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Episode 10: Two of Hearts

Written by James Thorpe
Directed by Richard Martin
Aired: February 14, 1998
Transcript revised: 4-10-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Caruso - Norman Chancer
              rich man with kidnapped daughter

Checco - Olivier Widmaier Picasso
              mob-type working for Caruso

Baron - Michael/Mike Sarne
              in flashback

Berta Symes - Rowena Cooper
              Katherine's friend in FB

Detective Bertrand - Patrick Rameau
              investigating Bartholomew

Secretary - Véronique Baylaucq
              at Bartholomew's office

Mr. Faith - Boris Anderssen Comar
              Bartholomew's bodyguard


Katherine - Claudia Christian
              NOT a K'Immie

Nick Sutherland - Steven O'Shea
              Katherine's mortal husband

Bartholomew - Jack Ellis
              THIS is the K'Immie



Mindy - ??
              Caruso's 20-yr-old daughter

Red - ??
Blondie - ??
Thompson - ??
              Mindy's kidnappers

Mr. Hope - ??
              Bartholomew's bodyguard

Locations List:*
1. Chicago skyline (stock) - Chicago, IL, looking NE through downtown toward Lake Michigan (see screencaps for coordinates of specific buildings)
2. Industrial building - EDF factory (no longer there), 212 Avenue d'Argenteuil, Gennevilliers [48.940158,2.260278] (see screencaps for more coordinates)
3. Apartment - 100 Rue Molière, Ivry-sur-Seine [48.818353,2.390917]
4. Airplane - Stock shot
5. Paris office building - 6 Place Abel Gance, Boulogne-Billancourt [48.833928,2.258142]; parking garage: Parking Indigo Point du Jour [48.833774,2.257806]
6. Village & castle - Château de Pierrefonds, Rue Viollet le Du, Pierrefonds [49.346393,2.979603]
7. Driving - unknown location
8. Wartime flashbacks - re-used from various episodes
9. Interrogation room - unknown location (EDF?)
10. Street near apartment - 40-44 Rue Jules Vanzuppe, Ivry-sur-Seine [48.818242,2.390108]
11. Rooftop near train tracks - unknown location (EDF and Ivry-sur-Seine both have traintracks)
12. Carnival - Place Voltaire, Ivry-sur-Seine, where Médiathèque D'ivry-Sur-Seine is now (library was built in 2001) [48.812700,2.385342]
13. Chateau - Chateau de Nandy, Rue Robert Cousin, Nandy [48.580850,2.566872]
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cut *is* marked:

~Bolded - WGN* (1998) - these are probably the official Eurominutes

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the WGN tape.

NOTE: The Powers That Be were considering a spinoff show after this final season of Highlander: The Series was concluded. They wanted a female Immortal lead, and they used various episodes in this season to screen-test potential candidates... although ultimately they went with Elizabeth Gracen's Amanda as the title character for Highlander: The Raven.

This episode is one of the screen-tests, featuring Katherine (Claudia Christian from Bablyon 5) and her mortal sidekick, Nick. The others are Alex Raven (6x03: Sins of the Father), Kyra (6x05: Patient Number 7), Katya (6x08: Justice), and Reagan Cole (6x09: Deadly Exposure).

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Establishing shot: Chicago, Illinois 1

[Super: Chicago]

Establishing shot: industrial building 2

Inside building 2

[Mindy is sitting in a chair, tied up and gagged.]


[meanwhile, outside]

[Guns drawn, Nick and Katherine make their way around the building to a door. 1]


[meanwhile, inside]

[Thompson sits by Mindy's chair, holding a sawed-off shotgun and humming to himself. Nick and Katherine move through the building. 2 Red stands guard outside office area where Thompson and Mindy are. Nick and Katherine continue to scout the building, coordinating their movements with hand signals. Katherine climbs stairs to upper level, jogs across length of building, 3 as Nick continues through lower level. Nick sees Red standing guard outside the office. Katherine looks over railing, sees Nick below her, then sees Blondie aiming gun at Nick. She shoots Blondie, blowing their element of surprise. Red and Thompson are on alert now. Red moves off, searching for the intruders. Katherine continues jogging down length of warehouse on upper floor. Red moves through warehouse cautiously. 4 Katherine comes out onto catwalk. Red sees her, shoots at her. She evades him. Then Red sees Nick and shoots at him. Nick jumps down from shipping container with a gun in each hand, shooting back at Red (much more successfully). He rolls as he hits the ground, then pops back up, guns at the ready, looks around, then holsters the extra gun. Thompson racks the shotgun and heads off into the building, leaving Mindy unguarded. Nick changes out the clip on his gun and moves out. 5 He comes out from between stacks of wooden crates and finds Katherine being held at gunpoint by Thompson. Katherine gives him an embarrassed smile and waves.]

