Episode 4: The Darkness

Scenes from the DVD set's "Final Shooting Script"
that do not appear in the episode.



MICHELLE - [with feigned sexuality] I can be very nice to people I like.

WOLF - Right . . . I bet you'd like me a lot if I'd leave your boyfriend alone.

[Michelle sits silently for a moment.]

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[Wolf approaches her menacingly. Tessa tries to make a run for it, but Wolf grabs her. She tries to free herself, but he is far too powerful for her. All she is able to do is rip off a piece of his shirt. Wolf pulls out a small syringe and plunges it into Tessa's arm. Tessa goes limp in Wolf's arms as the drug overcomes her.]

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TESSA - You want to kill bad guys, fine. Go get Saddam Hussein or somebody.

WOLF - Sorry . . . Not my fight. [Tessa can't respond. She just sighs with futility.]

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RICHIE - [approaches, excited, holding up a piece of cloth] Mac!

MacLEOD - What is it?

RICHIE - Tessa must have torn this off the guy's shirt. [MacLEOD carefully inspects the piece of cloth, and starts to head to the door.] Where are you going?

MacLEOD - To show it to Greta.

RICHIE - Greta's a hustler.

MacLEOD - Whatever she is, she was right.

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MacLEOD - You do now. [reaches into his pocket and pulls out the piece of shirt] This was torn from the shirt of the guy who kidnapped her.

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[Richie and MacLeod walk together.]

RICHIE - So now what do we do?

MacLEOD - There's nothing to do.

RICHIE - There's gotta be.

MacLEOD - [with self-recrimination] I just killed the person that could have led me to her.

[They walk on in silence for a moment.]

RICHIE - I can't believe that Greta called all this. [beat] You believe in this psychic stuff, don't you?

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WOLF - He'll come as soon as I tell him to. [beat] After all, a body like yours doesn't come around too often, even for an Immortal. [The phone rings. Wolf takes it from his pocket to answer.] Hello. Right . . . What? [As Wolf listens, he becomes more and more disturbed.] Yes. I'll make the arrangements. [hangs up phone]

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RICHIE - [confused] Mac . . . What happened? I thought I got shot.

MacLEOD - [astonished by what he now knows to be true] You did . . .

RICHIE - [remembers the shooting. He feels his chest and pulls away a bloody hand.] But I'm . . .

MacLEOD - You're one of us.

RICHIE - [hopefully] Tessa too?

[MacLeod shakes his head. The two men numbly look at each other, unable to find any words. MacLeod cradles Tessa's mortally wounded form and rocks her in his arms.]

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