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Episode 9: Deadly Exposure

Written by James Thorpe
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: January 31, 1998
Transcript revised: 4-11-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Duncan MacLeod - Adrian Paul
              the Highlander



Reagan Cole - Sandra Hess
              Immortal bounty hunter

Jack Kendal - Christian Erickson
              international terrorist

Brian "Murph" Murphy - Bob Cryer
              photo shoot model

Baxter - Sam Douglas
              DEA agent in Miami

Rowan Mitchell - Dave Hill
              Interpol cop

Bannock - Brian Protheroe
              soldier in flashback


Raphael Vega - Michel Albertini
              Miami drug boss

Comic - Doug Rand
              at Miami casino

Celine - Gunilla Karlzen

Chuck Sears - Bogdan E. Stanoevitch
              (as Bogdan Marian-Stanoevitch)
              Kendal's man

Female News Reporter - Valerie-Anne Wyss
              at chateau


Bounty Hunter (cop?) - Monty Jordan
              Balding man? (assistant stunt coordinator)

Roebuck - ??
              Kendal's man

Dr. Bellows - ??
              at hotel

Locations List:*
1. Miami Beach, Florida - 100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, FL [25.772361,-80.185239]
2. Casino lounge / conference hotel - Casino Barrière, 3 Avenue de Ceinture, Enghien-les-Bains [48.969622,2.303658]
3. Café by fountain - Café de la Mairie, 8 Place Saint-Sulpice - café [48.851399,2.333709], photo shoot [48.850893,2.333546]
4. Chateau (estab) - Château de Champs-sur-Marne, Champs-sur-Marne [48.853722,2.604079]
5. Chateau, London manor & road - Château de Dampierre, 2 Grande Rue, Dampierre-en-Yvelines: chateau/manor interiors [48.704698,1.988108], manor exterior [48.705295,1.988049] & London country road [48.702915,1.986834]
6. Apartment - 16 Rue Chaudron [48.883328,2.365453]
7. 1-hour photo shop - 54 Rue du Général de Gaulle (D311), Enghien-les-Bains [48.969689,2.305686]
8. Alley near photo shop/hotel - Résidence du Parc, 52Bis Rue du Général de Gaulle, Enghien-les-Bains [48.969994,2.305289]
9. Quay by barge (estab #1) - Quai de la Gare/Pont de Bercy [48.837342,2.374312]
10. Quay by barge / on barge - quay next to Pont de l'Archevêché bridge [48.851307,2.351766]
11. Quay by barge (estab #2) - quay next to Pont de la Tournelle bridge [48.850529,2.354398]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cuts *are* marked:

~Bolded - WGN* (1998) & Syfy (2010) - these are probably the official Eurominutes

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the WGN tape.

NOTE: The Powers That Be were considering a spinoff show after this final season of Highlander: The Series was concluded. They wanted a female Immortal lead, and they used various episodes in this season to screen-test potential candidates... although ultimately they went with Elizabeth Gracen's Amanda as the title character for Highlander: The Raven.

This episode is one of the screen-tests, featuring Reagan Cole. The others are Alex Raven (6x03: Sins of the Father), Kyra (6x05: Patient Number 7), Katya (6x08: Justice), and Katherine (6x10: Two of Hearts).

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Establishing shot: Miami Beach, Florida 1

[Super: Miami Beach, Florida]

Miami casino - nightclub 2

Comic - <[yodels along to salsa music] Yeee-oooh! Oh! Oh, pardon me. I just got a little carried away. So, the wife walks in the door and> CUT I say, "Honey, now that is a beautiful dress. Who shot the couch?" [laughs] Oh, my God.

Vega - [to blonde sitting beside him] Get me my drink, babe. [smiles as he watches Comic performing]

Comic - [offscreen] <Can we get a little laughter over there? Uh, no, really, then there's my mother-in-law, who's more commonly known as--


Miami casino - dressing room 2

Comic - [offscreen, in background] --the "witch."> CUT

[Reagan sits in front of dressing mirror, applies lip gloss.]

Comic - [offscreen, in background] You know, my mother-in-law was in the hospital and she got get-well cards from the nurses.


Miami casino - nightclub 2

Comic - My wife, <or as I lovingly call her, "Shut up."> CUT [The audience, a private drug cartel party complete with "high-priced girlfriends and call girls", chuckles.] She doesn't need a plastic surgeon. She needs a wrecking ball! Ba-dum. Out of here!


Miami casino - dressing room 2

Comic - [offscreen, in background] [chuckles] <Okay. {Trust me on this, you're going to love this. We're in love, I tell ya'.}> CUT We're a fastidious couple. I'm fast and she's... hideous.

[Reagan adjusts her outfit, zips the front closed.]


Miami casino - nightclub 2

<Comic - I got you that time. No, but really, you know, we're in love. [laughs]> CUT


Miami casino - dressing room 2

[Reagan adjusts her skintight black leather miniskirt, picks up gun from table and slides it into hip holster.]

<Comic - [offscreen, in background] Now, am I interrupting the Zuber family funeral or what? No, really. At this point in the show, ladies and gentlemen, and I use that term quite loosely -- ladies and gentlemen--> CUT

[Reagan saunters out of dressing room, dressed to kill.]


Miami casino - nightclub 2


<Comic - Pardon me.

Voice backstage - [interrupts Comic] Psst.