Nick - [lowers his gun] Oh, Kate.

Katherine - I know, I know. I know.

Thompson - Drop the gun.

Nick - Why?

Thompson - Because if you don't, I'll kill your girlfriend.

Nick - Wait. Let me get this straight. Either I drop my gun, or you shoot her?

Thompson - You got it straight. Drop the gun. Now. I mean it. I'll kill the bitch.

Nick - [sighs] Okay. Shoot her.

Thompson - I mean it. Drop the gun. Are you hard of hearing? Drop it.

Nick - Hey, if you're gonna do it, do it. He's not gonna do it.

Thompson - I said drop it! Now!

Nick - I haven't got all day, pal! Come on! You're going to shoot her, shoot her! Let's go here! Huh?

Thompson - One more time. Drop the gun!

Nick - I'll tell you what. Hell, I'll do it. [shoots Katherine, stalks toward Thompson]

Thompson - [on the ground] Please. Don't shoot. Don't shoot. [tries to reach for his dropped shotgun]

Nick - Don't. [Thompson lunges for the shotgun. Nick shoots him, looks over at Katherine, sighs.] Now I've done it. [walks off]

[Katherine revives with a gasp, looks at the bullet hole in her shirt.]


[short time later]

Katherine - [as she and Nick escort Mindy out of building] Well, Mindy, you get to go home now.

Mindy - Thanks.

Katherine - It's our pleasure. [to Nick] Oh, by the way, this was a brand-new blouse, you know. Armani.

Nick - Return it.

Katherine - And how am I going to explain the hole?

Nick - Moths.

Katherine - You're going to pay for this.

Nick - Ah, I'll let you take it out on trade. CUT

<Nick & Katherine - [at same time, pointing in opposite directions] This way.

Nick - No, this is the way out.

Katherine - No, I distinctly remember THIS being the way out.

[Nick shrugs, follows Katherine's lead. A beat. They reappear walking the opposite direction.]

Nick - I told you it was this way.

Katherine - Oh, please, don't start rubbing it in.

Nick - I {said ??}

Katherine - I always have a better sense of direction. You finally got {??}>

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Alley by industrial building 2

[Car 6 pulls up next to Katherine & Nick's car. Mindy gets out of their car.]

Caruso - [gets out of back of car, runs to Mindy] Baby. My little baby. [hugs her] Oh, sweetheart. Oh, let me look at you.

Mindy - I'm all right, Daddy. I'm all right.

Caruso - It's okay.

Mindy - Yeah?

Caruso - It's okay now. You're safe now. Let me take you home. [escorts her to chauffeur/bodyguard waiting by car] I just want to thank these nice people, sweetheart. [carries briefcase over to Nick and Katherine] Our family would like to offer you a small token of its appreciation. [opens briefcase, revealing stacks of money.]

Katherine - [reacts to the sight] Uh, no. Look, you got your daughter back. Let's just leave it at that.

Caruso - I'm not used to doing business with people who refuse my money.

Nick - We're not 'in business,' Caruso. We took the job because your kid was in trouble.

Katherine - So thanks, but no thanks.

Nick - [grabs a $20 bill from the briefcase] For expenses.

Katherine - [grabs bill from Nick] He owes me a blouse.

Caruso - [shakes his head, closes briefcase] You've got style. I'll give you that. And whether you like it or not... [hands Katherine a small card] I owe you. [walks off]

Katherine - Bye, Mr. Caruso.

[Caruso's car drives away. Nick & Katherine's car follows.]


Bedroom, night 3

[Camera pans up from floor strewn with discarded clothing to bed, where a sheet hides the ongoing activity.]

Nick - [breathless] This... is physically impossible. Oh, okay, I give up. I said I give up. [Katherine laughs.] Oh, uncle. Uncle! [Katherine laughs, then moans.] Leave me alone!

Katherine - [breathless] Yes! [Sounds of Nick panting.] Oh. 7

Nick - [comes out from under sheet, out of breath] Where the hell did you learn that from?

Katherine - [comes out from under sheet] Have you ever heard of the Kama Sutra?

Nick - Yeah. You read it?

Katherine - Read it? [sultry look] I modeled for the drawings.

Nick - You're kidding?

Katherine - Hold on tight. [dives back under the sheet]


[some time later]

Nick - [as Katherine draws patterns on his chest] Warm hand.

Katherine - I can feel your heart. [Nick sighs.] Which reminds me, you never got your cholesterol checked.

Nick - Now you want to talk about my cholesterol?

Katherine - You promised me you'd do it.

Nick - We've been a little busy lately, in case you hadn't noticed. That business in New York. Caruso's little item today. Where are we next week? Berlin?

Katherine - I want to keep you around for a little while. [strokes his hair]

Nick - What?

Katherine - I love you.

Nick - I love you too. [sits up] Okay, give.

