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Episode 11: Indiscretions

Written by James Thorpe
Directed by Dennis Berry
Aired: May 2, 1998
Transcript revised: 4-11-21


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Zzickle's Notes:

I don't own Highlander - if I did, I would've given Methos his own show! The contents of this transcript are taken directly from the episode (with the help of closed captions and the DVD script), to the best of my ability. Huge thanks to Andy Sloane and his exhaustive lists of Highlander shooting locations for assistance with my Locations List. If you have any other location-related questions, you can email him at [karateusa at hotmail dot com].

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Adam Pierson / Methos - Peter Wingfield
              5,000 y.o. Immortal
              Dr. Benjamin Adams, in FB

Joe Dawson - Jim Byrnes
              MacLeod's Watcher



Morgan Walker - Benedick Blythe

Amy Thomas - Louise J. Taylor
              Walker's Watcher


Beck - David Saracino
Stein - Kenan Raven
              Walker's henchmen

Toni - Paris Jefferson
Marisa - Deborah Steele

Charlotte - Paulette P. Williams
              Walker's slave, in FB

Sailor - Marc Andréoni
              in flashback


Karla - ??
              stoned model

Locations List:*
1. Rural road #1 - unknown location, near airstrip?
2. Airstrip - Aerodrome de Cerny, La Fert Alais, Aérodrome Plateau Ardenay, Cerny [48.495811,2.337011]
3. Abbey entrance gates - Abbaye Royale de Chaalis, Fontaine-Chaalis [49.147202,2.682849]
4. Le Blues Bar - La Flèche d'Or, 102 Bis Rue de Bagnolet [48.859367,2.403058]
5. Stockroom - unknown location
6. New Orleans - La Mer de Sable, Route Nationale 330 (N330), Ermenonville [49.143833,2.672322]
7. Alleys - Passage du Village Sainte-Blaise: alley 1 [48.859281,2.406186], alley 2 [48.859069,2.406008]
8. Walker's home - Château de la Petite Malmaison, 229 Avenue Napoléon Bonaparte, Rueil-Malmaison [48.869756,2.160544] (north side & Grand Salle)
9. Street by Methos' house - Avenue Marmontel/Ducis, Rueil-Malmaison [48.868363,2.163127]
10. Rural road #2 - unknown location
11. Busy road - unknown location
12. Gas station, warehouse, power station - EDF factory (no longer there), 212 Avenue d'Argenteuil, Gennevilliers [48.940158,2.260278]; gas station [48.941000,2.261500]; walking to power station [48.940444,2.261631]
13. Roads (driving) - 1. Avenue de Stalingrad, Colombes [48.935069,2.261928]; 2. Avenue Kléber, Colombes: start [48.935383,2.260122] to finish [48.935125,2.259319]; 3. Avenue Kléber, Colombes [48.934736,2.257947]; 4-12. unknown locations
14. Power station establishing shot - unknown location
* Locations are in/near Paris unless otherwise indicated.
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Eurominutes: The full version of this episode runs 48 minutes, but for the domestic (US) market, this was cut shorter for commercials. "Eurominutes" are those 4-5 minutes that European fans got to see but US fans missed out on when the episodes originally aired. (Subsequent reruns on USANetwork and SciFi/Syfy may or may not adhere to the original domestic cut.) While official Eurominutes have not been confirmed for this episode, the following cut *is* marked:

~Bolded - WGN* (1998) & WB-39 KHTV (1998) - these are probably the official Eurominutes

* Special thanks to Debra Lindsay for the WGN tape.

NOTE: For 'Final Shooting Script' scenes that are not present in the actual episode, click on the 'CUT' links throughout the transcript. (Affected transcript lines are <bracketed>.)


Rural road 1

Marisa - And then the director says, "Take off your clothes." So I said to him I didn't do nudity. Six days' work in seven months. Can you believe it? [pours champagne for Toni]

Toni - Especially for that kind of money.

Marisa - If you're not fifteen and look like on you're on smack, they forget about you.

Toni - I say to hell with all anorexic teenagers.