Comic - Uh-- [looks backstage] Excuse me. [listens to someone out of sight backstage] Uh, yeah, okay, sure. [turns back to audience]> Gentlemen, I've got to announce that, in fact, there's been a slight change in the program because um, I don't know, now... [loudly] It's a raid!

[Lights go out and sirens start to wail. The audience sits up, suddenly very nervous. Spotlight comes on, aimed at Reagan standing on the stage.]

Reagan - Who wants to be frisked first?

[Dance music begins playing in background.

Female singer: {Pickin' it up where we left off}
Doin' what we like to do
I must confess I am into you]

[Vega watches intently as she takes off her jacket, begins to dance seductively. CUT She struts toward him.]

[Let's spend some time
And {check out each other's moves}
You are the one that I'm so into

I've been waiting for such a long time
For you to say that you're mine

Backup singers: Hit me, baby. Female singing: Ahhhhhh
Backup singers: Hit me. Female singing: Ahhhhhh
Backup singers: Hit me. Female singing: Ahhhhhh]

Reagan - [points seductively at Vega] Have you been a bad boy?

Vega - Oh, yeah. I've been real bad.

[Male talking: You know, I'm the type of guy that likes {??}]

Reagan - Then get ready to take your punishment like a man.

[Male talking: You know what I'm saying? Yeah. {??} on. So what about {??} some real serious moves {??}]

Vega - [nods in agreement as Reagan struts toward him] Yeah. Now this is my kind of cop.

[Male talking: I want everybody in the house to say 'Yeah' as she tells you exactly what I did. Talk to me, baby.]

[Reagan performs lap dance for him.]

[Female singer: {Waiting for} my heart and now I think the world of you.
{Come on, baby,} what you wanna do]

Vega - Baby, baby.

[Female singer: Always on my mind, and {then} I get control] 1

Vega - Oh, sí­. Very nice.

[Male talking: --'Yeah' as she tells you exactly what I did. Talk to me, baby.]* [Female singer: I know you feel it deep, deep inside your soul]*

Vega - You've got the look that Vega likes.

[Female singer: {Waiting for} my heart and now I think the world of you.
{Come on, baby,} what you wanna do]*
[Female singer: I've been waiting for such a long time
For you to say that you're mine]*

[Reagan puts handcuffs on Vega's wrists, as part of her act. Vega smiles.]

[Female singer: Always on my mind, and {then} I get control]* [Backup singers: Hit me. Female singing: Ahhhhhh]*

Vega - I'm all yours now.

Reagan - Yes, you certainly are.

[Female singer: I know you feel it deep, deep inside your soul]* [Backup singers: Hit me. Female singing: Ahhhhhh]* 2 (*lines replaced with *lines in domestic version)

Vega - And now what?

Reagan - And now... this! [music stops as she drops the act, points gun at Vega's head]

Man - Hey, hey, hey, watch it! Hey! What's going on?

Vega - [as Reagan throws him to the floor] Shoot her, you idiots!

Reagan - Back off! Anybody breathes and he bites it.

Vega - She's a damn cop!

Reagan - Wrong.

Vega - Bounty hunter.

[Club doors bang open suddenly.]

Baxter - D.E.A.! Lay down your weapons!

Reagan - [to Vega] Come on! [pulls him to the side] Stay down. [takes cover behind a table]

[Drug cartel members take cover, begin shooting. Reagan shoots back. Baxter comes up behind Reagan, taps her on the shoulder, startling her. She whirls, points gun at him.]

Baxter - Reagan, what are you doing here?

[Cartel member aims gun at Baxter's back. Reagan shoots him over Baxter's shoulder.]

Reagan - Doing just fine without you.

Baxter - [quietly] Thanks.


[They both shoot at the bad guys. Meanwhile, a man in a ballcap rises up from cover of decorative palm trees, aims gun with silencer at Vega.]

Vega - No. No, Kendal, no! No! [Kendal shoots him.]

Reagan - Damn it. [chases after Kendal]

[Shootout between D.E.A. and drug cartel continues.]

Lady - [comes out from behind overturned card table] Don't shoot.

D.E.A. Agent - [in background] Okay, now down on the ground. Everybody, on your knees!

Baxter - [checks Vega's pulse as Reagan runs back in] Looks like Vega won't be dancing anymore.

Reagan - Damn. CUT

Baxter - What do you care? He's worth the same to you, dead or alive.

Reagan - He can't testify against his friends if he's dead.

Baxter - So, uh, who's next on your list?

Reagan - I'm taking a vacation.

Baxter - When was the last time YOU took a vacation?

Reagan - [thinks about it for a moment] Would you believe two hundred and fifty years ago?

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.




Outdoor café by fountain 3

Reagan - [into phone, chuckles] Well, of course I'm having a great time... Yeah, I've been in town only for four hours and already gained twenty pounds. [watches nearby photo shoot as she talks]

Celine - [offscreen] There you go.

Reagan - [watches Murph posing for Celine's camera] <And you were right, MacLeod. There's always something new to see in Paris.> CUT What? No, no, no, I'm -- I'm fine.

Celine - There you go. Come on. Sell it to me, baby. Don't make me beg for it.

[The Easter Island Philharmonic - "Where We Are Happy"

Barb went to the island
For the air.]

Celine - Come on. Okay. Clench it. Clench it.

[There she met a man who]

Celine - Perfect. That's perfect.

[Had long dark hair.]

Celine - Stronger. Sweet. I love it.

[He seemed like someone from a]

Celine - Beautiful.