Katherine - Hmm?

Nick - What's going on? Something's up.

Katherine - Nothing's up.

Nick - Nothing?

Katherine - That's right.

Nick - And you're not lying to me?

Katherine - Why would I lie to you?

Nick - You tell me.

Katherine - Look, everything's fine. Can we go to bed now?

Nick - Sure. I'll pick up the tickets tomorrow.

Katherine - What tickets?

Nick - The Bahamas, remember? Couple of days on the beach. Couple of dozen piña coladas. Starting to ring a bell here?

Katherine - I can't. Not this weekend.

Nick - No kidding.

Katherine - I've got a little business to attend to. It'll take a few days to... wrap it up.

Nick - It'll take US.

Katherine - Hmm?

Nick - Take "us" a few days to wrap up.

Katherine - No, no, no, no. Not this time.

Nick - Another Immortal?

Katherine - It's late.

Nick - I don't care. I hate this crap, Kate.

Katherine - Good night.

Nick - Did you hear me?

Katherine - I love you. CUT

<[Nick rolls away, punches his pillow in anger. Both lie there, not sleeping.]>


Establishing shot: plane flying overhead, preparing to land 4

Establishing shot: office building 5

[Super: Paris, France]

<Bartholomew - [voice-over] What we're talking about are the children of the world.

Bartholomew's office 5

[Click of slide projector; image of hungry children appears.]

Bartholomew - [offscreen] There is a battle going on that humanity cannot lose. We must pray more. 8 [Another click; image of small girl carrying water buckets.] We must do more. [Image of group of children washing their hands in a metal pan.] We must give more. We have no choice. [steps into frame, images continuing to cycle behind him]> CUT Even as we speak, three cargo planes are being loaded with food and medical supplies. Sisters, this is a great day for us. And for the children. We must never forget the children.


Office building lobby 5

Katherine - [exits elevator, looks at displayed poster entitled "MISSION FOR KIDS", scoffs] "Mission for kids," my ass. [walks to reception desk] I'd like to see Bartholomew.

Secretary - If you mean "Mr." Bartholomew--

Katherine - Fine. I'd like to see *Mr.* Bartholomew.

Secretary - I'm afraid his schedule's quite full. Is he expecting you?

Katherine - Only for the past seven hundred years. [makes a run past the desk as another gentleman is buzzed through]

Secretary - Uh, wait. No. Wait. You can't go in there! [picks up phone] Emergency. There's a woman heading out exit "A."


Bartholomew's office 5

[Bartholomew senses 'buzz'. He and the three nuns he was talking to turn as office door opens. Katherine enters office.]

Bartholomew - Excuse me. Do we have an appointment?

Katherine - Think hard.


Flashback - Northern England, 1270 - serf village 6

[Super: Northern England, 1270]

[Katherine runs to hut.]

Woman - [offscreen, wailing] Oh, please!


Flashback - Northern England, 1270 - Berta's hut 6

Berta - [as Katherine enters] Where the devil have you been, girl? This is no time to be running about. [to wailing peasant girl on bed] There, there, {poor dear}.

Katherine - [preparing herbs in a bowl] How is she doing, Berta?

Berta - Her fits are coming stronger and faster. If we can't calm the brain fever, I fear we'll lose her... and the child.

Katherine - Try and get some of this down her. [holds out a cup]

Berta - What is that?

Katherine - Yellow root and Saint John's wort from the forest.

Berta - Yellow root? Are you trying to kill her then?

Katherine - We don't have much time. Berta, you must trust me.

Berta - Come on, love. Drink, drink. [holds cup for peasant girl to drink] That's it. That's it. Good girl.

Katherine - All of it! She needs all of it.

Berta - Come on, love. More. Have more. Good girl. There. That's it. That's it. Dear Lord, please--

[Peasant girl calms. Katherine sighs in relief, moves away from bed. Peasant girl slips into peaceful sleep.]

Berta - [quietly] Yellow root is poison. How-- How did you know that it would calm the fits?

Katherine - Oh, it's nothing. It's just something I remember from when I was a child.

Berta - Five years ago, you-- you came to me to learn the healing arts, but... I think I've learned more from you than you from me. You're the true healer, Katherine. Me, I-- I'm just an old woman who knows a few remedies.

Katherine - No, Berta. You gave me a home. You made me part of your life, part of your village. When I came to you, I was alone and weary. You healed me in more ways than you could ever imagine.

Berta - Here. [holds up Celtic cross necklace] I want you to take this.

Katherine - Nay, Berta. No. I couldn't.

Berta - It's time the village acknowledged its real healer.

Katherine - No. No. The healer's not the one that knows the most recipes for potions, Berta. It should be the one that has the most love to give. That will always be you, Berta. [They hug.]