Marisa - We've got six weeks in Marrakech. [They clink their champagne flutes.]

Toni - All expenses paid.

Marisa - And there'll be a lot of expenses. [Karla, sitting between them, slumps over against Marisa's shoulder with a groan.] Are you okay, honey? What did you take this time?


Airstrip 2

Amy - [hiding at edge of hangar as limo pulls up, speaks into micro-recorder] Nine a.m. at the warehouse. Walker's been waiting for ten minutes in the car. Nothing much else is going on.

Beck - [opens car door for Walker to get out] They're late.

Walker - Time is relative. Believe me, I know.

[Limo stops in front of them. Stein gets out of driver's seat, opens back door.]

Marisa - [gets out of limo] Hi.

Walker - Ah, Marisa. [as Toni gets out after her] Toni. And our other friend?

Marisa - Um-- [motions back inside limo]

Walker - [looks inside limo] Pity. She's going to miss the trip of a lifetime.

Toni - But we still get the job, right?

Walker - I'm sure our client will be more than happy with both of you.

Marisa - Where is he?

Walker - Waiting anxiously inside. Mr. Beck will take you in to meet him.

Toni - And the photographer? Makeup?

Walker - They flew on ahead to Marrakech.

Toni - Ah.

Stein - Mr. Walker, what about this one?

[Stein drags Karla from the back of the limo as Marisa and Toni walk toward hangar.]

Walker - [examines Karla briefly] Dead weight.

Stein - Sweet dreams.

[Silenced gunshots offscreen as Amy watches in horror. Stein lifts Karla's body over his shoulder, carries her into dark hangar, leaves her there. Amy looks over wing of plane at Karla's body. 1]

[Voice-over by Joe Dawson]
He is Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive. He is Immortal. For four hundred years, he's been a warrior... a lover... a wanderer. Constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head, and with it, his power. I am a Watcher -- part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record... but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end, there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod... the Highlander.



Outside Abbaye de Chaalis 3


<[Methos senses 'buzz' as Walker approaches him.]

Walker - Well, well. Look who we have here. The good Dr. Adams -- if that's what you call yourself now.>

Methos - Morgan Walker.

Walker - We have some unfinished business.

Methos - [scoffs] I don't think so.

Walker - You were a coward then. You're still a coward. CUT

<Methos - And you are as charming as ever.

Walker - Shall we find a quieter spot?

Methos - Maybe another time.

Walker - Now.

Methos - Not going to make a scene, are you? [gets in his car, starts engine, drives away]

[Camera zooms close on Walker as he 2 watches car leave.]>


Establishing shot: Le Blues Bar 4

Inside empty bar 4

Amy - I can't believe I was so dense. I figured, great. First assignment: Morgan Walker, big deal modeling agent. I'll get to see the world.

Joe - The guy's got great cover, okay? Don't beat yourself up.

Amy - Walk in a model, walk out a slave. And I am too thick to even notice until he murders someone right under my nose.

Joe - There is nothing you could have done about it.

Amy - I could've thrown rocks. I could've called the police.

Joe - No. You couldn't have.

Amy - Right. We just watch.

Joe - It's our job. Observe and record...

Amy - But don't interfere. Yeah, I know. What about you, Joe? What about you and MacLeod?

Joe - Look, this is not about me, okay? I didn't make up the rules. Blame that on Amelatu, the Akkadian. He was the guy that started it four thousand years ago when he saw Gilgamesh come back to life.

Amy - If I wanted a history lesson, I would've asked for one. 3

Joe - You've had really a rough day. Why don't you just go home and chill, okay?

Amy - Joe, why would someone who came tenth in her class at the academy be the first to get a field assignment?

Joe - Maybe you got lucky.

Amy - Maybe someone pulled a few strings.

Joe - Yeah, well, that happens. Look, I've got stuff to do, and so do you.

Amy - Why did you do it?

Joe - Your mother and I were classmates together at the academy. We were friends.