[Book she read.]

Celine - Okay.

[She felt a strange desire to
Lose her head.]

[Two women walk past, wolf-whistle.]

Celine - Back to work.

Murph - What?

Celine - [to women] He's seen you. [to Murph] You've seen them. Show's over.

[Let's go far away
And always stay
Where we are happy]

Celine - Let's concentrate. Let's do it again.

Murph - Okay.

Celine - Big smile, Murph.

[When we're lost, we go online
We find the time
Where we are happy]

Celine - That's my boy.

<[Takes a photo. Camera zooms in on fountain behind Murph's shoulder. Kendal is walking past, wearing ballcap.]

Kendal - [voice-over] Get that camera. She took my picture.> CUT

Reagan - [into phone] Uh, six o'clock it is... You still living in that garbage scow of yours?

Celine - [stops taking photos] This doesn't work.

Murph - Well, just tell me what to do.

Celine - It has nothing to do with you, sweetheart. It's the sun, those trees, everything. It's just not right. We'll have to do it again.

Murph - All of it?

Celine - When that ad agency sees you for the first time, they've got to say, "This is the guy." 3 Okay? So, I know you trust me, sweetheart. We'll do it again. And you start with the blue thing, okay?

Murph - All right.

Celine - All right.

[Murph jogs across street, crossing in front of car driving slowly past. Celine takes film out of camera, tosses it in nearby trash can. Car stops, Kendal's men (Sears & Roebuck, according to the shooting script) get out.]

Reagan - [into phone] Um, six o'clock it is.

Celine - [as the men grab her] Get the hell out of here!

Reagan - [sees the commotion, into phone] Gotta go.

Celine - [knocks Sears down, runs after Roebuck, who has her camera] No! [grabs his arm]

[Reagan runs toward them. Roebuck shoots Celine. Sears and Roebuck get in their car and drive away as Celine falls to the ground. Reagan runs to her, checks for a pulse.] CUT


Establishing shot: Kendal's chateau 4

Inside chateau 5


<Kendal - [walks to where Sears & Roebuck are waiting] 4 Where's the picture? [Sears & Roebuck exchange a look.] Answer the question. You know what happened to Vega.> He didn't deliver. He won't be making any more deliveries. Now, do you remember the question, Chuck?

Sears - Where-- Where is the picture?

Kendal - And the answer?

Sears - We'll find it. Whatever it takes.

Kendal - Don't disappoint me.


Plaza by fountain 4

Reagan - [to policeman] Yeah, I was in that café over there. [points] And when I came out, she was, uh, she was dead. 5 [walks over to Murph] Are you okay?

Murph - She was helping me put together a portfolio for this huge campaign.

Reagan - Sounds like it was important to you.

Murph - I've never had a shot like this. At first I thought she was just putting me on, just to-- But we never, you know--

Reagan - Yeah.

Murph - If only I'd been with her instead of in that stupid van changing my clothes, then all of--

Reagan - Yeah, then maybe you'd be dead, too. Come on. Get dressed. I'll give you a ride home.

Murph - The police took my van... with all my clothes. Damn it!

Reagan - It's all right. Come on. Come on.


Outside Murph's apartment 6

Murph - <My grandfather was a miner. My father was a miner. So I did that for a while while I was at school. I just couldn't take it.> CUT After I flunked out of school, well, it was either construction or the army. 6 [leads Reagan through courtyard] When I first met Celine, I was twenty foot up on a scaffold. She said I had something.

Reagan - Well, she was right.

Murph - I'm sorry. Do you want something to drink?

Reagan - Uh, how 'bout a beer?

Murph - Ah, my mum says, "Alcohol rots the soul." [unlocks apartment door, lets Reagan in]

Reagan - Uh, coffee then.

Murph - I'm sorry. [follows her inside] I do have some lovely jasmine tea, though.

Reagan - [teasing] Hold me back. [giggles]

Murph - Well, home sweet home and all that.

Reagan - [looks around loft] Nice place.

Murph - Yeah, right. I'm not much of a decorator.

[Murph chuckles, disappears into kitchen. Moments later he comes back through kitchen door, his hands up, followed at gunpoint by Sears and Roebuck.]

Sears - [points gun at Reagan] Hands in the air.

Reagan - [raises her hands] You've got lousy taste in roommates.

Sears - Shut up.

Murph - They want... the film?

Reagan - What film?

Murph - Well, that's what I said. Said we didn't have any bloody film.

Sears - Broken record. Maybe your girlfriend will be more... cooperative.

Reagan - Never hurts to ask.

Murph - [lunges toward Sears] Don't touch her!

[Sears punches him. Reagan fights Sears, gets his gun and shoots Roebuck. Sears runs away.]

Reagan - [to Murph] You okay? [kneels to check Roebuck]

Murph - Who are you? [gets to his feet, looks down at Roebuck's body, exchanges a look with Reagan] 7


[some time later]

Reagan - [to Mitchell, as Roebuck's body is zipped into bodybag and carried away] What do you want from me? The name is Reagan Cole, for the second time today.

Murph - [in background, to policeman] {??} ...{said a} word, just kept shoving me back in here, then started {asking about some film}. And one of them went after Reagan. I tried to stop him, and that's when the other fellow hit me.

Mitchell - [sitting on end of Murph's bed, eating a sub] Everybody happy? [Murph has finished his statement. Mitchell 8 groans, suppressing a belch] It always happens when I skip breakfast.

