Episode 8: Deadly Medicine

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.


Maybe it's my medical background, but there were several obvious (to me, at least) errors in this episode, so I thought I'd list them here:

1. Police scanner states "suspect vehicle description two-door domestic, dark blue" when the car actually used is 4-door and light-colored (beige?).

2. When DM disconnects himself from the ER monitors, the ECG machine continues to show a steady heartbeat in the background - it should flatline when he removes the leads.

3. Skull radiographs will show a skull fracture, but not soft tissue injuries like edema or hemorrhage. You need something like an MRI for that.

4. When Barbara is telling Randi that DM was discharged, you can see her nametag says "Madison Jun".

5. I challenge anyone, using any computer program they want, to take a blur and "sharpen" it into a useful image. This defies the laws of . . . pixelation.

6. For the computer nerds, the "program" used to find organizations using omicron is actually a usage/help file for a DOS program called SETFONT.EXE - example: Font changes stipulated in the CONFIG.SYS take effect on boot-up and remain in effect until altered by running DATABASE from the DOS prompt. SETFONT requires DOS version 3.0 or greater.



[She looks at him, thrilled to hear these words, but not forgetting the man who isn't there with them:]

BARBARA - [re the gurney] But what about--?

WILDER - Barbara, the human body is a wonderful, mysterious puzzle. Sometimes unusual things happen. This is one of them--

BARBARA - We should report this to--

WILDER - We're doctors, not policemen. We can't force anyone to be treated.

BARBARA - [tentative, confused] But he had brain trauma--

WILDER - And he went home under his own power on his own free will.


WILDER - A miracle . . . they do happen. [touching her face] Just let it be. [beat] Please . . . for me.

[She reacts, her judgment clouded by her attraction to him:]


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HERRALD - I told you, lady, nothing strange in the way of a homicide has been reported.

TESSA - He's been gone for over three weeks.

HERRALD - Maybe he took a business trip and just forgot to tell you--

RICHIE - For a month?

TESSA - Look, Sergeant Herrald, first your people told me I had to wait seventy-two hours before I could file a missing person's report--

HERRALD - That's the law--

TESSA - Then they said I should come back in two weeks.

HERRALD - I wish I had something to tell you.

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[The mini-cam lights go out and Randi blinks, rubs her eyes for a beat. She moves to take a step, suddenly stumbling on something. She looks down at the pier deck. Stuck in a crack between two pier planks is MacLeod's wallet. She picks it up, flicks it open, reacts, calls out:]

RANDI - Hey, look at this... [then, to the cops] Hey!

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[An unmarked police car is parked out front.]


[MacLeod's wallet is on Tessa's desk, enclosed in a plastic baggie. Sergeant Herrald and a uniformed cop stand in front of Tessa and Richie.]

HERRALD - --found at the scene of a murder down at the pier last night.

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MacLEOD - Don't judge a book by its cover.

TESSA - It's been over a month! Where have you been?

MacLEOD - [stunned by that] A month...? That's impossible...

TESSA - Look at today's date--

[She shows him the newspaper; he reacts:]

MacLEOD - My God...

TESSA - Where have you been?

MacLEOD - I... don't know. I just don't ever want to go back-- [re the newspaper] The police think I killed this woman...?

TESSA - They found your wallet near her body. They have witnesses who swear your car was at the scene.

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MacLEOD - Let's go.

TESSA - Why did Wilder frame you for Barbara's murder?

MacLEOD - So I couldn't go to the police after I escaped from his home.

TESSA - He seemed to have thought of everything.

MacLEOD - Almost.

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RANDI - I think he killed his wife... and that woman on the pier.

[Herrald appears next to MacLeod.]

HERRALD - We think so, too.

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RANDI - [looks over at MacLeod] MacLeod! [MacLeod turns] Thanks! [He smiles, starts to get into car.] MacLeod! Why were you here?

MacLEOD - I was in the neighborhood.

RANDI - I'm going to get that story, one of these days!

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