Episode 19: Eye of the Beholder

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



RICHIE - [as he pokes the oyster] Seeing if it's still alive. [to the oyster] Don't hate me for this.

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[A buxom brunette with long hair turns and waves goodbye to a very drunk Duncan MacLeod staggering out of the bawdy house, a Rubenesque whore on each arm. His Immortal pal, Pitone, falls out the door after him, face down in the mud. The whores accompanying him laugh and haul him up to a sitting position.]

PITONE - Aah . . . you made the earth move for me, my beauties. The problem is . . . now it won't stop.

[He sways drunkenly. Duncan disengage himself from his two whores.]

MacLEOD - Excuse me, ladies, but some things a man must do alone.

[He goes a few yards off and begins to piss against a wall. The whores laugh and go back inside.]

MacLEOD - [as he's pissing] So what is it we're celebrating?

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MacLEOD - [with drunken dignity] You're a thief and a womanizer, sir.

PITONE - But a great thief . . . and a great womanizer. [stands unsteadily and bellows to the night] You're right. I love women! I can't get enough of them. I want to make them all happy! [He turns to the whorehouse and howls.] I want to make you all happy!

[There are giggles, hoots of derision, catcalls from within.]

PITONE - [drunken maudlin] How can I do that? I want to please them, Duncan. It's my one goal in life.

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PITONE - We could try to escape through the house.

MacLEOD - No. The women might get hurt.

PITONE - Gallant, as always.

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[The two Immortals pick up their things as they talk. Whores peer out of the windows.]

PITONE - Such a creative mind, MacLeod. You should write for the stage.

MacLEOD - What about you . . . the great lover? At least my women don't send armed patrols after me.

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[A model hurrying past camera. As she moves by, Pitone turns to a reporter backstage. The fashion glitterati all hover around him, heaping praise, hugs and kisses upon their hero as they sip champagne.]

PITONE - [to a reporter] Yes, yes, I'm very pleased with my goddesses tonight.

[Richie, Tessa, and MacLeod stand off to the side watching. Richie searches for Myia.]

RICHIE - You'd think the guy just got elected president or something.

[Myia comes up to them. She is once again dressed in street clothes but her make-up remains and she is extremely glamorous.]

MYIA - Hello, Richie.


MYIA - I didn't know you were into fashion.

RICHIE - You were fantastic . . . stupendous . . . incredible.

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RICHIE - Great. I'll buy you two.

[Richie and Myia head for the bar. Duncan's eyes fall on a beautiful model who scampers past in her underwear.]

TESSA - [catching him] I'm going to look at the clothes.

MacLEOD - This is going to cost me, isn't it?

[Tessa smiles and goes to a nearby rack where the clothes from the show are hanging, leaving MacLeod alone. Pitone, still surrounded, spots MacLeod.]

PITONE - [to group] If you'll excuse me, I must say hello to a very old acquaintance.

[Everyone watches as he goes to MacLeod. There is a moment of tension between them.]

PITONE - Duncan MacLeod, you got my invitation.

MacLEOD - So it's Gabriel Pitone now?

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MacLEOD - But he's not a murderer.

RICHIE - Meanwhile, he's drooling all over Myia. What if, you know, he did do the other chick? I'm gonna check him out.

MacLEOD - He's an Immortal. He's not someone you want to piss off.

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[Pitone tenderly leads Myia into his apartment and sits her down. She's totally demoralized by Cynthia's murder.]

PITONE - You must be exhausted.

MYIA - This has been a nightmare . . .

PITONE - [moves to a bar] You've been very brave. [beat] Can I get you a drink?

MYIA - No thanks. [beat] Everything was going so well for her.

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[The same café where they first met. Richie sits at a table waiting for Myia. She enters and moves to him.]

RICHIE - Hi. How are you?

MYIA - Okay.

RICHIE - What's up?

[Myia reaches into her purse and takes out Cynthia's earring.]

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[Richie stands in the shadows, a carton of groceries in his arms. He smiles as he sees Pitone emerge from the apartment house. He enters his car and drives off. Richie hesitates for a moment, then, groceries in his arms, he moves across the street as an older woman presses the security code outside the apartment and opens the exterior door. Richie approaches, smiling his best smile.]

RICHIE - Si vou plais.

[The woman, seeing Richie's hands are full, opens the door for him.]

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[Richie gets a funny look on his face as his hand reaches to a back pocket.]

[Angle behind Richie's back as his thumbnail desperately tries to light a kitchen match. Finally he succeeds. The match ignites. In slow motion, Richie brings the match around and holds it up in front of him.]

[Reverse angle, focus on the flame. Then focus on Pitone's worried face as it occurs to him what is about to happen. Back again to the match. The flame steady and bright a second before Richie releases it.]

[The small river of brandy ignites and races across the floor. As Pitone's clothes start to burn, he starts to scream. He falls back as Richie races by him.]

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PITONE - [with an edge] Your young friend cost me a great deal.

MacLEOD - You're a wealthy man. You can absorb a loss.

PITONE - What I lost can't be replaced. [beat] He thinks I killed Cynthia, doesn't he?

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PITONE - That necklace was crafted by Master Bellini himself . . . It took him two years.

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RICHIE - I'm Richie Ryan . . . of the Clan O'Ryan.

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