Amy - Friends. [disbelieving laugh] What kind of friends? [Joe doesn't respond.] CUT You know what's strange, Joe? My father died about five years ago. I came home to find my mother going through some old stuff. She was staring at a photograph. It wasn't my father. I wasn't even sure you knew about me until I got bumped up, but you did, didn't you? Why didn't you tell me? Why the hell do you think I became a Watcher? [storms out of bar]

Joe - Amy--


Stockroom 5

[Inset of 'The Watcher Chronicles' database on computer screen:

IMMORTAL: Morgan Walker
KNOWN ALIASES: Robert Morgan, Walker Hudson
BORN: 1637: Bristol, England
FIRST DEATH: 1671: Sailor, drowned in storm off Gibraltar
FIRST TEACHER: Stein Myhrstad
OCCUPATION: Modeling Agent
WATCHER: Amy Brennan {Note: Acording to DVD WC extras, Brennan was Amy's mother's maiden name.}
Below that, for some reason, is Joe Dawson's TIMELINE: Coordinator Pro Tem, US NorthWest
Duncan MacLeod
Liza Grant
Roy Ferrer

Joe - [enters storeroom to find Methos tapping away at his laptop] Hey!

Methos - Oh, hi, Joe. Uh-- Hey, missed you, too. I'll just be a minute. [turns back to laptop]

Joe - What the hell are you doin'?

Methos - I'm looking for something.

Joe - I can see that. Where have you been?

Methos - Here and there. There, mostly. Hey, I stopped by the barge. Where's MacLeod?

Joe - You are unbelievable. [slams laptop closed]

Methos - So, uh, MacLeod?

Joe - He's in London. Claudia Jardine's playing the Albert Hall.

Methos - I'm looking for Morgan Walker, Joe.

Joe - The chronicles are not your personal Rolodex. You find another way to hunt him!

Methos - Hunt? I don't want to hunt him.

Joe - Oh, no, you want to send him flowers.

Methos - No. I want to keep the hell away from him.

Joe - Really? So what'd you do to him?


Flashback - New Orleans, 1808 - Walker's house, night 6

[Super: New Orleans, 1808]

<Methos - Your brother's fever has broken. Another two or three days, he'll be as good as new.> CUT

Charlotte - Thank you, Dr. Adams.

Methos - It's Benjamin.

Charlotte - Thank you, Benjamin.

Methos - I'll be looking in on him again tomorrow.

Charlotte - Benjamin, why do you look after slaves? Not many doctors do.

Methos - Perhaps I was one in a previous life.

Charlotte - Do you have to go so soon?

Methos - Captain Walker--

Charlotte - He's at sea.

Methos - Really?

Charlotte - I used to watch you sometimes... in the marketplace. I saw how those women used to look at you.

Methos - Charlotte, are you flirting with me?

Charlotte - Yes. Is that all right?

Methos - It's lovely. [kisses her, embraces her, kisses her neck, picks her up & carries her to the bed as she unties his cravat 4]


[later, outside]


Sailor - Captain Walker! Captain Walker. Found two slaves in the galley. They broke their chains. They was raidin' our supplies. Fixin' to make a break for it. [Walker draws his pistols, <follows Sailor.] It's this way, Captain. [leads him to two slaves being dragged forward by other sailors] These are them, Captain.> CUT

Walker - [shoots the two slaves] Nobody steals from me. Least of all, my own cargo. [walks back toward house. Slave watches as sailors drag the dead slaves away. Walker climbs steps to porch.]


[meanwhile, in bedroom]

Methos - Anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are?

Charlotte - No.

Methos - [smiles] The world is full of fools. [kisses her] 5 I should be going.

Charlotte - No. At least let me make you something to eat. He IS still at sea.

Methos - But for how long?

Charlotte - He's not back for three more days.

[Walker crosses porch.]

Methos - Maybe I will stay for dinner.

Charlotte - And breakfast? [Walker rounds corner of house. Methos & Walker sense each other's 'buzz'.] What is it?

Methos - I've got to go. [starts pulling on his trousers] 6

Charlotte - Benjamin, what are you doing?

