.I. - Are you all right?

[Baptista gets in his car without responding.]


Establishing shot: Baptista's mansion 11

Flashback - Buenos Aires, 1996 - Baptista's mansion - entrance 7

[Baptista enters, walks to living room, sits on couch, stares at envelope of photos, distraught. 11 He tosses the envelope on the coffee table, puts his head in his hands. Suddenly he hears a man and woman laughing upstairs.]


Flashback - Buenos Aires, 1996 - Baptista's mansion - bedroom / living room 7

[Ramon and Elena are in bed together, giggling and moaning. Downstairs, Baptista takes pistol from desk drawer. Ramon & Elena continue rolling around under the sheets. Baptista walks through the foyer and up the stairs, stopping to pick up a discarded article of clothing on the landing. Elena & Ramon can be heard laughing and moaning offscreen as he continues up the stairs. 12 Baptista pushes bedroom door open, enters. He sees them in bed together, entwined and kissing, and cocks gun. The lovers freeze, look up at him.]

Elena - Armando-- No!

[Baptista fires his gun twice. Ramon cries out. Baptista walks out of bedroom, leaving them sprawled on the bed. He walks partway down the stairs, then collapses against the wall on the landing, crying.]

Baptista - [voice-over] I telephoned for an ambulance, but she died on the way to the hospital.


El Diario De Buenos Aires - Baptista's office 9

(resume previous scene)

Baptista - [sets picture frame back on desk] I loved her.

DM - So much that you killed her?

Baptista - You weren't there. You didn't see them. Castillo was my protégé. He was like a brother to me. With my wife.

DM - So, they had to die because you got your feelings hurt?

Baptista - No! There was no thought, no plan. The courts understood. It was a crime of passion.

DM - It was murder, and you beat it.

Baptista - Did I? You have any idea what it's like to see my little daughter's face every day? See her mother looking back at me? She has no idea how her mother died.

DM - Yes, but she will, because Katya's not going away.

Baptista - What does she want me to do, kill myself? Huh? Tell me. Tell me. How can I kill my little girl's father when I've already killed her mother? Huh?

DM - I haven't come here to tell you what to do or how to live your life. That's your choice. [leaves]


Establishing shot: Quay by barge, night 12

Inside barge, night 13

[Knocking at door. DM, asleep with a book propped on his chest, wakes up, senses 'buzz'.]

DM - Come in.

Katya - [enters barge] Where are they?

DM - Disneyland?

Katya - Armando's disappeared and taken my granddaughter with him.

DM - [gets up, sighs] You hungry?

Katya - What?

DM - [goes to kitchenette] I've got some fresh basil in the fridge and, uh, I've got some parmigiana, too. [to himself] I've got some extra virgin olive oil somewhere. I hope there's some pine nuts.

Katya - MacLeod?

DM - [looks up] Hmm?

Katya - I need answers.

DM - Pesto's no good without pine nuts. CUT Now, what about the wine? I say we go with the red. [holds up two bottles] French or Italian. What do you think? Hmm?

Katya - French. [They both laugh.]



Katya - [sharing wine and meal with DM] You know, I came here thinking I might have to kill you.

DM - You don't get out much, do you?

Katya - Not lately, no.

DM - Too busy being the sword of justice?

Katya - Don't joke.

DM - I'm not.

Katya - Why are you protecting him?

DM - It's not about him.

Katya - You ever raise a child, MacLeod? [DM shakes his head.] Do you ever wish that you had?

DM - Katya, killing's not the answer.

Katya - What about revenge?

<DM - CUT The emptiness you feel won't be filled by anger, or revenge, or hate. Armando's death would just leave you feeling emptier, and I don't think you need to feel emptier. I think you need to feel life. [pulls her to her feet, begins dancing with her to soft music playing in background] Hmm? [Both chuckle.] Your life. [spins her, continues dancing] Oops. [pulls her in] Yours and {mine}. And for Elena.>

Katya - [as they begin slow-dancing] So, how old are you, really?

DM - Well, next birthday, I'll be, uh, four hundred and six.

Katya - You're pretty smart, for a kid.

[They begin to kiss. CUT <Eventually, they end up in bed together. As they finish, DM gently wipes the tears from her eye.>]


Barge - on deck, next morning 13

DM - [joins Katya, hands her a cup of espresso] Good morning.

Katya - [sighs] Every time I close my eyes I see them.

DM - Who?

