Episode 16: The Beast Below

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.




[Establishing. Duncan, Tessa, and Richie climb the handsome steps and are admitted by a guard at the front door, as we hear some Voice Over dialogue.]

RICHIE (V.O.) - I bet you never thought I'd be bringing you to the Paris opera.

MacLEOD (V.O.) - You've got that right.

RICHIE (V.O.) - You should hear these guys. They sat in at a jazz club I was at a few nights ago and blew everyone away.


[The conversation continues as the trio enter.]

TESSA - I thought they only did ballet here now?

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CAROLYN - No . . . I told the police . . . I had started down the stairs when I heard something . . . When I looked up, I saw Frank dangling for a second. Then he was dropped.

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[The glade is empy, save for Duncan and a strange stone mound. The mound is like a huge grave site. But stranger still is a large round fairy circle of stones, and spokes made from still smaller rocks radiate out from the grave like a huge wheel.

Duncan admires his handiwork with a smile. A groan makes him turn to the prostrate Immortal, who, as Duncan watches, returns to life in the spot where he fell, mortally wounded.

After a time, Ursa opens his eyes, sees MacLeod, and grunts in alarm.]

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MacLEOD - It was like the effort to put thought and words together was too difficult for him.

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MacLEOD - Is this more of that moss stuff?

DARIUS - [studied innocence] No!

[Duncan takes it, sniffs it, sips gingerly. The stuff is putrid.]

DARIUS - It's from a mold form.

[Duncan looks for a place to spit it out, then swallows.]

DARIUS - Very good for the circulation.

[Duncan glares and puts the cup down.]

MacLEOD - Do you remember anything else about him?

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DARIUS - You're not sure it's him. What would he be doing here?

MacLEOD - That's what Tessa asked. I don't know.

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[Nodding at the implacable logic of all this, Richie watches him disappear. He waits, looks around, then goes muttering down into the manhole, nervously testing his own flashlight as he disappears.]

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[A long beat; then, below her, Ursa steps from the shadows. He hesitates. She approaches him. He is nervous, practically frightened, but spellbound by her beauty. Then there is a loud thud overhead . . . someone moving a heavy piece of equipment . . . Carolyn uses the moment to throw herself into his arms, startling him.

CAROLYN - Someone wants to hurt me.

[Ursa reacts, looking and listening for any impending danger to his beloved.]

CAROLYN - It's a woman. [pleads] Please. She's coming. Take me with you . . . now.

[Ursa is torn. Then, carefully, he removes some wardrobe costumes and a trunk, revealing a secret door. With deft movements, he opens the door and steps back. With a smile and a touch of his cheek, she descends into the trap door.]

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Richie and MacLeod's lines here are not in the Shooting Script.

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(in original script, MacLeod runs into Jenny as he is leaving the barge - she is apparently coming to visit Richie.)

MacLEOD - Were Frank and Carolyn close?

JENNY - For a while. You know how it is on the road. But . . . Frank was married. I shouldn't be . . .

MacLEOD - It's okay. I won't tell anyone.

JENNY - I think Frank figured out that Carolyn was just using him to get more juice.

MacLEOD - Is that what you think?

JENNY - Yeah, I guess I do. [then] I really feel weird talking about this.

MacLEOD - I'm glad you did. [then] Richie's inside if you want to see him.

JENNY - Thanks. Look, I hope you don't think . . .

MacLEOD - I don't.

JENNY - Bye.

[She heads nervously onto the barge. MacLeod gets into his car, parked dockside.]

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CAROLYN - . . .nbsp;I . . . was just headed for wardrobe.

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TESSA - [hands Jenny a mug of coffee] Café au lait. [humorous] It's what I'd want if I'd been dragged into a black pit by a giant.

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