Methos - We're having company. Walker's back. [Walker looks up at light in bedroom window, walks quickly toward house.] Get yourself dressed. He'll be here any minute.

Charlotte - How do you know that?

Methos - Call it a feeling. 7 [kisses her one last time]

Charlotte - Benjamin-- Don't leave me. [Methos leaves bedroom.]


Stockroom 5

(resume previous scene)

Joe - You've got to be out of your mind.

Methos - Come on, Joe.

Joe - Look, just because you couldn't keep it in your pants two hundred years ago, you expect me to turn over the chronicles.

Methos - That was the basic idea, yes.

Joe - I'll bet it was.

Methos - Come on. You'd do it for MacLeod.

Joe - Well, you know, I know MacLeod. You see, I know who he is. I know what he is. As far as you're concerned-- [shakes his head]

Methos - What's that supposed to mean?

Joe - Look. Let's make this real simple. I'm a Watcher. You're an Immortal. It's not my job to make your life easier.

Methos - Your Watcher oath? Oh, yeah. Heaven forbid that you get involved with an Immortal. That would compromise your precious ethics, wouldn't it? Providing, of course, that it's possible to do that with a hypocrite.

Joe - Get out.

[Methos shrugs, saunters out.]


Alley outside Walker's office 7

Amy - [peeks around corner of building, sees Walker leaving building] About time. [into micro-recorder] It's one-thirty. Mr. Congeniality's leaving the office on foot.

[Walker turns corner. Amy hurries to catch up, trails him. As she walks around next building corner, Walker is suddenly in front of her. He grabs her by the throat.]

Walker - Looking for me?


Establishing shot: Walker's home 8

Walker's home - office 8

Amy - Quite a grip you've got there. [rubs her neck]

Walker - [looking through Amy's notebook] Sometimes I get carried away. It's part of my charm. [closes notebook] What's a Watcher?

Amy - A what?

Walker - At first, I thought you were police. And then I found this. [holds up micro-recorder]

Amy - Okay. You win. I'm a reporter. My editor wanted an exposé piece on modeling in the nineties.

Walker - Nice try. You know I'm an Immortal.

Amy - And I'm a Capricorn. Big deal.

Walker - [hold up notebook] Your notebook. Shall I read you a selection? [flips through pages]

Amy - I wrote it. I know what it says.

Walker - I insist. Here. "I wonder if all Watchers" -- there's that word again -- "get stuck with such a slimeball as Walker for their Immortal." Not very flattering.

Amy - But accurate.

[She gives him a defiant look. He laughs at her.]


Storeroom 5

Amy - [recording on answering machine, on phone] I'm gone. Leave it after the beep. Bye. [Beep.]

Joe - [into phone] Amy, it's Joe. Where you been? Call me, will ya? Please. Please. [hangs up phone]


Walker's home - office 8

(resume previous scene)

Walker - [motions at photographs of models on the walls] Look at them. Beautiful, aren't they? Frozen in time. Like Immortals. But they're not Immortals. Give them ten or fifteen years... what do they have to look forward to?

Amy - Oh, I don't know. Life?

Walker - It's not a real life. The skin sags. The eyelids droop. The wrinkles attack. It takes a minor medical miracle to hold them together long enough for a photo shoot. Nobody wants them anyway.

Amy - So, you sell them.

Walker - Morality is an acquired taste. In my time, slavery was legal. I give my women a new life, new hope.

Amy - And how many cards are missing in your deck?

Walker - [grabs her arm] You... need... to learn... respect for your elders. [notices her Watcher tattoo] That's interesting. What is it?

Amy - [pulls her arm away] A birthmark.

Walker - I like bravado in a woman. I find it very... exciting. We need to talk about a name that keeps popping up in here-- [picks up journal again] --and on the tapes. [flips through pages] We need to talk about... Joe Dawson.


Outside Le Blues Bar 4

Beck - [sitting in van with Stein] So what's this guy supposed to look like?

Stein - Late forties. Gray hair.

<[Joe exits bar, walks toward his Jeep.] CUT

Beck - That the dude?