Murph - Mum always used to say, "Cherry bark is a natural digestive."

[Mitchell rolls his eyes, goes back to eating his sub.]

Reagan - So, um, what's Interpol doing here? What's the connection between the murder and the break-in?

Mitchell - Connection?

Reagan - The film? The camera? Hello?

Mitchell - There isn't any.

Reagan - And I suppose you just happened to be in the neighborhood, right?

Mitchell - [shrugs, nods] It's always nice to liaise with the locals when you can.

[Pager beeps offscreen.]

Reagan - Must be Mum.

[Murph takes pager from his robe pocket, looks at it.]

Mitchell - Well, that's that. [stands up, groaning] Well, there you go. Thanks for everything.

Reagan - Well, that's it?

Mitchell - That's all for now. Grateful for the cooperation, et cetera, et cetera.

[Mitchell and police personnel all leave.]

Murph - [to Reagan] What's the matter?

Reagan - [scoffs] "Just happened to be in the neighborhood." Come on. I mean, what is it with that film? Why is Interpol sticking their nose in? And why do I get the feeling like my vacation just got trashed? [flops into chair, has sudden realization]


Plaza by fountain 3

[Reagan and Murph walk quickly across plaza to trash can. Murph dumps the can's contents out. CUT Reagan finds the discarded film canister. They walk off together.]


PhotoExpress One Hour Photo 7

[Two men sit in car parked nearby, watching.]

Reagan - [to cashier] Thank you very much. [waves packet of developed photos at Murph as she exits shop, starts looking through them with him]


[The two men get out of the parked car. Reagan notices them, starts walking. Murph follows her. The men follow them.]

Murph - [following Reagan] What?

Reagan - Don't turn around. [leads him around a corner]

Balding man - This way. [He and his partner walk around same corner. Balding man runs past edge of building, comes face to face with Reagan.]

Reagan - Looking for me? [knocks balding man down, freezes when second man holds gun at her neck, then whirls and fights him, too, eventually knocking both men out] It's all right.

Murph - [comes out of hiding] I'm not used to having a woman do my fighting for me.

Reagan - [searching balding man's pockets] Tell you what. Next time, it's your turn. [hold's up man's police I.D.]

Murph - They're cops. Oopsie.

Reagan - [hears sirens wailing in distance] They're playing our song. Come on. 8


Establishing shot: quay by barge, night 9

Inside barge, night 10

DM - Nice of you to drop by, but dinner was four hours ago.

Reagan - [kisses his cheek] I'm sorry. Um, Murph, this is Duncan MacLeod, the wonderful, handsome, generous man that I've told you about.

DM - It's a little early for snow.

Murph - [holds out his hand] Hi.

DM - Hi. [shakes his hand, pulls Reagan aside] What's going on?

Reagan - We need a place to crash tonight.

DM - So you chose my place. I'm flattered.

Murph - Well, Reagan can't go back to her hotel because she just conked a couple of cops. And she already shot one guy at my flat, and the other guy's still alive. Well, he might come back.

Reagan - See, it's simple, really.

DM - [sighs loudly] So, what's going on, really?

Reagan - [sighs, hands him stack of photos] These.

DM - [looks at photos from Murph's shoot] Well, um, you always did have a knack of getting in trouble with men in shorts.


Flashback - London, 1833 - stables 5

[Super: London, 1833]

[Johann Sebastian Bach's "Chaconne for Solo Violin" is playing in the background.]

DM - [pays farrier] Good job. Thank you. [senses 'buzz' as Reagan walks into view] Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod. [bows to her]

Reagan - [with thick Hungarian accent] Countess Ludmilla Albertina Katushka von Tcheka of Hungary.

DM - [smiles] That is an exotic-sounding name. [kisses the back of her hand]

Reagan - Did you say exotic... or erotic?

DM - Whatever the lady desires.

Reagan - [re: DM's horse] Ah, such a noble beast. How I do appreciate the feeling of a powerful stallion beneath my loins.

DM - Aye, and, uh, one that likes to be ridden long and hard?

[They exchange a heated look.]


Flashback - London, 1833 - Reagan's suite 5

[Johannes Brahms's "Hungarian Dance No. 5" is playing in the background.]

[DM & Reagan enter the lavish room. DM discards his cloak and takes off his jacket, then unties the back of Reagan's dress as they kiss passionately. He pulls her dress off her shoulders, removes his vest, then helps her the rest of the way out of the dress. They continue to kiss passionately as Reagan works on his trousers. She giggles, pushes him down on bed, and grabs his foot. 9 Pulling hard, she manages to get his boot off as he unbuttons his cuffs, then pulls off the other and stalks seductively toward him, tossing his trousers aside before jumping him.]

DM - [unlacing Reagan's corset as they roll around on the bed] Oh, these petticoats. You women. [pulls her petticoat off, flings it aside. They roll around on the bed some more, kissing.]

Reagan - I wonder if you're a man who appreciates variety.

DM - I like to think so. What did you have in mind?

Reagan - [pulls silk scarf out of her chemise] A little... game. [Both laugh as Reagan winds scarf around DM's wrist, ties him to the bed.] There. My little stallion is all tied up.

DM - Do they have to be this tight?

Reagan - Oh, yes. Can't have you running away now, can I?

DM - There's no chance of that. [They kiss again.] Now what?

Reagan - And now... [loses the Hungarian accent] The game is over. CUT

DM - What? [Reagan blows a whistle.] What are you doing? ["Hungarian Dance" ends as soldiers enter the room.] Oh, no.

