Episode 3: Turnabout

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.


Description of Charlie DeSalvo

He's black, late twenties, and moves like a street-tiger. His heritage is black-Italian: when black guys weren't beating on him for being Italian, the Italians stomped him for being in the wrong neighborhood. Fed up, Charlie took a stint as a Navy SEAL, and forged his street-moves into martial arts mastery. He's realized his dream of owning this Dojo by hard work and sweat. He's friendly but tough as hell.



JUDGE SINGER - Louise, if you didn't forget your keys, the whole damn court system would grind to a halt.

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MacLEOD - I know where Barnes is. [beat, off Dawson's look] He's at my store.

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MacLEOD - She made a mistake, Michael, but she still loved you! Just like you still loved her . . . that's why you couldn't kill her yourself . . . [beat] That's why you became Barnes.

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