Bartholomew - <[offscreen, outside] Hear me, my brothers and sisters! Hear me! I come before you with the words of the Lord.> CUT Brave pilgrims! [Katherine & Berta exit hut to investigate.] God has sent me to your village. The day of judgment is at hand. We must wrest Christendom's holy places from the blood-crazed infidels. It is God's will <that we fight for him! 9> CUT [senses 'buzz' as Katherine approaches] Through me, all who march on Jerusalem shall be blessed by the Holy Spirit. They will attain glory in this life... and paradise in the next.

Katherine - [to Berta] Who is he?

<Bartholomew - [offscreen, in background] It is to him that we pray, and for him that we shall march.> CUT

Berta - Brother Bartholomew. They say he's an agent of the Pope.

Bartholomew - I beseech you to join the baron... [points toward Baron sitting on horse nearby] ...in his holy quest.

Katherine - A quest for death? Is it not true that thousands perish on the journey alone?

Bartholomew - Who are you to question God's will?

Katherine - I am not speaking to God. I'm speaking to you.

Bartholomew - Any who die on this holy quest, either on the journey or in battle, shall have all their sins remitted.

Katherine - By you?

Bartholomew - None of you shall be denied the opportunity to give to this most sacred cause. In his name and for your souls, I go to do the Lord's work. [rides away]

[Villagers gather as soldier nails notice to tree.]

Berta - [as soldier walks away] Read it for me, Katherine.

Katherine - It says-- Well, this can't be.

Berta - What? What does it say?

Katherine - By order of the baron, half of the coming harvest will be tithed.

Berta - Half? No! But we'll starve. [Villagers around her murmur in discontent.]

Katherine - No one will starve.

Berta - What will we do?

Katherine - We will not pay the tithe.

Berta - It is His Lordship's command.

Katherine - It's outrageous! And I for one do not believe this is God's will.

Man in crowd - [offscreen] I agree.

[Katherine rips the notice down and leaves. The villagers move away, still murmuring in complaint.]


Flashback - Northern England, 1270 - castle courtyard 6

Bartholomew - [hands cross cut from red cloth to first soldier] Wear this proudly. Take courage from the Lord. [First soldier bows his head, kisses the cloth cross. Bartholomew moves to next soldier, hands him a cloth cross.] Wear this proudly. Take courage from the Lord. [moves to next soldier] 10 Wear this proudly. Take courage from the Lord. [moves to next soldier] Wear this with pride. Take courage from--

Katherine - [runs up to them] I must speak to the baron!

First soldier - [steps in front of her] Halt!

Bartholomew - Go. Leave the peasant woman to me.

Soldier - [offscreen] Yes, milord.

Bartholomew - Go!

Soldiers - Yes. Yes. Sir. [bow and leave]

Bartholomew - [to Katherine] The baron is otherwise engaged.

Katherine - [waves notice at him] Surely even you must see that this tithe is excessive.

Bartholomew - I see no such thing.

Katherine - But the people cannot possibly survive a demand such as this without starving to death! Is that what His Lordship wishes? Is it! 11 How many men and women must die to line your pockets with gold?

Bartholomew - Who are we to question God's will?

Katherine - [draws her sword] Let us see what God's will really is.

Bartholomew - So be it. [draws his sword]

[As their swords engage, Katherine gasps, falls with an arrow in her back. The baron walks forward with archer.]

Baron - 'Tis fortunate that we came along.

Bartholomew - Thank you, milord. She must have been a witch.

Baron - Uh-huh. No doubt. No doubt. I need your guidance on a matter of state.

Bartholomew - Make sure she's well buried.

Baron - Your forgiveness does you credit. Unless you're afraid she might rise from the dead. [to soldier] Uh, dispose of her.

Soldier - Yes, milord. [Soldiers move to pick up Katherine's body.]

Baron - Come along.


Bartholomew's office 5

(resume previous scene)

Bartholomew - Now I remember.

Katherine - I thought you might.

Bartholomew - As you can see, I'm otherwise engaged. Shall we meet for lunch?

Katherine - Sounds wonderful.

Bartholomew - My car's on level one. Say noon?

Katherine - I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Bartholomew - Neither would I. [Katherine leaves.] Oh, sisters, the Lord moves in mysterious ways.

Nuns - [whisper, offscreen] Amen. [nod in agreement]


Establishing shot: office building interior 5

Parking garage 5

Katherine - [walks through parking garage, 12 senses 'buzz', turns to face Bartholomew as he walks toward her] Love your coat.

Bartholomew - Picked it up in Hong Kong on my last holy mission.

Katherine - Holy mission. Right. Did you take the yacht or the Lear jet?

Bartholomew - I owe my life to the generosity of others.

Katherine - I'm sorry. I'm not so generous. [draws her sword]

Bartholomew - Faith, hope and charity. These are my weapons now.