Bannock - There's your man. Seize him.

DM - What's this about?

Reagan - Treason, and a thousand-pound reward.

DM - Treason? I'm no traitor.

Bannock - Only to the duke's marriage. He will not have his wife dallied with.

DM - Oh, that's what this is about.

Reagan - That's what this is all about? Just because he diddled the duke's wife?

Bannock - Silence. You've been well paid.

Reagan - But the punishment then, surely not death?

Bannock - My orders are the same. A private beheading at the duke's country palace.

DM - [as soldiers lead him away] God, no. I'll wager you're no countess either.

Soldiers - Don't even think about it. This way, MacLeod. Come on.


Flashback - outside London, 1833 - country road 5

[Soldiers on horseback escort carriage. Bannock is sitting in carriage next to DM.]

Carriage driver - Whoa! Easy, now! Easy! Easy! [pulls carriage to a stop as they reach a buggy with a broken wheel]

[Bannock gets out of carriage as DM senses 'buzz'. Bannock approaches woman in nun's habit sprawled across seat of buggy. Woman looks up -- it's Reagan. She knocks Bannock out, grabs her sword and fights the other soldiers. DM jumps out of carriage, knocks soldier down, grabs soldier's sword, uses it to cut the ropes around his wrists and jumps into the fray. DM and Reagan knock out all of the soldiers.]

Reagan - [laughs] So these are the duke's finest? Ha! [stops short as DM shoves sword tip at her face]

DM - Ha.

Reagan - I thought you'd be happy to see me. [removes nun's habit]

DM - You're a mad woman! First you seduce me. Then you betray me. And now you rescue me.

Reagan - All part of a day's work.

DM - [groans] I almost lost my head because of you.

Reagan - And because of me you didn't. So I'd say we're even. [chuckles as DM turns away] There. I knew you had a forgiving soul. [sidles up behind him] Now, if I could only recall... when last we were engaged.

["Hungarian Dance No. 5" begins playing in the background again.]

DM - [ties rope to wheel of carriage] Perhaps I could refresh your memory.

Reagan - Yeah.

[DM kisses her, backs her up against wagon wheel, ties her hands with the rope.]

DM - Now I believe we're even.

Reagan - Duncan, untie me. [DM backs away with a mocking bow.] MacLeod, you can't leave me here!


Inside barge 10

DM - [examining a photo with a magnifying glass] It might help if I knew what we were looking for.

Reagan - I don't know. Something worth killing for.

DM - Or someone.

Murph - [self-consciously] They're not my best.

Reagan - Wait. [grabs DM's magnifying glass]

DM - What is it? CUT

<Reagan - [examines photo closely] I've seen this guy before.

DM - [looks closely at photo] Where?

[Inset of magnifying glass over Kendal's face in the photograph.]

[Reagan looks at photo over DM's shoulder. DM walks across barge (to fetch his laptop, presumably). 10]>


Inside Kendal's chateau 5

[Kendal is examining blueprints and schematics at his desk.]

<Sears - [enters room] CUT You might be interested in this. [hands Kendal a file folder]>

Kendal - [examines contents] Reagan Cole.

Sears - You know her?

Kendal - She's a bounty hunter. She almost got in my way when I hit Vega. Who's the guy?

Sears - A nobody. A male model from London.

Kendal - I bet she has the film, and they've both seen it.

Sears - What about the police?

Kendal - [shakes his head] All she's after is the money. If the police take me, she gets nothing.

Sears - You want us to stake out in front of her hotel and the guy's apartment?

Kendal - No, she'd never go back there. She's too smart. We'll just have to be smarter. CUT


Inside barge 10

[Computer screen: black-and-white photo of a younger Jack Kendal with stats:

Name: Jack Kendal, alias Jack Renfro, Jack Wells, Jack Kenton.

Born: Sarajevo, 1953.

Father: Canadian, deceased 1957.

Mother: Croatian, deceased 1971.

Education: Sorbonne, London School of Economics.

Terrorist Affiliations: Red Flag, Arcan Cartel, Shining Path, Hamas.

Last Seen: 1982]

DM - Went to ground fifteen years ago. Hasn't been seen since.

Murph - [looking at computer screen over DM's shoulder] Did he really kill three hundred people in that plane he blew up?

Reagan - [remembering] He was in Miami last week. [Flash of Kendal shooting Vega at casino.] 2 He killed the guy I was bringing in. Oh, man. I should have recognized him. I thought he was dead.

DM - Yeah, well, so did the rest of the world.

[Computer screen: same black-and-white photo of a younger Jack Kendal with different stats:

Terrorist acts include: 1974 bombing of Flight 346. 300 dead.

42 suspected assassinations.

Never arrested.

Presumed dead.]

Murph - [reading from screen] "Forty-two suspected assassinations. Never arrested."

Reagan - [taps at keyboard] Oh, this is interesting.

DM - What?

Reagan - The price on his head? One million.


DM - Yeah, but who is he here to kill?


Establishing shot: Quay by barge 11

Inside barge, next morning 10

DM - <Here we go. Decaf. [hands cup to Murph] And, um, for you, my lady, decaf with sugar.> CUT [carries cup to Reagan]

Reagan - [groans] Decaf? You're kidding.

DM - You're welcome.

Reagan - After a night on the futon from hell, I need all the caffeine I can get.

