Episode 4: Innocent Man

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.




[This is the boss's office all right. As homey and comfortable as Crowley wants with no one to tell him what the regulations are. It is unorthodox, like the man himself. Crowley hollers down the hall.]

CROWLEY - Janey! Bring some coffee in here for the gentleman.

[He settles behind his big, messy desk.]

CROWLEY - You do like coffee, right?

POWELL - [smiles] Never met a cop who didn't. You pulled duty in a nice little town.

CROWLEY - [grins; sees through him] Admit it . . . you wouldn't last a month here.

POWELL - Not even a week. I'm a city boy. All night laundromats are my life support system. Hell, my cellular phone doesn't even work way up here. And you got way too many trees.

CROWLEY - It seemed a little confining when I first took over here, last year. But I've sort of settled in. It's been peaceful up till now. [then] So, our little horror story brought you here.

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RICHIE - I don't see a stop light. I don't even see a stop sign.

MacLEOD - [smiles] And you think nothing goes on here, right?

RICHIE - Yeah, well they probably have a quilting bee, and a hoe down every Saturday night.

MacLEOD - I've lived in smaller places. People still run off with their neighbor's wife, they steal their neighbor's goods . . . love, hate, drink, kill . . . and dream about going someplace else. Someplace better.

RICHIE - Are we a little depressed, today?

MacLEOD - Lucas tried to get away. He thought he could retire from the Game.

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GWEN - Nothing's ever special here. Try the meat loaf.

MacLEOD - All right.

RICHIE - [eyeing menu] I'll have the cheeseburger . . . but with Swiss cheese, and sweet pickles on the side. Tomato, if it's fresh, with . . . ah . . . yeah, with mayo and onion, but not that light mayo . . . the real stuff. And make that medium rare.

GWEN - [looks over her reading glasses at him, then hollers to the fry cook] Meat loaf and a cheeseburger.

[A beat]

RICHIE - He'll just know that's what I want, right?

MacLEOD - How long did he live here?

GWEN - Lucas? Ten, twelve years, maybe. Where'd he come from, anyway?

MacLEOD - Lucas came from a lot of places.

RICHIE - I'll bet.

MacLEOD - Did he have any friends here in Steveston?

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