Katherine - Spare me.

Bartholomew - I don't think so.

[Bartholomew's bodyguards step into view, cocking their guns and pointing them at Katherine.]

Katherine - What happened to faith, hope and charity?

Bartholomew - Meet Mr. Faith, Mr. Hope. Charity has the day off. 13 [Katherine gives him a skeptical look.] [to his bodyguards] Do it. [Car squeals into view, interrupting them.] What's this?

Mr. Faith - He's got a gun!

Nick - Get in! [shoots at bodyguards as Katherine jumps in car. Bodyguards shoot at car as it squeals away.]

Bartholomew - Oh, well. Here's to the next time. [turns, walks away 14]


Inside car 7

Katherine - [from back seat of car] Nick--

<Nick - You're welcome. CUT

Katherine - What the hell are you doing here?

Nick - I felt like a weekend in Paris.

Katherine - Did you follow me?

Nick - No, I just happened to be passing by. Caruso told me where you were, okay?


Establishing shot: Paris apartment 3

Inside apartment 3

Katherine - [enters apartment, Nick following. 15 Nick closes door behind him.] Yeah, well, all I can say is that Señor Caruso has a big mouth.>

Nick - What am I, blind? Think I didn't see him slip you that note?

Katherine - Honey, listen, if I would've needed your help, I would've asked you for your help.

Nick - Were we in the same place? I just saved your ass.

Katherine - Come on. I had everything under control. I was fine.

Nick - Right. Two guys with guns, one with a sword. I can tell you had the situation completely under control. Who is he?

Katherine - You don't need to know that.

Nick - Who is he, Kate?

Katherine - [sighs] His name is Bartholomew.

Nick - Wait. Let me guess. You've been searching for him for a zillion years, and now that you've found him, you're going to have to kill him. How am I doing here?

Katherine - Don't do that.

Nick - What?

Katherine - Piss on something you don't understand.


Flashback - Northern England, 1270 - outside castle wall 6

Peasant - [dragging Katherine's body from wagon] Go on.

Soldier - Let's go, let's go. Quicken up. [They drop her on top of other bodies in pit.] All right.


[meanwhile, in castle courtyard]

Baron - Will you not reconsider, Brother Bartholomew?

Bartholomew - My place is with my fellow pilgrims.

Baron - Marching to Jerusalem. You set a fine Christian example for the rest of us. By my word, the Pope shall hear of this directly.

Bartholomew - Milord is too kind. Before I leave... the small matter of the tithe.

Baron - Ah, the peasants refuse to pay?

Bartholomew - They blame you for the death of their healer.

Baron - That witch who attacked you?

Bartholomew - Something must be done.

Baron - Yes, yes.

Bartholomew - And soon. The king would not look kindly upon a rebellion. Even less kindly upon a lord who allowed his peasants to run amok.

Baron - You are wise in such things. Counsel me.

Bartholomew - Well, firstly, I think an example must be made.

Baron - An example. Yes.


[later, outside castle wall]

[Katherine gasps, sits up, climbs out of pit, looks down at burned village in shock, runs to village, 16 finds smoldering ruins.]

Katherine - No! [runs through village, crying] Oh, no! No! Berta! Berta! Berta! No! No! [falls to her knees by village well, sees Berta's necklace in the mud, picks it up]

Berta - [voice-over] I want you to take this. It's time the village acknowledged its real healer. You're the true healer, Katherine. I'm just an old woman who knows a few remedies.


Inside apartment 3

(resume previous scene)

Katherine - I tracked that bastard halfway across Europe, but he managed to fake his death before reaching the Holy Land.


<Flashback - Eriskay Island, Scotland, 1745 - battlefield 8 CUT

Katherine - [voice-over] Over the years, I'd get a line on him. When there was a war--


Flashback - France, 1918 - battlefield trenches 8

Katherine - [voice-over] --a famine, he'd be there. I'd hear about how he was raising money--


Flashback - Cambodia, 1975 - helicopter descending 8

Katherine - [voice-over] --to save the suffering--


Flashback - Viet Nam, 1968 - outside hut 8

Katherine - [voice-over] --and crusading to provide for refugees, the lost souls of the world. But in reality, it was mostly going to his favorite charity, himself.


Flashback - A city in The Balkans - an alley 8

Katherine - [voice-over] The bastard was cleverly hiding the cash he'd ripped off.


Flashback - Cambodia, 1975 - airfield 8

[Nun and children duck and scream as fireball erupts behind them.]>


Inside apartment - workout room 3

Nick - Now he's in Paris running the same old scam.

Katherine - Nothing changes. People are still dying, and that son of a bitch keeps raking in the millions.

Nick - I say we get a line on the money first.

Katherine - No, I don't want his money. I want his head.

Nick - That's very big of you. I wonder if that's what the kids want... you know, the ones he's stealing from.