Katya - The jury. They thought Armando's precious honor was more valuable than my daughter's life.

DM - That's the system.

Katya - No, it was his jury. Twelve men, good and true. I've seen it before.


Flashback - England, 1362 - alehouse 14

[Super: England, 1362]

[Boisterous chattering in background.]

Patron - [as Katya passes by carrying two tankards] A piece for me there, sweetie. [Katya pours drink on his head. Patrons laugh.]

Katya - [to Quigley, who is drunkenly trying to refill his cup] Sorry, Quigley. [takes pitcher from him] Rolf says you've got to pay for what you've already drunk. Besides, one more mug, and Mistress Quigley's gonna come fetch you home in a cart. You wouldn't want that to happen again, now would you? [Quigley drunkenly shakes his head.] No. Go on, then. [helps him out of chair] No. Come on. Off you go. You go home now and sleep it off. Go on. [Patron laughs at Quigley as he stumbles out.]

[William enters alehouse.]

Patron - [clinks glasses with table-mate] {All that to} the money.

William - Alesman, there's gold in it for you. [tosses gold coins on table] Clear the house.

Rolf - Out! Everybody! [starts shoving people out of their seats]

Patron - What is he doing?

[Patrons grumble at each other as they leave.]

William - [to Katya, once the alehouse is emptied] I waited. All night I waited, and you never came.

Katya - I told you I wouldn't.

William - Katya, I love you. I want to be with you so badly it makes me burn like fire. [tries to kiss her]

Katya - [pulls away] I can't. I can't.

William - Katya--

Katya - No more secrets. No more hiding in empty barns and midnight meetings. I won't be the "nobleman's whore" any longer.

William - No, that is not true. That is not true! Who says these things?

Katya - But it is true. William, I want a family, children, but I won't let them grow up the way I did, without a father. I love you. You know that, but I-- I'd rather marry the poorest goatherd in the land, than bear the bastards of Lord William of Godfrey.

William - I'll talk to my father. I will make it right.

Katya - There's nothing you can do. There's nothing you can do. Someone like you... [chuckles] ...and someone like me? It'll never happen.

William - No.

Katya - Good-bye, William. [leaves]


Flashback - English Manor, 1362 - Great Hall 14

Lord Frederick - I don't care how many harlots you keep or how many bastards you sire! But you will keep them secret! And you will keep them hidden! And by God, you will keep them out of sight of your mother.

William - She is not a harlot.

Lord Frederick - Ha!

William - I am going to marry her.

Lord Frederick - [sighs] 13 When will you grow up, William? Think of your inheritance. Think of your title. Are you going to throw all that away on a tavern whore?

William - I love her! [Lord Frederick laughs.] And if you disinherit me, Father, you'll have to leave the kingdom to your brother Leopold.

Lord Frederick - [continues laughing] Leopold, hmm? That idiot? I'd rather burn it to the ground.

William - The tavern whore or your brother Leopold. Which is it to be, Father?

Lord Frederick - [chuckles] Ah, my son, my son. [clasps his shoulders] You give me no choice. 14


Flashback - England, 1362 - alehouse 14

William - [enters, sits at table by Katya] He, uh-- [clears his throat] He said yes.

Katya - Yes? Yes? It's impossible.

William - No, it's a miracle. He-- He, uh-- He wants to meet you. Tonight, at dinner.

Katya - Oh, no. I-I can't. It's--

William - What?

Katya - All those highborn people. I mean, what would I wear?

William - [chuckles] My father's already thought of that. [hands parcel over] This dress is my mother's, and he wants you to have it.

Katya - Oh, for heaven's sake! I feel like I'm dreaming!

William - It's true.


Flashback - English Manor, 1362 - Great Hall, night 14

Court Herald - [announcing] Your Lordship, Katya of Greenhill.

Katya - [steps forward nervously, curtsies] Good evening, Your Lordship. [clears her throat] I was expecting William.

Lord Frederick - My son has been unavoidably detained. Let us proceed with the evidence. [motions with his hand] Bring on the witnesses!

Katya - Evidence? Witnesses? Your Lordship, what is this about?

[Men sitting nearby mutter indistinctly.]

Lord Frederick - Mrs. Quigley, come forward. You have testified that a week ago, that woman passed your house and gave it the evil eye. Since then, two of your best milking cows have dried up. And now, your husband has taken to unnatural walks, calling out this witch's name.