Stein - Mm-hmm. [Joe gets in Jeep.] All right. Let's go.>

[Joe drives away from bar. Henchmen follow him.]


Street by Methos' house 9

[Methos carries duffle bag to parked car, drops duffle on ground, 8 opens back hatch of car, sees Joe driving up.]

Joe - [gets out of Jeep] Hey, where're you going?

Methos - Next stage out of Dodge. [puts duffle in back of car] Listen, I hate long good-byes.

Joe - Look, I'm really worried about something.

Methos - Aren't we all?

Joe - Her name is Amy Thomas. She's a new Watcher. She's supposed to check in with me every four hours, and she hasn't called. (CUT)

[Henchmen pull up nearby, watching.]

Methos - I'd like to help, Joe, but I've got a plane to catch.

Joe - She's watching your guy.

Methos - What guy?

Joe - Morgan Walker.


Flashback - New Orleans, 1808 - Walker's house, night 6

[Walker bursts in front door.]

Charlotte - Captain Walker, you're back early.

Walker - Who's here?

Charlotte - No one, sir.

Walker - Don't lie to me, damn it! I know someone was here.

Charlotte - No one, I swear.


Walker - [sees rumpled bedsheets] Who the hell was in my bed? Tell me!

Charlotte - There wasn't.

Walker - Who is he?

[Outside, Methos sneaks away.]

Charlotte - There was no one, I swear.

Walker - Tell me who it was, Charlotte. Tell me, damn ya!

Charlotte - There was no one!

Walker - Who is he?

Charlotte - No one.

Walker - How could you do this to me? I chose you. I saved you. You are my woman!

Charlotte - I am your slave. [sobbing] Please, you're hurting me!

Walker - Tell me you love me!

Charlotte - [sobbing] Please, you're hurting me!

Walker - Who? Who? Who is he? [slaps her]

Charlotte - There was no one.

Walker - Who?

Charlotte - There was no one! There was no one!

Walker - You liar!

[He shoves her through the window. She rolls off the porch roof, lands on pile of bales. Methos runs to her, strokes her face as she dies.]


[some time later, night]

Teamster - [leads two horses past] Hyah! Come on. [clicks his tongue] Come on, now. Hyah.

Walker - [confronts Methos] You killed Charlotte.

Methos - I slept with her. YOU killed her!

Walker - You bastard. You have no idea what she meant to me. I loved her.

Methos - You owned her.

Walker - Fight me.

Methos - Pass.

Walker - Draw your sword, damn ya. [Methos backs away. Walker follows, calls after him.] Fight me, damn you.

Methos - [calls back as he moves out of sight] Some other time.


Street by Methos' house 9

(resume previous scene)

Methos - So you don't know he has Amy.

Joe - Yeah, and I don't know that he doesn't.

Methos - Get your Watcher buddies to help you.

Joe - You know they're not going to if there's an Immortal involved.

Methos - Call the cops.

Joe - Oh, yeah. "Oh, Officer, I'm looking for this Watcher. She's following this guy who lives forever, and now she's disappeared."

Methos - You'll think of something.

Joe - Methos!

Methos - What do you want, Joe? Oh, now you need my help. I'm an Immortal, you're a Watcher, but we're in league together? Sounds a lot like interference to me.

Joe - Are you through?

Methos - Yes, for the moment. We have other concerns.

Joe - Yeah, like what?

Methos - Like the car down the street. [as Joe starts to turn] Don't look. It pulled up when you got here. It hasn't budged since. [as Joe pulls out a gun] What the hell are you doing?

Joe - What do you think? [turns toward henchmen's van]

Beck - Son of a bitch is packin'.

Stein - Damn. We've been made.

Methos - Joe, I wouldn't advise--

Joe - Yeah, I know.

[Stein opens passenger door of van, fires gun at them. Methos jumps in front of Joe, takes a bullet in the chest. Joe takes cover, shoots back at Stein, hits him.]

Stein - I'm hit.

[Beck runs around back of van to help him. Methos gasps, reviving. Beck covers as Stein gets in van, shooting at Joe.]