Murph - Ah, now caffeine--

Reagan - [cuts him off] I know, I know.

DM - [looks out porthole] Here we go.

Reagan - What?

DM - Looks like a cop. Walks like a cop.

Reagan - [looks out porthole, sees Mitchell on quay, eating a crepe] Yep, it's a cop. Interpol.


Barge - on deck 10

Mitchell - Duncan MacLeod.

DM - Mm-hmm. Your turn.

Mitchell - Rowan Mitchell, Interpol.

DM - Well, you got any I.D.? Can't be too careful these days.

Mitchell - [shoves last bite of crepe in his mouth, tosses paper napkin over his shoulder] Of course. [hands DM a card] I'm afraid the dry cleaners did a number on it, but if you squint... you can just make out my name.

DM - You've got to be kidding.

Mitchell - I don't joke. Oh. [takes card back] When I was a young man, I used to make up limericks. You care to hear one? There once was a young man with a film roll... who befriended a lass named Cole-- Reagan Cole. You wouldn't happen to know anybody named Reagan Cole, would you, Mr. MacLeod?

DM - [frowns, shakes his head] Who?

Mitchell - I have a log of the calls she placed on her cell phone yesterday. One of them was to this address.

DM - Doesn't ring a bell. No pun intended.

Mitchell - [re: the barge] I always wondered what one of these looked like inside.

DM - [blocks his path] Keep wondering.

Mitchell - Have it your own way, Mr. MacLeod. We can do it here, or we can do it down at my office. CUT

<DM - Good idea. I'll buy you lunch.

Mitchell - [shrugs] Okay. [steps off barge back onto quay] Whoa.

DM - [picks up discarded paper napkin] I think this is yours.

Mitchell - [takes napkin] Oh, thank you very much. You should get some steps there, you know.>


Outdoor café by fountain 3

Reagan - [motions to plate on table] Mm. Help yourself. (according to the shooting script, she is eating moules et frites - mussels and fries) 11

Murph - Mind if I ask you a personal question?

Reagan - How personal?

Murph - Well, I was just wondering... I mean, I know I'm not the smartest guy around, and, well, you probably know loads of guys from university and stuff, but... it's just that... [Reagan is distracted by newspaper left on table next to theirs.] Well, I was thinking--

[Newspaper headline: Europe unites against terrorism]

Murph - [continues rambling] Well, I just thought that... maybe you and I, we could... you know, we could--

Reagan - [reads headline] Yes! [grabs paper]

Murph - Yes?

Reagan - Hang on. [reads article] "The eyes of the world will be on France tonight as foreign ministers gather in Paris for a forum on European unity."

Murph - So?

Reagan - For Kendal to be in Paris after popping someone last week, it would have to be something important-- something that would bring him millions. [stands up]

Murph - Look, tell me what to do.

Reagan - Been to the Louvre lately? Perfect place to lose yourself for an afternoon.

Murph - I just want to help.

Reagan - I know, and I appreciate it. Meet me back here at two o'clock.

Murph - What about Kendal?

Reagan - He's mine. CUT <[leaves]

[Murph's pager starts beeping. He looks at it.]

[Pager inset:

Call Agency re: headshots
Aug. 14, 1997   10 45am]

[Murph glances around café, then leaves.]>


Outside hotel on outskirts of Paris 2


<Policeman - [in background] Hey, Jimmy.

Jimmy - [in background] Hey, {??}. I just wanted to say thank you for the stellar security {on this} site.

[Reagan grabs clipboard from back of van, goes to hotel entrance and stands outside the door.> A man walks through metal detector on his way out of hotel. Reagan holds up a hand to stop him.]

Dr. Bellows - Yes?

Reagan - [looks at clipboard] Dr. Bellows?

Dr. Bellows - [nods] Mm-hmm. [Reagan steps aside, lets him continue past.]

Reagan - [stops blonde female news reporter from entering hotel] I'm sorry, but your security tag has expired.

Reporter - [bears a superficial resemblance to Reagan] But I'm already cleared.

Reagan - Well, you'll have to reapply.

Reporter - [crosses her arms, snarky] And I'm supposed to do that in time for the conference?

Reagan - Hey. [grabs reporter's security badge from her coat lapel] I don't make the rules.

Reporter - What a load of crap! [storms off]

[Reagan looks around surreptitiously, clips badge to her own jacket, enters hotel]


Inside hotel 2

[Reagan climbs stairs, enters venue room.]

Man - [offscreen, in background] {??} floral arrangements {??}

[Workers chatter indistinctly in background, setting up buffet tables.]

Woman - [offscreen, in background] You know, separate {??}.

Man - [offscreen, in background] {You want} salad? 12

Man - [offscreen, in background] {??} napkins.

Woman - [offscreen, in background] That'll do. {??}

[Camera circles around Reagan to reveal Mitchell entering room behind her.]

Man - [offscreen, in background] {??} this table over here. We'll just move the chair over {to here}. Now don't forget, {??}.

Mitchell - And you told me you were on vacation. Misplaced your hotel?

Reagan - Just happen to be in the neighborhood again?

Mitchell - Yes, and no. But then again, that's me. I don't always do what I say. I don't always mean what I think. A walking conundrum.

Reagan - Do you ever have a straight answer?

Mitchell - Good heavens, no. Everybody's got an agenda.

Reagan - Like Kendal?

Mitchell - Like you.

Reagan - You don't know anything about me.