Katherine - I hate you.

Nick - That money could feed a lot of babies. But if you want to kill him, kill him.

Katherine - I really hate you.

Nick - [with a grin] Yeah?

Katherine - Yeah.

Nick - How much do you hate me?

Katherine - I REALLY, really hate you. [throws her towel at him, laughs]


Bartholomew's office, night 5

[Katherine enters darkened office, 17 makes her way to desk chair, turns on table lamp, opens laptop.]

Nick - [joins her] Cleaning crew's still on the second floor.

Katherine - Excellent.


[in surveillance van parked outside]

Katherine - [on headphones] There's got to be some hidden files, maybe a whole directory in here somewhere.

Nick - [on headphones] Come on.

Katherine - [on headphones] Hey, look, if you've got a better idea, I'm all ears.


[inside office]

Katherine - Besides, Bartholomew was never very subtle. [pulls up search window, types "Financial Portfolio"] Aha!

Nick - I don't believe it. Well done.

Katherine - Not bad, huh?


[in surveillance van]

Technician - [into walkie-talkie] You've got an unscheduled arrival. Move. Go.


[in building stairwell]

Team Leader - [into headset] Okay, roger that. [to team] Let's move it out, six o'clock.

[Team members cock their guns.]

Team members - [hushed] Go. Go. Go. Move it. Let's go. Let's go. [They move out.] 18


[inside office]

[Computer screen requests password for Financial Portfolio.]

Katherine - Damn it.

Nick - It's encrypted.

Katherine - Yeah.

Nick - Figures.


[in building stairwell]

[Strike team heads down stairway.]


[inside office]

Nick - Okay, my turn.

Katherine - [moves aside] Be my guest.

Nick - Well, you said he wasn't big on subtlety. [types at laptop keyboard]


[in hallway]

Team members - Head that way. Come with me.


[inside office]

[Nick types into password field: 'Crusade'.]

Katherine - [scoffs] No way. [hits enter button, gets "Correct Password" message] God. [laughs] I can't believe you. God, no wonder I fell in love with you. Look at this. [Brings up 'Bartholomew Portfolio' list: Stocks, Bonds, Funds, Currency. Clicks on 'Funds', brings up 'Foothold Fund' stats/graph.] We've got the son of a bitch. Stocks, bonds...

Nick - And you were worried.

Katherine - Holy-- [smiles at computer screen]

Team Leader - [from behind them] Police! Freeze!

[They slowly raise their hands.]


Interrogation room 9

Bertrand - [whistles to himself as he reads computer printout] No outstanding warrants. Record's clean. In fact-- [turns page] My, my! What's this? Commendation. [turns another page] No, actually... two official commendations for services rendered in the apprehension of... et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. [sets report down] Next thing I know, you'll be helping little old ladies cross the street.

Katherine - I'm glad you approve. So, I guess we'll be on our way.

Bertrand - [as Nick and Katherine stand up] Not so fast. [Assistant drops briefcase onto table, opens it.] Surprised? [Briefcase contains money from various nations, a gun, passports, credit cards...] Hmm? [They sit back down.] That was my first reaction, too. I thought to myself, "So many passports... for just two people?" Money from a half a dozen countries, and look at the names on these credit cards! Who are all these people? Not to mention the weapons. My goodness. I was completely overwhelmed.

Katherine - I assume that you've got a search warrant for all of this stuff.

Bertrand - Do you really think I need one? [closes briefcase]

Nick - [aside, to Katherine] Why am I not surprised?

Bertrand - I suppose you have the proper permits and licenses for these. [They have nothing to say.] Why am *I* not surprised? Would you care to tell me how you got the guns through airport security?

Nick - If you'll tell us why you're bugging Bartholomew's office.

Bertrand - I ask the questions. 19 What are you doing in Paris?

Katherine - Vacation.

Bertrand - With guns? A dozen passports? Breaking and entering?

Katherine - Package deal?

Nick - Look, why don't we cut through it? You were staking out Bartholomew. You must know he's dirty.

Katherine - And now you've got his Swiss bank account numbers.

Bertrand - Thanks to you.

Nick - Yeah. Just trace the account, you got him.

Bertrand - What a wonderful suggestion. I certainly would not have thought of it myself. 'Cause if I had, I would've discovered that our charming Mr. Bartholomew had exactly, uh... [shuffles papers, reads from report] Six thousand, three hundred dollars in his Swiss account.

Katherine - Sixty-three hundred? You must mean sixty-three million.

Bertrand - Not unless the exchange rate has taken a sudden turn for the worse.

Katherine - Tha-That can't be.

Bertrand - You see, we've had the charming Mr. Bartholomew under surveillance for months now.

Katherine - And?

Bertrand - Nothing.

Nick - Nothing?