Methos - [exchanges look with Joe] Cover me.

[Joe and Beck fire at each other as Methos gets to his car.]

Methos - Joe! [Joe jumps in back seat of car & Methos drives off with a squeal of tires. Henchmen's van follows them.]


Rural road 10

[Henchmen's van drives along road.]

Walker - [voice-over] A guy with no legs, and you let him get away from you. [into phone] I don't care who he had with him.

Beck - [on phone] Mr. Walker, I saw it with my own eyes. 8 [into phone] And you'd never believe it. I'm telling you. [Stein coughs, injured but alive in passenger seat of van.] The guy was dead but came back to life.

Walker - [into phone] What did this miracle man look like? 8


Another rural road 10

Joe - Will you turn the car around?

Methos - Give me one good reason.

Joe - Because we're going the wrong way.

Methos - I beg to differ. The bullets are back that way.

Joe - I forgot who I was dealing with. Look, we lost those clowns two towns ago!

<Methos - CUT I saved your life! I get to choose!>

Joe - Turn the car around!

Methos - No.

Joe - Look, I am going back. With you or without you, I am going back!

Methos - To do what, exactly?

<Joe - I don't know. CUT I've got to find Amy.>

Methos - Remember the Alamo, Joe.

[Car sputters, slows down.]

Joe - Well, thank you. I knew you would understand.

Methos - Thanks, nothing. We're out of gas.

Joe - [as car comes to a halt] You've got to be kidding. [They get out of the car.] I don't believe that you ran out of gas.

Methos - I didn't know I was going to be driving across country. [Joe walks to back of car, opens hatch, 9 grabs gas can from back of car, closes hatch, starts off down the road. Methos laughs.] You're walking?

Joe - Unless you've got a better idea, huh? CUT <[sighs, to himself] Stupid--

Methos - [runs after him] Hey! Let me carry that.

Joe - I can do it.

Methos - [takes gas can from him] Look at the bright side, Joe. We've got good weather.>


Busy road 11

[Methos has his thumb out as a car whizzes past them.]

Joe - So that's twelve.

Methos - Who's counting? I'm not counting. It's eleven, anyway.

Joe - Here. Let me try. CUT <[hands gas can to Methos.]

Methos - Yeah, sure. They won't stop for me, but they'll stop for you. Of course they will.

Joe - Observe... [licks him thumb] ...and record. [grins jauntily at Methos, sticks his thumb out. A delivery van pulls over. Joe chuckles.] Magic. Technique, my good man.

Methos - Technique, my ass.

Van driver - Hi.

Methos - Hi. [holds up gas can] We're out of gas.>


Rural road 10

[Henchmen's van pulls up next to abandoned car.]


Busy road 11

(resume previous scene)

Joe - [climbs into delivery van after Methos, closes passenger door] Thank you, sir.


Rural road 10

(resume previous scene)

Stein - So?

Beck - [looks at car's dash] They ran out of gas.

[Stein gets back in passenger side of van with a wince as Beck opens driver-side door. Beck gets in and drives off. 10]


Gas station 12

Methos - It was nice of the guy to open up. [Joe angrily sets full gas can on ground, picks up his cane.] What is your problem?

Joe - You know, if you had whacked that guy two hundred years ago, we wouldn't be in this spot now, and Amy would be safe.

Methos - Hey, don't lay it on me, pal. You're the one that sent the rookie into the field. You know as well as I do... a sloppy Watcher is a dead Watcher.

Joe - [sees Henchmen's van drive past] Hey. Is that who I think it is? [Van backs up, turns toward them.] Damn it.

Methos - [takes gun from Joe] I'll cover you this time. Go on! [ducks bullets, fires back, shoots at oil barrels, causing them to explode into flames as a distraction. Beck & Stein get out of van, run past burning barrels in pursuit.]

[Joe enters warehouse, out of breath. 11 Methos enters warehouse, pulls door closed.]

Joe - Ah! Oh! Man. It's not going to take long for them to find us in here.

