Episode 17: Saving Grace

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



These lines were not in the original shooting script.

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These lines were not in the original shooting script.

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GRACE - He can't conceive that I've stopped loving him. [beat, with incredulity] He killed a man in a duel just for asking me to dance.

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RICHIE - The expiration date on most of my relationships is a few months.

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[MacLeod, Tessa and Richie turn to see Grace in a terry cloth robe, her hair and skin sparkling with droplets of water. She looks refreshed, beautiful and very sexy.]

GRACE - I'm afraid I don't have any clothes with me . . .

[Richie ogles Grace none-too-discreetly.]

RICHIE - Hey, it's okay.

[Tessa walks over to Grace.]

TESSA - [with an edge] I'll find something for you.

[Tessa leads Grace to the bedroom, then gives Mac a we'll-talk-about-it-later look as she shuts the door. Mac can't help but notice that Richie is still wide-eyed over Grace.]

MacLEOD - Don't stare too hard, Richie, you'll go blind.

RICHIE - [embarrassed at being caught] Who, me? . . . staring? I wasn't, I was . . .

[Off Mac's look . . .]

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MacLEOD - Why do you ask?

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LEBRUN - Guess what we found in her apartment?

MacLEOD - [reacts] It couldn't be Grace's.

LEBRUN - Now, how did I know she was a friend of yours?

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LeBrun's "accessory" line is not in the original shooting script.

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This line was not in the original shooting script.

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The last line in the script is of DM saying "Never do." RR playing with the cards appears to be ad lib. Also, he seems genuinely surprised when the last one actually goes in.

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These lines were not in the original shooting script.

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GRACE - [beat] I'll be staying at Carlo's plantation.

SENDARO - It's three times the size of Paris.

MacLEOD - Can I talk to you for a moment?

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(You can't get from Paris to the coast in an hour by car, much less by horse-drawn carriage.)

SENDARO - [impatient] Our ship sails in an hour.

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MacLEOD - So that's why you didn't come for her. [beat] You placed the gun in her apartment so she'd have nowhere to run except away with you.

SENDARO - You're a liar. [to Grace] I love you, Grace. I have an empire in the Amazon. You can continue your research. In twenty or thirty years, we'll return with new identities . . .

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[Two police cars are parked at the curb. LeBrun is briefing a DETECTIVE.]

LeBRUN - I don't like anonymous tips.

DETECTIVE - [grins, lights cigarette] You don't like it that a priest is accused of harboring a criminal. I'm guessing you were an altar boy.

LeBRUN - [half smile] Our parish priest had eyes in the back of his head. As he said Mass, he watched us. We had to genuflect in perfect unison or we'd hear about it later. [beat] Go to Father Darius' church and keep an eye out for Grace Chandel and put a car on MacLeod's barge . . . one place or the other, she'll turn up.

[LeBrun gets into his car and drives off.]

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The last line in the script is of DM saying "We've got to find you a new identity."

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This scene was not in the original shooting script.
It replaces the earlier scene with LeBrun that was cut (SCENE FIFTEEN).

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[Sendaro turns but his arm is sliced to the bone by MacLeod's sword. Sendaro reels in pain, dropping his machete as blood spurts from the wound. MacLeod moves in for the kill, sending Sendaro up against a wall. As he's about to deliver the final blow:]

GRACE - [screaming] STOP IT!

[MacLeod hesitates. It would be so easy . . .]

SENDARO - [furious] Do it, MacLeod! Do IT NOW!

GRACE - Duncan, don't . . . please . . . no more killing over me. [MacLeod holds an extra beat, then, fighting the adrenaline that courses through his veins, he puts up his sword.]

SENDARO - [moves off, retrieves his machete and puts it in his belt] You should have killed me when you had the chance.

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GRACE - Sometimes I get so tired of the charade. One day I'm Grace, the next I'm Helen, and now . . . Who am I today?

MacLEOD - None of us gets to really choose what we are.

GRACE - We have more of a choice than Isabelle Pontand. [beat] I'll live forever, or at least until some son-of-a-bitch takes my head. [beat, with emotion] She was a baby, Duncan . . . She was here for only a moment. The only thing she had was her name, and I've stolen that from her. What gives me that right?

[MacLeod reaches across the table and takes her hand.]

MacLEOD - You have the right, because you're alive. [beat] You and every other living thing has a basic instinct that drives it to survive.

GRACE - It's just not fair.

MacLEOD - It's never been. It's only the way it is.

GRACE - [as a joke] Don't you get tired of living with a guy who's always right?

TESSA - [with a smile] I thought you knew him better than that.

[Grace's eyes turn as a man approaches. Grace reacts warily.]

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MacLEOD - He knows your new identity . . .

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These lines were at the beginning of the scene in the Shooting Script (see SCENE NINETEEN).

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MacLEOD - I'll see you out of town.

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[LeBrun is standing near the barge entrance.]

LeBRUN - [shouts] MacLeod?

[He goes onto the boat, heads for the cabin door, which opens as he reaches for it. MacLeod stands facing LeBrun.]

MacLEOD - You like coming here, don't you?

LeBRUN - Not particularly.

[He tries to look beyond MacLeod, but MacLeod blocks the way.]

LeBRUN - Where is she?

MacLEOD - [innocent] Who?

LeBRUN - Your friend, Grace Chandel.

MacLEOD - Why?

LeBRUN - We found a witness who placed someone of Sendaro's description outside the lab the night Warren was murdered. We also traced the gun . . . seems it was bought by a male.

MacLEOD - So you think Grace is innocent.

LeBRUN - Let's say I'm willing to be convinced.

MacLEOD - All you have to do is find this Sendaro.

LeBRUN - We found him, or what was left of him. [beat] He lost a fight with a train.

MacLEOD - That's too bad.

LeBRUN - I shot that son-of-a-bitch point blank and he didn't stay down.

MacLEOD - [wryly] Bulletproof vest?

LeBRUN - Right.

[LeBrun eyes him for an instant, then turns and walks away.]

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