Episode 18: The Lady and the Tiger

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



MacLEOD - This person always keeps me guessing.

RICHIE - [amazed] I'm actually going to a circus. I thought that only happened to guys from Dubuque.

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(The Buzz effect only occurs once in the shooting script.)

[Spotlights illuminate the high wire artist, an exquisitely beautiful woman in her early thirties, with the kind of physique that makes men walk into lampposts.]

RINGMASTER (O.S.) - . . . The dazzling, the electrifying, the death defying . . . The Amazing Amanda!

[MacLeod, seated in the crowd, begins to feel the "BUZZ." He smiles knowingly, resignedly. Amanda steps out onto the wire. She too feels the BUZZ, and peers down through the spotlights to try and find the Immortal below her.]

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RICHIE - I've . . . [searches for a card in his wallet] I've got a card with our address somewhere . . .

[And as he fumbles for it, NEW ANGLE on Tessa and Mac as they walk toward the car.]

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[Tessa walks silently a dozen steps ahead of Mac and Richie. She disappears below.]

RICHIE - If we had a bigger couch . . . you'd be sleeping on it tonight.

[MacLeod's face shows he tends to agree.]

RICHIE - Listen . . . did you really run away and join the circus?

MacLEOD - I was so much younger in those days.

RICHIE - She's . . .

MacLEOD - Amazing?

RICHIE - Yeah.

MacLEOD - Sixty-five years ago she did her act over a cage full of tigers. And I've always kind of thought of her that way. You open a door one day, and there she is . . .

RICHIE - [sighs] Amanda . . .

MacLEOD - The next day you open the same door and find the tiger.

RICHIE - How long has this been going on?

MacLEOD - Oh . . . two, three centuries . . . off and on.

RICHIE - Off and on?

MacLEOD - [defensively] It's definitely off now.

RICHIE - Good. [beat] I mean . . . sure.

[Duncan gets an amused look in his eyes, guessing Richie's intentions.]

MacLEOD - I'd better talk to Tessa.

RICHIE - Good idea. [under his breath] Definitely off. Yes!

[MacLeod starts down into the hold, then stops.]

MacLEOD - Richie. Amanda does keep a sword under her bed.

[This gives Richie considerable food for thought as Duncan disappears.]

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[Amanda, in jeans and sweater, heads toward her trailer, crossing the Ringmaster as she goes.]

RINGMASTER - Hey, Amanda, there's some guy waiting for you in your trailer. Says he knows you.

AMANDA - [smiles] Thank you, Jules. I was expecting him.

[She hurries to the trailer, feels the BUZZ and throws open the door.]

AMANDA - So, you couldn't stay away.



[She peers into the trailer, seeing no one, steps inside.]

AMANDA - Duncan?

[The door swings shut. Zachary has been hiding behind it. She turns, and shows real fear.]

AMANDA - Zachary.

ZACHARY - Duncan . . . that wouldn't be Duncan MacLeod . . . now there's a name from the past.

[She wheels and dives for something under the bed.]

[UNDER THE BED are a few dust balls, but no sword.]

[ZACHARY brings the sword from behind his back.]

ZACHARY - Finders, keepers. You've become a creature of habit.

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AMANDA - [blurts out] What else do you want?

ZACHARY - If it's Duncan MacLeod, I want his head.

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[Richie is on deck, stringing his laundry up to dry. Then he sees Amanda coming up the gang plank, dressed in a leather miniskirt outfit. Richie panics, and starts pulling his underwear and socks off the line, wadding them in his arms, then dumping them in a corner. He tries to make himself presentable.]

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MacLEOD - He'd been in prison for five years.

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HENRI - Where else am I going to go?

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Scene ends without DM saying "No."

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AMANDA - I already have the buyer set up. Just do what you came here to do.

[Zachary is dressed in the clothing of a museum maintenance person. He has a set of tools with him. Zachary removes his tools and begins to put a series of hooks in the wall. Nothing out of the ordinary, just something one could hang a large painting on. As he does, Zachary runs a professional eye over the room. They pass directly over Richie, but to him Richie is just another tourist.]

AMANDA - Two alarm systems -- the Fortrin 303 mainline . . . and the 122 as a sonic backup.

SENDARO - In five years, you tend to fall behind.

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[Amanda and Zachary creep into the room. Amanda points to where four photoelectric beams set in the walls -- a few feet above the floor -- intersect at the case containing the manuscript.]

[Zachary, with the hands of a true professional, removes a series of mirrors from his pocket. Carefully using the mirrors and putty, he situates each mirror so that the beams reflect upon themselves and are never broken.]

[Amanda drops down to the bottom gallery railing. Zachary is already there. They climb over the railing onto the gallery. Zachary takes a long coil of rope from inside his coat -- runs stealthily along the gallery until he is on the other side -- opposite Amanda. They tie off the rope to the hooks that Zachary had placed in the walls and stretch it till it is taut and passing directly above the priceless manuscript.]

[MacLeod smiles in admiration as Amanda & Zachary walk toward each other along the rope. It's not an easy journey and there are one or two heart-stopping moments when they are out of rhythm and the rope begins to oscillate. Finally, they make it to the middle. Amanda straddles the rope and gently lifts off the glass case covering the manuscript. Zachary has to reach further. Hanging from the rope by his insteps, he wraps his hands around the book and eases it from its resting place.]

[MacLeod is fascinated. His hand reaches out and switches on the light. Zachary and Amanda react to his entrance.]

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The complete line is "All's fair in Love and Quickenings."

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