Methos - [checks gun] And we're out of chips, too. You know where I should be now? I should be thirty-five thousand feet in the air, sinking my teeth into a succulent steak, just anticipating the stewardess coming to plump my pillow.

Joe - Listen. I appreciate this, man.

Methos - Yeah, whatever. [hands empty gun back to Joe, walks off]

Joe - Hey, where are you going?

Methos - [walks back to him] Well, in the absence of any alternative, I thought that I would... go and do it the old-fashioned way.

Joe - Yeah, well, you're not going without me.

Methos - Joe, you don't have any bullets, and you are NOT quick on your feet.

Joe - Yeah, well, I'm going to do what I have to do, Methos!

Methos - You got something to tell me?

Joe - What?

Methos - What is it between you and this Amy?

Joe - Look, we're wasting time.

Methos - Hey! Look, Joe. Watchers put themselves on the line every day, but you don't go out there and risk your life for them.

Joe - Yeah, well, they're not my daughter.

Methos - [takes a moment to react to this, then hears warehouse door opening] Okay. I'm going to see to the help. And then you and me, we have to talk. Dad. [heads off through warehouse]

[Henchmen walk through warehouse. Methos sneaks across warehouse to metal stairs, climbs stairs to upper level. Henchman sneak past the metal stairs.]

Stein - I'll go around that way.

[The henchmen split up. Methos watches from upper level, stalks them. He descends different stairs to landing, then 12 descends to ground floor and hides in the shadows. He ambushes Beck, knocks him out with a length of pipe, takes his gun.]



[Joe's cell phone rings.]

Joe - Damn it. [digs cell phone out of his pocket, answers it] Yeah, Dawson.

Walker - [in his office with Amy, into phone] Good to finally talk to you, Joe. Amy's told me all about you. 8



[Methos sneaks off through warehouse, looking for the other henchman. Camera pans up to Stein on catwalk. 13]



Joe - [into phone] You let her go, Walker!

Walker - [into phone] But you've made me a very unhappy man.

Joe - [on phone] Yeah, well... 8 [into phone] Life's full of disappointment.

Walker - [on phone] How true. [into phone] How true. [grabs Amy by the hair, holds phone to her head]

Amy - [into phone] Tell him to go to hell. 8

Joe - [into phone] Amy!



[Stein sneaks through warehouse.]



Walker - [into phone] Now, where were we? Oh, yes. Our discussion of life. 8

Joe - [into phone] Okay, talk to me.

Walker - [into phone] I have someone you want. You have someone I want. 8 [on phone] How about a trade, Joe?



[Methos takes clip out of Beck's gun, cocks gun, puts clip back in. He jumps out at Stein, pulls trigger on empty chamber, jumps back out of sight.]

Stein - [laughs] You're out of bullets.

[Methos steps back out of hiding, shoots Stein.]



Joe - [into phone] When? Where? [beat] Okay. Yeah. I got it. I got it. [ends call]

Methos - [jogs up, holding up two guns] Two for two. Nice chaps. Even left the car keys. Who was on the phone?

Joe - That was, uh-- It was Jack Bender. He's an old Watcher buddy of mine, and he's got a line on Walker's whereabouts.

Methos - Really?

Joe - Yeah. That old power station outside Chartres. Tonight, six o'clock. He's gonna have Amy with him.

Methos - Well, we know what we've got to do then.

Joe - Yeah. We know what we gotta do.


Road 13

Methos - [driving 14 henchmen's van along busy road] So, does she know?

Joe - Huh?

Methos - Amy. Does she know that you're her father?

Joe - Ah, it seems like she figured it out.

Methos - You didn't tell her, then? [Joe shakes his head.] If you don't want to confide in me, Joe, that's -- that's fine. Don't let the fact that I saved your life influence you in any way.

Joe - It's nothing new, Methos. It was my first year at the academy. I met her mom. She was married.

Methos - And?

Joe - Well, we were working late one night. We had dinner and a nice bottle of wine, a couple of drinks. Anyway, she got pregnant.

