Episode 11: See No Evil

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



RANDI - Right . . . I've never met a man with more presence and less history.

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The last line in the script is of DM saying "The Indian." RR gives DM a 'huh' look, but doesn't say anything. DM's last line in the finished episode seems very ad lib and out of character - they really should have ended the scene after RR says "The what?"

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HERBIE - They stopped making em' thirty, forty years ago, though, but I hear they're starting up manufacturing again.

(NOTE: episode filmed in 1992, cycles didn't make a return until 1999.)

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HERBIE - Nope. Don't need 'em. We don't bill nobody. It's an all cash business. [points to sign that reads "CASH ONLY".]

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GRAFFINI - [offscreen, as MacLeod walks to side door of theater] Freeze right there!

[MacLeod turns and squints as flashlight beam catches his face. Graffini and Bennett approach, guns drawn.]

GRAFFINI - Well, look who's here. On the seventy-first anniversary of the scalper's death . . . Tell me that's a coincidence, Mister MacLeod.

BENNETT - Can't be him, Lieutenant. He chased the guy who did Natalie Bard, remember?

GRAFFINI - Wouldn't be the first time serial killings were done by a team. So where's your partner, MacLeod?

MacLEOD - [ignores the question] He won't come to the theater. Somehow he knows you've staked out all the original locations.

GRAFFINI - You know that for a fact, do you?

MacLEOD - Listen! I'm trying to help! You want to stop this guy or play tough cop? We have to set him up. We have to make him come to us.

GRAFFINI - Get him out of here.

BENNETT - C'mon.

MacLEOD - Listen to me. He knows you're waiting . . . He'll hit somewhere else.

GRAFFINI - Another word and I book you for obstruction.

MacLEOD - [as he walks away] He's going to kill again. It's a game to him. Like pulling the wings off flies . . .

BENNETT - [to Graffini] So who killed this Marcus character, anyway?

GRAFFINI - Nobody knows. The only witness said there was a sword fight.

BENNETT - [startled] Vigilante?

GRAFFINI - Who cares?

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TESSA - Did they catch him?

MacLEOD - They won't. Unless I help.

TESSA - I want to help, too. And don't tell me it will be too dangerous!

MacLEOD - It is. I know you want to do something . . . we all do.

TESSA - But you are doing something. It's not fair. I can help.

MacLEOD - There's nothing you can do.

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