Bertrand - And that's all we're going to get. Nine months of work, three thousand man hours... for nothing. We're pulling the operation. It's over, thanks to you good Samaritans.


Establishing shot: office building, next day 5

Bartholomew's office 5

Bartholomew - [into phone] Thank you. You've made my day. [hangs up phone]

Mr. Faith - Are they out?

Bartholomew - In ten minutes they will be.

Mr. Faith - And that makes you happy?

Bartholomew - They've confiscated their guns. She'll be unarmed. THAT makes me happy. [Mr. Faith turns, leaves. Bartholomew raises his eyes skyward.] Thank you. 20


Paris apartment 3

[Bertrand sits on couch, whistling. Nick and Katherine sit on nearby futon. Their travel bags are piled on the floor nearby. Katherine & Nick exchange a look.]

Nick - You don't have to babysit us, Bertrand.

Bertrand - Nonsense. I'm saving you all that taxi fare to the airport.

[Katherine senses 'buzz', sits up in reaction.]

Nick - What?

Katherine - He's here.

Bertrand - Who's here?

Katherine - [to Bertrand] Do you have a gun?

Bertrand - No.

[Katherine & Nick drag Bertrand to his feet.]

Katherine - Bartholomew's here.

Bertrand - How do you know?

Nick - Trust her. She knows. [They drag him out of the room.]

Bertrand - What the hell do you think you're doing?

Katherine - We're just saving your life.

Nick - Upstairs.

Bertrand - Geez. [resists them]

Nick - Upstairs!

Bertrand - What kind of a game is this?

Katherine - It's not a game. Bartholomew's on his way. We don't have a gun. You figure it out!

Bertrand - No one even knows we're here.

Katherine - Don't go near that door. [as Bertrand turns toward door] Get away from the door!

[Bertrand is shot through the door, falls to the floor, dead. Mr. Faith enters apartment through broken door, racks gun for another shot. Bartholomew follows him into apartment, shoots at Nick and Katherine as they run up the stairs. They open a window and escape out onto the roof. Bartholomew & Mr. Faith run up the stairs after them. Nick & Katherine disappear over the far side of the roof. 21]


Street near apartment 10

[Back on the ground, Nick kicks aside a section of metal fencing, letting them out onto a sidewalk.]

Nick - That cop's dead, Katherine, because of us.

Katherine - I'm sorry for him. He was doing his job. It happens.

Nick - It's not his job to babysit Immortals.

Katherine - He wasn't even supposed to be involved. Neither were you. Remember? I was supposed to get in, take out Bartholomew and be gone. Then you show up, and all hell breaks loose.

Nick - If you're straight with me, this doesn't happen.

Katherine - This is my fight. You can't get involved.

Nick - Because you say so?

Katherine - Because, Nick, that's the way it is. Are we going to get into this again, now, here?

<Nick - Forget it. [storms off]

[Katherine sighs, runs after him.]


Rooftop near train tracks 11 CUT

Katherine - [sighs, joins him] Look, I'm sorry. I'm Immortal, Nick.> There's nothing I can do about it.

Nick - Now you're getting irrational.

Katherine - Tell me it doesn't drive you crazy.

Nick - What?

Katherine - That I can't die and you can.

Nick - I don't believe this. First you lie to me, then when things don't work out, you lay this on me.

Katherine - Look, you knew what I was when we met. You know the game. You know the rules.

Nick - And you know me, Kate. Am I the type of guy who's going to sit on his ass and let you walk off and maybe get whacked? Tell me, Kate, is that who you ever thought I was? 22

Katherine - [shakes her head] No.

Nick - [sighs] How the hell did we happen?

Katherine - [laughs] I didn't know we were going to happen. I didn't know I was going to fall in love with you. Nick, the part of my life that's about being Immortal has nothing to do with you. It can't.

Nick - Katherine, I'm either in your life -- all of it -- or I'm gone.

[They react to sirens wailing nearby.]

Katherine - How about we take care of one thing at a time? What do we need?

Nick - A gun would be good.

Katherine - Yeah. Okay, we got no gun, we got no money, no I.D., no credit cards.

Nick - Got any change?

Katherine - About eighty francs.

Nick - Just enough for a long-distance phone call. [takes her hand, leads her away]


Carnival 12

[Katherine clears her throat, drawing Nick's attention as Checco approaches them.]

Checco - Hello. Good morning. [opens trunk of car, revealing cache of weapons] Variety is the spice of life, huh?

Nick - You're not kidding.

Checco - Oh, and before I forget, a jar of my Rose's best Bolognese. [pulls glass jar of homemade pasta sauce out of trunk, hands it to Nick]

Katherine - Ah! Ma grazie mille. [takes jar from Nick] I love Bolognese, huh?

Translation: ma grazie mille - thank you very much

Nick - How much for the hardware?