Katya - Witch? I'm no witch.

Lord Frederick - Quigley, you would also swear to this? [Quigley bobs his head slightly, not looking at anyone.]

Katya - No! It's not true.

Lord Frederick - Alesman, come forward. [Rolf takes a step forward.] You have also testified that you have seen her mixing potions and spells in the shed behind the alehouse, spells she used to bewitch William of Godfrey.

Katya - [betrayed] Rolf! You're my friend.

Lord Frederick - This witch has employed her unnatural powers to seduce my son. Look! She even wears his mother's dress to allure him! Only someone in league with Satan could tempt William to desire such a baseborn wench.

Katya - No! There is no witchcraft! William loves me, as I love him. I swear I am innocent, Your Lordship.

Lord Frederick - Silence! You will be taken to the quarry at dawn, and there you will be stoned until you are dead!

Katya - No, Your Lordship! No!

Lord Frederick - And that is a fitting end to a devil's whore!

Katya - No! I beg you! I am innocent!

Lord Frederick - Take her away!

Katya - No! I beg you! Justice! No! I'm innocent! Let me go! Rolf! [Rolf crosses himself.] Don't let them do this to me! Aaah! William!


Barge - on deck 13

(resume previous scene)

Katya - CUT I went out to dinner, expecting to be treated like a young bride, and I woke up in a charnel pit, Immortal. Men's justice, Duncan.

DM - Katya, it's not all men.

Katya - I don't want to kill all men, just one. CUT

<DM - [as she walks away] Katya-- Katya.>



Street near Catholic school 15

[José leads Mia to car. Katya sits in red convertible nearby, watches as José gets in car and drives away.]


<Establishing shot: Baptista's chateau 3 CUT

Baptista - [voice-over] José, make sure the place is locked up tight. I don't want any surprises from Katya, yeah?

José - [voice-over] Yes, senor.


Inside chateau 3

[José checks that French doors are locked, walks through chateau, hears door hinges squeak, goes to investigate.> Katya knocks him out, take gun from his pocket, senses 'buzz', rolls her eyes, meets DM in hallway.]

DM - Is this about his guilt... or yours?

Katya - Stay out of my way, Duncan.

DM - You were a good mother. There's nothing you could have done to stop it.

Katya - I can end it. CUT

<DM - Katya--

Katya - The only way you're going to stop me is to kill me.

DM - I haven't come to kill you or to stop you. Just to tell you that if you do this, it'll never heal. Nothing will ever be the same. Let it go. [stands beside her for a moment, offering silent comfort, then leaves]>


Inside chateau - office 3

Baptista - [looks up as Katya enters, pointing gun at him] Katya. CUT [calls out as Katya walks toward him] José! José!

Katya - He won't be coming. CUT Isn't this the same kind of gun you used to kill Elena?

Baptista - For God's sake, Katya, what do you want from me?

Katya - I want you to die.

Baptista - Don't you think I would do anything to have her back? I was crazy that night. It was not my fault! They knew that at the trial.

Katya - [sees two swords on display nearby, grabs one] Then I think it's time we had another trial. [re: other sword] Pick it up. I said, "Pick it up." [holds sword in front of her face in salute. Baptista grabs remaining sword from display stand, moves toward her.] I'm giving you one chance, Armando. Right now, you and me. [attacks]

Baptista - Katya, this is insane!

[Fight continues, ends with Katya's blade against Baptista's throat.]

Mia - [standing in doorway] Papa!

Katya - Mia! Go away. Go away! Get out!

Baptista - Princess, please, go. It's okay. [Mia runs out.] Take care of her.


Street near chateau 15

[Katya walks through gate to parked Land Rover where DM is waiting.]

Katya - Mia loves him. [DM smiles, hugs her.]


Quay by barge 16

[DM & Katya 15 walk along quay toward Pont de la Tournelle bridge.]

Katya - Maybe I should never have told her. Maybe I destroyed any chance Elena had to be happy. I don't know. All I know is that I have to go away and sort this stuff out.

DM - You gave her a life, a mother, a love she would never have known without you.

Katya - Yeah. You know, I always wondered why we could never have children. I used to think it was a curse, but it's not.

DM - We lose friends, and we lose lovers. It always hurts.

Katya - But no one should ever have to lose a child. [kisses him, starts to walk away. He pulls her back to him, kisses her again. Then they walk away from each other, both looking back as they part.]


End of "Justice"

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