Methos - Just when I think I know the real Joe Dawson.

Joe - Yep. There you have it.

Methos - So why didn't you tell her?

Joe - Amy's mom loved her husband. Amy loved him, too. Better to screw up one life instead of four.


Inside warehouse 12

[Stein's cell phone rings. Stein is too dead to answer it.]


Walker's home - office 8

Walker - [disconnects call] They'd better be dead.

Amy - [smiles] Getting worried?

Walker - [shove gun against her neck, drags her to her feet] I'm not the one who should be worried.


Road 13

(resume previous scene)

Methos - [still driving] Thanks, Joe.

Joe - For what? You're the one that saved my ass.

Methos - Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me that. You know, these last few hours, I feel like there's a bond between us.

Joe - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Methos - Who'd ever have thought I'd end up with a Watcher as my best friend?

Joe - Yeah, it's a real puzzler. Hey, listen. How about a little less chatter and a little more speed?

Methos - Okay, buddy.


Outside power station, evening 12

Methos - You know, we actually make a really good team. We could be like Scully and Mulder.

Joe - Yeah, right.

<Methos - Sipowicz and Simone. CUT

Joe - Whatever.

Methos - Caligula and Incitatus. No, maybe not Incitatus 'cause he was a horse.>

Joe - Will you shut up?!

Methos - Joe?

Joe - It's a trap, man. Walker's waiting for us. He knows we're coming. I'm supposed to shoot you when we get inside. He said he was going to kill Amy.

Methos - [pats Joe on the shoulder] Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?

Joe - But you knew?

Methos - Of course I knew.

Joe - Well, how did you know?

Methos - Joe, you never give a Watcher's first and last name. And you couldn't go to them to help. And then suddenly one of them's phoning you with information.

Joe - All right. All right.

<Methos - And whenever you lie, you do this weird thing with your face. CUT

Joe - What?

Methos - Well, you go-- [makes faces at him]>

Joe - Okay, well, that's the last time I play poker with you. Why did you drag this out?

Methos - I'm easily amused.

Joe - Bonding, my ass.


Establishing shot: power station, night 14

Inside power station 12

Methos - [senses 'buzz', turns, sees Walker approaching with Amy at gunpoint] Voilà. [walks toward them] Three's a crowd, Walker.

Walker - Where's Dawson?

Joe - [steps into view] I'm right here.

Amy - Joe--

Walker - [to Joe] You were supposed to shoot him.

Joe - Like I said, life is full of disappointment.

Walker - Drop the gun... or I kill her.

Joe - If you shoot her, I will shoot you. And I will make sure the doctor takes your head.

Methos - [draws his sword] Take a walk, Joe. Take Amy with you. This is between me and him.

Walker - That's all I've ever wanted. [pushes Amy toward Joe. She runs to him and they hug.] CUT

Joe - [to Methos] See you later. [escorts Amy out]

Walker - [unsheathes his sword] I've waited almost two hundred years for this.

Methos - Do the words "compulsive obsessive" mean anything to you? [They fight. Methos wins.] Just because I don't like to fight... doesn't mean that I can't. [takes Walker's head & Quickening]


Establishing shot: Le Blue's Bar 4

Inside bar 4

Joe - So, where do we go from here?

Amy - I don't know.

Joe - I wanted to tell you.

Amy - So why didn't you?

Joe - Your mother and I... thought it was for the best.

Amy - The best for who? Listen to me. I sound like a five-year-old.

Joe - I'm really sorry, Amy.

Amy - Yeah, me too. I've got to go.

Joe - Just like that? I thought I might give this, uh, this fatherhood thing a shot. [Amy looks away.] Someday. When you're ready.

Amy - [smiles, nods] Maybe. Good-bye, Joe.

Joe - [as she leaves] Good-bye, honey.

Methos - [joins him at table] She'll be back.

Joe - And how do you know?

Methos - 'Cause I'm very old and wise. [Joe scoffs. Methos holds up shot glass.] To someday.

[Joe raises his own glass, clinks glasses & both drink.]


End of "Indiscretions"

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