Checco - Gratis. This one's on Don Caruso.

Katherine - That's much appreciated. You tell Caruso that we're even now.

Checco - Don't worry. He already knows that. [leaves]

Katherine - [takes a sniff of pasta sauce] It's good. [laughs, closes lid of jar, reaches for weapons in trunk]


Bartholomew's chateau - exterior 13

[Guard patrols the grounds.]

Mr. Faith - [voice-over] I'm sorry, Mr. B. We lost them. <They're pros, and it's a big city. The cops?> CUT Cops are on it.


Bartholomew's chateau - library 13

Bartholomew - [with sarcasm] And that just fills me with confidence.

Mr. Faith - They're probably out of the country by now.

Bartholomew - You wouldn't want to bet a year's salary on that.

Mr. Faith - Come on. What are they gonna do?

Bartholomew - I don't know what he's going to do, but I certainly know what she's going to do. [presses buttons on wall safe: 1,9,5,5,*] Bip, bip, bop, bop, bang. [turns dial on safe, opens it, removes leather-bound Bible, carries it to desk] As long as I'm around, she's just going to keep coming. In times like these, it's so reassuring to know that one can seek comfort from the good book. [caresses spine of Bible, sets it down, opens it to reveal vial of diamonds hidden inside cut-out pages] Thirty million dollars' worth... [pours diamonds out of vial] To be exact. [snaps book closed]


Bartholomew's chateau - exterior 13

[Guard walks down gravel path to metal gate 23, hears noise, goes to investigate. He walks through wooded area, along small path, to larger path and toward side of chateau. He sees movement through the trees, 24 raises his gun and moves forward slowly. Guard's POV as he moves around bushes toward chatea and 25 Nick comes into view. Guard racks shotgun. Nick freezes at the sound.]

Guard - Hey.

[Nick turns around slowly, hands up.]

Guard - Come here. [takes gun from Nick] Okay. Let's go.

Katherine - [from behind Guard] Go ahead, shoot him. [Guard turns. Katherine kicks gun from his hands, knocks him out.] Hey. [hands gun to Nick with a smile]

Nick - I love it when you play rough.

Katherine - Me, too. [blows him a kiss as they split up again]


Bartholomew's chateau - library 13

Bartholomew - Call the airport. Get the plane ready. We're going to take an extended vacation.

Mr. Faith - For how long?

Bartholomew - Till that bitch loses the scent. [senses 'buzz']


[outside chateau]

[Katherine walks up gravel drive, sword drawn.]


[inside library]

Mr. Faith - What is it?

Bartholomew - [sighs] On the other hand... [chuckles, grabs his sword] There's no time like the present.

Mr. Faith - I'll come with you.

Bartholomew - No. You stay here. This won't take long. [examines Crusade shield displayed by library entrance] Yes, I think so. [grabs shield, leaves library]


Bartholomew's chateau - exterior, dusk 13

Bartholomew - [confronts Katherine, who has her sword in one hand and a gun in the other] A gun? Hmm. My, my, our standards are slipping.

Katherine - Not mine.

[She tosses the gun away, faces off against Bartholomew. Swordfight begins.]


Bartholomew's chateau - library, dusk 13

[Nick breaks into chateau library, looks around, gets shot by Mr. Faith.]


Bartholomew's chateau - exterior, night 13

[Swordfight continues.]


Bartholomew's chateau - library, night 13

[Mr. Faith approaches Nick's body, toes it.]

Mr. Faith - Amateur.

[Nick kicks him, knocks him down... and knocks the Bible off the table, spilling diamonds everywhere.]

Nick - [re diamonds] Nice.

Mr. Faith - You're Immortal.

Nick - [knocks him out] Just the bullet-proof vest.


Bartholomew's chateau - exterior, night 13

[Swordfight continues. Nick runs out of chateau, points gun at Bartholomew.]

Katherine - No! Don't! [Nick holds his fire.]

Bartholomew - [sarcastic] How charitable of you.

[Swordfight continues.]

Katherine - [mortally wounds Bartholomew] Charity begins at home. [beheads him, takes Quickening]



Bartholomew's chateau - exterior, night 13 CUT

Nick - [approaches Katherine, crouches beside her, holds out leather pouch of diamonds] These ought to help a few kids. [tosses pouch on ground in front of them]

Katherine - Hell of a day, huh?

Nick - Yeah.

Katherine - Nick--

Nick - What are we going to say we haven't said twenty times already?


Katherine - [sighs] 26 I seem to recall somebody mentioning the Bahamas.

Nick - That was me.

Katherine - Sand, sun, rum.

Nick - [nods] Sounds like a plan. Then we'll talk.

Katherine - Yeah, we'll talk. 27

[They kiss. Nick grabs the pouch of diamonds and they walk off together.]


End of "Two of Hearts"

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