Mitchell - Bounty hunters, mercenaries... Fringe dwellers. Usually damaged goods.

Reagan - Yeah, whatever. Kendal is mine. The million is mine, period.

Mitchell - Semicolon. Kendal will be in custody -- or dead -- within hours.

Reagan - He's been running you guys in circles for the past fifteen years. [Mitchell holds out an envelope to her.] What's that?

Mitchell - It could be two things. It could be your airline ticket back to the States, or it could be a warrant for your arrest.

[Reagan snatches up the envelope, considers a moment, then leaves.] 13


Outdoor café by fountain 3

Reagan - [into phone] Duncan, he's half an hour late already. I thought he might have screwed up and gone to the barge... His-- His apartment? No, he wouldn't be that stupid... Okay, maybe you're right. Later. [disconnects call] [to herself] Oh, no. Please, no. [pulls piece of paper from her pocket, looks at it as she dials cell phone, gets a busy signal] Oh, no. [disconnects call]


Outside Murph's apartment 6

Reagan - [walks quickly down sidewalk, looks in apartment window, sees Murph on phone inside] Murphy! Murphy! Get out of the apartment! Get out! [Murphy sees her but motions with his hand to his ear that he can't hear her.] Get out! [Reagan points frantically. Murphy is suddenly hit by a sniper bullet. Reagan runs around, buzzes herself into the apartment courtyard, runs into Murph's apartment & kneels beside him. She checks for a pulse, but he's dead. Reagan stands, walks slowly out of apartment. 14 Camera zooms in on bullet hole in french door glass.]


Establishing shot: outside Murph's apartment 6

[Two policemen standing guard.]

Murph's apartment 6

Reagan - I told him not to come here. What was he thinking? Why did he do it?

Mitchell - Well, if it's any consolation, we got the shooter. [as Reagan grabs pager from coffee table] What's that?

Reagan - That's Murph's beeper. [looks at message -- same as previous, about headshots] That is the last person to talk to Murph alive.

Mitchell - It's the number of an agent Celine set him up with.

Reagan - How do you know that? I just... found it. [upset] What did she say he needed, huh? A picture? A résumé? [punches Mitchell] You set him up! You son of a bitch! [Policemen grab her.]

Mitchell - No! She's through now. [Policemen let her go, step away.] I think Freud would have something to say about misdirected aggression, but we'll set that aside for now, shall we?

Reagan - You used him as bait.

Mitchell - If I was that much of a bastard, I'd have been a commissioner a long time ago. We had a tap on his phone.

Reagan - You go to hell.

Mitchell - Most likely. But in the meantime, you've got an airline ticket with your name on it. And an armed escort.

[Policemen return, grab her arms.]

<Reagan - CUT Look, fine. You be stupid. But I'm last one who's seen Kendal alive for the last fifteen years. The way he looks now? You put me on a plane, and you're blind.>

[Mitchell sighs, waves his fingers at the policemen to let her go, follows her out of apartment. The two cops exit the apartment as well, closing the french doors and standing guard outside them. 15]


Alley near hotel 8

[Dr. Bellows, wearing wire-framed glasses, carries medical case to car, unlocks car door.]

Kendal - [approaches car] Dr. Bellows?

Dr. Bellows - [turns] Yes? [Like the news reporter with Reagan, he bears a superficial resemblance to Kendal.]

Kendal - I hope I didn't startle you. [points gun at him]

Dr. Bellows - No!

[Kendal shoots him. He collapses to the pavement, dead. Kendal sticks the gun in his waistband and grabs the body. Cut to the body now in the trunk of the car. Kendal steals the security badge from his coat, pins it to his own lapel, and puts the wire-framed glasses on. He puts his gun in the bottom of the doctor's empty case. 16 He puts a false bottom in the case to cover the gun, then fills the case with medical paraphernalia, including a stethoscope, a box of gauze bandages, and a small oxygen tank. He latches the case, closes the trunk, walks away.]


Outside hotel 2

[Group of VIPs walk to hotel entrance. Two soldiers with a German Shepherd stand guard nearby.]


Inside hotel 2

[A man with a metal detector scans the hallway, then 17 runs the detector along the staircase banister.]

Mitchell - [walking down staircase with Reagan] We've been over the place a dozen times.

Reagan - Mm-hmm.

Mitchell - I don't know what it is you expect to find.

Reagan - It's what I don't expect to find.


Outside hotel 2

[Kendal, as Dr. Bellows, walks to hotel entrance, carrying medical case. He walks through metal detector at hotel entrance. Metal detector beeps.]

Security guard - S'il vous plait, monsieur.

Translations: S'il vous plait, monsieur - If you please, sir.

[Kendal walks back through detector, setting it off again. Security guard waves handheld wand over him. It pings on his security tag clip and then on the medical case.]

Security guard - (in French, subtitled) {Ouvrez votre mallette, s'il vous plait.} (Would you open your case, please?)

Kendal - [opens briefcase, pulls out oxygen tank] I'm sorry. It must have been the oxygen tank that set it off.

Security guard - Yes, thank you.

[Kendal puts oxygen tank back in case, enters hotel. The two soldiers and their dog walk up the steps to where more VIPs are exiting cars. 18 The VIPs walk down the steps toward hotel entrance.]


Inside hotel - venue room 2 CUT

Mitchell - But nobody gets in without a security tag.

Reagan - That really stopped me. [picks up glass of champagne from buffet table, looks around room] Who's that? CUT

<Mitchell - [looks at Kendal standing by window] Dr. Martin Bellows.

