Episode 22: The Hunters

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



MacLEOD - Darius spoke to me the other day. [beat] It was strange. He said he had a dream . . . a premonition of his own death.

FITZCAIRN - Not likely with him never leaving holy ground.

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Sadly, Werner Stocker was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly before shooting for "The Hunters" began. He was extremelely ill and unable to work. The script had to be rewritten in less than two days, using footage from previous episodes as substitutes for his scenes.

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[The van pulls up to the gates. Horton and two other men carry a badly wounded Hunter into the van. The second wounded man holds his bleeding arm. They slam the doors and pull away.]

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[Tessa is ashen-faced. MacLeod and Fitzcairn have just told her about Darius. Tessa's arms wrap around her body as she feels the chill of loss.]

TESSA - I can't believe he's gone.

FITZCAIRN - It truly doesn't seem real. [beat] He was the best of us.

[Tessa moves to MacLeod and gently touches his arm.]

TESSA - I'm so sorry, Duncan.

[MacLeod can only shrug in response.]

TESSA - Do you have any idea who?

MacLEOD - No . . .

RICHIE - [enters brightly] Hey . . . [reacts to the glumness he encounters] Jeez . . . Who died?

[MacLeod walks over and puts an arm around him. He speaks a few unheard words. Richie reacts. He pushes off MacLeod's arm.]

RICHIE - No . . . [explodes in youthful anger] I've got to do something.

FITZCAIRN - I think you'd better leave this to Duncan and me.

RICHIE - [starts to protest] But . . . [A look from MacLeod quiets him.] Sure . . . It's your business. [beat] I never thought one of the good guys would lose.

[Fitzcairn and MacLeod share a look.]

FITZCAIRN - Unfortunately all but one of us will. [turns to MacLeod] I made some notes on my conversations with Thackery. They're back at my hotel . . . [beat] It's not much.

MacLEOD - It's a start.

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FITZCAIRN - [appears below them, coming up the steps] I'm sure my guests have a great deal to say.

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[MacLeod and Fitzcairn see no sign of the Hunters and run around a corner. In the distance they hear the sound of a European police siren. They round the corner and see the Hunters about to climb into their van. Keeping the van between them, they move quickly up on them. They surprise two of the Hunters just as they are about to climb into the van and close the door. The police siren is now very close. MacLeod grabs one Hunter, Fitzcairn the other as the van starts to pull away. The van makes a wild turn, up onto the sidewalk, and tries to run MacLeod over. MacLeod dodges the vehicle at the last second, rolling to one side.]

[A police van flashes by, headed for the hotel. The two men in the Hunter's van see the police and give up the attack, turning and driving away as the police van pulls up to a stop in front of the hotel.]

[MacLeod peers around the corner and sees the cops. He doesn't have time to bother with them, because further up the street he sees the third and fourth Hunters running as fast as they can in different directions. One runs into a small park, the other continues down the street. MacLeod goes after one, Fitzcairn chases after the other.]

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FITZCAIRN - We should be aboard. [beat] Besides, I'm getting tired of pasta.

MacLEOD - You worry too much, my friend. [beat] I have a date for the opera, and I intend on being busy till well past dawn.

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[The Hunter Fitzcairn is chasing turns down an alley into a dead end. Fitzcairn continues the chase and is only a few steps behind him. The Hunter turns like an animal at bay. Fitzcairn stops running. He smiles as he becomes aware that he has run his quarry to ground.]

FITZCAIRN - Did you make a wrong turn, now?

[The Hunter picks up a piece of debris and hurls it at Fitzcairn, who ducks out of the way.]

FITZCAIRN - Now that wasn't very nice, was it. [beat, moving closer] Did I ever tell you about the time I had with the three sisters from the Isle of Skye? [beat, with a smile] Listen to me going on like this when it's you that has so much to say.

[The expression on the Hunter's face changes as the van pulls into the alley and two Hunters get out.]

FITZCAIRN - [reacts] Perhaps we'll talk later.

[The three Hunters close in on Fitzcairn as he backs into a wall and takes a fighting stance.]

FITZCAIRN - Who's to be first?

[The three men close in on him.]

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[A small boat with three men cruises past the barge. One of the men takes several quick pictures of it as they motor on down the river.]

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MacLEOD - I think this is all connected. First they kill Darius, then they take Fitzcairn.

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TESSA - [as DM moves to the door] Darius . . . Fitzcairn . . . [beat] You could be next. [They share a look.]

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MacLEOD - Maybe he led them to Thackery and the others without meaning to. [beat] Let the little fish swim free and hope he leads you to a big fish.

RICHIE - But Fitzcairn came here . . . not to Darius. Why did they go for him?

MacLEOD - It's possible they were looking for something at the rectory.

RICHIE - Maybe. [beat] One thing I don't get, though.

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MacLEOD - He may be next.

[MacLeod hurries out. Tessa notices that he has taken his sword.]

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MacLEOD - [with a laugh] Take her out to dinner . . . on me.

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MacLEOD - I have an appointment with the head of Germanic language at the University in the morning.

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[MacLeod has left his car on a side street and now approaches the barge with the utmost care, using whatever cover is available. Like a cat, he leaps onto the barge and creeps along it toward the door. As he rounds the cabin, he hears something . . . very faint. His sword is at the ready as he leaps around the corner to discover . . . Richie, poised to swing a lead pipe at him. An embarrassed moment where neither moves, then both lower their weapons.]

MacLEOD - Nice pipe.

RICHIE - You wouldn't give me a sword.

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MacLEOD - [hands Richie the Hunter's gun] If anyone comes aboard or follows you . . . shoot him.

[Richie takes the gun.]

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FITZCAIRN - Perhaps your grandfathers . . . your great grandfathers! I've destroyed tyrants who would have enslaved your ancestors . . .

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MacLEOD - [coldly] Someday, I'll find the man who killed him.

FITZCAIRN - Or he'll find us.

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