[Flash of Reagan stopping Dr. Bellows at hotel entrance earlier.
Reagan - Dr. Bellows?]

[Flash of Kendal's face morphing into younger Kendal from computer screen photo.]

[Flash of Kendal wearing baseball cap, shooting Vega.]

[Reagan runs across room toward Kendal.]

Mitchell - [to himself] What is she doing?

[Kendal runs out side door. Reagan chases after him. She walks quickly down a hallway, enters auditorium. Kendal exits auditorium, slips away. Reagan exits other side of auditorium, looks around. 19]>


<Outside hotel 2 CUT

[More VIPs get out of cars at hotel entrance.]


Inside hotel - hallway 2

Reagan - Look, Inspector, this guy's a terrorist. He blows things up.

Mitchell - [enters auditorium with her] Cole, you're not going to find anything. We've been through this place a dozen times. Bomb squads, metal detectors, you name it. There's no need for paranoia. It's clean.

Reagan - Clean, huh? You willing to bet your life on it?


Outside hotel 2

[VIPs enter hotel.]>


Inside hotel - auditorium stage 2

[Reagan walks along front of table lined with name cards, table mics, water pitchers and empty glasses. She joins Mitchell behind the table, 20 looks at the table again.]

Reagan - All of those have been checked?

Mitchell - Yeah. You're wasting your time. The dogs have already been through the room.

Reagan - Mm-hmm. [looks at tape recorder on side table, investigates coffee machine]

Mitchell - Okay?

Reagan - [points at large medical case on floor by side table] This?

Mitchell - [shrugs] I don't know. Got to be ready for every eventuality.

[Reagan squats, opens case, revealing medical supplies inside -- including a small oxygen tank.] CUT


Outside hotel 2

[More VIPs enter hotel.]


Inside hotel - auditorium stage 2

[Reagan looks at oxygen tank from medical case, turns nozzle to test it. Nothing happens.]

Mitchell - [cranks nozzle wide open -- still nothing] There's no oxygen.

Reagan - Even though it's heavy enough to be full. [unscrews bottom of tank] Oh, I knew it. [pulls out explosive device. Timer is counting down from 1:59:10.]

<Mitchell - How the hell could they have missed a bomb?> CUT

Reagan - Probably a nerve toxin. Set to go off in two hours.

Mitchell - Right in the middle of the meeting.

Reagan - Yep. [pushes device back into tank] Ooh, wow. [slowly hands tank to Mitchell] Walk that very carefully out of the château.

Mitchell - And you?

Reagan - I think I need a doctor. [as Mitchell leaves] I feel a major pain in the ass coming on. [leaves auditorium] 21


Inside hotel - venue room 2

[Reagan runs in, spots Kendal with his back to her, walks toward him.]

Kendal - [to VIP] And if I may be of assistance, yes? At any time.

Reagan - [calls out as she approaches] His name was Murphy. [Kendal turns to face her.] Brian Murphy.

[Mitchell enters the room, no longer carrying the oxygen tank.]

Kendal - Who?

Reagan - The young man you had killed. [goes to stand next to Mitchell]

Kendal - Ah.

Reagan - Oh, uh, we found your canister.

Kendal - I'm walking out of here. CUT In two minutes, a helicopter will land. You will allow me safe passage.

Reagan - [grabs Mitchell's gun from his shoulder holster under his jacket, points it at Kendal] I'd allow you to kiss my butt. [cocks gun] What's to stop me from blowing you away right now?

Kendal - I might ask you the same question. [opens his suit jacket, revealing a belt of plastique bricks]

Reagan - I suppose a bullet through that sick, twisted brain of yours would stop you.

Kendal - Afraid not. CUT If my heart stops beating, the bomb explodes.

Reagan - Looks like you thought of everything -- everything except the fact that if I put one through your brain, you heart's gonna stop in exactly four seconds.

Mitchell - No!

[Reagan shoots Kendal, rushes at him. Her momentum carries them both crashing through window. They fall into lake outside. Kendal's bomb belt explodes. Mitchell walks away from window through crowd of VIPs gathered around.]

Mitchell - Pity.


Inside barge, night 10

Reagan - Here's to a million dollars. [sips from her wineglass]

<DM - CUT Too bad you're not here to collect it.>

Reagan - Win some, lose some.

DM - Mm-hmm.

Reagan - Murphy, on the other hand, lost a lot more.

DM - So, what's next?

Reagan - For me? I don't know. Probably the usual. Lie low for a while, and then come back with a new identity.

DM - New identity, but the same game?

Reagan - I'm a big girl. I can take it. Besides, it's not like I have much choice.

DM - Oh, sure you do.

Reagan - Uh-uh. Can a doctor turn his back on a dying patient?

DM - I don't think it's the same thing.

Reagan - Yes, it is, Duncan. Look around. The Kendals out there are like a cancer. And if it wasn't for me, the world would be a hell of a lot sicker than it already is. [kisses him passionately, then pulls away] Besides, I'm good at it. [They both laugh as DM kisses her neck.] Ohhh, a lovely night... and a starry sky... and a handsome stallion.

DM - [laughs] I wonder what the Countess Ludmilla Albertina Katushka von Tcheka would do?

Reagan - [with thick Hungarian accent] Well, here. Let me show you.

["Hungarian Dance No. 5" begins playing in the background as they resume kissing.]


End of "Deadly Exposure"

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